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MERCURY into CAP (Jan 4 – 23): Communication from Integrity & Planning with Priorities

31 Dec

Dear Astro~News Reader,

the MERCUR-ial Messenger as SAGittarian Visionary turns into a Planner – great alignment with the start into the calendar year.
MERCURY moves over the Integrity Point into CAP on JAN 4.

Voyager Tarot Card IX of Wands – Integrity. Crystal activation and photo by Melanie

Communicating from Integrity comes up now – also in connection with the Partial Solar Eclipse in CAP on JAN 5.

No more putting up with BS, disrespect, ‘takers’, abusers, and thoughts / communication that drain or waste our time and energy.
Being clear and stating simply what’s in Integrity for you and what isn’t. Plus, walking away from a situation can speak louder than 1000 words. Walk, instead of talking / trying to educate them about what they’re not cap-able of…

CAP rules Time, and working wisely with Time and Resources.
Yet, with PLUTO now in CAP (2009 – 2023) our experience of Time is changing, and we tapping into Deep Time, and multi-dimensional time lines. Plus, Resources have a big priority.


MERCURY being now far away from retro (next phase only in March) helps with staying on track, and doing the mental part, when it comes to timing, planning, resources, and priorities.
Plus, from JAN 6 on, NO Planets will be retro until early March
(energetically from mid-Jan to end of Feb).

All good to go, moving forward and building what matters most, in early 2019?

MERCURY will be in CAP from JAN 4 – 23, just behind the CAP SUN.
The Messenger-Planner will meet other VIP CAP ‘Players’ and connect with other Planets from different Zodiac realms – which of course informs the planning process…


What Time is it? The Sun dial in Beacon Hill Park IS pretty exact. On a walk last Summer with  my Swiss friend I asked him to check his watch, and indeed, with Daylight Savings Time considered (4:15 pm on the watch, 3:15 pm on the Sun dial) it matched up…


With MERCURY in CAP in the New Year it’s an excellent Time to:


  • Do a realistic Inventory of the Old Year.
    What worked well?
    What were the lessons?
    What was worth putting energy into?
    What takes up too much of your time and energy?
    What would you do in a better way next time?
    Where’s the ‘been there, done that’ factor?
    What needs cropping and pruning, to free up resources and time?


  • Turn your SAG Visions into Goals & Priorities.
    What’s possible with the CAPacities and resources you already have?
    What can you manifest this year?
    What might be a challenge but rewarding when you stay committed and consistent?
    Where to you need to carve out time to make sure this goal becomes a priority?


  • Don’t do the Planning the ‘Old Way’.
    Find your own Authority, Agency, and Freedom.
    MERCURY will connect with the Partial Solar Release Eclipse in CAP on JAN 5 / 6, pass SATURN (JAN 13), PLUTO  (JAN 18) and the Lunar South Node (JAN 22), plus square MARS (JAN 8), and URANUS in ARIES (JAN 23) – hence:

    Forget about old style ‘resolutions’ that are usually short lived and not sustaining.
    Be realistic (MERCURY – SATURN) about your patterns and CAPacities.
    Access Your your true Agency (MERCURY – MARS – SATURN), and Inner Power to change patterns of giving energy to the Old & Told into living from what YOU’re best at (MERCURY – PLUTO – South Node) – which inevitably leads to Freedom (MERCURY – URANUS)!



Image: Caduceus Staff of Hermes / Mercury (photographer and location unknown) – very apropos MERCURY in CAP – classic / neo classic architecture… and needs to be in structural integrity.


Schedule of Planetary Alignments with MERCURY in CAP

MERCURY freshly in CAP squares MARS freshly in AR (DEC 31 – FEB 14).
Angry words and arguments can be ignited, frustration about what doesn’t work can come up.
Channeling the energy into clearly, responsibly stating what you do want and what works for you, and not making it about others is a purer and cleaner way of going effectively with that combo.

JAN 13
More frustration with authority? What’s your authority and responsibility? Invoke the Inner Elder / Master / Teacher to find the right words from a centred and calm place that is being respected and has beneficial effects. Also an excellent time (once a year, but these 3 years with SATURN in CAP extra boosted) to make a commitment to build / give due energy to what has priority at the end of the day – and every day.

JAN 14
MERCURY in CAP sextile NEPTUNE in PI (SATURN and NEPTUNE are in sextile in 2018).
Yes, there’s the correct and right approach a la CAP, and yet it helps to be also compassionate and sensitive – which helps smooth out what might become to rigid otherwise and with staying connected. How would the Buddha respond?
An excellent time to strengthen our commitment to spiritual practice.

JAN 18
Let Mind drop to a much deeper place – call it Core or Soul or Essence or Inner Void.
See what happens to qualities of fear and control or power issues in your mental field and motivation… see what they transforms into.

JAN 22 / 23
MERCURY at the end of CAP conj. the Lunar South Node, and square URANUS in ARIES.
Old mental & communicative patterns (esp. with fear / control conditioning) have to go.
Beyond that heavy world is Freedom!

JAN 24
MERCURY enters AQ (until Feb 10)…
…where the ‘Messenger’ turns out of the box Free Thinker / Innovator / Paradigm Shifter, and will meet the SUN on JAN 29 (Superior Conjunction) – Freedom of Mind, Freedom of Consciousness.


Call of the Mountain – Photo by Melanie


MERCURY in CAP in Your Chart & Life…

…can ‘coach’ your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planetary Archetypes in CAP and the area/s of life relating to the House/s where CAP is in your birth (and local) chart/s to be clear and committed to what matters most, about…

1st House:
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House:
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House:
Your Environment

4th House:
Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House:
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House:
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House:
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House:
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House:
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House:
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House:
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.



For a good head start into the New Year, chances are it’s a good time to consciously explore the massive CAP activation via MERCURY, SATURN, New MOON, South Node, and PLUTO in your own chart and life. To stay on track with what matters, and un-prioritize / drop the rest.

Come over for a private session!
I still have the Treat Time Offer on – extended to Epiphany (JAN 6) – see below.


All the Best for a crystal clear Start into / as the NEW!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!


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PLUTO goes direct / forward on Sept 30: POWER to Change!

20 Sep

We’re in PLUTO U-Turn mode!

On Sept 30, PLUTO in mid-CAP turns direct / forward again!
The LIBRA New Moon on Oct 8 will square PLUTO, reminding us that POWER has to do with making wise choices, resulting in peace, balance, and harmony.

PLUTO’s retro trip since Apr 22 has brought up a lot of collective and personal inner and old  conditioning and shown where we can feel disempowered through controlling power structures and hierarchies. This could have manifested in personal, interpersonal and societal dynamics.

This is a turnaround phase to take our Power back, and / or not give it away in the first place. 

Many man-made / human-controlled greed & fear based structures might be hard to come by / seem to require ‘moving mountains’ to make changes in distribution / accessibility.
Yet, that’s also an old Capitalist and PISCES Age story that’s changing now. Too slowly??? Just-in-Time?

Inquiry questions, with the CAP theme these years (2008 – 2023) of PLUTO’s CAP destruction and REbuilding process:

  • What and where are RESOURCES (collectively and personally speaking) that don’t produce more waste but are renewable?
  • How can we engage in a state that isn’t efforting / resisting but resourceful and regenerative?
  • Who are the ones (really!) in charge???
  • What’s controlling us, and how can we take POWER back?
  • What’s Power from the inside-out?
  • How can we work wisely with TIME?
  • How can we be free from / beyond time control, and in timeless awareness?


Heart on PLUTO – as seen by the New Horizons mission in July 2016

With the stationary / direct PLUTO in CAP mode, it’s Time to RE-generate from within, in Nature, and in our True Nature.

Being connected to Source is instantly empowering.

What’s the POWER to CHANGE?

(Look at the signs…  )

Where can the change in you be sourced?
What can the status quo change into?

  • The Power of TIME and Timeliness.
    How do we know when TIME is ‘right & ripe”?
    Tuning into our inner Soul Time intuition is the way to go. And Astrology can help by showing us the cosmic cycles, and how to align with them, assisting our natural inner knowing and alignment.

    Don’t let yourself get pressured by external forces (“You should be already….”) and time scarcity, in this ever so 24/7 production mode world – which isn’t really all that productive anyway if natural cycles of rest and regeneration aren’t honoured.
    So perhaps the Power of TIME means to slow down, smell the Roses, and let things ripen…?
  • Honouring the Elders, and Receiving Guidance.
    Elders may be biological Elders, Spirit Elders, the spirit of the ‘Old World’…
    Being guided by them and towards them can be very powerful if you hear the call.
  • Working Well with Resources. Being Resourceful.
    Which ties into Time and Natural Laws…

    Working respectfully with the cycles of Nature, incl. our own nature, the human life cycle and day-to-day cycles. CAP traditionally works with the Land and cooperates with Nature.
    When and where is a good time / place to seed / plant / harvest?
    There’s simplicity and beauty in this. Can we apply it again more into our lives?
    CAP says: I use what’s here and make the best out of it. I’m resourceful.
    The shadow would be to abuse, over-use, and the lack would be to under-use what would be a helpful resource.
    So, bottom line: TIME for an inventory / invent-ory.
  • Wisdom of the Body.
    The most obvious ‘earthly resource’ is our body of course. Mid-CAP where PLUTO is now has also a TAURUS undertone – TAU rules embodiment and sensations.

    Don’t let yourself get de-stabilized from chaos and imbalance around (an – understandable but not helpful – low grade experience of UR going back into late AR early Nov to early March).
    Find and stand your ground.

    Let’s definitely bring the wisdom of the BODY in, for wise choices, and empowering change!


Let’s take a look at the

Sabian Symbols for the PLUTO U-Turn Point

PLUTO goes direct / forward from on Sept 30 at 18’45° CAP.

I’ll use both 18° and 19° CAP this time, to show you the theme where PLUTO would have almost gone back to (18°) but didn’t quite. This ground had been already covered (dug up and transformed) by PLUTO – representing the Power of Evolution:



“Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring leaving Portsmouth Harbour on its maiden deployment. Britain has no major warships deployed on operations beyond home waters in what has been described as an ‘unprecedented’ (!) absence of the vessels on the world stage.” See PA story Defence Warships. Photo credit: Chris Ison / PA Wire Dec 20, 2017.

The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.

This symbol reflects conditions prevailing in the past when Great Britain’s fleet was policing the seas under the international principle of the freedom of the seas.
Times have changed, but the concept remains valid.
Power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal as well as international relationships.
Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving “law and order.” Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups.

Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence — or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage.

This is the third symbol in the fifty-eighth five-fold sequence. It brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.”

Definitely, we’ve seen a lot of what the description of this symbol represents on the World Power ‘Stage’ (is it all a play???), amped up in the last few years.

Get this: 
PLUTO first touched on the 18° CAP degree in Spring 2016, and then went fully over it from Feb 2017 on, completing (off the U-turn grind) the ‘death-to-the-old and make-over’ by end of October 2018!
Just in time for Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and:
For the U.S. midterm elections on Nov 6 (ha, on the second-last day of JUPITER in SCO which is ruled by PLUTO – deep sh..-to-change for the better).



And here’s the next degree – showing what’s up for change, where the shadow lies, and also where the evolution can come from.
PLUTO will activate it in Oct / Nov (and already has, early this year):



Rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development.

What seems to be implied at this stage of the cyclic process is the value of early conditioning in teaching one how to fulfill the responsibilities of everyday life in our modern society. This twentieth scene of the complete process has been entitled “Group performance,” and today it is evident that Children at an early age are expected to assume a family role which at times will strain their natural capacities. This is part of the accelerating pace of our technological society.

This fourth stage symbol evokes the possibility of meeting a certain type of social opportunity which normally may seem premature.
A pattern of ACCELERATED GROWTH can thus be established, with both positive and negative aspects. Rushing ahead of one’s natural development may be damaging; yet we are living in a particularly dynamic period of human evolution.”

Please note: Dane Rudhyar wrote this interpretation of the Sabian Symbols in 1973! Ever so timely and intensified in the meantime….

Yes, we need to assume and carry the grocery bags of responsibility where ‘protective adults’ i.e. political powers and people in charge have failed to take care of human needs.

In fact, the whole hierarchical, patriarchal societal pyramidal subordination system is undergoing massive change, and everybody is called to step up to the occasion – whatever our ‘position’ (what’s that anymore?) may be.
And good news:
Instead of buying into and relying on what’s been ‘fed’ to the people by the ‘elite’ we can choose our quality ‘groceries’ (on all levels), access resources, and build the new from the bottom up.
Which might translate into: Living Simply so that Others can Simply Live!

That’s where it’s going i.m.o., as we’re gradually moving into the Aquarian Age – PLUTO leaving CAP, and entering AQ in 2023 being a clear indicator.

Blessings for Nature-ALL Empowerment, with PLUTO’s Turnaround! 


Would you like to explore the FALL 2018 Astro Weather, in a circle, and as it shows up in YOUR life? 
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If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
I’m happy to support you being re-aligned and re-empowered, on your own path, and in relationships.


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to Your ‘Inner Cosmic Compass’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

…via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:

Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over time (the 13 years I’ve been facilitating workshops and classes) become quite potent and catalytic.
Come join us, if deep synergy in a circle speaks to you!

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!

CAPRICORN – CANCER Full Moon (with SATURN) on June 27 / 28: Soul-Full-Filling Completion

27 Jun

Dear Astro~News Reader,

The first FULL MOON of SUMMER 2018 is here to bless us – today June 27 (CDT and West of it) / June 28 (EDT and everywhere East of it)!

In CAPRICORN – as the SUN is now in CANCER.
Uhh, has it ever a strong CAPRICORN theme:
MOON / SATURN retro, PLUTO retro, LILITH, all in CAP!
And here on the West Coast even the Ascendant in CAP, since the MOON with SATURN would have just risen before Fullness!

I posted the Full Moon chart below – can you see the CAP concentration?


A Rising Beauty, next to the Ringed Planet – both shone upon by the SUN!

This also means, the SUN in CANCER was exactly opposite SATURN (once a year), this morning, June 27.
Authority Themes.
We’ve seen those also in the two CANCER countries of Canada (July 1, 1867) and U.S. (July 4, 1776) – with their leaders and governments (CAP) – that are in dire need of transformation (PLUTO).

The polarity of SOLAR creative, radiant authority vs. / AND the earned and experienced authority of the Elder (SATURN).

  • Have you experienced Authority issues / conflicts, in the build-up to the Full Moon?
  • Have you projected one side or the other onto ‘the other’ and gone into outer / inner confrontation?
  • Have you on the other hand experienced support by Elders and true authority that ignited your own creativity fire?
  • How are both sides already IN you, just waiting to be reconciled?
  • What needs to be balanced in this dynamic, so that the two sides that need each other can be complementary, and create a well-rounded Authority?

The Full MOON conjunct SATURN will rise on the Eastern horizon into exact Fullness at 9:53 pm PDT on June 27, here from the West Coast perspective!

Not an ‘easy’ MOON scape though…. you probably feel it.

Yet, it can be still full-filling – on a deeper level, as we connect with Elders and Ancestors, help complete old contracts, transform old contractions, and heal in the NEW and NOW (CHIRON in ARIES is in T-square with the Full Moon axis!).


In CAP, the MOON is in ‘exile’ – furthest away from its CANCERian ‘home’ with its warm, cozy and caring qualities, in safe momma-babe connection.
Rather cold and wintry?
Making sure resources are in?
Caring channeled into taking care of business?
Managing scarcity and fears?
An effort to be sustained?

If these themes come up for you, it’s time to take a look at old ancestral and societal conditioning and contractions around that.

I.o.w., with SATURN retro next to the MOON – an inquiry (take your time and do this at home):

  • What does the inner / old authority say to the need to be safe, cared for, and caring?
  • What were historic (PLUTO in CAP) traumas and hardship that your biological ancestors, Spirit Elders or your inner karmic journey went through?
  • How can you honour and acknowledge them?
  • How can the experience find completion in you, rather than you self-sabotaging (also a theme with SATURN retro), out of unconscious loyalty?
  • What helps in the deep transformation through time, and from your inner true Soul Nature (PLUTO retro and LILITH in CAP)?

This is the first Full Moon with, and super close(!) to SATURN since it entered CAP on Dec 19, 2017.
Their exact ‘date’ is just 1 hr 20 min before the Full Moon!
Even the astronomers suggest: Time to watch SATURN 😉

The Full MOON brings the SATURN in CAP themes that have been up for us in the last 6 months to a first fruition and maturation.
The Full Moon brings a monthly / 29-day (fertility) cycle to fruition, and SATURN brings a longer, 29-year cycle to maturation – full adulthood.

MOON / SATURN are also associated with children, family, motherhood & adulthood.
In one of the Astrology schools I studied, the Swiss API Institute for Astrological Psychology, SATURN is in the family triad associated with the Mother (the SUN as Father, and the MOON as the Child).

In other words, the Full MOON with SATURN is a prime opportunity to take a good look at our Mother-Child themes, and how they might be contrasted and highlighted by the (inner / outer) Father (opposition with the SUN).

How about creating a felt-sense mini-constellation (with placeholders from and IN nature, like rocks, flowers, twigs…) as a Full Moon Ceremony, and seeing how it moves in you?


The Moon – Transformation Cards, by Diana Varisco


The Moon (message on the back) – Transformation Cards by Diana Varisco


The Full MOON with SATURN in CAP ushers Transformation via PLUTO in:

  • What is your purpose and role in Evolution?
  • What transforms the old hierarchical / patriarchal structures of domination, subordination, separation?
  • Forming a chain and circle (AQ) of sisters and brothers in equality and cooperation beyond old hierarchies and separations IS building the NEW.

MARS now in AQ and going back into CAP (close to PLUTO) in Aug / Sept has just gone retro yesterday June 26, and will also help in overcoming old conflict, animosity, adversity and war, and activating the Inner Warrior of Change for Cooperation in Integrity.
Leading with this, and noticing the contrast to the old separating world sets an example that we all need and are nurtured by (MOON in CAP).


A ‘serious MOON business’ indeed. 
An important Full MOON.
Soul-Full-Filling Completion.


Plus, ‘Wounded Healer’ / Medicine Bringer CHIRON in early ARIES squares the Full Moon axis!

With this, the Full Moon initiates a theme that we’ll see throughout July and Aug:
The square (not precise but almost, and lingering) between SATURN retro in CAP and stationary / going retro (on July 4) CHIRON in ARIES.

So, it’s time to acknowledge early (ARIES) / passed-on / wounding ‘conditions’ and conditioning that have also matured us (CAP), and made us compassionate with ourselves and others (CAN).
CHIRON in ARIES brings healing and teaches us through the Medicine of emerging from the old, and being authentic in the NEW and NOW.

CAP themes
are related to accomplishment, success, responsibly stepping into our purpose, and committing to what’s not easy but what we’re ‘built for’, and what matters in the long run (rather than going for short term comfort), and doing the work, consistently.

An old / conditioned / lower / often ‘hidden in plain sight’ CAP shadow vibration it can be semi-/ unconsciously expressed through taking a lot on / labouring, carrying a lot / feeling burdened by the ‘load’ of…, feeling heavy and depressed, judged and judgmental, resentful, running out of time.

What’s your main theme in this?
It isn’t comfortable, but important to acknowledge what’s there, and has perhaps been building up for a very long time (CAP)…
Yet it can lead to an inner sense of completion – otherwise it goes in circles, because it IS about completion (and our sense might be it’s never complete).


This time I felt called to bring in the SABIAN SYMBOL for the Zodiac degree of the FULL MOON (6°28 CAP) and SATURN (5°48′ CAP) as a divination oracle which confirms this:


Log SeaScape with Crow. Photo by Melanie, Oct 2017

KEYNOTE: The need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond.

Number 10 is a symbol of completion; it symbolizes even more the revelation of a new series of activities just ahead. Yet unless the concluded series is brought to some degree of fulfillment, nothing truly significant is likely to be accomplished by a restless reaching out toward the as-yet-unknown. Number 10 is a symbol of germination, but the seed (Number 9) must have matured well. No natural process can be accelerated safely beyond certain limits.

This represents the first stage in the fifty-sixth five-fold sequence.
It establishes a foundation for what will follow. Here we reach a THRESHOLD in which we may have to pause in order to safeguard our further advance.”

This Sabian Symbol is so apropos SATURN / FULL MOON in CAP – wrapping around that degree!

  • Where does this theme of completion ‘get you’ emotionally?
  • Where is a cycle coming to completion – and it’s ‘simply’ your job to acknowledge that? It might have taken quite some time, yet for some reason necessarily so.
  • Can you reconcile home, family, belonging, safety, emotional needs, and on the other hand (is it a dilemma?) long term building of sustaining structures, responsibly working with time and resources, and ‘s-aging well’?

Acknowledgement is a prerequisite for ‘completion’ (which CAP is about).


Yet, certain ‘conditions’ can’t be completed…. they have ‘a life of their own’ – and come to a natural evolutionary ‘repurposing’ transformation (nothing ever ‘dies’, it just changes form).

Acceptance of a natural impermanence and continuum takes us deeper into Living from Soul, and our in our True Nature
(as represented by PLUTO / LILITH in CAP – which the MOON will meet on June 29).


Let’s take a look at the FULL MOON Chart:

It illustrates the themes described above…

See the CAP Cluster on the Eastern horizon / AC?
Even MARS and the Lunar North Node will move into CAP
(MARS Aug 12 – Sept 10, the NN mid-Nov).

The MOON / SATURN in early CAP, and the SUN in early CAN squaring CHIRON in early ARIES:
What is the Medicine in the New and Now?


How do the Full MOON with SATURN, and their connection with PLUTO / LILITH in CAP show up for you? 

Do the themes above sound familiar?
What are you acknowledging (SATURN) and processing (PLUTO) about the ‘things of old’?

Esp. if your birthday is
end of June (early CAN),
end of December (early CAP),
end of March (early ARIES),
or end of Sept (early LIBRA)?

Or you might have your MOON, AC, or Planets in the early degrees of these cardinal signs (check out your chart, or let’s take a look together).

Then a lot of this is probably UP for you now / these days / months, and might culminate with the FULL MOON.


Important questions with the CAP Full Moon:

  • How can your basic-and-beyond needs be met, and your life be sustainable, in the context of the structures you’re living in?
  • Time for foundational changes (which may just ‘organically happen’), esp. in the areas of life relating to CAP / CAN in your chart, e.g.
    1st – 7th House: Self & Relationships,
    2nd – 8th House: Owning & Sharing,
    3rd – 9th House: Social / Local Environment & World at large,
    4th – 10th House: Home / Family & Public / Purpose,
    5th – 11th House: Creativity / Children & Community,
    6th – 12th House: Health / Wellness / Livelihood & Soul Service.
  • Do you need to downsize to keep life simpler, and have all that you need – plus more time?
  • Is the structure / the system you’ve been in changing? How is it sustainable? Where’s your part in the change.

CAP – CAN is the axis of Family / Tribe, and Elders / Leaders:

  • How can important themes round home, family, belonging, safety, emotional needs, and on the other hand (is it a dilemma?) long term building of sustaining structures, responsible working with time and resources, and ‘s-aging well’ be reconciled?
  • In a time where nuclear and extended families in the traditional sense seem to lose their cohesiveness (or will there be a renaissance?) – what’s your world of home and family transforming into?
    Where / who is your tribe?
  • Who are the Elders and leaders you turn to for guidance?
    Who are your Spirit Elders?

    Your inner Elder might be waiting to connect with you.

All important questions to explore and LIVE now, under the Full Moon dynamic and beyond.

They’ll be deepened and brought even more to our consciousness when the CANCER SUN exactly opposes PLUTO retro in CAP on the DAY of the Partial Solar Eclipse / ‘Seed’ New Moon in CANCER on July 12 / 13, heralding the North Node from LEO into CANCER this Fall.



Much Love and Cosmic Blessings for the CAP – CAN Full Moon!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, to live from YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

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C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. The Acronym – For SATURN in CAP (Dec 20, 2017 – Dec 20, 2017)

30 Dec

Greetings, dear Astro Friends,

on this Completion Day of the SATURN into CAPRICORN Start-UP Messages (Dec 20 – 30) on my FB Page, how do you like the C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. Acronym on the menu?
Check out the FB Live I just did (could only do it on the main page) where I flesh out the Acronym themes a bit…

Vibrant Country Goat

Capacity. Calm. Casual.

Authority. Ancestors. Ancient. Ability. Accomplish. Acronym 🙂

Pragmatic. Practical. Productive. Pause. Purpose.

Ridge. Rigid. Rights (standing up for one’s rights, respecting one another’s human and civil rights).

Incremental. Increase. Inventory.

Complete. Control. Conserve.

On Time.

Repurpose. Recycle. Resources.

Say NO where needed, so that you can say YES to what matters most.


Hope that helps, in a concise Capricornian way, as reminders of what makes the CAPPY Goat happy, and the journey with SATURN in CAP now also more fulfilling. 


You can find all the daily SATURN in CAP posts / videos / FB Lives from Dec 20 – 30, at the FB event page.

I already did a video and wrote a little blog post on Dec 22 for S.A.T.UR.N.

Wishing you well for a good Completion of 2017!
Success (as in S.aturn) and many Cosmic (as in C.apricorn) Gifts along the way in 2018!




© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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SATURN in CAPRICORN (Dec 20, 2017 – Dec 17, 2020): About TIME…!

16 Dec

SATURN, the Archetype of the INNER ELDER / TEACHER / SAGE  will enter its own ‘mountainous’ domain of CAPRICORN on DEC 19 (Dec 20 AST, and anywhere East of it).

It wants (us) to climb – saying: Humanity, you can do better!

SATURN in CAP until DEC 17, 2020 will shape us up, and help us grow up, to be more fully on purpose, and not waste (anymore) precious time and resources.
2020 btw will be a huge CAP year, with JUPITER, SATURN, and PLUTO – big time structural changes!


SATURN has a 29-year cycle, and hasn’t been in CAP since NOV 1989 – JAN 1991, a time of huge structural changes esp. with the Berlin / East German Wall coming down, with a domino effect on Eastern European Communist regimes…

Societally, are we into times of more control, restrictive laws, and authoritarian, ultra conservative regimes?
Definitely a possibility. I trust that LILITH and PLUTO in CAP, ahead of SATURN, are ‘regulating’, and show how empowerment of people (esp. those usually on the ‘bottom of the pyramid’) is now underway, not to be controlled anymore.
JUPITER in SCO this year (Oct 2017 – Nov 2018) also helps to bring out hidden agenda.
And URANUS going into TAU (first brief phase May – early Nov 2018, then from March 2019 on) is a big Wake-up call of the Earth, and of values that matter.

Change is upon us. We gotta step into our natural authority, and not give it away (old mode SAT – CAP).
SATURN in CAP helps us with being resilient, and not give up – when the goal is worth pursuing and attaining.

And it helps us with saying NO to what’s a waste of time and energy.
Apropos energy:
SATURN in CAP is super energy efficient, and therefore into
Refuse – reuse – repurpose – recycle.


First things first (a la CAP):
What a Winter SoUlstice this will be, with SUN & SATURN aligned on the ‘Integrity Point, the first degree of CAP (see chart below)!
Hasn’t happened since 1870 that SATURN entered CAP just before Winter Solstice.

Here’s the SABIAN Symbol of 1° CAP:

Chief Seattle


KEYNOTE: The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership.

The religious ideal implied in the preceding symbol has now materialized or crystallized into sheer power — the power to lead the community and to ensure its welfare or even its physical survival. The energies released through group cooperation (Libra), deepened and emotionally experienced as forces of great potency (Scorpio), and given meaning and conscious purpose (Sagittarius) are now stabilized and hierarchized. The power of the group is turned into a measurable and carefully managed “capital.” The words “chief” and “capital” come from the same Latin word, caput, meaning “head.”
A time comes in many lives when the individual finds themselves placed in a situation that allows them to assume power over their comrades, however limited this power may be. Is he / she ready to do this effectively and responsibly? This is the supreme test of a human being in society.
It complements its polar opposite (Summer Solstice degree), which refers to the acceptance by the individual of a new kind of allegiance as a foundation for the integration of a mature personality. Such a foundation may, but need not, refer to establishing a home.

This represents the first stage in a five-fold process — the fifty-fifth sequence of five symbols. It refers to the capacity latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group-situation.”


SATURN in CAP is clearly about Authority – a notion to claim it where appropriate, and the repercussions of its use (or abuse).
Quite clearly, we’re seeing plenty of evidence of the necessity for responsible leadership and authority, and for the misuse of it. The theme becomes more prominent in the SATURN in CAP years that can also have a heightened karmic effect (SATURN being the ‘Lord of Karma’, in its own domain CAP), across the board.
What / who’s evidently not fit for authority must adjust, or go.
Actually quite simple.

May better leadership and authority establish itself in these years.
What in us doesn’t step UP to the occasion, and assume leadership (because you can, you have the cap-acities)?
What’s in the way of truly leading your life?


Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacle is / was) to the Light.

Elephant headed Ganesh, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles on the Path’ is buddies with SATURN, and can be invoked (if you resonate with him), to bring the (actual) obstacles to the light, whatever they may be, and a path to overcome or release them.

Speaking of The Path, SATURN comes out of SAG as it enters CAP.
And SAG is a lot about the Path we’re on.

Under SATURN in SAG over the last almost 3 years (since DEC 2014, and fully from SEPT 17, 2015 on) we’ve come to see through the ‘fake’, manipulative agenda, empty promises, and not so much light bringing but perhaps even life threatening ‘stories’ and beliefs. And we were called to be done with our own old stories and limiting beliefs.

Have you been able to cut through and rise beyond that, and be in your intrinsic Truth?
What does that look like now, vs 3 years ago?
 Comparing before – after is a great SATURN tool.

We’ve been challenged (SAT) to stay focused (SAG) on what matters most, and to come from the Heart (SAG Archer), rather than be pulled into divisive right-wrong polarization. 
SATURN from SAG to CAP – what I call the Integrity Point in the Zodiac – shows:
Being more solidly in our Truth, having cropped and pruned all sorts of BS that’s out there and can waste our time and energy, we see what’s real and meaningful.
Now it’s Time to live in Integrity and mature (inner / outer) leadership!
Rather than judging others we lead by example.


11 of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, with the white scarf offered to them by HH the Dalai Lama…

Speaking of maturity, SATURN, esp. in CAP, is also the Elder, the Sage, the Crone Archetype.
A group participant in one of our SATURN into CAP groups reminded us that Crone and Chronos = Greek name for SATURN relate!

“Her own child baring days are past; she is the wisdom keeper, seer and healer and midwife, whose knowledge is sought out to guide others during life’s hardships and transitions.” from: the Goddess Guide that also offers a list of many Crone Goddesses in different cultures (like Ereshkigal, Grandmother Spiderwoman, Hekate, Lilith, Frau Holle…). All of them can be invoked in these times where the Wisdom of the Old can lead us on.

With SATURN in CAP, Elderhood becomes important, and the Elders need to be respected and can help in precarious times, as experienced leaders. 
Societally, issues of old age security will become big, esp. since a big wave of baby boomers retire now.


The stakes are high, and Integrity is the key.
Growing-up time for humanity.

Say what you do, and do what you say, be the mature adult, and let SATURN be your accountability coach.
Integrity and accountability – essentially all good leadership qualities (or rather the lack thereof – SATURN’s job is to also show what’s missing, and why it would be so important to re-attain this) are a big deal these days in society, and perhaps also in our personal world. 


Vibrant Country Goat


If you have a CAPRICORN side in you it gets ‘SATURN-ized’:
SATURN’s TTTTT brings Tests, Tasks, Teaching, and Training, in Timeliness.


The following Themes will become important Priorities under SATURN in CAPRICORN:

Who’s the Boss? You are. Bottom line – it’s your life. No one to blame or judge. Wouldn’t that be simple?

End of guilt and ‘shoulds’, taking too much on, feeling resentful... you name it. Heavy, heavy stuff.
SATURN in CAP is quite ZEN about things: Simplicity beyond complexity, on all levels. Quality over quantity. Minimalism becomes more attractive to many.

Say what you do, and do what you say, walk your talk, lead by example, and be the Change you wish to see. Hold yourself accountable, and honour the incremental progress (rather than being hard on yourself), like a good coach.

“…is everything” says CAP which works with the natural seasons of the year and the day, like a good traditional farmer. And yes, there are therefore times of focus and concentrated work, times of play, times of rest. To everything, there is a season, and a reason for the season – for YOU. Remember: with SATURN, you’re the boss, and it’s your time. Just say yes. Just say no.

The LAW:
Living by the Inner, Universal, Natural and Cosmic Laws.
Yet also important reforms of societal Laws that are not a reflection of common sense and constitutional rights will be due.

SATURN in CAP teaches us to become masters in resourcefulness (sometimes through necessity) and in self reliance. Perhaps through tapping into the CAPacities of our Ancestors to work with the land and the seasons – CAP rules Agriculture…
The shadow = exploitation of resources, people and ourselves, backfires with karmic SATURN. We only get away with so much, before it comes back at us…
The smart CAP Goat says: “I use. I use optimally what I got. I get (only) what I use. I use everything for the highest purpose.” (applies to everything, any life situation, like: rather than wasting it on the lower vibration of judgment and self judgment, how can we use it as a teaching, or…?)

What is it that we need to be good stewards and guardians of? I can think of a few things… esp. all that Mother Nature provides and makes life on Earth sustainable.
On the other hand, there can be lessons about not to take on what’s not ours to carry (like: by taking over, rather than letting others shape up and mature, or – similarly – by burdening ourselves with other people’s stuff).

Being mature and wise, instead of old, judgmental, and rigid. The societal issue (burden?) of an aging baby boomer generation will be a big deal under SATURN in CAP. Anti-aging will be popular – and aging well can be quite simple, by living well – which comes back to self-responsibility.


The CAPRICORN constellation is a fish-tailed Seagoat / Goat-Fish(did you know?). 

The CAP Being who has attained mastery on the height of ‘the mountain’ – but not just for their own purpose. The accomplishment / mastery must be made available to ALL (Fish).

Sometimes, this theme turns for our CAP side into the lower vibration of martyrdom.
Keep an eye on it, and say NO when taking too much on FOR others just isn’t right.

There are more SATURN in CAP themes…
Like – did you know? –

SATURN relates to the ROOT Chakra.
People with a strong SATURN in their chart are / need to be very grounded, and convert fear (a SATURN expression) into being in the here-now, grounding, and checking in with the physical body and its sensations.



On the note of Chakras, I’m so happy to announce that there’ll be another ROOT to CROWN Astrological Chakra Journey (first one after 1 1/2 years), starting with a free intro, on Jan 17 – the day after the CAP New Moon. 


Voila, here is the Chart of SATURN entering CAPRICORN:


As you see, it’s quite a celestial concentration from mid-SAG to mid-CAP, with MERCURY retro (almost ready to go direct again, on Dec 22 – yet in stationary slow moving / turnaround ‘storm’, VENUS, the late SAG SUN, and then over in CAP: SATURN, LILITH, PLUTO, and on that day also the newly waxing MOON, aligned with PLUTO.


Grand Fir

All gathering around the Winter SoUlstice Point of the Cosmic Tree / the Space (SAG) – Time (CAP) point, where we’re called to be at the right time at the right place.

Sounds simplistic perhaps. But can be hugely relevant, and perhaps even sum up Integrity.
What guides us, in this darkest point of the (Northern) year???

LILITH is ahead of SATURN in CAP, and so it PLUTO (SATURN aligns with PLUTO in Jan 2020). 
Therefore, CAP ‘success’, ‘mastery’, ‘resource & time management’ and ‘planning’ must be aligned with LILITH’s Crone Wisdom, and the core of what matters most (PLUTO in CAP).



…shows where YOU are called to be on Purpose, in your Authority, Self Mastery, and Bring out YOUR Best, which areas of life call you for that (money, children, relationships, travel, career…), in what way (Sign), and in which  other dynamics (Aspects to other Planets).

If you have SUN, MOON, AC, Nodes, or Planets in CAP, and for all of us, where CAP is in our charts, this is a 3-Year Initiation phase to cultivate Living on Purpose, and in authentic Integrity and Leadership from within.
It’s Your Life, and Your Time, and Your ‘Mountain’!


Are you in a SATURN Return ‘Generation’?

If you were born between NOV 1988 and JAN 1991 you’ll have your 1st SATURN RETURN (round age 28 – 30).
If you were born between JAN 1959 and DEC 1961, this will be your 2nd SATURN RETURN (round age 57 – 59).
And if you were born between DEC 1929 and NOV 1932 (I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of people out there in that group, since SATURN in CAP is about aging well…) you have your 3rd SATURN RETURN (round age 86 – 88).

Full Circle to be in your Natural Authority, and to bring out YOUR Best!


Would you like to join the Astro~EmBODYment of the Winter Solstice and SATURN in CAP?
On Dec 20, all participants step into the energies of the Planetary Archetypes, where they are at Winter Solstice (the slow ones in the years ahead), incl. SATURN
, feel out their energy, and share it in a safe circle! So much direct inner guidance can come from being in the EmBODYment.


On the first 10 days of SATURN in CAP (Dec 20 – 30) I’ll offer a SATURN in CAP Start-up Message a Day – stay tuned on my FB Page Astrology for Self Realization.


Blessings to all of us for a fulfilling and well grounded-out finale of 2017, with SATURN in CAP, and all the other ‘Cosmic Players’!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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