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~ Equinox & Libra New Moon 2014: Balance your Life & Live in Balance! ~

24 Sep

Ahhh, what an auspicious time to start my ASTRO~NEWS Blog,
with the Equinox New Moon (Fall / Spring Equinox that is, depending on which hemisphere you’re at on our blue Planet), on the Balance Point / Design Point of the Zodiac, where Virgo’s perfection meets a match, and where the useful (Virgo) and the aesthetic (Libra) meet.

I’d like to give you here also a sample and a flavour of my email ASTRO~NEWS which I send out before every New Moon and Full Moon, and which cover more ‘cosmic ground’, and also informs you about upcoming workshops, courses, offers, and events.
To be honest, didn’t even know until tonight that I would start the WordPress Blog.
Life is an adventure, esp. when one has Aries factors in the chart that are activated by Uranus these years… ūüôā
And isn’t there Jupiter in Leo in trine with Uranus this week, tomorrow in fact!? How fun to reach out and experiment!
So, voila! Enjoy!

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Johfra Boschart: Libra,¬†with abundant esoteric symbolism. You’ll love the descriptions here:¬†

Balance… is a big theme at this seasonal time of year, and also for¬†what is coming to fruition now energetically and karmically (I’m talking about the North Node in Libra, and the upcoming Eclipses in October): The call for brave action to restore Balance and right Relatedness (Libra – Aries Eclipses)!

Back to the news of the week:
The Sun crossed from Virgo to Libra¬†on¬†Monday Sept 22 at 7:29 pm PDT, where¬†‘Perfect Balance’¬†resides:

On Sept 22 and 23, the days and nights were exactly equally long in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, with the Sun exactly above the Equator. Not only that Рon the Equinoxes, we experience the same 50:50 daylight / night time hours everywhere on Planet Earth!

Equi-nox literally means in Latin: Equal night.

Now we are are¬†moving from the expressive¬†‘Realm of the Sun’¬†– Spring and Summer in the Northern hemisphere when day¬†light is longer than the¬†night time¬†to the rather introspective¬†‘Realm of the Moon’¬†– Fall and Winter, when night hours are longer than day light.

On this sacred Balance Point, we are celebrating one of the Four Solar Turning Points of the Year: Autumnal Equinox, a.k.a. Mabon.

In the Medicine Wheel it is related to the West, the place of the Setting Sun.

Which corresponds with Libra in the Zodiac, the energy we are moving into now with the Fall Equinox. Libra rules in the horoscope the 7th house above the Western horizon Рthe astrological field related to one-on-one relationships with significant others in our lives.


Celtic Wheel of the Year,

with Mabon – Fall Equinox – related to the West.

I participated at a sacred Solstice Ceremony yesterday where a Despacho (gift of gratitude, and relatedness with all our relations) was offered to Pachamama (Mother Earth), and it was co-created facing West under the setting Sun.

Thank you Andrea, and your work with Harmonyscapes!

In the Southern hemisphere, Spring returns.

Happy Spring Equinox, dear friends in the Southern Lands of Planet Earth!

The EQUINOX BALANCE POINT in the cycle between Earth and Sun not only shows us how light and darkness are in perfect balance – for a moment in time within a cosmic cycle.

It also reminds us of the importance of Balance in our human personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal world.

YinYang Infinite

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom:

Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.
How balanced are you, when it comes to…
Your inner Masculine – your inner Feminine?
Left brain – right brain engagement?
Activity – rest & regeneration?
Pursuing and creating – magnetically attracting?
Giving – receiving?

What it means to live a balanced life is different for everyone. Pluto in Capricorn on the turnaround StillPoint this Equinox says, it’s your call, no more giving power away to outer authority. Just know how YOU operate best, and live accordingly.

Wherever Libra is in your chart (whichever astrological house/s it’s in) that’s the area in life where you realize the importance of balance – and where you have a karmic opportunity to learn about your themes around balance, harmony, fairness, right relationship, and also where you experience dilemmas, and feel the need to make important choices.
1st house: Balance in yourself, right relationship with yourself.
3rd house: Living in harmony with your environment.
6th house: Working with themes of fairness, beauty, harmony. Work style – lifestyle choices.
9th house: How can travelling bring more balance in your life? Is it hard to balance travel with….?

And that’s also where in our charts and lives the Libra New Moon started a new cycle last night (11:14 pm PDT, to be exact)!

By the way, have you noticed?

All the New Moons this Summer were also at the beginning of a Zodiac sign Рdouble newness:

June 27: early Cancer;

July 25: early Leo (with Jupiter – so potent!);

August 25: early Virgo (near the Sphinx Point, with Mars / Saturn).

For the rest of the year 2014, the following 4 New Moons will be even RIGHT on the cusp and at the very first degree of each Zodiac sign:

Sept 23 / 24: 1¬į08′ Libra

October 23: 0¬į15′ Scorpio (Partial Solar Eclipse, and with Venus)

November 22: 0¬į07 Sag (with Saturn and Venus nearby)

December 21: 0¬į06 Capricorn (the day of the Winter Solstice – which will be exactly 2 1/2 hrs before).

A fascinating sequence. Newness is written all over it.

THIS New Moon right after the Fall Equinox opens a¬†new chapter to rebalance what’s out of balance, and¬†a new¬†portal for relatedness in synergy¬†where the whole is so much more than the sum of¬†its parts. We are invited to find a well-fitting match, especially in the area of our life related to the Libra cusp in our lives.


7th house: Meeting partners, privately, professionally, or otherwise significantly 1-on-1 in a new way, starting a fresh way of relating.

1st house: Be your own best / new partner, and start from there.

4th house: New relationship with family, past, and origin.

But really: Libra is about relatedness and dance-in-balance with all our relations, partners, family, animal and plant realm, and: Planet Earth.

What a timely timing for the huge Climate March of the People in New York City, and for the Climate Summit: How can Balance and Right Relationship with Mother Earth be restored?
Pluto in Capricorn, now direct again since…. 2 hours(!) before the Equinox on Sept 22, points us to¬†GROUNDED CHANGES from the CORE.

More about that in my next ASTRO~NEWS Blog.

© Melanie Lichtinger 2014