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MERCURY in LIBRA (Sept 21 – Oct 9) – Peace of Mind / Mind of Peace

21 Sep

All orga-nice-d?

…as the VIRGO season and MERCURY in late (double) VIR just connected (on Sept 20) with the SUN, before moving into fine & fair LIBRA this evening – the SUN to follow – FALL EQUINOX is tomorrow evening, Sept 22.
Maybe you – like myself – used these last Summer days and MERCURY in late VIR for an inventory in your work world / space and household. What works best logistically and is well designed?

I call the VIR – LI cusp (where MERCURY and the SUN align) the ‘Design Point’ – where functionality and beauty / health and harmony meet. One could also call it ‘Feng Shui Point’ 🙂

This MERCURY / SUN union (a.k.a. ‘superior conjunction’) is furthest away from / exactly in-between MERCURY retro phases (the last one was July 25 – Aug 18, the next one will be Nov 16 – Dec 6).
I.o.w., MERCURY is moving the fastest now, and is the shortest time in a sign it can be – in LIBRA only for 2 1/2 weeks, until Oct 9.

“Hmmm, we could use more of the peaceful and balanced LIBRAn energy for MERCURY….” – you might say. Well, here’s the window – and it’s probably perfectly aligned the way it is (the Universe knows what it’s doing, ha-ha)…

With such an ‘un-retro MERCURY’, the mental sphere is now quite clear and great for planning, organizing, and: for mindfulness that generates Peace of Mind, and a ‘storm free’ Mind of Peace.

Happy to be the conveyor of such easy breezy MERCURY news… 🙂
Yet, as always, alignment matters – the Astro~Weather is a cosmic climate, an atmosphere.
It doesn’t create your experience, we’re co-creating with our perceptions (VIR) and choices (LI). 
YES, choices – a LIBRAn theme!

Have you checked out which choices are in alignment (VIR) for you, healthy, working well under MERCURY in late VIR over the last week? Whichever criteria you have on your check list…
Don’t be too picky & perfectionist though – that can turn into an energy that’s fault finding and nothing’s ever good enough, everything turns into a problem – which lends itself even more to paralyzing fence sitting as a consequence….
Again, witnessing, noticing what’s going on in the mind / awareness / mindfulness come handy….
With SUN / MERCURY now so strong, the always important reminder:
You are not the mind, it serves the Self.
HA, some screen / online pause / fast can help….


Johfra Bosschart: LIBRA, with abundant esoteric symbolism. 


Ready for MERCURY in LIBRA?

How about dedicating this phase (Sept 21 – Oct 9) to:

  • Making wise, well informed choices.
  • Being aware where we could involve others more into our choices (being informed / supported by friends / counsel), and where we almost let them chose for us, or make our choices dependent on them…. that can turn into a strategic chess game – not so great.
    Where’s the happy medium / sweet spot?
  • Cultivating practices that bring us balance:
    Where have your mental activities / involvement become imbalanced?
    Let me guess: Perhaps too much screen time and virtual communication, not enough face-to-face (a LIBRAn theme) communication with others?
    See what they mirror to you, and how you groove with each other like in a dance!
    Maybe it’s time to bring more social and cultural activities and mental stimuli into your life? LIBRAn times end of Sept to end of Oct are always great anyway for new social endeavours – maybe literally dancing – which IS good for the brain and mind….
  • Cultivating peace – which starts in the mind:
    Where are you divided / taking sides / being allies, and argue back and forth in your mind or with others, while the truth is in the middle? How can the opposites be married?

    What would be a thought and statement that brings peace to this…. situation?
  • Surrounding yourself with, and walk in harmony:
    What does harmony mean to you? Which environments provide that for you? What’s a good match that creates harmony in you?
  • Speaking / corresponding with your loved ones about important matters.
    What’s the ‘contract’ between you (a formal agreement, or the soul contract)?
    What does it take to keep the dynamics between you balanced? This can be a good time to bring it up in conversation – in a considerate yet clear way that aims for win-win.


If you have any placements in (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets) in LIBRA…
…their themes will more likely be on your mind:

Maybe engaging with what these Archetypes / sides in you stand for will bring you balance.

And for all of us: Which House/s are LIBRAn in your chart?
With MERCURY sailing through: How can you be in balance and harmony in those areas?


What else in the Heavens-as-on-Earth is going on while MERCURY is in LIBRA, and supports / requires Peace of Mind?
Quite a few important heavenly alignments in the next 2 1/2 weeks:

  • FALL EQUINOX on Sept 22:
    Nature teaches perfect harmony of the Realm of the SUN and the Realm of the MOON.
  • AR-LI FULL MOON on Sept 24 – the Harvest Moon:
    Bringing our authentic nature into relationship and cooperation.
  • CHIRON retro re-enters PI (until Feb 18, 2019):
    Medicine of Flow and Connectedness.
  • PLUTO in CAP goes direct (Sept 30):
    Where do you give power away – maybe for the sake of ‘peace’?
    How can  you find your peaceful and calm core / hub of the wheel?
  • VENUS goes retro (from SCO to LI) Oct 5 – Nov 16:
    Finding our intrinsic value beyond relational bonds that keep us (co)dependent.
  • LIBRA NEW MOON on Oct 8:
    A new beginning for being in balance and right relationship.


Highlights of the dance between MERCURY in LIBRA and other Planets:

Sept 20:
SUN / MERCURY conj. (in late, late VIR).
All orga-nice’d? Perfect alignment.

Sept 21:
MERCURY enters LI, and goes opp. CHIRON retro in AR.
Peaceful, engaging, yet authentic communication.

Sept 23:
MERCURY in LI  squares SATURN stationary in CAP.
Cut-off / critical day for making important choices / decisions.
MERCURY in LI trine MARS in AQ.
….with a little help from your friends / groups / community.

Sept 30:
MERCURY in LI quincunx NEPTUNE retro in PI.
No need to get confused and overwhelmed. Chill out, do Yoga, listen to music, and see how your mind gets re-balanced.

Oct 2:
Uhhh – MERCURY in LI square PLUTO stationary (just turned direct on Sept 30) in CAP.
Power to Change – naaaah, not your mind. 🙂 – and communicate from a deep place (also a practice for MERCURY in SCO, ruled by PLUTO).

Oct 9:
MERCURY in LI quincunx CHIRON retro – from Sept 25 on back in PI.
Find your Medicine of flow and ease and move with it – sounds like dancing. Apply it to the mind.
MERCURY enters SCO (until Oct 30, and again Dec 1 – 12).
Let the Magic begin.


Blessings of Peace, Harmony, and Balance
for MERCURY in LIBRA, this Season! ❤


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