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VENUS over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP (Feb 3 – March 1) – Timeless & Rock-Solid Love!

2 Feb

Dear Astro Friend,

Whether you discovered this Blog just recently, or been tuning in for years… 
I just went back, and saw it started with the Equinox / LIBRA New Moon in Sept 2014 – ruled by VENUS.

This one’s about VENUS…
…who has come a long way recently!
After the VENUS-retro phase last Fall, where ‘she’ once again activated the Inner Goddess, ‘she’ crossed from transformational SCO over the ‘Phoenix Point’, and rose – as the ‘Morning Star’ in SAG on JAN 3, where she helped us attract lots of opportunities from the Heart and from Gratitude, Generosity, Self-Value, and Abundance – All attributes of LOVE.

In uplifting SAG, VENUS met big Mentor JUPITER on JAN 22 – right after the Total LUNAR Eclipse Full MOON in CAN / LEO – CAP / AQ.
What an initiation into celebrating the creative & strong Lunar Mother Goddess and to be BIG with our loving, magnetic Heart!

YES – in the Root-to-Crown / Saturn-to-Sun Chakra Journey, VENUS’s association is with the HEART Chakra.


Now, VENUS crosses over the Winter Solstice cusp from SAG to CAP, a.k.a. (well, I call it) the Integrity Point, and becomes / helps us become a magnet to attract what’s ‘real’, lasting, timeless, and in integrity / really works for us. Rock Solid Love.

In the meantime / simultaneously it’s also a ‘match’ & mirror game (we attract matches & mirrors) for where we’re at, with our self value, self honouring, and self love.
You might want to notice what you attract into your ‘field’, and what it says about you, how you’re the perfect match for it – from the perspective of the status quo / from what you ‘sent out’.

An ‘inventory’ / assessment time, with VENUS in CAP this month:

  • What works really well, and generates balancing reciprocity (remember, VENUS rules LIBRA) and joy (yes, VENUS also rules TAURUS)?
  • Where is a new negotiation or are boundaries needed, to honour yourself and live in mutual mature respect?
  • Maybe, ‘simply’ walking away from situations that never give you the loving appreciation you’re looking for is ‘walking your talk’ and the wisest thing to do.

I.o.w., don’t work too hard (a CAP thing – CAP can turn into a Martyr).  

SATURN in CAP (for more than a year now) couldn’t agree more:
Don’t do it the hard way, i.o.w., work too hard to to ‘receive / earn Love’ 
(which could as an old conditioning certainly come up this month), rather (the reformed VENUS / SATURN duo): Do it the Heart Way!

With VENUS in CAP, on her way to meet SATURN on Feb 18 (just the day before the Full Moon) we  might feel called to make a timely & important commitment, and find closure of an old pattern – in the area of life related to mid-CAP in our charts.

And then, the unfathomably deep VENUS – PLUTO, and the old and karmic VENUS – South Node connections in CAP this month, followed by a surprise / paradigm shifting and liberating VENUS square URANUS at the very end of the Love Story….


Beauty of the Mountain
Photo by Melanie, Dec 2018


Planet ‘Dates’ with VENUS in CAP (Feb 3 – March 1):

Not as many alignments from VENUS in CAP to other Planets as from when she was in SAG.
Goes with CAP’s tendency to like it simple “all you need”.
I added the aspects TO VENUS from the MOON though, to give a sense of the ‘flavour’ on those days when they engage with each other…:

FEB 5 / 6
The waxing MOON in PI in sextile VENUS in CAP.
Feeling timelessly connected – a Love that never grows old.


The waxing MOON in AR square VENUS in CAP.
Impulses for the new and authentic-NOW can clash with traditionalist ‘leave it as it is’ attachments.
Reconcile Innocence with Experience.


FEB 11
The waxing MOON in TAU in Earth Trine with VENUS in CAP.
How about a yummy meal with grandma’s recipe?


FEB 16
The waxing MOON in CAN opposite VENUS in CAP.
Reconciling the need to keep it cozy, and the love to challenge yourself / get work done? Well, it’s Saturday…


FEB 17 – last day of the SUN in AQ, and with the MOON in LEO
VENUS in CAP sextile (‘her higher octave’) NEPTUNE in PI.
A good day for a charitable fundraiser, a choir concert, a benefit performance…


FEB 18 – Day before the Full MOON.
VENUS in CAP meets ringed SATURN.
What are you ready to commit to, from your heart, and because it’s time?
And what’s done and complete (even though you used to love it)?


FEB 22
The waning MOON in LI squares VENUS in CAP.
VENUS in CAP meets ‘deep dark’ PLUTO.
You might feel you’re still on the fence, yet something deeper and ‘older’ calls you.


FEB 24
VENUS in CAP conj. the Lunar South Node.
Love doesn’t have to be earned (karmic? conditioned? old school?). I.o.w., don’t work hard to be loved, accepted, respected, esp. by those who don’t ‘get you’, and turn to those who warmly welcome you.
In any case: Rather than ‘doing it the hard way’ let’s stay on the Heart Way. So much easier…


FEB 25
The waning MOON in SCO sextile VENUS in CAP.
Some processing of deep emotional layers helps with finding your loving ground.


VENUS at the very end of CAP squares URANUS at the very end of ARIES.
VENUS enters (URANUS ruled) AQ the same day, and is met by the MOON there on MARCH 2.
Uhhh, what a conclusion of her CAP visit! Free at last! 
Where does Love set you free?
Paradigm shifts, and loving connections between human equals, beyond time, age, status are calling.



VENUS in CAPRICORN in Your Chart & Life…

…can help your SUN, MOON, AC, or Planetary Archetypes in CAP and the area/s of life relating to the House/s where CAP is in your birth (and local) chart/s to be a magnet to attract what’s ‘real’ and in integrity / really works for YOU, while ‘in the meantime’ it’s also a ‘match’ & mirror for where you’re at, with your self value and self love.

With VENUS in CAP, on her way to meet SATURN on Feb 18, the day before the Full Moon you might feel called to make a timely & important commitment, and / or find closure to an old and too hard way of being – in the area of life related to mid-CAP in your chart.

And after the encounter with the ‘Ringed One’, VENUS meets PLUTO and the South Node in CAP on Feb 22 – 24, connecting with deep, old, soulful Love – that may move mountains, or at least melt walls… while releasing old ways of ‘loving’.


VENUS – approaching SATURN / PLUTO / Lunar South Node, now transiting in your… house relating to…:

1st House:
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House:
Your Values, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House:
Your Environment

4th House:
Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House:
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House:
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House:
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House:
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House:
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House:
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House:
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is.


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Wishing You the Gifts of Rock-Solid Love, with VENUS in CAP!


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

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Group of SEVEN in CAPRICORN – into the NEW MOON (Jan 16 / 17): Integrity from the Ground UP

14 Jan

Hey, dear Astro~News Friends,

SEVEN Celestial Bodies now in CAPRICORN?

Yep, that’s it – as much as it gets – pretty much until 2020.
Who are the ‘Players’?
SUN (the ‘season’, until Jan 19 / 20), MOON (since today Jan 14, until just after the CAP New Moon on Jan 16 / 17), MERCURY (Jan 10 – 31), VENUS (Dec 24 – Jan 17), LILITH (Nov 8, 2017 – Aug 5, 2018), SATURN (Dec 19 / 20, 2017 – Dec 17, 2020), and PLUTO (2008 /09 – 2023 / 24)!

Looks like a Big Call for Integrity from the Ground-UP.

Rock-Solid Green Ground – Photo by Melanie Jan 14, 2018

How has your New Year started?
Maybe still with a lots of residual energy from 2017?
Maybe with clearing some of the ‘Holiday effects’?
You’re not alone.

Yes, it’s true, the SuperSuper FULL MOON in CAN / CAP aligned so beautifully with the Gregorian New Year of January 1. 
However, Full Moon energy isn’t about Newness but about ‘Fruition’ – esp. this one:
A Super build-up of the weeks round Christmas, and perhaps of the whole year 2017 – which has taken so many of us, personally, in relationships, as nations (the U.S.), countries (catastrophes!) through the ‘fire’ / ‘storm’.

Pluto Reveals… One of the first pictures New Horizons transmitted from the close fly-by in July 2015.

The CANCER Full Moon belly was such a womb energy.
The waning phase over the last 2 weeks, after such a big time build-up, and with the help of the PLUTO in CAP ‘midwife’, has ‘delivered’ deep stuff through the ‘birth canal’ of transformation. It’s been quite the purge too, with PLUTO ‘in charge’. 

Since PLUTO is the key & core ‘Player’ and in CAP the longest (2008 – 2024), pointing to the deeper evolution that’s going on on Planet Earth and in us internally.
So, what’s the effect of each other planetary body passing PLUTO?


So let’s first do an Astro Inventory (very Capricornian anyway) about the Planetary Players and their Transformation through PLUTO.

VENUS and the SUN in CAP passed PLUTO on Jan 9, and just 15 hrs before the New Moon, on Jan 16, the CAP MOON will pass PLUTO too. 
It’s an initiation process with PLUTO in CAP.
And yep, it gets intense as / so that it changes…

While (because?) the Shadow and all sort of ‘old gunk’ gets cleared and purified (PLUTO), the Best of these Inner Archetypes in their Integrity (CAP) can come out:

SUN – Spirit, Consciousness, Vital Energy:

  • What does it takes for your energy to operate best?
  • What’s ‘counterproductive’ and (hopefully) on the way out?
  • What brings you energy?
  • What brings you closer to Essence?

VENUS – Attraction, Magnetism, Reflection in Relationships:

  • Do you attract / do they show you your Best, or your Shadow?
  • How can you bring Love, the Big Transformer, into the picture?

MOON – Sensitivity, Somatic Cycles, Emotions, Needs:

  • How do you honour (CAP) our emotions and needs?
  • How do you align with the energy of the month, nurture (MOON) and sustain (CAP) yourself?
  • It is a low energy before / round the New Moon – maybe you need lots of Rest & Regeneration…?
  • The one New Moon in CAP of the year: The world seems to resonate with, or at least emotionally reflect your CAP themes (like: need for integrity, simplicity, building a good foundation, being in tune with the Spirit of the Time / Zeitgeist, working with Nature – rather than against it….).
  • PLUTO as an ‘Initiation Chamber’ for the NEW MOON (with VENUS) helps us get aligned with what truly, simply, essentially matters, and ‘works best’.
    Call it Being as Nature, call it the The Power of Love.

MERCURY  – Mind, Thought Forms, Communication:
MERCURY in CAP will pass PLUTO on Jan 24: 

  • Mental ‘clutter’ of the CAP kind (abusive / self abusive, judgmental, fear / control mechanisms…) can come ‘up and out’ to process.
  • Hidden agenda in govern-mental structures can come out (more? oh yeah…).
  • An excellent time to practice deep inquiry into the core of your being – and live from there, one step / breath / minute at a time.

The SUN, MERCURY, and VENUS pass PLUTO yearly, the MOON monthly.
Yet, nowadays / now-a-years, there’s more going on in CAP where PLUTO sits:

LILITH – ‘Wild Woman’, actually: Being in our True ‘Wild Nature’.
LILITH is now also in CAP (until Aug 2018), and will pass PLUTO in mid-May (only every 10 years). The themes are already building up:

  • Being as-Nature is so simple. We don’t need all the ‘stuff’ (materialism, status symbols…) that’s been ‘sold’ to us by those who benefit from the consumer society and ‘ego system’.
  • Less is more is empowering. Less to buy / more to create / grow, re-purpose, up-cycle, share brings more Life and Soul into the World.
  • Rather than resisting / protesting against authorities (and thereby feeding them energy and still being the ‘adolescent’), how about letting the Inner Adult and Mature Wise One (CAP) step up and coach us into a transformation from within which can spread like wildfire?!

MARS – Warrior: Assertion. MARS is in CAP exalted (strongest sign for MARS): Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Persistence, Perseverance.
MARS will be in CAP this year too, March 17 to May 15, and again (due to retro) Aug 15 to Sept 10).
MARS will pass PLUTO (every about 2 years) on Apr 26 – while PLUTO will be stationary (going retro on Apr 22). Quite the intense transit.

  • When we need to get through things we also have energy and resources (we don’t have to ‘do it alone’) that are required, step by step.
  • An excellent time for a big project that requires perseverance, and builds character.

Eventually in 2020, SATURN and JUPITER, both in CAP (SATURN just entered, JUPITER in 2020), will pass PLUTO:
Deep & huge societal / structural / economic ‘make-over’.

The energy is building towards this, esp. with SATURN now in CAP. Being in our own mastery, authority and responsibility, having good boundaries, and not taking too much on – all this helps moving things forward to where evolution goes anyway.
Check out my SATURN into CAP blog post from Dec 16!


To be in natural alignment with these PLUTO Initiation Processes, you might also want to check out my ASTRO~WEATHER & MEDICINE video for Jan 8 – 16 (also featuring JUPITER / MARS in SCO).


I’d say the NEW YEAR energetically only begins with the CAPRICORN NEW MOON, this coming week. 
The New Moon will be exactly on Tue Jan 16 at 6:17 pm PST / Wed Jan 17 at 2:17 am GMT.
Into the NEW YEAR, from the Ground UP!


Here’s the CAPRICORN NEW MOON Chart:


The NEW MOON will be exactly on TUE JAN 16 at 6:17 pm PST / Wed Jan 17 at 2:17 am GMT.

Yep, see? 
The Group of SEVEN in CAP?!

VENUS is about to leave CAP for AQ the day after the New Moon Work Party, i.o.w., on Jan 17.
And so does the SUN, on Jan 19.

That’s the ‘Prometheus Point’ a.k.a. Community Building Point as I like to call the CAP – AQ cusp.
I.o.w., how can our energy and consciousness (SUN) go to the next level, from the CAP world of Leading from Integrity to attracting (VENUS), cooperating, and Co-creating in Community (AQ)?
A few things to keep in mind:

  • We are magnets (VENUS) for the energy we give off.
    Our habits create patterns and structures that build up (CAP).
  • How does life and how do relationships that you attract reflect back what you are, and engage in? 
  • How committed are you to taking responsibility (SATURN) for your relationship attractions (VENUS), and to recognizing when they are complete, and the lessons learned (SATURN)? 
  • How can you transform everything you attract into Love (PLUTO – VENUS), and see its Higher / Deeper Purpose (PLUTO in CAP)? 
  • Big Things require Cooperation (AQ) of good and competent people (CAP) who are complementary (VENUS).
    What are communities you are engaging in more now?

The main tension / stress / action inducing aspect of the CAP NEW MOON is a square from the NEW MOON and VENUS to URANUS in late ARIES.
It was already exact for the SUN and VENUS last weekend (Jan 13 / 14), and for the MOON it will be exact on the 16th.

So yeah, more shocks and awe in relation to govern-mentals, and others in responsible positions acting a wee bit, or very, cuckoo?
Could well be. Could we have imagined a year ago how much public craziness can be out and up there???
And, a more constructive question: 
Can the energy be expressed in a better way? That’s always my notion with understanding the astrological, archetypal messages in their symbolism and language….

Yay, sure, if we emancipate (URANUS) ourselves more from ‘the big boss/es’ (CAP), are innovative (UR in AR), and in self sufficient authority (CAP).
The Times they are a-changing, says PLUTO and now also SATURN in CAPRICORN.

Right NOW, the square can also be expressed by ‘giving birth’ to experimenting (UR in AR) with new, more productive, and sustaining (CAP) ways of Being and Living. Let’s be creative!


Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. The Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener is related to the Planet URANUS! And VENUS and the SUN will cross the ‘Prometheus Point’ on Jan 17 / 19. So I better bring that ‘golden boy’ into the picture!

By the way, have you noticed?
We’re in a Retro Free Zone NOW!

Since URANUS went direct (technically on Jan 2, more noticeable now, as it’s coming into gear), until March 8 when JUPITER goes retro – well, let’s say, because of the stationary phase, until end of Feb!
What’s that good for (asks the CAP voice, ha-ha)?

Well, things move forward now, and can manifest more easily.
A student asked me in an Astrology course meeting last week, “Does that mean things go well now?”
Good point. And important to clarify:
Forward-motion doesn’t necessarily mean things go ‘well’. When the ‘catalyst’ planets URANUS, NEPTUNE, and PLUTO show up, things can get ‘messed up’, esp. when we act ‘against the cosmic grain’, yet it leads to much needed change.
That’s why it’s good to be aware of what these archetypal energies that the planets represent ‘want’, and how to be ‘on better terms’ with them…

For example:
URANUS in ARIES says: Just try it out, and see what happens. There are no mistakes, showing up, esp. for yourself is what matters. CAP makes sure it all stays ethical.

In the forward course of things now, whatever has been held you back, can you see the deeper dynamics of it (JUPITER in SCO)?

Can you take even just baby goat steps (CAP Planets and New Moon), and try out a new and perhaps surprising approach (URANUS in ARIES)?


Arunachala, Southern India (Tamil Nadu). The Sacred Mountain to Shiva the Transformer – related to the PLUTO Archetype.

Are you on Your Transformational Mountain, into (Promethean) Liberation (URANUS in ARIES) from what’s weighing and wearing you down (too much CAPRICORN, experienced as burdensome and depressing)?
And into Liberation, to be the Authentic YOU?!


Much Love for and with it ALL!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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VENUS enters CAP (Dec 24/25 – Jan 17): A Love That Lasts…

24 Dec

Love and Gratitude for the ground we stand on! 

Over Christmas, it’s VENUS’s term, to settle from her Sagittarian running around and frolic….

To cross the ‘Integrity Point’, join the CAP crew of the SUN, SATURN, LILITH, and PLUTO, and turn rock-steady. 

Time to appreciate and enjoy the wintry calm, traditions of old, and lasting relationships with family and friends.

Quality over quantity, says VENUS in CAP.
Simple pleasures and timeless beauty attract.

And relationships benefit from / require maturity.


Also a good time to activate business and career relevant relationships, to provide and build something significant that the world and this time needs.

CAP is happiest when on purpose…!



Mountain Joy in Switzerland

VENUS will make a few contacts with the CAP Planets during ‘her’ residence there:

Christmas engagement anyone? Rock-solid commitments favoured – when in Integrity.

VENUS, freshly in CAP, passes good ole SATURN yesterday – yep, Christmas Day.
The Ringed One…
In a Ring of out-of-Integrity / outgrown sugar coated obligations, expectations, obli-gifts, you name it….?
More noticeable this year, as SATURN just entered CAP to give us (3 years of) reality checks that might appear harsh and cold but also show where ‘been there / done that land’ is, and where we stand.
In Family Constellation practice, what comes up sometimes as a Medicine when we’ve burdened ourselves with too much of other people’s (esp. family and even unknown ancestors) stuff that we still carry:
We only take the Love, and give everything else back with Love – to them, to the Universe, to where it can be recycled back into… L.O.V.E.

So, here we go, VENUS – SATURN Holy Days. 
Only Love is Real.
And sometimes we have to say NO to what’s dressed-up as Love, to connect with, and commit to (yay, Ringed One!) LOVE that IS. 

So yeah, relationships gotta be in intrinsic Integrity (not based on ‘shoulds’ or obligations). LILITH sanctions the simple & good, and gets you out of everything else.

JAN 8: VENUS meets the SUN.
Lasting quality rocks. Go for best.

JAN 9: SUN / VENUS / PLUTO Union in CAP.
Whoa – serious deep Soul Union material.
What’s LOVE in its core?
Also an excellent time to offer something life changing to the world (can be quite simple) – because you can.


Blessings for the Holiday Season – renewed traditions, and new traditions-in-Integrity rock!



© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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