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CHIRON in late PISCES goes retro: Inner Journey into Oneness

1 Jul

Chiron the Wounded Healer / Centaur

Big News of the day (yes, besides Canada 150 – and related to it!):
 changed ‘gears’ from direct into retro mode (July 1 – Dec 5).

The whole month of July has a CHIRON flavour.
And Canada has its 3rd  CHIRON return (every 50 years) also in 2017.

Late PI where CHIRON ‘sits’ has an extra PI ‘undertone’ – it all comes together, and yet is elusive – or overwhelming, interwoven and all-connective.
This can show up in ‘wounded syndromes’ of: feeling overwhelmed yet never really ‘getting anywhere’, feeling lost, confused, deluded, weakened, esp. in the immune system, feeling like giving up.

And for Canada, there’s definitely a lot up now, in the interwoven field of reconciliation with First Nations, unceded territories, a lot of paradoxes…., a lot of questions re: what are we celebrating? Colonization? Whose land?

I’d refer to the timeless wisdom quote:

What’s the ‘healing agent’ with a ‘Like Heals Like’ on a personal level, when things get a bit ‘too much’?

How about:
Tapping into Oneness, where ALL is already and always HERE. 
Literally being by or in the Water, relaxing, releasing, soaking up the oceanic energy that’s freely available…? 
Exposing ourselves to music and dance, sound therapy, yoga, meditation, anything that brings us back into a place of unity in life, from which all ‘comes together’ quite naturally…?

A big shift is coming next year, as CHIRON (in PI since Feb 2011) will enter ARIES (for a short time mid Apr – end of Sept 2018, and eventually end of Feb 2019) where it hasn’t been in almost 50 years.
A ‘wounded warrior’ theme? An emergence of shamans? Vulnerability yet also in-built medicine of a ‘precedent’ of sorts? The birth of SELF and a new way of being? Hmmm, at this point, it seems still elusive and mysterious. To be revealed… (next year, JUPITER will be also in SCORPIO).

In any case, CHIRON in now (June / July) on the very end of PI – 29° (in transition to AR) = on the ‘Emergence / Birthing Point’, where out of the ALL a new life form and potentiality is almost emerging – yet at this point re-tracing into the ocean of oneness.
Let’s find our Medicine in THIS.



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