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New Year’s SuperSuper FULL MOON in CAN – CAP on Jan 1/2: Nurturing through the Winter…

31 Dec

Happy New Year, dear Astro Friends!

Initiated by the New Year’s Eve Sirius Culmination, and:

The Super-Super (closest to Earth in 2018) Full Moon in her very own CANCER Abode….

The Full Moon will be exact at 6:24 pm PST (Moonrise!) on Jan 1, 2018.
In Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania it will be on Jan 2, 2018.

Lighting up the Night Sky of the New Year like a lantern that shows us the way Home!

A.k.a. The Wolf Moon – the name of the January Full Moon when wolves were howling around villages.


What nurtures us?
How do we emotionally nurture Ourselves, our Children, our Inner Child, our Family / Tribe?
How do we feel and give a sense of Belonging?
Where’s HOME?

Nurturing through the COLD, finding emotional and physical comfort and resources is actually a big deal these days in Canada, with extreme temperature drops and wind chill effects of down to -30 degrees, in AB, Central and Eastern Canada, as well as the U.S. East Coast.

So yeah, even though we made it through the shortest days of the year, Winter  & CAPRICORN has only just begun, on Dec 21.


Call of the Mountain – Photo by Melanie, Dec 31, 2017


How do we balance the contrasting themes of warm, cuddly, and caring CANCER with LOTS of heavy duty CAPRICORN Energy (which you can see in the chart below)?

  • SATURN, the Ruler of CAP – freshly arrived (Dec 19/20), and dwelling in the mountainous region of CAP until Dec 17, 2020!
    A rewarding incentive for us to ‘step up’ and be / do what we’re best at (no need to waste our time and energy on what’s futile and not ‘the real thing’, and no need to feel guilty, nor to judge what we don’t want to see, rather to model the Best and the Change (PLUTO).
  • LILITH – having entered CAP on Nov 8, 2017, and taking a walk on the Wild Side there until Aug 5, 2018. Being in our unconditioned (un-restrained) Nature brings out our Best.
  • VENUS and the SUN, presently pleasantly united in CAP (exact Jan 8):
    Appreciation for quality, and for what matters most. and finally:
  • Good ole PLUTO who’s in CAP for the long haul, until 2023, to make sure CAP goes through its deep change and Evolution. I.o.w., done with wasteful and abusive human behaviour. We need to step up to the plate, live more simply (doesn’t mean deprivation), with quality instead of quantity, and sustainably.


Here’s the Chart of the New Year’s Full Moon!

The FULL MOON Alignment is quite JOY-FULL, with both the MOON and SATURN happy in their natural Zodiac energies, AND the Full Moon Axis is supported by a ‘Grand Mid-Water Trine’ of

  • The Super-Super MOON in CANCER (big Baby Belly energy) – very nurturing, showing us where / how we feel a sense of belonging, and how our needs are being met.
    Check out where mid-CANCER is in your chart (House, Planets there…?) for extra Astro hints…
  • MARS / JUPITER very close to each other (exactly aligned on Jan 6 – every 2 years) in deep and mysterious SCORPIO (which MARS likes, and ‘used to’ rule, before PLUTO came along, and claimed its underworld domain – MARS is still co-ruler). 
    MARS / JUPITER give a lot of energy, esp. for ‘bravely’ diving into depth, intimacy, inner processing, research, and anything that benefits from change through going to the core of things.
  • NEPTUNE in PISCES – also ‘at home’ there: 
    Going with the flow, taking it easy, releasing the old (year, stagnant energy, you name it) with love, and breathing in ‘fresh oxygen’, and anything that we resonate with. Being compassionate.

The Grand Water Trine is in the centre of the Water signs – which has an extra magical, transformational SCORPIO effect.

Also, a rare configuration lines the Grand Water Trine up with the Full Moon axis to a Kite – with the ‘head’ pointing to SUN / VENUS in CAP, and the MOON being the ‘tail’ of it. Or you may call it an airplane, with SUN / VENUS in the cockpit. 
This is a very stable figure, supporting us with leading (head / CAP) from integrity and maturity / the Inner Elder, motivated by nurturing and care, and sense of belonging.

How can this look like?
Feeling deeply, and reaching into our core, which makes us take good care of our Inner Child.
Keeping things simple and fulfilling, noticing that a lot of our ‘needs’ are compensations.
Helping make the World a better place, for our children, for future generations, for animals, for any Being that we deeply care for.


Bottom line:
HOME is BIG for the Full MOON in homey CANCER, and at home there, plus MARS, SATURN, and NEPTUNE also in their respective astrological home / comfort zone where they operate well.
Of course, our friend SATURN in CAP likes this:
Everything (a lot) where / how it works best.


Retro Free Phase!

And once URANUS goes out of retro (on Jan 2) there will be a phase without a major Planet retrograde until early March (JUPITER) and end of March (MERCURY) – woohoo!


‘Stormy’ URANUS goes from retro to direct on Jan 2!

‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Prometheus the Awakener is the Archetype related to the Planet Uranus!


‘Wild Card’ URANUS in late ARIES is unaspected in the Full Moon chart.

The CANCER MOON will go into square with it on Jan 2, and also into Water Trine with CHIRON in late PI (also unaspected presently), which can bring instability, yet also shakes things up in a healing way.

On the same day, URANUS goes from retro (since early Aug 2017) direct / forward from Earth perspective. Fires early Aug, icy temperatures now…
URANUS is related to weather patterns and systems – shows when systems are ‘out of whack’.

URANUS has been in ‘turnaround storm’ already in Dec (we were just so focused on MERCURY….). When that happens, the Archetype becomes a focal point.

URANUS is the Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener, bringing ‘Freedom from the Known’, or simply ‘Freedom that has no Opposite’.
Definitely room for wake-up calls, unpredictabilities, surprises, even shocks (there’s been a wave of those in the news lately…), and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.
Yet also and foremost, an awakening from our daily ‘slumber mode’ and into full-on presence with what IS. Presence in the NOW.

URANUS is one of the big news makers of 2018:
It will (temporarily) change signs (only every 7 years), and go from ARIES (since 2011) into TAURUS, mid-May until early Nov).

Check out the SUN, MOON, and Planets in Motion 2018 Overview that I posted earlier today – a neat reference list!
And join our 2018 Astro New Year’s Parlour on Jan 4, if you’d like to co-explore your trends in a group of like-spirited stargazers!

The Sun Rules Leo – Painting by Johfra Bosschart

The next FULL MOON, on Jan 31 – a ‘Blue Moon’ since it’s the second Moon in one calendar month – will be also a ‘SuperMoon’ and:

We feel its effects throughout January:

The best of LEO energy is supported, with the North Node in LEO (Apr 2017 – Nov 2018):
Love Yourself, Love Life, Love the World.
Live Life Lovingly.
Lead from your Strength.|
Share Generously.
Show your Colours… from the Heart!


Wishing you a fulfilling New Year 2018!
Guided by Starlight and Heart Light!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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* CHIRON in PI goes direct (Dec 1), in trine with LILITH in SCO (Nov / Dec) Unifying Medicine Emerges. Our Wild and True Nature Takes Us Deeper.

30 Nov



Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Cards, representing the crystals water forms when exposed to groups of people focusing on the energy of (cards I chose and photographed): Respect, Harmony, Peace, Earth



Our human bodies are composed of approx. 60% Water.

The Earth Body even contains 71% Water.



Water Crystals Truth, Wisdom, Prayer, Love for Humanity


The SAG New Moon catalyzes this year’s ‘Wounded Healer’ CHIRON’s turnaround from retro (since June 27) to direct / forward from Earth perspective, on Dec 1.

The stationary CHIRON energy makes mid Nov to mid Dec if not all Nov & Dec quite the CHIRON themed time. What has been latent, ‘introverted’, and dealing with re-current themes (CHIRON retro) is now being more overtly expressed again (CHIRON direct).


What’s that all about, with CHIRON in PISCES (2010 – 2018)? Collectively and personally, the ‘Wound’ that connects us, and carries its intrinsic Medicine is that all IS connected in the eco-logic Fabric of Life, and we ARE ALL in this together.

A vulnerable scenario, yet also it carries the potential that when we connect in resonance and coherence (PI) the ‘field’ is healing.

  • Which ‘old wounds’ have shown up in you over the last months?
  • How did it help you to feel connected?
  • What is your inner Medicine?

The CHIRON direct phase (Dec 1, 16 – July 1, 17) can help us bringing our unifying vibrations together, and heal in Oneness that already IS.


CHIRON in PI is presently also in ‘friendly’ Water trine support with LILITH in SCO was exact Nov 23 while its effect extends throughout Nov and Dec.

LILITH in SCO’s ‘Call of the Wild’ to access our deep, magical, and transformational True Nature goes well together with CHIRON in PI’s Medicine of surrender and Oneness.

What could be scary (SCO)and overwhelming (PI) about this? Probably mostly: The version of ‘truth’ that the voice of the ego is trying to tell us (SATURN in SAG, activated by the SAG New Moon nearby helps us monitor those voices). Check them out, and let them fiercely transform!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* CANCER New Moon, with Healing Grand Water Trine… Conceive & Receive!

4 Jul

Welcome to the (short-and-sweet) CANCER NEW MOON Astro~News!

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Written with Love – Enjoy the read!



‘Beach Perspective’ clears the Mind and Heart, and helps in many ways…
Hope you are enjoying the Cancerian Season thus far, on the Shoreline, and / or with Family or Spirit Family!


Warm Summer Greetings,

Dear Reader in Beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific West Coast,

Or physically further away on Planet Earth, yet well connected, in our Cosmically Attuned Astro Community!



Just in time: Islandview Shoreline with hidden Dog. Walk with friends there this weekend – so good for the Soul! Photo by Melanie



This first summery Astro~News called to be short and sweet…
You might like it just as much as I do…
Keeping it consistent with the themes of the NEW MOON (with MERCURY and VENUS ‘Entourage’) in CANCER (What Nurtures?) opposite PLUTO retro in CAPRICORN (Less is More, Priorities and Essentials Matter).


I had a beauty-full long weekend, with lovely friends and events, ocean walks, great fresh air… so a good night’s sleep into the cozy CANCER NEW MOON is what MY inner Astro Doc prescribed.

Letting the inner conception be planted, in Lunar darkness. Maybe you too… ❤


Since we all ‘survived’ MARS Retro which ended last Wed June 29 we can take a rest from all the stir-ups and provocations now, and be open to receive the exquisite Healing Gifts from the Grand Water Trine between VENUS in CANCER, MARS in SCO, and CHIRON retro in PI (active all July). You can see the triangular configuration in the NEW MOON chart below.


Uhhh, and soo much WATER now astrologically anyhow, with SUN, MOON, and quite a few planets in Water Signs (see chart).

Let’s tune – and dive! – into the Fluidity of Life, as our emotions and needs keep changing (CAN), as deep transformational changes that are ‘out of our control’ keep happening, even in the body (SCO), and as the energetic Fabric of Life shows us that we are, and all is connected. Actually, there is just Oneness of Life (PI).


Dolphin Mates

“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask…. You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a dolphin asking, “How can I be connected with the Ocean?”



Here it comes:

The FIRST New Moon in Summer 2016 happens tomorrow Monday July 4, at 4:01 am PDT in mid Cancer – La Luna’s zodiacal ‘home domain’.


Johfra Bosschart Cancer

Johfra Bosschart: The Moon Rules Cancer


Can you feel the pull of the Ocean Mama, back to Home Sweet Home? –

Whatever that means to you: Literally to your Home and your Family, to your Spirit Home, to the Land you call Home, or to the Home of your Innermost BEING….?

What are you ‘conceiving’ of these days? Where do you feel you belong?

The CAN New Moon is an excellent time for new beginnings, when it comes to HOME, CARING / NURTURANCE, and BELONGING.
Where mid CAN falls in your chart (houses, planets there) is where a seed is being planted, where ‘conception’ and new Beginnings take place (perhaps ‘in the dark’ for the time being).


Mid CAN in your 2nd house: A new ‘conception’ of your values and assets – and literally your physical home; 5th house: New Beginnings for your Inner Child, your children, and your creativity; 11th house: New start for your home in community….


Voila, here is the CANCER New Moon chart:


CAN NM 2016

Check out the polarity of SUN / MOON / MERCURY and VENUS, all in CAN, with PLUTO in CAP – an invitation / incentive if not necessity to integrate and balance the themes of:

  • Our needs (CAN) and what’s sustainable in the long run (CAP)
  • Family (CAN) and Ancestors (CAP)
  • The needs of the People (CAN) and a change in government (PLUTO in CAP)
  • Home and belonging (CAN) and deep soul purpose (PLUTO in CAP)


Definitely an important New Moon for our neighbours South of the border:


Happy Independence Day, dear Readers in the United States!

May your U.S. Birthday New Moon set the tone for a pre-election time that meets the soul of the country and the people (PLUTO opposition), so that change for the better takes on a life of its own!


Can you see the Grand Water Trine too, with VENUS in CAN, MARS in SCO, and CHIRON retro in PI?

Offering Healing Gifts for the Inner and Outer Masculine and Feminine, and for the Journey from our Power Centre to our Heart Centre.


Couple Sunset


What a nice timing for our Astrology of Relationships Journey that starts on Monday July 11 (5- or 8-week options). https://www.facebook.com/events/919970094816159/

For the more advanced participants. We have 2 – 3 spaces open. Call me if you’d like to find out more about it, and to discuss whether it could be a good fit for you.


A Beginners / All Levels Summer Class (likely Voyager Tarot & Astrology) will start with the Aug 2 LEO New Moon.

I’m open for other suggestions for courses too!

Will post it on Facebook soon. Stay tuned.

Still relatively flexible with timing, except for Mondays. Let me know if you’re interested and only certain days of the week work. Merci!

You can join both courses also via Skype! Virtually in the room with us.


Many Heartfelt Summer Blessings!

Enjoy this Body-Mind-Spirit Nurturing Season!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger





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    Why? Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution. Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place ‘in the hub of the wheel’ where you are less and less affected, and more and more liberated.
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