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End of LIBRA NEW MOON opposite URANUS: Diving into the Alchemy of Life! Awakening into the always-New & Free Self.

19 Oct

The LIBRA NEW MOON this year is only 3 days before the SUN enters SCO.

We’ve been experiencing a series of New Moons at the end of a Zodiac sign, since the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 – on the very last degree of LEO.
The pattern continues until the end of the year. The SAG New Moon will be on Dec 17.

This is the New Moon following the Super VIRGO New Moon opposite CHIRON on Sept 19 which carried a lot of complex, nervous, and overwhelming energy, and was a call for flexibility in integrity.
How has your lunar month been???

Seems like more than a month has passed, since it was packed and loaded.
And we’re in a whole different season now…
So yeah, today Oct 19 at 12:12 pm PDT was the LI New Moon – on the cusp to SCO.
Please find its ‘birth chart’ below.
The transition from LI to SCO is a ‘Tipping Point’ energy (the scales tip, and choices lead to change) and also an  ‘Alchemy Point’ (‘ingredients’ of experiences may come together, and encounters with people may deeply touch us, and have transformational effects on us).
Falling in Love, Falling into Fall, Dying to the old Self and immersing into the Change….


What’s the MAGIC and ALCHEMY you’re stepping, falling, or diving into, these extreme and emotionally intense times?

Maybe you’ve come to a point where you say:
NO more playing games and strategizing, no more presenting yourself to others in a ‘convenient’ and conventional way to not rock the boat, no more compromising and compensating…
While deep inside (or barely under the surface) the authentic YOU is SO ready to be born / reborn (URANUS in ARIES) and LIVE.

  • What would ‘tip the scales’ of choices for you?
  • What’s the paradigm shift that’s about to happen now, or has already happened for you, that sets you FREE?

Maybe you’re done with inner relationship contracts (a LIBRAN thing) with self absorbed, overly dramatic, narcissistic, toxic (you name it) people in your life (in personal relationships, and ‘even’ with famous people ‘out there’ in public).
Don’t blame them and self-victimize, can’t change them. What do they mirror you?
We have to change from within. Themes around change are so BIG, and there are so many opportunities now – MERCURY / JUPITER both now in SCO.
See ‘Taboo Talk’ blog post from Oct 17.

Sometimes, the issues have to get big (JUPITER) to change (SCO).
Perhaps a theme of the whole JUPITER-in-SCO year (Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 9, 2018).

Through our deep inner change (SCO), the World we perceive (JU) changes. 
Disclaimer: This is not a call for a rose coloured spiritual bypassing, rather for a deeper immersion, and intimacy with Life that might appear scary at first.


This NEW MOON in LIBRA is in a sense like a FULL MOON, because of its polarity with URANUS in ARIES.

Liberating ‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt. Prometheus the Awakener is the Archetype related to the Planet Uranus!


Lots of tension, polarization, upset, tragedy and turmoil is going on these days (I don’t need to tell you, it’s everywhere…). Scary and unsettling indeed, yet it’s also deeply moving time that brings us fully into the moment (ARIES).

I had my mini share of acute URANian intervention these days:
The internet wasn’t working yesterday and today – made me once again realize how dependent we all are on the umbilical cable / wireless connection. And I couldn’t get to the blog either for that matter.
After a few diy attempts, calls to my internet company, a phase of being really nervous, since one technician said it’s an issue with my computer, and asked whether it’s still on warranty!, mutual Scorpionic detective work with a competent technician lady (didn’t give up, called again – LIBRA kicked in: finding a good ‘match’ in her), in the end, re-setting the router did the job.
If you don’t have an assigned technician and deal with who’s randomly on the other end it’s a hit and miss – and self-education along the line…
Ok, URANUS definitely brought me into the acuteness of the moment here.
Meditation and smudging during the New Moon time (before calling ‘the right person’) helped with inner and space reset. Seems like I was guided to intuitively do the right things…

So yeah, thank you for your patience with the AstroNews delivery!!!

I just researched, and found that since URANUS has been in ARIES (March 11, 2011), there have been LIBRA NEW MOONs exactly opposite URANUS every 2 years:
2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 – today – wow!
The whole URANUS in ARIES phase since 2011 has been a series of wake-up calls (URANUS entered into ARIES on the day when the Fukushima catastrophy happened), and a mass Awakening of Humanity, politically / societally, and spiritually.

When URANUS goes into relationship with a New MOON in LIBRA peace, balance, and harmony can be quite disrupted and even shattered.
On another level, True Freedom, Awakening and Liberation is ripe to be brought into the realm of relatedness – which would show up in areas of life related to the LI – AR axis in your chart.



The Self is like the Ocean – always New, Fresh, and Free – Photo by Melanie, Oct 2017


Apropos Freedom:
Last weekend, I was at a Krishnamurti retreat. K (as he’s being called) pointed out in a video:
What’s Freedom that has no opposite? Only this is true Freedom. 
What’s Love that has no opposite? Only this is true Love.

Deep, simple, radical truth pointers (a la SATURN now coming to the ‘Galactic Centre’ end phase of SAG…) that have stayed with me, and that I’ve shared with friends and clients.
With this in mind and heart, it’s not about a path of holding the balance between opposites of Freedom (URANUS in ARIES) and Relatedness (LIBRA) but the (pathless) point is to BE FREE, unconditionally, authentically, anywhere, everywhere.

And this could be a radical (URANUS) seed point (New MOON / ARIES) NOW.


Let’s take a look at the LIBRA NEW MOON chart!

The New Moon was today Oct 19 at 12:12 pm PDT.

LI NM 2017

So here it is, setting the tone for the next Lunar month:

What a striking gathering of SUN / MOON late LIBRA, next to JUPITER / MERCURY in early SCORPIO!
All four celestial bodies are wrapped around the ‘Alchemy Point’, from Earth perspective.
Right opposite (for the SUN and MOON exactly, today!) URANUS retro in late ARIES!

Perhaps also a reflection of the volatile scenario of a few crazy people playing with Uranium these days, while the scales may finally tip towards peaceful coexistence!

On the other hand, a wake-up call to be fully alive in THIS, experience the Magic and Alchemy of every moment, and drop into the Intimacy with Life.

The momentum goes towards SCORPIO:

  • The MOON will enter SCO (in her monthly cycle) today Oct 19 at 6:41 pm PDT – 6 hrs after the New Moon, and we might drop emotionally into intensely moving, cathartic processes.
  • The SUN will seasonably move into SCO on SUN-day Oct 22 at 10:27 pm PDT, for a month of bringing consciousness to change from within, and new empowerment from there.
    There’s a huge transformational boost round Oct 26, when the SUN meets mighty JUPITER in SCO (only once a year), and it’s also the day of the encounter of the CAP MOON with PLUTO – the ruler of SCO, pointing to emotional processing of old conditioning, and awareness of what’s been hidden, so that it may change for the better.
  • VENUS will join SCO on Nov 7 (until Dec 1), ‘exiled’ from ‘her’ Taurean domain. We’re drawn to  look under the surface of things, and discover hidden beauty in the dark and changeful.
    Don’t get too absorbed in a ‘magical black hole’, too many vampire movies, crime scenes, and personal power games though, as VENUS will go into conjunction with JUPITER on Nov 13, and into trine with NEPTUNE in PISCES on Nov 16. Rather channel the energy into deep immersion in the mystery of Life.
  • Lastly, MARS will go into SCO on Dec 9, when all the other archetypal players except JUPITER will have left SCO.  MARS will connect with JUPITER on Jan 7, 2018 – the last connection of a planet with JUPITER in SCO (until Oct / Nov 2018). New year’s purge? Definitely a lot of energy is available.


Also very prominent these days, as seen in the New Moon chart:
The Mutable T-square from MARS in late VIRGO (will move out of the alignment, and into LIBRA on Oct 22), opposite CHIRON retro in late PISCES, both square SATURN / LILITH in late SAG – the Galactic Centre!
A challenge / stress dynamic that needs an outlet at the late SAG apex.
Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed, helpless, and disconnected – CHIRON in PI – (I did, literally, from the Internet…), and needed realignment ‘surgery’ and assertion of your integrity (MARS in VIR).

Connecting, asking for help, and doing spiritual practice with subtle energy brings things into flow again. When in a ‘rien ne va plus’ mode, it’s important to follow natural inner guidance (SATURN / LILITH in SAG) that knows… even if you don’t see the light.

LILITH and SATURN in late SAG connect in auspicious trine with URANUS retro in late ARIES (was for LILITH already exact on Oct 12 – see: me too ‘explosion’, will be for SATURN on Nov 11).

Trusting intuition, trying a completely new approach, re-set and re-start, seeing things from a fresh angle, and being fully present with what’s in front of you, step by step is the way to go.

Next up:
MARS will enter LIBRA on Oct 22 (until Dec 9) – Pursuit of Balance…?
On the same day (Oct 22) the SUN crosses over the Alchemy Point, and enters SCO. 
Stay tuned for the next AstroNews Blog post!



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  • What’s being cleared away now, from your ‘inner basement / closet’?
  • Where is deep transformation now possible in your Life, what does it take to go INTO it, and how do you meet the landscape you meet there?
  • What’s the Alchemy that presents itself?
  • What does that mean for your ‘outer’ world, above the surface?

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© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.


The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’, and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, for perspective at a crossroad or dilemma, and for empowered choices.

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VIRGO New Moon with ‘Nervous Rectangle’, Mutable T-Square Calls for Flexibility in Integrity – and for Setting Butterfly Effects in Motion…

20 Sep

How have you been, in the cosmic and terrestrial storms, over the last weeks???

My heart goes out to every human, animal, and nature being affected by the Caribbean storms, and by the quakes in Mexico!

The intensity and amount of disasters around and since the PISCES – VIRGO Full Moon, and now again, round this VIR New Moon that’s LIKE a Full Moon since it’s got such a strong PI / VIR axis has shaken us up for sure!
YES, the rattler and shaker URANUS in late ARIES on the ‘Settling Point’ (well yeah, very UN-setting effects) has been stationary in August, leading into stationary PLUTO in Sept which shows us the powers of Nature…

The destructive, and the timelessly generative…

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom:
Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

Both transpersonal, collective Archetypes URANUS and PLUTO mirror what’s going on on Planet Earth, when it comes to the deep inevitable (PLUTO) and accelerating (URANUS) change of what we considered as solid and ‘given’ (CAP):
Earth structures, ‘regular’ seasons and weather,  and societal structures in governments, hierarchies, and work.
The CAPricornian patriarchal structures are dying (while trying to assert their powers in the process)… while the new (ARIES) is breaking through (URANUS).

Remember: Change can be for the better, i.o.w., fear not!
Only our attachment to the old makes us fearful. I know, easier said than done. We are very unconsciously, historically, genetically conditioned…
URANUS represents the unexpected (which seems almost the norm nowadays) that shakes and WAKES us up, to be radically in the NOW, and perhaps wake up of a dream consciousness altogether…

URANUS rules AQ – group consciousness beyond hierarchies and structures, and cooperation to build for the future. We, humanity, are all in this together. Nobody is an island indeed…

Yes, things are ‘out of natural order’ in the weather, in the climate, producing a cascade of record breaking hurricanes, fires, and earth quakes. All the elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water represented, sadly. And Nature has a way of uncharging and re-balancing itself.

The last Full Moon on Sept 6, with the MOON and NEPTUNE closely together in PISCES, and the SUN in VIRGO amplified the PISCEAN atmospheric and literally oceanic impact of ‘chaos’ vs. the need to connect the dots, analyze the situation, and do something about it (VIRGO), IF it’s fixable, that-is…

This NEW MOON yesterday Sept 19 / today Sept 20 (depending on your time zone) activated the VIR – PI axis even more so, with the VIRGO union of SUN and MOON opposing CHIRON in PISCES. And MARS / MERCURY in VIR opposing NEPTUNE in PI.

We’re all affected, and the media (a Piscean phenomenon) allow us to tune in – not for the faint of heart, and lots of us might have felt vicariously traumatized, or re-wounded in relation to something traumatic that might have happened to us before.

No wonder, PISCEAN overwhelm and helplessness has overcome many of us.

What’s your way of responding – rather than reacting?
Giving up?
Escaping / hiding out / numbing by going into addictive substances or behavious?
Or leaning in, feeling with those affected, sending love and prayers?
All these can be PISCEAN ways of being in the Oneness that shows up so strongly now.

Rather than giving up, in hopelessness and overwhelm, or escaping into addictions that takes us out, so that we don’t fully and deeply feel what’s going on, let’s BE with PISCES differently.
A good way of applying the VIR – PI energy would be also through spiritual (PI) practice (VIR), ritual, ceremony, and connecting (PI) with Nature, esp the Ocean (PI).
And to remember:

LOVE is Super-Power!


Monarch Butterfly Colony

Last weekend, I went to the provocative multi-media performance Nomadic Tempest, by The Caravan Stage Company on their Tall Theatre Ship Amara Zee which is presently anchored in the Victoria harbour for a week.
Nomadic Tempest is a mythical saga of monarch migrants (embodied by aerial artists) searching for refuge on a drowned planet, in the year 2040.
The first part, an apocalyptic immersion, was really hard to take in, esp. since it was SO apropos a series of intense storms that happened just weeks and days before. When reality catches up with theatre, and dimensions blend (very PISCEAN).

Monarch Butterfly Swarm

The Butterfly Effect can be a chance to ‘heal like with like’ a la CHIRON in PISCES which the NEW MOON in VIRGO opposes:

Just as destructive domino effects ‘happen’ apparently unrelated yet connected, so too can little actions performed by many people in coherence (esp. when reaching a critical mass) have an impactful positive effect. Monarch Butterflies are super strong because they operate as a team, and they genetically evolve fast and flexibly.

Humanity and Life on Earth have a chance in this global crisis if we cooperate, and evolve fast too, out of outdated consciousness that goes into victim mode, or remains powerless and separate:
Divided we fall. United we stand.
Divided we can be controlled. United we self-govern.
Divided we give power away. United we can have a positive impact.


“How can I be connected with the Quantum Field?” you may ask….
You ARE IN the Quantum Field. That’s like a Dolphin asking, ‘How can I be connected with the ocean?”

The Spirit of the Dolphin has shown up a lot for me, over the last week.

Wanna join me in taking its medicine of joyful intelligent cooperation, i.o.w. raising the vibration, while riding the waves of life…?!


Voila, here’s the chart of the VIR NEW MOON, with ‘her entourage’ of Planetary Archetypes:

Lots of mutable / flexible energy – things are moving and changing a lot – requiring flexibility from us – no kidding.

As you see, the VIR – PI axis is very strong, almost like a Full Moon (two poles with the Earth in the middle). Lots of tension (red oppositions, green quincunxes), incl. a configuration called ‘Nervous Rectangle’ (can you see the elongated green / red rectangle?).
SO much nervousness now in the atmosphere. Collective problems, fears, anxieties… Let’s not turn into nervous wrecks!

How can we, collectively and personally, reconcile these opposing and at-odds factors that are in the field now?

  • CHIRON retro end of PI (which has also a PI undertone, ‘double PI’):
    Overwhelm, chaos, it’s all intertwined, co- and and interdependent, one thing leads to another, we’re all in this together. And bigger oceanic forces show us how vulnerable we are. What’s the healing agent in THIS???
    Retro energy suggests: It’s a recurring issue, and we need to go inwards to connect and surrender.
  • CHIRON opposite the NEW MOON end of VIR (which has also a VIR undertone, ‘double VIR):
    What can we practically DO about this and so much else that needs help now?!
    So much worry and concern, so much need for help. But we can’t be of help if we’re not healthy and capable (physically and emotionally), says VIRGO. Self awareness is required, and it’s important to be in a calm, grounded, and centred place (rather than ‘swept away’ through the Picean destabilization).Additionally, there is a  
  • T-Square of NEW MOON and CHIRON to SATURN / LILITH end of SAG: Who sees the big picture? Who’s in charge? Are leaders just shooting arguments of righteousness at one another that are at best obstacles and setbacks for a positive and wise direction, and leave large groups of people very vulnerable?
    Ultimately, ‘wild’ LILITH now in the Galactic Centre (esp. in Oct) knows that Truth is a Pathless Land (to quote J. Krisnamurti), so there is no right / wrong, n0t even a direction to take. 
    A test (SATURN) of how spiritual teachings and also political and philosophical beliefs (SAG) can be translated into difficult situations like these.
    In fact the call to be DONE with old limiting, separating stories and beliefs (SATURN in SAG)!
    I’d suggest to step into vibrations of healing and release to contribute those to the ‘field’, and stay away from the whole right – wrong debate, and stay focused on what matters most to you, and offer good energy from there.
  • SATURN end of SAG will go into exact square with CHIRON end of PI (not for the first but for the 3rd and last time, after Dec 2016 and Apr 2017) on Nov 2.
    A lot of pressure and ‘labour’ if we come from fear and resistence, from old stories and beliefs, to be on the path of freedom (SAG)and healing (CHIRON). Not easy but so important (SATURN) to let go, forgive (them and ourselves), and let go (PI).
    A lighter path opens up from there… trust is required. 
  • Also in the ‘Nervous Rectangle’:
    The opposition of JUPITER end of LI opposite URANUS retro in AR – which will be exact on Sept 27.
    All the relationships, all the coordination and negotiation going on. …

    What’s (im)balanced, (un)fair and (un)equal is now being seen better, and magnified BIG time, with JUPITER in LIBRA. How can we bring ourselves into balance (rather than always looking for or at ‘the other’), and make wise choices (JU in LI) – from our autonomy (UR in AR)?
    That can mean a sudden, unexpected, or spontaneous and freeing change of ‘plan’ or even agreement or even relationship. URANUS is now retro until early Jan 2018, a time to re-visit inner freedom and authenticity.

    The green quincunxes ‘surrounding’ the oppositions can turn the polarity into an interesting ‘quest’:
  • JUPITER in LI is in quincunx with CHIRON retro in PI (exact on Sept 23):
    Perhaps surrendering into what IS, letting go of making decisions, stepping into the choiceless choice brings peace and ‘tips the scales’…
  • The NEW MOON in VIR is in quincunx with URANUS retro in AR (exact Sept 19 / 20):
    Given the complexity of problems and ‘to do’s’ (end of VIR) how about finding an unexpected way out into freedom?!
    Like: Do you HAVE to do all THIS? What shows up NOW, right in front of you – instead of the big list? Who would you be without ….? Who’s the doer anyway – spiritually speaking?More VIRGO energy – YES!
  • MERCURY / MARS in VIR (they were together last Saturday, to the effect of lots of frustrated and angry talks and thoughts, yet to remember not to sweat the small stuff!!!), in opposition to NEPTUNE in PI this week (exact for MERCURY yesterday Sept 19, and exact for MARS in Sun Sept 24):
    Overwhelm leads to frustration and anger which can spill out (MARS – NEPTUNE). So let’s rather release and let go of the energy, perhaps with physical (MARS) / spiritual (NEPTUNE) like Qi Gong or Hatha Yoga! Good for us anyway…
  • VENUS entered VIRGO too, just yesterday.
    An incentive to be in our Temple of Wellness and Wholeness from which we can serve best.
    See special Astro~News blog, for the journey of VENUS through VIRGO, and the encounters with other Planets ‘she’ will meet.


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If you’d like to tune in astrologically, whether there’s an outer ‘occasion’ and change, or you just have ‘that calling’ I invite you to get in touch.
I’m happy to support you being re-aligned and re-empowered, on your own path, and in relationships.


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.


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LEO New MOON with MARS (July 23): BE Authentically YOU!

22 Jul


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
C.G. Jung (* July 26, 1875, born with SUN / URANUS in LEO, and AQ Rising) 


MARS was first to ignite LEO this week, on July 20!
Check out my blog post for more about MARS in LEO this Summer (July 20 – Sept 5)! 

The SUN just entered LEO today, Sat July 22 at 8:15 am PDT (until Aug 22, it’s LEO season) and the LEO NEW MOON will be less than 24 hrs later, tomorrow SUNday JULY 23 at 2:46 am PDT!

This is the first of TWO LEO New MOONs! Super rare!
Since New Moons happen every 29 days, there IS a VERY rare chance for two to happen in the same sign of the Zodiac, under conditions like this: 1° LEO 1 and 29° LEO.

The first New Moon in LEO is on July 23, at the FIRST degree of LEO, and the second one is the Total SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon, on Aug 21, at the LAST degree of LEO!


Start into LEO New MOON: BE Creatively and Authentically YOU!
End of LEO Solar Eclipse: BE Self Aware, and in your Heart Integrity!

Johfra Bosschart Leo

The Sun Rules Leo – Painting by Johfra Bosschart


The energy at the ‘entry’ into LEO (with an ARIES undertone) feels like this:
BEING authentically YOU, naturally playful and creative – that’s the motto for THIS NEW MOON!

At the end of LEO, the ‘Sphinx Point’ (with SAG undertone) the theme is to know ourselves, and leading over to VIRGO – doing what we love, knowing how we work best, and how we can offer service from the Heart, and in Integrity…

With the double newness of LEO in 2017, let’s start fresh with our creative SoUlar Fire, BE and know ourselves, and shine our Heart Light!


Check it out in the NEW MOON Chart and ASTRO~WEATHER description below:
How strong LEO becomes, and how much fiery energy is showing up and building up now!
Time to show our Colours, Create from the Heart, and:

LEO rules the fiery Solar Plexus (just take a look at that glorious SUN Lion on the JB picture!), and the Heart Chakra, and the Crown Chakra radiating powerful strength, moving, attracting,  and expressing from your beautiful Heart, and being your SoUlar Cosmic Consciousness!
All these Chakras get lit up now – and bright Summer sunlight clearly helps too 🙂

This coming week will be SUPER Martian and fiery:
The SUN meets and passes MARS (only once every 2 years) on Wed July 26 – of course in LEO! Triple-fiery (SUN, MARS, LEO)!

Let’s use that energy to go for what we’re truly passionate about, and where our Love is – in our Heart, not ‘just’ as an ego-want.
Nice practice to notice the difference…
LEO’s all-time motto: LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY guides us in this!

The LEO NEW MOON already catalyzes that energy – a seed is planted.
First ‘sprouting’ can be seen at the AQ – LEO FULL MOON on Aug 7. Where does the energy want to be directed to, and where can effects be seen?
To the complementary opposite energy of AQ – group consciousness and co-creation. Sooo, what is it that you are part of nowadays, in co-creation, with your own passionate creativity???



Classic Queens – Photo by Melanie, July 2017

Early LEO NEW MOON – Creative Conception

As I’m writing the ASTRO~NEWS, it’s the Dark-before-New MOON phase, and the last day of the waning MOON is in CANCER.
A closure of the CANCER New Moon cycle (since June 23), and a perhaps homey (yep, definitely here, at my writing pod), calm & caring preparation for the super FIERY phase to come

FIRE, esp. LEO Heart Fire will be the dominant element, until the next end-of-LEO New MOON – the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 21. 

As always, a NEW MOON is a ‘conception’ phase, as Yin and Yang / MOON and SUN meet:
It’s not ‘just’ about setting intentions (the masculine, Solar side of it – which can get very strong, with LEO and MARS involved) that the yang driven dominant culture emphasizes but equally the intuitive receptivity (the feminine, Lunar side of the – NEW MOON).

And hey, ‘even’ JUPITER nowadays in LIBRA shows us how important balance, incl. masculine / feminine balance is.
Who wants to burn burn burn, and burn out of all the fiery energy?

How can that look and feel like?

  • Maybe literally some cozy cat naps if the body asks for them.
  • Maybe ‘sleeping over’ creative ideas, and noticing what the regenerated intuition says the next morning?
  • Maybe being in nature, and inspired by her beautiful expression of the yin-yang dance.
  • Definitely important to honour the bodily, somatic experience.

Let’s tune into, receive, and express that energy and SoLunar LEO Spirit from the Loving Heart
SO much can be channeled into joyful creativity from there!
Are children around you? Play! Or be as playful as children, in your ‘adult’ life! This is the month that brings out the Inner Child most.
Great to be around animals too, and to let the Inner Artist FREE!

Wherever early LEO is in your chart that’s the area of life that invites you to be receptive and pro-active around new authentic creativity and playful lovingness!
Maybe there are even planets there? Bring new life affirming energy to those inner Archetypes!

If you’re not sure what I mean by those astrological pointers let me ‘translate’ them for you, and let’s explore together, customized to and guided by your purrrsonal chart.
To show you and set the tone for the area and those themes of your life that receive a boost for creativity, co-creation, and re-creation. 

We can do that in a focused mini session, or as part of an update / cosmic tune-up, during Client Appreciation Month of August, or even before, if you like!


Here is the Fiery LEO NEW MOON Chart

On the West Coast, the LEO NEW MOON will be exact at 2:46 am PDT.

LEO NM 2017

What’s with ALL this Fiery Energy?


Heart Lava, Kilauea. Photo by B. Lewis


Not ‘just’ the early LEO NEW MOON with MARS… Also:

  • MERCURY / North Node end of LEO – on the ‘Sphinx Point’ where the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on Aug 21 will be:
    Self Awareness is so important... not ‘just’ these days (but pointed to with the Lunar North Node and MERCURY.
    What does that mean? How can we best be with / in this?
    Practically speaking:
    Who am I, how do I work best, and what works and is healthy for me? When I come from a loving and strong place (LEO) I have a lot of energy to ‘do the work’. Creativity as a combination of playfulness (LEO) and skillfulness (VIRGO). MERCURY will go into VIRGO on July 25 – see below.
    And spiritually speaking:
    Who ARE YOU? What is the SELF? An invitation for deep spiritual inquiry…
  • A GRAND FIRE TRINE has been building (and is loosening after the NEW MOON), between:
    MERCURY / NN end of LEO,  LILITH / SATURN retro end of SAG, and URANUS stationary end of ARIES!
    Can you see it in the chart?
    A spiritual ‘golden opportunity’, to ride the ever accelerating wave of high vibrational, liberating, shifting and awakening energy that frees us FROM the ‘box’, even 3-D / 4-D consensus reality (URANUS in ARIES) and FOR – who knows what shows up – in the NOW!
    Who are YOU in and as THIS? Self / Spirit Awareness…
    And with LILITH close to SATURN retro late SAG (approaching the ever elusive ‘Galactic Centre’ again): Ultimates can’t be taught or talked about yet pointed to. Something deeply knows. 
  • And then, there are several squares (fiery, MARS ruled aspects that build up a lot of tension and conflict, and need dynamic outlets):
    We’re just coming out of the multiple square from MARS and the SUN, today (July 22) also the MOON – as they’ve all been in late CANCER – to URANUS in late ARIES: 
    How to reconcile the need to be safe (CAN) with the liberating push (AR) to try out something completely new, adventurous, liberating, to re-invent yourself?
    It has been good with the CAN energy to be gentle and (self) caring, in the crazy acceleration and bombardment with stimuli.
  • The fiery URANIAN impulse (like an volcanic eruption, or a flash of lightning) is coming in stronger now, as URANUS is going into ‘U-turn’ at the very end of ARIES, to go on its yearly retro trip, from Aug 2 – Jan 3. Mid-July to mid-Aug are very URANIAN weeks:
    There may be more ‘crazy news’, and things can shift in a heartbeat, or the blink of an eye. Live NOW, not in the past or future. Allow for inspiration in the moment, paradigm shifts, and liberation.
    Motto:  Experimentation, no expectation! And: WAKE UP! 
  • Lastly (for now) another by nature fiery (but not AS fiery) square is coming in, from JUPITER in mid-LIBRA to PLUTO retro in mid-CAP (exact on Aug 4). This is the 3rd of 3 exact squares (Nov 24, 2016, March 30 and Aug 4, 2017):
    A pressure to make wise choices, esp. in relationships of all kinds, so that they serve the best purpose. Forget about going into old conditioned (even ancestral) patterns of ‘shoulds’, of taking too much on and feeling resentful, or like wasting your time (heaaaavy CAP energy needs to be purged), or being ‘too nice’ and accommodating while things are actually imbalanced – LIBRAN themes get a JUPITERIAN magnifying glass this year.
    What ARE good soul (PLUTO) synergies (LI) that enhance life (JUPITER) and bring out your best, mature qualities (CAP)?
    Let’s choose wisely! And save a lot of time and energy…
    Well, and some ‘soul relationships’ (PLUTO square JUPITER in LI) that we may or may not have consciously chosen are occasionally quite ‘uncomfortable’ when they purge and ‘burn off’ the egos…. All part of the game…

    There’s a LOT to this, on personal, interpersonal, and collective levels…, now brought up and transformed.

Blessings for a Heart-full LEO New Moon cycle!


Check out the upcoming courses, starting next week and the following, and join us (also online option), we got space for you (the circles are small and intimate though, so that everyone is being seen and met:



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger





Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

ASTRO~EXPERIENCES, via Courses. Workshops, and Embodied Astrology:

Our experiential and embodied Astrology groups have over time (the 13 years I’ve been facilitating workshops and classes) become quite potent and catalytic.
In a world of online offers, our small, intimate Astro hubs (6 – 10 participants) are a treasured way of being personally seen and involved – more commitment, a personal sense of community, and deeper effects.
Come join us, if deep synergy in a circle speaks to you!

This is to empowered and liberating ways of working with the ancient and timeless gift of Astrology!



Ready for Epiphanies?

5 Jan

Dynamic Start-UP energies are running strong today Jan 5 and tomorrow morning, Jan 6!
The first ARIES MOON 2017 – an Initiation Energy that we can easily tune into emotionally now – kicks the CAP SUN and PLUTO out of its ‘hibernation station’ –
WAKE UP, People!
HA – the Year of the Fire Rooster or Phoenix Bird is on the horizon too (starts on the day after the next New Moon, Jan 28).





Today, the ARIES MOON ignites URANUS in ARIES:
Time to be open for Breakthroughs, and to give ourselves permission to Break Free from old, heavy, slow, conditioned consciousness, and into liberated initiatives.



Prometheus bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity


And remember, 2017 is a ‘1’ Year – and it all starts with ARIES, and # 1 – the SELF. Nobody does it ‘for you’, and that’s a good thing.

Show up authentically, drop those old stories, and focus on your vision (SATURN in SAG loves you). Get started.

With a liberated consciousness Epiphanies happen!


Magi Star


And yep, Jan 6 is Epiphany in the Christian calendar – ‘Astrologers’ / Magi Day’ – time for all of us to See the Light, and Follow the Star!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2017 – Overview for ‘Initiates’

26 Dec

Holiday Greetings, dear Astro~News Friends!

As 2017 is nearing, and MERCURY retro in CAP gives an incentive to be organized – here’s the no-frills overview of DATES for Eclipses, New Moons, and significant motions, by planet.
For a more ‘fleshed out’ version, check out the New Year’s blog, or come to the 2017 Parlour on Dec 29 where we check out significant 2017 transits for all participants. 🙂

Maybe you’d like to learn the Foundations of Astrology in 2017? We have space for you in our 5-week class that starts on Jan 5 (participation in person or via skype / messenger)!



Light on the Wintry Path – Photo by Melanie, Dec 6, 2016


Voila – the Calendar:

SUN, MOON, and PLANETS in Motion 2017


SUN / MOON – New Moon Dates

Jan 27: AQ (Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster starts on Jan 28)

Feb 26: PI

March 27: AR

Apr 26: TAU

May 25: GEM

June 23: CAN

July 23: LEO

Aug 21: LEO / Solar Eclipse – 2 New Moons in LEO this year, flipping from early to late.

Sept 19 / 20: VIR

Oct 19: LI

Nov 18: SCO

Dec 17: SAG


Eclipses and Nodes

Feb 10: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in LEO / AQ (Nodes in early PI / VIR)

Feb 26: New Moon / Solar Eclipse in early PI (with SN)

Nodes shift from PI / VIR to AQ / LEO on Apr 29 (until Nov 17, 2018)

Aug 7: Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in AQ / LEO

Aug 21: New Moon / Solar Eclipse in late LEO (with NN)


MERCURY Retrograde (3 times a year for 3 weeks, this year in Earth / Fire signs):

Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 in CAP – SAG

Apr 9 – May 3 in TAU – AR

Aug 12 – Sept 5 in VIR – LEO

Dec 2 – 22 in SAG


VENUS Retrograde in AR – PI (about every 1 ½ years, last one in Summer 2015):

March 2 – Apr 15 (‘New VENUS’ on March 25, close to the New Moon on March 27)


MARS travels from PI to SCO in 2017 (not in retro until June – Oct 2018).


JUPITER in LI (since Sept 9, 2016 to Oct 10, 2017 when it enters SCO).

JUPITER retro on Feb 5, and direct on June 9 – Full Moon.

JUPITER opposes URANUS in AR on Dec 26, 2016, March 3, and Sept 27, 2017.

JUPITER squares PLUTO in CAP on March 30 and Aug 4.


SATURN in SAG until Dec 19, 2017 when it enters its ruled sign CAP.

SATURN retro on Apr 6, and direct on Aug 25.

SATURN squares CHIRON in PI on Apr 30 and Nov 2.

SATURN trines URANUS in AR on Dec 24, 2016, May 18, and Nov 11, 2017.


CHIRON end of PI (enters AR for the first time in Apr 2018).

CHIRON retro on July 1, and direct on Dec 5.


URANUS end of AR (enters TAU for the first time in May 2018).

URANUS direct on Dec 29, 2016, retro on Aug 2, 2017, and direct on Jan 3, 2018.


NEPTUNE in PI (until 2026).

NEPTUNE retro on June 16, and direct on Nov 22.


PLUTO in CAP (until 2023).

PLUTO retro on Apr 20, and direct on Sept 28.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* Happy Winter SoUlstice 2016! Light RE-turning *

20 Dec

Today and tomorrow, Dec 20 /21 are the shortest days of the year, and tonight (Dec 20 / 21) will be the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere: Here in Victoria B.C. Dec 21 is 7 hours, 48 minutes shorter than on the Summer Solstice: 8 hrs, 18 min. and 33 sec. daylight.

The SUN appears to ‘stand still’ (Sol-stice) for a few days, on the lowest arc of the Ecliptic, before slowly, gradually ‘climbing’ again, and providing minute by minute longer days (Dec 18 – 24: 8 hrs 18 – 19 min., then gradually longer daylight, see this Time & Date table  and wiki Winter Solstice article.


WINTER SOLSTICE is one of the 8 sacred yearly celebrations of alignment with the SUN:


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Ostara / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha / Summer Solstice, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, YULE, and Imbolc.


Winter Solstice Traditions celebrate the Return of the Light, and the ReBirth of the Inner En-Lightened Consciousness.

Happy Yule!

Happy Solstice!

Merry Christmas!


Today Dec 20 at 12:12 pm, our AstroEmbodiment Circle of Eight stepped into the energy field of the Winter Solstice chart!

It was a dramatic, invigorating, magical day, and from our (indoor 🙂 ) vantage point, we were overlooking the stormy sea, with sunshine and storm, and even a rainbow and an eagle offered us their SAG blessings! On this last day of SAG, we were an inter-nation-all circle, coming from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, East Coast U.S., Western and West Coast Canada. Soo good to connect in Unity! Nature-ALL Alignment…

Here are some key themes that we ‘downloaded’ as we all stepped into the fields of several planets – with participants not even knowing what they represented (that’s the magic of the field!).
Wow, it was so rich, can’t remember it all:


  • The Solstice SUN – a calm, quiet energy field of simplicity. What matters matters. All else can wait.
  • Deep immersion into the dark, infinite PLUTO / MERCURY retro regeneration ‘cave’. Not scary, rather ‘velvety’. 
  • In contrast: What an exciting, igniting, liberating, whoaaaa energy of URANUS in ARIES (presently a stationary ‘focal point’). Freedom for being oneself!
  • JUPITER in LIBRA (and the Winter SoUlstice Moon next to it) – in opposition to URANUS – responding, balancing, dancing with URANUS, by offering an openness for new complementary relationships and synergies on all levels.
  • LILITH in SCO: Moving not just ‘with the storm’ but being the storm, being Nature – magical and empowering.
  • SATURN in SAG requires experience, practice, and a good grounding / lauching pad from which to fly – like a ski jumper.
  • The North Node in VIR is also grounding and aware of alignment – yet responding to many influences (“so much to do?”).
  • In balance: NEPTUNE, the South Node, and CHIRON in PI are the universality, where nothing is ‘to do’, all is interconnected and an interdimensional healing offer. The invitation to relax into this and receive its gifts. MARS in PI adds adventure, like surfers rolling with the waves.
  • VENUS in AQ adds sparkle – and needs breathing space.



Solstice Storm (the Sun low in the sky round 3 pm) – Photo by Melanie Dec 20, 2016.



WINTER SOLSTICE 2016 will be exactly (as the SUN enters CAP) this year tonight, Dec 21 at 2:46 am PST.

Here is the Winter Solstice chart which we tuned into in our AstroEmbodiment:




Balance is an important message – not only because LIBRA is the AC from the West Coast, but also the MOON and JUPITER will be in LIBRA (and the World has a big – JUPITER – need – the MOON – for Balance, Peace, Harmony, Fairness, Justice, and Right Relationships nowadays.

Plus there are 2 oppositions that require and offer Balance:

  • JUPITER and the MOON in LIBRA oppose stationary URANUS retro in ARIES: The ‘wild card’ / revolutionary / unpredictability factor of URANUS in ARIES needs some calming and moderation. And the tendency of JUPITER in LIBRA to be overly other-oriented can benefit from some fresh ‘enlightened self interest’ and pro-active ARIES initiative.
  • The North Node in VIR opposes (naturally) the South Node in PI, with NEPTUNE and also MARS approaching. A balance between relaxing, surrendering (MARS in PI: ‘Victory’ comes from surrendering the ego), letting go and Being in Oneness, and doing what’s in integrity, based on self awareness (VIR).

MERCURY freshly retro (Dec 19 – Jan 8) with PLUTO in CAP asks us to go deeper into soul searching – what’s the deeper symbolic meaning, essence, and spirit of Christmas, SoUlstice, Light Returning – for us? And what is TIME?
Practically speaking:

  • How can we work with what we got (yes, optimizing working with day light is a metaphor)?
  • If we have health, time, community, access to resources, how do we work with all of this and them in the best way? 
  • Maybe a new approach with cooperation, synergy, and balance (CAP – LI)? Could be a ‘personal revolution’ (URANUS in ARIES turning direct on Dec 29!)

MERCURY is presently in the first = epimethean phase of the retro journey. ‘Old stories’ – perhaps ‘inherited’ from the ancestors (CAP) might come up, to be acknowledged and transformed (PLU) into higher purpose. Maybe the old stories teach us / can be used as a ‘teaching example’ to show how empowering, evolutionary change is possible / already happened in other situations (like: the ancestors were resourceful and went through… how can me use their example, strength and endurance – without the struggle, scarcity,or even survival scenarios they might have gone through!).
Our conditioned Mind (MERCURY) is going through a transformation (PLU). What comes up for you?
Let’s go deeper, into our visceral incorruptible ‘gut’ sense of what’s going on and ripe for transformation and empowerment – symbolized by PLUTO. That’s where the Power-to-Change sits.

Clearly, this MERC / PLU activation affects all you CAP friends out there, and the CAP sides (AC, MOON, Planets, and house) in all of us. Ask me if you’d like to explore these themes in your own chart and life with me.


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IV – Photo by Melanie

Crystal activated Voyager Tarot card IV – Photo by Melanie


When MERCURY retro meets the SUN on Dec 28, just before the CAP New Moon on Dec 28 / 29 it’s time for new breakthrough insights that move us forward.

More about the MERCURY retro phase, tips & tricks in this blog post.


SATURN in SAG trines URANUS retro / stat in AR (exact on Christmas eve, Dec 24, and again, for more integration on May 18 and Nov 11, 2017):

Ahh, that alignment makes it much easier – and spacious! – to be in our truth and on our path, matured from old beliefs conditioning, moralizing, and guilt-tripping ‘shoulds’. Free to show up in our authentic Self – hallelujah!


For the SoUlstice time, I look forward to nature walks, and engaging in what brings joy and is regenerative – can be quite ‘simple’ says CAP.

Once CAPRICORN energy sets in, with the Winter Solstice, we are called to manifest what we deeply know (SAG). ‘Only’ resolutions, visions, and promises are not enough.

Let’s walk the talk, and show the evidence…, slowly, steadily, consistently, and without blaming ourselves for not being perfect yet. It’s work (AND play, miracles, joy!) in progress!

And hey, let’s not fall into the CAP trap of being buried under a mountain of…. (you name it: work, commitments, responsibilities, stuff….), and free up the most important resource: quality TIME / Time quality!

With the freed-up NO-time / clock-less time, let’s give each other the loving gift of time, not only this SOLSTICE!




By the way, if you still haven’t seen it yet, or as a reminder – esp. apropos materialistic Christmas: Watch the 20-min video ‘Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard. She launched it 9 years ago(!), in Dec 2007 (just before PLUTO entered CAP, in Jan 2008), to illustrate how the ‘material’s economy’s’ linear system of extraction -> production -> distribution -> consumption -> disposal is unsustainable on a finite planet, which I’m sure is pretty obvious to you, dear reader, but perhaps you’d like to show / send it to some rare  ‘disbelievers’ out there. The project has evolved: In the meantime, there is also the ‘Story of Change’ and the Story of Solutions’.


TIME as we know it, and our ways of working with it is indeed changing.

Whether we are speaking metaphysically of transcending the conditioned experience of time, and tapping into 5th dimension consciousness, or quite practically – it happens on all levels:

Astrologically, PLUTO (powerful evolutionary change agent) is presently in CAP (which rules time and maturity), 2008 – 2023.

Are we being swallowed by the ‘Time Monster’ or some other draconian super power or gruesome force? Or will the old Time Machine die a slow yet inevitable death? With PLUTO, my suggested formula goes like this: It gets intense as it changes…


Historically, humanity has attempted to be the masters of time and productivity since PLUTO was the last time in CAP (late 1700’s, the times of the American, French, and Industrial Revolution, and major colonization, and ‘distribution’ of the world resources among imperialistic countries that subordinated and ‘ruled over’ indigenous cultures. The ever faster running wheels and productivity devices have turned against us. With all the opportunities that ‘saving time’ has brought us we have become the slaves of time (as scarcity). Many people are caught in the machinery and ‘live for retirement’, or impose our generation’s debt on the shoulders of the next generations. This is unsustainable.

Change is underway. Too slow? Effective and transformational enough?

Here is a random act of log wisdom that I found at a nearby beach (and left it there, for the next person): “Money, like manure, does no good until it’s spread around.” Not just money, any resource and what we can extract from deep processes wants to be ‘spread around’ now, with PLUTO in CAP, and SATURN in SAG.


Money-ure Log


So how about right NOW (says ARIES where UR stirs up the pot), and from now on (with the SUN, MERCURY and PLUTO in CAPRICORN):

~ Reclaiming alignment with time and natural laws (like the TAO),

~ Taking down-time in the midst of time acceleration craze,

~ Respecting ancient, timeless (and timely!) wisdom, and

~ Living more simply so that others can simply live?


Time is Consciousness.

“Not enough time for love, relationship, children” – postponing those to Day X, when “the work is done” could be a self trapping statement of purpose, attainment, and completion oriented CAPRICORN.

“The Work” is never done, we can’t personally be ever complete with what we set out to do.

And as Joanna Macy would say: “Help create a project that survives you!” A transpersonal practice a la PLU.


Did you know? CAPRICORN is actually a mythical fish-tailed Sea Goat.




What’s with that, you might ask?


The time of Winter Solstice when the SUN enters CAPRICORN has been traditionally (in the Pisces Age) celebrated as the birth of redeemers – masters who have climbed up the mountain of spiritual attainment, and offered their energy to the collective – the fish tail is an association with operating in the waters of Oneness. 


Which brings us to… Christmas!

Last year round this time, I went to a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at the Victoria Christ Church Cathedral. One of the Carols (commissioned by the CCC in 2011) struck me as relating (for those who are aware) to the Astrology and symbolism of the Christ Birth after Winter Solstice:


Magi Star


Magi and A Poor Place


A poor place this, no place to welcome kings;

No place for myrrh or frankincense or gold.

A place for simple folk and simple things;

A place of shadows, comfortless and cold.

Yet kings are here, and now as daylight dies,

By their command an minstrel softly sings

To calm the child while Magi search the skies

For mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.


So poor a place, yet now it welcomes kings.

See how they pause outside the stable door.

See how they kneel as each one humbly brings

A gift and lays it on the earthen floor.

For if the stars are true, if planets speak,

And if their journey to this humble place

Has guided them aright, this child they seek

Is mighty ruler both of time and space.


A poor place this, the world of these our days,

So poor in justice, poor in joy and peace;

Where children starve, where evil pays,

And empires clash in wars that never cease.

Yet still the Holy Child is brought to birth;

The grace he gives far more than we can tell.

His loving hands enfold the wounded Earth,

And all is well, and all things shall  be well.


Music by Patrick Wedd. Text by Herbert O’Driscoll


I was astounded to hear and read in this beautiful ‘modern’ and timeless carol about

  • “…while Magi search the skies for mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.”The (triple) JUPITER / SATURN conjunction in PISCES in the year 6 BC which was apparently considered the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ – the biggest planets in our Solar System aligned which happens (usually only once) every 20 year could have appeared as ‘A Star’. Apparently right overhead Israel (which is ruled by SATURN) at the time. JUPITER and SATURN united stands for the Archetype of a master / teacher / guru / king. And the fact that the Great Conjunction happened in PISCES at the onset of the PISCES Age promised a new religious / spiritual era.
  • “Is mighty ruler of time and space” reminds me of the Space / Time Point from SAG to CAP, at Winter Solstice. SAG rules Space and CAP rules TIME (see above). The JU / SAT alignment didn’t happen at the Winter Solstice 6 BC, but JU and SAT rule that point! And that’s when The Light of the SUN Returns / is REborn

Hmm, goes to show, maybe Christianity knew something about Astrology, and ‘placed’ the birth of the redeemer onto Day 3 after Winter Solstice, when the SUN starts to gradually climb.


Would you like to join us at the Winter Transits Parlour?

That’s  after the Holidays, on THU Dec 29 from 6:29 – 9 pm.

Let’s Celebrate the Returning Light!
Let’s honour and align with major astrological Winter transits into 2017!

More about it here.




© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* GEM – SAG Super Full Moon 2016 (Dec 13 / 14), in T-square with CHIRON in PI, and Mystic Rectangle :: Heart Connection is Lighting the Way!

13 Dec

What’s the GEMINI – SAG  Full Moon all about astrologically, in a nutshell, and what are other cosmic catalyst energies that the Full Moon is highlighting?  


SuperMoon Lighting for the Gemini Reader


OH yes, here’s another  SuperMoon (#3 in a series of 3), after the AR – LI SuperMoon on Oct 15 /16, and the TAU – SCO SuperSuperMoon on Nov 14. I bet you remember that with the last SuperSuperMoon supercharged emotions came to full fruition that to be released with the waning Moon cycle after fullness. What a difference a lunar cycle makes!

We’re in a similar phase now with the Full Moon release energy as in mid Oct and mid Nov, yet wayyy less fierce and raw (AR) or intense (TAU – SCO).


What can come up with the GEM Full Moon is distraction and scatteredness through inner and outer dialogues, curiosity and interest in the ‘10000 things’, and the challenge to focus (SATURN in SAG) – a big ‘issue’ these years actually, given the social media influx… What’s the way-out?

Before going into the ‘Full Menu’ of the Full Moon Picture let’s start with a little 101 Intro (and RE-visit, if you’re familiar with the ‘puzzle pieces’) for some key Astro ‘Ingredients’ of the Full Moon:

  • GEM – SAG – the Full Moon Zodiac energies, are in contrast and polarity. Both mutable / adaptable / flexible in different ways:
  • GEM deals with asking, questioning, being curious, absorbing information, learning, studying, reading and writing, and engaging in dialogue. GEM energy can be a good word smith, and lives to learn. GEM rules the bi-hemispheric brain. Dualities come up, to be alchemized so that they not only ‘speak to each other’ but for the opposites to be married. As in: thesis – antithesis – synthesis. The shadow / challenge of GEM is being scattered, distracted, centrifugal with soo many interests, listening to many ‘channels’ and ‘voices’.

GEM is ruled by MERCURY, the Archetype of Mind. And MERCURY will go retro in mid CAP (next to PLUTO) very soon – Dec 19 – Jan 8, and into slooow, stationary ‘storm’ right after the Full Moon, on Dec 15.
Here’s my Astro~News Blog for MERCURY retro – don’t get distracted, and come back here.  

With the GEM – SAG Full Moon, AND MERCURY about to go retro there’s definitely a lot going on, on the mental plane presently. However, never mind: The mind that got wayyy ahead of the game, and running the show will be ‘lassoed in’ again in the MERCURY retro journey, to be it it’s place of an ‘agent’ for consciousness and creativity (the SUN).

  • SAG – in contrast to GEM – is the explorer, needs to follow his / her Heart, and put their Heart into what they’re doing, be focused and on ‘the Path’, get the ‘big picture’, and connect with their Truth. S/He can be an inspired story teller and sage. The shadow / challenge of SAG shows up when s/he turns into a ‘know-it-all’ and ‘know-it-better’, and that’s where judgment and beliefs come in. With the tendency to expand and a ‘more is better’ attitude SAG can over-extend his / herself, or promise more than s/he can deliver.

As SATURN is presently in SAG (Sept 2015 – Dec 2017), there’s an incentive and necessity to ‘downsize’ the excessiveness of SAG, to be done with old stories and limiting beliefs, to stay focused and heart centred. SATURN was just (on Dec 10) passed by the SUN, and is a big player in the Full Moon theme. For more depth, and tips re: SATURN Return, check out the SUN / SATURN blog from the weekend.

  • PISCES – represented by CHIRON in the Full Moon ‘matrix’ (the Full Moon is in a 90 degree T-square angle with CHIRON) – is also a mutable sign like GEM (MOON) and SAG (SUN / SATURN), yet ‘ultra flexible’, surrendered, and connected in oneness. We live in times where it becomes more and more obvious  and evident that everything is connected with everything else, in the fabric of life. That’s what Astrology is also about…. The Cosmos is ‘in’ us, and weaves through us. When we flow (PI) with our soul dharma we are aligned (VIR), and let go (PI) what’s gone.


Remember when people were talking about the theory of ‘six degrees of separation’ ? But hey – since NEPTUNE moved into PISCES  (2012 – still there until 2026) the experience of separation through time and space has more and more morphed into interconnectedness – one degree of connection is more apt these days. Internet and media allow (or hook?) us to be continuously plugged in and connected (at least to and through technology). ‘Wounded Healer’ CHIRON in PISCES (2011 – 2018) adds to the picture of oneness, by showing us our vulnerability through ‘entanglement’ and interdependency. Yet the ‘wound’ carries also its medicine: If all is connected (and YES, Water IS Life…!) our healing vibrations, our prayers, and our compassionate ‘being with’ have an influence that transcends time – space. Also, showing up with our vulnerability really IS connective. 

PISCES is one of the SoUlutions of the Full Moon ‘dilemma’….


A rare ‘Mystic Rectangle’ shows up as well, in the Full Moon energy – a ‘closed envelope’ shape (see chart below). What’s in it??? A note to self? A love letter? An invitation? Maybe Messenger MERCURY, gearing up for the next retro phase (Dec 19 – Jan 8) which starts out from PLUTO in CAP will help us decipher the mystery?

URANUS in ARIES (2011 – 2018) is quite the Archetypal ‘Player’ in Dec / Jan too: Paradigm shifts and breakthroughs, fresh approaches and initiatives get quite a boost.


The exploration continues… under the ASTRO~WEATHER & ASTRO~MEDICINE below.

When I saw the mutable T-Square from the GEMINI – SAG Full Moon to CHIRON in PI, and the ‘Mystic Rectangle’ aspect figure, this famous quote by Rumi came to my awareness:


Rumi Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do

Rumi: Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field. I will meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about
Language, ideas, even the phrase each other
Doesn’t make any sense.”

By Rumi

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi (جلال‌الدین محمد رومی) (Sept 30, 1207 – Dec 17, 1273), was a Persian philosopher, poet, teacher, and founder of the Mevlevi (or Mawlawi) order of Sufism; also known as Mevlana (Our Guide), Jalaluddin Rumi, or simply Rumi.

This page features an overview and introduction to the mystical, timeless poetry by Rumi.

Read ON, for the SUN / SATURN in SAG Gifts for the Full Moon in GEM – SAG, and for your SATURN Return (if you were born 1956 – 59, or 1985 – 88)!

With references to ZEN, Ganesh, the ‘Remover of Obstacles’, and some themes to check in on, under SAT in SAG for all of us, esp. for those of you born with SAT in SAG.


Under the Mutable FULL MOON T-Square (see 101 Intro for some key Astro ‘Ingredients’ above, and chart below), we can feel pulled into different directions, maybe like a flag in the wind, maybe feeling aimless, maybe free and unbound.

The GEMINI Full MOON energy is curious, questions things, loves diversity, variety, likes to talk and learn, is hungry for information and communication, can jump around from topic to topic, and also be easily distracted / distracting. Sooo many ideas and questions. Very cerebral.

Have you found yourself pulled into the realm of information and ideas (“They say this, he says that, to which I said….”, and what about this article and interview?)?
Trapped in the tentacles of the seamless (and sometimes senseless) information stream? Hooked on the information high-way? The notion to know…

Does more knowledge (GEM) make us happier (SAG)?
And (old SAG adage): Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

The U.S. election battle and results and the GEM / SAG storm of posts and communication (hmmm, not so many dialogues and inquiries, mostly SAG type statements) showed us ‘knowing’ doesn’t equate with happiness, nor with vision. Who knows where this is going… Interestingly, Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) has the GEM – SAG axis emphasized in reverse: GEM SUN / URANUS (does that surprise you?!) / North Node and SAG MOON / South Node…born on the day of a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse! I’m not going into analysis here. Wondering what your intuition says, and we can talk if you like. Here’s a blog I posted last month, for the U.S. chart with transits (wow, lots coming up there) – scroll back to part 1 -, as well as my take on the charts of Donald, Hillary, and Bernie to get the Astro ball rolling.


Back to the GEM – SAG Full Moon chart:

Natural happiness comes when we feel connected. Now that’s the Medicine of CHIRON in PI which (thankfully) releases the tension between SUN / SATURN in SAG and the MOON in GEMINI.

Heart connection (SAG – PI) makes us drop the arrows, and perhaps even words (as wise as they may sound).



Heart connection lights the way to Winter SoUlstice, and the Return of the outer Light.


Uh, and from the Heart connection it’s so much easier – and natural, actually – to act authentically in the NOW.

URANUS in ARIES (stationary mid Dec to mid Jan) gives us a big boost to break through and free us from the Old, and for… THIS.

The Mystic Rectangle (check it out on the chart below), with URANUS, MOON, JUPITER, and SUN / SATURN shows how apparently opposing forces want to be bridged and reconciled, mainly revolving round: Head and Heart, Radical New Self and Growth in Relatedness. Hmmm, what’s in the ‘closed envelope’? What’s the letter you write? What’s the message you receive there?


* GEM – SAG Full Moon Chart

A Fuller Picture

Here’s the Full Moon chart, for you visually inclined readers and Astro initiates:



HA! Here’s the evidence (SATURN in SAG): The MOON was already exactly FULL at 4:06 pm PST = Moonrise on the West Coast.


That’s when our Chakras & Astro group (with 2 GEM SUN and 1 GEM Moon, and 1 SAG SUN ladies in it) was in an inspired sharing journey that showed (CHIRON in PI ‘overseeing’ the FM) that when we come together intentionally (SAG) and open up (PI) in trusted communication (SAG – GEM) it turns out ‘we’re all in this together’ and have so much in common. Resonance heals. Showing up with vulnerability (CHIRON in PI), and honouring the journey (SATURN in SAG), without re-gurgitating the ‘story’ invokes the collective (PI) Healer / Teacher. Great grounding finale of our journey!


So here’s also the ‘Mystic Rectangle’ between the MOON in GEM, JUPITER in LI, SUN / SATURN in SAG, and URANUS in AR. Can you see it in the chart? Bridging, reconciling, and creatively balancing the polar opposites is the call of (not only) the Day, and actually quite stimulating. The point is that the opposite sides can be stronger when they cooperate in synergy, like a good partnership. (Aspect ‘technically’ speaking: each opposition point has also a trine and sextile attached, for opportunities):

  • There’s the Full Moon opposition with its Head & Heart / Knowledge & Knowing / Dialogue & Intuition themes.
  • And there’s the JUPITER – URANUS opposition (exact on Dec 26, and again on March 3 and Sept 27, 2017):

A BIG emphasis on URANUS is building up, since URANUS is in Dec / Jan also stationary, as it goes from retro to direct (kaboooom!) on Dec 29 = the day after the CAP New Moon, and ‘Day of Enlightening Insight’ in the MERCURY retro cycle!!!

URANUS in ARIES (2011 – 2018) is the signature of the ‘Zeitgeist’ (literally: Spirit of the Time) that shows up as accelerated awakening of consciousness, yet also the quickening of everything, and revolutionary notions to break free from repressive old structures (PLUTO in CAP). We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

If people are truly liberated in themselves (UR in AR) that’s a great starting point for growth in relationships (JU in LI), and there’s less need for a tug of war between independence (UR in AR) and the benefits / compromises in relationships (JU in LI).


  • Also visible in the Full Moon chart: MERCURY next to PLUTO in CAP, about to go into pre-retro ‘storm’ on Dec 15 and retro Dec 19 – Jan 8. See: the epic special feature Astro~News Blog on the upcoming MERCURY retro phase.


  • VENUS has entered AQ recently, on Dec 7, and will travel through the ‘coolest sign of the Zodiac’ until Jan 3. Being cool, free-spirited, nerdy, a mad scientist even, and definitely: a good and original friend (and astrologer) is attractive. Ha-ha.
    VENUS will make some real nice aspects on Christmas Day Dec 25: Trine JUPITER, sextile her URANUS friend in AR, and ‘even’ sextile SATURN in SAG, linking the SATURN – URANUS trine (which will be exact on Dec 24 – and again in May and Nov 2017). The common denominator of SAG, JUPITER and URANUS is: FREEDOM. Which comes in so many ways… to be explored in the next Astro~News (from Winter SoUlstice to CAP New Moon Dec 28 / 29).


  • MARS is about to leave AQ and will be ‘gone fishing’ in PI, from Dec 19 on (until Jan 27). Time to ‘get your surf gear out’? To disappear? More about it below, in a n upcoming Astro~News blog.


For now: Blessings for the GEM – SAG Full Moon and the bridges and connections it encourages us to build!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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