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Encore: * REgeneration of the Inner Love Goddess – VENUS Retro 2018 (Oct 5 – Nov 16) and ‘New VENUS’ on Oct 26.

25 Oct

Birth of Venus (detail). Painting by S. Botticelli.

All about VENUS!
‘She’s naturally at home’ in fair LIBRA – where the last NEW MOON on Oct 8 was, and in enjoyable TAURUS where the FULL MOON on Oct 24 was.

But at this point, VENUS has been in deep, dark  in SCORPIO (her ‘exile’) for a while…

VENUS crossed the ‘Alchemy Point’ / ‘Tipping Point’ into SCORPIO on the Day of the VIRGO NEW MOON (Sept 9).
She started her transformational retro & underworld journey on Fri (VENUS-Day!) Oct 5 when the U.S. Supreme Court nomination and sexual assault allegations thrill culminated.

With VENUS retro until FRI (yes: VENUS-Day) Nov 16, a transformation of the Inner Feminine occurs as we’re facing old painful / uncomfortable / repressed / in-the-closet / shamed / sexually related themes around attractions that need to be processed.
So that we come to a new place of natural empowerment – from which we naturally engage in and cultivate right relationship.

Noticing any of this?
If it appears to be hidden check out areas of life relating to SCO in your chart (Planets, Houses…) for clues.

VENUS (as always) started ‘her’ retro journey from the position of being an ‘Evening Star’ (setting after the SUN), which has a LIBRA ‘undertone’, showing us how we can make our life and self-worth a lot about other people (comparing ourselves, etc…)

The first half of VENUS retro processes this ‘Evening Star’ quality of VENUS with her LIBRA undertone – which is very other-oriented – perhaps to a fault – which VENUS retro brings to awareness to re-align.

The other day, very synchronistically, I came across messages for transforming VENUS ‘Evening Star’ retro in SCO (pre-New VENUS):
Get involved if you’re truly, deeply in love and passionate about something.
Not just ‘for the money’, or because others do it / following a trend. Don’t just get involved into someone else’s passion, or because you think people will like you more if you’re associated with…this. 
If you do it’s likely not sustainable since you don’t have your own authentic, intrinsic motivation.

And, I add to this: You can’t fake Magic.
This is to a powerful turning point in all our attractions from true inner depth, with VENUS Retro this Fall! 


Golden Venus

Good news:
The FULL MOON in TAU with URANUS on Oct 24 ‘delivered’ a ‘New VENUS’ to be
 planted in our consciousness on FRI (yes! VENUS-Day) Oct 26 (every 1 1/2 years) when VENUS retro and the SUN unite.

After the ‘New VENUS’ we’re tapping more easily into the ‘Morning Star’ quality with TAU undertone, meaning: we come from our own solid Self Love and Self Value first before choosing to engage!
What an alignment with the shifting and liberating Full MOON in TAU with URANUS!


The ‘New VENUS’ already re-enters her domain of LIBRA on Oct 31 – supporting new conscious choices that are a ‘better match’, more balanced, fair, and harmonious.
And hey, with VENUS retro in LIBRA, marry yourself first!
Inner Love Goddess re-emerging.

Here’s the first VENUS Retro blog post for an in-depth read.


Many Blessings for the shift into the ‘New VENUS’!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





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