* JUPITER enters VIRGO (Aug 11, 2015 until Sept 9, 2016) Health and Wellness Matter, and Alignment Brings Benefits

9 Aug


* JUPITER enters VIRGO (Aug 11, 2015 until Sept 9, 2016)

Health and Wellness Matter, and Alignment Brings Benefits


Planet Jupiter, with one of its Moons, Io


Check out these 2 documentaries about Jupiter, one ‘retro’ and spectacular https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1tIS-S-Mqw and more current one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM9jAO1LPSI


JUPITER enters VIRGO on Aug 11, for one year and one month. 


The Mentor Archetype, energetic representation of the largest planet in our Solar System, JUPITER, points us to our opportunities for growth, expansion, understanding, and wealth on all levels, and guides us to find our path of wisdom and happiness.

With an ‘attitude of gratitude’, abundance consciousness, generosity, and a good sense of humour, life (esp. in the areas /astrological houses that are represented by the celestial position of ‘our’ Jupiter) offers indeed a bounty of supply. But quantity doesn’t necessarily equate quality…

The shadow sides of Jupiter are excess, extravagance, arrogance, hubris, and an overbearing demeanour of ‘knowing better’ or moralizing.

One JUPITER mantra might be: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?


But hey, how is all of that applicable to detail focused, meticulous, analytical, critical VIRGO???

Obviously, Jupiter loves to be free and spacious in its Sagittarian ‘domain’, and also its former oceanic Piscean realm, now ruled by Neptune.


Wherever Jupiter travels this area grows and gets enhanced, and we can also see the bigger picture, and understand the whole spectrum of its nature better.

Happened for LEO over the last year (from narcissistic over-compensation, with the need to be seen and loved, to true vibrant heart centred vibrant creative expression).

And shall happen for VIRGO now.

What’s going on, for us personally, with JUPITER in VIRGO?

Jupiter Eye

‘Details’ matter 


  • What’s VIRGO all about?

Let’s take a closer look, and allow its benefits to serve the intended purpose.

Virgo is the sign of the Sacred Feminine / Priestess, and of the Hermit. A self-contained ‘harvest’ energy, dedicated to ‘doing one’s work’ in alignment with one’s purpose. How can Mentor Jupiter help us enhance the best of those qualities?

  • The Sphinx Point from LEO to VIRGO which Jupiter will cross exactly on Aug 11 is about Self (LEO) Awareness (VIRGO).

Which can look and sound like: “Who am I, and what am I doing???” or even like: “Me and my problems….” – always something ‘misaligned’, out of place, imperfect, work-in-progress. This whole theme can get ‘bigger’ nowadays, but only so that we can see it better for what it really is, and how we can outgrow the ‘small stuff’ perspective (says Jupiter) J

What else is the Sphinx Point then? Well, the ultimate oracle: “Who are YOU?” From this place, natural order and alignment can develop.

  • As long as we are ‘problem driven’ this attitude can feed into our limiting beliefs – Jupiter on the Sphinx Point squares Saturn in late Scorpio – and will do that again when Saturn is in Jupiter ruled Sag, in March and May 2016.
  • Where is our ‘True Sacred Work’?
  • How do we find new and better alignment with Health, Wellness, Right Livelihood / Lifestyle?
  • What is to be ‘cleaned up’ and ‘organized’? It will make us more content and happy, says Jupiter. And business / your affairs in general can operate better too. It doesn’t have to cost much (probably actually saves $$$).
  • Where are opportunities to show your crafty side?
  • How can you offer your gifts that can help a lot of people?

4 R

Virgo, by Johfra Boschart


JUPITER is also a societal Archetype showing us what’s popular for the common good.

In more modest VIRGO after extravagant LEO this can mean more concern for the environment, support for small businesses, health and wellness. It can bring more people to ‘their senses’ and to a grounded, practical ‘common sense’ around what works and what is dysfunctional in our society.

Also good chances that women and the Sacred Feminine will be more honoured, and the world is more ready to see what women have to offer (and have been doing all along). LILITH going into LIBRA (see below) can help with gender equality world-wide.


We’ll experience a few ‘send-off’ & entry gifts for JUPITER into VIRGO – here is the chart to prove it!

JUPITER into VIR 2015


  • VENUS conj. JUPITER, (first time on July 1, so precious, in the evening sky), and again, while Venus is retro, on Aug 4, both on the very end of LEO (the Sphinx Point), just before Jupiter enters Virgo, plus finally, the last liaison on Oct 25, with Venus direct, and both in early VIRGO:

Attracting from Self-Awareness and Alignment with who we are.

  • JUPITER on the Sphinx Point square SATURN on the Phoenix Point, on Aug 3 (and again in March and end of May 2016, by then Jupiter in Virgo, and Saturn in Jupiter ruled SAG): A charge between opportunities and necessities:
    Dealing with the deeper, hidden, scorpionic shadow is timely and mandatory – if we don’t we need to deal with the consequences, says Saturn in end of Scorpio. If we do clearer direction and focus (SAG) can arise from there. But we might be too self-preoccupied at this point (Jupiter in LEO – VIR)…?
  • MERCURY conj. JUPITER on Aug 7 on the Sphinx Point, just before MERCURY enters its VIRGO domain, precisely 12 hrs later:

A golden opportunity for enhanced Self Awareness, and realizing where and how we can put our Love (LEO) into Service / Practice (VIRGO).

  • MARS conj. JUPITER on Oct 17, both in mid VIRGO, and in trine with PLUTO (‘higher octave’ and transpersonal version of Mars) in CAP:

Where is service-in-action best applied? Check out what is the most effective and soulful work that calls you.


Jupiter has a 12-year cycle (was the last time in VIRGO from end of Aug 2003 – end of Sept 2004):

  • How has your VIRGO area of life (work, service, business, health, wellness) expanded over the last 12 years?
  • How can you tell yourself the story in a grateful and appreciative way, and exude natural happiness which in turn attracts more opportunities?


Jupiter’s 12-year cycle also corresponds with the Chinese Animal Cycles of the year.


JUPITER is a VIP (very important planet) for your VIRGO Sun, Moon, AC, or planets, this coming year.

If your Ascendant is Sagittarius, Jupiter is your ruling planet (VIP) and the Archetype is key in your life.

And if you are going through a phase where you wonder whether more and better is possible, how to expand and extend yourself, you are dealing with Jupiter themes.


If you would like to know if JUPITER is significant for you, and activated in the next months and year please contact me and I check briefly.


We will explore the journey of JUPITER through VIRGO, with the alignment with Venus, Mercury, and Mars, and squares to Saturn in participants’ charts and lives, in our Astro evening on MON Aug 10 “JUPITER into VIRGO” Additional group on THU Aug 13.

How does it affect you with your astrological disposition and cycles, and how can you make the best of it?


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