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Happy New GEMINI – Take Flight, and Be the Alchemist!

20 May

This week, and especially TODAY, we are in the Zodiac Season on the TAURUS to GEMINI cusp (which I also like to call ‘Body-Talk Point’, inspired also by some BodyTalk practitioner friends in our Astro groups):
The SUN will move today May 20 at 1:31 pm PDT into GEMINI, from grounded, embodied, sensual, earthy TAU where MERCURY still lingers (until June 6), after its Spring retro journey – from solid Earth into the lightness of Spring AIR: How are YOU taking off and fly???

That’s where Nature (TAU) Speaks (GEM), and the Body (TAU) has Messages (GEM). The recent (Apr 9 – May 3) MERCURY retro phase in TAU – AR – TAU has brought us messages from within, through our body, and all the senses (TAU), and (with triple contact of MERCURY / URANUS in AR) even more so: lots of sparks, flashes of insight, wake-up calls, shifts, surprises, and mind re-sets, over the last while. MERCURY is moving  through TAU until June 6, for further assimilation of the messages, new ways of processing information, and to embody the inner FREEDOM.

GEMINI fully kicks in with the GEM New Moon, next Thu May 25 – stay tuned for Astro*News (the Blog post, the comprehensive Email for insiders – you can sign up on my fb page in the link on the bottom, to be on the list)!


Johfra Bosschart Gemini

Mercury Rules Gemini. Alchemical union through interchange of polar opposites. Painting by Johfra Bosschart









The SUN will travel through GEMINI for four weeks, until Summer Solstice (June 20):

The season to spread our wings, take flight, and learn, wherever we go!

GEMINI is (surprise, surprise!) ruled by MERCURY, the Messenger and Alchemist Archetype!

Let’s bring the messages we received on inner planes (MERCURY is since last week fully out of the post-retro ‘shadow’ zone) ‘out’ into the Alchemy of Life!
And, perhaps even more so:
Mercury retro inspired us to move from the cerebral head space (MERCURY) – sooo much of it ‘out there’ in cyber space – to the Heart space and pure Consciousness (the SUN)? Each M-r phase offers us this golden opport-Unity.

GEMINI, the Zodiac Energy of the Season, Alchemizes Polar Opposites.

Which brings us back to the highly symbolic GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart, in its upper part.


Johfra Bosschart Gemini Phoenix

Mercury Rules Gemini. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper part detail: The Phoenix


Here is a quote from the Johfra Astrology book (which describes all the illustrations in detail):

“The pillars finish in  two alchemical dragons which represent the various cosmic principles of polarized power. They retain their respective colour up to the point where their necks intertwine, when an intense exchange of powers takes place in which both red and blue become a radiant golden yellow (the colour of insight, the higher Mercury).

The Androgyne, the mythical dual being, in which the masculine and feminine merge to form a perfect human, rises from the fire like a Phoenix.

Woohoo – taking the GEMINI theme to a much deeper than ‘usually’ discussed level!
I’d add to the quote: The most potent Alchemy of Polar Opposites happens not in the head or genitals but through the HEART.

The New Moon in GEMINI carries one of these polarities to alchemize: MARS in GEMINI (yes, already, since Apr 21, and until June 4) opposite SATURN retro in SAG – exact May 28:
Even though we are drawn into sooo many avenues of interest (MARS in GEM), the Truth of the Matter (SATURN in SAG) is: Many avenues lead to the HEART!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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