VENUS & MERCURY go together into LIBRA on Sept 14 – Day after the Harvest Moon on Fri the 13th: Perfect Balance?

11 Sep

MERCURY & VENUS unite on Friday the 13th – day of the Harvest MOON (Special post to come).

Ha, not a scary energy at all (more about the superstition myth further down here).
Rather a time – have you noticed this week? – to be in kind and friendly conversation, and to talk about the Feminine, the Goddess, Art, Beauty, and Peace.

Leading over to both Planets making a joint shift the day after:


On Sept 14, the MERCURial Messenger & Magician, and VENUS Love Goddess make ‘hand in hand’ a move from MERCURial VIRGO into VENUS’s domain of LIBRA – ahhh!

That’s very special to have the ruling Planets sitting together on the cusp of signs they rule – an emphasis on communication in friendly and connected ways. Show & share the Love!

Plus: MERCURY & VENUS end the looong phase of NO Planet in AIR signs, since early July, when VENUS left GEMINI.
AIR has only been activated when the MOON moved into the AIR signs – always a noticeable shift.
Maybe a bit claustrophobic / suffocating / not so easy to communicate and be social…?
Or a break from mental engagement in our information society & world?

Anyhooo – more astrological oxygen coming, with LIBRA being the first AIR sign to get activated, starting with MERCURY & VENUS on Sept 14, followed by the SUN with Fall Equinox on Sept 23, and MARS on Oct 3.

Before we get to the VIRGO to LIBRA move, let’s check in:


How’s it been going, with VENUS in VIRGO (since Aug 21)?

Here’s my blog post for the recent / now completing VENUS in VIRGO phase – in review.

Have you been clearing your Inner Temple?
Have you been honouring the inner and outer Feminine?
Have you become aware about ‘issues’, and found ‘remedies and recipes’?
Do you feel more self sufficient perhaps? Whole and complete, ‘perfect’ as you ARE…


4 R

MERCURY Rules VIRGO, by Johfra Bosschart

VIRGO is the astrological vibration of the Sacred Feminine and Priestess Archetype.

Hope you’ve been able over the last weeks to honour your work, your practice, your body, and to align more fully with what’s healthy, what works for you, and how you can be in your ‘temple of service’.
VIRGO is so self-contained (and has sometimes – often! – a hard time asking for help, and being open to receive). VENUS is traditionally not well placed in VIRGO since it’s the d.i.y. mode isn’t so conducive to attracting partners, more to working and being in service to others, being busy and often concerned about things that could ‘go wrong’. and even to dealing with inadequacy issues: SO much work-on-self to be ‘perfect’ or even ‘good enough’ – Relax, VIRGO!

Yet, when channeled into being in alignment with one’s Higher Self, VIRGO is so exquisitely and purely on purpose, bringing order into chaos, and seeing the Sacred in the ‘small’.
VIRGO comes before LIBRA:
Cultivating self-awareness and self-sufficiency are prerequisites for healthy & well matched relationships.


Let’s honour VENUS and MERCURY individually, in their zodiacal moves, before tying it together in the end:


VENUS will go into LIBRA, one of ‘her’ domains (besides TAU), on Sat Sept 14 (until Oct 8) – Dance of Balance

Let’s say our VIRGO world of Self Alignment is in place (an on-going practice of course) – then the next level in LIBRA is offering choices for meeting others in natural complementariness (well, that’s where the VIRGOan discernment comes in), for being in general more relationally oriented, regaining peace and balance, being drawn to beauty, arts, and culture, and to all things refined. Ahhhh!

VENUS in LIBRA is a beautiful time to bring the Sacred Feminine into relatedness – and even without the relationship component: to rebalance our lives if we’ve become too busy, hectic, anxious, and have been dealing with too many to-do’s.


Speaking of Sacred Feminine:
What’s your take on Friday the 13th?

What’s your sense about its reputation as a ‘bad luck’ or even scary day – as superstition has it?

Sadly, the superstition sowed seeds of fear into the collective consciousness.
SATURN turning from retro (old fears, old conditioning, old authorities – check, check, check for Friday the 13th) direct on Sept 18 is a good occasion to debunk that myth.

What’s considered ‘scary’ might actually be sacred!



Birth of Venus (Detail) – Painting by S. Botticelli

Did you know that the Norse Goddess Freya gave Friday its name?
She is the equivalent of 
VENUS / Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty, attraction, erotic pleasures, and art.

The Romans called the 6th day of the week ‘De Veneris’ (belonging to VENUS) which became Venerdi in Italian, Viernes in Spanish, and Vendredi in French.

So that’s the case for VENUS and Friday.

Just for fun and completion, here are the 7 days of the week and their associations with the visible Planets, Sun, and Moon:



MARSday (Mardi, Martedi) – Tuesday relates to Tyr / Tew (Norse good of war and law – equivalent of Mars)

MERCURYday (Mercredi, Miercoles)

JUPITERday (Jeudi, Jueves) – Thursday relates to Thor (Norse good of thunder – similar to Jupiter / Zeus)

VENUSday (Vendredi, Viernes) – Fridey relates to Freya



And now, what’s with the 13?

Uhh, there is a lot of story around vilifying the number 13… do your own research if you may.
The number 13 may have been purposely vilified by the founders of patriarchal religions in the early days of Western civilization because it represented femininity.
Thirteen is said to have been revered in prehistoric Goddess worshiping cultures because it corresponds to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days).

Moon Goddess

Zodiac years have 12 – 13 New Moons and / or Full Moons.
As the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar with the rise of male-dominated civilization, so did the ‘perfect’ number 12 over the ‘imperfect’ number 13.

The association of 13 with the Feminine and the lunar cycle is the MOON side of Friday the 13th.

Hence, we have a strong VENUS / MOON themed day.

Those who sowed the seeds of superstition must have been very afraid of the power of the Feminine…!

Let’s celebrate, and live the Divine and Sacred Feminine!



VENUS in VIRGO (since Aug 21) has attracted lots of themes (if not problems) to ‘work on’, to bring into alignment and heal – to be in wholeness and healthy self sufficiency – i.o.w. not ‘needing’ a partner. 

From this place, attraction and good partnership are based on complementariness, rather than co-dependency. With or without ‘significant other’ relationships, VENUS in LIBRA invites us to bring harmony, balance, and beauty into our lives.

VENUS is now ‘Evening Star’ (setting after the SUN), which also has a LIBRA ‘undertone’, showing us, we can make our life and self-worth a lot about other people (comparing ourselves, etc…), or, on a higher vibrational note be in a dance of giving and receiving with others, and well aware of what Balance requires.



VENUS’s ‘Dates’ with other Planets while in LIBRA

FIVE(!) Planets are presently, this month (VENUS), this year (JUPITER), these years (SATURN, NEPTUNE) in their ruled signs – pure, natural expression of these Archetypes, and in
in dynamics with one another.

What does VENUS in LIBRA add to the picture?
Love, Peace, Harmony, and right Relationship can help balance lots of old, long-standing issues…


VENUS freshly in LIBRA opposes CHIRON retro in AR.
Being in peace and harmony AND authentically YOU is the Medicine.


VENUS in LIBRA quincunx URANUS retro in TAU.
Rather than being ‘too nice’ free yourself from being bullied, and embody Freedom.


VENUS in LIBRA square SATURN stationary (having gone direct on Sept 18) in CAP (both Planets in their ruled signs).
‘Pleasant’ and charming isn’t always the answer. Stand in your integrity, without being too rigid and judgmental. What’s your position when it comes to fairness & social justice?


VENUS in LIBRA quincunx NEPTUNE in PISCES (both Planets in their ruled signs).
How do one-on-one relatedness & Oneness with All play together?


SEPT 28 – also the day of the LIBRA New MOON
VENUS in LIBRA sextile JUPITER in SAG (both Planets in their ruled signs).
What’s the choice you can easily, happily say YES to? Trust what’s a good fit, and go with it!


VENUS in LIBRA square PLUTO retro / stationary (going direct on Oct 2) in CAP.
The power and impact of soul relationships… Choose from Love – the real Power.


VENUS enters SCORPIO – until Nov 1.
How deep is your Love?



MERCURY shifts out of its VIRGO domain into LIBRA (Sept 14 – Oct 3) – Peace of Mind / Mind of Peace

All orga-nice-d?

… supported by the SuperVIRGO season (with the SUN, the New MOON / SuperMOON on Aug 30, MERCURY, VENUS, and MARS)?
Maybe you – like myself – have used these last Summer weeks with MERCURY in late (= double) VIR  for doing inventory & creating improvements in your work world / space and household. What works best logistically and is well designed?

I call the VIRGO – LIBRA cusp (where MERCURY and VENUS align on Sept 13) the ‘Design Point’ – where functionality & beauty, health & harmony meet.
One could also call it ‘Feng Shui Point’ 🙂

“Hmmm, we could use more peaceful and balanced LIBRAn energy for communication and functioning, a la MERCURY….” – you might say.
Well, the cosmic window is opening up – and it’s probably perfectly aligned this way (the Universe knows what it’s doing, ha-ha)…

With such an ‘un-retro MERCURY’ presently (moving fast and being furthest away from the retro phases), the mental sphere is now quite clear, great for planning, organizing, and: for mindfulness that generates Peace of Mind, and a ‘storm free’ Mind of Peace.

Happy to be the conveyor of such easy breezy MERCURY news… 🙂

Yet, as always, alignment matters – the Astro~Weather is a cosmic climate, an atmosphere.
It doesn’t create our experience. We’re co-creating with our perceptions (VIR) and choices (LI). 
YES, choices – a LIBRAn theme!

Have you checked out which choices (LIBRA) are in alignment (VIR) for you, healthy, working well under MERCURY in late VIR over the last week? Whichever criteria you have on your check list…
Hope you haven’t been too picky & perfectionist though – which can turn into an energy that’s fault finding where nothing’s ever good enough, everything turns into a problem – which lends itself even more to paralyzing fence sitting as a consequence….
Again, witnessing and noticing what’s going on in the mind / awareness / mindfulness come handy….
You are not the mind, it serves the Self.


Johfra Bosschart: VENUS Rules LIBRA, with abundant esoteric symbolism. 

Ready for MERCURY in LIBRA?

How about dedicating this phase (Sept 14 – Oct 3) to:

  • Make wise, well informed choices.
  • Be aware where we could involve others more into our choices (being informed / supported by friends / counsel).
  • And on the other hand, where we almost let them chose for us, or make our choices dependent on them…. that can turn into a strategic chess game – not so great.
  • Where’s the happy medium / sweet spot?
  • Where have your mental activities / involvements become imbalanced?
    Let me guess: Perhaps too much screen time and virtual communication, not enough face-to-face (a LIBRAn theme) communication with others?
    See what others mirror to you, and how you groove with each other like in a dance!
  • Maybe it’s time to bring more social and cultural activities and mental stimuli into your life? The LIBRAn season (Fall Equinox to end of Oct) is always great anyway for new social endeavours – maybe literally dancing – which IS good for the brain and mind….
  • Cultivate practices that bring us balance: Meditation, music, time in nature…
  • Cultivate peace – which starts in the mind:
    Where are you divided / taking sides / being allies, and argue back and forth in your mind or with others, while the truth is in the middle? How can the opposites be married?

    What would be a thought and statement that brings peace to this…. situation?
  • Surround yourself with, and walk in harmony:
    What does harmony mean to you? Which environments provide that for you? What’s a good match (as in: people, places, activities) that create a vibration of harmony in you?
  • Speak / correspond with your loved ones and significant others about important matters.
    What’s the ‘contract’ between you (a formal agreement, or the soul contract)?
    What does it take to keep the dynamics between you balanced? This can be a good time to bring it up in conversation – in a considerate yet clear way that aims for win-win.


Balancing Polarities
Artist/s unknown


If you have any ‘cosmic placements’ (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets) in LIBRA…

…the themes of those Archetypes / Inner ‘Players’ will more likely be on your mind, with MERCURY in LIBRA.

Engaging with what these Archetypes and sides in you stand for will bring you Balance. 

Be Partners with themOtherwise, what often happens: We attract human partners who embody those Archetypes to help us integrate the themes. A bit of a ‘detour’. 

If you’re intrigued, and feel it speaks to YOU please get in touch, and we set up a focused Astro session: YOUR ARCHETYPES – YOUR PARTNERS. 

Especially but not exclusively for you and your SUN, MOON, and Planetary Archetypes in LIBRA, or in your 7th House.

We address which themes in YOU show up in / via your human Partners.
How to bring their expression back, to be in your Power and in the authentic YOU.



What else in the Heavens-as-on-Earth is going on while MERCURY is in LIBRA, and supports / requires Peace of Mind?

Quite a few important heavenly alignments in the next 3 weeks:


SEPT 13 / 14
PISCES – VIRGO Full Moon / Harvest Moon
Spiritual Harvest – may there be Peace!


SATURN turns direct again (after 4 1/2 months retro).
Now what ARE we building?



Nature teaches perfect harmony of the Realm of the SUN and the Realm of the MOON.


A new beginning for being in balance and right relationship.


PLUTO goes direct (after 5 1/2 months retro).
MERCURY in LI squares PLUTO on Sept 26.
Where do you give power away – maybe for the sake of ‘peace’?
How can  you find your peaceful and calm core / hub of the wheel?



Contacts between MERCURY in LIBRA and other Planets:


MERCURY freshly in LIBRA opposes CHIRON retro in AR.
Peaceful, engaging, yet authentic communication.


MERCURY in LIBRA in quincunx with URANUS retro in TAU.
Mind of Peace, even if there’s turbulence.


SEPT 22:
MERCURY in LIBRA  squares SATURN stationary (turned direct on Sept 18) in CAP.
Cut-off / critical day for making important choices / decisions, and to speak up for fairness & justice.


MERCURY in LIBRA quincunx NEPTUNE retro in PI & sextile JUPITER in SAG.
No need to get confused and overwhelmed. Chill out, do Yoga, listen to music, tune into what’s inspiring and fun, and see how your mind gets re-balanced.


Uhhh – MERCURY in LIBRA square PLUTO retro / stationary (turns direct on Oct 3) in CAP.
Power to Change – naaaah, not your mind. 🙂 – and communicate from a deep place (also a practice for the upcoming MERCURY in SCO, ruled by PLUTO).


OCT 3 
MERCURY enters SCO (until Dec 9 – 9 1/2 weeks – due to retro phase Oct 31 – Nov 20!).
Let the Magic begin!
More about MERCURY’s looong & retro phase in SCO soon!




Where are MERCURY’s & VENUS’s Visits in LIBRA happening in Your Chart & Life?

The House in your Chart that contains LIBRA is the ‘Scene of Affairs’.
(Always, but esp. nowadays) a good time to attract more peace & harmony into those areas of life, in communication and in relatedness.

As you read this maybe you have your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planets in LIBRA?
Then there’s more to the activation between Archetypes…

Could be a good time to check in astrologically, maybe in the context of the LIBRA Special in the next 3 weeks:


Back to the LIBRA Houses – we all have one (or two):


1st House
How you show up
In peace, harmony, and probably: aesthetically pleasing.
Be in good relationship with yourself – your primary ONE.


2nd House
What you have and value
Charm, culture, style…
Let the World know about these gifts.


3rd House
Your ‘relatives’ and environment
Culture is a must!
In synergy with neighbours and extended family – what needs to be talked about?


4th House
Your home
A haven of peace
Feng Shui your home. Bring art into the house, host in style, and attract well matched guests.


5th House
Your creativity
New inspiration for your art… talk with others, have a daily date with art.


6th House
Your work, health, and lifestyle
Balance, Balance, Balance.


7th House
Your significant others
The Dance of Love and Attraction. Why are they in your life…?


8th House
Your deep involvement and transformations –
Change brings Peace.


9th House
Your travels and worldviews
Peace might be your Philosophy, and your Destination


10th House
Your calling –
Being a Bridge Builder, and Artist of Life


11th House
Your community and friends –
A Cultured Club – where you find your Match.


12th House
Your Oneness with ALL –
Peace IS.



Blessings for the MERCURial Stimulation & VENUSian Infusion in LIBRA!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
I’m happy to support you being re-aligned and re-empowered, on your own path, and in relationships.



Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

Coming up:
Special LIBRA Sessions 

SEPT 14 – OCT 3

Especially but not exclusively for you and your SUN, MOON, and Planetary Archetypes in LIBRA, or in your 7th House.
We address which themes in YOU show up in / via your human Partners
How to bring their expression back to be in your Power and in the authentic YOU.
In person, or online via zoom.


ASTRO~EXPERIENCES, via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:

Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over time (the 13 years I’ve been facilitating workshops and classes) become quite potent and catalytic.
Come join us, if deep synergy in a circle speaks to you!

Would you like to explore the FALL 2019 Astro Weather, in a circle, and as it shows up in YOUR life?

Come join us in the Fall 2019 Astro Parlour, on Mon SEPT 23 – day of the Fall Equinox!
Here is the FB Event.
In person / online participation possible.

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient, timeless & always timely gift of Astrology!



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