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Happy Birthday Victoria (Colonial Victoria that-is)!

14 Mar

Count-down for the City of Victoria’s 175th Birthday, on March 14! 

And for our astrological celebration / exploration!



Victoria Cherry Blossom Bliss – Photo by Melanie, March 2016


I’d love to invite all of you and your friends to our traditional, yearly
Celebration & Personalized Exploration Workshop:

* Happy Birthday, VICTORIA, on March 14!
Astrology, the City, and YOU!

WED March 14, 7:14 – 9:44 pm
Overflow group at 3:14 – 5:44 pm can be opened.
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Find out about your connection with the City-in-You, and how to flow in effortless ease with the vibes of our community!


If you can’t come, not to worry:
Here are some features we will discuss. 
And even though you’ll miss your personal Astro connection with the City we can catch up with that too, in a private session (with nice 14% discount this month, for consultations focusing on City Relationship). 


Voila, here’s the gist of the Astrology of Victoria the City!

Cities have astrological charts as well!

Voila – here is Victoria’s ‘personal horoscope’, based on the time Fort Victoria was established by the HBC on March 14, 1843 at 4:12 pm PST.

A relatively recent but impactful colonial layer over the First Nations land.



YES, ‘she’ is a PISCES SUN / VIRGO MOON & AC (just before the Full Moon) Lady.

As you see, Victoria’s chart features a lot of  VIRGO, CAP, AQ, PI, and AR flavours.

  • LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point’ / Self Awareness AC and MOON:
    Victoria is all about ‘Know Thyself’!
  • VIR MOON on the AC – Very Victorian appearance… Sacred Geometry in the land, and:
    A City of / for Women / the Divine Feminine? Lots of women / men with a strong inner feminine are doing the sacred work here, in their ‘temples’. Lots of self-sufficient (or temporary) singles too. 
  • PI SUN / URANUS in the 8th house:
    What you see is NOT what you get. Victoria indeed has (surprising) ‘Secrets’ and is ever elusive. 
  • Public ‘persona’ (MC) in TAU:
    Nature & Garden City turning into ‘development’ / gold digger / follow-the-money City, evoking RE-greening City? Occupy the City? Who owns the City? 
  • What’s with its multi-cultural origin and the ‘mission’?? MARS is ‘hiding out, intercepted in SAG (this year there was a MARS return, as the planet has been in SAG again in the last 2 months too). 
  • And the dark side of her roots? – SCO on the Nadir. 
  • What’s true Royalty? What’s the medicine of the heart? CHIRON in LEO in her’12th


What stands out as recent / current Transits for Victoria:

  • The last Full Moon in VIR-PI on March 1 had so much in common with Victoria’s ‘birth’ chart (SUN, MOON, AC, MARS, SATURN) – history repeating itself? 
  • JUPITER now in SCO, activating V’s 3rd / cusp 4th house (IC):
    What are the deeper motifs for the City’s ‘enhancement’? More and bigger isn’t always better. With  massive changes to the city scape / neighbourhoods, and environment Victoria needs to face the big fat pink Elephant in the room. What’s the deeper transformation needed now?
    Quote from a panel discussion about reconciliation of Aboriginal Law and Commonwealth Common Law last week: “Reconciling our relationship with the Earth is primary to reconciling the human made laws and cultures…”
  • URANUS in late AR passed in the last years V’s PLUTO (second time only since ‘she’ was founded – an 84-year cycle). What’s awakening from the Dead?
  • CHIRON has been on V’s SUN / URANUS in PI in her 8th House over the last few years (every 50 years):
    The wound / vulnerability / overwhelm also carries its own healing medicine…. 
  • PLUTO in CAP squaring  in 2018 / 19 V’s PLUTO in AR, and meeting her SATURN (248-year cycle!):
    Doesn’t sound like tons of fun… yet the serious business of Transformation into / with Integrity.
  • SATURN now in CAP has transited V’s North Node:
    Wake up, shape up, grow up, Sleeping Princess! Whoaaa, that doesn’t mean letting building speculation take over. 
  • The Aug 21 2017  TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE was so close to V’s AC / MOON, anchoring Self Awareness. Who are we, as a City, a Community?

Intense and exciting times for the City, that’s for sure!

Want to get a deeper sense of the energy of our fair city, astrologically?
Wondering about your astrological ‘compatibility’ with Victoria?

Let’s take a good look at it all, and share our experiences, on Victoria’s ‘Secret’ Birthday, March 14 (really wondering who knows about it!)!


Victoria Coat of Arms

Victoria’s Coat of Arms (from 1962):
Two Angels ‘Colony’ & ‘Civilization’(!), British Crown, Descending Dove, (Masonic?) Triangle with All-Seeing Eye of Providence on top, and Motto “Semper Liber” (Always Free!).

Hmmm, wondering whether this motto is still in effect / in integrity??? given all the foreign money and development streaming in…



As a little ‘bonus’ here is the (very literally and figuratively apt) SABIAN SYMBOL for Victoria’s SUN at 24° PISCES:

 Victoria Downtown


Keynote: The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centred and fulfilled life.

Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of humankind. The ego fulfills a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe.

This…symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what s/he is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole. 

The island’s inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders – and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything. An appropriate keyword would be CENTRALIZATION.”

Hmmm, nobody is an island – not even Victorians…! 🙂


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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VIRGO – Super-PISCES Full Moon @ 11:22: Self-Aligning in the Flow of Life

28 Feb

Dear Astro~News Reader,

She’s coming!

  • The last Full Moon in WINTER 2017 / 18 (after the New Year’s SuperMoon on Jan 1, and the Total Lunar Eclipse / Blue Moon / SuperMoon on Jan 31)!
  • Wow, so rare, to have TWO Full Moons in January (1 & 31), NO Full Moon in February, and again TWO Full Moons in March (1 & 31)!
  • The last Full Moon in the Zodiac cycle this year, with the SUN in PISCES – and the MOON in VIRGO.
  • The last Full Moon in the retro-free zone (no planets retrograde, between Jan 2 when URANUS went direct, and March 8 when JUPITER goes retro).

As with every Full Moon, it can be a very emotional phase, and things come to fruition (think: Full Moon – Harvest Moon, and VIRGO) to be released (PISCES SUN plus 4 planetary Archetypes in PI!).


Neptune Rules Pisces.
Painting by Johfra Bosschart


If you’re been feeling so much, and being sensitive to the collective energy, you’re not alone.
‘Their stuff?’ / Not yours?
Yes and no, since on a personal level you don’t need to take in everyone’s woes, and a healthy membrane is a good thing, like a well-functioning immune system.
Yet energetically we’re all / all IS interwoven, connected, and ONE, in the flow of life.

We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.
Do you experience the suffering (as a phenomenon that comes and goes) with compassion, or do you (as in: you personally) suffer the experience?

Some of us sentient and sensitive ones are very attuned to the ‘psychic weather’ / atmosphere around us, maybe we came with this gift (that can sometimes feel like a curse), maybe it has been a survival training in early childhood – we learned to adapt or escape.

How do you, the empathetic person X, avoid being drawn into everyone’s emotional field, and experiencing it as my own?
And what of that IS actually a reflection of you (VIRGO discernment comes handy)?
How do I let go and allow things to be washed away?
How do you bring yourself, and what brings you back into alignment (VIR) with your true soul nature?
Why would you want this?

Because things flow so much easier (PI) and the Universe has our back when we’re true to ourselves. Magic and synchronicities are our companions and life is joy.
Versus trying to be everything to everybody, bending over backwards, protecting your image and social status, and building up a fake persona, not wanting to loose face in the eyes of others, etc. – all of that takes so much energy, comes from the ego, and actually goes against what nature intended for us: To be authentically ourselves.

In this sense, more BEING in natural alignment, and less ego directed DOING (as a compensation mode) is what the astro doc prescribes, always, and esp. brought out by this VIRGO – SuperPISCES FULL MOON.

Not always easy… diagnosing what’s going on, and being aware (a VIRGO specialty) is the first step to re-aligning.

There’s a lot of planetary energy in PISCES in the Astro Weather – showing up for the Full Moon on March 1, and gradually moving over to ARIES (starting with MERCURY and VENUS on March 5 / 6 – Spring in Becoming!

The Full Moon in VIRGO on March 1 (see chart below) receives the reflection of the SUN in PISCES, next to NEPTUNE (the SUN will pass NEPTUNE on Sunday March 4) in mid-PI (= SCO undertone), MERCURY, VENUS, and CHIRON in late PISCES (= double PI).
What a cosmic tidal wave! One thing leads to another, and all is interconnected.

Intensity and vulnerability through overwhelm and feeling lost….?

  • What’s the medicine that PISCES offers, led by CHIRON?
  • What’s the practice that the VIRGO FULL MOON prescribes?


How does the VIRGO ‘Priestess’ and ‘Earth Angel’ in us (whether we live in a as a male or female body) show up in this?

Virgo and Mercury, painting by Johfra Bosschart


First of all: Let’s be aware (VIR) and in a loving, open, neutral place (PI), with the washing up and out of old vibrations. Maybe even residues of the whole PISCES Age era, and our connection with it / conditioning by it?
And allow things to be purged and transformed (SCO undertone, and Water trine from JUPITER in SCO – which happens to be also stationary (going retro on March 8).

Around March 8 (one week before and after) is actually a very powerful, and transformational time (of course also good for clearing in a practical way).


HOW to (a VIRGO approach) release all THAT?
I hear VIRGO getting concerned…
Impossible to resolve it all with a ‘strategy’, ‘method’, or ‘fix’, or by analysis…

We can’t keep these collective-connective waves from coming but we can learn and practice surfing and navigating them skillfully (that’s where VIRGO comes in) and, even more so, BE with it all (PISCES) in a good vibration, and loving, heart-ful way.


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn


What gets washed up and released, and what these themes are about for YOU can be seen in your chart – esp. where the VIRGO – PISCES axis is (houses, planets…).
CHIRON in PI says: the ‘Medicine’ is IN the theme itself.

The PISCES SUN and planets are squared by MARS (see chart below) which is presently (until mid March 17) cruising in late SAG, the direction of the Galactic Center – the Big Unknown and Unknowable, the ‘Black Hole Transformation’ we are going through, with ultimate trust. That’s where the inner Spiritual Guidance comes in. Let yourself be moved by it. An inner sense of YES!

Moving from the Spiritual Heart that knows and guides us. We will be changed in the process, and can’t know what it ‘looks like on the other side’ (the Ego doesn’t like that).
The path through, or actually with it is the Path of Heart.



Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre (NASA) – Heart of our Milky Way, at the end of SAG where the SUN travels just before the WINTER SOLSTICE Point

This reminds me of A Path With Heart – one of Jack Kornfield’s books of Buddhist teachings for the modern world.
Here is an audio excerpt about self forgiveness.  So healing.
Also very much apropos VIR – PI.
We all hurt or harmed, abandoned, betrayed  others or ourselves, knowingly and unknowingly, out of fear, pain, or confusion.
And we all were hurt and harmed by others.
Asking for and offering forgiveness inwardly. Letting go of what we still carry in the body.
The Heart wants to be free and light and clear and open.
The blessings of a loving-kindness attuned Heart follow.

I invite you to tune in and see how it supports your Beingness.



Triple Moon Goddess (waxing, full, waning): Maiden, Mother, Crone. (Artist unknown)

Were the SUN is presently in the sky during any time of day or night we can picture all those other planets, while the Full MOON will be opposite, holding balance.
We can expose ourselves to the cosmic unified and unifying PISCEAN medicine field, transmitted by the SUN, NEPTUNE, and CHIRON,
and channel the energy into this dimension, by tuning into the grounding gifts of Grandmother MOON in VIRGO, sign of the Sacred Feminine and Triple Goddess.

How can your cosmic gifts be actualized, put into service, and help you be in alignment with your cosmic assignment?

MARS in late SAG would add: What’s the Heart mission you’re on? Offering from a generous, expectations- and agenda-free place brings gifts back to ourselves too.

The VIRGO – PISCES Full Moon Chart

The VIR – PI Full Moon will be exact at 4:41 pm PST on March 1, 2018.


Look at this magical FULL MOON degree alignment at 11°22′ VIR (MOON) and PI (SUN)! Duality in ONEness. 

  • Soo much in PISCES, in ‘polarity’ with the balancing MOON in VIRGO (which will rise just about an hour after the exact Full Moon, from West Coast perspective).
  • SO much mutability (VIR – SAG – PI)! And very strong in the YIN EARTH / WATER Elements. We live in a Climate of Change!
  • Zero AIR – hmmm, not so easy to maintain a detached, objective perspective? Or: not about the rational mind, rather intuition and heart connection, translated into service and manifestation in integrity (VIR & CAP). 
YinYang Infinite

Essence of timeless Tao Wisdom: Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamically changing and interwoven.

The SUN /  NEPTUNE / MERCURY / VENUS / CHIRON  in PI  show us:

All is unified and ONE.
What makes us vulnerable also carries the Heart Medicine.

Letting go of mental hooks and hang-ups (MERCURY in PI), or being caught in the collective web would be so healing.

Perhaps through sound, music, dance, and vibrational medicine.
MERCURY in PI responds to those ‘messages’, rather than more inundating, confusing, and hypnotizing ‘news’. Not a suggestion to put the head into the sand. Rather an opport-Unity to tune into deeper messages.


The Full MOON in VIR is in Earth trine with SATURN / LILITH in CAP, and PLUTO nearby – which balances and grounds the energy:

Saturn Pop

Saturn Infrared (Hubble Space Telescope). 


  • Awareness and practice matter.
  • Living simply and sustainably (CAP) in wholeness and wellness (VIR).
  • Being in nature, and in our Inner ‘Wild’ Nature (LILITH) helps and sustains – and doesn’t take things on or put up with things (SATURN).


Would you like to look closer at these present FULL MOON Energies? Dive in with me!

Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira


As we immerse fully into the PISCEAN field there is just energy, a ‘quantum soup’.
Which can be overwhelming and chaotic, for the individualized, ‘separate’ human personal self. The invitation is to experience and merge in the field of Oneness.

Interconnectedness of ALL can, for our separate identity, be overwhelming, confusing, make us vulnerable – or make us want to escape, be ‘addicted’ to ‘the state of bliss and union’, etc.

I guess you get the picture, and examples are everywhere, incl. the constant influx of media (also ruled by PISCES).

The SUN now in PI brings yearly consciousness to the bigger, longer lasting, and more transpersonal influence of NEPTUNE in PISCES 2012 – 2023, and CHIRON in PISCES 2010 – 2018 (moving over to ARIES Apr 17 – Sept 25, 2018, and then fully from Feb 19, 2019 on). 

  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed by all kinds of influences and energies that are ‘streaming in and through’?
  • Maybe you have a very vivid dream life, maybe you don’t want to face it all?
  • How about this: The way ‘out’ is the way ‘IN’ – to surrender and trust in being carried by What-IS?

So much is coming together now…

Allow it, and allow yourself to BE.
Maybe that means letting go of, forgiving, releasing something or some ‘disappointment’, ‘illusion’, etc. (chances are in the area of life related to PI in your chart).

CHIRON shows us that old, early, time-transcending wounds can come up in this process (esp. for those of us born in the 1960’s under CHIRON in PI, and anyone with PI placements).

As James Hillman summed it up in a Jungian seminar in Victoria a few years ago:
There are two basic early childhood wounds: Abandonment and overwhelm (invasion, abuse). We might have experienced one more than the other, or both in combination.


Crystal activated Voyager card XVII – Star, showing Kuan Yin… – Goddess of Compassion – Photo and crystal activation by Melanie

Often we have to feel what’s now ripe to be healed. There may be catalysts that bring out the old wounds – to be also healing agents.

Rather than spiritually bypassing the wounds, or indulging in them, or escaping into addictive behaviour (all these are shadow tendencies of PI), how can we do our part in letting go and healing (NEPTUNE, CHIRON, and MOON in VIR)?

The Full MOON in VIR – PISCES (with NEPTUNE and CHIRON) invites us to invoke Divine Mother / Goddess energy that is always available to support us. Like Kuan Yin, Mother Mary…

We can’t ‘do it all’ but we can ask for assistance from Higher dimensions… See how your energy shifts…!

Maybe it helps us with dropping resistance and separation, and, rather than putting up boundaries against the ‘tsunami of energy’ (since as sensitive souls we tend to take things in, and they sit and stick there, and possibly contaminate our inner environment) we can gently allow the energy to leave us.

Are there other concrete practices, maybe healthy rituals you can DO (VIRGO) that help us come back into Oneness with / in Life?

NEPTUNE in PI’s need for Connection and Oneness with the Great Mother, the Universe, the All, can lead to ‘looking for Love at the wrong places’, going on a compensation course via addictions of all sorts that promise to let the ‘me’ go away for a while, but hey, it does come back each time, which can turn into a painful vicious cycle.

These ‘depleting’ tendencies can be met by our awareness of wholeness (Full Moon in VIR) from which healing (CHIRON in PI) and renewed Consciousness that-IS (PI SUN) can come.
Practices that lead us to a physical, sensate awareness of wholeness, like mindfulness meditation, Yoga, walks in Nature help, ideally integrated into our life as a healthy routine.



Wounded Healer / Centaur CHIRON Finding his Medicine through Surrender…

The ‘Medicine Wo/Man CHIRON’ shows that the ‘wound’ carries the medicine.

CHIRON in PI can be about paradoxical and confusing ‘wounds’:

Feeling awkward and like an outsider because of our urge for deeper connectedness, yet at the same time being overwhelmed and exhausted by too many influences, and not able to release energies we have taken in. Hence escapism, distraction, avoidance.

Nowa-years with CHIRON in PI, when we dive in, and experience our oneness with Life we can relax, and let go of the idea of separation, or even adversarial ‘you over there’, and we’re re-connected with Life again.

Oneness with what-IS allows us also to let things ‘go through us’ as energy, rather than having them stick to us, or sit in our field.
Just as we’ve taken it IN (PI is ‘infamous’ for taking a lot IN) we’re invited to breathe or otherwise release it OUT.
Maybe no need to ‘do anything with it’ (i.e. analyze and work on it…).

Music, Dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, being with or IN Water is natural release therapy.

NEPTUNE & CHIRON in PISCES on the ‘opposite side’ of VIRGO (yet representing the ONE), show it’s all related:
When we drop into Resonance and Love we open up and see: What seems to be on the outside / ‘over there’ in ‘them’ has to do with us too. And – maybe in a place of vulnerability – , we ask for help, drop resistance, let go, and let God.

Many people have become more and more sensitive – perhaps a symptom of overwhelm with influences streaming at us through the media, through the collective atmosphere and cyber sphere. I’ve been hearing that from many clients, and experience it myself.

Therefore, let’s

  • Be in body-mind-spirit alignment, good health, well-being and conscious practice.
  • Be mindful, aware and self-aware.
  • Take care of business, organize, clear and clean.
  • Help ourselves (VIR is a big fan of DiY, and there is so much info online now too, re: How to…).
  • Help others – because we can. ‘Simple’, ‘small’, anonymous acts of service – can be a big deal for them, and so internally rewarding.

VIRGO thrives on alignment and self-containment, discernment, loves wellness practices, recipes, remedies, and rituals. And it’s important to heal low vibrational VIRGO (“never good enough, always problems”) with higher VIRGO vibes.

  • What is your Body Temple showing you?
  • What can you do (with joy and awareness) to help and serve others, and make the world a better place? Maybe in the service lays your own healing?
  • What needs physical cleaning / clearing / organizing in your life (how about starting with a small realm, like: the desk?). The present VIR – PI dynamic, in combination with JUPITER in SCO helps with purging, clearing clutter and reorganizing things so that life energy can flow more smoothly (and you know where things are…).
  • What’s the change you’re grateful for (JUPITER in SCO)? Even (and maybe esp.) those ‘small’ things (VIR).


Voyager II Priestess Crystals 1

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card II – Priestess – Photo by Melanie


VIRGO is the energy of the Harvest Goddess,  Priestess, and Sacred Feminine who is clear and aligned with her sacred Self which she keeps in integrity.

VIRGO practices self-awareness and tends to ‘her’ body-mind-spirit Temple through clearing, discernment, sacred and spiritual practice, such as ceremony and ritual.

Which means in our practical daily life:
A body / health / wellness / nutrition practice and lifestyle.
A healthy body in a healthy spirit.
Honouring ourselves and our body-temple.

  • Is there a practice you can adopt right now that would benefit your well being? Something simple and self-sufficient, like – cell phone free walks, Yoga, exercise, getting more regularly fresh air? 
  • Which ‘recipes, remedies, and rituals’ would your inner Mentor prescribe? Like: adding / removing something from your diet, sleep, work style and hours, certain practices that make you overall happier and healthier, a morning ritual? 
  • Is there something is ripe and ready now to be harvested, as in: let go of? 
  • Would a ceremony help release something old and outlived, and / or help invite beneficial cosmic energies?

What a creative combo of both PI and VIR could look like:

  • Ride the waves, be in your element.
  • Your skills are what comes easy.
  • Holding space for others can be the best service you can offer.
  • Clean up with music.
  • Energy Medicine. AstroSomatics.
  • Sacred Geometry.
  • Astrology and its practical, embodied benefits.
  • Being in the world, yet not of the world. Doing what needs to be done, yet not in attachment.
  • God helps those who help themselves. Doing our share, and trusting divine intervention.
  • Random acts of service bring fulfillment.


Voyager VIII Balance

Voyager Tarot Card VIII Balance

(Why am I so drawn to bring in Voyager Tarot cards today? Maybe to show you their natural alignment with Astrology)

BALANCE is the way to go, or rather to BE, in the Full Moon dynamic.

The ‘whirlwind’ of stimuli and issues can kick us off balance. How can we infuse a situation where ‘problems’ show up / where we’re not aligned (VIR) with flow, allowance, acceptance, and love, which might mean release and let go(d) (PI)?

Intentionality is important too, and MARS in late SAG in T-square to the Full Moon axis, supports clear Heart Intentions.


Clearly, the answer is in the Heart.
May the Heart lead the way, in the Journey!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


More Connections and Synchronicities:

You’re welcome on WED March 14, the 175th Birthday of the City of Victoria, to  Astrology, the City, and YOU!
The once-a-year, and always updated and renewed AstroExperience of the City’s chart and our astrological resonance and ‘cosmic dance’ with ‘her’.
Victoria is a PISCES City with VIRGO AC and (almost Full) MOON. Lots of congruences with the VIR – PI Full Moon energies on March 1!!!
Stay tuned for a special Happy Birthday Victoria blog post where I also show you her chart and its transits.

Join us on March 14 live in person, or from your home or holiday via skype or FB messenger if you happen to NOT be in beautiful Victoria presently!
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Fishy Confusion and Nervous Stress – or Piscean Communing and Impermanence…

24 Feb
Ok, definitely gotta address the Astro~Weather of late and for the weekend, since I noticed a lot of its effects in the environment – what’s the way-out?
Ha, usually, it’s the way-in of course. Yet also always good to have a sense of the energetic blend we’re in.



Japanese Master Katsushika Hokusai:
Great Wave of Kanagawa


After some stressful swimming / running-in-circles (have you?) when it comes to emotions and thoughts and communication, under the MOON in GEMINI squaring the SUN, MERCURY, NEPTUNE, VENUS, and CHIRON, all in PISCES, and opp. MARS in SAG yesterday (Feb 23) / this morning (well, great dynamic energy for the Olympics, or for chanting and Yoga – which I thankfully did!) it’s time to chill, and find some soothing and caring vibes again!
Yayyy, fortunately the MOON will move into her ‘abode’ in CANCER this eve – going into easy-flow Water Trines (instead of those windy, stressful squares we’ve had) with the PISCEAN ‘School’ of Planets and SUN tomorrow SUNday, and also Trine with JUPITER in SCO on Mo(O)nday.
Maybe we can gently but surely find out what’s underneath our emotional responses, where they / where everyone comes from.
Could be ‘simply’ an early / traumatic lack of feeling safe and supported?
VENUS in PI also squares MARS in SAG tomorrow SUNday morning, just 20 min before MERCURY in PI aligns with NEPTUNE (once a year).
Can be a very romantic and sexy energy – or acting from a place of mental confusion and overwhelm, and being drawn into victimhood vs aggressors.
A ‘middle path’ could be ‘simply’ to move (the energy does need outlets) with gratitude and joy for what’s given, and tune into the energy of Winter-releasing – and impermanence altogether. ❤

As I said in the MERCURY-in-PISCES post:

Feb 25:
Can be on a personal level big confusion, illusion, unclear communication where boundaries aren’t respected.

On a deeper, more transcendent level, it’s all about connecting and communing – there’s only ONE of us here….!
A very watery day (MOON in CAN, SUN / MERCURY / NEPTUNE / VENUS / CHIRON all in PI) that calls for fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, care, and connection.
Anyhoo, the MOON in CANCER will also go into square with URANUS in ARIES on Mo(O)nday early afternoon.
Let’s ride this one with an openness to breakthroughs and liberating realizations.

Much Love, in the Waves of Life!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger

Serving you since 2000
In Victoria BC, and worldwide


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* The SUN enters PISCES (Feb 18 – March 20): Season of Coherence and Compassion.

14 Feb

This is the time of year when Aquarian Air turns into PISCEAN Water.
On Feb 18, 2018 at 9:18 am PST (nice alignment – so many 18’s and 9’s – endings…), the SUN will enter PISCES.

It’s the time-of-season in the Northern hemisphere when frosty Aquarian ice crystals and snow melt, and the Winter gets ‘washed out’….. More rain? Maybe… (not everywhere on Planet Earth of course).

The Chinese New Year close to that point inspired me to call this cusp also ‘Kuan Yin Point’, since she is the Goddess of Love and Compassion for all of Humanity. A good time to invoke her (any time of course). A time to connect in Humanity (AQ) and know that we’re all in this together (hence I call it ‘Coherence Point’). In a group it’s the vibe of tuning into the shared ‘field’.


Crystal activated Voyager card XVII – Star, showing Kuan Yin… – Photo and crystal activation by Melanie

A huge planetary field will be in PISCES early March, with the SUN, NEPTUNE, MERCURY, VENUS, and CHIRON.  

The SUN will be in PISCES until March 20, and connect there with NEPTUNE on March 4, and with CHIRON on March 18, the day after the PI NEW MOON, on March 17. 


Neptune Rules Pisces.
Painting by Johfra Bosschart

PISCES, the last Water sign, last Winter sign, and last sign of the Zodiac supports ‘endings’, surrendering, letting go, and being ‘neutral’.
When we’re in that vibration we can easily meet what may come our way with LOVE, and whatever is not a good match can be released with LOVE, ease, and out-flow.


A new cycle follows, from the Spring Equinox (March 20) on.

Blessings for the Season of (often hidden) Blessings!


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VIRGO New Moon with ‘Nervous Rectangle’, Mutable T-Square Calls for Flexibility in Integrity – and for Setting Butterfly Effects in Motion…

20 Sep

How have you been, in the cosmic and terrestrial storms, over the last weeks???

My heart goes out to every human, animal, and nature being affected by the Caribbean storms, and by the quakes in Mexico!

The intensity and amount of disasters around and since the PISCES – VIRGO Full Moon, and now again, round this VIR New Moon that’s LIKE a Full Moon since it’s got such a strong PI / VIR axis has shaken us up for sure!
YES, the rattler and shaker URANUS in late ARIES on the ‘Settling Point’ (well yeah, very UN-setting effects) has been stationary in August, leading into stationary PLUTO in Sept which shows us the powers of Nature…

The destructive, and the timelessly generative…

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom:
Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

Both transpersonal, collective Archetypes URANUS and PLUTO mirror what’s going on on Planet Earth, when it comes to the deep inevitable (PLUTO) and accelerating (URANUS) change of what we considered as solid and ‘given’ (CAP):
Earth structures, ‘regular’ seasons and weather,  and societal structures in governments, hierarchies, and work.
The CAPricornian patriarchal structures are dying (while trying to assert their powers in the process)… while the new (ARIES) is breaking through (URANUS).

Remember: Change can be for the better, i.o.w., fear not!
Only our attachment to the old makes us fearful. I know, easier said than done. We are very unconsciously, historically, genetically conditioned…
URANUS represents the unexpected (which seems almost the norm nowadays) that shakes and WAKES us up, to be radically in the NOW, and perhaps wake up of a dream consciousness altogether…

URANUS rules AQ – group consciousness beyond hierarchies and structures, and cooperation to build for the future. We, humanity, are all in this together. Nobody is an island indeed…

Yes, things are ‘out of natural order’ in the weather, in the climate, producing a cascade of record breaking hurricanes, fires, and earth quakes. All the elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water represented, sadly. And Nature has a way of uncharging and re-balancing itself.

The last Full Moon on Sept 6, with the MOON and NEPTUNE closely together in PISCES, and the SUN in VIRGO amplified the PISCEAN atmospheric and literally oceanic impact of ‘chaos’ vs. the need to connect the dots, analyze the situation, and do something about it (VIRGO), IF it’s fixable, that-is…

This NEW MOON yesterday Sept 19 / today Sept 20 (depending on your time zone) activated the VIR – PI axis even more so, with the VIRGO union of SUN and MOON opposing CHIRON in PISCES. And MARS / MERCURY in VIR opposing NEPTUNE in PI.

We’re all affected, and the media (a Piscean phenomenon) allow us to tune in – not for the faint of heart, and lots of us might have felt vicariously traumatized, or re-wounded in relation to something traumatic that might have happened to us before.

No wonder, PISCEAN overwhelm and helplessness has overcome many of us.

What’s your way of responding – rather than reacting?
Giving up?
Escaping / hiding out / numbing by going into addictive substances or behavious?
Or leaning in, feeling with those affected, sending love and prayers?
All these can be PISCEAN ways of being in the Oneness that shows up so strongly now.

Rather than giving up, in hopelessness and overwhelm, or escaping into addictions that takes us out, so that we don’t fully and deeply feel what’s going on, let’s BE with PISCES differently.
A good way of applying the VIR – PI energy would be also through spiritual (PI) practice (VIR), ritual, ceremony, and connecting (PI) with Nature, esp the Ocean (PI).
And to remember:

LOVE is Super-Power!


Monarch Butterfly Colony

Last weekend, I went to the provocative multi-media performance Nomadic Tempest, by The Caravan Stage Company on their Tall Theatre Ship Amara Zee which is presently anchored in the Victoria harbour for a week.
Nomadic Tempest is a mythical saga of monarch migrants (embodied by aerial artists) searching for refuge on a drowned planet, in the year 2040.
The first part, an apocalyptic immersion, was really hard to take in, esp. since it was SO apropos a series of intense storms that happened just weeks and days before. When reality catches up with theatre, and dimensions blend (very PISCEAN).

Monarch Butterfly Swarm

The Butterfly Effect can be a chance to ‘heal like with like’ a la CHIRON in PISCES which the NEW MOON in VIRGO opposes:

Just as destructive domino effects ‘happen’ apparently unrelated yet connected, so too can little actions performed by many people in coherence (esp. when reaching a critical mass) have an impactful positive effect. Monarch Butterflies are super strong because they operate as a team, and they genetically evolve fast and flexibly.

Humanity and Life on Earth have a chance in this global crisis if we cooperate, and evolve fast too, out of outdated consciousness that goes into victim mode, or remains powerless and separate:
Divided we fall. United we stand.
Divided we can be controlled. United we self-govern.
Divided we give power away. United we can have a positive impact.


“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask….
You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a Dolphin asking, ‘How can I be connected with the ocean?”

The Spirit of the Dolphin has shown up a lot for me, over the last week.

Wanna join me in taking its medicine of joyful intelligent cooperation, i.o.w. raising the vibration, while riding the waves of life…?!


Voila, here’s the chart of the VIR NEW MOON, with ‘her entourage’ of Planetary Archetypes:

Lots of mutable / flexible energy – things are moving and changing a lot – requiring flexibility from us – no kidding.

As you see, the VIR – PI axis is very strong, almost like a Full Moon (two poles with the Earth in the middle). Lots of tension (red oppositions, green quincunxes), incl. a configuration called ‘Nervous Rectangle’ (can you see the elongated green / red rectangle?).
SO much nervousness now in the atmosphere. Collective problems, fears, anxieties… Let’s not turn into nervous wrecks!

How can we, collectively and personally, reconcile these opposing and at-odds factors that are in the field now?

  • CHIRON retro end of PI (which has also a PI undertone, ‘double PI’):
    Overwhelm, chaos, it’s all intertwined, co- and and interdependent, one thing leads to another, we’re all in this together. And bigger oceanic forces show us how vulnerable we are. What’s the healing agent in THIS???
    Retro energy suggests: It’s a recurring issue, and we need to go inwards to connect and surrender.
  • CHIRON opposite the NEW MOON end of VIR (which has also a VIR undertone, ‘double VIR):
    What can we practically DO about this and so much else that needs help now?!
    So much worry and concern, so much need for help. But we can’t be of help if we’re not healthy and capable (physically and emotionally), says VIRGO. Self awareness is required, and it’s important to be in a calm, grounded, and centred place (rather than ‘swept away’ through the Picean destabilization).Additionally, there is a  
  • T-Square of NEW MOON and CHIRON to SATURN / LILITH end of SAG: Who sees the big picture? Who’s in charge? Are leaders just shooting arguments of righteousness at one another that are at best obstacles and setbacks for a positive and wise direction, and leave large groups of people very vulnerable?
    Ultimately, ‘wild’ LILITH now in the Galactic Centre (esp. in Oct) knows that Truth is a Pathless Land (to quote J. Krisnamurti), so there is no right / wrong, n0t even a direction to take. 
    A test (SATURN) of how spiritual teachings and also political and philosophical beliefs (SAG) can be translated into difficult situations like these.
    In fact the call to be DONE with old limiting, separating stories and beliefs (SATURN in SAG)!
    I’d suggest to step into vibrations of healing and release to contribute those to the ‘field’, and stay away from the whole right – wrong debate, and stay focused on what matters most to you, and offer good energy from there.
  • SATURN end of SAG will go into exact square with CHIRON end of PI (not for the first but for the 3rd and last time, after Dec 2016 and Apr 2017) on Nov 2.
    A lot of pressure and ‘labour’ if we come from fear and resistence, from old stories and beliefs, to be on the path of freedom (SAG)and healing (CHIRON). Not easy but so important (SATURN) to let go, forgive (them and ourselves), and let go (PI).
    A lighter path opens up from there… trust is required. 
  • Also in the ‘Nervous Rectangle’:
    The opposition of JUPITER end of LI opposite URANUS retro in AR – which will be exact on Sept 27.
    All the relationships, all the coordination and negotiation going on. …

    What’s (im)balanced, (un)fair and (un)equal is now being seen better, and magnified BIG time, with JUPITER in LIBRA. How can we bring ourselves into balance (rather than always looking for or at ‘the other’), and make wise choices (JU in LI) – from our autonomy (UR in AR)?
    That can mean a sudden, unexpected, or spontaneous and freeing change of ‘plan’ or even agreement or even relationship. URANUS is now retro until early Jan 2018, a time to re-visit inner freedom and authenticity.

    The green quincunxes ‘surrounding’ the oppositions can turn the polarity into an interesting ‘quest’:
  • JUPITER in LI is in quincunx with CHIRON retro in PI (exact on Sept 23):
    Perhaps surrendering into what IS, letting go of making decisions, stepping into the choiceless choice brings peace and ‘tips the scales’…
  • The NEW MOON in VIR is in quincunx with URANUS retro in AR (exact Sept 19 / 20):
    Given the complexity of problems and ‘to do’s’ (end of VIR) how about finding an unexpected way out into freedom?!
    Like: Do you HAVE to do all THIS? What shows up NOW, right in front of you – instead of the big list? Who would you be without ….? Who’s the doer anyway – spiritually speaking?More VIRGO energy – YES!
  • MERCURY / MARS in VIR (they were together last Saturday, to the effect of lots of frustrated and angry talks and thoughts, yet to remember not to sweat the small stuff!!!), in opposition to NEPTUNE in PI this week (exact for MERCURY yesterday Sept 19, and exact for MARS in Sun Sept 24):
    Overwhelm leads to frustration and anger which can spill out (MARS – NEPTUNE). So let’s rather release and let go of the energy, perhaps with physical (MARS) / spiritual (NEPTUNE) like Qi Gong or Hatha Yoga! Good for us anyway…
  • VENUS entered VIRGO too, just yesterday.
    An incentive to be in our Temple of Wellness and Wholeness from which we can serve best.
    See special Astro~News blog, for the journey of VENUS through VIRGO, and the encounters with other Planets ‘she’ will meet.


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Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

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NEPTUNE in PISCES retro (June 16 – Nov 22) – and MOON / NEPTUNE today: Connectivity without Co-Dependency

16 Jun

Have you recently felt overwhelmed by information and possibilities, yet going nowhere?
Where is this going? What’s the direction?
Have you been questioning everything?
Have you been in a maze, blues, blah mode, aimless, passive, confused, maybe even depressed, drifting, dreaming, feeling disillusioned, disappointed, feeling like checking out and escaping ‘reality’ lately,  and / or ‘hooked’ on something that has turned into an addiction?

Seems like you’re tuning into a low grade expression of NEP-TUNE’s turnaround mode, with a ‘dash’ of SATURN / LILITH in SAG. Which can easily happen these days.




Neptunian ‘Portrait’ by NASA’s Hubble – Doesn’t it look like tie dyed? 🙂

= a Very Important Planet this month, since it’s on a turnaround course (twice a year) from Earth perspective, exact today, June 16, hence moving very slowly all of June, and becoming an energetic focal point.
NEPTUNE will be retro until Nov 22 (a yearly rhythm of 5 months retro / 7 months direct).

Good to be aware of the NEPTUNE Archetype, and able to recognize what’s up when we’re getting ‘hooked’, what alternative higher vibrational expressions may look like, and how to tune into those.


NEPTUNE has been also involved in the SAG – GEM Full Moon on June 9, and is presently activated by a square from LILITH in SAG (exact June 21) and a water trine from MARS in CANCER (exact on June 25):

Surfing the energy field that is naturally available, dancing with Life, surrendering to what-IS, moving with care and compassion, holding space in Oneness, riding energy waves with flow and ease, without resisting nor getting unhealthily entangled or enmeshed in co-dependency (shadow of PI), is the way to (Let) Go.


We are all in THIS together…

Earth YinYang

June 8 was World Oceans Day, raising awareness for the Beauty and vital Importance of the World Oceans.

Just as the Oceans and atmosphere connect us, we are now (well, always have been, but perhaps even more aware, since CHIRON and NEPTUNE have been in PI, 2010 and 2012) experiencing how everything connects with everything, in a limitless energetic continuum. The veils between dimensions, incl. Time and Space have become more and more permeable.

 Remember when people were talking about the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’ , but hey – since NEPTUNE moved into PISCES (2012 – 2026) the experience of separation through Time and Space has more and more morphed into interconnectedness anyway. Internet and media allow (or hook?) us to be continuously plugged in and connected (at least to and through technology – which is now omni-available, ever since NEPTUNE sailed through AQ from 1998 – 2012).

We’re swimming in, or rather: AS, a collective and universal field of energy – all connective and vibrational, atmospheric and boundary-less. 
Well, solid form is an illusion anyway.



Oceanic Evening Glow – Photo by Melanie


Since the slow moving planets NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PISCES, there’s a flood of influences and confluences, maybe overwhelming (NEPTUNE), and weakening / or we might feel vulnerable (CHIRON).
Our individual (which is of course an illusion) identity that experiences him / herself separate, yet has a need to feel connected.
Where to turn?
How to turn connectedness on?


The last 1 1/2 years of the South Node in PISCES and the North Node in VIRGO (Fall 2015 – Spring 2017) showed us how important it is to discern what to immerse ourselves into, and how to find healthy (re)alignment in ourselves – the body is a temple – what do you allow to come in? What are healthy alignment practices and rituals to keep us in integrity, AND connected?

Yoga has become a big phenomenon, and a lot of people turned to a spectrum spiritual (PI) practices (VIR) – all showing the way (SAG) to / AS the ONE (PI).


So, what’s with codependency?

PISCEAN energy is about connection.
It’s a transpersonal, universal energy though. When ‘drawn into’ inter-personal realms, there can be a need to connect into a no-boundary / ‘endless’ state with someone that’s quite unhealthy, and doesn’t allow for breathing space or closure, often based on various early life experiences (often neglect, confusing bonding, or overwhelm / abuse) that the PISCEAN ‘person’ unconsciously tries to compensate for, to ‘get the loving connection’, yet s/he might re-attract similar situations as s/he looks for love at the wrong places with the same vibration.

A while ago, I saw a video based on the experiences and teachings of Gabor Mate that showed how addiction is a misdirected need for connection (both so Piscean!).
In German, the words for seeking (Suche) and addiction (Sucht) have the same root.
“Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”.

Our Piscean Age that humanity is just about to outgrow has compounded such patterns and tendencies with, simplistically put, the classic co-dependent triad of victim – perpetrator – martyr / saviour.
Always good to check in and be self-aware (VIRGO) which role/s (maybe two at once) we might play in a difficult situation – and release it.


YinYang Infinite

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom: Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

Pisces and the Paradox

With PISCES, the approach is paradoxical (“Let go, relax, and it comes to you, you can’t ‘get’ it… (LOVE?) what you already have or rather: are….”), and transpersonal (“Don’t take it personally!” Is that possible?)

I’m sure there’ll be more downloads and releases from NEPTUNE now freshly retrograde in PISCES…
May the Universe-All Love show us: All is connected. May we relax into this, breathe out and let go, and let the inbreath come naturally…


Beware the Agenda, and be FREE!

SATURN and now also LILITH (Feb 13 – Nov 8) in SAG are also regulative Archetypes, showing us that it’s liberating when we don’t get drawn into all the allure and agenda, and stay focused and Heart connected.
A walk outdoors (SAG), literally by the Water, can be wondrous (PI) in itself. And ‘real’ connectedness doesn’t depend on the umbilical cord of the media, nor on substances that take us temporarily into boundless states.

LILITH now (exact June 21) square NEPTUNE creates a dynamic tension between openness, surrender, oneness (NEPTUNE) and being true to ourselves (LILITH), and also what reconciles them: Being in our True Nature and Heart-Field IS connective!

NEPTUNE is a transpersonal planet – actually the ‘higher octave’ of VENUS. In other words, we are personally attracted to and connected with one another via VENUS, while NEPTUNE is about… being connected.

Pied_Piper by Kate Greenaway

Pied Piper by Kate Greenaway

It can be super simple to live in that fluid awareness – as long as we don’t go into the illusion of separateness which the mind, the ego, and other gremlins constantly try to lure us into… – and then some external authorities (SATURN) give us a ‘way out’, a ‘solution’…
Yet we don’t need to follow the inner / outer Pied Pipers showing up in many shapes and forms… incl. the flute of omnipresent media.

  • Does it take extra stimuli (maybe increased dosage) to lose yourself in something ‘bigger’, and drop your sense of separate identity?
  • Can you BE immediately, already in the space that having / doing what such and such…. promises to take you to?
  • Do you already have (access to) the resources / solutions – are they within??? – when someone ‘out there’ lures you to take you to ‘The Promise Land’ 🙂 


What a miraculous mirage!

… that NEPTUNE in its own domain PISCES (2012 – 2026) shows us:
All is fluid, ever changing, yet everything is always here.
There is nothing constant about life, about you, yet something permeates existence. Big paradoxes. Wherever you go, there you are.
Yet where is the Self to be found (let’s contemplate THIS)?

Humanity and all life forms are interconnected. We see that now inevitably on all levels, ecologically, climate wise, via the media, politically, economically, culturally.


Medicine_WheelBlessings for Oneness in Freedom, on this Aboriginal Day Weekend!
Well, again: it’s always Aboriginal Time…

All our Relations, through Time and Space – One Humanity!





© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





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Maha Shivaratri 2017 – Releasing, Surrendering, and Jumping through the Ring of Fire!

23 Feb

Maha Shivaratri is the big yearly festival dedicated Lord Shiva, most revered deity in Hinduism, and ‘patron’ of Yoga, meditation, Union with the Formless.



Lord Shiva


Shivaratri is celebrated in remembrance of “overcoming darkness and ignorance” in life and the world.
In Piscean mode, let’s connect to festivals of yearly Astrology related cycles – if we feel an inner resonance, and receive a benefit! ❤
This year, Feb 24 / 25 is the sacred night (ratri) dedicated to Shiva . It is believed that in this ‘moonless night’ – the night before the New Moon, Lord Shiva performed the dance of destruction and re-creation.

If you are inspired to tune into Shiva energy, esp. as a practicing Yogi/ni you might also be interested in watching the documentary “Naked in Ashes”.



Shiva Nataraja – the Dancing Shiva


And since we are now also in the phase of the Dark Moon – the ‘Crone Moon’ (last days before the New Moon on Feb 26, as the sliver has disappeared in the heavens) it’s time to go inwards, release and surrender to the forces and gifts of life, out of which the natural course of action may arise, with the NEW MOON.

Even more so, since the PISCES NEW MOON will be a ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse with MERCURY and NEPTUNE – releasing fabrications of the mind, and surrendering into the big mystery!
Jumping through the ‘Ring of Fire’!
So much ARIES energy follows – radical renewal!
The newly waxing ‘Shiva’ Sliver MOON will enter fiery ARIES on MoOnday Feb 27 (at 8:52 pm PST, meeting with VENUS, MARS, and URANUS. Time for emergence and energetic new beginnings, after the Piscean ultimate surrender. A breath of Spring, and great time for vibrant new energy to come forth.


More about what’s involved in the cosmic ‘download’ of the Annular Solar Eclipse in PISCES in the next email ASTRO~NEWS, and in the Astro~News Blog.

Come join us tomorrow Fri FEB 24 @ 4:24 pm PST (live in person in Victoria, or via Hangout from anywhere on Planet Earth) for the



Solar Eclipse (Annular)

* Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse

You are welcome to link into our group synergy – where your unique cosmic contributions & connections are lit up, in conscious coherence with the energies of the Eclipse (and with one another)!
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