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Eclipse Full MOON in CAP – CAN, with VEGA & SIRIUS (July 16 / 17): Transforming the Old – Being ONE Love!

15 Jul

Dear Star Being,

Feeling her in you?

What a Lunar Infusion coming up and already extending her effects for a while – over Spring and early Summer:

The Full MOON in CAP – CANCER tomorrow (2:38 pm PDT) will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse (not visible in the Americas but in effect everywhere on Planet Earth) AND also close to SATURN, PLUTO, and: VEGA the Harp Star – associated with Orpheus!

Here’s some beautiful mythology about VEGA.

It’s a Release Eclipse though…
Sounds like old Love Stories of loss, separation, and fear / control are ripe now to go through the ‘Underworld’ of PLUTO, to be transformed into shining our pure SoUlar Light from within.
We are the ONE Love! 


What does the Eclipse FULL MOON evoke?

BALANCE is a key theme, since it’s an opposition.
The Full Moon is the ‘Mother of Oppositions’, calling for balance & integration.
And this one comes with SO many other Planetary Archetypes, Nodes and the Stars VEGA & SIRIUS, all on the CANCER – CAPRICORN opposition axis.

The height of the Eclipse (which you can watch via the Time & Date telescopes if you can’t see the Red Moon directly) will be at 2:30 pm PDT tomorrow July 16.
The FULL MOON will be exact just 8 min later, at 2:38 pm PDT.

Take a look at the Star Map aka chart of the Eclipse:


The CANCER – CAPRICORN axis is very dominant in the Astro ‘Field’ – and lots of heavenly bodies are all wrapping around the Nodal Axis in CAP (Lunar South Node) – CAN (Lunar North Node). 


  • The Lunar North Node is with VENUS (their yearly union is on July 17), and the SUN in CANCER, close to SIRIUS – plus even MERCURY retro will sneak back into CANCER, on July 19.


  • And the Lunar South Node in CAP connects this Spring / Summer with SATURN retro which is this year close to VEGA , and with PLUTO retro close-by (SATURN / PLUTO have been stationary and travelling near each other all Spring. In the Summer their ‘lock’ is loosening. Their exact union will be Jan 12, 2020 – only every about 38-years! Now that already looks quite heavy, rocky, unmoving. Buuuut…
    SATURN – PLUTO constitute together a cycle of societal structural breakdown, purging of the shadow, and rebuilding from the core / basics. Their last unions were in 1947 in LEO and 1982 in late LIBRA.
    The present one 2019 / 2020 in late CAP also approaches PLUTO in the U.S. Independence chart. The U.S. will have their first PLUTO Return(!!!) since 1776 in the years 2020 – 2023. Full circle from establishing a new nation while breaking away from the British Empire (Britain is ruled by CAP, can’t you tell?)… The American Empire is revealing its shadows – to transform. We, the People….?
    The FULL MOON – partially eclipsed by the Earth Shadow – will be next to PLUTO retro in late CAP. The MOON / PLUTO union will be tomorrow July 16 at 10:16 am PDT, only about 4 hrs before the Eclipse / Full MOON at 2:30 / 2:38 pm PDT!


As Eclipses always do, this Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon accentuates the Karmic Nodes.
Which are since Nov 2018 until June 2020 in CAP (South Node, releasing of its Shadow) – Let the Old Empire Expire – esp. since the
 Partial Solar Release Eclipse in CAP on Jan 5 – CANCER (North Node – embracing its Light) – Finding Home, and, with the Total Solar ‘Seed’ Eclipse in CAN next to Sirius on July 2: Initiation into Liberation.

The Nodes in the CAP – CAN: Because we Care…


The exact SoLunar polarity from Earth perspective is calling for Balance & Integration.

And, there’s significance to the fact that the Earth is casting a Shadow on the Moon.

BALANCE of what?

The CAP – CAN axis is about safety and security issues.
To tending to feelings and needs (CAN), while getting along with less, and working with resources in a timely manner (CAP).

How can we create a balanced relationship between these apparently opposing orientations?

  • CAN:
    Gentleness, compassion, nurturing our own and others’ needs, family, tribe, finding belonging, going with rhythms and cycles, protecting Nature and our loved and little ones with loving care.
  • CAP:
    Being mature and in integrity, taking on leadership / leading by example, working with priorities, resiliently, respectfully, using time and resources well.


The two sides of the equation don’t have to be a dilemma but can synergistically cooperate.

SATURN in CAP asks us to take responsibility for our part in humanity whose greedy power (PLUTO) and control / authority (SATURN) structures have been exploiting and abusing Mother Earth (shadow of CAP) and her human, animal, and plant Beings that need protection and care (CANCER).
To have boundaries, disengage from this shadow wherever we can, and to Be the Change and the Ones (of the more and more) who Care. What matters is consistency and leading by example, rather than judging and blaming. Makes us feel better and more empowered too…

‘Just’ resisting and blaming external authority and power structures (SATURN / PLUTO) is not the way forward. It still feeds their energy field by giving them attention, acknowledges them energetically, and basically responds / reacts in an adolescent manner (SATURN retro).
How about taking responsibility, claiming self-authority (SATURN retro), and ‘outgrowing’ them, by co-building new and better, more compassionate and humane structures that take care of needs more directly and on an equal level, rather than the old fossilized top-down institutionalized world?!



How can the Full MOON / PLE highlighting the CAP – CANCER axis affect and inspire us personally?

  • Where / in what ways can we receive nurturing, satisfaction, and reward from being creative and resourceful and through working with what’s already available to you (CAP), rather than buying from / into the system that makes it convenient to consume (and promises status a la CAP) – but at what price?! 
    Here’s to ‘grass roots’ gardening, cooking, and to (re-?)learning / applying traditional home / building / repair skills!
    Let’s consume less.
    And have more time to play & create more!
  • Where-else can we respond to what’s sold to us by: “Thank you, I (already) got this.”, and be content with less? A la Refuse – Reuse – Repurpose – Recycle
  • Which wasteful (time, energy, resources) habits can we get out of, and establish higher vibrational ones that are more deeply satisfying?
  • How can we take more time doing what we’re best at?
  • Play and creative fun beat the heavy CAP vibes of ‘no time for that’…
    Maybe ‘even’ shifting the conditioned paradigm (SATURN in CAP) to: Play first, work later.
    Works great for me these days / months since the Nodes are in CAP – CAN.
    Play puts me in an inspired and relaxed work mode, plus I get to see that ‘work’ and clients come to me not because I work so hard but because they love me and love what I offer, and how it affects them. And everything works so much more smoothly – and playfully – with resonance and connection 🙂


If your birthday is between July 10 and 20, or your MOON, AC, or Planets are in late CANCER, CAPRICORN yet also late ARIES and LIBRA, here are some questions to inquire, or do a ceremony around: 

  • How can your needs be met, and your life be sustainable, in the context of the structures you are living in? 
  • Do you need to make foundational changes? In the areas of life relating to (esp.) CAP / (yet also) CANCER in your chart (Houses)?
  • Do you need to downsize, to drop excess ‘weight’ (incl the weight of responsibility to manage what you got), to make life simpler, and have all that you need – plus more time?! 
  • Is the structure / system you’ve been in changing?
  • What would be the smartest way of resourcefully adapting (late CAP has a VIRGO undertone) in a way that nurtures you, resonates with you, and puts you at ease (late CANCER has a PISCES undertone)?


CANCER – CAPRICORN is the axis of Family / Tribe and Elders / Leaders.

  • How can important themes round home, family, belonging, safety, emotional needs, and on the other hand (is it a dilemma?) building of sustaining structures, responsibly working with time and resources, self-sustainability, and ‘s-aging well’ be reconciled?
  • In a time where nuclear and extended families in the traditional sense seem to lose their cohesiveness (or will there be a renaissance?) – what’s your world of home and family transforming into? Where and what is your family and home, in essence? Where is your tribe?
  • Who are the Elders and leaders you turn to for guidance? Who are your Spirit Elders?
    Your inner Elder might be waiting to connect with you.


I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being ~ Hafiz

The SUN in CANCER, activated by the Total Solar Eclipse ‘light switch’ on July 2 is about Liberation with Love (SIRIUS – VENUS) – to radiate from our self-nurturing Light which IS our Home.

Leading by example (SATURN in CAP) is then natural – with our radiant Beingness we can inspire and ‘give permission’ to others to do / BE that too.


Which other Planetary Archetypes are in the Cosmic ‘Field’ / ‘Weather’?

JUPITER retro in its most natural expression of SAG this year makes it easier to access heart-full inspiration, to see how love & gratitude elevate vibrations, and to have trust in the abundant Universe – while SATURN in CAP notoriously gravitates to seriousness & scarcity.
So – find the YES of your Heart Path, with JUPITER in SAG!
Let go of anything sticky you got hooked on, and connect in the ONE – says JUPITER triple-square with NEPTUNE in PISCES this year (was Jan and June, again Sept 21).
Move forward with confidence and lovingly a la MARS in LEO trine JUPITER in SAG (exact July 25).

CHIRON in early ARIES is this month a stationary focus as the Centaur Archetype went retro on July 8 (until Dec 12). Calling us to heal old / early wounds, and find the Inner Medicine of being authentic.
CHIRON gets a boost from MERCURY retro / MARS in early LEO these days – Roar, and show who you are!
Not based on old stories but naturally-so in the NOW.

URANUS in early TAU is just coming out of a square from MERCURY retro / MARS in early LEO (first half of July) – maybe impulsive roaring recently (was it a territorial / ownership thing?) didn’t get you what you / your ego wanted. Back on the board of life’s game to find love, attention and affection from within first…
When MERCURY post-retro in LEO squares URANUS again on Aug 16 we hopefully came through a lot mentally, to get to really expressing from embodied freedom and and natural radiance.


Wishing you from my Heart a soulful and regenerative Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon!


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© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger




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AQUARIUS New Moon on Feb 4 – Freedom for New Light!

2 Feb

Dear Astro~News Reader,

Uranus Rules Aquarius – Painting by Johfra Bosschart

The Days are getting longer, and the Light is coming in stronger…
AQUARUS brings Light, Prana, and fresh AIR.

And as the 2nd NEW MOON after WINTER SOLSTICE, the AQ NEW MOON also heralds the CHINESE NEW YEAR – the day after, on FEB 5 (see special CNY feature) –

When’s the AQ New MOON?
At 1:04 pm PST on FEB 4.
Nice date-time alignment 🙂

The AQ New MOON links up with MERCURY / LILITH, both also in AQ, and both being met by the MOON on that day too – see chart image below.
What does it mean to be in your ‘wild and free Nature’?
A wildly refreshing and liberating energy… like taking in new Prana and fresh AIR that connects us all…
…post the ‘rocky’ and heavy CAP vibes over weeks – which also showed
(via SATURN / PLUTO / South Node) where things are indeed ‘expiring’.


Voila – the Cosmic Map for the AQ NEW MOON

Quite striking:

A whole line-up of Planets, embracing the SUN & MOON union, are concentrated in the Zodiac Field from mid-SAG to end of ARIES – within 140° – with the North Node end of CANCER counter-balancing so much Winter-to-early Spring energy.
A planetary pattern called a ‘Basket’, with the NN being the basket ‘handle’.

And it’s quite unusual (very Aquarian in that sense) that presently there are 4 PLANETS in their own ruled ZODIAC signs:

MARS in ARIES (until Feb 14)
JUPITER in SAG (until Dec 2)
SATURN in CAP (until Dec 17, 2020)
NEPTUNE in PISCES (until 2026).

Plus, NO Planet is retro (until March 5 when MERCURY goes retro).

All in all, cosmic energy can move and expresses purely – facilitating accelerated shifts and evolution.

So, let’s see what’s in the ‘New MOON Basket’, and how to pick it up, via the NN in CANCER:


  • Starting with JUPITER in mid / towards end of its own ruled sign SAG (where it travels and inspires us this year (precisely Nov 8, 2018 – Dec 2, 2019).
    JUPITER is just coming out of its 1st (of 3 in 2019) square with NEPTUNE, these years 2012 – 2026 also in its own sign PISCES (their square was exact on Jan 13, and comes back in June and Sept).
    Being in a spirit of gratitude and abundance elevates our vibration, lightens us up, and brings us into flow and connectedness. Coming from the Heart and following its call, and sharing our Gifts with the World attracts synchronicities and ‘miracles’. 


  • Next up: VENUS, freshly in CAP (Feb 3 – March 1), on the ‘Integrity Point’ – a magnet to attract what’s ‘real’ and in integrity / really works for us, while ‘in the meantime’ it’s also a ‘match’ & mirror for where we’re at, with our self value and self love.
    With VENUS in CAP, on her way to meet SATURN, on Feb 18, just the day before the Full Moon, we might feel called to make a timely & important commitment – in the area of life related to mid-CAP in our charts. And what’s done and complete (even though you used to love it)?


  • Then, SATURN, solidly anchored in mid-CAP (also the sign it rules, and checks in on these years, Dec 2017 – Dec 2020) – in sextile with NEPTUNE in its own oceanic Piscean realm (the 1st of 3 alignments between them this year was exact just on Jan 31, again in June and Nov).
    Time to stand in who we are, let go of old patterns, esp. revolving around judgment, resistance, and doing things ‘the hard way’. 
    A good combo between dreams, visions, and realism / manifestation.
    What does it take to make your dreams come true? Chances are, being in flow and synch with the Universe (PI) and in receiving mode has to do with it. 🙂 Doesn’t mean we have to say YES to everything that comes our way. SATURN helps us with being clear about what works for us, and NEPTUNE in PI to let go of the rest – with Love.


  • SATURN is also approaching PLUTO this year – closest in Apr / May at 20 – 23° CAP, when both are stationary, as they go from direct to retro, PLUTO on Apr 24 and SATURN on Apr 29.
    Next year, on Jan 12, 2020, the rare (every 38 years) conjunction will be exact. It closes a cycle of societal structural breakdown, purging of its shadow, and rebuilding from the core / basics.
    The SATURN – PLUTO conjunction will be almost exact on the U.S. PLUTO (plus, the country has its 1st PLUTO Return at 27°33′ CAP in 2021-23- every 248 years only – speaking of regeneration from its core and soul!).


  • The Lunar South Node in late CAP is (while moving retro) soon lining up with PLUTO (exact on March 29) and with SATURN (in effect all the way from mid-May until end of Sept!).
    One of the main themes this year, and has been already activated with the CAP New Moon Partial Solar Release Eclipse on Jan 5 / 6 (“Let the Old Empire Expire.”).
    It’ll come back into the picture big time with the CAN NM / Total Solar ‘Seed’ Eclipse opposite SATURN / SN / PLUTO, on July 2, and with the CAP / CAN FM / Partial Lunar ‘Release’ Eclipse on July 16.

    All pointing to the end of a CAPricornian era of hierarchical top-down structures / control systems that are anachronistic, abusive, and destructive for all life forms.
    And the seed of a New World of caring and compassion – catalyzed by the North Node in CANCER phase (Nov 2018 – June 2020) – “Because we Care.”


  • Gentleness, Caring, and Compassion while making sure to fill our own cup too are themes of the North Node in CAN Basket Handle.
    It can help us ‘pick up’ the ‘basket’ of critical themes presented at this time, collectively, and in our personal world, and show up for what’s our ‘assignment’ – yet not to pick up what’s not ours to carry
    (SN and Planets in CAP).


  • Then, quite centrally in the Cosmic Basket:
    The AQ New MOON and MERCURY / LILITH – New Light & Freedom, and Freedom for New Light!
    Mid-AQ where the New MOON will be is double AQ:
    Fixed energy concentrates there, with the theme of Humanity consciously cooperating.


Let’s see which hints the
SABIAN SYMBOL for the New MOON offers.
The NEW MOON will be at 15°45 AQ.



KEYNOTE: The ability to organize the many aspects of an enterprise involving a large group of human beings.

A great deal of what is glowingly written about the Aquarian Age is probably sheer glamour. The New Age should be one in which humanity learns to use the power generated by human togetherness and group interplay — that is, to use it harmoniously for the welfare of the whole of which all individuals are parts, humanity and Planet Earth. This has never been achieved and only very rarely attempted. Mankind today must make a thorough and irresistible attempt, or be nearly destroyed — except for a creative “remnant” of seed-persons who would have to begin again from new foundations. In the field of big business, of huge war undertakings (like the Normandy landing in World War II) or of major national efforts (like the Moon landings) great results have been achieved, but the motive and the quality of the human interrelationships involved were neither of permanent significance nor invested with a truly harmonic quality. The character of the techniques used were totally unsatisfactory from a “human” point of view. Nevertheless there is much to learn from modern large-scale management and systems analysis, even in terms of personal endeavors of very limited scope.

This is the first stage in the sixty-fourth five-fold sub-cycle. It introduces the concept of management which is basic at this period of the cyclic life process which the zodiac symbolizes, yet which needs to be totally reevaluated if mankind is to actualize the spiritual potentialities implied in the evolutionary transformation just ahead. ORGANATION should be the Keyword, rather than mere “organization”; for humanity now can and should realize that it is indeed an ‘organism’.”


Please note:
Eminent astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote this interpretation of the Sabian Symbols in 1973 – 46 years ago, hence the language carries a somewhat antiquated tone yet the themes are timeless.

And this one is even very timely, given the urgency for Humanity (beyond our political representatives) to co-avert a climate catastrophe, and co-create a livable, cleaner, greener, lighter, freer and socially just and responsible future.
How can this immense undertaking be possible and coordinated?
Perhaps the initiatory challenge to even enter the Aquarian Age.

This AQ New MOON is signaling us:
A Seed is planted. We need to co-intend, co-envision (JUPITER-NEPTUNE help with this), and concretely tend it (says SATURN) – together.
And – with the Lunar North Node in CANCER:
Prioritizing human need over corporate greed, and tending to the needs of our fellow animal and plant Beings – so that a peaceful Future together is possible where the next 7 generations and beyond can thrive, on Planet Earth.


  • MERCURY – exalted / best positioned in AQ aligning with LILITH in AQ on the DAY of the New MOON (an only once-a-year happening) is also quite striking.
    The Voice of Freedom, from our ‘wild’ and Natural Self.


  • More ‘New MOON Basket’ Goodies:
    NEPTUNE in PI – yes, triple-squared by JUPITER & triple-sextiled by SATURN this year –
    All about Unity, Connection, Oneness Consciousness – which is also the ‘like-heals-like’ Medicine for overwhelm and feeling lost.
    Speaking of Medicine, Cosmic Medicine Wo/man CHIRON is now in its very last DAYS in PISCES (since 2010).
    On Feb 18, it will cross over the ‘Emergence Point’ into ARIES, for the next 8 years, until Apr 14, 2027 – The Medicine of Being Authentically YOU.
    CHIRON already ‘tried on’ AR last year, Apr – Sept.

    So yeah, coming out of our Piscean slumber of collective consciousness might be scary yet
    hugely liberating, and the Medicine the World needs now.


  • In ARIES, MARS the Warrior enlivens and kicks us into action these days (since Dec 31 actually) – and we’re coming up to the Grand Finale for MARS in AR:
    MARS in AR conj. URANUS (every 2 years only) on Feb 12.
    Liberation and breakthroughs across the board. Revolutionary energy. 
    Can easily turn into societal / political protests and riots. Hopefully, instead of a re-active a pro-active and innovative direction is being taken.
    Birth the New Self!


So there we have it – a Cosmic Basket of Archetype activation!
My we pick up what’s ours, with / for LOVE… and: Because we Care.

And, as mentioned – worth saying it again:
NO Planets are presently retro – until March 5, when MERCURY goes retro, on the day before the PI NEW MOON. We’re in a phase where things can and want to move forward – into the NEW.



By the way, I’m being asked quite often, and you might wonder too:

Is the AQUARIUS AGE already here?
Or when does it start?

No clear-cut ‘scientifically correct’ answer for this – very Aquarian.
Yes, according to astronomical calculations the AQ Age starts when the Spring Equinox point will move (always backwards, and very, very gradually) out of PISCES and into AQ – apparently in the year 2597 – faaaar ahead.

But for one thing, there are ‘overlaps’ in the constellations.
And there are other indications, besides the ‘mere’ calculations.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen a ‘preview’ of what the AQ Age could be about:

  • URANUS and NEPTUNE were united in AQ in the late 1990’s – they have 84- and 165-year cycle, and a conjunction in AQ is super rare.
    What happened then?
    Personal computers became accessible for everyone, and the Internet took off, and changed our social, communicative, and work world forever. In the meantime, the Internet is omnipresent, in any area of life, and continuously being developed! 
  • PLUTO (with its 248-year cycle) will go into AQ in 2023 / 24.
    There’s a big time AQ Evolution coming up. 

    Looks like Humanity really needs to and can cooperate much more than ever.
    Since things get intense and extreme with PLUTO, we can also see a lot of alienation and encapsulation, loneliness, social awkwardness, and other side effects of the technological self-sufficiency…
    Endeavours of replacing humans with robots will increase, and perhaps a massive ‘Space Age’ will break out, with settlements on other Planets, if Earth becomes uninhabitable – whoooaah!

Let’s already / any time co-create with the AQ energy, be innovative (URANUS / Prometheus, the AQ related Planetary Archetype loves that), connect with like-spirited others in integrity, and cooperate in Circles and Community into the future, a future ON Planet Earth, I’d propose.


Blessings for the AQ Times!
Needless to say (I do it anyway):

Astrology is an Aquarian Art.


© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger





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I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’, those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

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