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May 15: TAURUS New Moon ‘Delivers’ URANUS into TAU: New & Liberated EarthBody Consciousness

13 May

It’s coming, dear Astro~News Reader:

MAY 15 / 16 are not only the most powerful days in MAY but probably in Spring – since they bring several major shifts at once:

  • The New Moon in TAU – where the MOON is the strongest – representing nourishing Mother Earth energy, and food for all senses!
  • Also on the same DAY (3 1/2 hrs later), URANUS enters TAU (until Nov 6, and eventually from March 6, 2019 on).
  • And MARS enters AQ – to square URANUS on MAY 16 (their square comes about yearly but this time quite cathartically, right after BOTH Planets having move into new signs, and MARS being in the sign URANUS rules!).


New EARTH Consciousness.
Wake UP, Earthlings, and Collaborate!

For starters, get unstuck, says URANUS in TAU, break free and move forward (MARS squaring URANUS from AQ – the Zodiac energy ruled by URANUS!):

This square energy is SO primed for breakthroughs into new freedom.

Can you feel it?
‘Something’s’ shaking things up where energy has been stuck and unmoving, perhaps where all too much patience and waiting have generated anger, or on the flip side where inner resistance to change can’t hold on any longer.

One of the catalysts for shifts can be a collaboration (MARS in AQ) after so much heavy lifting / plodding along / taking a lot on, under MARS in CAP (since mid March) which could have also led to conflict and arguments (MARS was in square with ARIES SUN and MERCURY).
But hey, maybe you used this energy to get stuff done – great!
And now the freedom!

For the  ‘beasts of burden’ / ‘work horses’ among us, MARS in AQ shows us that in a good(!) team or community, or even ‘just’ together with one compatible(!) friend / partner the energy moves much faster and more synergistic – from a place of group intelligence beyond the sum of the individuals.

Now, mind you, if not used consciously and if too much ego (I want what I want, says MARS) gets in the way there can be also clashes and collisions that can blow up under this MARS – URANUS energy (which comes about yearly but this time quite cathartically since BOTH Planets will have just moved into new signs).


Dramatic Lightning through the Clouds (Photographer unknown)


So let’s use the shake-up combo of MARS in AQ – URANUS in TAU for conscious highlighting (like a lighting flash) and liberation of stuck energy, maybe in old ‘fossilized’ spots in the body-mind, in memories and patterns, in loyalty to genetic blueprints of the ancestors, in primal fears, triggered by traumanic events or empathy for others’….

Point is, we don’t need to know what and where it is but invoke the cosmic spirit of the Freedom Warrior (UR – MARS) that shows up now to help us shift, and then do something different ,out of the blue, out of the ‘ordinary’, spontaneously, mix up our habits, experiment, follow synchronicity, get a taste of freedom which can have cathartic domino effects.
URANUS represents the Archetype of Prometheus the Awakener and the ‘higher mind’.
Flashes of insight and realization are super heightened now. Don’t (dis)miss them!

And: Experimentation, no expectation!

Try things on, see what happens. Be with friends, random strangers, groups, communities (AQ) whom you wouldn’t have done anything with before or not in a long time. See where the spirit takes you.

The combo of MARS in AQ and URANUS in TAU can also show up as breakthroughs in science, relating to the Earth and our biosphere, and perhaps some wake-up calls for humanity yet also innovations (AQ) to help sustain the Earth (TAU and CAP – with SATURN and PLUTO).
More to come with URANUS in TAU over the next 7-8 years (yes, until 2025/26)!


All these liberating shake-ups and wake-ups – LIFE is NOW!
..making us aware of our precious human emBODYment.

What a gift on Mother’s Day!
Gratitude to our Mothers and Fore-Mothers, and to Mother Earth!



The TAURUS New Moon on May 15 delivers reNEWed and liberated EarthBody Consciousness!

Yes, that’s where it’s at. 
Late TAU has a VIRGO undertone, and calls us to realign with what matters most, starting with health and wellness in our own body and lifestyle, and on the land we’re looking after.
Gardening and planting can be the perfect body-mind-ground wellness practice for starters, and to bring the EarthBody Consciousness right home!

That’s what I’ll do – going out with a dear friend on Wed to spend time in Nature, and get starter greens for the garden, and flowers for the balcony – yay!


Earth My Body!
Here’s the video of the song sung so powerfully by young Spirit Elder Nicole Sangsuree – what a legacy before her body was taken back by the Earth, in Thailand!



The New Moon end of TAU lines up in Earth trine with LILITH / PLUTO retro in CAP: 
The Ancestors and the Ancient Earth call us to do sacred work. 
And yes, it’s about the Spirit and Soul in the work we do, not the ‘heavy lifting’.
And to let our body be freed from old stuck and heavy energies, and free for being Here-Now!
En-lightened Earth Bodies.


Mother Nature and our inner True Nature always show: There’s New Life! And it’s growing, abundantly! This is IT!
Life affirming alignment!


So, here’s the ‘birth chart’ of the TAURUS NEW MOON

which will be at 4:48 am PDT on May 15:

SO much in the EARTH Element now!

There’s the NEW MOON in late TAU, MERCURY in early TAU (since today May 13), and URANUS about to enter TAU – just 3 1/2 hrs after the New Moon! 
And in solid CAP Earth: SATURN retro, LILITH / PLUTO retro – in trine with the New Moon, and, at the very end of CAP: MARS (entering AQ the same evening, to almost immediately square with URANUS on May 16).

May we wake up in our Earth Body, and find common ground on this Earth we all share, sustained by the unfathomable Ground of Being!

If you’d like to check out the rather epic AstroNews article about URANUS entering TAU – Wake UP, Earthlings! you can find it here.

WATER, through JUPITER retro in SCO in friend-ly trine with NEPTUNE in PI (active from May to Aug, exact on May 25, and once again Aug 19) flushes SO much (JUPITER in SCO) that has come up these months, releases and renews – emotional / energetic ‘Spring Cleaning’.
So, let’s be in the flow, and let it go!


Be well, dear Reader, be in Nature, and in your Inner Nature!



© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


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