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* FULL MOON Week ‘Super Retro YOD’ to VENUS / MARS (united on Aug 31): What is LOVE? Timeless, Eternal Quest… yet always HERE.

30 Aug

 * FULL MOON Week ‘Super Retro YOD’ to VENUS / MARS (united on Aug 31)

What is LOVE?

Timeless, Eternal Quest… yet always HERE.

Voyager VI Lovers

Voyager Tarot VI – LOVERS
Related to MARS – VENUS, Gemini, Libra, Pisces.


The Lovers VENUS and MARS are bound to RE-unite. Their conjunction in passionate and heart-centred mid LEO will be tomorrow Aug 31.

Which activates the YOD from PLUTO and NEPTUNE / CHIRON to them. The PI MOON already stimulates the YOD.

What’s in this apparently very romantic picture?

VENUS retrograde / stationary (on ‘her’ way to emerge as the ‘Morning Star’ and going direct again on Sept 6).

VENUS has come a long way. Remember your Venusian side before ‘she’ turned retro on July 25?

Maybe, perhaps, possibly much more externally oriented (literally: making your life dependent on others, via strategies, etc., and being entangled in relationship patterns from the past).

The furthest ‘Evening Star’ / LIBRA quality of VENUS was reached before VENUS went retro (remember the beautiful VENUS / JUPITER conjunction in the evening sky at the July 1 Full Moon?). In the meantime, ‘she’ has gone through the ‘underworld’ (VENUS retro united with the Sphinx Point SUN: “Who am I?” “Love ThySelf”– a ‘New VENUS’ was born in the invisible night side), and will RE-emerge as the ‘Morning Star’ (‘Goddess of the Dawn’) when out of retrograde (turning direct next Sunday Sept 6). ‘She’ will be most brilliantly illuminated in the morning sky on Sept 21 – just before Fall Equinox (SUN enters VENUS ruled LIBRA, on Sept 23).

The ‘Morning Star’ VENUS has a TAURUS undertone: Spirit / Heart / Consciousness leads again, in our values, choices, and relationships.

Since VENUS turns around in the very centre (14°23’) of LEO we are drawn into the very heart of the radiant, loving SELF, connect and attract from there.

Everyone in true Self Love and Radiance makes the world a better, brighter place.


Johfra Bosschart: LEO, ruled by the SUN
Here is some inspiring and Virgo-an Astronomy, also featuring a ‘Golden Triangle’ very close to the structure of the YOD (just saw it, synchronistically):

Coming to that Heart-of-Hearts space, VENUS’s meeting with the fiery, passionate ‘masculine’ MARS Warrior Archetype on Aug 31 creates a new foundation for the unity of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, in all things. Not ‘just’ literally in relationships.

The foundation that this unity is supported by is the YOD ‘base line’ of PLUTO retro / stationary (going direct on Sept 24) in CAP, and MOON / NEPTUNE retro in PI. With almost all the YOD ‘players’ in retro (VENUS, PLUTO, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON), we are dealing with something old here, and it’s an ‘inside game’.

In other words, being in inner integrity with the changes that are now happening in the name of evolution (PLUTO retro in CAP), as well as releasing the old, helps with the process, allows things to be released and come together naturally, ‘heal’, and reveal us their teachings (NEPTUNE & CHIRON both retro in PI). Ancestors, Elders, Inner Spirit Guides (PLUTO retro in CAP) are supporting and coaching us, so that we aren’t walking in the footsteps of conditioning / unconscious loyalty to the old but forward with evolution.

The ‘adjustment’ (Quincunx aspect from PLUTO retro, and NEPTUNE retro / CHIRON retro, to VENUS retro / MARS) is only an ‘issue’ if our Ego is in the way of the natural flow and eternal presence. An inside game indeed.

LOVE is not a ‘pilgrimage’ or unattainable place ‘out there’. It’s timeless, and always HERE.

Here is again (some of you have asked me to re-post) the excellent talk by Matt Kahn, re: Soul Contracts, Twin Flames, and Soul Mates. A powerful ‘paradigm shifter’.

* Gifts of the PISCES – VIRGO FULL MOON (Aug 29): Ride the Waves, Immersed in Your Element!

30 Aug

* Gifts of the PISCES – VIRGO FULL MOON (Aug 29)

Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big wave surfer Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Ride the Waves, Immersed in Your Element!

In Flow, and in the Practice.

In Loving Service.

Earth & Moon

Earth and Moon – We are all in THIS together.

After the FULL MOON its gifts are being released – always true, especially for this one.

This time, a big wave of them, as the post-Full PI MOON this afternoon (exactly at 3:20 pm PDT) engages and aligns with NEPTUNE (which is in its own Piscean domain from 2012 – 2026!).

And the ‘Medicine’ of vulnerability and connectivity reveals itself, under the post-Full PI MOON tomorrow morning (exactly at 9:19 am PDT) connects with CHIRON (which is in PI from 2010 – 2018 / 19).

We ARE all in this together.

In Nov / early Dec (right around the UN Climate Conference in Paris ) SATURN, then in SAG, will square NEPTUNE in PI.

Beyond right and wrong, agenda, religions and politics there is something bigger at stake that connects us all. Climate-on-Earth knows no boundaries and no borders.
Along came an apropos gift from the Full Moon, and contribution from the Islamic world. Deep and powerful declaration! Never mind ‘religion’, connect with the heart and spirit of it!

On this note, the VIR – PI axis has to do with problems (VIR) and soUlutions (PI).

Connecting deeper and beyond the mental, analytical plane is what the PI MOON, NEPTUNE, CHIRON offers and invites us into.

How can we access and dive into this sphere and field, without drugs and ‘altered states’? Rather in an intrinsic ‘United State of Being’?

With the polarity of two strong energy fields, SUN / JUPITER (the two largest heavenly bodies in our Solar System) on one side of the Earth, and our nearest one, the MOON, appearing as big as the Sun through our exact position in the dance, in the ‘foreground’ of NEPTUNE and CHIRON, this Full Moon can indeed wash a lot up, and might feel disorienting – or we may feel a permission to let go and open up to what IS.

As with every opposition, and esp. the Full Moon, as the ‘grandmother of all oppositions’ we are called to balance and bring together what seems to be polar opposite yet complementary.

The VIR – PI axis is all about…

… from the VIR side being ‘in our temple’ of alignment with our true, holistic nature, doing our wellness practice, and using this precious life time to dedicate our gifts and skills to make the world a better place. In other words, offering sacred service.

VIR is also about digesting experiences, ordering and organizing. In the body, it rules the small intestines.

4 R

Johfra Bosschart: Virgo

At the occasion of VIR coming in strongly, incl. JUPITER now for a year in VIR, I’d love to invite you to

* ASTRO~SOMATICS: Astrology and your Health, Wellness, and Wholeness

FRI Sept 11, from 2:22 – 5:55 pm

Right after the next New Moon – the Partial Solar Eclipse in VIR, is the perfect time that aligns so well as a start of a new 7-week process and journey with


From ROOT to CROWN, from SATURN to the SUN

7 weeks, WED, 7:07 – 9:39 pm. Starting Sept 16, until Oct 28. Covering powerful early Fall 2015 times.

Details for both:

… from the PI perspective which is all-encompassing, and nothing needs to be ‘done’ our ‘job’ is rather to perhaps get our ego and attachment to a certain outcome out of the way, be open, surrender, be available, allow, flow, hold space, or simply: BE present.

In our embodiment, PI rules the immune system, our aura, energy field, the subtle bodies and chakras (as a field).


Johfra Bosschart: Pisces & Neptune

So, a combo of both PI and VIR could look like this:

–       Ride the waves, immerses in your element.

–       Your skills are what comes easy.

–       Holding space for others can be the best service you can offer.

–       Clean up and play music. 

–       Energy Medicine. AstroSomatics.

–       Sacred Geometry.

–       Astrology and its practical, embodied benefits.

–       Being in the world, yet not of the world. Doing what needs to be done, yet not in attachment.

–       God helps those who help themselves. Doing our share, and trusting divine intervention.

–       Random acts of service bring fulfillment.

But of course, there is more to the energies that the Full Moon catalyzes.

There ‘she’ is – here we ARE, in the unifying / luna-fying field of the cosmic matrix round planet Earth.

PI - VIR FM 2015

What looks quite ‘simple’ in structure is due to a strong concentration of planets / SUN / MOON in PI, VIR, mid LEO, and early LI:
MOON / NEPTUNE retro and CHIRON retro in PI (exact today / tomorrow morning, Aug 29 / 30)

SUN / JUPITER in VIR (was exact on Wed Aug 26)

VENUS retro / MARS in mid LEO (exact Mon Aug 31)

LILITH / MERCURY / NORTH NODE in early LIBRA (Mercury / Lilith exact yesterday Aug 28, again Oct 3 with Mercury retro, and Oct 13 with Mercury direct; Mercury / NN exact today Aug 29, again Oct 10 under stationary Mercury; Lilith / NN exact Sept 9).

MERCURY in LIBRA (Aug 27 – Nov 1!) to go RETRO: REflective and REbalancing.

27 Aug

MERCURY just entered LIBRA this morning (8:44 am PDT) – for a VERY long forth and back and forth journey in the energy field of ‘The Scales’, until NOV 1!

Mercury Pajou (at the Louvre, Paris) Seems Libran / Scorpionic to me :-)

Mercury, by A. Pajou (Louvre, Paris).
A very LIBRAN Mercury… taking a REflective rest.

You guessed it:
MERCURY will go RETRO soon, on SEPT 17 (incidentally the day when SATURN enters SAG), until OCT 9.

Under this extended MERCURY in LIBRA phase MIND will be RE-calibrated. WHAT we think about Libran affairs (partnership, relationship, give and receive, inner feminine and masculine, fairness, justice, balance…) and – perhaps even more importantly so – HOW our mind operates will change and be RE-balanced.

Perhaps you are at this point faced with making decisions – or: you are offered choices (how does that sound?), which is the feminine side of the equation (to balance out our collective masculine mind-set), esp. related to the area of your life where LIBRA is in your chart (e.g. 10th house: career, 2nd house: business / finances, 6th house: lifestyle, work, health, etc.).
Consider that the choices we would make now will not be the choices we make after the process. Which doesn’t mean, be in limbo, frozen, on the fence, until November…

IF you feel you are torn between equally valid options, observe THAT.
Mindfulness (rather than our ‘usual’ mind-full-ness), in other words, observing what the mind is doing, from an inner center that is not the mind itself, is good medicine any time, esp. under Mercury retro, esp. in LIBRA.
Any mind balancing tools will come handy these days.
Also, when the left hemisphere of rational, analytical thinking is getting too strong, find balance through creative flow.

Forgotten about dance, arts, culture for its own sake?
Thinking about people and activities that have been very complementary for you – maybe because they bring something into your life that you would neglect otherwise?
This would be the time to re-connect.

A few key words for MERCURY in LIBRA:
The weighing mind.
Balance of the right and left hemisphere.
Balance of the inner masculine and feminine.

LIBRA rules the following areas – our mind will change around them:
Fairness, justice, law.
Arts and culture.

Wherever LIBRA is in your chart (house, planets, AC, Sun, Moon) that’s where MERCURY will travel, REactivate, and REbalance.

Here is the ‘itinerary’ of the MERCURY RETRO-SPHERE’ in LIBRA:

AUG 27 (today):
MERCURY enters LIBRA, and also the pre-retro SHADOW is at the first degree of LI until which it will go retro).
Any pre-monitions, foreshadowing effects, early ‘symptoms’?

MERCURY enters the pre-retro STORM (very slow, almost stationary phase before the ‘U-turn’):
Shall I stay or shall I go? Shall I choose this or that? Wait a minute: Observing what’s going on in the mind is more important than ‘making the right decision’ at this point.

SEPT 17:
MERCURY goes RETRO at 15:55 LIBRA (right in the centre!).
The busy outward focused mind is invited to go inward.
Perhaps to REflect on the areas / themes above. Perhaps to REconnect with people from the past, rather randomly and magically than via personal plan and ‘negotiation’.

SEPT 30:
MERCURY retro and the SUN unite – The ‘Day of Enlightening Insight’, and ‘New Mercury’.
Inner Mind meets Consciousness. An important re-balancing effect: Spirit can be rather in the ‘driver’s seat’ again, rather than Mind running the show (Mercury retro is all about that).

OCT 9:
MERCURY goes DIRECT (forward from Earth perspective) again, however stays in the slow ‘U-turn’ ‘STORM’ until OCT 13.
What and how do you choose now?
Peace of MIND?!

OCT 24:
MERCURY leaves the post-retro shadow.
A new Balance is being integrated.

LILITH into LIBRA (Aug 26, 2015 – May 21, 2016) :: In Authentic Relationship – with and as Your True Nature!

24 Aug

 LILITH enters LIBRA (Aug 26, until May 21, 2016) :

In Authentic Relationship – with and as Your True Nature!

Marry Your Inner(!) Soulmate!


Sumerian Winged Lilith, ‘Queen of the Beasts’, with her Lions and Owls ‘Entourage’

LILITH, the Archetype of the ‘Wild Woman’, or rather ‘Unconditioned Nature’ enters relational LIBRA on Aug 26, for 9 months. LILITH has a 9-year cycle, and hasn’t been in LIBRA since Oct 2006 – July 2007.

Interesting that LILITH travels 9 month in one sign – a pregnancy phase to cultivate those qualities in one’s true nature. And by the way, ‘she’ never goes retro.

If you have a LIBRA side in you (and even if you don’t), you are likely, probably, perhaps (gotta be diplomatic here for starters…) noticing a stirring up of your ‘wildness’ when it comes to relationships, and to being ‘polite’ and ‘considerate’.

For LILITH in LIBRA ‘pleasing’ and compromising is not in her vocabulary. She is fierce about equality. And she chooses from her inner true nature.


LILITH in LIBRA very much relates to her original mythology which goes back to Sumerian and Hebraic creation stories:

She was considered the first man’s (Adam’s) wild and instinctual female consort who animated his sexual longings and claimed equality with him, “because we were created from the same earth”. When he wanted to dominate her, she left him and chose loneliness and exile rather than subjugation. As ‘punishment’ for her rebellious act against the masculine, Lilith was in patriarchal societies regarded as a personification of the ‘feminine evil’, a demoness and ‘vamp’ that attracts and then devours male energy, the raging, ‘out-of- mind’, uncontrollable feminine, the uncivilized woman who cohabits with men at her own will. The witch in her role as devil’s consort and the temptress and bitch / prostitute are some of the prominent dark Lilith archetypes and (particularly male) fantasies and projections.


Psychologically, Lilith brings up deep and primal instincts like unbound sexual power, repressed feelings of rejection and rage, and refusal to submit. In a ‘Lilith state’, we are very irrational and ‘imbalanced’ to say the least, but sometimes it seems as if that’s what it takes to bring out deeper truth.

Peri-menstrual times, and the peri-menopausal time in our lives can guide us women to Lilith’s realm. It’s so important to acknowledge themes that come up there, and find a safe, creative and transformational outlet.


The association with the ‘Black Moon’ which some astrologers refer to, with calculations round the Moon’s shadow is symbolic and psychological: In mythology, Lilith got enraged about the ‘diminishment of the Moon’, in other words, about the treatment and own self-understanding of the feminine as secondary and inferior: As ‘Moon’, lots of women have been expected to merely reflect back the sunlight of the creative, Sun-like masculine. Lilith claims equality for the feminine both for herself, and for her ‘Moon sisters’. Very Libran…
Like the feminist who asserts equality also on behalf of their home and family bound woman ‘sisters’. Therefore, the ‘Black Moon’ speaks of the alliance of Lilith and Moon.

It’s always interesting to look at the relationship between Lilith and the Moon (and also Venus) in one’s birth chart, to find out more about the dynamic of the inner ‘feminine trinity’, in women as well as in men (as their ‘animas’).

Men often tend to avoid going to these muddy emotional (esp. Lilith and Moon) places; they let women ‘specialize’ on that, and rather stay ‘cool’ and ‘in control’. Thereby, they perpetuate a projection of the demonic dark feminine onto ‘women out there’, while an aspect of their own inner feminine (the ‘anima’ ) cries for acknowledgment and integration. I encourage men to deeply explore what brings out their ‘inner Lilith’. The good news is that society evolves, and evolutionary men access, acknowledge, and work with their Inner Feminine in so many ways now.


LILITH, the Wild Woman Archetype

…often shown as half woman, half (power) animal, represents in Women and Men the inner Feminine (Anima) who cannot be defined and confined by patriarchy and its gender expectations of what a woman is ‘supposed to be’ (attractive to men in her Venusian side, or a nurturing mother in a Moon Archetype sense).

Lilith is indomitable and undomesticable, and would rather be in ‘exile’ in nature, or in her own nature than subjugated by a masculine and patriarchal culture. Scorned as ‘bitch’ or ‘witch’, her power is feared by those (women and men) who would prefer the feminine to be ‘safe’ and ‘nice’, rather than being powerfully allied with nature.

The INNER LILITH in our charts shows us in which areas we can connect with (our) primal nature, in what ways that very ‘raw beast’ needs to be acknowledged, and how this access to instinctual power that can be used creatively. A well-integrated Lilith in women and men brings us closer to our ‘animal instincts’ with their gut intelligence and natural way of ‘smelling’ a situation.

LILITH transitions or life style choices (Choices are such a LIBRA theme…) are up when we decide to leave a relationship or a work place that threatens to suffocate or humiliate our feminine spirit and integrity, and choose freedom (with the price tag attached), when we raise our children as single moms, choose not to be a mom, choose not to entertain a ‘conventional’ relationship, or in general decide to live in accordance with nature, rather than in an alienating culture that suppresses spirit.

A book that captures the Lilith Archetype and her stories masterfully is Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run With the Wolves.


LILITH in your chart and in LIBRA

…shows where YOU need to be in tune with your natural power, which areas of life bring that out (money, children, relationships, travel, career…), and in what way (as reflected in your Lilith sign, and aspects to other planets).

So give the inner LIBRA-ted LILITH a good outlet in the next 9 months, and marry your inner Self Soulmate.

On a spiritual level, the ‘Call of the Wild’ for LILITH in LIBRA is to find the unconditioned nature of the Self in relationship with and mirrored by All-that-IS.

If you have Sun, Moon, AC, or planets in LIBRA, and for all of us, where LIBRA is in our charts, this is the 9-month ‘pregnancy’ phase to cultivate being naturally in harmony with our True Self, and make wise, ‘organic’ choices from there!


Would you like to co-explore LILITH in LIBRA with us?

Come join us in our intentional Astro circle on THU Aug 27 – the first day of Lilith in Libra! (the group this evening is already full)

FB event:

VIRGO Times Upon us! The SUN from Aug 23 – Sept 23, but also: MARS, JUPITER, NORTH NODE

23 Aug

Today Aug 23 (at 3:37 am PDT, to be precise):

The SUN enters VIR (until Sept 23)

Zodicac_Man lg

Zodiac signs in alignment with the body –

From “Les tres riches heures” du Duc de Berry


Harvest / Alignment Season:

Time to bring the ‘Summer Harvest’ in, to (RE)organize our business and daily life, get ready for school, or other training.

Time to adopt healthy habits, perhaps to a cleanse before the Fall, or clean out our closets and cupboards, incl. our internal psychological ‘closets’ (under SATURN still in SCO until Sept 17.

Aug 26:

The VIRGO SUN will align with JUPITER – a very auspicious time to dedicate one’s service and practice to the highest good, and experience the gratitude for this opportunity.

Aug 29:


How can the practical and organizational side of life be bridged with the spiritual, compassionate side? How can we be available, and of service, in the best sense? What does our overall health and wellness have to do with our attunement to subtle, intangible energies?

On Aug 31:

The VIR SUN will oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI, and on Sept 5 trine PLUTO retro in CAP:

What would service in compassion, in honour of the elders (and advised by our inner Elder), and working respectfully with the Earth’s (and our own!) resources look like / require?

More about the Full Moon / late Aug energies in the next Astro~News.


More VIRGO to come this Fall – to be addressed closer to the dates:

Sept 24: MARS enters VIR (until Nov 12)

Oct 8: VENUS re-enters VIR (until Nov 8)

Oct 10: The LUNAR North Node enters VIR – and South Node enters PI (until May 10, 2017!)

SPHINX & PHOENIX: Self-Aware, We Rise!

22 Aug

Aug 21 / 22
SUN on the SPHINX Point square MOON / SATURN on the PHOENIX Point:
Self-Aware, We Rise!


Sphinx in Giza Nov 2010

A mini crisis?
Quarter Moons and squares are charged phases that can be stressful, but also push us into growth and action.
The present square on two points in the Zodiac that are magical / alchemical (SCO / SAG) and about Self Awareness (LEO / VIR) is a great opportunity to once again dive into our hidden depths (SATURN in SCO – since Oct 2012 – we’ve had lots of ‘training’ in that ‘category’ by now), let our emotional body (MOON in SCO) alchemize through the process, and rise again.
The SUN in late LEO, on the SPHINX Point, representing the brilliant light of Self is once again being initiated into awareness of itself (VIR) while being challenged / tested through deep processes (SCO) – the PHOENIX Point
. Perhaps the last test of such a kind in a long time. Let’s use this charge wisely.
Our chart constellations this afternoon were a fine example of going deep, transforming what’s ready to be shed, and arising brightly.


Phoenix Bird, rising reborn

There will be still squares from the MOON in fixed signs (on Sept 4 and 11) as long as SATURN is in deep dark SCO, until Sept 17, but not from / to other planetary Archetypes. Squares have a MARS undertone and work best with a dynamic, action oriented outlet: Under the Sphinx / Phoenix Square, let’s be the Warriors of Love and Life that carry us through the darkness to the light – where the Phoenix rises out of the ashes and is being transformed in the process. outlet: Under the Sphinx / Phoenix Square, let’s be the Warriors of Love and Life that carry us through the darkness to the light – where the Phoenix rises out of the ashes and is being transformed in the process.

Aug 15 – 19: ‘New VENUS’ – RE-Awakened and Free!

15 Aug

‘New VENUS’ – RE-Awakened and Free!
Half-way in ‘her’ retro journey, ‘she’ meets the SUN TODAY, Aug 15, and trines URANUS on Aug 19!

Beyond the Drama, Find and Attract from True Self Love.
Complete Old Contracts, and REnew from the Heart.
Liberated and NEW, Show yourself in the NOW.


Detail from Birth of Venus, by Italian Renaissance painter S. Botticelli

How has your VENUS retro / JUPITER – SATURN ‘square dance’ journey been so far?
Are you drawn to standing in the full light of your loving Beingness (LEO), to Live Life Lovingly, and ‘operate’ / work from there, in pure alignment, inspired by the Sacred Feminine in her temple (VIR)? Alignment is crucial for Virgo.

The Venus retrograde phase has been a checking in on our values, desires, connections, and attractions.
And, even more so, it’s a RE-newal and RE-alignment of the Inner Feminine with Spirit (the SUN) – tomorrow!
With the LEO / Sphinx Point vibe be aware of your attraction to show / performance / narcissism, as a compensation for the need to be seen and loved, vs. true intrinsic Self-love, and radiance through Spirit, in natural Self Awareness.
• What makes you unconditionally happy from within?
• What’s the Truth about the Love of the Self?

This Summer and Fall, old, limiting relationship patterns are ‘doomed to die’:
VENUS squares off with SATURN not only once (which happens twice a year) but 3 times (happened already on July 13, and Aug 4, and once more on Oct 10).

This dynamic can appear as a cooling off / difficulties in relationships and challenges with choices we make – which tests us: is this REALLY a good match – or what really is the purpose of this alliance / contract / choice?

VENUS RETRO per se is also a turning away from being stuck in unsustainable relationship patterns with a focus on the other person, to finding intrinsic value and Self Love and heart connection (VENUS / SUN), from which we can attract more authentically – without ‘needing a relationship’.


Overview of the 3 VENUS – SATURN Squares:

July 13:

While VENUS was direct in LEO, and SATURN retro in SCO: Attracting from old patterns – which trigger deep painful stuff.

Aug 5:

VENUS in the meantime – since July 25 retro, back in LEO, and SATURN direct in late SCO: ‘She’ retreats… . ‘Just saying NO’ to what’s not a good fit from a deeper (Scorpio) place, even though it may ‘look good’ and pamper the ego – or bring out more drama (Leo). No more getting ‘sucked in’ (SATURN in Scorpio can help us with boundaries there) into others’ agenda. Knowing who we are, and coming into RE-alignment with ourselves, we have to stop these patterns. Out of healthy self-love.

Oct 10:

VENUS in VIR – after the retro phase, as the ‘Morning Star’, and SATURN in SAG, both direct: Knowing what’s good, healthy, and functional for us and what our values are, we can now commit to a new focus and intentional journey.

The triple VENUS – SATURN SQUARE brings out our old contracts, to acknowledge and complete them. What’s an old contract? A soul connection, where both people on a soul level agreed to help each other heal something – even though it doesn’t ‘taste good’, can be very intense, and as challenging it is to interact with one another there can be a deeper purpose of why you got together in ‘real life’. This doesn’t mean, stick it out together. What matters is to address and acknowledge the ‘chosen challenge’. And give it time, or say clearly and consciously, NO MORE.

Here is again (some of you have asked me to re-post) the excellent talk by Matt Kahn, re: Soul Contracts, Twin Flames, and Soul Mates. A powerful ‘paradigm shifter’.

I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own being ~ Hafiz

I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own being ~ Hafiz


Plus, JUPITER in the ‘mix’ as well, enhances VENUS, and makes the theme bigger, which actually helps us to get a bigger understanding of what’s going on, and that we need to give relationships more SPACE, and our true self more room to grow.

Here’s the TRIPLE VENUS – JUPITER ‘itinerary’ again in overview:

July 1:

First conjunction of both VENUS and JUPITER (remember their dance in the evening sky?) in LEO – the DAY of the Full Moon: Big drama? Lots of Summer fun? What’s going on underneath? Well, the meetings of VENUS in LEO with SATURN in SCORPIO are a depth / reality check.

Aug 4:

VENUS retro, back in LEO, and together with JUPITER connected with LEO’s brightest star REGULUS, near the ‘Sphinx Point’ on the cusp to VIRGO: Self-awareness shows. It might tell us that we engaged in an attraction pattern because we wanted to be seen and loved – and so did they.

Oct 25:

VENUS direct again (from Sept 6 on), and now both VENUS and JUPITER in VIR: Healthy Self-love: We don’t ‘need’ a relationship, are self-sufficient, and aligned with what serves us and the whole. We enjoy the service we offer in the world. Attraction from there can follow. Maybe we (RE)connect with loved ones in a way that shows us why our Love matters….


In this VENUS RETRO cycle, TODAY, Aug 15 the the half-way point ‘, Day of the SUN – VENUS alignment (both in radiant LEO!), and the ‘Birth of the New VENUS’.
Interesting that in the mythology of the Birth of VENUS, SATURN as the castrator was also involved. If you’re not aware of the story here is a good link that describes connections of Venus with other goddesses as well: .


The meeting of the ‘NEW VENUS with the SUN today, and ‘her’ moving ‘behind’ the SUN in the Zodiac is what brings VENUS back as a ‘Morning Star’ – visible again before dawn from early Sept on. ‘She’ will leave her retro phase on Sept 6.
Spirit / Heart / Consciousness leads again, in our values, choices, and relationships.

Aug 15 happens to be also quite the ‘Goddess Day’ in the Catholic calendar: The heavenly ascension / assumption of Virgin-Mother Mary



Venus Birth Botticelli

Birth of Venus, by S. Botticelli – full image 

Check out some background notes – very interesting:

On Aug 19 VENUS retro in LEO trines URANUS retro in ARIES!
The newly RE-born VENUS goes also into a truly liberating (or at least ‘surprise effect’) alignment with the Promethean planet.
From an authentic RE-connection with Spirit, Heart, Consciousness (VENUS – SUN), it’s easy to show up as we are, authentic and ‘naked’, in the moment.