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March 25: SATURN goes retro (until Aug 13): Let inner Guidance and Heart Wisdom Lead the Way!

25 Mar

Today, FRI March 25, SATURN will go retro (once a year for 4 ½ months).
SATURN has been already in a slooowww turnaround throughout March, and appears from Earth perspective as a ‘stationary’ focal point of energy this month.

SATURN in mid SAG makes it painful to hold on to old limiting and judgmental narratives, beliefs, dogma, authorities that pretend to ‘know better’, and to separation from what’s ‘foreign’ and ‘unknown’. Whoa, so many stories – whom and what can we trust and believe?
The Heart of our true nature knows, and the recent March Eclipses help catalyze that awareness. Coming from the Heart of awareness re-moves the obstacles, and clears the path. We can see more clearly, and move with Oneness.

You gotta love how the SABIAN SYMBOL for SATURN’s turnaround degree!




Sunrise by the Ocean, by Vladimir Kush, Metaphorical Realism



“The egg symbolizes the rising sun and the beginning of life. In many myths about the creation of the world, a cosmic egg is laid by a giant bird in a formless, ancient ocean. The egg splits into two and the sky and earth appear from the halves of it, while the sun is seen in the yolk. You can see in the picture that the newborn sun still hasn’t taken it’s final shape yet. Shreds of primary matter continue to stream from the burning sphere rising over the ocean. According to Polynesian myth, the Hawaiian Islands where born from such an egg.”


Keynote: The culturally stimulated longing for group participation in a process of rebirth.

Since the very early days of man’s evolution, religions and cults of various types have used the most significant periods in the year’s cycle to dramatize  the deepest longings of human nature, this giving them direction, meaning, and through group action, a greater dynamic intensity. Easter is the Christian way of celebrating the coming of Spring and the rebirth of life after the hardships of Winter.

At this… stage we see man discovering in nature’s cycles great movements that stimulate his spiritual quest for the psychic and mental equivalent of solar light and warmth. The obvious keyword here is REBIRTH.”


Wow, how ever fitting is this symbol?! I felt called to look up the degree, and had to share.

Consider this: It is NOT the degree of the SUN (which could be anywhere in ARIES for Easter) but for SATURN in SAG – coming to its turnaround from direct to retro on Good Friday. Speaking of synchronous message!


Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the symbol (below the Keynote), written in 1973, is ever so timelessly relevant for SATURN’s journey through SAG, coming now to a turning point where we realize, once again, that guidance, truth, trust, and meaning are an ‘inside journey’, and what is provided from the outside can at best help re-connect (the literal meaning of religion) us with the inner source but shouldn’t replace our intrinsic wisdom.

So let’s honour and acknowledge our own journey round REBIRTH, maybe literally after wintry ordeals, and / or inner processes.

I’ve been going through a purge since the CAP New Moon with PLUTO on Jan 9 that came to a resolution with the Total Solar Eclipse in PI on March 8, and am sensing the life force of Rebirth arising again. Heard similar accounts from clients and friends.

How about you???


As SATURN will go retro (a yearly 4 ½ months process) until Aug 13, it’s time to turn away from following, or resisting and judging outer voices of ‘authority’ and old conditioning that are telling us: “You should go there, this is the right way”, and from external fear inducing factors that can hold us back on our path, and instead turn to the inner wisdom source, the Heart of Knowing, from which we walk and move forward in life, with natural trust and Love.

What is calling YOU?

What is guiding you?


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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* JUPITER – SATURN Square, Vol. II on March 23: Perspective…

23 Mar

Today, on the day of the Lunar Eclipse, we also experience the 2nd of 3 exact squares from JUPITER in VIR to SATURN in SAG.

# 1 happened in August last year (while JU was still in LEO, and SATURN in SCO).

# 3 will be exact on May 26, not far from the positions of SATURN and JUPITER now.


On a personal-spiritual level, we can check in where we create obstacles (SATURN) through the way how we SEE (SAG) through our lens of perception, have tunnel vision, or don’t even see the obvious, and therefore judge things or people, and how limiting beliefs hold us back. Acknowledgment of the obstacle is the first step (which can be tricky, since we are dealing with blind spots here – that’s why a ‘mirror’ through a trusted friend, counsel, astrologer, elder helps.
Maybe this belief has served the side in you that you are outgrowing now. An old skin. It’s growth pain to see the Truth, and do something about it. But, as typically with SATURN, it will be unburdening (I know, the ego doesn’t believe this but resistance is eventually futile anyway).

You say: I got it, re: SATURN challenge. Where’s the opportunity?

Here you go: With JUPITER in VIR, doing one’s daily practice of wellness and wholeness, and being of help for others is supportive, and brings more opportunities for growth. We’re talking VIRGO, and even though it might seem like ‘that’s the small stuff’, it adds up. Just don’t sweat it, rather sweat at your jogging or Yoga practice….



Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the Path.


Ganesha, the Hindu deity known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ comes to mind. Of course, Ganesha doesn’t just magically take the obstacles away but represents the guru, the spiritual teacher that shows what the real obstacle is, and what it takes to go beyond. So yeah, anytime a good time to invoke Ganesha, esp. at the beginning of a journey, and in times like this.


Let’s look into the societal arena as well:

This is the ‘closing square’ in the 20-year JUPITER – SATURN cycle that started in May 2000, with their conjunction in TAURUS.

A new socio-economic-political-cultural cycle with Taurean themes started then. Conservative governments became more prominent in the world. Money and business as well as ‘territorialism’ (and domains) became a big deal.

2010 was the opposition, with JUPITER in late PI, and SATURN in late VIR (where the Nodal axis is now!), showing us we need to cut back and be in integrity, act eco-logical, and do business in integrity (SATURN in VIR), since all is connected (JUPITER in PI). One example: Doing business online and be connected via media (PI) became very popular – very practical and promised lower impact on the environment (SATURN in VIR). Not so sure what the world community learned since then around being humble and content with less (SATURN in VIR).


So this square between the ‘main players’, JUPITER in VIR (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016), and SATURN in SAG (Sept 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017) brings a crisis (square) and challenge (SATURN) that is also an opportunity (JUPITER) to act upon (a square has a MARS undertone). NEPTUNE in PI is also involved in the dynamic.


A continuous PISCEAN wave of refugees coming to Europe, escaping from their war torn countries, esp. Syria, has caused a mass migration that has brought up a big spectrum of responses: As much as countries like Germany initially welcomed large numbers of refugees with open arms and compassion, the whole process also brought up paranoia, fear of being uncontrollably invaded by unknown and unchecked, and perceived as possibly dangerous foreigners (SATURN in SAG square NEPTUNE in PI).

JUPITER in VIR may say: SO much to do, as in: So many opportunities to help, or: How can all these problems be managed? Or: So many tools are now available. Depending on the perspective.


The socio-political tension already emerged in the heated pre-election Summer 2015 for Canada, while JUPITER, then still in LEO, squared SATURN in late SCO last August – and brought about new, ‘sunnier ways’ via the Liberal Govt. and ever charismatic (LEO like) Justin Trudeau – work ahead nevertheless (JUPITER now in VIR, and promises need to be kept, SATURN in SAG).

Clearly, the socio-political conflict shows up big time in the U.S. this year, with rather aggressive tones.“Where is it going???” (and perhaps even: ”Where am I going, if… gets elected?”) – SATURN in SAG, and “We could have a big problem here.”, is what many U.S. citizens and the world community is wondering, with concern (JUPITER in VIR).

Remember, the U.S. have also SATURN on their AC in mid-SAG this year – a new 29-year cycle starts (after the shadow and ‘rien ne va plus’ are faced).

Rather than ‘big words’ and promises, or righteousness – the shadow of SAG (do I hear: “Make America great again….”?), SATURN moderates and restrains SAG, and shows consequences if the path is not in alignment with the Heart and true Sagittarian wisdom and perspective.

Interesting, that D. Trump was born with MOON / South Node in SAG, see:,_Donald

B. Sanders with North Node / SUN in VIR (plus, he has URANUS on his MOON / MARS in ARIES now, calling for a Revolution of Consciousness in the States), see (birth time unknown):,_Bernie


So things are definitely heated up now, and end of May is another phase of this tension that could set the course for the next years to come.

PISCES says: Yes, everyone can be affected by everything, since all is connected. Which also means: What we feed into the ‘field’ can have a domino effect as well.

Might as well Spread the Love! 


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* LI – AR FULL MOON / Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (March 23) * Fresh RE-Alignment and Synergy *

23 Mar

How has the journey with the massive, oceanic, CHIRONIC Total Solar Eclipse in PISCES been for you???

We’re still in it’s wave, of course, since Eclipse effects extent over 1 – 2 months (depending on intensity and one’s own activation). Plus, there is still a lot of planetary energy in PISCES, gradually moving over to ARIES – Spring in Becoming.
So let’s take it easy with the washing out of old vibrations – maybe even residues of the whole PISCES Age era, and our own or ‘inherited’ loyalty to / conditioning by it.

How have you been ‘entangled’ in (unevolved) PISCEAN paradigms (co-dependency of victim – perpetrator / persecutor – saviour; martyrdom; various addictions)?

The Total Solar Eclipse brought consciousness to it, and it shows us it’s time to release those bonds in ‘the old kingdom’. Catalysts may have shown up, to support the process, and helping us to release Piscean entanglement, addiction, and other compensations of our yearning for Oneness, and re-open from the Heart of compassion.

The SPRING EQUINOX 2016 (exact last weekend) – also representative of the balance of Solar / Day and Lunar / Night realms – has bridged the Eclipses. A potent time of New Beginnings.

Now, the focus is on the MOON – with an invitation to find synergies and new ‘right relatedness’ that is more in alignment with evolution, and work better for us.

Yes, Eclipses come in pairs, and we’ve been building up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse over the last weeks.

The LI – AR EQUINOX FULL MOON Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, exact today March 23 at 4:47 am PDT will be visible (Moon will be faint) over the Americas, Pacific, and Asia, see

In the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, the EARTH, almost exactly positioned between SUN and MOON, casts a partial shadow on the MOON.  

Sooo, wanna take a chance on an early morning date with the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse?
Theoretically, we could see ‘her’ darkened by the Earth shadow this morning – but very subtle.

“The penumbral Eclipse will last for 4 hours and 15 minutes Wednesday, but it may be noticeable for only a few minutes around 7:47 a.m. EDT (1147 GMT), the time of greatest Eclipse”.

More info here:


Lunar Eclipse Penumbral

Energetically, we’ve been in the LUNAR ECLIPSE wave since  Monday evening, when the MOON and JUPITER and the North Node of the MOON all united in VIRGO, where fresh re-alignment energy comes in, to be embraced and integrated.

Did you get a chance to SEE MOON and JUPITER (above the MOON in the Ecliptic)? I stepped out round midnight, and there they were, magically ‘hanging out’ together, and blessing our earthly journey. Our Body is a Temple. The Earth is Sacred.



Spring Reflections – Photo by Melanie, March 2016


The MOON entered LIBRA this evening (10:23 pm PDT) (tonight / tomorrow morning if you are further east), for the FULL MOON (opposition to the ARIES SUN) at 5:01 am PDT, 14 min. after the exact Eclipse.

The whole field from late VIR / early LI, and mid / late PI / early AR gets ‘highlighted’, or rather temporarily dimmed and re-set by the Eclipse and FULL MOON.

Of course, this LUNAR Eclipse is also linked to the Total Lunar Eclipse we experienced 6 months ago, on Sept 27, 2015. Then fully in LI – AR.

Has something round Autonomy (AR) – Partnership / Negotiation / Balance (LI) come up for you again, for integration?

You can get the Astro picture of the FULL MOON / Eclipse in the chart below. Interesting dynamic for sure. Lots of ‘moving parts’.

So here we are, maybe nervous, anxious and problem ridden (lower VIRGO MOON vibrations), or having found the ‘sweet spot’ of ‘perfect balance’ (VIR – LIBRA) which I’d suggest comes from inner wholeness and ‘vertical’ alignment with higher self (VIR), from which peace results.


Let’s look at the ‘evi-dance’, i.o.w. the chart of the FULL MOON this morning, at 5:01 am PDT, just after the Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE at 4:47 am PDT: What’s UP?


LI - AR FM 2016 Lunar Ecl 

A double cuspy-polarity, with

  • NEPTUNE / VENUS, Lunar South Node / CHIRON in PI, and the SUN / MERCURY in early AR (whoa, that’s 5 heavenly bodies and the Node!), and even URANUS not far.
  • JUPITER / Lunar North Node in VIR, and the MOON in early LI on the other side of Planet EARTH.


In the chart, you can see that the VIR – PI polarity, reaching over to the Eclipse axis, forms a T-Square to SATURN in mid SAG, next to MARS.

SATURN, the apex (outlet point) of the Eclipse is a main Archetype player here, also since it is about to go retro, on Fri March 23, hence a ‘stationary’ (moving very slowly, ready for the ‘U-turn) focal point anyway this month.

So it’s a lot about this mutable T-square, also since the Nodes (that are linked to the Eclipses) are in mutable PI (South Node) and VIR (North Node), since Oct 2015 and until May 2017.

The PI side might feel quite overwhelmed and helpless, as everything is coming together in a big ‘chaotic soup’ (showing us: all IS connected). ARIES after PI can be the ‘survivor’ and hero/ine, getting one’s ‘head out of the water’. And yes, many people on this planet are in such survival mode nowadays. Thinking of refugees especially.

In our relatively safe and comfortable environment, we can feel energetically overwhelmed by the ‘confluence of influences’, waves and streams…, esp. via the (also PI ruled) media, but also internally, as so much is being washed up nowadays, to be seen as connected. How can the overwhelm simply, like an outbreath, be dropped and released – in Love?

Fresh Newness, and Radical Now-ness in What-Is can arise from there.

The VIR / LI invitation (Lunar North Node with JUPITER in VIR) is about humility, practicality, and integrity which brings supportive energy to the situation. So if there is something concrete that can be done, to take care of a situation and bring things into flow and connectivity again, go ahead.

To be of service and to ask for help can be the magic keys.

You might have already experienced examples of this dynamic.


Where is the Eclipse Axis playing with you (Planets, Houses), and helping you with Re-Alignment and Synergy?


Always good to recognize what’s UP and act in accordance to the cosmic flow.

The inner voice knows of course. We just often override it, unfortunately, via ego, conditioning, you name it. As shown by SATURN (stationary) in mid SAG in T-square with the Eclipse axis.

A good challenge to learn:

  • Where is the path? What guides us and makes sense?
  • What prevents us from, and what supports us in aiming, speaking, and acting from the Heart?




During the Eclipse Season we are ‘caught’ in a T-square to SATURN, now stationary in SAG, exactly between the VIR and PI placements which are still very prominent.

Plus, this FRI March 25, SATURN will go retro (once a year SATURN goes retro for 4 ½ months), which means, SATURN is already making a slooowww turnaround throughout March, and appears from Earth perspective as a ‘stationary’ focal point of energy.

SATURN in mid SAG makes it painful to hold on to old limiting and judgmental narratives, beliefs, dogma, authorities that pretend to ‘know better’, and to separation from what’s ‘foreign’ and ‘unknown’. The Heart of our true nature knows, and the March Eclipses help catalyze that awareness. Coming from the Heart of awareness re-moves the obstacles, and clears the path. We can see more clearly, and move with Oneness.

Bottom line: Staying ‘on course’ and not getting ‘overshadowed’ by emotional responses, based on old (unmet?) needs can be a challenge, and show us how the ego is ‘survival’ / fight / flight (PI to early AR) conditioned.

How can we convert and ‘upcycle’ this energy into being freshly ALIVE and PRESENT in the Heart and in the NOW, Balanced with What-IS?

This might be a good place to say in general:
My work with clients and groups and in my inner journey, esp. in the grand Evolution / Revolution of humanity over the last years, is showing me more and more how the astrological map and its activation shows potential yet also old conditioning that is coming up now for release, so that we can dwell in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’, rather than ‘going round and round’.

Hence I understand my service as supporting your Transformational and Liberating Journey, by identifying, honouring, and helping to bring your themes to a higher level of experience where you can witness and release them.

We are being RE-aligned, RE-balanced, and RE-birthed.

Welcoming the reNEWed YOU!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* Spring Equinox March 19 / 20, 2016: Happy Astrological New Year!

20 Mar

We have a date with Spring tonight:

The SUN enters ARIES this year today Sat March 19 at 9:33 pm PDT!
Sunday March 20 already for all of you on EDT and further East on Planet Earth!



Into Spring – Photo by Melanie, Victoria BC, March 2016


It is the Astrological New Year (SUN enters ARIES)!

Happy New Year, Astrology friends out there!


SPRING EQUINOX is the day of equal daylight and night hours, from which day onward the days are getting longer than the nights, in the Northern hemisphere – the reign of the SUN over the next 6 months until Fall Equinox.
It is one of the sacred Corner Stones of the natural yearly cycle
(with its two Equinoxes, and two Solstices).



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with OSTARA / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.


Easter (celebrated on the Sunday after the First Full Moon in Spring) was named after Ostara! And yes, next Sunday, March 27, will be Easter Sunday!


The spirit of Newness and Liberation is building, as the SUN enters ARIES, to approach URANUS (their encounter will be on Apr 9, shortly after the ARIES NEW MOON on Apr 7.

By then, VENUS will be also in ARIES, in trine with MARS in SAG on Apr 12 – lots of fiery energy, and spirit-in-action!

But patience please, we’re not quite there yet.

Another Eclipse – the (Equinoctial) Full Moon / Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE in LI – AR awaits us on March 23, and the energy is building… More about that in the next Astro~News dedicated to the Lunar Eclipse. Stay tuned.


Wanna take a peek at the SPRING EQUINOX 2016 chart?


Spring Equinox 2016


What strikes is… well, still very PISCEAN – ‘Spring in Becoming’, with

  • VENUS / NEPTUNE (exact tomorrow March 20 at 10:45 am PDT): A blissful union? Swept away? Lost in Love? Deluded and overwhelmed? Take matters of love and attraction ‘transpersonally’ :-), don’t get ‘hooked’, be unconditional and non-attached. A relaxed way of being connected. Let things come to you, and attract through good vibrations.
  • CHIRON / South Node is the apex of a YOD from LILITH in LIBRA and the MOON in LEO. CHIRON plus MERCURY in late PI nearby also oppose JUPITER / North Node in VIR: A lot of what was ‘washed up’ with the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on March 8  gets further processed, expressed now, perhaps creatively and artistically, and released.

Let’s see what we’re inspired to create, with the PISCEAN Eclipse as a muse?!

A Medicine quest… (YOD to CHIRON).


JUPITER retro in VIR is about to square stationary SATURN in SAG on March 23, just before SATURN goes retro on March 25. This will be the second of 3 exact JUPITER – SATURN squares (happened in Aug 2015, and again on May 26, 2016)

A tension / creative pressure (square) in the socio-political-economical arena, as well as for one’s personal business / professional world (JUPITER – SATURN). How can we work with it most effectively and wisely? Here are some awareness questions to explore:

  • Whom and how do you serve? Where are opportunities to clear and bring ‘order into chaos’, and more awareness into your daily world (JUPITER in VIR)?
  • What are the blocks and challenges for trust, focus, and forward motion (SATURN in SAG), and what’s the teaching in all this? How about less is more? What’s the effect (SATURN) when you ‘aim’ from the Heart (SAG)?

Tap into true inner seeing and wisdom before (or as) you make outer moves (SATURN in SAG).

What needs to be integrated, to live in wholeness and intrinsic happiness (JUPITER in VIR)?


4 R

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, painting by Johfra Bosschart


4 R

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, painting by Johfra Bosschart

As SATURN on SAG goes retro in Spring and early Summer (until Aug 13), and JUPITER is also still retro until May 9, I wouldn’t suggest entering new long-term commitments at this time, but rather find purpose in ‘unfinished’ / revisited, important, timely tasks from the heart. The inner preparation for new structures and ventures is supported, of course.

And let’s treat ourselves and each other with gentleness. We are in the middle of ‘Eclipse season’, and a lot gets washed up and out.

May the Heart lead the way!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* Happy Birthday, Victoria, on March 14!

13 Mar

Count-down for Victoria’s 173rd birthday, tomorrow Monday March 14 

And for our astrological celebration / exploration!



Victoria Cherry Blossom Bliss around the Corner – Photo by Melanie, March 6, 2016


I’d love to invite all of you and your friends to our

* Happy Birthday, Victoria, on March 14!

Constellation Afternoon & Evening Parlour: Astrology, the City, and YOU.

ON Mon March 14


Find out about your connection with the city-in-you, and how to flow in effortless ease with the vibes of our community! This time additionally with embodiment / constellation of Victoria’s ‘birth chart’ in the afternoon, where you can experience yourself as one of Victoria’s planetary Archetypes – and sense what that has to do with you, and why you’re here. 🙂


Cities have astrological charts as well!

Voila – here is Victoria’s ‘personal horoscope’, based on the time Fort Victoria was established by the HBC on March 14, 1843 at 4:12 pm PST.

A relatively recent but impactful colonial layer over the First Nations land.



YES, ‘she’ is a PISCES SUN / VIRGO MOON / AC (just before the Full Moon) Lady.

As you see, Victoria’s chart features a lot of VIRGO, CAP, AQ, PI, and AR energies.

  • LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point’ AC and MOON: Victoria is all about ‘Know Thyself’!
  • VIR MOON on the AC – Very Victorian appearance… and: A City of / for Women?
  • PI SUN / URANUS in the 8th house: What you see is NOT what you get. Victoria indeed has (surprising) ‘Secrets’.
  • Public ‘persona’ (MC) in TAU: Garden City / Growing ‘development’ City / RE-greening City?
  • What’s with its multi-cultural origin?? MARS is ‘hiding out, intercepted in SAG (now triple return, as MARS will go retro from SAG).
  • And the dark side of her roots? – SCO on the Nadir.
  • What’s true Royalty? What’s the medicine of the heart? CHIRON in LEO in her’12th


What stands out as transits for Victoria (shall be discussed in our group on the 14th):

  • JUPITER in V’s 1st / 2nd house: ‘Personal’ / business growth?
  • URANUS in AR on V’s PLUTO this year (second time only, since ‘she’ was founded).
  • PLUTO in CAP coming up to square V’s PLUTO, and conjoin her SATURN.
  • CHIRON (and TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!) close to V’s SUN.
  • Triple MARS-in-SAG Return.

Intense and exciting times for the city, that’s for sure!


Want to get a deeper sense of the energy of our fair city, astrologically?
Wondering about your astrological ‘compatibility’ with Victoria?

How about even embodying and constellating Victoria’s chart and transits?!

Come join our – traditional, yearly – Celebration and Personalized Exploration Workshop – this year also with Constellation Afternoon part!


* Happy Birthday, Victoria, on March 14!

Constellation Afternoon & Evening Parlour: Astrology, the City, and YOU.


Victoria Coat of Arms

Victoria’s Coat of Arms (from 1962): Two Angels ‘Colony’ & ‘Civilization’, British Crown, Descending Dove, All-Seeing Eye of Providence “Semper Liber” – Always Free!



And as a little ‘bonus’, here is the (very literally and figuratively apt) SABIAN SYMBOL for Victoria’s Sun at 24° PISCES:

 Victoria Downtown



Keynote: The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centred and fulfilled life.

Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of humankind. The ego fulfills a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe.

This…symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what s/he is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole. 

The island’s inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders – and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything. An appropriate keyword would be CENTRALIZATION.”


How fitting is THAT – (not just) for us Victorians?!

© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



* Releasing the Wounded Fisher King? Total Solar Eclipse with Chiron in Pisces

8 Mar

Speaking of SATURN in SAG storytelling, the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in PISCES with CHIRON brought the association with the Wounded Fisher King mythology and his redemption by Parsifal to mind.

What’s your sense about this connection???


If you’re not familiar with the legend, here’s a brief intro with references:


The Attainment: The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Perceval. Tapestry woven by Morris & Co. 1895-96, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

The Attainment: The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Perceval.
Tapestry woven by Morris & Co. 1895-96, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery


I feel it’s very symbolic for the state the world is in, ecologically and politically, a patriarchal world in war, split-off from nature and inner wholeness.

The barren land, with masculine creative power (the Fisher King’s ‘pain in the thigh / groin’) wounded (CHIRON Eclipse).


“What’s the path out of this?”, asks SATURN in SAG – poignant apex of the Ecliptic T-square.

Can humanity, men and women, transcend the suffering (PISCES) that results from being in duality, split-off from our integrity and wholeness (VIRGO)?

Who is the innocent one that asks ‘The King’ the core question?

Whom and What does the Grail serve???

We all serve (VIRGO) the Holy Grail (PISCES)….


On that note, I found this provocative article – must be older, given its format, yet very timely.


Wounded Masculinity –
Parsifal and The Fisher King Wound

by Richard A. Sanderson M.Ed., B.A (Psych)


Here’s an excerpt – hope you find it as intriguing as I did:


“Parsifal’s “secret to success” as such, was his lack of trickery (refusal of artificiality), his inner code of honor and overcoming infidelity in all his actions. He knew that years before, as a “green innocent fool,” he had left the Grail Castle wounded because he, like the Fisher King, had not had sufficient masculine inner strength to hold to his inner nobility (the Grail) and to do and say what was right.

Parsifal, as we men, set out on the hero’s journey wanting The Grail to serve him (his ego) but in the end he knew that we all serve the Holy Grail. Parsifal in serving The Grail simply learned to listen and honor his own conscience and uphold it with true masculinity. Conscience to almost every culture means, “ones unique duty, personal moral imperative, sense of right and wrong, inner voice, still small voice of God” (Bloomsbury Thesaurus). That inner voice, of conscience, that speaks to everyone and is there for each one of us to take heed of his own inner voice! Parsifal, in becoming truly masculine, found his own voice and was then whole enough to re-enter the Grail Castle and ask the famous question. When a man takes the ultimate step of courage to listen and honor his own inner voice, knowing and path, then he has turned the corner and is safe.

Parsifal had transcended and integrated duality within himself and had attained great humility by knowing the source (within) of his masculine strength and to whom he does serve. Parsifal had integrated duality in the following sense: His “red heart [of passion] had been opened to his feelings and merged with his mind.” “He had integrated the black [erotic] with the white [purity] aspects of himself to achieve high fidelity of being” (Burt, K, 1988). For without integration of duality there remains “split-off-ness” within the man. “Only as an individual, undivided, can man continue on his journey, meet the feminine [within and without] as an equal opposite and fulfil his creative destiny” (Wyly, J, 1989).

Modern man’s first task is to change and heal his adolescent masculinity. He may finally commit (with Parsifal strength) to fidelity of heart (to himself), sexual fidelity (to his partner) and fidelity of actions (in his business affairs). High fidelity of sound is a good example as the device (a stereo) faithfully reproduces sound (The Word) that flows through it, without distortion and of high quality. We are encouraged as men to get in touch with our feminine side but for men our masculinity is the real issue. For modern man the call is to commit to a true masculinity, in its broadest meaning. “Unless man in his individuality can differentiate himself from “collective” patriarchal standards, both will go down together” (Wyly, J, 1989).

Jesus Christ, I believe, was a man like Parsifal, full-blooded and instinctual, an erotic, loving man, who became a powerful man in battle within this world. Both men in this sense stood the tests of life that all men face and yet emerged into wholeness of being; into true masculinity, in such a way that we as modern men can emulate. When man can begin to see ‘true masculinity’ and emulate it, then he will begin to know himself as a “good man,” develop warmth of character and be less “cool.” He will start to obey inner authority more and have inner honor, to uphold conscience and authentic clearness in all his words and dealings. If man can do this then self-love starts to grow and he will begin to feel and achieve more wholesomely in the world. Significant others will respond immediately to this inner wholeness and transforming dignity. Love and success is then possible, not just to receive love but more importantly to love through all actions!”


“If man remains in the old mentality of seeking the solution only in the exterior world or blaming something outside of himself then he cannot be healed and dooms himself to loneliness and emptiness within! “Often, a cultural man [artificial, collective, adolescent male] kills his natural [noble] man and nature replies by making him impotent” (Johnson. R. 1989).

True masculinity requires man to combine the rational with the irrational within himself. More often than not, the Grail Knight is unable to find the Grail Castle on his own accord, which means that something is always interceding to keep him pointed in the right direction (that inner voice of conscience) and this is the irrational aspect for man to follow. This is the “innocent fool” Parsifal part of himself that assists his unique transformation. To do this, man has to risk being vulnerable, “not knowing” and to emerge “ordinary” from behind the inflations and trickery that prop him up in society. Remember that each day every knight of the inner order in the Grail Castle would renew his oath to uphold the task of giving himself in service to the Holy Grail. The powerful play of life goes on each day and man is called upon to contribute one verse. Heroes live forever, as does Parsifal in the hearts of modern man!”


Lots to reflect upon… who knows where the trail takes you…?


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



* PI New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse with Chiron (March 8), in magnified VIR – PI Bridge: Heart Medicine, Oneness Consciousness, and Living in Wholeness

8 Mar

We’re in the Dark-to-Ecliptic-to-NEW MOON NOW.

Have you been feeling dizzy, nauseous, confused, ‘sea sick’, overwhelmed (for obvious ‘reasons’, or none), at a loss, helpless, did you feel like giving up, escaping, indulging in addictions and self-sabotage, feeling abandoned or abandoning yourself, and at other times felt euphoric, losing yourself in pure bliss and joy, empty-yet-overflowing?


All these apparently opposite states are ‘symptoms’ of the PISCEAN wave that’s upon us now, asking us ‘simply’ to be empty, open up, to receive and pass on the gifts, and to surf with ‘what-IS’.

PISCES Zodiac energy points us to eternity, and is about fulfillment of the soul journey (not a destination…) – but hey, that can be a bit much at once!



PISCEAN Ocean Sky – Photo by Melanie, March 6, 2016


We are in the midst of the strongest PISCES effect now, since the recent Full Moon (Feb 22), with MERCURY, NEPTUNE (they unite on March 10), SUN, CHIRON (their union will be also on March 10!), and South Node, all in PISCES. And finally, the Dark-to-New MOON entered PISCES also, yesterday Mon March 7 at 11:08 am PST.


Just imagine that strong gravitational field, with so many planets in one sector of the heavens round the SUN! Well, JUPITER holds the balance from VIRGO.

You can see it in the chart below.


Were ever the SUN is presently in the sky during any time of day or night we can picture all those other planets and the MOON approaching it too. And we can expose ourselves to their unified and unifying energy field through exposing ourselves to the SUN.


The NEW MOON will be on March 8 at 5:54 pm PST, and the height of the Eclipse at 5:59 pm PST, with totality lasting 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

The Eclipse path goes over Indonesia where it will be March 9. )

The MOON will cast its full shadow on the SUN – amazing that their disks can be exactly equal size, from Earth perspective!


Eclipse Saros Cycles

Did you know that Eclipses come in cycles (known as Saros Cycles), and repeat in the same sign combination every 18 – 19 years (which of course has to do with the 18 ½ year Nodal cycle)?

We had a Solar Eclipse in PI last time on March 9, 1997 (SUN / MOON at 19° PI, North Node at 29° VIR).

The PI Solar Eclipse prior was on Feb 26, 1979 (SUN / MOON at 7° PI, North Node at 19° VIR).

The PI TOTAL Solar Eclipse before that was on March 13, 1960 (SUN / MOON at 23° PI, North Node at 24° VIR).

If this TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE is significant for you, check out the cycles with the prior Eclipses and which patterns show up.

Hint: Where in your chart do / did they fall (houses, planets)? Which areas of your life were / are affected?


What does the chart of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE look like and tell us, you may ask?


First glance:

Soo much in PISCES, in polarity with JUPITER / North Node in VIRGO (which will be just about rising, from West Coast perspective at the exact New Moon time), both sides funnelling into SATURN in SAG via T-square! SO much mutability (VIR – SAG – PI)! All in flux…


The PISCES SUN, after having ‘hooked up’ with NEPTUNE (on Feb 28) will approach CHIRON (exact union on March 10) – a signature of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. The MOON will already pass CHIRON at 9:06 pm PST today March 8 – 3 hrs after the Eclipse.

The South Node is super close to CHIRON throughout March, exact on March 18.

So it really is a CHIRON SOLAR ECLIPSE.


The SUN / MOON / CHIRON / Lunar South Node Eclipse and MERCURY / NEPTUNE in PI (VENUS to enter PI also, on March 12) show us:

All is unified and ONE.

What makes us vulnerable also carries the Heart Medicine.


JUPITER retro / North Node in mid VIR on ‘the other side’, in trine with PLUTO in mid CAP balances and grounds the energy, and is an incentive (North Node) to receive ‘fresh energy’. Awareness and practice matter. Live in wholeness.


SATURN (stationary) in mid SAG exactly between JUPITER (their square will be on March 23) and the NEW MOON (the SUN squared SATURN on March 5!) receives pressure from both sides, and is a T-square ‘outlet’.

The big quest(ions):

Where is the path in all this? What guides us and makes sense?

What prevents and what supports us to aim from the Heart?


Let’s look into all this a bit closer (and ‘sort it out’ in VIRGO fashion 🙂 ) – dive in with me if you like:


As we immerse fully into the PISCEAN field there is just energy, a ‘quantum soup’ you may say. Can be overwhelming and chaotic, for the individualized, ‘separate’ human personal self. The invitation is to experience and furthermore merge in the field of Oneness.


ONEness and interconnectedness of ALL – which can, for our separate identity, be overwhelming, confusing, make us vulnerable – or make us want to escape, be ‘addicted’ to ‘the state of bliss and union’, etc.

I guess you get the picture, and examples are everywhere, incl. the constant influx of media (also ruled by PISCES).

The SUN now in PI brings yearly consciousness to the bigger, longer lasting, and more transpersonal influence of CHIRON (2010 – 2018 in PISCES):
Whoa, so much happening at once – all together now…!

  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed by all kinds of influences and energies that are ‘streaming in and through’?
  • Maybe you have a very vivid dream life, maybe you don’t want to face it all?
  • How about this: The way ‘out’ is the way ‘IN’ – to surrender and trust in being carried by What-IS?


So much is coming together now… Allow it, and allow yourself to BE. Maybe that means letting go of, forgiving, releasing something or some ‘disappointment’, ‘illusion’, etc. from the area of life related to PI in your chart.

But that ain’t always so easy…

CHIRON shows us that old wounds can come up in this process (esp. for those of us born in the 1960’s under CHIRON in PI, and anyone with PI placements).


As James Hillman summed it up in a Jungian seminar in Victoria a few years ago:

There are two basic early childhood wounds: Abandonment and overwhelm (invasion, abuse). We might have experienced one more than the other, or both in combination.

Often we have to feel what is now ripe to heal. There may be catalysts that bring out the old wounds.

Rather than spiritually bypassing the wounds, or indulging in them, or escaping into addictive behaviour (all these are shadow tendencies of South Node in PI), how can we do our part in the healing (North Node in VIR)?

JUPITER in VIR gives us lots of opportunities to see what the ‘issue’ is (maybe magnifying what’s otherwise brushed away as ‘small stuff’).


What does that require (asks VIRGO)?

Maybe dropping resistance and separation, and, rather than putting up boundaries against the ‘tsunami of energy’ swimming into a field of resonance, or, allowing the energy to leave us (since as sensitive souls we tend to take things in and they sit and stick there, and possibly contaminate our inner environment).

Are there concrete practices, maybe healthy rituals you can DO (VIRGO) that help you come back into Oneness with / in Life?



Solar Eclipse (Bangldesh July 22 2009)

Total Solar Eclipse over Bangladesh, July 22, 2009


The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in PI with CHIRON brings Lunar tendencies (of the mind and emotions), followed by new Solar consciousness to these themes.

The Solar Consciousness gets temporarily eclipsed by the MOON, out of which a new cycle arises – a re-set. And VIRGO in balance with the North Node helps.

The Lunar South Node need for Oneness with the Great Mother, the Universe, the All can lead to ‘looking for Love at the wrong places’, going on a compensation course via addictions of all sorts that promise to let the ‘me’ go away for a while, but hey, it does come back each time, which can turn into a painful vicious cycle.

These Lunar ‘depleting’ tendencies are met by our awareness of wholeness (JUPITER in VIRGO) from which healing (CHIRON) can come, and renewed Consciousness that-IS (PISCES SUN).




Wounded Centaur Chiron


The South Node SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON on March 8 catalyzes that theme:

The ‘Medicine Wo/Man CHIRON’ shows that the ‘wound’ carries the medicine.

CHIRON in PI can be the paradoxical and confusing ‘wound’ of feeling like an outsider because of one’s urge for deeper connectedness, and by being overwhelmed and exhausted by too many influences, and not being able to release energies we have taken in. Hence escapism, distraction, avoidance.


Nowa-years with CHIRON in PI, when we dive in, and experience our oneness with life we can relax, and let go of the idea of separation and even adversarial ‘you over there’, and we are re-connected with life. Where is the enemy, the victim, the perpetrator, the saviour? The ‘healing’ and ‘teaching’ can simply lay in letting go.

This oneness with what-IS allows us also to let things ‘go through us’ as energy, rather than having them stick to us, or sit in our field. Just as we have taken it IN (PI is ‘famous’ for taking a lot IN) we are invited to breathe or otherwise release it OUT. Maybe no need to ‘do anything with it’ (i.e. analyze and work on it…).

Music, dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, being with or IN water is natural therapy for this kind of release.


CHIRON in PISCES on the ‘opposite side’ of VIRGO (yet representing the ONE), shows that it’s all related. When we drop into resonance and love we open up and see: What we see on the outside / ‘over there’ in ‘them’ has to do with us too. And – maybe in a place of vulnerability – , we ask for help, drop resistance, let go, and let God.


Many people become more and more sensitive – perhaps a symptom of overwhelm of influences streaming at us through the media, through the atmosphere. I hear that from many clients, and experience it myself.

As an ‘energetic hygiene’ and clearing of what we have taken IN (JUPITER in VIRGO), I recommend a very effective Visualization Practice that I adopted from my friend and Satsang teacher Susan Broznitsky, and alternatively, or additionally a Forgiveness Writing Practice.

I posted both in the last Astro~News blog , and showed it to clients directly. Many people asked me about it, and gave feedback that it works – almost immediately. Visualizations are also perfect for SATURN in SAG (squaring the Eclipse and JUPITER in VIR).


Hubble Jupiter & Earth

Jupiter and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)


A few more words about the magnified (JUPITER) incentive (North Node), since this is the opportunity here.

You probably already noticed their beneficial grounding effect. JUPITER in mid VIR will even go into favourable Earth trine with PLUTO in mid CAP, on March 16.

Yes, we are Soul having a human experience. And that means the embodiment is auspicious, and not just to be transcended, ignored, neglected.

Therefore, let’s

  • Be in body-mind-spirit alignment, good health, well-being and conscious practice,
  • Be mindful, aware and self-aware,
  • Take care of business, organize, clear and clean,
  • Help ourselves (VIR is a big fan of DiY, and there is so much info online now too, re: How to…)
  • Help others – because you can. ‘Simple’, ‘small’ acts of service – can be a big deal for them, and so rewarding.

Under JUPITER / North Node in VIRGO these months and weeks, culminating now, on the ‘opposite side’ of the PISCES Solar Eclipse, it seems like problems and issues are under a magnifying glass. They get bigger, so that we can see them for what’s really going on, resolve what needs to be ‘fixed’ and realigned, but also gain perspective, and outgrow our sense of imperfection, inadequacy, the inner critic…

VIRGO thrives on alignment and self-containment, discernment, loves wellness practices, recipes, remedies, and rituals. And it’s important to heal low vibrational VIRGO (“never good enough, always problems”) with higher VIRGO vibes.

  • What is your Body Temple showing you?
  • What can you do (with joy and awareness) to help and serve others, and make the world a better place? Maybe in the service lays your own healing?
  • What needs physical cleaning / clearing / organizing in your life (how about starting with a small realm, like: the desk?). The present VIR – PI dynamic helps with clearing clutter and reorganizing things so that life energy can flow more smoothly (and you know where things are J ).
  • How about rituals like media / cell phone free walks? We don’t need to be constantly exposed to media and available (PI).
  • What are you grateful for? Even (and maybe esp.) those ‘small’ things (VIR).


VIRGO is the energy of the harvest goddess and priestess who is clear and aligned with her sacred Self which she keeps in integrity.

VIRGO practices self-awareness (the energy of the Leo-to-Virgo Sphinx Point), and tends to ‘her’ body-mind-spirit temple through clearing, discernment, sacred practice, such as ceremony and ritual.

Which in our practical daily life means: a body / health / wellness / nutrition practice and lifestyle. A healthy body in a healthy spirit.

  • Is there a practice you can adopt right now that would benefit your wellbeing (something simple and self-sufficient that’s not a big deal, like walks – cell phone free J, Yoga, exercise, getting more regularly fresh air)?
  • Which ‘recipes, remedies, and rituals’ would your inner mentor (JUPITER) prescribe? Like: adding / removing something from your diet, sleep, work style and hours, certain practices that make you overall happier and healthier, a morning ritual?
  • Is there something is ripe and ready now to be harvested, as in: let go of?
  • Would a ceremony help release something old and outlived, or help invite beneficial cosmic energies?

Intentionality is important, which brings us to…


Saturn Mercury NN

Anchor on the Rocks – at Saxe Point, Esquimalt. Photo by Melanie Fall 2013


SATURN stationary in SAG (going retro on March 25) in T-square to the Nodal / Ecliptic axis.

SATURN is the Planetary Archetype of Mastery, Maturity, Lessons, Karma. It also rules the Root Chakra and anchors us in what-IS.


SATURN has been in SAG since Sept 17, 2015 (with an episode until 5° SAG from Dec 2014 until mid-June 2015), and will leave SAG / enter CAP at Winter Solstice 2017.
Clearly, humanity has been dealing with socio-political and global issues that don’t just ‘go away’. We can’t pretend to be blind to them anymore (SAG literally rules eye sight, and perspective in a broader sense), and need to deal with them. I don’t want to expand on it here – we all are well aware.


Just a few key themes, and their relevance to the mutable axis, esp. SATURN in SAG:

  • The refugee crisis in Europe (very PISCES – VIRGO – SAG, a massive collective migration / escape from violence and war bringing up fear of the foreign / paranoia of the unknown, and issues of coordination vs. compassion).
  • Elections in Canada last Oct 2015 resulting in newly elected Liberal government, with PM Justin Trudeau (SAG Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in GEM, and VIR Rising). Real changes, or more of the same in new friendlier looking image?
  • Elections in the U.S. coming up in Nov 2016. The U.S. has Saturn on their SAG AC NOW. The Eclipse is super relevant for the country.


Let’s just take a quick look at the major players, and their placements in mutable signs (as activated by the Eclipse). What’s your sense?

Bernie Sanders (* Sept 8, 1941), with Sun, Neptune, North Node in VIR (he just had his Nodal Return!), and Jupiter in GEM.

Hilary Clinton (* Oct 26, 1947), with Moon in PI and Uranus in GEM.

Donald Trump (* June 14, 1946 – just 3 weeks before George W. Bush!), born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse(!) with Moon / South Node in SAG, and Sun / Uranus / North Node in GEM.


More to discuss about the candidates and the U.S. elections at another occasion.

Let me know if you’re interested in a special Parlour. Can be definitely set up.


Saturn & Earth

Saturn and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)


So, what are the challenges SATURN in SAG asks us to deal and be done with?

Classical obstacles ‘on the path’ that present themselves are judgment, dogmatism, “my way or the highway” attitude, lack of trust, bad humour (at others’ expense), no real perspective on things, being blind sighted and biased, missing the obvious…
What can help us move forward ‘in the right direction’, without making anyone ‘wrong’ which perpetuates karma and separation?

Clearly, the answer is in the Heart.


SATURN in SAG is also the storyteller, both inspiring and grounded teacher, and visionary elder.

Let’s invoke those qualities IN us, as SATURN is about to go retro, on March 25 – just after the LUNAR ECLIPSE (on March 23)!


May the Heart lead the way into and through the Ecliptic phase!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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