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SATURN in late SAG (the Galactic Center / Centaur) squares CHIRON in PISCES on Nov 2: Medicine Teachings

2 Nov

Jupiter Rules Sagittarius.
Painting by Johfra Bosschart

NO – not the Full Moon (NOV 3 / 4) Astro~News yet… some Taurean patience please, since something else is on today (which the Full Moon will highlight and bring out too, of course):

For the 3rd and last time (after Dec 2016 and Apr 2017) SATURN squares CHIRON today, NOV 2..
Now, SATURN is in late SAG, the area which projects out into the Centre of the Milky Way, a.k.a. Galactic Centre – pointing us to the Ultimate Unknown and Unknowable.
In the Northern Hemisphere the SUN is there on the last days before Winter Solstice.

How do we know, or how can we trust the Light will return???

Since Sept 2015, SATURN in SAG has brought trials and tests, to show us how we respond to perceived road blocks.
How can we be done with old stories and limiting beliefs (that ARE the road blocks)?
It would be good to do a review of Before (2015 when SATURN entered SAG) & After – now in the last 7 weeks of SATURN in SAG (until Dec 19).

We might have been afraid esp. recently that a ‘wrong direction’ (SAG) by (ir)responsible leaders (SATURN) can set off a trajectory on the karmic path (SATURN) that can make us all vulnerable (CHIRON in PI), to put it mildly. Yes, we know and feel it… or tune into collective fears.

Speaking of the ‘pink elephant in the room’, Trump is affected by SATURN in late SAG, now (every 29 years) right on his South Node / Lunar Eclipse MOON that likes to preach, go by good-bad / right-wrong judgments, ‘shoot from the hip’, and exhaustingly (apparently more for the audience than for himself) target, or be the target.
Listening and learning (GEM) would be the incentive in his chart – and life.

What’s the teaching (SATURN), the ‘way out'(?), the healing and Medicine (CHIRON) in this?
Trust (one of the themes of SAG) doesn’t seem to take us far these days, under SATURN in SAG, at least not trust in people in authority, perhaps not even trust in our own choices and responses under stress? 
We know, the road of division, separation, righteous accusation, polarization, and arrogance, all fueled by fear (all shadow expressions of SATURN in SAG) goes nowhere (except provokes karmic repercussions).
In the polarized world, the CHIRON in PI would mean, someone / some party has to surrender, or else suffers greatly.
How can these old agendas, beliefs, ‘stories’, and paradigms be ‘washed out’ and released? What sets them free?

Rumi: Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do

What’s the High Road that dissolves Right-doing and Wrong-doing?
‘The Field’ Rumi points to?

Can be ‘only’ the All-Connective Fabric of LOVE that’s beyond personal attraction, likeness, preference.

The Love that has no Opposite (as Krishnamurti pointed out).

An ultimate Medicine for us, in our personal suffering, and a vibration we can offer to a world in distress, and whom-it-may-concern.

So let’s keep our Hearts wide open and connected to Source, and offer Love that IS, unconditionally, simply because…



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