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‘Stormy’ URANUS in late ARIES goes from retro to direct on Jan 2: Awake and Present in the NOW.

1 Jan


Prometheus NYC

‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Prometheus the Awakener is the Archetype related to the Planet Uranus!


Besides the SuperSuper FULL MOON on Jan 1 /2, the New Year also starts with URANian Fireworks!

URANUS has been in ‘turnaround storm’ already throughout Dec (we were just so focused on MERCURY’s retro trip….).
When that happens, the Archetype becomes a focal point.

URANUS is the Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener, bringing ‘Freedom from the Known’, or simply ‘Freedom that has no Opposite’.

 ‘Wild Card’ URANUS in late ARIES has been unaspected under the New Year’s  SuperSuper FULL MOON….
The CANCER MOON will go into square with it on Jan 2, as well as into Water Trine with CHIRON in late PI (also unaspected presently), which can bring instability, yet also beautiful miracles and synchronicities, and shakes things up in a healing way.

On the same day, URANUS goes from retro (since early Aug 2017) direct / forward from Earth perspective.
Fires early Aug, icy temperatures now, here on the North American continent…
URANUS is related to weather patterns and systems – shows when systems are ‘out of whack’.

Definitely room for wake-up calls, unpredictabilities, surprises, even shocks (there’s been a wave of those in the news lately…), and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.
Yet also and foremost, an Awakening from our daily ‘slumber mode’, and into full-on Presence with what IS. Presence in the NOW.

URANUS is one of the big news makers of 2018:
It will (temporarily) change signs (only every 7 years), and go from ARIES (since 2011) into TAURUS, on May 15 until Nov 6, 2018).
On March 6, 2019, URANUS will fully enter TAURUS (until 2025 / 26).

What’s that about?
Earth Changes?
Changes in the Economy? In the monetary system?
Chances are, yes and yes and yes.

And with URANUS, it’s always about expect the unexpected.

So we definitely hear more about URANUS in Spring.
Stay tuned.


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And join our 2018 Astro New Year’s Parlour on Jan 4, if you’d like to co-explore your trends in a group of like-spirited stargazers!


Retro Free Phase!

And once URANUS goes out of retro (on Jan 2) there will be a phase without a major Planet retrograde until early March (JUPITER) and end of March (MERCURY) – woohoo!
A good time to start the year with outer manifestations which can accelerate quite magically these days (propelled by URANUS in ARIES).


Wishing you an exciting Start into 2018!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2018



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