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June 3 GEMINI Alchemy New Moon – Synthezising Polarities

3 Jun

GEMINI the Alchemist-a?

The GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart shows on its top the double-headed Phoenix bird, arising from the Yin-Yang Lunar / Solar Alchemy of opposites. In this deeper sense, GEMINI is the Alchemist.


Mercury Rules Gemini, by Johfra Bosschart. Detail: The Phoenix, alchemizing Yin Feminine / Lunar and Yang Masculine / Solar.


Today is the 2019 GEMINI NEW MOON – not ‘just’ a SoLunar union but also an initiation to a new dialogue, to bridge & synthesize dualities.

  • Where does communication, and beyond that, Alchemy & Synthesis between what / who seems disparate present itself for you?
  • Where are the puzzle pieces coming together?
  • What’s the initiation that’s happening for you?

As always with a New Moon, there’s a Yang side that we can use to set a new intention and a Yin side of conceiving what the Universe-as-Life is offering at this juncture. Let’s allow both of these sides to come together! Just focusing on intention setting for a New Moon (as commonly suggested) is i.m.o. just half of the equation. So let’s be open to what presents itself, and respond to it if it resonates.

What type if Union?
GEMINI is a light, changeable, and ‘impermanent’ energy of buzz-contact-pollination, like via insects in late Spring.
So let’s be light, inspired, and in contact with the World-around-us. There is always so much to learn. And learning is synthesizing.
Plus, the New Moon in GEM is in wide opposition with JUPITER in SAG, and in wide mutable square with NEPTUNE in PISCES – a dynamic bridging polarities between communication and understanding, trusting, having a positive outlook, and beyond that, being open to surrender & faith – all in the Synthesis & Alchemy blend.


What helps in this Alchemy opportunity is asking good questions, listening, learning, starting a new conversation, going into dialogue, and inquiring deeply.
No way going back into the historic rabbit hole, a la SATURN / South Node / PLUTO in CAP (one of the primary signatures of this Spring / early Summer – finally on Jan 12, 2020, SATURN – PLUTO actually unite) – Letting the ‘Old Empire’ expire.

Through unburdening ourselves from the shackles of the past that we might have been unconsciously loyal to, we naturally find our freedom.
Just as removing junk from a river allows it to naturally run freely.
(until July 1, opposite SATURN / NN / PLUTO June 14 – 19 – another polarity that the New Moon initiates) supports the Power of ‘Fresh Water’ overcoming with Time the ‘old rocks’ / edifices, and structures that have build up. Keep the best but leave the rest & redundant that had its Time!

Rhine Falls in Switzerland – Photo from a refreshing visit with my Friends on June 1


NEPTUNE in PI (which the MOON (today June 3) and the SUN (on June 9) square up with) helps us to forgive, release, let go, and surrender it all in the Unifying Field – call it Universal Love and Oneness.
We’re all in THIS…

The New Moon in GEM initiates a new beginning for new learning, new avenues, new questions, new dialogue (incl. inner) – new Alchemy & Synthesis!


Let’s take a look at the GEMINI New Moon chart!

The GEMINI New Moon will be at 3:02 am PDT on June 3.
The 3 and the 2 – the synthesizing polarities theme shows up in the date too…

Looks like the New Moon is unaspected?
Barely – there’s actually a wide T-square between the New Moon in GEM opposite JUPITER retro in SAG, and both in T-square with stationary NEPTUNE in PI.
The New Moon catalyzes the central of 3 squares between JUPITER & NEPTUNE this year, which will be exact on June 16 (first one was on Jan 13, last one on Sept 21).

This square might feel like ‘too much of a good thing’ / overwhelm, or:
Opportunities to raise our vibrations.
Expansion of consciousness.
Seeing how the Universe showers us with gifts, blessings, and miracles when we trust and have faith!
Letting go while trusting the abundance that’s always available.


So many blessings for the New Moon Alchemy helping us to be open for the Gift of the Universe!


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