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Happy Birthday, New York City!

16 May


Guess whose birthday is today, May 16?
Well, yeah, I gave it away…

Since I feel very connected to New York City, and at the very least I find the City fascinating (and it’s been TOO long since I visited), and I got ‘her’ birth chart(!) here’s to honour and celebrate HER – not only, but definitely: TODAY!


New York Above Gotham


There are a few dates and times for the ‘Birth of the City of Dreams’ and ‘Big Apple’, depending on which event is considered the initiating one.

In 1625, Fort Amsterdam was designated the capital of the province of New Amsterdam, the colonial Dutch settlement which would later become the City of New York. The first Dutch settlers actually arrived in the region in 1624, and the town of New Amsterdam was incorporated in 1653.
The City of New York  was consolidated at a flag raising to the top of the pole over City Hall at 00:00 midnight of 1 January 1898.

So, what about May 16 then?
391 years ago, on May 16, 1626 a historic purchase was made (very TAURUS – very PLUTO / SUN / VENUS in TAURUS actually – see chart below): Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island for 60 gilders (value of something like $ 1500 today) from the Lenape tribe – or, as the story goes, ‘made gifts for the use of their land’. And what a legendary ‘land use and development’ it’s become! We’ll see some of this theme in New York’s chart.
Maybe the first, definitely the biggest capitalist / land speculation coup in history – a pretty famous one anyhow.
Never mind the indigenous wisdom: You belong to the Earth – the Earth doesn’t belong to you. 


Photo: Wall St. Bull (Wiki)

But, as history has it, humanity had to take a ‘detour’.
And Manhattan owes its ‘birth’ to this historic deal:

It’s May 16, 1626 chart sports PLUTO / SUN / VENUS in TAURUS (the sign of the Settler, the Land, the Bull, assimilation, purchases, money, value…. and yummy things like APPLES in the Garden of Eden).


So, let’s take a look at the chart, and what it tells us.

Whoa…. soo much encoded in it, so many stories in these Archetypes – worth of much deeper and broader research and exploration.
But hey, let’s get the ball, or shall I say: Apple, rolling, on ‘HER’ Birthday:


New York City

  • With the time I have for the transaction, 9:33 am EST, the Rising sign is proud and glamourous LEO, ruled by the solid TAURUS SUN – ‘coming out of’ PLUTO, and next to VENUS, in the 10th / 11th house. EARTH is the predominant element.
    But that’s just the first glance…


  • What a powerful (overpowering?) purchase (PLUTO / SUN / VENUS in TAU) – given the VALUE of the land, as history has shown.
    Let me put it in neutral terms: A model to the world (10th house) of what transforming and developing the potential of the land value (PLUTO in TAU) can do. And proudly showing it (LEO Rising) to the world. Definitely not shy. Definitely Celebrity City.


  • Early LEO has an ARIES undertone – pioneer spirit shows. NYC has always been so innovative and creative. Here is where the individual can rise and shine – if…. they also got something potent, valuable, and attractive (PLUTO / SUN – Ruler of the AC / VENUS) to put out to the world.


  • The AC on the CAN / LEO cusp is also the Spirit of Creativity and Welcome! (MOON / SUN ruled). Both definitely signatures of the City – with the hallmark of the Statue of Liberty.


  • SUN / VENUS in late TAU on the 10th – 11th house cusp: Purpose (10th) for the future (11th), from the perspective of 1626, was – with the human PLUTO shadow attached – to create something ever so attractive, through craftiness, ingenuity, and smart, skillful work (late TAU has a VIRGO undertone). The VIRGO undertone also brings us to the Sacred Feminine. You probably know that the Statue of Liberty was donated by France in 1886. Researchers speculate its intentional, masonic placement was, in short, invoking the Egyptian Goddess Isis! Lots of fascinating material out there. 


  • On that note, NYC’s North Node ‘happens to be’ on the ‘Sphinx Point’, also in early VIRGO in ‘her’ 2nd house, next to SATURN: A mandate for NYC to: “Know yourself!” Know what you can do, be in integrity, and don’t loose energy by getting pulled into others’ agenda (South Node in PI in the 8th house).
    Well, there have been more than a few fishy, shady, criminal things going on in NYC’s history that made her infamous… yet, ‘cleaning up’, esp. in the 1990’s became the talk of not just the town but a model of what’s possible. Check out this City Journal article. In the 1990’s, NYC had its Nodal Return in VIRGO, and also SATURN, URANUS, and NEPTUNE were moving through ‘her’ 6th house in CAP. Serious clean-up business. 


  • Re: Early VIRGO North Node, with SATURN, reminds me immediately also of Woody Allen’s movie Manhattan (which I first saw in German, called Der Stadtneurotiker – the City Neurotic – which is what early VIRGO can also turn into, ha-ha!). Woody Allen has a SAG SUN and VIRGO Rising. Makes sense, with his humour. No wonder he is / was one of NYC’s movie trademarks.


  • The MOON in late CAP (with the VIRGO undertone), in the VIRGO related 6th House – NYC had a CAP MOON Lunar Return earlier today too (rare on a birthday): Well, lots of hard work that pays… in the end, if you have resilience, perseverance, and… know the right people – a trine to the SUN / VENUS on the 11th house cusp.


  • The City that never sleeps (MARS in cozy CANCER in ‘her’ 12th house), and always strives (the MOON – ruling CANCER – in CAP in ‘her’ 6th house).


  • NYC’s MOON connects with the U.S. PLUTO in late CAP, both transited by PLUTO, for the first time in history in 2020 – 2022 – a development that can change everything… A major political event? An Evolution that’s already under way…. ? How well do we use resources and time???! Maybe a Revolution at the same time, since the NYC MOON, and the U.S. PLUTO are on the ‘Prometheus Point’ in the Zodiac, where CAP turns into AQUARIUS – rules by… URANUS. Prometheus bringing the ‘Fire of the Gods’ / the privilege of the Elite to Humanity.



‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Prometheus the Awakener is the Archetype related to the Planet Uranus!


  • And in contrast: There’s also ARIES, namely: NYC’s Midheaven, recently transited by URANUS: The spirit of innovation and revolution… Technologically, start-ups, new wave of entrepreneurs, and: Women’s March. URANUS in ARIES (2011 – 18) has brought lots of fast paced innovation, and acceleration of processes, big time via technology, but also in general, for human consciousness. Wake-up calls, and awakening spirit. Independence is a big theme there for URANUS on NYC’s MC.
    More Uranian square activation for the U.S. PLUTO to come, this year, mixing things up, for outmoded controlling forces and structures. Liberty!
    So much fast paced, competitive energy on the ARIES MC – if you can make it there… yet, perhaps nowadays not JUST NYC anymore – the Uranian spirit is everywhere…


  • Speaking of URANUS, it sits on NYC’s 2nd house cusp in LEO – thank Goddess for eccentricity, and unique creative ways of standing out! We love you for that, Big Apple!
    The Total Solar Eclipse over the U.S. on Aug 21 will be on NYC’s URANUS – a new beginning for Liberation and Independence of Self Expression!


  • JUPITER / NEPTUNE in LIBRA in ‘her’ 4th house – City of Dreams – Dream BIG!
    So many hopes (JUPITER) and dreams (NEPTUNE) have brought so many people from many cultures (LIBRA) to New York. And what a cultural and art scene there!
    Plus: The ‘energy exchange’ of the original deal between Peter Minuit (which means midnight in French) on the ‘midnight point’ of the chart, representing to the land and ‘home’ itself, was a big time (JUPITER) give-away (NEPTUNE) / gain. Speaking of ‘balance’!!!

    New York will have ‘her’ JUPITER return this Sept (first contact was already in Jan / Feb) – goes to show, LIBRA’s notion for fairness, justice, and balance is also BIG this year – now that could lead to a whole political discussion…


  • Lastly, the NYC CHIRON in late PISCES in ‘her’ 9th house also returns (every 50 years!) 2017 – 18. The ‘melting pot’ for people from across the world. Once again, we see how vulnerable one can be when looking for a new shore, or simply: surviving. 


Let’s be compassionate. We are all in this together.
New York City Night Map


Birthday Blessings to NYC, and to the NEW YORK SPIRIT in all of us!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





Nodal Shift on Apr 29, over the SPHINX Point, into LEO: Show up in Your Loving Strength!

23 Apr

Now, that’s BIG:
The ‘Karmic Pathways’ a.k.a. Nodal Axis is shifting this month, into LEO / AQ, catalyzed by the TAURUS New Moon (Apr 26)!
For 1 1/2 years, until Nov 16, 2018, we’ll be in the LEO – AQ dynamic, which gives esp. you LEOs out there (by SUN, MOON, AC, and Planets) a natural ‘cosmic boost’.

And it’s a full-circle karmic activation (LEO incentive / AQ release) for all of you who were BORN with the LEO / AQ Nodal Axis:

Nov 1942 – May 1944
June 1961 – Dec 1962
Jan 1980 – Sept 1981
Oct 1998 – Apr 2000


Lunar South Node Glyph

Lunar North Node Glyph

In what way?

Quick re-cap, to show the context, where the energy comes from:
Since Oct 2015, we’ve been ‘under the weather’ of a PISCEAN South Node (intensified in the PISCES Eclipse seasons in March 2016, and Feb / March 2017) that could have drained our energy by ‘taking too much in’ and being ‘exposed’ to wayyyy too much, resulting in overwhelm, confusion, literally a weakening of the immune system.
ALL is ONE, says PISCES, the last and ultimate Zodiac energy, where all comes together, in Unity consciousness, and not just compassion but Oneness with / as ALL.
Yet, that doesn’t suggest to let it all into the human energy field, indiscriminately, unconsciously, to overwhelm ourselves, or try to ‘be everything to everybody’. Now that’s not far from martyrdom and victimhood – not really spiritual.

The Lunar South Node in PISCES, linking with CHIRON (esp. via March 8, 2016 Eclipse), and with NEPTUNE (esp. catalyzed through Feb 26, 2017 Eclipse) is also an indicator that we are gradually leaving the PISCES AGE of the last 2300 years – which of course is a process, not an event. One of the ‘signatures’ of the PISCES AGE is the co-dependent triad of Victim – Perpetrator – Saviour (and Martyr, and a blend of Victim and Saviour).
We are outgrowing this old omni-present paradigm now. Let’s check in, in challenging situations: “Am I one of the 3? Do I ‘cast’ the others, to keep the wheel of karma going???” The last 1 1/2 years with the South Node (release, release….) in PISCES brought these old collective patterns up, to let them GO (bless them with Love, acknowledgment, and gratitude for what they’ve taught us – now we’ve outgrown them).

What helps to determine when they still tend to show up – habitually?
Awareness is the first step – so VIRGO (“What’s going on here?” “What’s the issue?”).

Voyager II Priestess Crystals 1

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card II – Priestess – Photo by Melanie

VIRGO, the complementary opposite of PISCES offers us

  • A clear head – and analytical gift to sort out the situation. Incentive to be in the integrity of our body-mind-spirit ‘Temple’, and to do healthy practices that bring us back to overall wellness and wholeness.

VIRGO is the Archetype of the Sacred Feminine, the Priestess, offering sacred service, to herself and others.

Which goes of course for women and men – the Temple doesn’t have a gender.
Yet, the notion to honour the Feminine has become big over the last 1 1/2 years.

Would be excellent if everything was ‘in place’ now, if we were clear, critical, and discerning, re: ‘what’s real’/ ‘what works’, rather than be fooled and seduced.

It has become clear by now, at the end of the PI / VIR Nodal Axis activation:

  • How important spiritual practice is.
  • How compassion and loving energy needs to show up in ‘real life’.
  • How taking ourselves out of toxic, unhealthy environments (rather than being the martyr) if they overwhelm us and leave us drained, and not feeding anything into it, nor trying to ‘fix it’ can be the most loving act of kindness.
  • How we can offer our love and heartfelt blessings, unattached to the outcome, to situations we can’t personally change.

When in doubt (or overwhelm): How would the Priestess show up in this?
By the way: Practice IS perfect (just in case VIRGO’s notion for perfection and inadequacy tries to block you from doing anything). Sighhhhh (outbreathhhh)!
That’s one the mantras that emerged for me, during the North Node in VIRGO phase. Which goes for my on-going spiritual practice, my Astrology practice, all the technical ‘tricks’ and tools that showed up to be integrated into business, over the last 1 1/2 years.

And you?

  • What are ‘formulas’ and practices you’ve integrated, and that really help you come into alignment with your cosmic Self? 
  • What’s your healthy lifestyle like, and how does it support a fulfilling work and service?

Once VIRGO North Node is ‘established’, i.o.w. the ‘work is in place’, and a healthy practice is integrated, we learned how to work with tools that are helpful, and bring a sense of order and ‘smooth operation’.

Where in your chart and life does the VIR – PI axis show up?

  • VIR in your 1st house of Self – PI in your 7th house of encounters with others:
    Be in your integrity temple, and take care of your own well-being – which gives you energy to be compassionate and available for others, and ‘just present’.
    Much preferable to giving energy away, by trying to help everyone but not yourself.
  • VIR in your 7th house – PI in your 1st house:
    Let go of dwelling in passivity and victim mode. Seek the company of people with whom you can do healthy practice, and service in the world – which clears your energy field too.

Looking at the specifics of your chart would be important to see how it all fits for you.


And now – the Shift!


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card XI – Strength – Photo by Melanie

As the North Node moves from VIRGO to LEO it crosses over the ‘Sphinx Point’ of Self Awareness – an Initiation!

A cosmic, karmic influx of energy (North Node) enters when we apply the tools and practices of awareness (VIR) to the Self (LEO). This is where we are in our Strength.

From the place of Self Awareness (in a ‘regular’ sense: Knowing how we operate, what’s healthy and what works for us, and in a deep way: Who ARE YOU? What is the SELF?) we can flow and roll with life (PI), and be available for Community and Humanity.


However, if we lean too much over to passively following others, on the ‘path of least resistance’, and let them ‘run the show’ we loose energy, get drained, and loose touch with the Self.

I can see this tendency happening through the omni-presence of social (AQ) media (PI), when we get too drawn into the world of others, and become the spectator. Addictive (lower vibration of PI – out of the notion to be connected), and unsatisfying.


Time to… get a LIFE, be self loving, and creative from the inside-out.
Time to let the Self shine, and dance as if no one or everyone (is there a difference?) watches.

Having learned tools and techniques (VIR), and knowing what works for us, what our sacred work is, and how to be in alignment it’s now play time and show time (LEO)!



Fragrant Discovery… Rose Garden Bounty – Photo by Melanie, June 2016

Be creative, show your colours, be generous, and come from the Heart.
Be seen – and loved for who you are!

LEO’s motto is Live Life Lovingly!

Guess who was born with the AQ – LEO Nodal Axis?

Princess Diana (born July 1, 1961) – who moved many with her genuine humanitarian work (AQ), and needed to step out of her AQ shyness and shine as the ‘Queen of Hearts’. The people – AQ (maybe not so much the Royals) had so much love for her – and love never dies….
Ex-President Barack Obama (born Aug 4, 1961), with LEO MERCURY / SUN / LILITH / URANUS / North Node, and AQ Rising / South Node – definitely a ‘King of Hearts’ with a big charisma, while serving the People (AQ). Maybe not really ‘dethroned’…


Speaking of U.S.:
The event this year related to the Nodal Axis in AQ – LEO that stands out most is the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 – with totality over the U.S. – hence declared as ‘Great American Eclipse’ – so American – lots of preparedness and travel info already online for a while.

Since the TSE (and exact New Moon, as the MOON covers the disk of the SUN from Earth perspective) comes with the Lunar North Node it’s a ‘Seed Eclipse’ emphasizing on the beginning of a major new cycle – for the U.S., for Planet Earth, and for all of us, when it comes to Self Awareness, and Service with Love:
Who are we, and what are we doing? How can we do things smarter, and more lovingly? And in a deep way: Who are WE, as Humanity? 
The TSE on Aug 21 is exactly on Trump’s MARS / AC. Can it change his approach of “This is me, and that’s what I’m doing – in macho style” into a higher vibration of LEO / VIR?

How can we outgrow the system (AQ) with LOVE and Strength (LEO)?
How about already invoking your Sphinx Point energies (SUN, if you were born mid – end of Aug, MOON, AC, Planets) for the highest good, in their loving strength?!


Serving with Love and Passion, and wishing us all a year of Love in Action!

© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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Super-Charged LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon (Apr 10 / 11) – Finding Peace and Power, in a Polarized World

9 Apr

Blossoming Spring Blessings, dear Astro*News Reader!

Nature is bursting open with bounteous Beauty, here in the Pacific North-West!
As we’re reaching the First Full Moon in Spring!
Exact tomorrow Apr 10 at 11:08 pm PDT!



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with OSTARA / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.

The pre-Easter Full Moon celebrates the start of the ‘Solar Half of the Year’, as the days are now longer than the nights in the Northern Hemisphere. The SUN is ‘reborn’.

Did you know? Easter – the only Christian holiday based on the lunar calendar – is celebrated on the Sunday after the first Full Moon in Spring.
The word Easter is related to the Dawn / Spring Goddess Ostara.

Death-Rebirth Energy is so much on at this time, with this Full Moon, squared by stationary PLUTO.
How can we BE the Changeless in the Change? 


In the esoteric tradition, this is the first of the three Spiritual Spring Full Moon Festivals:

  • The Festival of the Risen Christ – Easter Full Moon (Apr 10 / 11)
  • The Festival of the Buddha – Wesak Moon (May 10 / 11)
  • The Festival of Humanity (June 9)



Blossom Bounty – photo by Melanie, April 2017


Do you feel it?
The upcoming FULL MOON is full-ON super-charged – in the polarization of opposing energies, with Planet Earth, and us Earth Beings in-between two major energy fields (linked to the biggest bodies in the Solar System – JUPITER and the SUN) that express themselves in quite contrasting ways:

  • Beauty, Bounty, Blessings (Full MOON in LIBRA, with JUPITER retro – to be found within!) – Goddess Energy (MOON / JUPITER).
  • Shake-ups, Turbulence, Disruption, Conflict (SUN / URANUS in ARIES, both also close to ERIS – the Asteroid of Discord). The SUN will connect with URANUS directly on Apr. 13.
  • Change must happen, and IS under way (well, it comes often as destruction and rebuilding, death and resurrection), says evolutionary change agent PLUTO in CAP, presently (Apr / May) stationary (since it’ll go retro on Apr 20) AND in sharp T-square to the Full Moon axis. PLUTO is the release point… what does it mean to BE the Change / BE the Phoenix?

Going mental over all that craziness?
MERCURY retro (started today Apr 9 from early TAU, see Mercury retro energy blog post, and tool kit blog post) will re-visit ARIES for an extended time, Apr 20 – May 15, and connect with URANUS there twice, on Apr 28 and May 9. As you see in the Full Moon chart, MERCURY is very close to SUN / URANUS / ERIS, and about to approach them, in reverse gear. What has been stirred up and caused turmoil is also a wake-up call, and awakening kicker.

What may be reflected in a polarized collective and geo-political scene (just check events from last week!) can also show up personally as inner dilemmas, conflicts, and ‘hard choices’ (esp. in areas of life relating to where we are sensitized to the ARIES – LIBRA axis).
Bridging, and, perhaps even more so, Finding Balance is a BIG Deal (JUPITER in LIBRA, activated by the Full MOON).
Naturally, what’s experienced as ‘The Other’ is often a reflection or even a projection (“no, I’m not like that!”). Can we balance and integrate the shadow (PLUTO), just as an acknowledgement, not as a ‘big deal’, and come back to the balancing ‘Still Point’?


Beacon Hill Bridge

Bridge Reflections – Photo by Melanie


The ‘old world’ / old consciousness in its patriarchal, hierarchical control-based military / industrial complex manifestation is SO passe and unsustainable (PLUTO in CAP). Yet, it still seems to be in charge – destructively so, which can render us depressed and disempowered.

How do we regain regenerative power?
Or rather : How can we come to the inner power-centre that’s always ‘there’?


  • Neither ‘fighting the demons’, nor putting the head in the sand…?
    What’s the ‘Middle Way’ that’s not a compromise but comes from a truly balanced place and powerful core?
    SO many ancient spiritual teachings, traditions, and practices (TAO, Yoga, ZEN, Buddhism…) have already entered the modern world during the PLUTO in SAG years 1995 – 2008. Now it’s time to actually LIVE the spiritual teachings that resonate with our soul. Whichever they may be, none better or more ‘true’ than the other, all taking us to our divine nature and nature-all perfection that isn’t identified with the ego-construct, rather in tune with life… that’d be the direct way in my sense.
    In the meantime:


  • Rather than ranting at the destructive Patriarchy (well, yeah, so much anger stirred up, understandably!) are you up for living in the Alchemy of Inner Masculine (SUN in ARIES, ruled by MARS), and Inner Feminine (MOON in LIBRA, ruled by VENUS)?The Full Moon ‘constellation’ highlights the Alchemy!


Johfra Bosschart Gemini Phoenix

Mercury Rules Gemini, the Masculine & Feminine Twins of Polarity / Duality. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper detail: The Phoenix


  • The GEMINI / MERCURY / PHOENIX image points to MERCURY, the ‘lesser Alchemist’ (while PLUTO represents the Big Magus). MERCURY went retro yesterday, just before the  LI – AR Full Moon., and can also help us access the inner Alchemy of Opposites – so liberating (MERCURY / URANUS connection in the ‘Heart of M-r’)!


  • The Lunar North Node, presently on the LEO – VIR ‘Sphinx Point’ (still on the VIR side, ruled also by MERCURY) gives us incentive to be self aware, and aligned with our cosmic Self (PI South Node).
    The ‘karmic’ Nodal Axis will shift backwards in the Zodiac (always ‘retro’) into AQ (South Node) – LEO (North Node) on Apr 29 – themes for another blog post round the TAURUS New Moon on Apr 26. Stay tuned.In accord with VIRGO awareness, it always helps to identify the archetypal ‘players’ first. Awareness leads to freedom from being unconsciously, ‘chaotically’ identified with or absorbed by them, and having a charge around ‘the opposite’. And from there / as that, be in tune and alignment with nature – and our true nature (which is super simple… but not always easy, in the human journey).
    That’s why Astro*News is here, and what I want you to help with, via writing, personal sessions, and in groups.


So, let’s take a look at the LIBRA – ARIES Full Moon chart, and glean more messages from it:
The Full Moon will be exact tomorrow Apr 10 at 11:08 pm PDT!


LI - AR FM 2017

I penciled the names of some sign cusps in that planets occupy, since cusp energy stands out nowadays!

The Sphinx Point where the North Node is (see above) is a commonly used term among Astrologers, while the others are the terms I use to illustrate the transition energy from each Zodiac sign to the next.

So let’s hear it for the Archetypes, and cuspy vibes:


  • North Node on the LEO – VIR Sphinx Point: Awareness Rules. 
    We’ve learned an important set of tools (on all levels) since the NN entered VIR, in Oct 2015, that help with being clear, in alignment and wholeness, rather than drawn into chaos, addiction, overwhelm.
    April is a practice wrap-up time of that cosmic ‘workshop’, as we’ re transitioning into expressing more clearly from our heart-integrity (LEO – VIR).


  • SATURN hovers now stationary (just went retro on Apr 6) at the end of SAG, in the ‘Galactic Centre’ which may appear as a ‘dead end’ / ‘black hole’, just before the transition into CAP, the Integrity Point.
    When ‘nothing makes sense’, and the leaders don’t have answers: What’s the Pathless Path…? Not that it ‘gets us somewhere’. Rather an inner guidance without any agenda. A preparation to live even more so from what we know, in our ‘simple’ inner authority, under SATURN in CAP (from Dec 19 on). 


  • VENUS retro, now back in late PI, approaches CHIRON, both on the ‘Birthing Point’ a.k.a. Spring Equinox Point. And: After a retro journey since March 4, VENUS will turn direct on April 15. VENUS and CHIRON are close to each other all April.
    In the VENUS retro journey, ‘love wounds’ and old co-dependent relationship patterns on all levels (interpersonal, societal, spiritual – yes, even relationships with the spiritual realm!) are coming back so that we feel them, release, and allow healing to happen.
    From there we can more truly re-connect in what IS, live and attract from LOVE. A Birthing indeed.


  • VENUS retro / stationary / CHIRON squares SATURN stationary / retro (throughout April, CHIRON – SATURN exact on Apr 30) – an inward journey… perhaps to discover what never dies, what can’t be wounded or healed. Can you let yourself BE, without the notion to ‘go anywhere’? A teaching that may come in that space isn’t really so much ‘teaching’, rather ‘unlearning’. The Medicine in the Love that IS.


  • SUN / URANUS / ERIS and MERCURY retro on the ‘Settling Point’ from AR to TAU.
    Settling? Comfort? Security? So much conflict in the world!
    We gotta look at Asteroid Goddess ERIS of strive and discord. ‘She’s been in ARIES since 1926, and presently at 23:14 AR (check her Ephemeris here), super close to URANUS, and activated by the Full Moon.
    The mind (MERCURY) might wonder… “you gotta be kidding, these times?!”
    When the world is so unsettled and polarized, where is the ground (TAU), in every moment (UR in AR)? We may realize, security is just another concept. The Sabian Symbol for the MERCURY station tells us a bit about that… What a powerful, and definitely ‘retro’ message for the whole M-r phase – bringing the Mind back to SPIRIT / Consciousness (see Mercury retro / Saturn retro blog post). Radical impermanence, and aliveness in what-IS may be the ultimate security in the ‘Ground of all Being’. Acting from that place is more powerful anyway – as the Ancients and Masters know.


  • Lastly, stationary PLUTO in CAP (going retro from Apr 20 on, hence April is quite a PLUTO month too), in squaring the Full Moon Axis, is the ‘release point’ – rather than being torn and polarized, fragmented and pulled under, the ‘way out’ is the ‘way IN’: Transformation into Living from the Core!
    Warning (relief): it’s not a destination / outcome (as ‘old CAP’ would like to see it) but a powerful way of Being, to be found step-by-step.


Wishing us all a powerful, deeply transformational FULL MOON and Easter Time!

The TAURUS New Moon on April 26 will be a SuperMoon!
You might wonder: Wait a minute, it’s not a Full Moon!
Also New Moons can be SuperMoons – when they are very close to the Earth (called perigee) – the first of 3 SuperNewMoons

Astrologically, a SuperSeed energy… stay tuned for the SuperNewMoon Astro*News.



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* LEO – AQ Full Moon / Penumbral North Node Lunar Eclipse next to Regulus (on the VIR / LEO ‘Sphinx Point’) on Feb 10: Serving Humanity with Self Awareness, and from Our Loving Heart ♥

10 Feb

The YIN FIRE Rooster / PHOENIX has risen, with the Chinese New Year / AQ New Moon (Jan 27 / 28)!

And more fierce & fiery energy is building, across the board now – nothing boring!

  • Are you coming out of ‘hibernation’ (perhaps from a phase longer than ‘just’ the Winter)?
  • What in you is ‘rising from the ‘dead’ and from the ‘ashes’? Or even erupting? 
  • Can you feel the surge of energy, and fiery spirit building? Upset, angry, explosive?
  • Bursting open, to express yourself more authentically and freely than in a long time?! 

Out with the old and told, in with the fresh and new!

As I’m writing to you I let Palo Santo wood incense burn, and clear the energy field. Was called to do this, and felt instant calming and purifying of what was disturbing before, from being affected by a neighbour’s disruptive noise. Very LEO / VIR – PI / AQ. Sacred ceremony in my ‘temple’ while living together in a shared environment.


Heart Lava, Kilauea. Photo by B. Lewis

Heart Lava, Kilauea. Photo by B. Lewis


The FIRE Element and Energy show up in many ways now – quite strikingly for the phase from the penumbral Lunar Eclipse in fiery LEO to the ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse, and throughout March!

Calling us to bring our authentic, free, passionate, knowing Heart-Spirit forward, and into action!
Several Hot Spots… Follow the Spirit!

* FIRE on the RISE * 7-fold Line-up in the chart:




  • Feb 10: Full Moon / Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the VIR / LEO cusp next to the brightest star in LEO, Regulus: Serving Humanity with our Loving Heart!
  • Feb 13: LILITH crosses over the ‘Phoenix Point’ from SCO into SAG – The Transformed Feminine is Rising & Taking Flight! Call of the Wild and Free (see blog post – come to the ‘Wildshop’ on the DAY of the Transition, Feb 13. if ‘she’ calls you!).
  • MARS is in its own ‘warrior domain’ ARIES now (since the New Moon on Jan 27, until March 9). Time to get started and go for it (esp. where ARIES is in our chart.).
  • VENUS, now also in ARIES (since Feb 3 until – June 6, due to retro phase in March / April) helps us to attract through rawness and courage.
  • Hot Spot 1:
    VENUS & MARS dance very closely together in ARIES (you can see them in the evening sky – VENUS is the brilliant ‘Evening Star’, and orangey MARS to ‘her’ left, from Earth perspective), all throughout February, while (usually faster) VENUS, instead of passing MARS, is slowing down soon, to ‘back off’, for her retro ‘underworld’ journey, from March 4 – Apr 15. What are we passionate about and ready to set in motion? And how does that line up with our authentic nature?
  • Hot Spot 2:
    SATURN will be mid Feb to mid May stationary (going retro on Apr 6) in the ‘Galactic Centre’ (26° – 28° SAG): When ‘nobody knows where we’re going’ ultimate inner Heart-knowing guides us on the path.
  • Hot Spot 3:
    Very fiery days from Feb 22 – 27: MARS in ARIES will exactly square PLUTO in CAP, join up with URANUS in ARIES (every 2 years only), and oppose JUPITER retro in LIBRA – re-activating the epic URANUS – PLUTO Square (was exact 7 times between 2012 – 2015). The charge is building throughout Feb – catalyzed by the Eclipses, and its effects extend into March. Uprising for Change. Accelerated inner Liberation and Transformation!
    Special blog post to come, for this ‘happening’.


Lunar Eclipse Penumbral

Eclipse season this month of February (twice a year, a pair of Eclipses occurs)!

Remember the last Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Sept 2016 in VIR / PI (they were ‘kickers’, with Mercury retro in VIR, and NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PI ‘attached’, PLUTO stat., and SATURN square NEPTUNE!)?

Eclipses 101:

  • Eclipses occur when a New Moon and Full Moon are close to the Nodal Axis which is presently in PI – VIR. The closer the more likely a Total Eclipse.
  • Eclipses come twice a year, and in pairs. When there’s a New Moon close to the Nodal Axis, say, in PI (Feb 26), the Full Moon before (Feb 10) or after is closest to the Nodal Axis, hence an Eclipse too. The previous pair was on Sept 1 (New Moon / Solar Eclipse in VIR), and 16 (Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in PI – VIR).
  • Eclipses are at the same position in the Zodiac every 19 years:
    Feb 26, 1998 was a Solar Eclipse in early PI. March 13, 1998 a Lunar Eclipse in VIR – PI.
    Feb 26, 2017 will be a Solar Eclipse in early PI. Today Feb 10, 2017 is a Lunar Eclipse in LEO / VIR – AQ / PI.
    So you might want to review where you were at 19 years ago, esp. if you have your SUN, MOON, Planets, or even Nodes in early VIR – PI.
  • The effect of the Eclipses extends for more than ‘just’ a lunar month phase, rather 2 – 3 months, some say it’s a chain from Eclipse ‘season’ (last one in Sept 2016) to Eclipse season…
  • Eclipses are a RE-set, like rebooting your computer, after a temporary turning off of the energy (here: of the MOON). In other words, a RE-generation of Feminine energies, after a ‘darkening’.
    Resonant with this theme are two other Astro happenings:
    LILITH will on Feb 13 shift out of deep, dark SCO, and uplift into SAG (see feature below, in Astro~Weather). VENUS is about to go retro ‘into the underworld’ in March / April, for ‘her’ regeneration.
  • A penumbral Lunar Eclipse like the one today happens when the MOON moves through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow – an ‘imperfect alignment (interesting VIR theme, with the Eclipse on the LEO / VIR cusp). 


The Eclipse might be faint in visual effect but it’s quite significant astrologically, since it’s so close to REGULUS, the ‘Heart of the Lion’, and brightest star in LEO!

LEO Constellation, with Regulus, the Heart of the Lion,

LEO Constellation, with Regulus, the Heart of the Lion

According to Earthsky, “A series of monthly lunar occultations of Regulus started on December 18, 2016, and will continue to take place until the series’ conclusion on April 24, 2018.”

This is very relevant for the U.S. and their current president whose MARS / AC is at the end of LEO.
The Fixed Star REGULUS has the following traditional connotations.
Here’s an extensive description of Regulus –  the LEO constellation drawing above is from that page.

Clearly, on the LEO / VIR transition the theme is: The King / Queen is the first servant of the state (Frederick the Great coined this term) – rather than ‘stuck in LEO mode’ a la “L’Etat c’est moi!” – possibly by the ‘Sun King’ Roi Soleil Louis XIV), of course. The current U.S. president is under scrutiny in this regard. Some parallels with Louis XIV occurred to me…


Sphinx on the Giza Plateau – Photo by Melanie, Egypt Journey with my AQ Friend Marina, Nov 2010…

Sphinx on the Giza Plateau – Photo by Melanie, Egypt Journey with my AQ Friend Marina, Nov 2010…

… interesting that there is even a 3D ‘pyramid shape’ slightly hidden in the Full Moon chart, with URANUS / MC as the apex – can you see it?

The LEO / VIR transition, as addressed many times on this ‘channel’ is also known as the ‘Sphinx Point’, or Self Awareness Point in the Zodiac.

Here, the vibrant, self radiant, self enamoured LEO energy reflects on itself and becomes aware of who s/he is. And what s/he can do for others.

The ‘Sphinx Point’ is an initiation from ‘being chosen’, ‘being special’, ‘being privileged’, ‘being king / queen / prince / princess’ to becoming a Priest/ess, to offering sacred service. A transition from the ‘palace’ to the ‘temple’.

If you have Planets, SUN, MOON, Nodes on the ‘Sphinx Point’ their Archetypes guide you through this initiation to being of service.

It has to start with self reflection and self awareness “Who am I?”  from which follows a notion to extend ourselves to others: “What can we do for others?” “How can we be of service?”.


The Eclipse is a ‘RE-SET’ of the theme on the Sphinx Point.

Since it’s an ECLIPSE of the MOON, by the Earth Shadow which causes the temporary darkening, literally Mother Earth – on the AQ – PI side of the MOON provokes and evokes a ‘RE-SET’ of WE The People, The Climate & The Planet. That’s where Collective Interconnectivity come in (AQ – PI). We’re all in this together! A movement is obviously already kindled and happening in the U.S.
In our personal lives, and starting from # 1, the Eclipse calls us to be in touch with our loving and creative Heart (LEO / REGULUS), love and understand ourselves, be in integrity, and be there for others, from a place that gives us most joy.

This Eclipse with the FULL MOON in LEO is a ‘precursor’ for the Lunar Nodes shifting into LEO / AQ from Apr 29 on:
Loving Heart creations and showing ourselves more fully are the incentives, vs. just ‘watching the show’ (AQ South Node).


On that note, the present South Node on the PI / AQ cusp asks us to let go of excessive, draining ‘overwhelm’ that makes us passive, or even: addicted (since it’s not the ‘real thing’ of being actually connected – PI needs to be connected, and can turn into addictions as a compensation… yet it’s never ‘enough’). Reminds me of omnipresent media ‘flood’ nowadays… Definitely healthy to take a break, do our own ‘thing, and practice that grounds us and brings us back into alignment (VIR North Node).


Lunar South Node Glyph

Lunar South Node Glyph

Lunar North Node Glyph

Lunar North Node Glyph

The Nodal axis invites us to balance both ‘poles’ in a healthy way, starting with ‘breathing in’ beneficial energies on the VIR / LEO side:

Gaining a better understanding of ourselves, and loving ourselves for who we ARE. From there connecting with others, friends, groups, humanity, or even an ‘anonymous crowd’ that carries an energy we support or that carries us. If we ‘pick up’ energies from the ‘field’ it’s good to do some clearing and release – just as a regular practice. These energies are collective, and for some reason of resonance or empathy we tap in and absorb them. Maybe they evoke compassion in us – beautiful! Maybe that prompts us to do something for others, and connect. Otherwise, releasing the ‘random’ vibes is definitely cool too. Nature is wonderful for this.


Brief Review of the Lunar Nodes / Eclipses in VIR – PI, from Fall 2015 until Spring 2017:

Now we’re coming to the last pair of Eclipses where VIRGO and PISCES are involved, as the Nodal Axis is shifting back (always going retro) into LEO / AQ, on April 29.

The Lunar Nodes have been in VIR / PI since Oct 2015.
Key event at the time: Syrian Refugee ‘Crisis’. Waves of war traumatized families and individuals escaped in despair, ‘stranded’ on Greek shores, and arrived in Central Europe, after the long, arduous trek (SATURN had just re-entered SAG then too). Question was: How can they be helped? North Node in VIR.  
More chaos and overwhelm (PI) followed, also due to more and more recognition how the world and humanity is interdependent. What happens to a ‘part’ of the system can affect everything and everybody, environmentally, geopolitically, economically, on all levels. Butterfly effects… and then there’s the world of social media where posts go ‘viral’.
From a Quantum and Spiritual perspective there IS only ONE (field) here.  
The PI side made us quite vulnerable too (CHIRON in PI), yet Being in the Love, and staying connected is also the healing agent and medicine.

The VIR side has shown us how we as individuals (even if that is ultimately an illusion) can and must become aware of what’s going on, continue to do the good work, help others, and bring ourselves back into alignment by doing our health / wellness practice.


The Solar Eclipse in early PI on Feb 26 will be a ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Eclipse where the MOON doesn’t quite cover the Solar disk, creating a fiery ‘Ring’ effect.

More about the Solar Eclipse in a timely Astro~News blog post for it!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* VENUS crosses the ‘SPHINX Point’, and enters VIRGO on Oct 8 :: Inner Sacred Feminine in the Temple of Wholeness, Relax, Receive, and Reconnect!

8 Oct

VENUS crosses the ‘Sphinx Point’, and enters VIRGO on Oct 8 for a journey in the sign of the Sacred Feminine until Nov 8.

VENUS is about to square (can you feel it already?) SATURN in SAG on Oct 10, and oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI on Oct 16. Later on this month, VENUS will go into trine alignment in Earth signs  with PLUTO on Oct 23, meet JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON  retro in PI on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day).

The grand finale of VENUS’ journey in VIRGO land will be ‘her’ conjunction with MARS (they were already together, in LEO, on Aug 31) on Nov 2.


4 R

Johfra Bosschart: Virgo, ruled by Mercury


Inner Sacred Feminine in the Temple of Wholeness, Relax, Receive, and Reconnect!

Get ready to bode VENUS farewell in LEO where ‘she’ has been for an unusually long time this Summer and early Fall, due to her retrograde journey (July 25 – Sept 6), almost entirely in LEO. What an extended and generous – too hot and fiery in the forests and in the land! – Summer 2015 it’s been! I trust your inner journey has shown what brings you true joy, from the inside out.



VENUS will re-visit the Sphinx Point from LEO to VIRGO on Oct 8 – where ‘she’ already hovered from July 18 – 31, and from which ‘she’ went retrograde on July 25. Remember?

After the retro phase that completes its shadow phase just now (yep, the shadow takes until VENUS goes in forward motion to the place from which ‘she’ went retro before) the ‘RE-newed VENUS’ enters VIRGO on Oct 8 to travel fully through this energy of initiation, purity, alignment, practice, service – and these qualities come now from our intrinsic value/s.

Have you RE-visited old stories of being too dependent on and oriented towards how others respond to you, where you have been strategizing your relatedness, under VENUS retro? The new VENUS (in her Morning Star glory) attracts from her intrinsic values, and the VIR side shows us that we don’t ‘need’ private one-on-one relationships because we feel incomplete or ‘not good enough’ without them. What matters primarily is our wholeness, in alignment with spirit and soul. We offer our skills and service from that place. ‘Work relationships’ in this sense are fulfilling. The LIBRAN dance with another may follow.
VENUS on the ‘Sphinx Point’ again – yet anew now – initiates us into self-awareness and service.

A time for RE-flection, indeed, also under MERCURY now in retro storm (going direct on Oct 9), in LIBRA (until Nov 1) which is ruled by VENUS.
VENUS in VIR (ruled by Mercury) and MERCURY in LIBRA, both travelling about the same speed, one sign from each other, and they will be in ‘mutual reception’ (in each others’ ruled signs) that creates an ‘infinite loop’ and energetic focal point.
Which can be a good thing, as we enjoy getting things done, cleared and organized, and drawn to develop healthy, productive habits (VENUS in VIR), and engage our mind in reciprocity and mutuality (MERCURY in LI) – in other words, we don’t have to do it all ourselves (VIR is so self contained – partially out of integrity, partially out of perfectionism, or even angst), yay!
VENUS in VIR and MERCURY in LI in combination are not the best team to be blunt, direct, and assertive. Diplomacy and cautious, considerate negotiation and coordination with others are rather their signature. Which is an art and virtue, but can be also an obstacle when it comes to pro-actively stepping forward. Who’s making the first move?

Good thing that both of these planetary energies are now REnewed, and ‘Morning Stars’, AFTER the VENUS RETRO phase and the MERCURY RETRO phase, and can be accessed more ‘from the inside out’ and Self directed:
With VENUS post-retro, we can more fully value ourselves and attract from there, yet also know that what we attract is a reflection of aspects (incl. projected shadow aspects) of ourselves.
VENUS, only 2 days into VIRGO will on 10 / 10 square SATURN in SAG which helps us see that shadow projection too.

You may say: VENUS is considered ‘in Fall’ in VIR (‘she’ is exalted in PI) – what’s with that?
This too only illustrates and warns us of the shadow and ‘low grade’ VENUS in VIR: Pleasing because of inner inadequacy, self-critical tendencies, and a need to fabricate perfection. After the VENUS retro phase there is a much better chance to not buy into those old stories and conditioning anymore, and rather value one’s wholistic inner sacred Feminine.

Our work and practice is our temple, and so is our body. Let’s treat them with reverence, and begin every day and every new act of service as if we entered a sacred space.

VIRGO’s journey has to do with alignment of the human self with cosmic consciousness, through awareness, spiritual practice, and acts of service.

The MOON – esoteric ruler of VIRGO – Sacred Feminine / Priestess / Virgin / Mother Mary, and Harvest Goddesses /– welcomes VENUS on Oct 8.

All of us are called to do our sacred work and practice, in this Body-Temple and Temple of the Here-Now. And to harvest its fruits, in inner fulfillment.


Saturn Pop

On Oct 10, right after entering VIR, VENUS squares SATURN – for the 3rd and last time since ‘her’ retro phase (also on July 13 in pre-retro, and in retro on Aug 5).

Having gone through the VENUS retro phase of RE-connecting with intrinsic values and healthy self-love, it is much easier and we are clearer when it comes to discerning what serves and is healthy (VIR) and saying NO (SATURN) to certain offers and directions (SAG) so that we can say YES to others that we are aligned with (VIR). When such a challenge arises that feels like a rejection / limitation ask yourself: What’s the initiation here? It might feel like a test – but hey, be the tester too!



VENUS will oppose NEPTUNE retro in PI on Oct 16 – not really a ‘challenging’ transit aspect. More a dilemma between (VENUS in VIR) our love for ‘doing the work’, and receiving, surrendering, relaxing, just being (NEPTUNE in PI). NEPTUNE is also the ‘higher octave’ of VENUS, transpersonal and universal loving-beingness. So let’s allow it to reach us, and allow ourselves to reach others and meet life from this space. Working in the ‘field’ (as in: quantum field), and helping from a loving place where energy streams is a beautiful way of being with this tension.


Pluto Heartjpg

On Oct 23, VENUS in VIR will go into trine with PLUTO in CAP, a stabilizing effect, esp. for relationships and work projects that have integrity.


Jupiter Eye

VENUS in VIR meets JUPITER on Oct 25, and opposes CHIRON on Oct 27 (Full Moon Day). Yes, this will be also the signature of the Full Moon in TAU – SCO on Oct 27. Doing the work, being of service, and doing the ‘little things well’ can be very fulfilling. Let us be grateful (JUPITER) for our health and well-being that allows us to be available, to offer our presence, and to be where help is needed.

The VENUS / JUPITER in VIR – NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PI bridge is also loosely linked up with the new Nodal Axis theme, of Lunar South Node in PI and Lunar North Node in VIR, from Oct 10 on.
More about the NODAL SHIFT in the next ASTRO~NEWS Blog.


Hubble Mars

Finally, at the very end of her journey through VIR, VENUS has a ‘date’ with MARS, on Nov 2. Not the first one this round (usually once a year), mind you, since both planets already united on Aug 31 in LEO, while VENUS was still retro which could have evoked drama, passion, the need to be seen and loved, and how that is projected outward and onto us. Did we engage in the outer world / with others, or take time for reflection in that regard? Maybe both. We know more now, are more seasoned and down-to-Earth again, which can support unions and creative endeavours that are more healthy and functional, and where we come from a place of integrity and inner wholeness.

Blessings for the month with VENUS in VIRGO!
May the inner Priestess-in-wholeness be our muse and mentor.



* MARS crosses the SPHINX POINT, and enters VIRGO (Sept 24), to immediately square SATURN in SAG (Sept 25) :: What’s True Strength and Self Control?

24 Sep

PLUTO is the ‘transpersonal MARS’ – Higher Power vs. Personal Power, Will, Assertion, Life Force.

Today, on the SAME day when PLUTO turns from retro to direct (see previous post), MARS goes over the ‘Sphinx Point’ from LEO to VIRGO, and squares SATURN in SAG right away, tomorrow.

How about this simple quote (a client of mine said it at the beginning of a forward): “You might see this differently…”  ?
SO the high road for Saturn in SAG squared by Mars in VIR. Rather than preaching (watch for Saturn in Sag shadow of dogmatic rigidity and “ONLY I / we know what’s right and true here…”) and criticizing (one of the Virgo Mars ‘specialties’). If only more people could truly, honestly say that. If only the leaders (politically, religiously, and wherever a lot is invested in beliefs, opinions, and ‘paths’) could say that to each other and mean it….


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot XI Strength

Photo by Melanie


So, with MARS on the Sphinx Point, square SATURN on the Phoenix Point:

What is real Strength, and Self-Control?

Here is an excerpt of the Voyager Tarot book for XI Strength says it all::

“As Leo the Lion, symbolic of rulership, Strength represents the law of self-dominion. Strength is the free and controlled total expression of your being. As symbolized by the headrest Shu – Egyptian god of the air who brought order out of chaos – maintain dominion over your mind. The pool of fiery water symbolizes your emotional control. The hand on the lion’s face represents dominion over your physical and animal lusts and appetites. The Parthenon is a symbol of your mastery over your worldly life.

Your supportive, non-possessive hands represent the freedom of expression you give to your attributes. Like the singing bird and blossoming flower, don’t be afraid to declare yourself and show your colours. Have the courage of the lion to be yourself.

Like the half-human, half-animal face, you can put on many masks, Be versatile, a player of many roles. As the fragile but strong egg and butterfly, express yourself in the yin and yang. Strength is living in full accord with the undiluted multiplicity of your spirit.”


SPHINX & PHOENIX: Self-Aware, We Rise!

22 Aug

Aug 21 / 22
SUN on the SPHINX Point square MOON / SATURN on the PHOENIX Point:
Self-Aware, We Rise!


Sphinx in Giza Nov 2010

A mini crisis?
Quarter Moons and squares are charged phases that can be stressful, but also push us into growth and action.
The present square on two points in the Zodiac that are magical / alchemical (SCO / SAG) and about Self Awareness (LEO / VIR) is a great opportunity to once again dive into our hidden depths (SATURN in SCO – since Oct 2012 – we’ve had lots of ‘training’ in that ‘category’ by now), let our emotional body (MOON in SCO) alchemize through the process, and rise again.
The SUN in late LEO, on the SPHINX Point, representing the brilliant light of Self is once again being initiated into awareness of itself (VIR) while being challenged / tested through deep processes (SCO) – the PHOENIX Point
. Perhaps the last test of such a kind in a long time. Let’s use this charge wisely.
Our chart constellations this afternoon were a fine example of going deep, transforming what’s ready to be shed, and arising brightly.


Phoenix Bird, rising reborn

There will be still squares from the MOON in fixed signs (on Sept 4 and 11) as long as SATURN is in deep dark SCO, until Sept 17, but not from / to other planetary Archetypes. Squares have a MARS undertone and work best with a dynamic, action oriented outlet: Under the Sphinx / Phoenix Square, let’s be the Warriors of Love and Life that carry us through the darkness to the light – where the Phoenix rises out of the ashes and is being transformed in the process. outlet: Under the Sphinx / Phoenix Square, let’s be the Warriors of Love and Life that carry us through the darkness to the light – where the Phoenix rises out of the ashes and is being transformed in the process.