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* Halloween / Samhain Blessings! Entering the mid SCORPIO ‘Gate of Power’ – the Power of Letting GO!

31 Oct

We are approaching in the Zodiac the Heart of the Scorpion the center of the Fall Season, and Celtic festival of Samhain.

Which is traditionally celebrated on Oct 31 when the ‘Summer’ and harvest time ended. On Nov 1 began a new Celtic calendar year. With large fires, the Celtic people thanked the Sun God for the good harvest, and expelled the evil spirits who wandered around that night. On Oct 31 also those who died in the past year were commemorated. Many believed that the dead returned to their old homes in the night to find warmth and friendship. The lit pumpkins at the door steps or in the windows symbolize skulls with the eternal light of the soul in it. The spirits who had not walked home into the light, wandering at night, scared people, and played tricks on them.

Nov 1 was eventually declared by the Church the Day of All Saints (holy ones), and Nov 2 All Soul’s Day.

‘All Hallows Evening’ or simply ‘Hallows E’en’ became later Halloween.

Even though, mid Scorpio and central Fall are traditionally being celebrated with Halloween / Samhain on Oct 31, the actual centre (15°) of Scorpio is not on Oct 31 but round Nov 7.


 09-10 Fernwood PY 5

No, unfortunately wasn’t me who carved these master pieces…

Pumpkin ‘Legacy’ from the Legendary Fernwood Pumpkin Yard

Vintage photo by Melanie, Oct 2009 🙂


The Scorpionic energy becomes very concentrated in this ‘fixed’ part of mid SCORPIO. Deep, otherwise hidden, psychic material comes out, like ghosts from the past.

Only to be released, with love and compassion…

This year, the mid SCO SUN is in trine with NEPTUNE retro in PI (exact yesterday Oct 30), and in trine with CHIRON retro in PI (exact on Nov 9): Love is Letting Go(d).

Things are not as hard and difficult anymore as under the SATURN in SCO years (Oct 2012 – Sept 2015) which cleared our ‘skeletons in the closet’ – not once and for all, but a lot of stuck energy had to be processed, compliments to SATURN.




Celtic Wheel of the Year with the cardinal Turning Points of the Equinoxes and Solstices, and the fixed ‘Gates of Power’ of Beltane, Lammas, Samhain / Halloween, and Imbolc.

Fear not.

Dive, purge, swim, flow, let go.

Do sacred practice.

To thyself be true.

Blessings for the magical season!

* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon Oct 27: Deep Change Sustains.

27 Oct

* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon Oct 27:

Deep Change Sustains.

 Dia de los Muertos Calavera

Mexican Dia de los Muertos Calavera Altar (from Wiki Commons)


Sabian Symbols:

4° TAURUS: The Pot of Gold…

4° SCORPIO: Devotional Ritual

Can you feel it? Is is real?

We have come through a lot. Time to enjoy (TAURUS) our settling in a new foundation – which has only been possible through the deep change, in the last while.

By ‘last while’ I mean even the fact that we had a 3 year ‘anniversary’ since SATURN entered SCORPIO, on Oct 6, 2012, and catalyzed PLUTO in CAP (they were in ‘mutual reception’ until SATURN left SCO on Sept 17, 2015), initiating for many of us the deepest changes in our lives. Yep, we’re through the SATURN in SCO phase (not to return until 2041, with different overall ‘cosmic matrix’ by then, of course).

The ‘Dia de los Muertos’ celebrations and ceremonies that happen round this time show us about the bridging of Life and Death, and that we owe our life force in physical embodiment to an ancestral lineage. Without their procreation we wouldn’t be here. Very much apropos TAU – SCO: Deep Change Sustains.
Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and acknowledged around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. In 2008 (Melanie: ah, that’s when PLUTO entered CAP) the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.[1]

It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a public holiday. Prior to Spanish colonization in the 16th century, the celebration took place at the beginning of summer. It was moved to October 31, November 1 and November 2 to coincide with the Roman Catholic triduum festival of AllhallowtideAll Saints’ EveAll Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day.[2][3]Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skullsmarigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

The food offerings are another TAUREAN symbol. Yes, now as blood, sweat, and tears, and our old skin have been shed, we are invited to offer something tasty and beautiful (TAU is ruled by VENUS) as a gift to the transformation, as we embrace change and ‘deathing’ as a necessary process in the cycle. Of course, resistance to change, and attachment to keeping what one ‘has’ is the human default response. SCO and TAU are both fixed Zodiac energies that can get attached. The Buddha summed it up, and it’s common sense yet keeps ‘biting’ us: Attachment leads to suffering. I.e. attachment out of desire and wanting what we don’t ‘have’, or trying to get rid of the unwanted. Welcome to the human condition….

The ‘simple’ but not always easy response to that is: Everything is impermanent, and changes all the time. How and where are we invited to embrace the change?


Buddha Blessings

This Full Moon, with the MOON in TAURUS and the SUN in SCORPIO is the opposite mirror image of the WESAK MOON in May that celebrates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing, when the SUN is in TAURUS and the MOON is in SCORPIO.

The WESAK Moon reminds us that despite everything is bursting with life in TAUREAN Spring, enticing the senses, and evoking pleasure, and enjoyment, nothing will be permanent (even though TAURUS would love that). This TAU – SCO Full Moon invites us to find joy and stability (esp. after all the changes) without getting attached to what we ‘have (built)’.

And what does the Full Moon chart look like???

TAU - SCO FM 2015

More than the TAU MOON – SCO SUN Opposition going on there, plus the MOON receives a Yod, and turns into a focal point.

Interesting also that at the exact time of the Full Moon (5:05 am PDT today Oct 27) from the West Coast perspective, the SCO SUN will be in the 2nd house (which is ruled by TAU), and the MOON in TAU will be in the 8th house (which is ruled by SCO):

Let’s own (2nd house) the consciousness of transformation (SCO SUN).

Let’s find the stability and life sustenance (TAU MOON) in and through deep processes (8th house).

Something rare:

The Full Moon in TAU is the apex point of a Yod (elongated green triangle pointing to the MOON which signifies a quest, a ‘dowsing rod’, a ‘compass needle’, pointing in a direction that’s searched, walked towards, like a pilgrimage, or a treasure to be found. Yes, we are called to turn into that direction where early TAU is in our charts, and orient ourselves towards stability through something that gives security in our physical embodiment – without getting attached. More like ‘just feeling good in our skin’.

See: there is not ‘just’ the SUN – MOON opposition in the Full Moon ‘matrix’ but also still a strong polarity from VIRGO (JUPITER, VENUS, MARS) to CHIRON in PISCES (which slowly disintegrates).

So we are called to bridge and balance the two apparent opposites of organizing things, and finding solutions to problems in VIR fashion, and allowing things to come together or show us their interconnectedness (PI). When we are in flow and connected the ‘job’ gets done much easier.

VENUS in VIR just connected with JUPITER on Sunday (Oct 25), opposes CHIRON in PI today Oct 27, just two hours after the Full Moon, and will meet (and pass) MARS on Nov 2.

Let the inner ‘High Priestess’ (VENUS / JUPITER in VIR) perform intentional acts (MARS) of service, and BE the blessing that heals.


The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree (3°44’ TAU) says:



Voyager Tarot XIV ART, Crystal Activated

Photo by Melanie


Keynote: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

In Genesis, the rainbow is the symbol of the Covenant of God with Noah. In all mythologies it expresses, in one way or another, a linking process – or the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals. What the linking process brings to the individual consciousness is elusive, as the rainbow never ends where you are, yet it is the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth. All wealth, in a real sense, comes from ‘commerce’, i.e. from the commingling  of minds and from contracts, and thus is based on faith in the validity of a promise.

At this… stage we are given a mode of operation, which reminds us of the symbol “An Electrical Storm”. One need not be overawed by the celestial display of power, for it leads to a fruitful contact with beings of light. This is a natural kind of COMMUNION, involving a transubstantiation of matter.”


Here’s a photo that my friend Tanya Devine took last month in Australia. I saw her synchronous posts last night J Big thanks, Tanya!

Rainbow at Rainbow Corroboree by Tanya

Rainbow at the Rainbow Corroboree, NSW AUS

Wow. I love how the theme of the alchemical gold is shown as the effect of linking with other rainbow spirited light beings. What a beautiful contrast to the conventional Taurean understanding of ‘wealth’, and how Scorpio is implicit, as in: matter is constantly shaped and trans-formed in the alchemy of life.

The symbol also speaks to the VIR – PI dynamic (see chart above), in terms of linking the celestial and earthly nature which brings riches that are intrinsically valuable – VIRGO’s alignment is such a gift in itself and to herself.


Let’s also be inspired by the Sabian Symbol for the SUN degree (3°44’ SCO):


Candlelight Vigil 21st Anniversary Tiananmen Square Beijing

‘Candlelight’ Vigil –

21st Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests in Beijing (1989)



Keynote: The educative power of ceremonies which impress the great images of a culture upon its gathered participants.

A community of human beings is ensouled by a few basic symbols which structure and illustrate the group’s particular culture and way of life. Rituals and social ceremonies of all types (from a baseball game to a religious service in an old cathedral) incorporate these symbol in traditional forms of activity. As they participate in these collective presentations of commonly accepted values and ideals, the minds and feelings of young people are formed by these symbols. They take the values for granted until the day when they chose to assert their own individuality – or their participation in a generation’s revolt – by scorning the traditional rituals, including as well business rituals. Then they may poignantly search for new ones to participate in.

This…symbol pictures for us the method by which a community of feelings is built during the formative years of childhood and adolescence. The zodiacal sign Scorpio is especially related to rituals including the sex rituals which unite the communicants at the root of their beings. In these sex rituals too, THE POWER OF SYMBOLS is evident, above and beyond the mere biological act.”

The Communion at 4° TAURUS is happening on a deeper, visceral level here.

SCORPIO is associated with ‘power, death, sex, transformation’, and ruled by PLUTO.

Brave and fearless souls like the ones who stood up against the Chinese Communist regime in June 1989 (when PLUTO was in SCO, and SATURN, URANUS, and NEPTUNE in CAP) can, rarely by themselves, but powerfully so in an ‘ensouled’ movement, catalyze collective change. A grand, devoted, and transformational ‘ritual’.

SCO Entry with VIR – PI Bridge of Oct / Nov 2015 : Healing Works of Love ~ Unifying Medicine ~ Fulfilling Service

24 Oct

As you see in the ‘SCO Mutability 2015’ chart below – set up for the entry of the SUN into SCO on Oct 23, 2015 at 10:50 am PDT, we also experience presently a strong VIR – PI ‘Opposition’ which will get even more pronounced towards end of Oct.

SCO Mutability 2015

Here are the specific details of the timing and alignments, for your VIR interest:

VENUS (Oct 8 – Nov 8), MARS (Sept 24 – Nov 12), and JUPITER (Aug 11, 2015 – Sept 10, 2016) are all in VIR

NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PI for a longer period, and affect the Collective.

The LUNAR NODES entered PI (South Node) and VIR (North Node) on Oct 10.

They will link up with JUPITER in VIR in Jan / Feb 2016, with CHIRON in PI on March 19, 2016, and with NEPTUNE in PI on Nov 4, 2016:

The VIR planets have been and will continue to oppose the slow moving PI planets in the next while, activating the VIR – PI axis from mid Sept until early Nov:

JUPITER in VIR opposed NEPTUNE in PI on Sept 16, and will oppose CHIRON in PI on Nov 3.

MARS in VIR opposed NEPTUNE in PI on Oct 6, and will oppose CHIRON in PI on Oct 16, and meet up with JUPITER in VIR on Oct 17.

VENUS in VIR has just squared SATURN on Oct 10, and will oppose NEPTUNE on Oct 16, and trines PLUTO on Oct 23.

VENUS in VIR meets JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON in PI on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day).


4 R

Virgo, ruled by Mercury. By Johfra Bosschart



Pisces, ruled by Neptune. By Johfra Bosschart            


Another big shift of the season if not of the year (every 1 ½ years) just happened:
The Lunar Nodes (always going backwards in the Zodiac) crossed from ARIES (South Node) to PISCES, and from LIBRA to VIRGO (North Node) on Oct 10.
We are invited now to bring our sensitivity and connectedness (PI) into alignment and practical service (VIR).The Nodes are all about balance. Replenishing on the PI side of all-connectedness and flow gives us energy to do any work well. When we are connected and loving the work goes so much easier, and healing happens.

The VIR – PI axis is all about…

… from the VIR side (with VENUS – since Oct 8 until Nov 8, MARS – since Sept 24 until Nov 12, and JUPITER – until Sept 10, 2016, and Lunar North Node – since Oct 10 until May 10, 2017) being ‘in our temple’ of alignment with our true, holistic nature, doing our wellness and wholeness practice, and using this precious life time to dedicate our gifts and skills to make the world a better place. In other words, offering sacred service.

VIR is also about digesting experiences, ordering and organizing. In the body, it rules the small intestines.

… from the PI (with Neptune – until 2026, CHIRON – until 2018, and Lunar South Node) being in all-encompassing love and flow, nothing needs to be ‘done’, our ‘job’ is rather to perhaps let our ego and attachment to a certain outcome get out of the way, be open, surrender, be available, allow, hold space, or simply: BE present.

In our embodiment, PI rules the immune system, our aura, energy field, the subtle bodies and chakras (as a field).
Themes for the PI SN – VIR NN are:

  • Random acts of service bring fulfillment.
  • Doing work and being of service, while coming from a place of loving compassion – and skilfulness.
  • Doing what we love, and loving what we do
  • Rather than getting overwhelmed and feeling lost and useless (low vibration of PI SN, linking up with CHIRON and NEPTUNE), where is something practical, healthy, simple we can do that serves others and our own well-being?
  • What would be beneficial practices and techniques (JUPITER / NN in VIR) we could adopt? Something that brings ease and flow (PI)?
  • What can we do to clean up the chaos / mess – while being in the flow of love? Practically speaking: play music while cleaning the closet, and giving away what’s not being used.
  • How can the sensitive and naturally attuned artist and empath in you (PI) bring this gift into something practical (VIR) that helps you and others?
  • God helps those who help themselves. Doing our share, and trusting divine intervention.
  • Love Heals.

The Lunar Nodes were in PI – VIR in these years:
April 1941 – Nov 1942
Dec 1959 – June 1961
July 1978 – Feb 1980
March 1997 – Sept 1988

If you were born in those times, which themes are coming full circle now for you to be released and resourced?

Special Astro~News: Canada’s DAY ONE – Did Justin Arrive Just in Time?

21 Oct

Well, on this historical DAY ONE, I HAD to write a Special Issue of Astro~News…


YES, it’s real and true:

We have a new majority government and a new Prime Minister, since yesterday (Oct 19) evening!

What a surprise – yet so in accord with the Wake-up / Shake-up Renewing URANUS influence now (for the first time in 84 years!!!) in CANADA’s first house:
Canada – Wake up, and Rise up to the Occasion!
Quoting my own interpretation of the Election Activation Transits in the last Astro~News here 🙂

The results of the elections have produced a precedent (also URANUS in ARIES – something new emerges), insofar as we see the son of former PM Pierre Trudeau now stepping into the office. A legacy / dynasty… which shows the PLUTO in CAP effect – transformation and regeneration, from and with the spirit of the ancestors or a lineage.

Justin Trudeau gave an inspiring, intelligent, inclusive, heart centred victory speech last night.

Couldn’t help paying attention to the time when he started: 12:12 am EDT on Oct 20 in Montreal.

Of course, I set up a chart for this epochal moment, in relation to Canada’s chart – showing the transits for Canada at that time. And Justin Trudeau’s chart in relation to the election speech, and to Canada.

Voila – please find my take on it in this ASTRO~NEWS Special Edition: Canada’s DAY ONE!

Suspense, surprise, the unexpected… a thrilling, electrical atmosphere yesterday evening…!
The MOON in CAP post passing PLUTO (12:12 pm PDT) – “I smell change” – was gearing up to square URANUS in ARIES, exact at 9:25 pm PDT / 12:25 am EDT.
URANUS in ARIES was right overhead AND squared by the MOON when newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his  25 min. bi-lingual victory speech in Montreal which started at 12:12 am EDT.

The SUN in LIBRA in the 4th house (unaspected ‘free agent’) marked a memory of the spirit of Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, long term (15 years altogether) Canadian PM (1968 – 1979, and again 1980 – 1984), see

It would have been Pierre Trudeau’s birthday on Oct 18 – the day before the elections. Seems like quite a dynasty / legacy / remembrance theme right there…


J.T. Election Speech

Justin Trudeau Election Speech

Voila, the speech:

The AC was at 6° LEO (exactly on J.T.’s South Node) when he stepped on the podium, and started with invoking a quote “Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways…” (very LEO – SAG) by Liberal leader and PM Wilfried Laurier who was in office for 15 years (1896 – 1911). His portrait is on the $ 5 bill.
Wiki says about him at

“Canada’s first francophone prime minister, Laurier is often considered one of the country’s greatest statesmen. He is well known for his policies of conciliation, expanding Confederation, and compromise between French and English Canada. His vision for Canada was a land of individual liberty and decentralized federalism. He also argued for an English-French partnership in Canada.

“I have had before me as a pillar of fire,” he said, “a policy of true Canadianism, of moderation, of reconciliation.” He passionately defended individual liberty, “Canada is free and freedom is its nationality,” and “Nothing will prevent me from continuing my task of preserving at all cost our civil liberty.” Laurier was also well-regarded for his efforts to establish Canada as an autonomous country within the British Empire, and he supported the continuation of the Empire if it was based on “absolute liberty political and commercial”.

Interestingly, W. Laurier died in 1919, 8 months before Pierre Trudeau was born…

7° LEO marks J.T. South Node on his 12th house cusp – good for him, and all lined up to use his natural confidence and photogenic stage presence. Yet, this ‘golden boy’ who grew up in a privileged environment, always seen by the public eye, is called not to glorify these privileges in a playboy kind of way but to bring them into service for the Canadian and world community, with the North Node / VENUS on the cusp of his 6th house in AQ. Fortunately, he is drawn to that and the world is attracted to this quality in him (VENUS).

J.T. had his 2nd Nodal Return in 2009 when he entered parliament as a member of the Official Opposition

That’s also when PLUTO entered CAP, and approached J.T.’s SUN (exact 2010 / 2011 – when he stepped into political leadership).


Justin Trudeau was born on Dec 25, 1971 at 9:27 pm EST. Here is his birth chart, and his chart in dynamics with the transits of the election speech – marking therefore also his transits:


Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau & Election Speech


Did Justin Arrive Just in Time?

What stands out most about Justin Trudeau’s surprising Emergence as the new Canadian PM is the exact transit of URANUS in ARIES on his MOON, simultaneously with his exact URANUS Opposition (his MOON is at 17° 16’ ARIES, and his URANUS is at 17°57’ LIBRA, and URANUS is presently at 18°10’ ARIES)!

Justin T.’s URANUS is also on Pierre T.’s SUN – a renewal of the spirit of the father?

The North Node, now in late VIR, together with MERCURY and LILITH in early LIBRA, just crossed with the Total Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27 / 28 J.T.’s PLUTO in LIBRA in his 2nd house. A karmic time of opportunity. If he has the capacity to be a catalyst for a regeneration of fairness, justice, balance, all power to him – and the forces of change.

On Oct 10 the North Node entered VIR, J.T.’s rising sign and 1st house. Time to do the work, be reasonable, of service, clean up, bring order into chaos. VENUS, JUPITER, and MARS in VIR in J.T.’s 1st house presently give him an extra charisma boost.

The South Node is now exactly on his MARS in PI in his 8th house. Not so great and loss of energy if he would be drawn into over adapting, trying to be everything to everybody, or riding the energy of the masculine ‘chameleon’. Good to know he’s got ARIES energy next to his MARS pulling him out of this tendency.

His ARIES MOON together with CHIRON, beyond his last degree of PISCES MARS, is quite a heroic placement. Depending on how consciously he uses it.

CHIRON in ARIES is a mini-generational placement for people born in the late sixties to mid-seventies whose ‘healing journey’ initiation is about starting fresh / again, being a hero/ine or pioneer in their own right, taking initiative, and ‘simply’ being themselves. His potential to represent an ARIES precedent, and to be associated with a renewal of spirit, a new Canada perhaps even (the MOON represents in countries the people and collective needs) is being – maybe to his own astonishment – suddenly catalyzed by URANUS (Unexpected Liberal majority).

The MOON in J.T.’s 8th house of marriage and other alliances represents also his wife Sophie Gregoire (* Apr 24, 1975, birth time / chart not published yet but the date tells me she’s got JUPITER in ARIES, otherwise quite ‘earthy’) who showed up very real and raw at election night.

I’m sure we will hear more about her in her new function. A short introduction of her:

And an interesting interview with S.G. from Sunday Oct 18:


 Justin & Sophie Victory Oct 19

Justin & Sophie Oct 19


URANUS in ARIES – in contrast to PLUTO in CAP (which represents the transformation that must happen and which purges the shadow of die-hard structures) says: Sometimes, cathartic events produce quantum shifts, liberation of consciousness, and accelerations of change.

URANUS in ARIES was right overhead Montreal when J.T. held his speech.

The Liberal ‘Real Change Now’ motto points to a simple 3-word expression of URANUS in ARIES square PLUTO in CAP.

PLUTO in CAP is all about deep, substantial and sustainable transformation of leadership, governing structures, and of working with resources.

URANUS in ARIES catalyzes innovation, liberation, and a fresh, new, young spirit of collaboration and future orientation.

URANUS wins now over PLUTO…

Since the last URANUS – PLUTO square in April 2015, URANUS is now ahead, and planetary transits (yesterday the MOON in CAP) ‘hit’ first PLUTO and then URANUS, in other words, the old is being processed and transformed, making room for the new to emerge. Nice sequence, eh? (it was the other way round until April 2015 – new revolutionary action – see Arab Spring, Occupy Movement etc. – emerged but being suppressed / went under again through the power of the old….).

Is new trust in the future Justi-fied, under Justin T. and the Liberal majority government?

A political and personal affinity question, of course.

What does Astrology say about the inspiration, promise, and reality check?

Well, yeah, SATURN in SAG (now ‘established’ there since Sept 17) demands evidence for promises, and calls us to make the vision a reality.

And it looks like, with his NEPTUNE, MERCURY, and JUPITER in SAG (in his 4th house), J.T. can be very visionary, enthusiastic, idealistic, and charismatic in his speech and spirit – some of that inherited from his dad (4th house is related to the father, and Pierre T. had NEPTUNE, JUPITER and the MOON also united in a fire sign, LEO).

Just think of sentence fragments in his election speech, like:” Have faith in yourself and your country!” “We believe in our hearts….” “Being open-minded and optimistic”, “This is Canada. Better is always possible.” “We beat fear with hope….”

SATURN in SAG tests us re: can we achieve what we are aiming for? And also, I say to my clients who are affected by this transit: “It matters where you are going, but it matters just as much if not more where you are coming from. The archer/ess pulls the arrow back to his / her heart before aiming, and releasing it. With the heart at the right place and connected Spirit moves us where we need to go / be.”

J.T. is experiencing SATURN in SAG transiting his NEPTUNE this year (exact Feb – April, and again just now, end of October!). Literally: The hard work of bringing his vision into a form and being a visionary leader – and the effects of that will be shown. Also, since it all happens in his 4th house, relating to home / father: An initiation / threshold, outgrowing and yet being blessed by the charismatic spirit of his dad. Amazing how the elections happened one day after Pierre T.’s birthday, and how his spirit is now very present in Canada.

SATURN on J.T.’s MERCURY (thoughts, communication, mind, speech) and JUPITER (gifts and opportunities) in SAG will be tested, filtered, matured, and re-established in a grounded way in 2016 (MERCURY) and 2017 (JUPITER). This SATURN transit over his SAG planets is only the second one in his life (SATURN has a 29 year cycle).

The SATURN in SAG transit comes for J.T. also as a SATURN opposition!

He has basically a SATURN and a URANUS opposition now. Relatively rare, since he is at age 43 coming up to 44 late with the URANUS opp. (in one’s late 30’s / early 40’s) while just in time with his SATURN opp. (between 43 and 44).

So, yes, his natal SATURN (the only retrograde planet in his chart) is in early GEMINI, on his midheaven!

A big call to grow up from a Gemini like adolescence, and find his inner authority (SATURN retro), supported by perhaps an old connection with dad, yet to step into leadership in his own right.

The time is ripe for that. A SATURN opposition shows what comes to fruition from the seed that was planted under the SATURN Return, but also where we stand now, in relation to that time. At his SATURN return, in the year 2000, Pierre Trudeau died – on Sept 28 when SATURN was stationary on the first degree of GEM – right on Justin Trudeau’s SATURN. He gave at age 28 a eulogy for his father that caught attention.,

Lots of evidence of that SATURN in GEMINI opposed by SATURN in SAG theme in the election speech:

Authentically bi-lingual…

“Quebec is truly returning to the government of Canada(!)”

Committed to diversity. Intending to bring people of different perspectives together.

All in all, yes, he raised the bar with his speech, and the next year will certainly be a testing time for how the ideals can be implemented.


Justin & Canada

Lastly, an illustration of Justin Trudeau’s connection with Canada:


Justin Trudeau & Canada

What stands out is:

  • His ARIES MOON / CHIRON on Canada’s NEPTUNE / AC: A new hero for the country? URANUS transiting Canada’s AC and J.T.’s MOON may use his appearance as a catalyst for breakthroughs (“I am here because you put me here…!” has perhaps a deeper meaning…).
  • His MARS in PI on Canada’s CHIRON, presently transited by the North Node: Releasing the passivity / waiting position.
  • Canada’s MARS on J.T.’s VIRGO AC: Be of service, and step into action!
  • J.T.’s URANUS / LILITH in LIBRA on Canada’s DC: A ‘significant partner’ for the country who may be considered odd, different, or a breath of fresh air, to create new balance.
  • Justin Trudeau’s early CAP SUN (transited by PLUTO in 2009 / 2010) on Canada’s LILITH / midheaven, and opposite Canada’s MOON – SUN / URANUS midpoint: This country needs leadership in true essential integrity, authorities who lead by example (not by position), and who are able to speak to a variety and diversity of people and groups (MOON in GEM). Canada being home to people who maintain or regain their freedom and uniqueness (SUN / URANUS in CAN) requires leadership that respects and supports this unity in diversity.

That’s it for today, we’re only on DAY ONE.

* LIBRA NEW MOON Oct 12 Opposite URANUS retro in ARIES: Authenticity and Balance with All Our Relations

12 Oct

Check out this ‘New Moon’ chart – looks (and feels!) like a Full Moon, with the opposition to URANUS in ARIES – a reverberation and integration of the AR – LI Harvest SuperMoon Eclipse?! Obviously, we’re not ‘done’ with the AR – LI theme…


Libra NM 2015

As you can see, the SUN and MOON union in LI is exactly (only 1° difference) opposite URANUS retro in AR. Planet Earth is now exactly between these two energy activations, and we are called to integrate ‘best of both worlds’ (opposition). All oppositions can in ‘Libra like’ ways be felt as ‘either – or’ dilemmas that call to be synergistically bridged.


URANUS in ARIES has been ‘around’ for a while already, exactly since March 11, 2011 (remember what happened on that very day? Fukushima, from sea quake in the last hours of URANUS in PI to reactor accident when URANUS had entered AR – a major wake-up call for humanity, incl. involving the use of Uranium / Plutonium). Lots of uprising, like Arab Spring and Occupy Movement also happened right at the onset of URANUS in AR.

Humanity is waking up, societally, politically, environmentally, relationally, and we are personally awakening and liberated from the dream, and into the authentic Self.
URANUS will be in AR until March 2019.


Angel_of_Revelation _W.Blake

Angel of Revelation, by William Blake


Where ARIES is in your chart…

…that’s the area of life in and from which you have experienced any or many of the following: shocks, surprises, jolts, the unexpected, unsettled times, complete renewal, freedom from and for…, living radically authentically, wake-up calls, and awakening.

If you have your AC, MC, SUN, MOON, or planets in ARIES get ready to be completely new with, and even free from your identification with these archetypal energies (those of you with early / mid ARIES in their charts know well what I’m pointing to)!

URANUS in AR squared PLUTO in CAP between 2012 and 2015 SEVEN times, as the forces of the new, radical, awake, and revolutionary challenged controlling structures. But also new evolutionary and innovative expressions of ancient traditions with their timeless wisdom, and sustainable ways of working with resources are transforming and reforming the old ‘operations’ from within.


The New Moon in LI activates URANUS retro in AR, via opposition, and is ‘backed up’ by VIR planets:

When you are truly authentic in a liberated way (the aggressive, reactive, ‘survivor and fighter’ shadow side of AR is now being transformed, via the AR South Node Total Lunar Eclipse from Sept 27 / 28) this helps with breakthroughs in / liberation from old relationship issues.

You attract from an authentic and balanced place new and better matches for synergies, cooperation, win-win situations, and partnerships on all levels, as the Universe responds to your powerful vibration of being radically YOU.

Practicing living from our Higher Self receives now a big incentive and energy boost, via VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, and newly also the North Node in VIR, and leads to balance, health, and well matched relationships on all levels.



LIBRA by Johfra Bosschart

Symbolism from several esoteric traditions


Where LIBRA is in your chart…

…that’s the area of life where new seeds are being planted, where a conception happens (the YIN quality of the New Moon), and where you might feel called to set new intentions and take new pro-active steps (the yang quality of the New Moon) for balance.


LIBRA in your…. House: Invite authentic newness and dynamic balance into your…

1st house: Self (as you show up)

2nd house: Security, Belongings, Finances

3rd house: Environment, Learning

4th house: Home / Family

5th house: Play / Creativity / Children

6th house: Lifestyle, Work, Health

7th house: Relationships with significant others

8th house: Involvement and Sharing

9th house: Travel, Teaching, Life Direction

10th house: Purpose

11th house: Social co-creation, Friendships

12th house: Soulful Surrender


If you live at a place significantly distant from your birth place (more than 300 km away) your houses change, and the New Moon also brings Newness into the area of life corresponding to the house where LIBRA is in your relocation chart.


If you have your AC, MC, SUN, MOON, or planets in LIBRA these sides of you move into a new seasonal cycle, asking you to be in well balanced relatedness, while authentic, awake, and free to be YOU (via URANUS in AR opposite).


The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree (19°20’ AR) says:


Moses and 10 Commandments

Moses with the 10 Commandments, by Rembrandt



KEYNOTE: The ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellow human beings.

Here we see at work the constructive use of rather rigid yet effectual sociocultural and religious patterns. The energies of the collective Unconscious are channeled through well-defined, age-old forms and formulas. This implies limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia when confronted with new situations, yet there is beauty and wisdom in such a ritualization of behaviour and of thinking.

At this stage, the relation of the individual to his community and beyond it, the universe – is seen in stabilized and effective operation. INHERITED WISDOM can be focused through a person who accepts its limitations.”

Looks like this symbol, technically for the New Moon in LIBRA, also points us to PLUTO now stationary in CAP: working with and living from the simple essence of ancestral wisdom and traditions, for the highest good – natural laws that our inner ultimate authority / soul / conscience know.

BE the Spiritual Authority in your life that knows about Balance and Right Relationship with All Our Relations.


And the Sabian Symbol for the URANUS degree (18°28’ AR – going further retro until 17°46’ AR this month) says:




KEYNOTE: A constructive alternation of activity and rest.

The symbol refers to the ability to balance outer vitalistic activity and withdrawal from such activity and relaxation. The owner of the hammock is active, but in his / her consciousness s/he can hold the image of rest in the midst of reenergizing nature. The concept of following the rat race of business therefore has no hold. Potency may be preserved and extremes avoided. Time is found for recuperation.

This is a third stage (here: 3rd decanate of Aries) symbol which suggests a middle path between total involvement in instinctual or social drives, and withdrawal in impotent silence and narcissism – thus LIVING RHYTHMICALLY.”

What a wonderful symbol of pro-active balance, following natural rhythms. In itself very much ARIES – LIBRA.


And a good symbol for the spirit of Thanksgiving – not as a once a year ‘to be observed holiday’ (which can turn into more busy ‘production’) but as an inbuilt spirit into our every-days as holy / wholeness days with healthy balance and an attitude of gratitude.


* The LUNAR NODES enter PISCES (SN) and VIRGO (NN) on Oct 10: Healing Works of Love ~ Unifying Medicine ~ Fulfilling Service

10 Oct

The Lunar Nodes will go into PI (South Node) – VIR (North Node) from Oct 10, 2015 – May 10, 2017.

Presently there is a lot of archetypal activation in VIR (VENUS since Oct 8, MARS until Nov 15, and JUPITER. The North Node will be met by all 3 planets (MARS / VENUS early Nov. and JUPITER in Jan / Feb 2016). The South Node in PI will link up with  CHIRON (March 19, 2016) and NEPTUNE in PI (Nov 4, 2016).

Another big shift of the season if not of the year (every 1 ½ years):
The Lunar Nodes (always going backwards in the Zodiac) cross from ARIES (South Node) to PISCES, and from LIBRA to VIRGO (North Node) on Oct 10.

Have we gotten out of balance with natural rhythms? Do you have a sense of overwhelm and chaos? Our sensitivity and sense of  oneness with all life (PI) can on a personal level feel quite overwhelming .
Its time now to do practical things to make the world a better place, clean up, take care of the environment, resolve problems, and do it all in an attitude of service that gives so much back. Is our work in alignment with who we are?

The Nodal axis is about balance. Replenishing on the PI side of all-connectedness, empathy, loving unity and flow gives us energy to do any work well. When we are connected and loving the work goes so much easier, and healing happens for everyone involved.

The VIR – PI axis is all about…

… from the VIR side: Being ‘in our temple’ of alignment with our true, holistic nature, doing our work and practice that supports wellness and wholeness, and using this precious life time to dedicate our gifts and skills to make the world a better place. In other words, offering sacred service.

Harvest Field

VIR is also about digesting experiences, ordering and organizing. In the body, it rules the small intestines.


… from the PI side: Being in all-encompassing love and flow, nothing needs to be ‘done’, our ‘job’ is rather to perhaps get our ego and attachment to a certain outcome out of the way, be open, surrender, be available, allow, hold space, or simply: BE present.


In our embodiment, PI rules the immune system, our aura, energy field, the subtle bodies and chakras (as a field).
Themes for the PI SN – VIR NN are:

  • Random acts of service bring fulfillment.
  • Doing work and being of service, while coming from a place of loving compassion – and skillfulness.
  • Doing what we love, and loving what we do
  • Rather than getting overwhelmed and feeling lost and useless (low vibration of PI SN, linking up with Chiron and Neptune), where is something practical, healthy, simple we can do that serves others and our own well-being?
  • What would be beneficial practices and techniques (Jupiter / NN in VIR) we could adopt? Something that brings ease and flow (PI)?
  • What can we do to clean up the chaos / mess – while being in the flow of love? Practically speaking: play music while cleaning the closet, and giving away what’s not being used.
  • How can the sensitive and naturally attuned artist and empath in you (PI) bring this gift into something practical (VIR) that helps you and others?
  • God helps those who help themselves. Doing our share, and trusting divine intervention
  • Love Heals.

The Lunar Nodes were in PI – VIR in these years:
April 1941 – Nov 1942
Dec 1959 – June 1961
July 1978 – Feb 1980
March 1997 – Sept 1988

If you were born in those times, which themes are coming full circle now for you to be released and resourced?

* VENUS crosses the ‘SPHINX Point’, and enters VIRGO on Oct 8 :: Inner Sacred Feminine in the Temple of Wholeness, Relax, Receive, and Reconnect!

8 Oct

VENUS crosses the ‘Sphinx Point’, and enters VIRGO on Oct 8 for a journey in the sign of the Sacred Feminine until Nov 8.

VENUS is about to square (can you feel it already?) SATURN in SAG on Oct 10, and oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI on Oct 16. Later on this month, VENUS will go into trine alignment in Earth signs  with PLUTO on Oct 23, meet JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON  retro in PI on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day).

The grand finale of VENUS’ journey in VIRGO land will be ‘her’ conjunction with MARS (they were already together, in LEO, on Aug 31) on Nov 2.


4 R

Johfra Bosschart: Virgo, ruled by Mercury


Inner Sacred Feminine in the Temple of Wholeness, Relax, Receive, and Reconnect!

Get ready to bode VENUS farewell in LEO where ‘she’ has been for an unusually long time this Summer and early Fall, due to her retrograde journey (July 25 – Sept 6), almost entirely in LEO. What an extended and generous – too hot and fiery in the forests and in the land! – Summer 2015 it’s been! I trust your inner journey has shown what brings you true joy, from the inside out.



VENUS will re-visit the Sphinx Point from LEO to VIRGO on Oct 8 – where ‘she’ already hovered from July 18 – 31, and from which ‘she’ went retrograde on July 25. Remember?

After the retro phase that completes its shadow phase just now (yep, the shadow takes until VENUS goes in forward motion to the place from which ‘she’ went retro before) the ‘RE-newed VENUS’ enters VIRGO on Oct 8 to travel fully through this energy of initiation, purity, alignment, practice, service – and these qualities come now from our intrinsic value/s.

Have you RE-visited old stories of being too dependent on and oriented towards how others respond to you, where you have been strategizing your relatedness, under VENUS retro? The new VENUS (in her Morning Star glory) attracts from her intrinsic values, and the VIR side shows us that we don’t ‘need’ private one-on-one relationships because we feel incomplete or ‘not good enough’ without them. What matters primarily is our wholeness, in alignment with spirit and soul. We offer our skills and service from that place. ‘Work relationships’ in this sense are fulfilling. The LIBRAN dance with another may follow.
VENUS on the ‘Sphinx Point’ again – yet anew now – initiates us into self-awareness and service.

A time for RE-flection, indeed, also under MERCURY now in retro storm (going direct on Oct 9), in LIBRA (until Nov 1) which is ruled by VENUS.
VENUS in VIR (ruled by Mercury) and MERCURY in LIBRA, both travelling about the same speed, one sign from each other, and they will be in ‘mutual reception’ (in each others’ ruled signs) that creates an ‘infinite loop’ and energetic focal point.
Which can be a good thing, as we enjoy getting things done, cleared and organized, and drawn to develop healthy, productive habits (VENUS in VIR), and engage our mind in reciprocity and mutuality (MERCURY in LI) – in other words, we don’t have to do it all ourselves (VIR is so self contained – partially out of integrity, partially out of perfectionism, or even angst), yay!
VENUS in VIR and MERCURY in LI in combination are not the best team to be blunt, direct, and assertive. Diplomacy and cautious, considerate negotiation and coordination with others are rather their signature. Which is an art and virtue, but can be also an obstacle when it comes to pro-actively stepping forward. Who’s making the first move?

Good thing that both of these planetary energies are now REnewed, and ‘Morning Stars’, AFTER the VENUS RETRO phase and the MERCURY RETRO phase, and can be accessed more ‘from the inside out’ and Self directed:
With VENUS post-retro, we can more fully value ourselves and attract from there, yet also know that what we attract is a reflection of aspects (incl. projected shadow aspects) of ourselves.
VENUS, only 2 days into VIRGO will on 10 / 10 square SATURN in SAG which helps us see that shadow projection too.

You may say: VENUS is considered ‘in Fall’ in VIR (‘she’ is exalted in PI) – what’s with that?
This too only illustrates and warns us of the shadow and ‘low grade’ VENUS in VIR: Pleasing because of inner inadequacy, self-critical tendencies, and a need to fabricate perfection. After the VENUS retro phase there is a much better chance to not buy into those old stories and conditioning anymore, and rather value one’s wholistic inner sacred Feminine.

Our work and practice is our temple, and so is our body. Let’s treat them with reverence, and begin every day and every new act of service as if we entered a sacred space.

VIRGO’s journey has to do with alignment of the human self with cosmic consciousness, through awareness, spiritual practice, and acts of service.

The MOON – esoteric ruler of VIRGO – Sacred Feminine / Priestess / Virgin / Mother Mary, and Harvest Goddesses /– welcomes VENUS on Oct 8.

All of us are called to do our sacred work and practice, in this Body-Temple and Temple of the Here-Now. And to harvest its fruits, in inner fulfillment.


Saturn Pop

On Oct 10, right after entering VIR, VENUS squares SATURN – for the 3rd and last time since ‘her’ retro phase (also on July 13 in pre-retro, and in retro on Aug 5).

Having gone through the VENUS retro phase of RE-connecting with intrinsic values and healthy self-love, it is much easier and we are clearer when it comes to discerning what serves and is healthy (VIR) and saying NO (SATURN) to certain offers and directions (SAG) so that we can say YES to others that we are aligned with (VIR). When such a challenge arises that feels like a rejection / limitation ask yourself: What’s the initiation here? It might feel like a test – but hey, be the tester too!



VENUS will oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI on Oct 16 – not really a ‘challenging’ transit aspect. More a dilemma between (VENUS in VIR) our love for ‘doing the work’, and receiving, surrendering, relaxing, just being (NEPTUNE in PI). NEPTUNE is also the ‘higher octave’ of VENUS, transpersonal and universal loving-beingness. So let’s allow it to reach us, and allow ourselves to reach others and meet life from this space. Working in the ‘field’ (as in: quantum field), and helping from a loving place where energy streams is a beautiful way of being with this tension.


Pluto Heartjpg

On Oct 23, VENUS in VIR will go into trine with PLUTO in CAP, a stabilizing effect, esp. for relationships and work projects that have integrity.


Jupiter Eye

VENUS in VIR meets JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day). Yes, this will be also the signature of the Full Moon in TAU – SCO on Oct 27. Doing the work, being of service, and doing the ‘little things well’ can be very fulfilling. Let us be grateful (JUPITER) for our health and well-being that allows us to be available, to offer our presence, and to be where help is needed.

The VENUS / JUPITER in VIR – NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PI bridge is also loosely linked up with the new Nodal Axis theme, of Lunar South Node in PI and Lunar North Node in VIR, from Oct 10 on.
More about the NODAL SHIFT in the next ASTRO~NEWS Blog.


Hubble Mars

Finally, at the very end of her journey through VIR, VENUS has a ‘date’ with MARS, on Nov 2. Not the first one this round (usually once a year), mind you, since both planets already united on Aug 31 in LEO, while VENUS was still retro which could have evoked drama, passion, the need to be seen and loved, and how that is projected outward and onto us. Did we engage in the outer world / with others, or take time for reflection in that regard? Maybe both. We know more now, are more seasoned and down-to-Earth again, which can support unions and creative endeavours that are more healthy and functional, and where we come from a place of integrity and inner wholeness.

Blessings for the month with VENUS in VIRGO!
May the inner Priestess-in-wholeness be our muse and mentor.



* Transit Activations for CANADA’s Federal Elections Oct 19, 2015

4 Oct

I set up the Election Day chart up for the minute on Oct 19 when the CAP MOON meets PLUTO = 3:12 pm EDT in Ottawa.

This Synastry chart is an overlay of the Election day chart with Canada’s Confederation birthday midnight chart from July 1, 1867.


Canada Fed. Elections Synastry

A few striking features:

:: URANUS, now in ARIES, has just crossed (every 84 years!) Canada’s NEPTUNE / AC in AR:
Wake UP – Rise UP to the Occasion, Canada!

:: The LI NEW MOON (Oct 12) in Canada’s 7th house opposing URANUS in its 1st: Renewal requires cooperation / coalition. And for the voters the apparent dilemma comes up: Do I vote for what I truly want (AR), or do I vote strategically (LI)? Can both be combined?

:: MOON in CAP (remember the CAP – CAN Full Moon on July 1 this year?! – Moon in CAP again on Election Day!) RE-activates PLUTO in CAP opposing Canada’s SUN / URANUS in CAN, and Canada’s NEPTUNE in AR! A critical, crucial, cardinal choice for RE-structuring and RE-generating the country, in integrity, sustainability, and respect for natural resources. What is the wisest choice for the best long term effect, and brings Canada back to a position of modeling values-in-action to the world?

MOON / PLUTO in CAP: Will women in leadership and timeless essential ways of living be empowered to make a difference? Will the needs of the people and the respect of nature turn the ship around?

:: SATURN in early SAG on Canada’s 8th house cusp, just coming out of Canada’s SATURN return in mid SCO (which was in 2013 / 14) in its 7th house: We can SEE and understand better more than a few things clearer now, after a process around control, repression, hiding, covering, and change – not necessarily for the better, via ‘significant others’ relating to the country? Where does the transformational journey with an inspiring, mature leadership have to go now?

:: NEPTUNE in PI on Canada’s JUPITER (every 165 years!), and CHIRON return (every 50 years, coming up in Spring 2016, and 2017) in PI, both in Canada’s 12th house: Water is everywhere… yet, we are NOT an island, and our natural bounty that just IS there is not up for abuse and selling-out. We are all in this together. What’s good for Canada is good for the Planet, and vice versa.

:: Nodal Return, with SN in PI in Canada’s 12th, and NN in VIR in Canada’s 6th house (every 18 ½ years, building up to it now, will be exact in May 2016), activated at the elections also via…

:: VENUS, MARS, JUPITER on Canada’s North Node in VIRGO: Let’s release carelessness, passivity, and / or being paralyzed in the victim-perpetrator-martyr triad. What’s the most practical thing to do? What needs to be cleaned up? Rather than ‘going under’ in the mess, and allowing more poisoning and loss of nature and species, how about more new clean solutions?

I leave it with this. And trust you make a well informed, responsible choice! 🙂