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Che Guevara 90: Born Revolutionary Hero

14 May

SO, on this day would be Che Guevara’s 90th birthday!
Yes, only – he was born on May 14, 1928 and died at age 39!

Feliz Cumpleanos, Che Ernesto!

On an epic journey in Cuba in Feb 2012 with a friend, Che’s charismatic revolutionary icon was omnipresent, and of course we also visited Santa Clara – the town of the decisive battle of the Cuban Revolution in 1958 where he’s most prominently immortalized.

We weren’t even aware at the time that it would have been the year of Che’s URANUS Return (for everyone at age 84) – full circle of the planet of Revolution and Liberation.

No surprise that URANUS features prominently in Che’s chart.
Goes to show how distinctly Astrology points to the Archetypes, in ‘bigger than life’ people’, and in all of us. 

Check out Che’s birth chart here.
Ironically, there’s also a controversy around his birth date being May 14 or June 14, 1928. In the museum, I found the date May 14 verified and took a note (I believe it was even the birth certificate), and that’s what the usually very reliable Swiss astro.com has too. Vamos!

Here it is again:


  • URANUS right on his AC in early ARIES and chart ruler MARS right ‘behind’, in universal PISCES in the 12th – born revolutionary and freedom fighter on behalf of ‘the whole’. Self sacrificing, charismatic, iconic, bigger than life. Expressing the ‘Zeitgeist’ and being a force for change.
  • His URANUS / AC is also in square with his MC in CAP which is ruled by SATURN retro in SAG with his South Node in the 9th House: On a mission to ‘disrupt’ (as we nowadays say), challenge, and overthrow a system / establishment that ‘didn’t work for him’ (SATURN retro) with a clear alternative vision and direction.
  • Something in him gave him intrinsic authority and leadership, independent of age (SATURN retro – his only retro planet – with his SN). Well, his youthful / forever young warrior spirit (ARIES / URANUS / MARS Rising, and SATURN in SAG) was so iconic throughout.
  • His job astrologically / life map wise was to communicate his revolutionary philosophy into understandable ways that people would resonate with – which would create a huge wave (SN / SATURN in his 9th House in SAG, NN / MERCURY in GEM in his 3rd, and the PISCES MOON in his 12th House squaring the Nodal Axis). And yes, giving the collective, the needs of the people (MOON in PI in the 12th House) a thrust for freedom (MARS in late PI to URANUS in AR) expressed directly through his presence, his life. 
  • And a big dynamic, assertive presence that-is: JUPITER in AR in the 1st House too.
  • Very dynamically charismatic and popular way beyond his life, via the square from his TAURUS SUN square NEPTUNE in LEO.


And guess what the Sabian Symbol for Che’s MERCURY in GEM (close to his karmic North Node) is?


KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini. What is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness. It may do so violently if socially oppressed — through revolution — or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.

This fifth stage is related to the first, for it is the experience of a world of being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process. In the same sense a psychedelic experience may momentarily make the mind transparent to a non-ego-structured realm of consciousness, and may lead to a sustained attempt at understanding what has been revealed of a transcendent Reality. Whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS.”


What a day to commemorate the revolutionary spirit, since tomorrow – just after the New Moon URANUS will enter TAURUS and be squared by MARS, freshly entered into Freedom for All oriented AQ on the day after!

Viva la Revolution!
Freedom from within – unconditionally!

And: The Power of Love leads the Evolution, and the Revolution of the Heart.
Freedom to BE!


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