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Experiment with the New YOU! URANUS retro re-enters ARIES (Nov 6 – March 6, 2019)

4 Nov

Prometheus, the Greek hero associated with the Planet URANUS, capturing the fire of spirit and creative inventiveness from the Gods for Humanity.

One last phase of URANUS in ARIES is coming up over the Winter, before it finally ‘lands’ in TAURUS next March – until 2026!

Experimental URANUS has tried on TAU this year for exactly 6 lunar months, since the DAY of the the New Moon in TAU (May 15), and on the day before SCO New Moon (Nov 7) it will retract from the Taurean realm.
What an amazing alignment – ‘just like that’…!

URANUS has been in ARIES since March 2011 – and is usually 7 1/2 years in a Zodiac sign.
This ARIES ‘wrap-up phase’ at the very end of the fiery ‘initiator’ / ‘instigator’ Archetype can stimulate accelerated newness, esp. technology and start-ups
(yep, we’ve already seen so much of that during UR in AR), innovative experimentation, and a bold ‘get the ball rolling’ initiatives, as well as unprecedented momentum to think and live outside the box / Matrix.

BE fresh and new and in the Awake NOW that has no comparison.
The New YOU is where it’s at.


Next UP for URANUS retro in ARIES this season:


  • On Nov 30, VENUS, freshly out of retro (from Nov 16 on) at the end of LIBRA (on the ‘Tipping Point’) will oppose URANUS (for the 3rd time that-is, since it already happened (# 1) on Sept 12 when ‘she’ had barely entered SCO, and again (# 2) just last week, on Oct 31, with VENUS retro, again from early SCO.
    Wow, triple VENUS – URANUS activation on the ‘Tipping Point’ (VENUS) & ‘Settling Point’ (URANUS) – that sounds like there’s been unfinished business between the Love Goddess and the Liberator.
    When we truly love ourselves and come from the Consciousness of Love (SUN – VENUS / ‘New VENUS’ being activated via VENUS retro) we don’t need to ‘rebel’ / run away / split / oppose ourselves to others to be free.
    Freedom arises through the Love that IS – and it (re)arranges relationships as needed.


  • URANUS retro in late ARIES squares the Lunar Nodes in late CAP (SN) – late CAN (NN) from mid-Nov to mid-Dec, exact Dec 2 / 3.
    A rare triple cuspy T-square, with URANUS on the ‘Settling Point’, the South Node on the ‘Collaboration / Systems / Society Point’, and the North Node on the ‘Creativity / Inner Child / Playfulness Point’.
    What can this add up to?
    Tension between a (perhaps old pattern of) investing too much energy into group efforts that aren’t really ‘cutting it’ (perhaps you’re taking too much on, or are with groups or part of a society run by on old ‘operating systems’
    ) – while fresh energy is coming in and welcoming you to be creative, loving, playful, and (self) caring in new ways.
    Sometimes it takes a liberating paradigm shift…
    JUPITER from the SAG side of the ‘Phoenix Point’ trining the North Node supports you in being on your uplifting path and in your Truth.


  • On Feb 3, 2019, VENUS at the end of SAG goes into Fire Trine with URANUS (by then direct again) in ARIES, and on Feb 13, MARS at the end of ARIES meets and passes URANUS.
    Very adventurous and uplifting energies.
    The MARS / URANUS connection in MARS’s ruled sign can unleash quite erratic and unpredictable, at best liberating breakthrough energies. Viva la Revolution!


Wishing you a liberating, rebirthing Uranian season!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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