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VENUS into TAURUS (June 6 – July 4): Enjoying Life!

6 Jun

VENUS just settled TODAY into ‘her’ natural abode of TAURUS – after a very loooong (almost 14 weeks, since early Feb, due to VENUS retro) adventure in ARIES.

A sigh of relief for many of us, since it’s been also a stressful, upsetting, unsettled time, and we might have attracted (VENUS) many comings and goings ‘speed dating’ style, yet nothing ‘stuck’.
VENUS in AR helped us magnetize and choose what we really want, in relationships (esp. in the area of life related to ARIES in our charts),  and be ok with a zig-zag course of trials and errors. Even better, with the crescendo contact of VENUS – URANUS (June 3) in late AR, be authentic, present in the moment, truly liberated and FREE in any relationship. Lots of experimentation / no expectation.

Johfra Bosschart Taurus

Johfra Bosschart: Venus Rules Taurus (and the Martian / Aries Warrior Takes a Rest)


As VENUS enters TAU, it’s time to settle, enjoy Life-in-Spring, and our auspicious embodiment. A beautiful, sensuous energy – ahhh!

Your TAURUS SUN, MOON, AC, or planets become a magnet.
Let VENUS show you how to slow down, cultivate pleasure and the arts, be in nature, and let your body be a temple of joy!


Spring by Italian Renaissance painter G. Arcimboldo


Not really stressful aspects for VENUS in ‘her’ TAURUS abode… sighhh (after the triple URANUS contact / PLUTO square while ‘she’ was in ARIES). Just some tweaks…

VENUS in TAURUS Aspects (dynamics with other planetary players) this month of June:

  • VENUS will go into ‘sexy’ sextile with MARS (now in CANCER) on Fri June 9 (the FULL MOON day):
    A chance (this week building up) to be in tune with our needs, assert them gently (MARS in CAN) and stick with what’s enjoyable and a good match (VENUS in TAU).
  • VENUS will go into quincunx with stationary JUPITER in LIBRA (ruled by VENUS), and into sextile with stationary NEPTUNE in PISCES (where VENUS is exquisitely ‘exalted’ – the LOVE-in-Unity), on June 19 / 20:
    Among the many, many options, let’s make wise choices: what’s really a good match for us, in various areas of lifestyle and relationship – came up for me with people, directions, and technology tools (JUPITER in LI changes direction from Earth perspective on June 9) – and when overwhelmed / inundated by a flood of things (NEPTUNE in PI also changes direction this month) let’s bring ourselves into a good vibration (literally being by the water, or in nature in general, and let Mother Earth absorb and transmute our ‘stuff’) and let go, release, and reconnect from there.
  • VENUS in TAU will finally go into Earth trine with PLUTO retro in CAP, on June 24.
    Groundedness and slow enjoyable pace and presence are beautiful and powerful – connected in the natural power of Life-in-Spring.



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* PISCEAN Immersion (Lunar South Node, VENUS, NEPTUNE, MARS, CHIRON) in January: Connectivity without Co-Dependency

15 Jan

You can see it in the Full Moon chart (blog post from Jan 11), and I bet you sense it nowadays: We’re swimming in – or rather: AS a collective and universal field of energy – all connective and vibrational, atmospheric and boundary-less. 
Well, solid form is an illusion anyway.



Oceanic Evening Glow – Photo by Melanie, January 2017


The slow moving planets NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PISCES now, the Lunar South Node too (Oct 2015 – late Apr 2017 – it always goes retro, and will move into AQ thereafter), while the Lunar North Node (always opposite the SN) is in VIRGO, and met by the VIRGO MOON today and tomorrow – a good and healthy counter balance for so much PISCES. Also VENUS (Jan 3 – Feb 3) and MARS (Dec 19 – Jan 27) are presently in PISCES.
VENUS has just connected with NEPTUNE on the Full Moon day Jan 12, and tomorrow Jan 16, MARS meets and passes CHIRON, which can stir up wounds and vulnerability through co-dependency, but also activates healing via inter-dependency. With CHIRON and PISCES, the timeless mantra: Heal Like with Like (of a high vibration) is the key for release, let-go, and connect in the All-Love.

There’s a flood of influences and confluences, maybe overwhelming (NEPTUNE), and weakening / or we might feel vulnerable (CHIRON) in our individual (which is of course an illusion) identity that experiences him/herself separate, and yet has a need to feel connected.
What ‘to do with this mess’? asks VIRGO.

From the North Node’s perspective certainly a healthy practical approach would be for example to boost our immune system, rather than expose ourselves to unhealthy substances of all sorts (be it in the environment, addictive substance abuse, media overwhelm and delusion….).
And a good idea is also to release toxic energy on all levels, esp. as we approach the PISCES NEW MOON / South Node Solar Eclipse, on Feb 26 (with soo much PI energy).

Release energetically – re-connect with universe-ALL energy – let LOVE do its thing…


So, what’s with codependency?

PISCEAN energy is about connection. It’s a transpersonal, universal energy though. When ‘drawn into’ personal realms, there can be a need to connect into a no-bourndary, ‘endless’ way that’s quite unhealthy and doesn’t allow for breathing space or closure, often based on various early life experiences (often neglect, confusing bonding, or overwhelm / abuse) that the PISCEAN ‘person’ unconsciously tries to compensate for, to ‘get the loving connection’, yet s/he might re-attract similar situations as s/he looks for love at the wrong places with the same vibration.

Our Piscean Age that humanity is just about to outgrow has compounded such patterns and tendencies with, simplistically put, the classic co-dependent triad of victim – perpetrator – martyr / saviour.

With PISCES, the approach is paradoxical (“Let go, relax, and it comes to you, you can’t ‘get’… (LOVE?) what you already have or rather: are….”), and transpersonal (“Don’t take it personally!” Is that possible?)

A while ago, I saw a video based on the experiences and teachings of Gabor Mate that showed how addiction is a misdirected need for connection (both so Piscean!). “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”. In German, the words for seeking (Suche) and addiction (Sucht) have the same root.

I’m sure there’ll be more downloads and releases for the PISCES Solar Eclipse New Moon, end of Feb.
May the Universe-All Love (VENUS / NEPTUNE in PI this week) show us: All is connected. May we relax into this, breathe out and let go, and let the inbreath come naturally…


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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Friday the 13th with VENUS conj. NEPTUNE in PISCES and North Node in VIRGO: Divine Feminine Calling…

12 Jan

So how’s it going, with the North Node in VIRGO (since Oct 2015, until end of Apr 2017)?

Have you been clearing your Inner Temple? Have you been honouring the inner and outer Feminine? Have you become aware and clear about ‘issues’, and found remedies and recipes? Do you feel more self sufficient perhaps? Whole and complete, ‘perfect’ as you ARE…

VIRGO is the astrological vibration of the Sacred Feminine and Priestess Archetype. So let’s honour our work, our practice, our body, our alignment in ‘cosmic order’ and follow opportunities to align more fully with what’s healthy, what works, what serves us, how we can be in our ‘temple of service’. 

Speaking of Sacred Feminine:
How do you hold Friday the 13th?

What’s your sense about its reputation as a ‘bad luck’ or even scary day?

What’s considered ‘scary’ might actually be sacred!


Did you know that the Norse Goddess Freya gave Friday its name? She is the equivalent of VENUS / Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, attraction, erotic pleasures, art.

The Romans called the 6th day of the week ‘De Veneris’ (belonging to VENUS) which became Venerdi in Italian, Viernes in Spanish, and Vendredi in French.

So here’s the case for VENUS and Friday.



Birth of Venus, by Botticelli (Uffici, Firenze)


Just for fun, here are the 7 days of the week and their associations with planets, Sun, and Moon:



MARSday (Mardi, Martedi) – Tuesday relates to Tyr / Tew (Norse good of war and law – equivalent of Mars)

MERCURYday (Mercredi, Miercoles)
JUPITERday (Jeudi, Jueves) – Thursday relates to Thor (Norse good of thunder – similar to Jupiter / Zeus)

VENUSday (Vendredi, Viernes) – Fridey relates to Freya



And now, what’s with the 13?

Uhh, there is a lot of story around vilifying the number 13… do your research.
The number 13 may have been purposely vilified by the founders of patriarchal religions in the early days of Western civilization because it represented femininity. Thirteen is said to have been revered in prehistoric goddess-worshiping cultures because it corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days).


Moon Goddess


Zodiac years have 12 – 13 New Moons and / or Full Moons per Zodiac cycle.
As the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar with the rise of male-dominated civilization, so did the “perfect” number 12 over the “imperfect” number 13.

The association of 13 with the feminine and lunar cycle is the MOON side of Friday the 13th.

So in reality we have a strong VENUS / MOON themed day.

Those who sowed the seeds of superstition must have been very afraid of the power of the Feminine…


This time,  Friday the 13th is ushered in by two beautifully harmonizing astrological alignments:

  • The Full MOON on Jan 12, in ‘her’ abode of CANCER – so motherly and nurturing.
  • VENUS, freshly in her ‘exaltation’ in PISCES meets up with NEPTUNE on Jan 12 – ethereal beauty, and universe-ALL Love!

Let’s celebrate, and live the Divine and Sacred Feminine!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* CAN – CAP Full Moon / Cardinal Grand Cross Jan 12 Meeting Deep Needs. Making Powerful Choices. Birthing the Change.

11 Jan

2017’s first Full Moon (see chart below), in CANCER, and with soo much energy in the Water element comes with a BANG – the Cardinal Grand Cross super charge –, in a powerful Earth-Motherly way, like Water breaking, initiating the Birthing of new consciousness, a new way of Being on and relating to Planet Earth!



Anima Mundi – A Pagan Manger Painting by my friend Forrest Boden  http://www.plantingyogistudios.com/


All our Ancestors and Elders (biological, Ancestors of the Land, Spirit Ancestors and Elders), the ancient, timeless, perhaps shamanic (if we relate) Spirit of humans, animals or in other life forms, perhaps even ‘our’ embodiments in other time lines (SUN / PLUTO in CAP) are with us, and hold space, in this deep structural transformation, and evolutionary change of consciousness.

No, we can’t and don’t have to ‘move mountains’. But we are supported in transforming and ‘re-purposing’ what we’ve been identified with, and what we’ve carried so long: Old conditioning, useful perhaps for a previous purpose, but now outlived, burdensome, and redundant (PLUTO in CAP).

Did you feel a shift of energy last weekend, when the SUN in CAP passed PLUTO? Happens once a year. In the FM chart you can see the SUN still very close to PLUTO (and you can picture PLUTO in the sky in the direction close to where you the SUN these days).


Do you notice the immense freeing up of energy, maybe spontaneously or otherwise through paradigm shifts and breakthroughs (URANUS in AR turned direct on Dec 29) in the new year? Even in a way that creates new balance (like of your inner Masculine and Feminine, or literally in relationships) and spacious, life enhancing relatedness (JUPITER in LIBRA)?

How about asking a question like the following when sooo many choices are presented (JUPITER in LIBRA – so in the atmosphere these days, for many clients myself included):

  • What’s the most powerful, sustainable (PLUTO in CAP), life enhancing choice (LIBRA) from the core of me, as it allows for transformation (PLUTO) and breakthrough (URANUS), while knowing I’m cared for, and deeply sustained (CAN – CAP) by Life itself?


Can you trust the journey, or do old patterns, stories and beliefs, stand in the way (SATURN in SAG) and show you the blocks can be seen (SAG) now that call to be released (squared by MARS / CHIRON, later this month VENUS / CHIRON) and ‘washed away’, perhaps through a forgiveness process, maybe purely energetically – we don’t need to ‘know’ and ‘understand’ (SAG) what exactly it is, letting go and being connected is what matters most, so that things stay fluid – as Life IS, and a whole new energy and consciousness (URANUS in ARIES) can be birthed.



* The CAN – CAP Full Moon Chart

The CAN – CAP Full Moon is exactly tomorrow Jan 12 at 3:34 am PST / 6:34 am EST:

Yeah, here’s the picture of the Grand Cross in cardinal signs:



The Full MOON at 22° 27’ CAN – opposite the SUN which has just passed PLUTO on Jan 7. The Full Moon Axis is in EXACT square with, and activates the (longer lasting) opposition of JUPITER stationary in LIBRA opposite URANUS in ARIES (their opposition was exact on Dec 26, and again on March 3, and Sept 27).

A Grand Cross can create tremendous tension and pressure from all sides IF we experience them as conflicting with one another…

Like this: CAP which is about building what lasts, completing, and ARIES which is about fresh starts, and is adventurous and raw which might be threatening to CANCER which needs safety. The CANCERian cyclical fluctuation can be irritating to the need for balance and equilibrium in LIBRA. And LIBRAN relatedness can annoy CAP which doesn’t have time to waste on wondering what others think or say, and wants to get on with things.


If you have planets / AC / Sun / Moon in 2 or more cardinal signs in aspect you probably resonate. And this goes also – generally speaking – for interpersonal dynamics between people with ‘conflicting’ cardinal signs emphasized. But hey, they often attract each other in relationships to work things out…


So, what’s the solution with a Cardinal Cross like this?

Rather than being pulled into 4 directions in a stressful way, or attempting to ‘square the circle’ and reconcile all these apparently conflicting sides – a challenge that you probably experienced over the last while building up to the Full Moon – the ‘way out’ is the ‘way IN’, in other words:
The best way is to go deep inside, and center ourselves (like in the meeting point of the axes / our inner ‘axis mundi’, and take centred action from there,  physically from our navel / power centre – the Solar Plexus.


Where the Full Moon and planets in the Cardinal Cross fall in your chart (on your Planets, AC / Sun / Moon, into your houses) that’s where you can experience conflict and dilemma that calls for centred action which can be very empowering (SUN / PLUTO) and liberating (URANUS).


Maya Gabeira in Hawaii

Big Wave Surfer Maya Gabeira


As you see in the chart, there’s also a LOT of energy in PISCES (South Node of the Moon, VENUS / NEPTUNE – conjunct tomorrow!, MARS / CHIRON – conjunct on Jan 16), in square with SATURN in SAG which brings back reflections of the SATURN – NEPTUNE square in 2015 / 16, with collective, societal and personal themes of

With SATURN in SAG squaring CHIRON  in PI now (first exact alignment was on Dec 28, again on Apr 30 and Nov 2): Can we trust, let go and let God? / allow things to fall off and come together in a natural way?

This month of January, with MARS, and then VENUS activating CHIRON in PI and squaring SATURN in SAG it is an initiation in the ‘flow’, surfing energy waves, and realizing that the vibration we’re in attracts (VENUS / NEPTUNE in PI), even if we don’t like what we see (SATURN in SAG).
See what  happens when you exude a different vibe! And check out what you’re attracted too / what you surround yourself with like water, and what that says about the state you’re in. It’s sort of a chicken and egg question 🙂
The point in this mutable square is to allow the energy to move, and maybe literally walk in the outdoors, by the water, dance, do Yoga, stay in the flow.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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* VENUS crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG (Oct 18): Feminine Rising, and Walking in Truth, Freedom, and Beauty!

17 Oct



New Beauty A-rising – Photo by Melanie, Oct 12, 2016


Just one minute after midnight, 12:01 am PDT on Oct 18, VENUS crosses from SCORPIO (where ‘she’ is traditionally considered ‘in exile’) to SAGITTARIUS.


After all the uncomfortable, painful, intense, deep, dark, disturbing, yet hopefully transformational things that were magnetized, under VENUS in SCORPIO (since Sept 23), the energy can rise again.


Until end of Oct, VENUS will encounter 3 other Planetary Archetypes on ‘her’ journey in SAGITTARIUS: 

  • VENUS will square NEPTUNE retro (‘her’ higher octave / transpersonal dimension)  in PI on Oct 25 and sextile JUPITER in LI (which is ruled by VENUS) on Oct 26 – an invitation (maybe it’s the ‘only’ path) to an inner surrender in the Love, in the All… and find natural balance and peace.
  • VENUS will pass SATURN (once a year) on Oct 29An initiation point, where we are called to choose the Path of HEART, and commit to it (SATURN is the ringed planet).


May we walk the Path, in Truth, Freedom, and Beauty!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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* Spring Equinox March 19 / 20, 2016: Happy Astrological New Year!

20 Mar

We have a date with Spring tonight:

The SUN enters ARIES this year today Sat March 19 at 9:33 pm PDT!
Sunday March 20 already for all of you on EDT and further East on Planet Earth!



Into Spring – Photo by Melanie, Victoria BC, March 2016


It is the Astrological New Year (SUN enters ARIES)!

Happy New Year, Astrology friends out there!


SPRING EQUINOX is the day of equal daylight and night hours, from which day onward the days are getting longer than the nights, in the Northern hemisphere – the reign of the SUN over the next 6 months until Fall Equinox.
It is one of the sacred Corner Stones of the natural yearly cycle
(with its two Equinoxes, and two Solstices).



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with OSTARA / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.


Easter (celebrated on the Sunday after the First Full Moon in Spring) was named after Ostara! And yes, next Sunday, March 27, will be Easter Sunday!


The spirit of Newness and Liberation is building, as the SUN enters ARIES, to approach URANUS (their encounter will be on Apr 9, shortly after the ARIES NEW MOON on Apr 7.

By then, VENUS will be also in ARIES, in trine with MARS in SAG on Apr 12 – lots of fiery energy, and spirit-in-action!

But patience please, we’re not quite there yet.

Another Eclipse – the (Equinoctial) Full Moon / Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE in LI – AR awaits us on March 23, and the energy is building… More about that in the next Astro~News dedicated to the Lunar Eclipse. Stay tuned.


Wanna take a peek at the SPRING EQUINOX 2016 chart?


Spring Equinox 2016


What strikes is… well, still very PISCEAN – ‘Spring in Becoming’, with

  • VENUS / NEPTUNE (exact tomorrow March 20 at 10:45 am PDT): A blissful union? Swept away? Lost in Love? Deluded and overwhelmed? Take matters of love and attraction ‘transpersonally’ :-), don’t get ‘hooked’, be unconditional and non-attached. A relaxed way of being connected. Let things come to you, and attract through good vibrations.
  • CHIRON / South Node is the apex of a YOD from LILITH in LIBRA and the MOON in LEO. CHIRON plus MERCURY in late PI nearby also oppose JUPITER / North Node in VIR: A lot of what was ‘washed up’ with the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on March 8  gets further processed, expressed now, perhaps creatively and artistically, and released.

Let’s see what we’re inspired to create, with the PISCEAN Eclipse as a muse?!

A Medicine quest… (YOD to CHIRON).


JUPITER retro in VIR is about to square stationary SATURN in SAG on March 23, just before SATURN goes retro on March 25. This will be the second of 3 exact JUPITER – SATURN squares (happened in Aug 2015, and again on May 26, 2016)

A tension / creative pressure (square) in the socio-political-economical arena, as well as for one’s personal business / professional world (JUPITER – SATURN). How can we work with it most effectively and wisely? Here are some awareness questions to explore:

  • Whom and how do you serve? Where are opportunities to clear and bring ‘order into chaos’, and more awareness into your daily world (JUPITER in VIR)?
  • What are the blocks and challenges for trust, focus, and forward motion (SATURN in SAG), and what’s the teaching in all this? How about less is more? What’s the effect (SATURN) when you ‘aim’ from the Heart (SAG)?

Tap into true inner seeing and wisdom before (or as) you make outer moves (SATURN in SAG).

What needs to be integrated, to live in wholeness and intrinsic happiness (JUPITER in VIR)?


4 R

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, painting by Johfra Bosschart


4 R

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, painting by Johfra Bosschart

As SATURN on SAG goes retro in Spring and early Summer (until Aug 13), and JUPITER is also still retro until May 9, I wouldn’t suggest entering new long-term commitments at this time, but rather find purpose in ‘unfinished’ / revisited, important, timely tasks from the heart. The inner preparation for new structures and ventures is supported, of course.

And let’s treat ourselves and each other with gentleness. We are in the middle of ‘Eclipse season’, and a lot gets washed up and out.

May the Heart lead the way!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* VENUS crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’ into SAG on Dec 29: Why we Travel. Why we Love.

28 Dec

 A big shift for VENUS, to come out of her ‘exile’ in SCO (since Dec 4) which magnetized SCO energies, for better or worse – well, SCO gets a bad rep only because people are afraid to dig into what’s hidden and could – at first – be painful, yet transformational.

I had my own share of it, in several ways, incl. two acupuncture (SO scorpionic) sessions, the first one surprisingly ‘pleasant’ (HA! Acupuncture, my new love.. ), and the second last week (hmmm, pre-Full Moon and all) at first very painful, yet triggering and releasing a lot. I noticed the huge difference between an instinctual response of ‘resisting the invasive needles’, leading to contraction and pain, and consciously opening up to the medicine. Breathing helps… I was sooo glad that the acupuncturist let me have the needles extra-long time in, so that I wouldn’t leave the process prematurely, and could experience the full effect of experiencing and relaxing the resistance, embracing and receiving the medicine, allowing the energy channels to open.

A literal example perhaps, for what we might have attracted and gone into relationship with, since early Dec. Has it been possible to embrace the triggers, and allow the process to go all the way? Always so important for SCO to not get stuck, and go all the way through the transformation.





Tomorrow, on Dec 29, VENUS crosses the ‘Phoenix Point’, and enters SAGITTARIUS, for a 4-week journey there – which also coincides with the upcoming MERCURY retro phase.

  • What are the opportunities that are you attracting and attracted to, from a transformed place?
  • Where are you drawn to go to (travel, expand your horizon, what gives you space and freedom)?




But hey, SATURN in SAG is awaiting VENUS, for their ‘date’ (VENUS meets and passes SATURN) on Jan 8!
So that doesn’t look like the ‘regular’ Sagittarian extravagance and ‘anything goes’ / ‘it’s all good’ attitude. More like: budget travel, intentional journeys, going on your own when the calling is clear, travel with a purpose or in the context of a project.


If you consider travelling or relocating, or live at a different place (maybe even foreign country) away from your birth place and are interesting in learning helpful Geographic Astrology tools, I highly recommend the 2-part course

* ASTRO~TRAVEL: Astro~Worldmap, Relocation Charts, Location Compatibility, held on Jan 15 / 16, just after VENUS / SATURN, plus JUPITER’s Turnaround.



Did I mention? VENUS / SATURN is also the energy of ‘a door closes, another one opens’ in relationships. So yes, some relationships that are too much work (SAT), and ‘don’t go anywhere’ (SAG), or don’t really come from the Heart (SAG) may have to end. Yet others that feel ‘right’ no matter what it ‘looks like’ can begin. Relationships with a significant age difference are also ‘classic’ for VENUS – SATURN, and so-called significant ‘karmic relationships’ where something on a soul level gets worked out. Well, the combination could even lead to a significant karmic encounter while we travel – but hey, no expectations – go because you need to go anyway!

And a time to appreciate old, time-tested relationships and connections with others that may not be super exciting but solid and lasting.

With MERCURY Retro during that time, why not calling them up again, and share what you love about them and your connection with each other?


Plus, before meeting SATURN, VENUS will square NEPTUNE in PI already on Jan 5.

NEPTUNE is the ‘higher octave’ of VENUS, and these years in VENUS’s ‘exalted’ energy of PISCES (until 2026), showing us how everything is connected, and compassion opens hearts and unity heals us all. Of course it can also show up as overwhelm and chaos. Yet the medicine again is love and compassion.

VENUS in SAG square with NEPTUNE in PI shows how love and connectedness, as well as enthusiasm and charisma opens doors of the heart and many opport-Unities.


Buddha Blessings

So VENUS activates the SATURN – NEPTUNE Square that was exact on Nov 26, and will come back on June 17, and Sept 10, showing us that rather than judgment and fear of the foreign and unknown (SATURN in SAG low vibration responding to NEPTUNE in PI), a Loving Heart goes a long way 🙂


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