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Happy Eclipse – O – to Equinox, a.k.a. EQUIPSE Day!

20 Mar

Happy Eclipse – O – to Equinox, a.k.a. EQUIPSE Day!

While the Moon already entered ARIES at 3:28 am PDT, an hour after eclipsing the Sun the Sun will enter ARIES = SPRING EQUINOX point at 3:45 pm PDT!

The END Shall Be the BEGINNING!

The Total Solar Eclipse at the very last degree of PI over the North Atlantic and Greenland The Total Solar Eclipse (traditionally interpreted as ‘Death of an old King’), together with Saturn now retrograde can get us ‘off the hook’ from experiencing our old hang-ups with authorities that seem to control mass consciousness (PI), and prevent us from ‘just being’ authentic and ‘ourselves’ (early AR).

* Could this have to do on a political level with allegiance to the NATO, and voices in European countries recently?

* Which other ‘old empires’, outer and inner, are about to ‘expire’?

Pure ARIES spirit wants us to be genuine, raw and ‘naked’, in the moment.

But we don’t need to be ‘selfish’ and aggressive in our ‘showing up’, or ‘doomed’ to be on our own, since ‘relationships are compromises’.
Being innocent and true to who we are is more like it.

Reminds me of the ‘Fool / Child’ card (0) in the Voyager Tarot deck, and the Osho quote:

“Happiness is when the burden has been dropped and the mirror is found again;
Your mirror can again reflect the trees and the sun and the sand and the sea and the stars.
When you have again become innocent, when you again have the eyes of a child – in that clarity you are happy.”

Osho, This Very Body the Buddha, Talk #1



* Where is the PI – AR ‘Birthing Point’ in your chart (houses / planets, Sun / Moon there)?
* How are you being initiated into fresh, new, awakened authenticity there?

Spring Equinox 2015!

It’s coming! Today March 20, 2015 at 3:45 pm PDT!


Spring Equinox (the day of equal daylight and night hours, from which day onward the days are getting longer than the nights, in the Northern hemisphere) is one of the sacred Corner Stones of the natural yearly cycle (with its two Equinoxes, and two Solstices).


Celtic Wheel of the Year: Ostara = Spring Equinox.

Easter (celebrated on the Sunday after the First Full Moon in Spring) was named after Ostara.


Happy Astrological New Year!

Happy Fall Equinox, dear friends in the Southern hemisphere!


Tomorrow March 21:

ARIES Spring Awakening – Freedom From…. and For…

Jacob Lambs

Jacob Lambs climb / jump line-up – photo by Melanie

All these siblings were born on Feb 21, 2015 – the 2nd day of the Year of the Green Wood Sheep – and with Moon / Venus / Mars in Aries in their charts 🙂


The New Moon in Aries will connect with Uranus on the first full day in Spring, March 21 at 4:14 am PDT – that’s the time I chose for the Spring Awakening chart:

AR Spring Awakening 2015

As you see in the chart, this also activates the square with Pluto in CAP.  Outgrow the loyalty to the old structure (that might hold you in check from within), and let the new YOU emerge.

And at 3:51 pm PDT the Aries Moon will reach Mars:
Be pro-active, an activator and activist! Green light to take authentic action steps.

March 21 will be a Super Aries day: Sun, New Moon, South Node, Uranus, and Mars.

Get going with something fresh and new – and as the emerged New SELF!


Wishing you a powerfully liberating and renewing early Spring 2015!

Free to BE!



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9 Mar

The VIRGO – PISCES FULL MOON on THU March 5, AND ‘her Entourage’ opened the scene for this super charged month of March, and brings us to the Line-up of the 3 BIGGIES this month (one of them is a major TWO-in-ONE):

March 14: SATURN goes retro (until Aug 1)

March 16: URANUS – PLUTO SQUARE # 7 out of 7

March 20: NEW PI / AR cusp MOON / TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE leading over into the



March 14:
SATURN in SAG goes retro (until Aug 1) – 
Clearing old Narratives and Beliefs.

Saturn tilted

March is quite the ‘Saturn’ themed month, since our ringed ‘tough love coach’ is doing its yearly ‘U-turn’ backwards, from Earth perspective. Therefore Saturn is moving very slowly, and becomes a ‘stationary’ focus.

Which means astrologically, we are called to zoom in on our themes with Saturn in early Sag, realize the sooner the better, as Saturn goes retro, how they go back to our old, original Saturn themes, and clear those obstacles and blockages ‘on the path’.

Saturn will be retro until Aug 1. Yes, this is the ‘regular’ yearly process of 4 1/2 month retro phase, and 7 1/2 months direct phase.


Ok, ok, let’s start with where we’re AT with Saturn.

Which is Saturnian, to say: Start HERE-NOW, one step at a time.

Saturn in our Chakras rules the Root Chakra.

Being anchored in what grounds us: Our body, our practice, form and structure, and especially the EARTH. Roots give support, and the Earth gives roots support, says the Muladhara Root Chakra…

We just completed last week another Astro~Alchemy of Chakras & Planetary Archetypes 7-week process with Crown / the SUN! – Big gratitude to all of you in the groups! So much was coming together, was processed and liberated as we came together every week. Alignment happened.


Next TUE March 10, 3:03 – 5:35 pm, timely in a stationary Saturn week, we start the next Astro~Alchemy of Chakras and Planetary Archetypes, with ROOT / Saturn.

We have space for 2 – 3 joiners. No previous experience with Astrology or Chakra awareness necessary. It all unfolds organically.


Saturn  Mercury NN

Saturnian anchor and outlook, nearby in Esquimalt


So what’s up (or down) with that Saturn retro phase, from March 14 – Aug 1, 2015?

YES, Saturn is now in SAG, since Dec 23, 2014, and until Winter Solstice 2017.

However (Saturn likes caveats…), the retro journey in Spring / early Summer 2015 will take Saturn back over the Phoenix Point into the tail end of Scorpio (until 28°17 SCO), and then back out over the Phoenix Point into SAG again on Sept 17 – not to return into Scorpio until 2042. Yes, 2042.

So, again, when’s that Saturn-in-Scorpio phase this year???

June 14 – Sept 17.



This piece of news might not sound so attractive (Saturn typically shows what we reject or resist) but it is a window for purposeful residual emotional processing. Let’s use it well. It’s related to the area in our lives related to where late SCO is in our charts (e.g. 5th house: children, inner child, creativity, 7th house: significant others, partners, 11th house: social arena, co-creation with others, friends…).

Saturn brings lessons that our ego might not be so eager to embrace in the first place, but in hindsight, these experiences mature and ‘ripen’ us, so that we eventually carry less, when it comes to conditioning, karma, old burdens, limitations and restrictions, authority and parental issues.

The point is to lead life from what truly grounds and anchors us in ourselves and our own purpose, why we are here, embodied on Planet Earth at this time.

The whole year 2015, Saturn hovers over the Phoenix-out-of-the-Ashes Point, from early SAG, back to late SCO and forward into early SAG.



If you have planets, Sun, Moon, AC in late SCO / early SAG you probably experience Saturn’s influence which can feel heavy, even depressing. Saturn shows what in you is coming to a close, and you don’t have to carry it anymore. Finish well, says Saturn.

  • Where can there be a good clear completion?
  • Why are you ‘grounded’ and not quite yet ready / able / giving yourself permission to take flight and soar? Residual processing wants to go into that area.

Saturn in SAG calls to be done with old narratives and limiting beliefs based on these stories.

Very timely now to acknowledge the ‘symptoms’ (without judgement, otherwise you go into a loop…) where you experience yourself as held back by inner stories wrapped around:

“I can’t go there (you fill in the blanks), or not yet….. BECAUSE…” Here’s the key that can open the lock of your inner restraint dungeon.

Saturn in SAG inquiry questions are:

  • What prevents you from being FREE?
  • What do you focus on?
  • What ‘turned the light off’?

Since Saturn is about to go retro, it’s time to go inward-backward.

No need to be extra frustrated (and hard on yourself or judgmental about others) when things haven’t rolled and gone ahead in a direction you thought you would go.

Rather than just waiting for ‘a better time’ to be on this or that journey it is now the time to clear old conditioning that limits our connection with Spirit, prevents us from following up on our vision and being on the path.


4 R

Johfra Boschart: Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter

SAG, the centaur with bow and arrow is connected with the animal body (the horse), the human growing out of the animal, and spirit arrows of vision, intention, prayer, aspiration, connecting us to the Divine.

And, SAG is also Chiron after his ‘Hero’s Journey’, immortalized as a star constellation. All that inspired Sagittarian wisdom may well come from our Chironic Medicine Journey.

With the recent Full Moon on March 5, the PI SUN brings consciousness to Chiron (their exact conjunction was on March 7): Our often challenging journeys bear their own medicine that is a gift to all. We’re all in this together….and we don’t have to ‘suffer the experience’ anymore, as has been ‘noble’ in the Pisces Age paradigm – we are as FREE as our consciousness is.

We live in exciting, paradigm shifting times.

Check out the Uranus – Pluto Square feature below, and what I found out about a shift in sequence…

This could be an excellent time for a Saturn focused zoom-in Astrology session, or an Astro*Coaching sequence with 3 – 5 sessions to go deeper and explore where you have a ‘knot’ or feel blocked in these themes, and what’s specifically related in you. The ‘diagnostic tool’ of Astrology helps identify issues very directly and fast. My clients are amazed and love that, and I love fast results too. Astro*Coaching sessions offer clear awareness that helps you with focused processing, and leads to freedom FROM limiting conditioning (rather than what the general ‘clichee’ is: prediction of what’s to happen, within the ‘box’).
The present astrological alignments are phantastic catalysts for breakthroughs.

Saturn teaches and shows us in REAL LIFE that every ending and closing of a door takes us over a threshold, may well be an ‘initiation’, and leads to a new phase, which can be a new chapter, a new structure from which we will be operating, an ‘upgrade’, a freedom from the ‘known’.

Well, the influence of Uranus is also involved in this…



March 16:

URANUS – PLUTO Square # 7 out of 7 (between 2012 and 2015)

See chart of the alignment:

UR square PL 7

Radical Newness, just in time for the Spring Equinox – actually timelessly!

Evolutionary Transformation & Liberation of Cosmic Consciousness!


Calling forth

– Liberation and breaking free from what we’ve been carrying as dense and intense ‘baggage’, 

– Cathartic and catalytic breakthroughs in accelerated ways (could be a domino effect!), and

– Radical regeneration from the core, from spirit, from the soul.

ARE YOU READY to step UP and be FREE?


Painted Stairs Beirut 2

Painted Stairs, Beirut


This will be # 7 out of SEVEN exact squares between Uranus and Pluto these intense years of transformation and liberation.

Of course, the effect has been already on for a while, and will affect us for a while.

The ‘seed’ in the connection between these archetypal energies was planted during their last conjunction which was exact in 1965 / 1966 (in Virgo). Times of civil unrest, and revolutions around the world in the Sixties. This Spirit (Pluto) is now re-awakened (Uranus).

Old authoritarian, dominating, exploiting and wasteful structures that eat up our energy, time, and precious resources (Pluto reveals the shadow of what happens when Capricorn energy is being abused) are due for change, via evolution. As human consciousness is being empowered and liberated, they can become redundant and are being replaced by better and more respectful and inventive ways of working with resources (Capricorn), in more simplicity and sustainability, and with renewable energy.


Uranus in Aries brings a new consciousness, via uprising, via emergence, via emergency, via inventiveness, via awakening and liberation. It can be upsetting, and it wants to set us FREE to BE.

BE the Evolution & Revolution!

If you were born in the Sixties when the Pluto / Uranus conjunction happened you carry the signature of a generation of inventors and regenerators. What’s your contribution?

You’re also in the age of your Chiron return (round age 50), and time for the Medicine Wo/Man to emerge.

How have the processes you have gone through in life initiated you to be a mentor for others?

How has your journey become your medicine?


The collective Uranus – Pluto Liberation / Transformation process has been happening in 7 stages, since 2012.

There must be a the connection with the Chakras!


Chakra Awakening

Here is the sequence of Uranus – Pluto alignments, and related Chakras:

# 1: June 24, 2012 – Root

# 2: Sept 19, 2012 – Sacral

# 3: May 20, 2013 – Solar Plexus

# 4: Nov 1, 2013 – Heart

# 5: April 21, 2014 – Throat

# 6: Dec 14 / 15, 2014 – Third Eye

# 7: March 16, 2015 – Crown

What has been your experience with Chakra themes in this process? Your feedback is most welcome!

I welcome you to a private session, focused on this specific exploration. Can be very revealing and empowering to SEE.

For me, there has been a powerful process that kicked me into freedom, from the Root up, almost exactly aligned with the months of the Uranus – Pluto Squares.

Would you like to shed light on your own transformational and liberating process these years?

Since 2012, I’ve been exploring, testing, verifying and intuiting the hidden message in that connection.

One of the gifts of this process has been the ‘download’ close to the Solar Eclipse early Nov 2013 one morning that showed me in an instant how the Chakras connect with the 7 planetary Archetypes of our Solar System from Saturn to the Sun!


I am in deep gratitude to my dear friend Marina Halleran who is not in physical embodiment any more.

Marina was a master Yoga teacher and chanting facilitator, and as an Aquarian ahead of her time…. Chakras were a big theme for her. It is clear to me that her spirit and our connection led me to connect more deeply with Chakras, and their relation with Astrology.

And I am so grateful also to my friend Ocian Flow who facilitates Chakra journeys and dances in Victoria, and who invited me end of 2013 where the connection with the astrological Archetypes was made.

The rest is history, and since January 2014 there have been now 6 Astro~Alchemy of Chakras & Planetary Archetypes 7-week processes. I’m in awe how also the astrological alignments of each week have fit so well with the themes and Archetypes that we’ve been explore together. Deep processes have happened for participants, often cathartic but gentle, and ‘just-in-time’ 🙂


The most recent journey ended just yesterday Tue 03 / 03, with Crown Chakra, related to… the SUN  while the Moon (with Jupiter) was in LEO where the Sun is ‘at home’, gearing up to this potent FULL Moon, and just before Crown Chakra related Uranus -Pluto Square # 7! Trust me, I didn’t ‘schedule’ it that way.
The next 7-week process starts next TUE March 10, right before the Uranus – Pluto Square on March 16 (what a signature at the onset!), starting from the Ground / Root up,  in the week of Saturn turning around.

You are welcome to register if you hear the calling. Looks like we have room for 2 – 3 joiners.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/256328271215243/


As we relate the 7 Uranus – Pluto Squares to the Chakras, we are with the upcoming  # 7 reaching the CROWN Chakra that connects us with Universal Consciousness!


Chakras 7 Crown

Each one of us is a channel for divine and cosmic consciousness.

Let’s allow our / THE light to shine, and creative Spirit to express itself through us!


A simple Chakra related mantra for the tension between Uranus in AR and Pluto in CAP is:

BE CROWN-ded! 🙂


Back to the 7-fold Uranus – Pluto Squares 2012 – 2015:

It mirrors a collective, historical, evolutionary process that’s a birth of a new consciousness.


Our very first experience with Pluto is the process a embryo of being pushed through the birth canal, by forces of nature. Intense, and ‘overpowering’, jet just natural. We can’t go back, and must go where we are supposed to be: Into new Life!

Our very first experience with Uranus is coming out of the womb, taking our first breath as a newborn.


Likewise, humanity on Planet Earth is now going through a very intense, transformational (Pluto in CAP), and renewing (Uranus in AR) r/evolutionary process, a coming out of the old ‘matrix’ / cocoon, and into the big unknown.



Butterfly Baby, by Annie Geddess


The old world that’s dying / changing (Pluto in CAP), has, as know all to well, to do with the CAP shadow of hierarchical, intimidating, fear and separation based structures that are exploitative and abusive to nature, humanity, and not soulful.

Yes, yes, as the monster is dying and the transformation takes place, it’s gotten intense, cause: certain solid conditionings die hard, and all of us have some investment in them, even as judgement, resistance, passionate hatred, fear, anything that holds a strong charge.


Way more effective to let the old expire on its own, and in the meantime invest our energy and CAPacities into what we DO wish to see in the world.

Yep, good old Ghandi got it:



Yesterday, in the Astrology & Chakra group, I was asked:

“How often do Uranus and Pluto align in such a charged way?”

A: Well, their last alignment was the conjunction in 1965 / 66 in mid Virgo (aha – this Full Moon sheds light on that too! – Oh my, the connections never end….). The conjuction, like a New Moon, marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

The 1960’s heralded the beginning of a new ERA, with the new cycle between Uranus and Pluto (Liberation / Transformation, Evolution / Revolution).

Now, in 2012 – 2015 (basically during the whole time of Uranus in AR, 2011 – 2018, while Pluto is in CAP, which is from 2009 – 2023), we’re at the crisis point where there is a LOT of pressure on humanity, societies, and us personally, to free up the old, and transform on deep core structural levels.

2046 – 2049, Uranus in Virgo (ha, one whole 84-year Uranus cycle since the mid Sixties) will oppose Pluto in early Pisces.  The overall end of the Pisces Age?

Ok, ok, I don’t want to be too futuristic and Uranian in that regard.

Let’s stay ‘closer to home’ and re: what’s UP nowadays, in these very interesting times…

Here’s another important thing to keep in mind about this last Uranus square Pluto alignment:

Up until the last square on March 16, Pluto has been most of the time ‘further ahead’ in CAP than Uranus in AR. Only at the  times when the square was exact in these years, Uranus caught up with and ‘hit’ Pluto.

From now on, Uranus will be further ahead in AR than Pluto is in CAP.

Which has a big consequence:

In the last years, when a planetary Archetype energy (say: personally our Moon in AR, CAN, LI, CAP) was transited, typically Uranus (in earlier degrees in AR) activated that energy first, then came Pluto (in later degrees in CAP).

So there was first a surprise kick, maybe something shocking, disruptive and upsetting, a surprise, ideally freeing, awakening, and paradigm shifting.

And then Pluto came along, and transited that energy which could have felt like a shut-down, overpowering, something went back into the shadow or underground. It showed about the power of the old system, and how it can come back in so many ways… It showed that something very old (CAP rules time and traditions) has to change foundationally, from the ground up. Our way of setting up structures and work with resources, and who’s got the power.

A classical example for this sequence was the Arab Spring in early 2011 when Uranus was just about to enter AR.

Also Fukushima which happened on the DAY (yes, March 11, 2011) when Uranus entered AR.

And you probably have your own examples.

Now what’s NEW from this last of 7 Squares on is:

Uranus goes ahead in AR (up to 20°30′ this year, in July) while Pluto, slower than Uranus, reaches ‘only’ 15°33′ in April. So transits happen from now on FIRST from Pluto and THEN from Uranus – here’s the shift.

Which is also in line with the sequence at birth:

First the intense Plutonic birth canal, and then the Uranian freedom into new life.

Sequence matters – get the idea?

I expect from this shift still deep and powerful restructuring processes that we all go through, and liberating breakthroughs following.


To be continued….

More about the following with the NEXT Astro~News.

Brief preview, since it IS another March Catalyst:



March 20:

PI / AR Cusp Total Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox, a.k.a. ‘Equipse’ 🙂 – The End Shall Be the Beginning!

Chick Hatching_large


The next New Moon on March 20 at 2:36 am PDT will be a South Node Total Solar Eclipse (at 2:45 am PDT), on the VERY LAST degree of PISCES, and of the whole Zodiac!

Followed by the Spring Equinox on the same day – at 3:45 pm PDT when the SUN enters Aries, and the Astrological New Year starts.

See New Moon chart, just before the Total Solar Eclipse:


Spring Equinox 2015 NM TSE

What a Spring Equinox Catalyst!

The process for the Spring 2015 Eclipses has already begun.

It wraps around South Node in Aries and North Node in Libra (Eclipses connect with the Nodes).


Uranus has been with the South Node in Aries, and is being activated by Venus, and – next week – Mars.

So let’s set the side of Aries free that takes too much energy, and is outdated, find new sustaining energy from the Libran quality (the North Node Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4 will show us a lot about that), and balance it all out:

In other words:

  • Let’s release the Aries energy that’s in stressful fight-flight survival mode (rather than in peaceful harmony and balance) , reactive (rather than pro-active), competitive (rather than cooperative).
  • What are you a warrior of???
  • In what ways are you starting fresh in Spring?
  • Where are your partners?
  • How do you find harmony and synergy this Spring, and from now on???
  • What does it mean to be in ‘right relationship’ with others, with the world, with your purpose, with….?

The Total Solar Eclipse – an EXACT New Moon, ON the last degree of the whole Zodiac, is clearly a ‘super ending, leading into a brand new beginning’.


It is on the Birthing Point, which is also the Emergency / Emergence Point.

The path of the Eclipse goes over the Arctic, Greenland, and Norway, see http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2015-march-20 .Let’s hold the vision that humanity will birth a new consciousness round the importance of the Arctic, and Climate altogether! 


The Sabian Symbol for 30° PISCES where the New Moon falls says:



Two_Khmer_Heads-Angkor_Wat, photo credit David Wilmott

Two Khmer Heads – Angkor Wat Photo credit: David Wilmott


KEYNOTE: The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “The Great Stone Face” is used here in an allegorical sense to show the capacity for self-transendence latent in man. This power can be developed through visualization, where the emotions and the will are poured into the visualized image. At the highest spiritual-cosmic level this is the power used by the God-like Beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic formula (the Word) which will start a new universe. In a biological sense, it is the power latent in all seeds – the power to produce and guide the growth of the future plant. A most fitting symbol for the last phase of the cyclic process. Within the end of the cycle the seed of a new beginning  exists in potency – unless the entire cycle has proven to be a failure.

This is the last stage of the last scene of the great ritual play of cyclic transformations. It brings tu us a realization of the power of archetypes as factors conditioning life processes. Thus we could use as a final Keyword: ARCHETYPALIZATION.”


This potent Spring Equinox that comes with a Total Solar Eclipse AND carries the last Uranus – Pluto Square forward was calling to set up something very special:

Come join us on March 19 – the eve of the New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse AND Spring Equinox 2015 for a 2-part very unique Astro~Experience (come to one or both):




Chart Constellation of the Spring Equinox Total Solar Eclipse

IN the Victoria Landscape of PISCES – ARIES (where’s that? Surprise!) 


3:19 – 5:19 pm

Experience yourself AS Planetary Archetypes of the Spring Equinox!

Step into the energy of Pluto, Uranus, the Sun, Moon, Saturn going retro….

Chances are high that you will intuitively choose Archetypes that have a deep message for you at this time!

NO experience whatsoever required. Just Piscean openness, and a spirit of adventure (Aries calling).

$ 19


Spring Equinox Total Solar Eclipse

Private Intentional Astrological Parlour Circle 


7:19 – 9:39 pm

…with personal exploration for all circle holders with their personal birth charts involved, how this intense window of newness can be opened with the highest level of consciousness.

$ 33  Reg.

$ 27  Newcomers, and for both of you if you  introduce a friend.

$ 44  Combination of Spring Equinox Chart Constellation AND Evening Parlour.


Looking forward to seeing you again or anew,  in heart centred circles, or for a private alignment session!


Wishing you a powerfully liberating month of March!

Free to BE!


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