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MARS into CANCER (June 4 – July 20): Active, Tender Care, and Homey Activities

3 Jun

One of the Planet shifts in early June:

Tomorrow June 4, MARS will enter CANCER – a 2-year cycle (MARS was the last time in CANCER late June – early Aug 2015).
Why is CANCER traditionally the least favoured sign for the warrior archetype?

MARS is natural in straight-forward ARIES, and exalted (extra strong) in CAP where the energy can express in consistent, persevering, goal oriented ways.
CANCER is not linear (as the CAP ‘mountain goat’) but rhythmic and cyclical, goes sideways, and sometimes 2 steps forward, 1 step back (into the safe ‘shell’ to integrate the experiences emotionally), is sensitive and empathetic, and one’s motivation and energy depend on moods and feelings. So let’s be gentle with ourselves and others, and not take our feelings or unmet needs out on others (MARS in CAN has the potential for conflict at home).

Let’s rather channel the energy into TLC for ourselves, our family, the human family, the family of all living beings.

A beautiful energy for FATHER’s MONTH! ❤

MARS in CANCER gives us also a boost to do activities like renovations and clearing in the home that benefit from a lot of energy and motivation.

Your CANCER SUN, MOON, AC, or planets, and the house MARS travels through in your chart get a boost from MARS, and you might feel quite energized these weeks, with those Archetypes / in those areas of life where CANCER shows up for you.

During its journey through CANCER, MARS will square JUPITER in LI (June 27), oppose PLUTO retro in CAP (July 2 – an energy relevant for Canada’s and the U.S. ‘birthdays’), and square URANUS in AR (July 17).
Doesn’t look like a quiet and cozy time, politically. Important to stand up for what we care about.
More about these transits as we get closer to the time.

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© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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MARS in GEMINI (Apr 21 – June 4) & MERCURY Retro with URANUS in ARIES (Apr 28): Idea Explosion…

22 Apr

So. Here it is.
Bold MARS just entered GEMINI yesterday Fri Apr 21, and is now flying through the ‘lightest’ Zodiac vibration until June 4!
Already met two friends with VENUS in GEMINI yesterday – such dynamic dances of ideas and conversations, and invigorating visit / outing in the Land of Spring – nice initiation for MARS’s journey.


Bright Freshness – Photo by Melanie, Apr 21 2017


Not only is MARS now in GEMINI, also the GEMINI Ruler MERCURY is now retro, and since Thu back in ARIES, which in turn is ruled by MARS (a double-whammy, a.k.a. ‘mutual reception’) – AND: MERCURY retro in ARIES will trigger URANUS (second of 3 times) on Apr 28: Chances for radical paradigm shifts – it was all in the HEAD – let’s set ourselves FREE! Experimentation, no expectations…

Obviously, this gives the whole atmosphere a MERCURY / MARS and ARIES / GEMINI flavour:
New (AR) ideas, contacts, interests, learning, conversations (GEM).
Stirred up / provoked / stimulated / sharp (MARS) thoughts (MERCURY).
Aggressive / assertive / animated / ego-driven arguments can pop up now too.


The Two and the Many – Photo by Melanie, Apr 21, 2017


So let’s channel the energy into fresh, bold, youthful curiosity, and the desire to learn!
And physical activity (MARS) like cycling (so GEMINI) – well: Fairies would just fly….
Loved what a friend said this morning: “When you walk or cycle the ‘idea fairies’ can be with you.” So true, new ideas come to me when moving in nature w/o motor involved.

Well, ideas can become explosive now, as MERCURY retro will approach URANUS (Apr 28 and May 9): What would be a radically different way of approaching… (anything)?…

The MARS in GEMINI energy boost is fabulous for all your GEMINI planets, Ascendant, SUN and MOON. Just watch not to get too distracted, and scattered into tooo many directions! 


MARS makes several straight-up contacts with other ‘cosmic players’, while in GEM:

Right at the onset of MARS in GEMINI – this Earth Day weekend, MARS in early GEM squares the Nodal Axis, with the Lunar South Node on the PI / AQ cusp, and the North Node on the VIR / LEO cusp:
Rather than getting stressed out over sooo many pulls and interests (sorta ADD), yet incapable of ‘doing it all’ (maybe bi-locating / cloning yourself is the solution?) let’s channel this super-charged energy into diving into community, and being lovingly connected with friends – as ‘we’re all in this together’ – , co-generate good vibrations (PI / AQ), while knowing what works for us, and how we operate best to be creative, and offer our ‘specialty’ (VIR / LEO) – and: express your thoughts and ideas, discuss, ask, TALK! (MARS in GEM / MERCURY retro in AR) – maybe in a way you haven’t ‘dared to’ in a looong time.

Things can move really FAST now – which appears quite magical, just like blossoms in Spring!
Let’s give our thoughts wings, and set our loving intentions FREE!
(wings but no strings attached)


Star Magnolia Dance – Photo by Melanie, Apr 21 2017


Next up:
MARS will oppose LILITH in SAG on May 3 (which is also the day when MERCURY goes out of retro):
Be true to your inner nature and your path, and let them know (doesn’t have to turn into an argument – watch your tongue). Sooo many avenues. Also a great vibe for explorations and adventures that involve learning and the outdoors (take it easy on traffic, in the MERCURY turnaround ‘storm’).


MARS will trine JUPITER retro in LIBRA on May 12.
SO much energy, motivation, and vitality can come from this combo if they combine their gifts – in this case in the AIR element: Learning, relating, communicating – new connections for ‘good matches’ can be made. Dare to ask, and discuss! And: Don’t just be in your head, go out and DO something together! See how that goes and fits!


Finally, in the GEM journey, MARS will oppose SATURN retro in SAG (in the Galactic Centre), on May 28.
Be FREE to move in your ways, and chart your course – doesn’t have to be what you ‘should’ do or where you ‘should be’ (drop ‘should’ – that conditioned moral imperative if it’s not congruent with your HEART).
There’s no absolute right, many paths to, and in fact IN Truth and Freedom!

Wishing you a Vibrant, Inspired Flight through Spring, with MARS in GEMINI!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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MARS in TAURUS (March 9 – Apr 21): Pursue Natural Desires, Enjoy, yet Remain Unattached. Be in Nature, and in Your Nature!

10 Mar

Yesterday March 9, MARS left ARIES and entered TAURUS where the ‘Warrior’ energy will dwell until April 21:

Pursue Desires, Enjoy, yet Remain Unattached.

Be in Nature and in Your Nature!


Johfra Bosschart Taurus

Johfra Bosschart: Venus Rules Taurus (and the Martian Warrior Takes a Rest)

As Spring is on the doorstep here (finally – thanks Goddess for granting the gift of patience!) on the WestCoast, the Martian energy settling into TAURUS invites us to slow down, enjoy Life with all our senses, plant our garden, and take some time to relax…

…after perhaps battling the elements, or with others, running and rushing here and there, starting a lot of fires, and being highly charged and challenged, under MARS in fast and furious ARIES (Jan 27 – March 9).
MARS in in its ruled sign ARIES is a fast, direct, initiatory energy, and brought up anger and the impulse to assert.

MARS in fiery ARIES came to a crescendo end of February, when it squared PLUTO the Transformer, opposed JUPITER the Amplifier / Magnifier, and joined forces with URANUS the Awakener / Electrifier, round the last New Moon – the PISCES ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse.
How was it for you? Did you ‘jump’ – or ‘surf’ through it – and perhaps let go of old co-dependent vibrations, on the way?
A catalyst energy for transformation, opening, and liberation. Perhaps something in you like in myself ‘suddenly’ shifted, and helped make new, more spacious choices, setting the tone for better, more balanced relationships.

MARS is our assertion / life force / vitality Archetype. It rules the Solar Plexus Chakra – our power centre. You know that sensation in the stomach when getting triggered…
Always good to check in and register what that has to do with the Ego. Yes, MARS is also the ‘Ego Planet’, expressing itself in ARIES rather direct and aggressively / assertingly: “This is what I want and going for. And I’m doing it – actually: NOW.” Butting heads and flared-up battling can be an immediate effect when assertions conflict. Definitely an assertive time over the last 1 1/2 months…

Sheep Babies

Sheep Babies – baaaahh!

Or it could have expressed itself as emergence and spontaneous action. Innocent. Baby steps. Just going for it, trying out something new, rather than contemplating and ruminating. ARIES is the first sign of the Zodiac. The Spring Lamb.
Hopefully we could channel the energy into this spontaneous, authentic action – and get up and start fresh when things were short-lived, or didn’t go anywhere.

With MARS now in TAURUS the energy lends itself to slowwwing down and literally sitting and meditating, sitting with our initiatives and choices, smelling the fragrances of Spring, tasting yummy food, listening to the sounds of music and the sounds of nature, enjoying Life with all our senses, and honouring Mother Nature (every day is Earth Day!) and our earthly existence.

In its nearly 2-year cycle, MARS was in TAURUS the last time early April until mid-May 2015. We’re coming full circle now with what we planted and what took roots then.
One thing that comes to mind for me immediately from that time is the actions (MARS) I took to upgrade my business (ruled by TAURUS – yep, and it did cost some money – a Taurean domain too) with new technology. It was a time to literally sit down, and slowly get used to the new technology – an on-going practice in Taurean patience… 🙂
Now it’s time for more upgrades – and more patience and persistence.

In TAURUS, the first Earth sign of the Zodiac, MARS has us be grounded, give more attention to our body and its natural desires, and step into tangible, sensate experience of being alive. We tend to rather pursue security and stability than ephemeral adventures. Our motivation to assert (MARS) what be value (TAU) is strong – and can sometimes become rigid and stubborn (TAU when there’s attachment.
Fighting for Mother Earth and all her creations is a natural MARS in TAURUS cause, as well as resisting rather than actively fighting.


Themes of cooking, body, garden, money, and values are up and ready to be acted-upon, with MARS in TAU (until April 21 – which is QE’s birthday).

And hey, what’s REAL WEALTH?


On a deeper level, MARS in TAURUS helps us with grounding and embodying Spirit-in-Matter…  PLUTO in CAP has something to say about this – ‘shining by example’ – by being an embodiment of soul / spirit / essence.
MARS goes into Earth trine alignment with PLUTO on April 5, supporting simplicity and body wisdom.

In these MARS in TAURUS weeks, lets re-discover slowing down and enjoying the emBuddhament (embodiment without attachment)!



MARS in TAU trine PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP is one of the grounding and integrative Astro~Weather patterns this Spring, after a wild ride earlier this year. This can be a good time for finding stability in the big changes, as mentioned.
Stability in the Evolution,

It’s also an excellent energy to guard and protect sacred land and Mother Earth from exploitation and abuse of resources. MARS in TAURUS can harness resisting and defending energy, to be channeled into a deeper, evolutionary purpose.
Earth Day ahead!

Dedicated to MARS in TAU trine PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP – exact on April 5:



Medicine Wheel


You have been telling people this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE Hour.
Here are the things that must be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off toward the middle of the river, keep your eyes open, and our heads above the water.
See who is here with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves!
For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lonely wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Elders
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger

Come join us at the Astro~Embodiment of the Spring Equinox – very apropos MARS in TAURUS! – Experience the energies of the Planets at the entry into Spring 2017 in a direct, sensate way!
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* MARS in ARIES since Jan 27 (until March 9), and VENUS enters ARIES Feb 3 (until Apr 2, and Apr 28 – June 6): Let Your SuperHero/ine Activist / Shakti-vist Emerge!

3 Feb

Have you seen them dancing in the evening sky?

VENUS, super bright ‘Evening Star’ these weeks after sunset, and recently closer to MARS (orange dot to ‘her left’ in the Ecliptic) was even joined by the MOON on Monday – Wednesday – so beautiful to behold, and a super charge to download. 

The primal and initiating energy of ARIES gets now activated: First through MARS – since Jan 27 – came with the AQ New Moon, followed by VENUS today Feb 3 – woohoo!

As you see from the dates above, MARS is ‘only’ 6 weeks in ARIES, while VENUS will be in ARIES for much longer, because – you guessed it – ‘She’ will go retrograde this Spring (March 4 – Apr 15) mostly in ARIES, and back to the ARIES / PISCES cusp – RE-Emergence of the Feminine, literally.

Will be interesting what shows up in this, in combination with the Chinese Yin Phoenix Fire!

More about VENUS retro closer to the retro date.
But let’s keep in mind that the pre-retro shadow has started last weekend, so close to the Women’s March. More activism shakti-vism to follow, you bet!

MARS got the ball rolling, initiating and igniting the fiery Phoenix Spirit. We rise again, indeed!


Mars (Hubble Space Telescope)


What could that mean?

  • New vitality and Spring-like energy is emerging and arising – it all starts HERE! If you’ve been sick and weakened, you get a boost of energy, esp. if you have Planets, Sun, Moon, Nodes, AC in ARIES. MARS is natural in its ARIES domain, as a survivor, an ‘energizer bunny’, and ‘he’ comes to life when battling the elements.
  • People can get quite angry and upset – no more PISCEAN tolerating – time for action – find healthy outlets. Can be a fired-up and confrontational period, with MARS in ARIES.
  • Our inner SuperHero energies want to be launched. Let’s do something pro-active and productive with them! What matters is to get going. If it ‘doesn’t work out, not to worry. ARIES gets up and starts again, in a new way. Like a toddler learning to walk, with natural instinct and trust.

The week of Feb 22 – March 2 will be quite fired-up, as the JUPITER retro opposition with URANUS (exact on March 2) will have a huge concentration in ARIES: VENUS, the MOON, URANUS, ERIS, and MARS.
That’s quite an explosive, erratic energy. We better channel it well into dynamic outlets to fight FOR something!


A note on ERIS – the most massive and second largest ‘dwarf planet’ in the Solar System with a 560 year orbit. Only discovered 12 years ago, and since ‘she’ appeared larger than PLUTO this caused the whole new definition of planet vs. ‘dwarf planet’. Ha – creating discord right with ‘her’ appearance.

ERIS is in Greek mythology the goddess of strife, discord, and chaos. Doesn’t sound appealing / promising. But already happening, over the last year 2016, since URANUS in ARIES caught up with ERIES (who’s been in ARIES since 1926 – check ‘her’ ephemeris here). Definitely lots of sudden flare-ups and traumatic shockers that have caused discord across the political board.


Eris - Antikensammlung Berlin

Eris – Antikensammlung Berlin


In 2016, URANUS was conjunct ERIS in May, and again in Sept / Oct (only once every century). France was strongly affected last year, as its SUN (July 14, 1789) was squared by URANUS / ERIS.
One more exact URANUS / ERIS contact will happen in early April 2017 when URANUS passes ERIS, to come ‘only’ close to ‘her’ again in Dec 2017 / Jan 2018.
The 2017 contacts between URANUS and ERIS will square the U.S. MERCURY (retro) at 24° 11′ CAN (where also Trump’s SATURN / VENUS sit). ‘Divided States’ – no wonder.
In my sense, the early March contact of VENUS / MOON / URANUS / ERIS / MARS (have I mentioned, in mythology Eris and Ares = Mars were siblings?!) is as least as potent as the April exact contact. Esp. since there’ll be also a Solar Eclipse on Feb 26 in early PI (close to the U.S. MOON in late AQ).

Here’s the chart for March 1 – what a concentration in AR, opposed by JUPITER retro in LI.




So let’s keep an eye on ERIS, and not feed more energy into discord and strife, while being authentically ‘out there’ in the ARIES spirit. Maybe with a whole new approach that doesn’t buy anymore into division and duality, and liberating ourselves from the ‘game’ of conflict (URANUS in ARIES).



Golden Venus


As VENUS is entering the ARIES scene today Feb 3, the rather masculine Warrior energy will be joined by the Heroine. VENUS in ARIES doesn’t wait to be asked ‘to dance’ or to be on the scene, she takes the first steps, goes for what she values, is direct and ‘in your face’.
How does VENUS in ARIES attract?
Perhaps through her rawness and courage. What you see is what you get. No more Piscean passive princess or mystical muse. Nor an Aphrodite who competes to be the fairest and ‘chosen one’ by Paris or any other prince who gives her the ‘golden apple’.

Time for the Feminine to come out in a new way!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger


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SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2017 – Overview for ‘Initiates’

26 Dec

Holiday Greetings, dear Astro~News Friends!

As 2017 is nearing, and MERCURY retro in CAP gives an incentive to be organized – here’s the no-frills overview of DATES for Eclipses, New Moons, and significant motions, by planet.
For a more ‘fleshed out’ version, check out the New Year’s blog, or come to the 2017 Parlour on Dec 29 where we check out significant 2017 transits for all participants. 🙂

Maybe you’d like to learn the Foundations of Astrology in 2017? We have space for you in our 5-week class that starts on Jan 5 (participation in person or via skype / messenger)!



Light on the Wintry Path – Photo by Melanie, Dec 6, 2016


Voila – the Calendar:

SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2017


SUN / MOON – New Moon Dates

Jan 27: AQ (Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster starts on Jan 28)

Feb 26: PI

March 27: AR

Apr 26: TAU

May 25: GEM

June 23: CAN

July 23: LEO

Aug 21: LEO / Solar Eclipse – 2 New Moons in LEO this year, flipping from early to late.

Sept 19 / 20: VIR

Oct 19: LI

Nov 18: SCO

Dec 17: SAG


Eclipses and Nodes

Feb 10: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in LEO / AQ (Nodes in early PI / VIR)

Feb 26: New Moon / Solar Eclipse in early PI (with SN)

Nodes shift from PI / VIR to AQ / LEO on Apr 29 (until Nov 17, 2018)

Aug 7: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in AQ / LEO

Aug 21: New Moon / Solar Eclipse in late LEO (with NN)


MERCURY Retrograde (3 times a year for 3 weeks, this year in Earth / Fire signs):

Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 in CAP – SAG

Apr 9 – May 3 in TAU – AR

Aug 12 – Sept 5 in VIR – LEO

Dec 2 – 22 in SAG


VENUS Retrograde in AR – PI (about every 1 ½ years, last one in Summer 2015):

March 2 – Apr 15 (‘New VENUS’ on March 25, close to the New Moon on March 27)


MARS travels from PI to SCO in 2017 (not in retro until June – Oct 2018).


JUPITER in LI (since Sept 9, 2016 to Oct 10, 2017 when it enters SCO).

JUPITER retro on Feb 5, and direct on June 9 – Full Moon.

JUPITER opposes URANUS in AR on Dec 26, 2016, March 3, and Sept 27, 2017.

JUPITER squares PLUTO in CAP on March 30 and Aug 4.


SATURN in SAG until Dec 19, 2017 when it enters its ruled sign CAP.

SATURN retro on Apr 6, and direct on Aug 25.

SATURN squares CHIRON in PI on Apr 30 and Nov 2.

SATURN trines URANUS in AR on Dec 24, 2016, May 18, and Nov 11, 2017.


CHIRON end of PI (enters AR for the first time in Apr 2018).

CHIRON retro on July 1, and direct on Dec 5.


URANUS end of AR (enters TAU for the first time in May 2018).

URANUS direct on Dec 29, 2016, retro on Aug 2, 2017, and direct on Jan 3, 2018.


NEPTUNE in PI (until 2026).

NEPTUNE retro on June 16, and direct on Nov 22.


PLUTO in CAP (until 2023).

PLUTO retro on Apr 20, and direct on Sept 28.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* MARS crossed the ‘Prometheus Point’ from CAP to AQ (Nov 8 – Dec 19): Fueling Cooperation.

10 Nov

On Nov 8(!), MARS crossed the ‘Prometheus Point’ from CAP to AQ!

  • The work and the battle to the top is done (CAP), and now we’re free (AQ)?
  • Transition from focus on leadership and ‘who’ll make it to the top’ (CAP) to cooperation, community, and the bigger network (AQ).

Shortly after a square with URANUS (Oct 28), MARS entered AQ, the Zodiac energy ruled by URANUS. Sounds wild and volatile…? Well, a lot did get stirred up this week.

Ideally the energy is liberating and cooperative (rather than controversial and contentious – enough already!), but with the election results what’s been initially activated is loooots of www activity (AQ rules technology, systems, and communities of like-spirited people). On this Day 2  already questions arose re: what a future (AQ) post-Trump could look like, and how communities and evolution in humanity (aided by technology and web connection) co-create the future, and may well outgrow the government (which is ruled by CAP). Plus the awareness that it’s not just The Man on Top who ‘rules the country’ (MARS in CAP) but a whole govt. system already in place (AQ) that has to be responded to.

In AQ, MARS will go into favourable alignments and alliances, with JUPITER in LIBRA (trine on Dec 1), SATURN in SAG (sextile on Dec 3), NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PI (semi-sextile on Nov 20 / Dec 7), URANUS in AR (sextile on Dec 6), and PLUTO in CAP (semi-sextile on Dec 1).



Prometheus bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity


The Aquarian MARS asserts on behalf of freedom for humanity, and gets fired up in teams and groups, and among friends and like-spirited ones. An excellent time to get going with  cooperative projects – just don’t take anger and assertiveness out on each other within the group. Ego battles split groups. Also great to come up with innovative solutions and to dig into science. No technological warfare though, please. And no need to spend lots of energy (MARS) being in the future (AQ).


Wherever AQ is in your chart (house, SUN, MOON, AC, Planets) that’s where energy gets fired up. Use the extra energy for the greater good!


MARS will be in AQ until Dec 19, when it surfs over to PISCES.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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* SATURN in mid SAG goes direct (Aug 13) * Committed to our Heart Intentions.

12 Aug

About time… / just in time:

SATURN makes its yearly retro-to-direct ‘U-turn’ this month, exact tomorrow, SaturNday Aug 13.

Which means: August is a stationary SATURN Themes month. Have you noticed?!?


Saturn Pop

Saturn Infrared (Hubble Space Telescope)


Many of us have been sitting in the starters, to head out on an intentional path, mission, journey, yet felt held back, tested, presented with ‘obstacles’ and ‘delays’…


SATURN energy is not ‘mean’, it actually represents a necessary reality check. It keeps us grounded to make sure the bases are covered, we are in our authority, and not buying into fear, or doing things for the wrong reasons. A maturing, sobering energy. The ring of commitment and self-responsibility is a magic key to be in good terms with SATURN (and to experience its positive effects). Less is more is also always a good mantra to go by, under the SATURN influence. So it would be good to unburden ourselves, on all levels, so that we ‘travel lighter’.


Many clients over the last year (since SATURN’s been fully in SAG – Sept 2015) have been wondering: “Where am I going?” – either literally, “Where in the world?”, or
“Where to focus on in my life’s journey? In my career?”
“Hard to aim on something, with so much uncertainty and distraction!”,
“Can I trust, or does fear win?”,
“What makes me happy?”
…Given the ‘reality’ and socio-economic context.

I often reflected those concerns back with the question: “Where are you coming from?”
Perhaps historically, through your conditioning (‘old stories’ and limiting beliefs that are now ‘ripe’ to be seen for what they are, and ‘reaped’ by SATURN), and from there:
Spiritually, motivationally. The SAG / Zen Archer/ess has to pull the arrow back first (a good SATURN retro in SAG image), towards the chest & HEART, aim clearly, and release in relaxed one-pointedness.


Jupiter Rules Sagittarius. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


Similarly, in the now turning SATURN retro phase which has been on since end of March, we had to ‘pull back’ our initial intentions that we might have formed before SATURN went retro, to make sure we come from the right & LIGHT place, as we move forward with what we ‘put out there’, or as we take ourselves on an intentional journey.

As SATURN goes direct on Aug 13 (which has been already activated through the MOON in SAG Aug 11 – 13, and will be catalyzed through the next Full Moon on Aug 18) we’ll have a much clearer sense of our Heart motivation, how and what we can really trust (a key theme in SAG), while moving forward and upward. Maybe we have received signs of ‘evidence’ that showed us what the path is inviting us to. What in you KNOWS?


MARS has been for a long time ‘behind’ SATURN in the Zodiac (hope you had a chance to see the beautiful triangular alignment in the early night sky, of (‘right to left’) MARS, Antares (brightest star in SCORPIO) and SATURN, just ‘below’ the MOON these days.

Some of us in our Houses group this Spring went out on a clear night after class, to see them through my friend Stephen’s telescope. Quite spectacular to see SATURN’s ring. Perhaps a heavenly ‘initiation’…


Soon after SATURN goes direct, MARS (also in SAG now!) will pass SATURN, on Aug 24.

Another phase that gives way for gaining energy and momentum for moving past the inner and perceived outer ‘obstacles’, and to ‘go for it’, not from an ego place but from the Heart!

More blessings for the Journey!


Voyager VII Chariot

Voyager Tarot card VII – Chariot, Law of Movement. What is your vehicle? Stay centered and calm in the body…


Quick guideline for the areas in your life SATURN stationary in SAG is pointing you to, to be in your truth and on your path, as mid SAG is in your…

1st house: How you show up.

2nd house: What you have and value.

3rd house: Your environment.

4th house: Your home and history.

5th house: Your creativity.

6th house: Your work, health, lifestyle.

7th house: Your significant others.

8th house: Your deep involvement and ‘contracts’.

9th house: Your travels and worldviews.

10th house: Your calling and purpose.

11th house: Your community.

12th house: Your oneness with ALL.


If you have planets, SUN / MOON/ AC in mid SAG, GEMINI, VIRGO, or PISCES these sides of you will be strongly affected by the SATURN station in August.

In a private session, we can explore and focus on the exact alignments and a good way of clearing your path which can be very timely, healing, releasing, and rewarding now, under SATURN in SAG, and NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PISCES.

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