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21 Jun


Celtic Wheel of the Year: With Litha / Summer Solstice

We are celebrating the longest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (as the Sun has reached the Tropic of Cancer) – one of the four sacred turning points of the year (Summer and Winter Solstice, and Spring and Fall Equinox). Solstice means ‘Standstill of the Sun’.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Apparently, from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun has reached its maximum range of the Ecliptic, and is now overhead the Tropic of Cancer, ‘producing’ the longest day time hours, before ‘receding’.

And if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the ‘arch’ of the Sun is the smallest and lowest now, reaching Winter Solstice. (Your Summer Solstice is when, through the Earth tilt, the Sun is overhead the Tropic of Capricorn – longest days for you guys and gals).

Happy Winter Solstice, dear reader in the Southern Hemisphere, esp. Australia and South Africa!

Back to our ‘Northern turf’:

As you can see in, we are actually 2 weeks in Solstice mode: 16 hrs and 04 – 06 min of day time in Victoria BC, culminating on June 20 / 21, with 16 hrs and 06 min. and 40 sec., the absolute maximum of the year. June 21 will be 7 hours and 48 minutes longer than the Winter Solstice (Dec 21)! And next week, the day time will recede very slowwwly.


SOULstice Standstill vibes abound – not ‘just’ through the SUN.


Chartres Labyrinth

Mercury, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune are ALL in stationary mode, and Saturn retro on the ‘Phoenix Point’ just dropped back into Scorpio, on the ‘Phoenix Point’!

In other words, these planets are in the process of changing direction from direct (forward from Earth perspective) to retro (Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune), or from retro to direct (Mercury), and prompt us to turn soulward, and ‘thread ourselves’ with these archetypal human experiences through the ‘eye of the karmic needle’, while Saturn calls us to go into the depth, once again, and the transpersonal, collective energies of Uranus and Pluto are transforming, evolving, and liberating us, through the ‘birth canal of consciousness’.

All these stationary / retro planets end of June are focal points, and their archetypal energy naturally spirals inward / backward – soulward.

We are called go backwards / inwards, for REsolve and RElease, esp. when it comes to low and unconscious vibrations of…

MERCURY in GEM: Mind running the show.

CHIRON in PI: Old shame, vulnerability, and wounds that turn into our ‘shamanic scars’.

URANUS in AR: Old RE-actionary, hectic, survival stress.

NEPTUNE in PI: Old overwhelm, confusion, delusions, deceptions, addictions, ways of ‘checking out’ and giving up.

And SATURN: Old REpetitive patterns, karma, obstacles, limitations, blocks, pain, ‘excess luggage’

…and find inside the more conscious vibrations of:

Mercury (now from retro back in direct, since June 11): Mind as an expression of Consciousness.

Chiron (will go retro on June 24): The ‘wound’ carries the Medicine.

Uranus (will go retro on July 26): Liberation into the vibrant NOW.

Neptune (went retro on June 12): Unity Consciousness, in the Unified Field.

* Mercury in GEM will square stationary Neptune on June 23 – Let Mind drop into the ocean of Oneness.

Super GEMINI NEW MOON on June 16: SO Much to Learn – Tending to the Mind Garden

15 Jun

Yeah, SO much GEM energy rolling in and through these days – check out the NM chart:

GEM NM 2015

The MOON (since this Sunday morning), the SUN – just passed MARS also this morning June14, and MERCURY, freshly out of retro (since June 11) and now moving out of the stationary (very slowly moving in the turnaround loop, from Earth perspective)’storm’ – a re-arrangement for mind, again guided by spirit (the SUN):
Thoughts and speech inspired by the consciousness of The Learner, and of the one who Asks and Inquires (Gemini): What’s new? What can I learn here? And even: Who am I?

The GEM MOON will pass MARS on Tue just an hour before the New Moon – SO much that informs us, SO much to learn!


Soo much to learn and see (inside and out) in Nature – photo from my retreat

You might have noticed over the last months (since Dec 23, 2014) that Saturn in early SAG showed us in contrast how ‘old stories’ and beliefs and the ‘know-it-all’ keep us in place, and lead to judgment and separation. Saturn in SAG would have also pointed to our blind spots. A contrast to the learner quality in GEM. Now, as Saturn drops back into SCO (this eve!) over the Summer (until Sept 17) it becomes more clear where these judgments and experiences of separateness come from, and what the scenarios are that ‘draw us into the dark’ where these judgments may come from that pretend to protect us. Deep clearing, releasing, and lightening of the load we carry from those places can be a good effect of Saturn in SAG. At the end of the day: Been there, done that, …. No more. Released with LOVE.

And what’s with the T-square of Lilith in VI and Chiron in PI to the New Moon / Mars?

If you followed AstroNews, or my posts on the FB Astro page, or even came to the Lilith – Chiron group last Monday – and if you simply tuned in, you might have noticed how being in integrity and aligned with your True Nature (Lilith in VI) and the journey of surrendering, allowing, letting go, or simply BEING (Chiron in PI) go very well together, and there is a lot to learn in this (GEM).

Our last Living Breathing Birth Chart on Friday showed us a lot about just that, so rich and easy – the field and our alignment inform naturally and very precisely. A model for Life. Our next LBBC / Embodied Astrology will be in 5 weeks, on Fri July 17 – all are welcome (no ‘experience’ required). Drop in and see.


Curious what the SABIAN SYMBOL for the New Moon at 25˚07 GEM (next to Mars at 24˚35’ GEM) shows us?



Huge leafy plant at the retreat grounds last week

Keynote: Bringing under control nature’s power of expansion.

The human intellect is like a tropical plant in that it tends to expand ‘wildly’ in many directions, seeking direct contrast with the sun’s rays. Like a palm tree it uses its dead leaves to protect itself against dry heat, the heat of the realm of the mind when deprived of the complementary power of the feelings.
A culture is characterized by specific ‘forms’ and ‘prime symbols’; education’s main object, at least in cultural and classical periods, has been to contain the imagination of individuals within these traditional forms. An entirely different approach to education is being attempted in our transitional age.

At this… stage, we have reached the level of fulfillment of the impulses which began at the first stage (GEM 21), in a tumultuous upsurge of self-assertion and protest against the past. Now this upsurge has found its place in the evolution of humankind and society; and symbolically speaking, ‘labour’ has become not only unionized, but a strong force in the body politic. Yet the energies released seek constant expansion, and therefore have to be controlled. There is need for repeated PRUNING.”

Melanie again (after end of quote):

Many layers to this one – personal, societal, and spiritual. End of Gemini is indeed double Gemini – the human intellectual mind growing wildly into many directions, and even (before the emotional realm of Cancer, first Water sign of the Zodiac) uses its mental capacities and old ‘dead leaves’ / dry intellect for self-protection from the SUN – from the rays of consciousness / spirit. Great symbol. So how can the MARS energy, rather than being the ‘warrior of the ego’, making a case from intellect, being used as a pruning knife. But not the mind-knife. What’s that??? Something to inquire into.

SATURN back into SAG (June 14 – Sept 17): Residual Processing, and Magic Revealed

13 Jun

Don’t miss the MAGIC out of Fear!
It’s true, it’s real:

SATURN now retrograde in SAG, will cross back over the ‘Phoenix Point’ in to SCO this Sunday June 14 (until Sept 17), for Residual Processing that can reveal Magic and bring deep Transformation – if we’re not afraid of the Dark:

Is SATURN squeezing you? Maybe it’s a gift in disguise?
Saturn’s return to SCO might feel like a ‘downer’, but really, it’s an initiation into something magical that you might have been resisting all along. We’re into a Summer of digging up treasures from your dark hiding places.


Human Germination Artist unknown – let me know when you detect him / her

What’s the time line of Saturn in SAG?

Dec 23, 2014: Saturn crossed the ‘Phoenix Point’ from Scorpio to SAG: “Ahhh, coming out of it, now I see….”
March 14, 2015: Saturn went retro: Acknowledging and completing old and told stories and limiting beliefs.
June 14, 2015: Saturn re-enters Scorpio: Back into the transformational clearing ‘cauldron’ for residual release.
Aug 1, 2015: Saturn will go direct again: Time for outer transformation as in: building new foundations.
Sept 18, 2015: Saturn will cross the ‘Phoenix Point’ again, and finally enters SAG: End of limiting beliefs. Manifest the Vision. Intentional Journeys.
Dec 20, 2017: Saturn leaves SAG, crosses the ‘Integrity Point’, and enters CAP (its own domain).

In the process of Saturn going through SAG, until Winter Solstice 2017, we go back and forth between the old and told, and the cleared and renewed Self-expression in true authority and inner wisdom – it’s a journey.
Saturn not only teaches but actually shows us in REAL LIFE that every ending and closing of a door takes us over a threshold, an ‘initiation’, and leads to a new phase, which can be a new chapter, a new structure from which we will be operating, an ‘upgrade’, a freedom from the ‘known’.

If YOU were born from Nov 1985 until Feb 1988, and June – Nov 1988 your Saturn is in SAG, and you will have your 1st Saturn Return, during Saturn’s present journey in SAG:
• A major maturation threshold in life in your late Twenties, to have your act together, as the real adult.
• It may be related to building something, based on your inspiration.
• The shadow elements of hopelessness, lack of focus etc. might come up, only to give you a training in finding those things in a self-motivated way, with your inner esp. spiritual authority.

If YOU were born from Jan – May 1956, and Oct 1956 until Jan 1959, your Saturn is also in SAG, and you will have your 2nd Saturn Return, during Saturn’s journey in SAG:
• Another maturation threshold in life, as you step into the ‘Age of the Sage’ in your late Fifties.
• Usually, the 2nd Saturn Return is easier than the 1st – unless your worldview and judgments have become too rigid and crystallized, in which case Saturn will teach you some lessons.
• For the 2nd Saturn return clients: Saturn was the last time in SAG from Nov 1985 until Feb 1988, and June – Nov 1988.
What comes full circle there for you?
How can you now, one generation older, speak to the one you were then (not from the old story, but from a wiser, clearer, simpler place), to acknowledge the younger YOU for finding his / her way, and drop self-judgment?
Acknowledge how you have matured since then, esp. in the area of life related to the house where SAG is in your chart.
Time for a new foundation for building and manifesting, based on your vision and on opportunities.

In the Transits and Archetypes focused GROUP SESSION on the first day of Saturn’s re-visit in SCO we shall intentionally join forces to meet Saturn in the dark that’s pregnant with possibilities and apply the message from Saturn right to you personally:

MON June 15:
SATURN Back Into SCORPIO (June 14 – Sept 17)
Residual Processing, and Magic Revealed

Did you see (in the email AstroNews)?
I also offer Focused SATURN SESSIONS – For Your Saturn Return, and for Saturn going back into SCO.



FULL MOON in SAG – GEM on June 2: Walk the Talk, with Head & Heart, and Unified!

2 Jun

FULL MOON in SAG – GEM tomorrow June 2 at 9:19 am PDT:
Walk the Talk, with Head & Heart, and Unified!

SAG - GEM FM 2015

The MOON crossed the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO into SAG this (Mon June 1) morning, at 11:39 am PDT – can you feel the lifting?
‘On the other hand….’:
Lots of GEMINI’esque talk and thought and action is going on these days, with Mercury (the headliner of Saturday – fully enlightened by the SUN and half-way through its retro phase: Birth of a ‘New Mercury’), and Mars / Sun (both unite on June 14).
For our GEM side, intellectual concepts, discussion, reading, writing, and learning are a ‘given’. The AIR sign GEM loves to play with ideas.
SAG on the other hand, brings spirit and the heart into the picture. Seeing is believing, or believing is seeing – a vision emerges from the heart.
Ideally, under this Full Moon, we bring ‘best of both worlds’ together. Head and Heart.
And walk (yay, SAG literally likes walking and moving in the landscape, flying through space, and with spirit) our Gemini talk.

SAG is also about images and symbols, so let’s see what the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon has to say:

The SUN will be at 11˚49’ GEM, and the Moon at 11˚49’ SAG.

12˚ SAG:

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle – picture credit: Ken Thomas

Keynote: The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.

In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution. The ‘flag’ is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an ‘eagle’ – another U.S. symbol – when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. The eagle symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it – and by so doing is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.

This… stage… speaks of ‘peak experiences’ instead of the wisdom found in the organismic depth of the body-consciousness. It urges us to bring our noblest ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will. A keyword might be ANNUNCIATION.”

Interesting, how the image for the Full Moon degree also reflects the Sun / Mercury conjunction: Spirit and Consciousness informs and leads the message.

The AC degree of the U.S. chart is actually at 12˚13’ SAG – so it will be interesting what this Full Moon brings to our neighbour down South.


* Mutable T-Square of the Full Moon with NEPTUNE on June 2:
~ Unifying ~
Looking at the Full Moon chart, with the Mercury retro / Sun / Mars trio in GEM, and the Moon in SAG, they both square Neptune (now stationary, going retro on June 12) in PI – and together form a ‘Mutable T-Square’ (in the 3 mutable signs GEM, SAG, PI).
In all these comings and goings, and (ahh, thank you, transpersonal Neptune!) it’s good to remember that THIS and THAT are ultimately expressions of the ONE.

Can you surrender, drop judgment and doubt (SAG – GEM ‘low vibrational tempters to the mind’), and be ok with what IS, even though it might not be what you thought is is or where it would go?
Could be a blessing in disguise…

 caduceus Hermetic_Staff_AA_Raphael

Caduceus – Hermes’ Staff with the unified dual (Kundalini?) serpent

In Tarot, Gemini is associated with the Major Arcana VI – LOVERS

From the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ to the ‘Tree of Life and Love’ – Unifying polarities…

Voyager VI Lovers 

Voyager Tarot VI – LOVERS


* Grand Fire Trine on June 2:

> Inspired Creative Action <

After the Moon will have passed through Saturn’s ‘eye of the needle’ (yes, it requires and trains In-sight!) on June 1, and after the Full Moon and opposition with Mercury retro and Mars in GEM ‘she’ will go into an energizing Grand Fire Trine, with Jupiter in LEO and Uranus in AR, on Tue June 2 evening.

Time for letting the good times roll, or, even better perhaps, BE awake and authentic (Uranus in AR), creative, loving and heart centred (Jupiter in LEO), and in-spirited and inspiring (Moon in GEM).

Be moved by spirit, and follow the Heart!

Chakras 4 Anahata Heart

Anahata – Heart Chakra Yantra

Half-Way Mercury Retro: Enlightening Insights?!

1 Jun
Hermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (

Hermes / Mercury , with winged helmet, sandals, and Caduceus / serpent staff of the healer (“Like heals Like”)

Mercury doing its retro somersaults again...

Mercury doing its retro somersaults again…

Hermes / Mercury – exactly half-way through this retro phase on May 30, direct again on June 11…

Needless to say (here it comes anyway): Gemini is ruled by MERCURY – the divine Messenger Archetype.

Breathing, thinking, speaking, writing, singing (the transition from the Taurean voice for melody and sound to the lyrics and message of a song) are Gemini expressions, just as getting from A to B – ideally swiftly J.

With the emphasis on diversity, differentiation, discussion, vive-la-difference, ‘what’s new?’, ‘what else?”, we can easily get distracted by any ‘moving object’ and new piece of information that comes along the ‘ticker’ (watch that FB scroll pulling you in… ), and life can get superficial and scattered. Too fast to go deep…?

Mercury in Gemini represents the smart intellect, vs. Full Moon / Saturn retro in SAG inner knowing and intuition.


As you are probably aware of, Mercury is presently retrograde (check out the attached article if you’d like to dig into the M-r theme more profoundly), since May 18, and until June 11.

Yesterday, May 30, Mercury retro ‘hit’ the half-way point of this present M-r phase, as it went ‘behind’ the Sun in the Zodiac. In other words, Mercury, at the onset of M-r when it’s furthest ahead of the Sun, got ‘lassoed in’, to be behind the Sun again. Astrologically speaking, the SUN, as in: Spirit, Heart, Consciousness, is ‘leading’, and Mercury, as in: Mind, Thinking, Communication, is following again.

That’s the whole point of each M-r phase, to bring Mind back to serve Consciousness.

This half-way point of the M-r phase is also called the ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’. Here, the ‘old stories’ which might have come up copiously under the first half (Epimethean phase of the M-r phase) turn into new inventive ideas and inspiration (‘Promethean’ second half of the M-r phase).

A ‘New Mercury’ is born, and a new Mercury cycles starts (3 times per year), on the ‘Day of Enlightening Insight’.

Cool, eh?


  • What have you learned and come to see and understand, since the last New Moon and onset of Mercury retro (May 17 / 18), about your mind (esp. when things didn’t go according to ‘plan’, and ‘mishaps’ happened)?
  • What about all of this are ‘old stories’ and inner self talk when the mind takes over and takes you for a ride?
  • What does Consciousness (maybe mediated by ‘higher’, and detached mind) say to all of this?
  • Any new insights, based on what has come up to process mentally – and perhaps this weekend (May 30 / 31) under the SCO Moon also emotionally, and connected the dots in a new way?
  • How can Spirit go back into the ‘driver’s seat’ (not that there is or ever has been any ‘separation from Spirit’)?

On June 11:
Mercury will turn around, from Earth perspective, and go direct / forward again.

Seems like a ‘sigh of relief’? Mercury retro is ‘over’! But actually it’s more about integrating the insights gained under M-r and bringing them into the ‘regular’ mode. Since this present Mercury retro happens completely in GEM journalling about the awareness of ‘old-to-new’ would be a great tool, esp. in this second half of M-r, but again: don’t get carried away by ‘mind’ and see what Spirit is saying through you. the awareness of ‘old-to-new’ would be a great tool, esp. in this second half of M-r, but again: don’t get carried away by ‘mind’ and see what Spirit is saying through you.