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* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon (Nov 14): Finding our Ground in the Changefulness.

14 Nov

What a wave and surge of deep emotions that are usually under the surface, since ‘New Seeds in the Darkness’ (motto of the last Astro~News) were planted, with the SCO New Moon on Oct 30. First a ‘dark and quiet before the storm’, leading up to the U.S. elections last week, and followed by an outburst of responses and reactions after the results were clear. What comes up needed to come out, cathartically.

Yet, dwelling or freezing in projecting our fear of the unknown, or rather: fear of the anticipated, disempowers us and weakens our energy field.

Well aware of the danger of ‘spiritual by-passing’, I’m more interested in looking at the cosmic, archetypal, astrological picture that presents itself nowadays – and wrote a 2-part not too long blog about ‘The American Evolution – An Astrological Perspective’ – featuring the chart of the U.S., and its transits, as well as the archetypal roles and activations for and through Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. 

Take a read here:




SCORPIO is the Alchemy that transforms ‘lead into gold’, or depressing, heavy states into pure consciousness.



In the last few weeks, have you come through lots of emotional transformation, yet processed it faster than before? Maybe because it’s such a collective momentum, and we as Humanity go to deep core issues that are usually ‘left alone’.

The key for the fixed energy of SCO is to ‘not be afraid of the dark’, not resist, get stuck, or hurt yourself, and process ‘all the way through’, to allow the Alchemy do its magical thing. Even ‘simply’ by honestly addressing: ”What’s even deeper than this?”


We have moved through the central core = central 10 degrees and 10 days of SCO – round Nov 2 – 12, and are coming now to the ‘mutable’ part of SCO until Nov 21, where – this year also coordinated with and aided by the FULL MOON and waning lunar cycle – things get ‘washed out’ and released, to give room for the SAGITTARIAN light and space and freedom.


Speaking of Scorpionic Alchemy: Just before writing the Astro~News yesterday, something wanted to alchemize spontaneously: I felt called to ‘experiment’ with picking a Voyager Tarot card for the energies of the TAU – SCO Full Moon, and share its message to you. After the first card the process naturally turned into a 3-card spread.

I intuitively ‘sealed’ and activated it with a Hematite Heart that wanted to be in the spread ‘constellation’. https://www.healingcrystals.com/Tumbled_Hematite__Brazil__-_Tumbled_Stones.html says (found it after the fact): ”Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms you in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone, and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite can boost confidence, and is also good for working with the Root Chakra.
Hematite can help one to find their own gifts and to release self-imposed limitations. Hematite can help with the ascension process, by facilitating the integration of higher spiritual energies into our physical 3-D existence. Hematite is also used to protect against geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog, and is said to be a great detoxifying stone, helpful for the liver and the blood.”




The order I picked them is not what you might think, by looking at the spread which rearranged itself as shown in the photo – I explain it in the paragraphs below.

And wow – now as I look at it and connect it with the Full Moon chart it is perfectly ‘in place’… take a peek at the chart below. If you’re somewhat of an Astro insider you know what I mean… and I’ll point to the chart connection along the way of ‘reading’ the cards.


Soo, the Man of Cups – Surfer showed up first, and yes, that guides us not go under but skilfully surf through and on the intense waves of energy in our oceanic interconnectedness (NEPTUNE / South Node in PISCES – was exact on Nov 4 but influences the whole Fall 2016, and is balanced by the North Node in VIRGO, incentivizing us to be in our overall health / wellness integrity, to apply our tools, be discerning, and do the clearing. NEPTUNE is this month ‘stationary’ as it will change direction from retro to forward in the Zodiac, on Nov 19. Neptunian November…

CHIRON is these years (2010 – 2018) in PI as well, showing us the collective and personal ‘wounds’ and their intrinsic ‘medicine’: When we get overwhelmed, what helps us feel fully connected to and as Source, and allows for release and flow, in the unified field of Being?

In the Full Moon chart, PI with NEP / NN and CHI are also on the ‘right bottom’, houses 4 and 5.


Then came the Woman of Cups – Rejoicer. A beautiful illustration of the TAURUS Full Moon – such a sensual and en-joy (TAU) – able vibe! The MOON is ‘exalted’ in TAU – ‘highest’ position and fullest expression for the MOON in the Zodiac: Being nurtured with all senses, in and as Nature. You TAU MOON babes out there probably know what I’m talking about. There is even a Full Moon above the head of the right woman’s head! Spider webs and nature-spa like atmosphere relate to the regenerative SCO SUN energy that’s reflected ‘on the face of the MOON’.


Fascinating that Man and Woman of Cups – the natural ‘Watery Couple’ came up, with the MOON and SCO connection!
Looking at the chart, PISCES (the realm of the Surfer) and TAURUS (the realm of the Rejoicer) have at their opposite midpoint LIBRA, with JUPITER being presently almost the exact midpoint activator and enhancer. LIBRA is the energy of the ‘Sacred Marriage’, inner and outer. Not just about ‘finding the perfect match’ but, first of all, balancing and marrying the Inner Masculine and Feminine within. This is so up nowadays as a BIG theme, with JUPITER in LI since 09 / 09, until 10 / 10, 2017.
JUPITER in LI will form a significant transit just before the next New Moon, exact on Nov 24 that’s been building up this Fall: A square to PLUTO in CAP (#1 out of 3 – two more to follow in 2017): Balance is crucial for integrity and sustainability. 


And the last card: Death XIII Major Arcana. Scorpionic – Plutonic. The energy of SUN / LILITH (they were exactly aligned on Remembrance Day, 11 / 11) in SCO. Death as a Force of Nature. Scary to face the death mask perhaps… grieving of what’s dead and over, yet also a stillness, like the Dead Sea in the background, which is also a regenerative place. A rather eerie Moon hovers over the stillness…

How can we be with and in and as the river that must go to the Sea, aware of the impermanence of all phenomena, incl. the Taurean bodily experience, yet like nature connected to the undying regenerative life force?!

Perhaps a central and deeper message of the FULL MOON in TAURUS opposite the SUN / LILITH in SCORPIO.


* The Full Moon Chart: A Fuller Picture…




The SuperSuper FULL MOON will be today Nov 14 at 5:52 am PST – at Moonset. Given the rain at this point, it’s not very likely that we see the large MOON disk from our vantage point here on Vancouver Island ‘physically’ (TAU) – aww. Gotta rely on energetic download. All good.


Pretty straight-forward, this Full Moon chart, though. Nice change from the cosmic patterns of recent.

And you can probably see now what I meant with alignment of the Voyager Tarot 3-card spread above with the chart:


  • The Death card showed up where the SCO AC with LILITH and the SUN are: Shining light of consciousness on our deep dark nature that, like nature, is always subject to change of form yet always IS, and just changes form.


  • The Man of Cups / Surfer card showed up where NEPTUNE / South Node and CHIRON in PI are, in Water trine with the SCO SUN / LILITH, and opp. the North Node in VIR: Being one with the energy currents and waves, and surfing them skilfully is the way to go and let-go. NEPTUNE and CHIRON are a strong stationary influence this month.


  • The Woman of Cups / Rejoicer card showed up where the MOON in TAU is: Balancing all that depth and surf with embodied enjoyment, and finding worth and value in the joy of being, liberated from being occupied with (and by!) the ups and downs of mental-emotional waves and (under)currents.


  • JUPITER in LIBRA, in the midpoint (how LIBRAN also!) area opposite the NEPTUNEian Surfer and the LUNAR Rejoicer, calling us to find balance of inner and outer masculine and feminine, and other ways of being intrinsically at peace. JUPITER is about to square PLUTO in CAP – exact on Nov 24 (two more exact alignments to follow in 2017). Ideally, bringing relationships (LI) to a new level that serves the highest purpose (CAP). Other manifestations are of course also in the cards (see below in the JUPITER square PLUTO feature).


  • PLUTO will also visited by VENUS (ruler of LIBRA) on Nov 25, just one day after JUPITER in LI squares PLUTO in CAP. Great opportunities (inevitabilities?) to attract from a deep soul level, and for the highest purpose.


  • Finally, MERCURY is now in SAG (since Nov 12, until Dec 2), will square NEPTUNE on Nov 19, and pass SATURN on Nov 23. An important time to guard the mind from too many ‘random’ influences that could contaminate thoughts, blur the vision and distract us from our focus. Yet also a nice edge for imagination and inspiration.


* Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon Degree:

Personal Worth.

The Full Moon will be at 22°37’ TAU (see chart below).


Keynote: The social confirmation of natural excellence.

Two elements should be distinguished in this symbolic picture: The gems that result from natural processes, often induced by extreme volcanic heat and pressure, and the finished products and refined craftsmen. Both the gems themselves and the artistry are highly prized and bring prestige to the owner of the jewels. The symbol applies to any product in which culturally acquired skill has embellished or transformed the end results of a lengthy and demanding natural process.

At this stage we are concerned with the social process which brings about a CERTIFICATION OF PERSONAL WORTH.”


This Symbol called for another (crystal enhanced) Voyager Tarot card as an illustration: Woman of Crystals – Guardian.


Voyager Woman of Crystals - Guardian Crystals 3

Image: Crystal Activated Voyager Tarot card Woman of Crystals – Guardian (photo and crystal activation by Melanie).


Here is what the reference book says (with some of my comments in italics):
“The mind, like the crystal, is beautiful and rich and therefore susceptible to exploitation (just consider the influence of the media nowadays…). Like the Crystal Woman, guard the mind, your greatest natural resource (which leads over to MERCURY, Archetype of the mind, now in SAG, and conj. SATURN on Nov 23). Protect it against invading negativities such as confusion, delusion, defeatism, dullness, and narrowness, by giving it the hardness and impenetrability of the diamond. (MERCURY will first square NEPTUNE, on Nov 18, before meeting SATURN).

Like the Woman of Crystals, maintain dominion over your mind. Train it. Continuously aware of its workings, you are able to direct and focus it at will. Meditate. (Great advice and timing for MERCURY square NEPTUNE and conj. SATURN over the next week – and beyond of course)

The crystal also heals. You are a therapist and counselor, a healer of the mind. You bring mental health to yourself and others. You are able to articulate what you see intuitively. Trust your logic and your intuition.”


Hence, guarding the mind can be the crown jewel of excellence.
As we opt out of being distracted by many externally and internally alluring ‘shiny objects’ we can develop our deep natural excellence more fully.

Natural excellence and personal worth may be but don’t have to be socially confirmed. I believe LILITH in SCO would agree.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon Oct 27: Deep Change Sustains.

27 Oct

* TAURUS – SCORPIO Full Moon Oct 27:

Deep Change Sustains.

 Dia de los Muertos Calavera

Mexican Dia de los Muertos Calavera Altar (from Wiki Commons)


Sabian Symbols:

4° TAURUS: The Pot of Gold…

4° SCORPIO: Devotional Ritual

Can you feel it? Is is real?

We have come through a lot. Time to enjoy (TAURUS) our settling in a new foundation – which has only been possible through the deep change, in the last while.

By ‘last while’ I mean even the fact that we had a 3 year ‘anniversary’ since SATURN entered SCORPIO, on Oct 6, 2012, and catalyzed PLUTO in CAP (they were in ‘mutual reception’ until SATURN left SCO on Sept 17, 2015), initiating for many of us the deepest changes in our lives. Yep, we’re through the SATURN in SCO phase (not to return until 2041, with different overall ‘cosmic matrix’ by then, of course).

The ‘Dia de los Muertos’ celebrations and ceremonies that happen round this time show us about the bridging of Life and Death, and that we owe our life force in physical embodiment to an ancestral lineage. Without their procreation we wouldn’t be here. Very much apropos TAU – SCO: Deep Change Sustains.
Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and acknowledged around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. In 2008 (Melanie: ah, that’s when PLUTO entered CAP) the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.[1]

It is particularly celebrated in Mexico where the day is a public holiday. Prior to Spanish colonization in the 16th century, the celebration took place at the beginning of summer. It was moved to October 31, November 1 and November 2 to coincide with the Roman Catholic triduum festival of AllhallowtideAll Saints’ EveAll Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day.[2][3]Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skullsmarigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

The food offerings are another TAUREAN symbol. Yes, now as blood, sweat, and tears, and our old skin have been shed, we are invited to offer something tasty and beautiful (TAU is ruled by VENUS) as a gift to the transformation, as we embrace change and ‘deathing’ as a necessary process in the cycle. Of course, resistance to change, and attachment to keeping what one ‘has’ is the human default response. SCO and TAU are both fixed Zodiac energies that can get attached. The Buddha summed it up, and it’s common sense yet keeps ‘biting’ us: Attachment leads to suffering. I.e. attachment out of desire and wanting what we don’t ‘have’, or trying to get rid of the unwanted. Welcome to the human condition….

The ‘simple’ but not always easy response to that is: Everything is impermanent, and changes all the time. How and where are we invited to embrace the change?


Buddha Blessings

This Full Moon, with the MOON in TAURUS and the SUN in SCORPIO is the opposite mirror image of the WESAK MOON in May that celebrates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing, when the SUN is in TAURUS and the MOON is in SCORPIO.

The WESAK Moon reminds us that despite everything is bursting with life in TAUREAN Spring, enticing the senses, and evoking pleasure, and enjoyment, nothing will be permanent (even though TAURUS would love that). This TAU – SCO Full Moon invites us to find joy and stability (esp. after all the changes) without getting attached to what we ‘have (built)’.

And what does the Full Moon chart look like???

TAU - SCO FM 2015

More than the TAU MOON – SCO SUN Opposition going on there, plus the MOON receives a Yod, and turns into a focal point.

Interesting also that at the exact time of the Full Moon (5:05 am PDT today Oct 27) from the West Coast perspective, the SCO SUN will be in the 2nd house (which is ruled by TAU), and the MOON in TAU will be in the 8th house (which is ruled by SCO):

Let’s own (2nd house) the consciousness of transformation (SCO SUN).

Let’s find the stability and life sustenance (TAU MOON) in and through deep processes (8th house).

Something rare:

The Full Moon in TAU is the apex point of a Yod (elongated green triangle pointing to the MOON which signifies a quest, a ‘dowsing rod’, a ‘compass needle’, pointing in a direction that’s searched, walked towards, like a pilgrimage, or a treasure to be found. Yes, we are called to turn into that direction where early TAU is in our charts, and orient ourselves towards stability through something that gives security in our physical embodiment – without getting attached. More like ‘just feeling good in our skin’.

See: there is not ‘just’ the SUN – MOON opposition in the Full Moon ‘matrix’ but also still a strong polarity from VIRGO (JUPITER, VENUS, MARS) to CHIRON in PISCES (which slowly disintegrates).

So we are called to bridge and balance the two apparent opposites of organizing things, and finding solutions to problems in VIR fashion, and allowing things to come together or show us their interconnectedness (PI). When we are in flow and connected the ‘job’ gets done much easier.

VENUS in VIR just connected with JUPITER on Sunday (Oct 25), opposes CHIRON in PI today Oct 27, just two hours after the Full Moon, and will meet (and pass) MARS on Nov 2.

Let the inner ‘High Priestess’ (VENUS / JUPITER in VIR) perform intentional acts (MARS) of service, and BE the blessing that heals.


The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree (3°44’ TAU) says:



Voyager Tarot XIV ART, Crystal Activated

Photo by Melanie


Keynote: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

In Genesis, the rainbow is the symbol of the Covenant of God with Noah. In all mythologies it expresses, in one way or another, a linking process – or the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals. What the linking process brings to the individual consciousness is elusive, as the rainbow never ends where you are, yet it is the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth. All wealth, in a real sense, comes from ‘commerce’, i.e. from the commingling  of minds and from contracts, and thus is based on faith in the validity of a promise.

At this… stage we are given a mode of operation, which reminds us of the symbol “An Electrical Storm”. One need not be overawed by the celestial display of power, for it leads to a fruitful contact with beings of light. This is a natural kind of COMMUNION, involving a transubstantiation of matter.”


Here’s a photo that my friend Tanya Devine took last month in Australia. I saw her synchronous posts last night J Big thanks, Tanya!

Rainbow at Rainbow Corroboree by Tanya

Rainbow at the Rainbow Corroboree, NSW AUS

Wow. I love how the theme of the alchemical gold is shown as the effect of linking with other rainbow spirited light beings. What a beautiful contrast to the conventional Taurean understanding of ‘wealth’, and how Scorpio is implicit, as in: matter is constantly shaped and trans-formed in the alchemy of life.

The symbol also speaks to the VIR – PI dynamic (see chart above), in terms of linking the celestial and earthly nature which brings riches that are intrinsically valuable – VIRGO’s alignment is such a gift in itself and to herself.


Let’s also be inspired by the Sabian Symbol for the SUN degree (3°44’ SCO):


Candlelight Vigil 21st Anniversary Tiananmen Square Beijing

‘Candlelight’ Vigil –

21st Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests in Beijing (1989)




Keynote: The educative power of ceremonies which impress the great images of a culture upon its gathered participants.

A community of human beings is ensouled by a few basic symbols which structure and illustrate the group’s particular culture and way of life. Rituals and social ceremonies of all types (from a baseball game to a religious service in an old cathedral) incorporate these symbol in traditional forms of activity. As they participate in these collective presentations of commonly accepted values and ideals, the minds and feelings of young people are formed by these symbols. They take the values for granted until the day when they chose to assert their own individuality – or their participation in a generation’s revolt – by scorning the traditional rituals, including as well business rituals. Then they may poignantly search for new ones to participate in.

This…symbol pictures for us the method by which a community of feelings is built during the formative years of childhood and adolescence. The zodiacal sign Scorpio is especially related to rituals including the sex rituals which unite the communicants at the root of their beings. In these sex rituals too, THE POWER OF SYMBOLS is evident, above and beyond the mere biological act.”

The Communion at 4° TAURUS is happening on a deeper, visceral level here.

SCORPIO is associated with ‘power, death, sex, transformation’, and ruled by PLUTO.

Brave and fearless souls like the ones who stood up against the Chinese Communist regime in June 1989 (when PLUTO was in SCO, and SATURN, URANUS, and NEPTUNE in CAP) can, rarely by themselves, but powerfully so in an ‘ensouled’ movement, catalyze collective change. A grand, devoted, and transformational ‘ritual’.