LILITH into LIBRA (Aug 26, 2015 – May 21, 2016) :: In Authentic Relationship – with and as Your True Nature!

24 Aug

 LILITH enters LIBRA (Aug 26, until May 21, 2016) :

In Authentic Relationship – with and as Your True Nature!

Marry Your Inner(!) Soulmate!


Sumerian Winged Lilith, ‘Queen of the Beasts’, with her Lions and Owls ‘Entourage’

LILITH, the Archetype of the ‘Wild Woman’, or rather ‘Unconditioned Nature’ enters relational LIBRA on Aug 26, for 9 months. LILITH has a 9-year cycle, and hasn’t been in LIBRA since Oct 2006 – July 2007.

Interesting that LILITH travels 9 month in one sign – a pregnancy phase to cultivate those qualities in one’s true nature. And by the way, ‘she’ never goes retro.

If you have a LIBRA side in you (and even if you don’t), you are likely, probably, perhaps (gotta be diplomatic here for starters…) noticing a stirring up of your ‘wildness’ when it comes to relationships, and to being ‘polite’ and ‘considerate’.

For LILITH in LIBRA ‘pleasing’ and compromising is not in her vocabulary. She is fierce about equality. And she chooses from her inner true nature.


LILITH in LIBRA very much relates to her original mythology which goes back to Sumerian and Hebraic creation stories:

She was considered the first man’s (Adam’s) wild and instinctual female consort who animated his sexual longings and claimed equality with him, “because we were created from the same earth”. When he wanted to dominate her, she left him and chose loneliness and exile rather than subjugation. As ‘punishment’ for her rebellious act against the masculine, Lilith was in patriarchal societies regarded as a personification of the ‘feminine evil’, a demoness and ‘vamp’ that attracts and then devours male energy, the raging, ‘out-of- mind’, uncontrollable feminine, the uncivilized woman who cohabits with men at her own will. The witch in her role as devil’s consort and the temptress and bitch / prostitute are some of the prominent dark Lilith archetypes and (particularly male) fantasies and projections.


Psychologically, Lilith brings up deep and primal instincts like unbound sexual power, repressed feelings of rejection and rage, and refusal to submit. In a ‘Lilith state’, we are very irrational and ‘imbalanced’ to say the least, but sometimes it seems as if that’s what it takes to bring out deeper truth.

Peri-menstrual times, and the peri-menopausal time in our lives can guide us women to Lilith’s realm. It’s so important to acknowledge themes that come up there, and find a safe, creative and transformational outlet.


The association with the ‘Black Moon’ which some astrologers refer to, with calculations round the Moon’s shadow is symbolic and psychological: In mythology, Lilith got enraged about the ‘diminishment of the Moon’, in other words, about the treatment and own self-understanding of the feminine as secondary and inferior: As ‘Moon’, lots of women have been expected to merely reflect back the sunlight of the creative, Sun-like masculine. Lilith claims equality for the feminine both for herself, and for her ‘Moon sisters’. Very Libran…
Like the feminist who asserts equality also on behalf of their home and family bound woman ‘sisters’. Therefore, the ‘Black Moon’ speaks of the alliance of Lilith and Moon.

It’s always interesting to look at the relationship between Lilith and the Moon (and also Venus) in one’s birth chart, to find out more about the dynamic of the inner ‘feminine trinity’, in women as well as in men (as their ‘animas’).

Men often tend to avoid going to these muddy emotional (esp. Lilith and Moon) places; they let women ‘specialize’ on that, and rather stay ‘cool’ and ‘in control’. Thereby, they perpetuate a projection of the demonic dark feminine onto ‘women out there’, while an aspect of their own inner feminine (the ‘anima’ ) cries for acknowledgment and integration. I encourage men to deeply explore what brings out their ‘inner Lilith’. The good news is that society evolves, and evolutionary men access, acknowledge, and work with their Inner Feminine in so many ways now.


LILITH, the Wild Woman Archetype

…often shown as half woman, half (power) animal, represents in Women and Men the inner Feminine (Anima) who cannot be defined and confined by patriarchy and its gender expectations of what a woman is ‘supposed to be’ (attractive to men in her Venusian side, or a nurturing mother in a Moon Archetype sense).

Lilith is indomitable and undomesticable, and would rather be in ‘exile’ in nature, or in her own nature than subjugated by a masculine and patriarchal culture. Scorned as ‘bitch’ or ‘witch’, her power is feared by those (women and men) who would prefer the feminine to be ‘safe’ and ‘nice’, rather than being powerfully allied with nature.

The INNER LILITH in our charts shows us in which areas we can connect with (our) primal nature, in what ways that very ‘raw beast’ needs to be acknowledged, and how this access to instinctual power that can be used creatively. A well-integrated Lilith in women and men brings us closer to our ‘animal instincts’ with their gut intelligence and natural way of ‘smelling’ a situation.

LILITH transitions or life style choices (Choices are such a LIBRA theme…) are up when we decide to leave a relationship or a work place that threatens to suffocate or humiliate our feminine spirit and integrity, and choose freedom (with the price tag attached), when we raise our children as single moms, choose not to be a mom, choose not to entertain a ‘conventional’ relationship, or in general decide to live in accordance with nature, rather than in an alienating culture that suppresses spirit.

A book that captures the Lilith Archetype and her stories masterfully is Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run With the Wolves.


LILITH in your chart and in LIBRA

…shows where YOU need to be in tune with your natural power, which areas of life bring that out (money, children, relationships, travel, career…), and in what way (as reflected in your Lilith sign, and aspects to other planets).

So give the inner LIBRA-ted LILITH a good outlet in the next 9 months, and marry your inner Self Soulmate.

On a spiritual level, the ‘Call of the Wild’ for LILITH in LIBRA is to find the unconditioned nature of the Self in relationship with and mirrored by All-that-IS.

If you have Sun, Moon, AC, or planets in LIBRA, and for all of us, where LIBRA is in our charts, this is the 9-month ‘pregnancy’ phase to cultivate being naturally in harmony with our True Self, and make wise, ‘organic’ choices from there!


Would you like to co-explore LILITH in LIBRA with us?

Come join us in our intentional Astro circle on THU Aug 27 – the first day of Lilith in Libra! (the group this evening is already full)

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