VIRGO Times Upon us! The SUN from Aug 23 – Sept 23, but also: MARS, JUPITER, NORTH NODE

23 Aug

Today Aug 23 (at 3:37 am PDT, to be precise):

The SUN enters VIR (until Sept 23)

Zodicac_Man lg

Zodiac signs in alignment with the body –

From “Les tres riches heures” du Duc de Berry


Harvest / Alignment Season:

Time to bring the ‘Summer Harvest’ in, to (RE)organize our business and daily life, get ready for school, or other training.

Time to adopt healthy habits, perhaps to a cleanse before the Fall, or clean out our closets and cupboards, incl. our internal psychological ‘closets’ (under SATURN still in SCO until Sept 17.

Aug 26:

The VIRGO SUN will align with JUPITER – a very auspicious time to dedicate one’s service and practice to the highest good, and experience the gratitude for this opportunity.

Aug 29:


How can the practical and organizational side of life be bridged with the spiritual, compassionate side? How can we be available, and of service, in the best sense? What does our overall health and wellness have to do with our attunement to subtle, intangible energies?

On Aug 31:

The VIR SUN will oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI, and on Sept 5 trine PLUTO retro in CAP:

What would service in compassion, in honour of the elders (and advised by our inner Elder), and working respectfully with the Earth’s (and our own!) resources look like / require?

More about the Full Moon / late Aug energies in the next Astro~News.


More VIRGO to come this Fall – to be addressed closer to the dates:

Sept 24: MARS enters VIR (until Nov 12)

Oct 8: VENUS re-enters VIR (until Nov 8)

Oct 10: The LUNAR North Node enters VIR – and South Node enters PI (until May 10, 2017!)


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