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SAG – GEMINI Full Moon with LILITH and SATURN – The Voice of the Heart Knows the Way.

9 Jun

Welcoming the Moon of Many Names…

The SAGITTARIUS – GEMINI Full Moon will be on Fri June 9, at 6:10 am PDT exactly.
Thursday to Friday will be the Full Moon night! 

This last Full Moon in Spring completes the three Full Moon Festivals in the esoteric traditions:
Full Moon in April / pre-Easter Full Moon: Festival of the Risen Christ;
Full Moon in May / Wesak Moon: Festival of the Buddha;
Full Moon in June / post-Pentecost Full Moon: Festival of Humanity.
This last Full Moon (Festival) in Spring calls us to ‘Spread the Word’ from the Heart, in our Humanity.
What a diversity of cultures and languages (GEM) – yes, we can learn… yet the HEART (SAG) is always the best bridge.


Moon SuperSuper Nov 14 2016 Otto

My friend Otto Heitzer took this amazing photo of the strawberry colour Full Moon in Germany – not today but some Moons ago 🙂

The Full Moon in June is in Native American traditions known as the ‘Strawberry Moon’ or ‘Rose Moon’ – it’s time to gather Strawberries and smell the Roses, and pick up their Heart Medicine.

This Full Moon will be a ‘Mini (or Apogee) Moon’ which occurs only once every year, when the Moon’s orbit takes it furthest away from Earth. During that time, the Moon appears 14% smaller in the sky than it does when it is a Perigee / Super Moon!

What does all this interesting data (GEMINI) mean (a SAG question), and what’s the energy of it (PISCES)?

I invite you to follow the trail into the Heart of Astro~News, and find its gifts and Medicine through the read, and in your Heart! 



Wild Rose Medicine – Photo by Melanie June 1 2017


After some dark and heavy SCO Moon days (Mon June 5 – Wed June 7 afternoon PDT), this FULL MOON in SAG comes like a breath of fresh air, and a blast & spark of new inspiration, space, openness, heart-full living-out-loud
We rise again – even more so if we have processed and cleared a lot in the pre-Full Moon SCO phase.
The pre-Full Moon is always most charged, and the SCO flavour this time was very potent. The SAG energy pulls us upward-onward now.
SAG after SCO is the ‘Phoenix out of the Ashes’, the soaring Eagle, the rebirth and widening of perspective: To SEE is to be FREE!

LILITH (which the MOON passes today June 8) and SATURN (activated by the MOON in SAG on Fri June 9 evening) are also involved in the mix (see the evi-dance below in the Full Moon chart):
We may feel the pull to ‘run wild’, or ‘simply’ be in our nature-ALL ‘original Being’, free and open-hearted.


Hubble Saturn with Rings tilted towards Earth

Hubble: Infrared Saturn Sequence

MOON / SATURN in SAG: Unconditioning ‘Old Stories’

When the MOON passes SATURN after the exact Full Moon, on Fri June 9, we might feel resistance, and hear inner, old ‘pretend to protect’ voices, which may be actually fear based.
What to do about those? Well, they need to be sincerely acknowledged, yet not ‘bought into’, like: “Hey SATURN coach, thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated.”.
Or, more seriously, we can tune into our inner self protection, witness what’s going on when that’s in effect, and trace where we first heard these voices. Maybe mom warned us of dangers out there…
When the ‘watch out’ comes up again, we can inquire (GEM), a la Byron Katie, and deeply ask ourselves:
Is this true?
How do you know it’s true?
Who would you be without this truth / story?

MOON / SATURN is a re-parenting energy – likely re-mothering, but can have to do with limiting inner dad issues too. Or inner ancestral patterns in general that are ‘in our face’ now, to show us what the ‘obstacles on the journey’ (SATURN in SAG) are, and how to outgrow them, through being a good parent to our inner child, and a good guide to our inner ‘wanderer’ who might be overwhelmed and lost (SATURN squares CHIRON in PISCES).

If YOU were born with MOON / SATURN, MOON in CAP or in your 10th House, SATURN in CAN or in your 4th House the themes are probably familiar to you in your life.
This MOON / SATURN Full Moon, aided by LILITH standing by, can help our Free Nature to be unconditioned – beyond ‘reparenting’.



I know – not exactly aiming from the Heart – but isn’t the SAG Body Painting amazing?!

Very apropos, I intuitively picked today this DoYogaWithMe  Backbending class with Fiji McAlpine for my Yoga practice
Even though the intro – amazingly beautiful and powerful! – was a bit intimidating (“is she taking us to these poses???” “I can’t possibly do this.” “shall I even take this class?”) – I felt it could be the perfect practice for working with MOON / SATURN in SAG: Fear of moving forward / moving freely and with new strength, masked by protection / limiting beliefs and old stories.
This signature of the FULL MOON invites us to start the journey – from the HEART (all these HEART opening poses!) and go one step at a time, well rooted in the core of our being (SATURN in SAG, and PLUTO in CAP), while being gentle (MOON), and going as far as it’s appropriate for our body at this time (SATURN). All the opening and strengthening in the class, and Fiji’s firm and clear guidance and modelling (SATURN) took me so much further than I ‘thought’  I could go (GEMINI – SAG).
Sometimes we need to experience it again: Don’t believe everything you think – could be a GEMINI – SAG mantra 🙂 !
And yes, SAG pulls the arrow back to the HEART before aiming high, or actually, beore going anywhere: where do you come from? Find the WHY in your HEART.
This class had it ALL.
Woohoo – Big Gratitude for synchronistic Yoga Gifts, and all the opportUnities of moving from the HEART!


Pluto Heartjpg

Pluto Reveals…

Paradigm Shifts with PLUTO

The ‘background program’ is PLUTO, now in SATURN’s sign CAP:
We are the evolution, and our ancestors-in-spirit are with us, to support the process. Are you up for invoking them? They can help us to change history, and not relive their patterns. 
I know there is a LOT to this. Explorations with clients in private sessions are rich and deep. I’m here to support you if you could use help / if this speaks to you.

Being plugged into supportive ancestral connection is powerful.

And get this – here’s more background info for where the trend goes:
LILITH in SAG will soon pass SATURN – actually right on the DAY of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse – Aug 21! A big opportunity to release the shackles of fear rooted in old stories and limiting beliefs that hold us back, and keep us separate and isolated. The energy is building for that…

With PLUTO the transformer in CAP which rules Time, we can tune into the effect of these planetary transit activations at the time when we are ready (have you noticed?) – not just when they are ‘collectively due’, i.o.w. any time – don’t let the ‘cosmic schedule’ hold you back! 🙂

That’s actually a Big Game Changer for ASTROLOGY – and I see lots of clients for whom this divine timing with the inner evolutionary clockwork is now very potent.
Astrology can describe the themes, the transformation, the ‘what’ and ‘why’, yet the ‘when’ can be sooner than ‘scheduled’.


Time to take a look at the SAG – GEMINI Full Moon chart!

SAG - GEM FM 2017

As you see, the MOON in SAG sits between LILITH and SATURN:
Truth and Freedom are highlighted now – the HEART has the answer, and takes us to our true Nature, beyond right- and wrong-doing, judgment, fear based ‘old stories’ and beliefs, dogma and karma.

The GEMINI SUN, rather than giving excess energy to more information, questioning, doubting, can be best activated through conscious spiritual inquiry: What is the Truth about YOU?


This Full Moon activates the AC – DC in the U.S. chart!
How the U.S. show up, and relate to others.

The United States have a mid-SAG Rising where the Full Moon with LILITH sits – on the point where SATURN was just after the Elections last Nov.
And the Full Moon activates Trump’s SAG – GEM Full Moon – yes, he was born under not just a Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse.
I wouldn’t be surprised if significant news and (perhaps old) stories (SATURN retro in SAG) came out in the next while that have an important effect on the U.S.

The Grand Fire Trine of URANUS in ARIES, North Node in LEO, and SATURN (with the MOON and LILITH nearby) in SAG is ‘well and alive’: Lots of inspiration, innovation, creativity, and outspoken people on a ‘mission’ (for better or worse) – heartfulness makes a difference!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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Super-Charged LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon (Apr 10 / 11) – Finding Peace and Power, in a Polarized World

9 Apr

Blossoming Spring Blessings, dear Astro*News Reader!

Nature is bursting open with bounteous Beauty, here in the Pacific North-West!
As we’re reaching the First Full Moon in Spring!
Exact tomorrow Apr 10 at 11:08 pm PDT!



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with OSTARA / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.

The pre-Easter Full Moon celebrates the start of the ‘Solar Half of the Year’, as the days are now longer than the nights in the Northern Hemisphere. The SUN is ‘reborn’.

Did you know? Easter – the only Christian holiday based on the lunar calendar – is celebrated on the Sunday after the first Full Moon in Spring.
The word Easter is related to the Dawn / Spring Goddess Ostara.

Death-Rebirth Energy is so much on at this time, with this Full Moon, squared by stationary PLUTO.
How can we BE the Changeless in the Change? 


In the esoteric tradition, this is the first of the three Spiritual Spring Full Moon Festivals:

  • The Festival of the Risen Christ – Easter Full Moon (Apr 10 / 11)
  • The Festival of the Buddha – Wesak Moon (May 10 / 11)
  • The Festival of Humanity (June 9)



Blossom Bounty – photo by Melanie, April 2017


Do you feel it?
The upcoming FULL MOON is full-ON super-charged – in the polarization of opposing energies, with Planet Earth, and us Earth Beings in-between two major energy fields (linked to the biggest bodies in the Solar System – JUPITER and the SUN) that express themselves in quite contrasting ways:

  • Beauty, Bounty, Blessings (Full MOON in LIBRA, with JUPITER retro – to be found within!) – Goddess Energy (MOON / JUPITER).
  • Shake-ups, Turbulence, Disruption, Conflict (SUN / URANUS in ARIES, both also close to ERIS – the Asteroid of Discord). The SUN will connect with URANUS directly on Apr. 13.
  • Change must happen, and IS under way (well, it comes often as destruction and rebuilding, death and resurrection), says evolutionary change agent PLUTO in CAP, presently (Apr / May) stationary (since it’ll go retro on Apr 20) AND in sharp T-square to the Full Moon axis. PLUTO is the release point… what does it mean to BE the Change / BE the Phoenix?

Going mental over all that craziness?
MERCURY retro (started today Apr 9 from early TAU, see Mercury retro energy blog post, and tool kit blog post) will re-visit ARIES for an extended time, Apr 20 – May 15, and connect with URANUS there twice, on Apr 28 and May 9. As you see in the Full Moon chart, MERCURY is very close to SUN / URANUS / ERIS, and about to approach them, in reverse gear. What has been stirred up and caused turmoil is also a wake-up call, and awakening kicker.

What may be reflected in a polarized collective and geo-political scene (just check events from last week!) can also show up personally as inner dilemmas, conflicts, and ‘hard choices’ (esp. in areas of life relating to where we are sensitized to the ARIES – LIBRA axis).
Bridging, and, perhaps even more so, Finding Balance is a BIG Deal (JUPITER in LIBRA, activated by the Full MOON).
Naturally, what’s experienced as ‘The Other’ is often a reflection or even a projection (“no, I’m not like that!”). Can we balance and integrate the shadow (PLUTO), just as an acknowledgement, not as a ‘big deal’, and come back to the balancing ‘Still Point’?


Beacon Hill Bridge

Bridge Reflections – Photo by Melanie


The ‘old world’ / old consciousness in its patriarchal, hierarchical control-based military / industrial complex manifestation is SO passe and unsustainable (PLUTO in CAP). Yet, it still seems to be in charge – destructively so, which can render us depressed and disempowered.

How do we regain regenerative power?
Or rather : How can we come to the inner power-centre that’s always ‘there’?


  • Neither ‘fighting the demons’, nor putting the head in the sand…?
    What’s the ‘Middle Way’ that’s not a compromise but comes from a truly balanced place and powerful core?
    SO many ancient spiritual teachings, traditions, and practices (TAO, Yoga, ZEN, Buddhism…) have already entered the modern world during the PLUTO in SAG years 1995 – 2008. Now it’s time to actually LIVE the spiritual teachings that resonate with our soul. Whichever they may be, none better or more ‘true’ than the other, all taking us to our divine nature and nature-all perfection that isn’t identified with the ego-construct, rather in tune with life… that’d be the direct way in my sense.
    In the meantime:


  • Rather than ranting at the destructive Patriarchy (well, yeah, so much anger stirred up, understandably!) are you up for living in the Alchemy of Inner Masculine (SUN in ARIES, ruled by MARS), and Inner Feminine (MOON in LIBRA, ruled by VENUS)?The Full Moon ‘constellation’ highlights the Alchemy!


Johfra Bosschart Gemini Phoenix

Mercury Rules Gemini, the Masculine & Feminine Twins of Polarity / Duality. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper detail: The Phoenix


  • The GEMINI / MERCURY / PHOENIX image points to MERCURY, the ‘lesser Alchemist’ (while PLUTO represents the Big Magus). MERCURY went retro yesterday, just before the  LI – AR Full Moon., and can also help us access the inner Alchemy of Opposites – so liberating (MERCURY / URANUS connection in the ‘Heart of M-r’)!


  • The Lunar North Node, presently on the LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point’ (still on the VIR side, ruled also by MERCURY) gives us incentive to be self aware, and aligned with our cosmic Self (PI South Node).
    The ‘karmic’ Nodal Axis will shift backwards in the Zodiac (always ‘retro’) into AQ (South Node) – LEO (North Node) on Apr 29 – themes for another blog post round the TAURUS New Moon on Apr 26. Stay tuned.In accord with VIRGO awareness, it always helps to identify the archetypal ‘players’ first. Awareness leads to freedom from being unconsciously, ‘chaotically’ identified with or absorbed by them, and having a charge around ‘the opposite’. And from there / as that, be in tune and alignment with nature – and our true nature (which is super simple… but not always easy, in the human journey).
    That’s why Astro*News is here, and what I want you to help with, via writing, personal sessions, and in groups.


So, let’s take a look at the LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon chart, and glean more messages from it:
The Full Moon will be exact tomorrow Apr 10 at 11:08 pm PDT!


LI - AR FM 2017

I penciled the names of some sign cusps in that planets occupy, since cusp energy stands out nowadays!

The Sphinx Point where the North Node is (see above) is a commonly used term among Astrologers, while the others are the terms I use to illustrate the transition energy from each Zodiac sign to the next.

So let’s hear it for the Archetypes, and cuspy vibes:


  • North Node on the LEO – VIR Sphinx Point: Awareness Rules. 
    We’ve learned an important set of tools (on all levels) since the NN entered VIR, in Oct 2015, that help with being clear, in alignment and wholeness, rather than drawn into chaos, addiction, overwhelm.
    April is a practice wrap-up time of that cosmic ‘workshop’, as we’ re transitioning into expressing more clearly from our heart-integrity (LEO – VIR).


  • SATURN hovers now stationary (just went retro on Apr 6) at the end of SAG, in the ‘Galactic Centre’ which may appear as a ‘dead end’ / ‘black hole’, just before the transition into CAP, the Integrity Point.
    When ‘nothing makes sense’, and the leaders don’t have answers: What’s the Pathless Path…? Not that it ‘gets us somewhere’. Rather an inner guidance without any agenda. A preparation to live even more so from what we know, in our ‘simple’ inner authority, under SATURN in CAP (from Dec 19 on). 


  • VENUS retro, now back in late PI, approaches CHIRON, both on the ‘Birthing Point’ a.k.a. Spring Equinox Point. And: After a retro journey since March 4, VENUS will turn direct on April 15. VENUS and CHIRON are close to each other all April.
    In the VENUS retro journey, ‘love wounds’ and old co-dependent relationship patterns on all levels (interpersonal, societal, spiritual – yes, even relationships with the spiritual realm!) are coming back so that we feel them, release, and allow healing to happen.
    From there we can more truly re-connect in what IS, live and attract from LOVE. A Birthing indeed.


  • VENUS retro / stationary / CHIRON squares SATURN stationary / retro (throughout April, CHIRON – SATURN exact on Apr 30) – an inward journey… perhaps to discover what never dies, what can’t be wounded or healed. Can you let yourself BE, without the notion to ‘go anywhere’? A teaching that may come in that space isn’t really so much ‘teaching’, rather ‘unlearning’. The Medicine in the Love that IS.


  • SUN / URANUS / ERIS and MERCURY retro on the ‘Settling Point’ from AR to TAU.
    Settling? Comfort? Security? So much conflict in the world!
    We gotta look at Asteroid Goddess ERIS of strive and discord. ‘She’s been in ARIES since 1926, and presently at 23:14 AR (check her Ephemeris here), super close to URANUS, and activated by the Full Moon.
    The mind (MERCURY) might wonder… “you gotta be kidding, these times?!”
    When the world is so unsettled and polarized, where is the ground (TAU), in every moment (UR in AR)? We may realize, security is just another concept. The Sabian Symbol for the MERCURY station tells us a bit about that… What a powerful, and definitely ‘retro’ message for the whole M-r phase – bringing the Mind back to SPIRIT / Consciousness (see Mercury retro / Saturn retro blog post). Radical impermanence, and aliveness in what-IS may be the ultimate security in the ‘Ground of all Being’. Acting from that place is more powerful anyway – as the Ancients and Masters know.


  • Lastly, stationary PLUTO in CAP (going retro from Apr 20 on, hence April is quite a PLUTO month too), in squaring the Full Moon Axis, is the ‘release point’ – rather than being torn and polarized, fragmented and pulled under, the ‘way out’ is the ‘way IN’: Transformation into Living from the Core!
    Warning (relief): it’s not a destination / outcome (as ‘old CAP’ would like to see it) but a powerful way of Being, to be found step-by-step.


Wishing us all a powerful, deeply transformational FULL MOON and Easter Time!

The TAURUS New Moon on April 26 will be a SuperMoon!
You might wonder: Wait a minute, it’s not a Full Moon!
Also New Moons can be SuperMoons – when they are very close to the Earth (called perigee) – the first of 3 SuperNewMoons

Astrologically, a SuperSeed energy… stay tuned for the SuperNewMoon Astro*News.



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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Friday the 13th with VENUS conj. NEPTUNE in PISCES and North Node in VIRGO: Divine Feminine Calling…

12 Jan

So how’s it going, with the North Node in VIRGO (since Oct 2015, until end of Apr 2017)?

Have you been clearing your Inner Temple? Have you been honouring the inner and outer Feminine? Have you become aware and clear about ‘issues’, and found remedies and recipes? Do you feel more self sufficient perhaps? Whole and complete, ‘perfect’ as you ARE…

VIRGO is the astrological vibration of the Sacred Feminine and Priestess Archetype. So let’s honour our work, our practice, our body, our alignment in ‘cosmic order’ and follow opportunities to align more fully with what’s healthy, what works, what serves us, how we can be in our ‘temple of service’. 

Speaking of Sacred Feminine:
How do you hold Friday the 13th?

What’s your sense about its reputation as a ‘bad luck’ or even scary day?

What’s considered ‘scary’ might actually be sacred!


Did you know that the Norse Goddess Freya gave Friday its name? She is the equivalent of VENUS / Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, attraction, erotic pleasures, art.

The Romans called the 6th day of the week ‘De Veneris’ (belonging to VENUS) which became Venerdi in Italian, Viernes in Spanish, and Vendredi in French.

So here’s the case for VENUS and Friday.



Birth of Venus, by Botticelli (Uffici, Firenze)


Just for fun, here are the 7 days of the week and their associations with planets, Sun, and Moon:



MARSday (Mardi, Martedi) – Tuesday relates to Tyr / Tew (Norse good of war and law – equivalent of Mars)

MERCURYday (Mercredi, Miercoles)
JUPITERday (Jeudi, Jueves) – Thursday relates to Thor (Norse good of thunder – similar to Jupiter / Zeus)

VENUSday (Vendredi, Viernes) – Fridey relates to Freya



And now, what’s with the 13?

Uhh, there is a lot of story around vilifying the number 13… do your research.
The number 13 may have been purposely vilified by the founders of patriarchal religions in the early days of Western civilization because it represented femininity. Thirteen is said to have been revered in prehistoric goddess-worshiping cultures because it corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days).


Moon Goddess


Zodiac years have 12 – 13 New Moons and / or Full Moons per Zodiac cycle.
As the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar with the rise of male-dominated civilization, so did the “perfect” number 12 over the “imperfect” number 13.

The association of 13 with the feminine and lunar cycle is the MOON side of Friday the 13th.

So in reality we have a strong VENUS / MOON themed day.

Those who sowed the seeds of superstition must have been very afraid of the power of the Feminine…


This time,  Friday the 13th is ushered in by two beautifully harmonizing astrological alignments:

  • The Full MOON on Jan 12, in ‘her’ abode of CANCER – so motherly and nurturing.
  • VENUS, freshly in her ‘exaltation’ in PISCES meets up with NEPTUNE on Jan 12 – ethereal beauty, and universe-ALL Love!

Let’s celebrate, and live the Divine and Sacred Feminine!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* ‘Blue Galactic’ SAG – GEM Full Moon (II) (June 20): Honouring and Building Tribes in Integrity

20 Jun

Welcome, dear Reader in the Astro Spirit Tribe, to this Summer SoUlstice Full Moon Cosmic Update!

While we’re honouring our Fathers and Forefathers (not just) today, the count-down is ON, for the FULL MOON on the very, very end of Spring, just 11 hrs before Summer Solstice!
Both ‘events’ happen tomorrow Mon June 20! – in the Western World – June 21 will be Summer Solstice in CET and East of that.

This will be the second SAG – GEM Full Moon this year (the first one was on May 21, on the first day of GEMINI) – a ‘Blue Moon’, zodiac wise 🙂

The Full Moon will be at the very end of SAG (pointing to the Galactic Centre!) – I call the SAG – CAP cusp also ‘Integrity Point’ of the Zodiac….

What a powerful energy guiding us into the Sacred Turning Point of the Summer Solstice!



Fragrant Discovery… Rose Garden Bounty – Photo by Melanie, June 2016


Here’s a brief INTRO / OVERVIEW, for those of you who’d like the gist of things first, or are not up for the full-on menu:

How have you been moving with the energies lately?

What’s moving you?

MOVEMENT has been a big theme lately, catalyzed by the Mutable Grand Cross that the GEMINI New Moon on June 4 ‘came with’ – remember? Or have things moved and shaken so much in your life that 2 weeks seem ages ago – all new and different now?

And even if outer movement, going here or there, according to OUR own expectations / agenda, or based on ‘old stories’ has been frustrated and not available, that’s completely ‘normal’ under SATURN in SAG retrograde, and MARS in SCO retro too.

Both are celestial pointers to go inward-backward, and

  • Find our Heart’s Calling first, before aiming to go here or there, since SATURN retro in SAG – still until Aug 13, teaches us a big deal about: It matters first where we come from, before we go ANYWHERE.
  • Another priority has been to bravely approach those dark, hidden, shadowy corners in our psyche and ‘underbelly’ that we usually hide, even from ourselves, AND to find magic and power through transformation of what has been repressed in us, from within, and / or from ‘the past’ (MARS retro in SCO).
  • Just yesterday, June 18,  MARS retro / stationary in SCO was into exact quincunx alignment with URANUS in AR. This transit is in effect (due to MARS’s and URANUS’s slow motion these weeks) since mid-June, and until end of July!
    What’s the gist of their combined energies, in ‘weird and wonderful quincunx’ (5 signs apart)?
    Breakthroughs, revelations, and surprises. Expect the unexpected! Not ‘just’ outwardly in the news etc., but also, and especially, from the inside out.

How about a transformed, and naturally deeply empowered Masculine (MARS retro-to-direct in SCO on June 29) emerging (UR in AR), and stepping forward, in the face of sad recent phenomena of old-world-consciousness that bears violence and wars, through the ‘matrix’ of competition / separation / separateness?

That’s what I hold space for, and invite into our world, (not only) on this Father’s Day weekend!


SUMMER 2016 starts with the Full Moon pointing to the Galactic Centre (very end of SAG) where we are called to bring our spirited wisdom (SAG) into manifestation (CAP), and where stories (SAG) turn into traditions (CAP). Therefore I call that Zodiac energy also ‘Integrity Point’. That’s the Winter Solstice Point in fact – the SUN crosses it on Dec 21.


Today, Sunday, June 19, I was honoured to attend  the Aboriginal Cultural Festival here in Victoria – on Coast Salish Land, with a very moving tour to the Totem Poles with aboriginal artist and anthropologist Andy Everson, stories about their ways of connecting with the Ancestors, their making, their symbolism… and how aboriginal culture had been violated and outlawed, after ‘first contact’ with the colonialists, out of ignorance and arrogance. Thankfully, many peoples persevered (and went ‘underground’) to retain their traditions. How to reconcile, how to honour….?!

Honouring and speaking from the wisdom of the ancestors, our tribe, our origin, our traditions, and Walking out Talk are all big themes for this Full Moon on the SAG / CAP cusp, opposite the SUN on the GEM / CAN cusp.

  • What are you called to speak and act on behalf of?
  • What are the stories and traditions that you pass on?
  • What is our tribe and what are our ancestors anyhow, in this multi-dimensional world? Ancestors and Tribes by blood, through history, through the land and place we share, in spirit…




Totems of the Land – Photo by Melanie, June 2016. This one shows how the supernatural Thunderbird reveals a Human inside. As Andy Everson explained, the Totem Animals can transform, and shed their skin, to show the Inner Human – we’re all deeply connected.


Well, and then, the Galactic Centre with its Supermassive Black Hole https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galactic_Center that the Full Moon in very late SAG points to is also an energetic ‘Rabbit Hole’ – where anything can happen…

DSC01873 - Copy

Rabbit Epiphany (first one I ever saw in the park – in 16 years) – Photo by Melanie, June 2016


Some of us, in the Embodied Astrology constellation group on Thursday stepped into this Vortex of the Unknown, the Unknowable, more than ‘just’ a magical place. Sublime emptiness… also tapping into the vibrations of SATURN square NEPTUNE (their aspect was – for the second time – exact yesterday June 17) – a container for the intangible, ineffable… the ‘Hub of the Wheel’.


And here is the ‘FULL MENU’ with Chart:

* ‘Blue Galactic’ SAG – GEM Full Moon (II) (June 20)Honouring and Building Tribes in Integrity



Honouring Traditions, and passing them on to the young ones – Photo by Melanie, Aboriginal Cultural Festival June 16 – 19, 2016. So honoured to having witnessed teachings and traditional dances today, and being welcomed here on this land.


The SAG – GEM Full Moon (II – since the first one this year occurred on May 21) will be exact at 4:02 am PDT tomorrow MoOnday June 20.

Tonight will be the Full Moon night.

While tomorrow night will be the Summer Solstice night.


Let’s dive right IN, and hear what the astrological Full Moon energies have to say:

SAG - GEM FM (II) 2016

So there is the Full Moon polarity that calls us to ‘marry’ these opposites:


The  SUN and VENUS on the GEM / CAN Summer Solstice point, and the MOON at the end of SAG, on the Winter Solstice ‘Integrity’ point / cusp with CAP, approaching PLUTO (their exact encounter will be on Tue June 21 at 12:16 pm PDT).

Can you feel the pull between the two?

  • The de-light-ful, youthful, playful, butterfly and fairy like energy of GEM / CAN that likes to ‘sample’ the multiplicity of life. It’s a ‘sibling / family’ vibe, kids running around and playing. Life is young, so much to learn… and flirt with.
  • The more ‘wise and ancient’ energy of the SAG / CAP cusp, where we are called to be the grown-ups, the ones we were looking for or looking up to, and walk our wisdom.

And nowadays / -years (2008 – 2023), with PLUTO in CAP, we’re called to be the change-making grown-ups in this age, and live from deep integrity, sustained by and stewarding the Earth, yet also transform suppressed energies of our ancestors, and not carry inner sabotaging burdens.

Yep, definitely a more ‘weighty’ energy over there with MOON / PLUTO.  But as I said, not meant to be depressing or paralyzing (even though that can be a ‘side effect’ of the change-as-in-purge). Old structures whose vibes we carry are slowly transforming, and there is more lightness on the other side. It’s like using clean energy and resources that don’t rape and pollute the Earth anymore, and to come back in alignment with Natural Law.

URANUS in AR has something to say about that element of renewal, innovation, and awakening.


  • So what could a Bridge between these ‘two sides’ of SUN / VENUS and MOON / PLUTO on the Solstice Points look like?

Literally, a multi-generational CommUnity Building, where young ones and Elders are naturally in the tribe. And ‘Tribe’ can happen in many ways: through biological family / historical-emotional connection, affinity / resonance with one another, common purpose to build something that also gives a sense of belonging, Spirit tribe… you name it.

I’d suggest, with PLUTO in CAP, what matters is the Soul Connection, Soul Work, Soul Purpose.


  • Other ‘players’ involved in the picture are:

Another mutable T-square / soon Grand Cross (similar to the one at the GEM New Moon), now with MERCURY in mid GEM involved, in the Zodiac area of the New Moon on June 4:

What has been conceived then can be communicated and connected now. Maybe literally new connections with like-minded people were made, and new movement, new gatherings and building result from there. On the Summer SoUlstice (see chart below) the Grand Cross starts to come into effect.


  • In that mutable energy is also quite a magnet: JUPITER and the Lunar North Node, united (exact on June 25) in mid VIR. A rare alignment – last time in Feb 2009 in AQ. Special feature Astro~News blog to follow, closer to the day.

For now-here / first impression: Also an incentive and opportunities for Integrity, and (Re-)Alignment – important themes for VIR.


  • Finally, MARS is stationary now (slowly turning around from retro to direct – yes, indeed! – exact on June 29) while going into aspect relationships with stationary

CHIRON in PI, via trine, and with stationary URANUS in AR, via quincunx. Special MARS Retro-to-Direct Feature below!

This weekend, June 18 / 19, MARS retro / stationary in SCO went into exact quincunx with URANUS in AR. This transit is in effect (due to MARS’s and also URANUS’s slow motion these weeks) since mid-June until end of July! What’s the gist of their combined energies, in ‘weird and wonderful quincunx’ (5 signs apart)?
Breakthroughs, revelations, and surprises. Expect the unexpected! Not ‘just’ outwardly in the news etc., but also, and especially, from the inside out (MARS retro to direct on June 29). How about a transformed, and naturally deeply empowered Masculine (MARS retro-to-soon-direct in SCO) emerging (UR in AR), and stepping forward, in the face of sad recent phenomena of old-world-violence and competition / separation consciousness? That’s what I hold space for, and invite into our world.

The MARS – URANUS quincunx was already exact on Feb 5 when MARS was direct (yes! MARS has been in SCO for the longest time, since Jan 3!), now it happens again under MARS retro, and finally again under MARS direct, on July 13. A lot going on this year that stirs up old hidden, dark, shadowy spots in the collective human and personal psyche (MARS in SCO), to be released into the light of what’s here-now, awake and ready for rebirth (URANUS in AR). AR is ruled by MARS, so no wonder if there are flare-ups of aggression and provocative ‘stings’ as part of the process…. The present MARS retro phase calls us to own and transmute our inner, old stuff related to it. In July is the final quincunx, an integration phase.

Simultaneously, we’re also under the influence of an auspicious trine from MARS retro with CHIRON in PI. The most recent, ‘middle’ contact was already exact on June 12, the first one on Feb 9, and the last one will be on July 17. Goes to show, both aspects between MARS and URANUS, and MARS and CHIRON are synchronized.

The Water Trine between MARS and CHIRON brings out deep vulnerability, but also the Medicine of unity, forgiveness, release (CHIRON in PI), as we bravely go into the ‘uncomfortable’, and allow things to be transformed and healed. Also, lots of things stirred up now, under the stationary / MARS retro ‘middle’ aspect. To be integrated this Summer.

Loooots been going on in healing and liberation processes for many of us, since early this year!!!

Now, in June and July, is a big phase for forgiveness on all levels, and setting ‘us and them’ free!

That too is part of living and building in integrity, together with our human and more personal Tribes.


* Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon Degree

The FULL MOON will be at 29° 32’ SAG (see chart above)

30° SAG says:

Pope Francis Blessing



The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the invisible community of the spirit is built.

The concrete integration of myriads of human individuals within a great religious institution with a long tradition reflects, as well as having produced century after century, an invisible spiritual community. The “flag bearer” (26 SAG) has now become the “Pope”, who assumes the role of God’s representative on Earth. It is a role, but culture is based on embodying great images and deeply moving symbols in physical reality. The symbol asks of the individual: “Are you willing to live a transpersonal life as a symbol?” This is the final and supreme statement of that section of the cycle  of the year, represented by Sagittarius.

This concludes Scene 18. A collectivity of human beings is seen having “transferred” their sense of spiritual value to a man who has become the incarnation of their common ideal. Keywords: PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessings, and in some cases a curse.”


Wow, quite interesting… brings up a few questions:

  • Who and what IS the ultimate spiritual (SAG) authority (leading over to CAP)? Another theme related to Integrity
    Does it have to be transferred onto a person as a leader / model / guru? How can we tap into that sense of inner authority (also now activated through SATURN retro in SAG)?!
  • And: Are we willing and able to live the transpersonal life? Reminds me of the term and notion coined by C.G. Jung: “Living a Symbolic Life” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Symbolic_Life . To which I’d add: Can we, rather than taking so much of what happens ‘to’ us, personally, ‘take it transpersonally’, by which I don’t indicate to ‘escape’ but to disengage from getting into sticky mind story, and gaining perspective and a witnessing perspective.


Interesting / synchronous also that Pope Francis (born Dec 17, 1936) has his SUN at the very end of SAG, not far from this degree, in fact in the Galactic Centre

And he made news just yesterday, provocatively proclaiming that the majority of Catholic marriages are invalid, since the partners aren’t fully aware / educated when entering the Sacrament what’s really involved with that commitment. A matter of integrity also… http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/pope-marriages-invalid-1.3640107


With Blessings of Integrity and in Cosmic ComMOONity!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* GEMINI – SAG Full Moon (Nov 25), in Mutable T-square to stationary NEPTUNE in PI: Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong, there is a Field…

25 Nov
Rumi Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do

“Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field. I will meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about
Language, ideas, even the phrase each other
Doesn’t make any sense.

By Rumi


When I saw the mutable T-Square from the GEMINI – SAG Full Moon to NEPTUNE in PI, this famous quote by Rumi came to my awareness.

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi (جلال‌الدین محمد رومی) (Sept 30, 1207 – Dec 17, 1273), was a Persian philosopher, poet, teacher, and founder of the Mevlevi (or Mawlawi) order of Sufism; also known as Mevlana (Our Guide), Jalaluddin Rumi, or simply Rumi.

https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Rumi features an overview and introduction to more mystical, timeless poetry by Rumi.



Under the Mutable FULL MOON T-Square (see chart below), we can feel pulled into different directions, maybe like a flag in the wind, maybe feeling aimless, maybe free and unbound.

The GEMINI Full MOON energy is curious, questions things, loves diversity, variety, likes to talk and learn, is hungry for information and communication, can jump around from topic to topic, and also be easily distracted / distracting. Sooo many ideas and questions. Very cerebral.

Have you found yourself pulled into the realm of information and ideas (“They say this, he says that, to which I said….”, and what about this article and interview?)?
Trapped in the tentacles of the seamless (and sometimes senseless) information stream? Hooked on the information high-way?

And then, Zen: “What is the sound of the one hand clapping?” The teaching story: http://deoxy.org/koan/21



GEMINI Full Moon, with SUN / SAT / MERC square NEP in PI.


4 R

Sagittarius, Ruled by Jupiter. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


The GEMINI – SAG Full Moon calls to balance head (GEM) and heart (SAG).

It matters not so much how far and where we are going (which is what lots of people are uncertain and confused about these days, with SAT in SAG square NEP in PI), but where we are coming from!

The Sagittarian Centaur (and redeemed shamanic CHIRON) archer pulls the arrow back to his heart, aims, and releases the arrow of inspiration, heart-wisdom, and vision. The ‘why’ is crucial for IN-tension, for ‘the path, and for any journey. Motivation matters. Well, it helps to have the heart arrow ignited by a lightning bolt of Zeus / JUPITER 🙂

Of the 3 Fire signs, SAG represents the inner fire, and also relates to the inner wandering Sage (see Hermit with lantern in the painting by J.B.).


 Saturn tilted

SATURN in SAG (Sept 17, 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017) is the bigger backdrop that the SAG SUN (on Nov 29) and MERCURY (today Nov 24) bring to conscious (SUN) understanding (MERCURY) this week, and for the FULL MOON:

  • How do people turn righteous, intolerant, judgmental, preachy, even fundamentalist (shadow of SAG, shown by SATURN)?
  • How do beliefs and fear get into the picture (or shall I say: blind spots, blinders, and shadow)?
  • What is the way through and out?

SATURN is about the experience of contrast (you / they are over there, I am here), separation, resistance, and the side in us that pretends to protect us from the apparent non-self. The ring around us. The ‘separate’ form, and what anchors us here-now.

In SAG, SAT shows us through insight and lessons about obstacles on the path – obstacles can be caution, a simple NO, lingering judgment, and a sense of separation. Obstacles ARE lessons – about ‘what’s in the way’ for us, and what that tells us about our ego.



In the Hindu tradition, the Elephant headed Lord Ganesh is invoked at the onset of a journey, to help ‘remove obstacles’. In a Yoga class a while ago, our teacher suggested to do a whole Ganesh sequence hour of Yoga. Ironically, after the class, there was a pain in the body that I didn’t have before. Hmmm, I was wondering jokingly, “How come? Isn’t Ganesh supposed to remove obstacles, and not bring new ones???”. Learned the lesson in the process of the pain leading me through something I would have avoided or ignored otherwise. This was the obstacle.

Here is a Ganesh chant for you that I just found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=287BnMx_mXQ  – lots of them online – find your medicine…


An example of SATURN in SAG, and pre-cursor of the Full Moon presented itself to me yesterday:
Someone I asked for practical support positioned himself as the know-it-all expert, judging everyone else as idiots who don’t know what they are doing. Since this judgment also related to two of my friends, I got sensitized and could have stood up on their behalf, advocated for them, and endeavoured to tried to convince this gentleman that there are many paths and approaches, not just his ‘one and only right one’. But hey, I didn’t want to play his game, and rather save my energy, since he seemed angry, very entrenched in his views, and lacking a positive and generous, spacious outlook.

Hearing from him that he was in severe physical pain I sensed that he probably felt powerless and fearful. This is when we often compensate, by holding on to something that we consider ‘certain’.

Being aware of the immanent Full Moon T-Square, I opted out of getting pulled into an argument, and diffused the situation (NEP in PI) through release and blessings, while acknowledging that this was more than a frustrating situation that could have brought out my resistance: A deeper teaching about compassion for how pain can contract us, and also a hologram of the Astro~Sphere these days.

After the meeting, I stepped out on my balcony for fresh air, and saw an eagle soaring – ahhhh!

Later, more medicine and gifts of re-connecting in the Field found me on a sunlit walk to / by the ocean (so SAG – PI).


SATURN in SAG shows us where we experience ourselves as separate through often old, parental or otherwise imprinted limiting beliefs.

We might have adopted a selective perception of ‘obstacles’ and lack of trust, which of course makes us rigid and righteous.

We lose spaciousness, the bigger picture, an eye for opportunities, a sense of humour, an attitude of gratitude. All based on separation and fear. Whoa!

So: definitely a good idea to check in on those qualities.

And to question / inquire (very GEMINI):

  • Is this… absolutely true?
  • How else can this be seen?
  • What is the gift in this?

And by the way, this all-time SATURN in SAG ‘Inquiry Mantra’ comes handy in such situations:
“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”


SATURN is now in the area in early SAG where PLU was in the late 1990’s, esp. 1998 / 99.


  • What are the effects and consequences of the changes your life went through in those years?
  • How have you matured, in the transformation through spirit that was initiated then?
  • What happened to the power of your path and to your happiness at the time? Any ‘obstacles’ now?
  • How can the SAG Fire be rekindled?


SATURN was in SAG the last time from Nov 1985 until Nov 1988, and before that from Oct 1956 until Jan 1959.

If you were born in those years you have your 1st or 2nd SATURN Return these years.
A look into your chart would tell us when exactly, however you probably sense it the whole time while SAT is in SAG.

Here are some themes to check in on, under SAT in SAG for all of us, esp. for those of you born with SAT in SAG:

  • Are you a good story teller, or do you bug and bore people with the same old stories?
  • Do you take your attitude super seriously? Can you laugh at yourself?
  • Have you become masterful at inspiring others (maybe through the school of hard knocks)?
  • Can you see how your need to be right is actually limiting, and how generosity, gratitude and openness makes your life richer?
  • Can you turn the ‘doubt of the benefit’ into the ‘benefit of the doubt’?
  • Check for blind spots, blinders, agenda, old limiting beliefs – well, ask trusted friends, and don’t hold it against them. J
  • What’s with a lack of humour or overcompensation of hopelessness through cynical humour? Yikes!
  • Do you trust that life always opens new avenues?
  • Have you found your path? Maybe the pathless path, the ultimate ‘path’?
  • What makes you really(!) happy?

Intrinsic happiness is connectedness. Which will bring us to NEPTUNE in PI, squared by SATURN in SAG….


Before we explore the SAT – NEP theme more deeply – post to follow -, I’d like to show you the FULL MOON chart.

Astro buffs who can ‘read the patterns’, check out these configurations in the FULL MOON ‘field’:


GEM - SAG FM 2015


  • Full MOON in GEM, and SUN / SAT / MERC in SAG in Mutable T-Square to stationary NEP in PI.
  • SAT in SAG square NEP in PI (exact Nov 26, again June 17 and Sept 10, 2016)
  • JUP in VIR opposite CHIRON retro in PI (was exact Nov 3, again Feb 23 and Aug 12, 2016)
  • MARS in LI conj. LILITH (exact Dec 1), square PLU in CAP (exact Dec 6), and opposite UR in AR (exact Dec 10).
  • UR – PLU Square gets re-activated as UR goes retro until Dec 25, and LILITH in LI enters the Cardinal T-Square in Jan 2016.



* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon Oct 27: Deep Change Sustains.

27 Oct

* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon Oct 27:

Deep Change Sustains.

 Dia de los Muertos Calavera

Mexican Dia de los Muertos Calavera Altar (from Wiki Commons)


Sabian Symbols:

4° TAURUS: The Pot of Gold…

4° SCORPIO: Devotional Ritual

Can you feel it? Is is real?

We have come through a lot. Time to enjoy (TAURUS) our settling in a new foundation – which has only been possible through the deep change, in the last while.

By ‘last while’ I mean even the fact that we had a 3 year ‘anniversary’ since SATURN entered SCORPIO, on Oct 6, 2012, and catalyzed PLUTO in CAP (they were in ‘mutual reception’ until SATURN left SCO on Sept 17, 2015), initiating for many of us the deepest changes in our lives. Yep, we’re through the SATURN in SCO phase (not to return until 2041, with different overall ‘cosmic matrix’ by then, of course).

The ‘Dia de los Muertos’ celebrations and ceremonies that happen round this time show us about the bridging of Life and Death, and that we owe our life force in physical embodiment to an ancestral lineage. Without their procreation we wouldn’t be here. Very much apropos TAU – SCO: Deep Change Sustains.
Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and acknowledged around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. In 2008 (Melanie: ah, that’s when PLUTO entered CAP) the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.[1]

It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a public holiday. Prior to Spanish colonization in the 16th century, the celebration took place at the beginning of summer. It was moved to October 31, November 1 and November 2 to coincide with the Roman Catholic triduum festival of AllhallowtideAll Saints’ EveAll Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day.[2][3]Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skullsmarigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

The food offerings are another TAUREAN symbol. Yes, now as blood, sweat, and tears, and our old skin have been shed, we are invited to offer something tasty and beautiful (TAU is ruled by VENUS) as a gift to the transformation, as we embrace change and ‘deathing’ as a necessary process in the cycle. Of course, resistance to change, and attachment to keeping what one ‘has’ is the human default response. SCO and TAU are both fixed Zodiac energies that can get attached. The Buddha summed it up, and it’s common sense yet keeps ‘biting’ us: Attachment leads to suffering. I.e. attachment out of desire and wanting what we don’t ‘have’, or trying to get rid of the unwanted. Welcome to the human condition….

The ‘simple’ but not always easy response to that is: Everything is impermanent, and changes all the time. How and where are we invited to embrace the change?


Buddha Blessings

This Full Moon, with the MOON in TAURUS and the SUN in SCORPIO is the opposite mirror image of the WESAK MOON in May that celebrates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing, when the SUN is in TAURUS and the MOON is in SCORPIO.

The WESAK Moon reminds us that despite everything is bursting with life in TAUREAN Spring, enticing the senses, and evoking pleasure, and enjoyment, nothing will be permanent (even though TAURUS would love that). This TAU – SCO Full Moon invites us to find joy and stability (esp. after all the changes) without getting attached to what we ‘have (built)’.

And what does the Full Moon chart look like???

TAU - SCO FM 2015

More than the TAU MOON – SCO SUN Opposition going on there, plus the MOON receives a Yod, and turns into a focal point.

Interesting also that at the exact time of the Full Moon (5:05 am PDT today Oct 27) from the West Coast perspective, the SCO SUN will be in the 2nd house (which is ruled by TAU), and the MOON in TAU will be in the 8th house (which is ruled by SCO):

Let’s own (2nd house) the consciousness of transformation (SCO SUN).

Let’s find the stability and life sustenance (TAU MOON) in and through deep processes (8th house).

Something rare:

The Full Moon in TAU is the apex point of a Yod (elongated green triangle pointing to the MOON which signifies a quest, a ‘dowsing rod’, a ‘compass needle’, pointing in a direction that’s searched, walked towards, like a pilgrimage, or a treasure to be found. Yes, we are called to turn into that direction where early TAU is in our charts, and orient ourselves towards stability through something that gives security in our physical embodiment – without getting attached. More like ‘just feeling good in our skin’.

See: there is not ‘just’ the SUN – MOON opposition in the Full Moon ‘matrix’ but also still a strong polarity from VIRGO (JUPITER, VENUS, MARS) to CHIRON in PISCES (which slowly disintegrates).

So we are called to bridge and balance the two apparent opposites of organizing things, and finding solutions to problems in VIR fashion, and allowing things to come together or show us their interconnectedness (PI). When we are in flow and connected the ‘job’ gets done much easier.

VENUS in VIR just connected with JUPITER on Sunday (Oct 25), opposes CHIRON in PI today Oct 27, just two hours after the Full Moon, and will meet (and pass) MARS on Nov 2.

Let the inner ‘High Priestess’ (VENUS / JUPITER in VIR) perform intentional acts (MARS) of service, and BE the blessing that heals.


The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree (3°44’ TAU) says:



Voyager Tarot XIV ART, Crystal Activated

Photo by Melanie


Keynote: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

In Genesis, the rainbow is the symbol of the Covenant of God with Noah. In all mythologies it expresses, in one way or another, a linking process – or the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals. What the linking process brings to the individual consciousness is elusive, as the rainbow never ends where you are, yet it is the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth. All wealth, in a real sense, comes from ‘commerce’, i.e. from the commingling  of minds and from contracts, and thus is based on faith in the validity of a promise.

At this… stage we are given a mode of operation, which reminds us of the symbol “An Electrical Storm”. One need not be overawed by the celestial display of power, for it leads to a fruitful contact with beings of light. This is a natural kind of COMMUNION, involving a transubstantiation of matter.”


Here’s a photo that my friend Tanya Devine took last month in Australia. I saw her synchronous posts last night J Big thanks, Tanya!

Rainbow at Rainbow Corroboree by Tanya

Rainbow at the Rainbow Corroboree, NSW AUS

Wow. I love how the theme of the alchemical gold is shown as the effect of linking with other rainbow spirited light beings. What a beautiful contrast to the conventional Taurean understanding of ‘wealth’, and how Scorpio is implicit, as in: matter is constantly shaped and trans-formed in the alchemy of life.

The symbol also speaks to the VIR – PI dynamic (see chart above), in terms of linking the celestial and earthly nature which brings riches that are intrinsically valuable – VIRGO’s alignment is such a gift in itself and to herself.


Let’s also be inspired by the Sabian Symbol for the SUN degree (3°44’ SCO):


Candlelight Vigil 21st Anniversary Tiananmen Square Beijing

‘Candlelight’ Vigil –

21st Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests in Beijing (1989)




Keynote: The educative power of ceremonies which impress the great images of a culture upon its gathered participants.

A community of human beings is ensouled by a few basic symbols which structure and illustrate the group’s particular culture and way of life. Rituals and social ceremonies of all types (from a baseball game to a religious service in an old cathedral) incorporate these symbol in traditional forms of activity. As they participate in these collective presentations of commonly accepted values and ideals, the minds and feelings of young people are formed by these symbols. They take the values for granted until the day when they chose to assert their own individuality – or their participation in a generation’s revolt – by scorning the traditional rituals, including as well business rituals. Then they may poignantly search for new ones to participate in.

This…symbol pictures for us the method by which a community of feelings is built during the formative years of childhood and adolescence. The zodiacal sign Scorpio is especially related to rituals including the sex rituals which unite the communicants at the root of their beings. In these sex rituals too, THE POWER OF SYMBOLS is evident, above and beyond the mere biological act.”

The Communion at 4° TAURUS is happening on a deeper, visceral level here.

SCORPIO is associated with ‘power, death, sex, transformation’, and ruled by PLUTO.

Brave and fearless souls like the ones who stood up against the Chinese Communist regime in June 1989 (when PLUTO was in SCO, and SATURN, URANUS, and NEPTUNE in CAP) can, rarely by themselves, but powerfully so in an ‘ensouled’ movement, catalyze collective change. A grand, devoted, and transformational ‘ritual’.

* Gifts of the PISCES – VIRGO FULL MOON (Aug 29): Ride the Waves, Immersed in Your Element!

30 Aug

* Gifts of the PISCES – VIRGO FULL MOON (Aug 29)

Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big wave surfer Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Ride the Waves, Immersed in Your Element!

In Flow, and in the Practice.

In Loving Service.

Earth & Moon

Earth and Moon – We are all in THIS together.

After the FULL MOON its gifts are being released – always true, especially for this one.

This time, a big wave of them, as the post-Full PI MOON this afternoon (exactly at 3:20 pm PDT) engages and aligns with NEPTUNE (which is in its own Piscean domain from 2012 – 2026!).

And the ‘Medicine’ of vulnerability and connectivity reveals itself, under the post-Full PI MOON tomorrow morning (exactly at 9:19 am PDT) connects with CHIRON (which is in PI from 2010 – 2018 / 19).

We ARE all in this together.

In Nov / early Dec (right around the UN Climate Conference in Paris http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en ) SATURN, then in SAG, will square NEPTUNE in PI.

Beyond right and wrong, agenda, religions and politics there is something bigger at stake that connects us all. Climate-on-Earth knows no boundaries and no borders.
Along came an apropos gift from the Full Moon, and contribution from the Islamic world. Deep and powerful declaration! Never mind ‘religion’, connect with the heart and spirit of it! http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/aug/18/islamic-leaders-issue-bold-call-rapid-phase-out-fossil-fuels?CMP=share_btn_fb

On this note, the VIR – PI axis has to do with problems (VIR) and soUlutions (PI).

Connecting deeper and beyond the mental, analytical plane is what the PI MOON, NEPTUNE, CHIRON offers and invites us into.

How can we access and dive into this sphere and field, without drugs and ‘altered states’? Rather in an intrinsic ‘United State of Being’?

With the polarity of two strong energy fields, SUN / JUPITER (the two largest heavenly bodies in our Solar System) on one side of the Earth, and our nearest one, the MOON, appearing as big as the Sun through our exact position in the dance, in the ‘foreground’ of NEPTUNE and CHIRON, this Full Moon can indeed wash a lot up, and might feel disorienting – or we may feel a permission to let go and open up to what IS.

As with every opposition, and esp. the Full Moon, as the ‘grandmother of all oppositions’ we are called to balance and bring together what seems to be polar opposite yet complementary.

The VIR – PI axis is all about…

… from the VIR side being ‘in our temple’ of alignment with our true, holistic nature, doing our wellness practice, and using this precious life time to dedicate our gifts and skills to make the world a better place. In other words, offering sacred service.

VIR is also about digesting experiences, ordering and organizing. In the body, it rules the small intestines.

4 R

Johfra Bosschart: Virgo

At the occasion of VIR coming in strongly, incl. JUPITER now for a year in VIR, I’d love to invite you to

* ASTRO~SOMATICS: Astrology and your Health, Wellness, and Wholeness

FRI Sept 11, from 2:22 – 5:55 pm

Right after the next New Moon – the Partial Solar Eclipse in VIR, is the perfect time that aligns so well as a start of a new 7-week process and journey with


From ROOT to CROWN, from SATURN to the SUN

7 weeks, WED, 7:07 – 9:39 pm. Starting Sept 16, until Oct 28. Covering powerful early Fall 2015 times.

Details for both: https://www.facebook.com/Astrology.for.SelfRealization

… from the PI perspective which is all-encompassing, and nothing needs to be ‘done’ our ‘job’ is rather to perhaps get our ego and attachment to a certain outcome out of the way, be open, surrender, be available, allow, flow, hold space, or simply: BE present.

In our embodiment, PI rules the immune system, our aura, energy field, the subtle bodies and chakras (as a field).


Johfra Bosschart: Pisces & Neptune

So, a combo of both PI and VIR could look like this:

–       Ride the waves, immerses in your element.

–       Your skills are what comes easy.

–       Holding space for others can be the best service you can offer.

–       Clean up and play music. 

–       Energy Medicine. AstroSomatics.

–       Sacred Geometry.

–       Astrology and its practical, embodied benefits.

–       Being in the world, yet not of the world. Doing what needs to be done, yet not in attachment.

–       God helps those who help themselves. Doing our share, and trusting divine intervention.

–       Random acts of service bring fulfillment.

But of course, there is more to the energies that the Full Moon catalyzes.

There ‘she’ is – here we ARE, in the unifying / luna-fying field of the cosmic matrix round planet Earth.

PI - VIR FM 2015

What looks quite ‘simple’ in structure is due to a strong concentration of planets / SUN / MOON in PI, VIR, mid LEO, and early LI:
MOON / NEPTUNE retro and CHIRON retro in PI (exact today / tomorrow morning, Aug 29 / 30)

SUN / JUPITER in VIR (was exact on Wed Aug 26)

VENUS retro / MARS in mid LEO (exact Mon Aug 31)

LILITH / MERCURY / NORTH NODE in early LIBRA (Mercury / Lilith exact yesterday Aug 28, again Oct 3 with Mercury retro, and Oct 13 with Mercury direct; Mercury / NN exact today Aug 29, again Oct 10 under stationary Mercury; Lilith / NN exact Sept 9).