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SATURN in CAPRICORN (Dec 20, 2017 – Dec 16, 2020): About TIME…!

16 Dec

SATURN, the Archetype of the INNER ELDER / TEACHER / SAGE  will enter its own ‘mountainous’ domain of CAPRICORN on DEC 19 (Dec 20 AST, and anywhere East of it).

It wants (us) to climb – saying: Humanity, you can do better!

SATURN in CAP until DEC 16, 2020 will shape us up, and help us grow up, to be more fully on purpose, and not waste (anymore) precious time and resources.
2020 btw will be a huge CAP year, with JUPITER, SATURN, and PLUTO – big time structural changes!


SATURN has a 29-year cycle, and hasn’t been in CAP since NOV 1989 – JAN 1991, a time of huge structural changes esp. with the Berlin / East German Wall coming down, with a domino effect on Eastern European Communist regimes…

Societally, are we into times of more control, restrictive laws, and authoritarian, ultra conservative regimes?
Definitely a possibility. I trust that LILITH and PLUTO in CAP, ahead of SATURN, are ‘regulating’, and show how empowerment of people (esp. those usually on the ‘bottom of the pyramid’) is now underway, not to be controlled anymore.
JUPITER in SCO this year (Oct 2017 – Nov 2018) also helps to bring out hidden agenda.
And URANUS going into TAU (first brief phase May – early Nov 2018, then from March 2019 on) is a big Wake-up call of the Earth, and of values that matter.

Change is upon us. We gotta step into our natural authority, and not give it away (old mode SAT – CAP).
SATURN in CAP helps us with being resilient, and not give up – when the goal is worth pursuing and attaining.

And it helps us with saying NO to what’s a waste of time and energy.
Apropos energy:
SATURN in CAP is super energy efficient, and therefore into
Refuse – reuse – repurpose – recycle.


First things first (a la CAP):
What a Winter SoUlstice this will be, with SUN & SATURN aligned on the ‘Integrity Point, the first degree of CAP (see chart below)!
Hasn’t happened since 1870 that SATURN entered CAP just before Winter Solstice.

Here’s the SABIAN Symbol of 1° CAP:

Chief Seattle


KEYNOTE: The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.

The religious ideal implied in the preceding symbol has now materialized or crystallized into sheer power — the power to lead the community and to ensure its welfare or even its physical survival. The energies released through group cooperation (Libra), deepened and emotionally experienced as forces of great potency (Scorpio), and given meaning and conscious purpose (Sagittarius) are now stabilized and hierarchized. The power of the group is turned into a measurable and carefully managed “capital.” The words “chief” and “capital” come from the same Latin word, caput, meaning “head.”
A time comes in many lives when the individual finds themselves placed in a situation that allows them to assume power over their comrades, however limited this power may be. Is he / she ready to do this effectively and responsibly? This is the supreme test of a human being in society.
It complements its polar opposite (Summer Solstice degree), which refers to the acceptance by the individual of a new kind of allegiance as a foundation for the integration of a mature personality. Such a foundation may, but need not, refer to establishing a home.

This represents the first stage in a five-fold process — the fifty-fifth sequence of five symbols. It refers to the capacity latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group-situation.”


SATURN in CAP is clearly about Authority – a notion to claim it where appropriate, and the repercussions of its use (or abuse).
Quite clearly, we’re seeing plenty of evidence of the necessity for responsible leadership and authority, and for the misuse of it. The theme becomes more prominent in the SATURN in CAP years that can also have a heightened karmic effect (SATURN being the ‘Lord of Karma’, in its own domain CAP), across the board.
What / who’s evidently not fit for authority must adjust, or go.
Actually quite simple.

May better leadership and authority establish itself in these years.
What in us doesn’t step UP to the occasion, and assume leadership (because you can, you have the cap-acities)?
What’s in the way of truly leading your life?


Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacles is / was) to the Light.

Elephant headed Ganesh, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles on the Path’ is buddies with SATURN, and can be invoked (if you resonate with him), to bring the (actual) obstacles to the light, whatever they may be, and a path to overcome or release them.

Speaking of The Path, SATURN comes out of SAG as it enters CAP.
And SAG is a lot about the Path we’re on.

Under SATURN in SAG over the last almost 3 years (since DEC 2014, and fully from SEPT 17, 2015 on) we’ve come to see through the ‘fake’, manipulative agenda, empty promises, and not so much light bringing but perhaps even life threatening ‘stories’ and beliefs. And we were called to be done with our own old stories and limiting beliefs.

Have you been able to cut through and rise beyond that, and be in your intrinsic Truth?
What does that look like now, vs 3 years ago?
 Comparing before – after is a great SATURN tool.

We’ve been challenged (SAT) to stay focused (SAG) on what matters most, and to come from the Heart (SAG Archer), rather than be pulled into divisive right-wrong polarization. 
SATURN from SAG to CAP – what I call the Integrity Point in the Zodiac – shows:
Being more solidly in our Truth, having cropped and pruned all sorts of BS that’s out there and can waste our time and energy, we see what’s real and meaningful.
Now it’s Time to live in Integrity and mature (inner / outer) leadership!
Rather than judging others we lead by example.


11 of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, with the white scarf offered to them by HH the Dalai Lama…

Speaking of maturity, SATURN, esp. in CAP, is also the Elder, the Sage, the Crone Archetype.
A group participant in one of our SATURN into CAP groups reminded us that Crone and Chronos = Greek name for SATURN relate!

“Her own child baring days are past; she is the wisdom keeper, seer and healer and midwife, whose knowledge is sought out to guide others during life’s hardships and transitions.” from: the Goddess Guide that also offers a list of many Crone Goddesses in different cultures (like Ereshkigal, Grandmother Spiderwoman, Hekate, Lilith, Frau Holle…). All of them can be invoked in these times where the Wisdom of the Old can lead us on.

With SATURN in CAP, Elderhood becomes important, and the Elders need to be respected and can help in precarious times, as experienced leaders. 
Societally, issues of old age security will become big, esp. since a big wave of baby boomers retire now.


The stakes are high, and Integrity is the key.
Growing-up time for humanity.

Say what you do, and do what you say, be the mature adult, and let SATURN be your accountability coach.
Integrity and accountability – essentially all good leadership qualities (or rather the lack thereof – SATURN’s job is to also show what’s missing, and why it would be so important to re-attain this) are a big deal these days in society, and perhaps also in our personal world. 


Vibrant Country Goat


If you have a CAPRICORN side in you it gets ‘SATURN-ized’:
SATURN’s TTTTT brings Tests, Tasks, Teaching, and Training, in Timeliness.


The following Themes will become important Priorities under SATURN in CAPRICORN:

Who’s the Boss? You are. Bottom line – it’s your life. No one to blame or judge. Wouldn’t that be simple?

End of guilt and ‘shoulds’, taking too much on, feeling resentful... you name it. Heavy, heavy stuff.
SATURN in CAP is quite ZEN about things: Simplicity beyond complexity, on all levels. Quality over quantity. Minimalism becomes more attractive to many.

Say what you do, and do what you say, walk your talk, lead by example, and be the Change you wish to see. Hold yourself accountable, and honour the incremental progress (rather than being hard on yourself), like a good coach.

“…is everything” says CAP which works with the natural seasons of the year and the day, like a good traditional farmer. And yes, there are therefore times of focus and concentrated work, times of play, times of rest. To everything, there is a season, and a reason for the season – for YOU. Remember: with SATURN, you’re the boss, and it’s your time. Just say yes. Just say no.

The LAW:
Living by the Inner, Universal, Natural and Cosmic Laws.
Yet also important reforms of societal Laws that are not a reflection of common sense and constitutional rights will be due.

SATURN in CAP teaches us to become masters in resourcefulness (sometimes through necessity) and in self reliance. Perhaps through tapping into the CAPacities of our Ancestors to work with the land and the seasons – CAP rules Agriculture…
The shadow = exploitation of resources, people and ourselves, backfires with karmic SATURN. We only get away with so much, before it comes back at us…
The smart CAP Goat says: “I use. I use optimally what I got. I get (only) what I use. I use everything for the highest purpose.” (applies to everything, any life situation, like: rather than wasting it on the lower vibration of judgment and self judgment, how can we use it as a teaching, or…?)

What is it that we need to be good stewards and guardians of? I can think of a few things… esp. all that Mother Nature provides and makes life on Earth sustainable.
On the other hand, there can be lessons about not to take on what’s not ours to carry (like: by taking over, rather than letting others shape up and mature, or – similarly – by burdening ourselves with other people’s stuff).

Being mature and wise, instead of old, judgmental, and rigid. The societal issue (burden?) of an aging baby boomer generation will be a big deal under SATURN in CAP. Anti-aging will be popular – and aging well can be quite simple, by living well – which comes back to self-responsibility.


The CAPRICORN constellation is a fish-tailed Seagoat / Goat-Fish(did you know?). 

The CAP Being who has attained mastery on the height of ‘the mountain’ – but not just for their own purpose. The accomplishment / mastery must be made available to ALL (Fish).

Sometimes, this theme turns for our CAP side into the lower vibration of martyrdom.
Keep an eye on it, and say NO when taking too much on FOR others just isn’t right.

There are more SATURN in CAP themes…
Like – did you know? –

SATURN relates to the ROOT Chakra.
People with a strong SATURN in their chart are / need to be very grounded, and convert fear (a SATURN expression) into being in the here-now, grounding, and checking in with the physical body and its sensations.



On the note of Chakras, I’m so happy to announce that there’ll be another ROOT to CROWN Astrological Chakra Journey (first one after 1 1/2 years), starting with a free intro, on Jan 17 – the day after the CAP New Moon. 


Voila, here is the Chart of SATURN entering CAPRICORN:

As you see, it’s quite a celestial concentration from mid-SAG to mid-CAP, with MERCURY retro (almost ready to go direct again, on Dec 22 – yet in stationary slow moving / turnaround ‘storm’, VENUS, the late SAG SUN, and then over in CAP: SATURN, LILITH, PLUTO, and on that day also the newly waxing MOON, aligned with PLUTO.


Grand Fir

All gathering around the Winter SoUlstice Point of the Cosmic Tree / the Space (SAG) – Time (CAP) point, where we’re called to be at the right time at the right place.

Sounds simplistic perhaps. But can be hugely relevant, and perhaps even sum up Integrity.
What guides us, in this darkest point of the (Northern) year???

LILITH is ahead of SATURN in CAP, and so it PLUTO (SATURN aligns with PLUTO in Jan 2020). 
Therefore, CAP ‘success’, ‘mastery’, ‘resource & time management’ and ‘planning’ must be aligned with LILITH’s Crone Wisdom, and the core of what matters most (PLUTO in CAP).



…shows where YOU are called to be on Purpose, in your Authority, Self Mastery, and Bring out YOUR Best, which areas of life call you for that (money, children, relationships, travel, career…), in what way (Sign), and in which  other dynamics (Aspects to other Planets).

If you have SUN, MOON, AC, Nodes, or Planets in CAP, and for all of us, where CAP is in our charts, this is a 3-Year Initiation phase to cultivate Living on Purpose, and in authentic Integrity and Leadership from within.
It’s Your Life, and Your Time, and Your ‘Mountain’!


Are you in a SATURN Return ‘Generation’?

If you were born between NOV 1988 and JAN 1991 you’ll have your 1st SATURN RETURN (round age 28 – 30).
If you were born between JAN 1959 and DEC 1961, this will be your 2nd SATURN RETURN (round age 57 – 59).
And if you were born between DEC 1929 and NOV 1932 (I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of people out there in that group, since SATURN in CAP is about aging well…) you have your 3rd SATURN RETURN (round age 86 – 88).

Full Circle to be in your Natural Authority, and to bring out YOUR Best!


Would you like to join the Astro~EmBODYment of the Winter Solstice and SATURN in CAP?
On Dec 20, all participants step into the energies of the Planetary Archetypes, where they are at Winter Solstice (the slow ones in the years ahead), incl. SATURN
, feel out their energy, and share it in a safe circle! So much direct inner guidance can come from being in the EmBODYment.


On the first 10 days of SATURN in CAP (Dec 20 – 30) I’ll offer a SATURN in CAP Start-up Message a Day – stay tuned on my FB Page Astrology for Self Realization.


Blessings to all of us for a fulfilling and well grounded-out finale of 2017, with SATURN in CAP, and all the other ‘Cosmic Players’!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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