Melanie’s Astro~News Blog
is the ‘writing department’ of 

Astrology for Self Realization

Transformational and Liberating
Astrology Services
since 2000

Inspiring and Supporting You to 

Know Thyself!
Bring out your Best.
Realize and manifest your unique Potential.
Consciously align with and fully live from your deeper Self.
Be aware and awake.
Find your Inner Space of Happiness.
Live with and as Universal Energy.
Be the still point – the ‘hub of the wheel’ – where there’s ease and Natural Power.


ASTROLOGICAL & Tarot CONSULTATIONS (in person and online) for

  • Your Conscious Life Evolution
  • Life Purpose – Soul Purpose
  • Soulful Relationships with Partners, Family, Children
  • You in the World – Relocation / Geographic Astrology.

Please find the various Consultation Options and Offers on the FB Page.

  • Foundations of Astrology
  • Special Advanced Workshops & Courses
  • Embodied Astrology / Chart Constellations
  • Astrology & Voyager Tarot 
  • Planetary Parlours for Upcoming Transits & Trends
  • Astrological Chakra Journey

Please find the upcoming ones under Events on the FB Page.

Comes to you bi-weekly via email (before the New Moon and Full Moon), guides you in your conscious ‘navigation’ with the ‘cosmic Weather’, invites you to Courses, Workshops, and Astro~Experiences, and brings you special Offers.
You are welcome to join the ASTRO~NEWS e-ComMOONity, via the Subscribe to Astro~News tab on my FB Page.


Thank you for tuning in at the Blog, for checking out my Services, and for aligning with the Universe-in-YOU!



Experience Astrology with Melanie

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