LEO New Moon, with Venus: Live Life Lovingly, and be the HeARTist!

15 Aug

This New Moon is a subtle inner Initiation!

SUN / MOON / VENUS conjunct in ‘mature’ LEO, framed by JUPITER in very early VIR, and MARS in early LEO.

Presently, 5 planets are retrograde from Earth perspective!

In fact, over the Summer 2015, 4 – 6 planets (plus also 2 asteroids) are alternating in retrograde.

LEO NM 2015

Lots of spirited Fire, yet also an inward-turning energy:

A good time to

–       complete and release what you have matured out of

–       be still and conceive what wants to be created through you

–       plant new seeds that bring creativity into service.

This New Moon starts a new creative cycle until the VIRGO New Moon on Sept 12 / 13 which will be an almost-exact one – a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

The LEO – VIR field is very ‘populated’, these weeks in the second half of Summer 2015.


As you see, from West Coast perspective (chart set up for Victoria yet would be similar picture on the same longitude), the LEO New Moon / Venus and Jupiter are even in the 12th house – a field ‘pregnant with pure potentiality’ – everything is possible, even though it might not be visible in physical manifestation.


I noticed this week in my own (apparently separate) sphere, as well as what clients and friends shared with me that this New Moon almost ‘escaped’ from our conscious ‘radar’ – very 12th house style. Which doesn’t mean, “it’s insignificant”. The paradox is often the point, with 12th house ‘affairs’: When we get our ego (that pretends to be ‘the manager-in-charge’) out of the way, and just let it happen the universe will arrange itself and our ‘affairs’ quite naturally.


So yeah, hope you’re ok by the way with my New Moon Astro~News coming after the fact.
Time isn’t linear / chronological in these realms…

I trust you already received / conceived your New Moon gifts in ‘dream time’, and compare notes with the writings in this letter…


Initiation is also the theme on the LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point’ where the wild and passionate feline animal nature meets the intentional, self-aware human.

How can we, rather than ‘tame’, diminish, subordinate, and even abuse animals and our animal nature (what an intense example Cecil the Lion showed us!),  finally honour and work together with our fellow animals and our hum-animal nature, humbly and respectfully?



Voyager Tarot XI – Strength

Also representing LEO – VIRGO

What’s real strength?
I just wanted to look up apt images online and ‘stumbled’ over this fine and touching breaking news example of brave Spanish animal activist Virginia (VIRGO even in her name) Ruiz who jumped into the bull fighting arena to be with the dying bull, and draw attention to this cruel machismo glorification (Mars in LEO shadow). Even if bull fighting was born out of ancient ceremonies it’s nowadays mostly a spectator sport at the bloody, lethal expense of the bull.



And here is the

Sabian Symbol for 22° LEO:



Keynote: Spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind.

In contrast with the intoxicated chicken (21° LEO), we now have the successfully trained carrier pigeon delivering the message it was its function to carry. Here, the domesticated bird is seen endowed with a special significance and purpose. This refers to spiritual energies which are being used constructively and which bring to the consciousness messages from other realms. Individual realizations acquire their true meaning only as they fulfill a collective function.

The ‘release’ of higher energies becomes effective and valuable to the extent to which it serves a higher, but concrete and definite, purpose. This is the ideal of the WORLD SERVER.”


So how can we consider our processes as being in-training as messengers?

How can we allow messages to be downloaded, not just for our own gratification but passed on in service to… whom it may concern?


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