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CAPRICORN – CANCER Full Moon (with SATURN) on June 27 / 28: Soul-Full-Filling Completion

27 Jun

Dear Astro~News Reader,

The first FULL MOON of SUMMER 2018 is here to bless us – today June 27 (CDT and West of it) / June 28 (EDT and everywhere East of it)!

In CAPRICORN – as the SUN is now in CANCER.
Uhh, has it ever a strong CAPRICORN theme:
MOON / SATURN retro, PLUTO retro, LILITH, all in CAP!
And here on the West Coast even the Ascendant in CAP, since the MOON with SATURN would have just risen before Fullness!

I posted the Full Moon chart below – can you see the CAP concentration?


A Rising Beauty, next to the Ringed Planet – both shone upon by the SUN!

This also means, the SUN in CANCER was exactly opposite SATURN (once a year), this morning, June 27.
Authority Themes.
We’ve seen those also in the two CANCER countries of Canada (July 1, 1867) and U.S. (July 4, 1776) – with their leaders and governments (CAP) – that are in dire need of transformation (PLUTO).

The polarity of SOLAR creative, radiant authority vs. / AND the earned and experienced authority of the Elder (SATURN).

  • Have you experienced Authority issues / conflicts, in the build-up to the Full Moon?
  • Have you projected one side or the other onto ‘the other’ and gone into outer / inner confrontation?
  • Have you on the other hand experienced support by Elders and true authority that ignited your own creativity fire?
  • How are both sides already IN you, just waiting to be reconciled?
  • What needs to be balanced in this dynamic, so that the two sides that need each other can be complementary, and create a well-rounded Authority?

The Full MOON conjunct SATURN will rise on the Eastern horizon into exact Fullness at 9:53 pm PDT on June 27, here from the West Coast perspective!

Not an ‘easy’ MOON scape though…. you probably feel it.

Yet, it can be still full-filling – on a deeper level, as we connect with Elders and Ancestors, help complete old contracts, transform old contractions, and heal in the NEW and NOW (CHIRON in ARIES is in T-square with the Full Moon axis!).


In CAP, the MOON is in ‘exile’ – furthest away from its CANCERian ‘home’ with its warm, cozy and caring qualities, in safe momma-babe connection.
Rather cold and wintry?
Making sure resources are in?
Caring channeled into taking care of business?
Managing scarcity and fears?
An effort to be sustained?

If these themes come up for you, it’s time to take a look at old ancestral and societal conditioning and contractions around that.

I.o.w., with SATURN retro next to the MOON – an inquiry (take your time and do this at home):

  • What does the inner / old authority say to the need to be safe, cared for, and caring?
  • What were historic (PLUTO in CAP) traumas and hardship that your biological ancestors, Spirit Elders or your inner karmic journey went through?
  • How can you honour and acknowledge them?
  • How can the experience find completion in you, rather than you self-sabotaging (also a theme with SATURN retro), out of unconscious loyalty?
  • What helps in the deep transformation through time, and from your inner true Soul Nature (PLUTO retro and LILITH in CAP)?

This is the first Full Moon with, and super close(!) to SATURN since it entered CAP on Dec 19, 2017.
Their exact ‘date’ is just 1 hr 20 min before the Full Moon!
Even the astronomers suggest: Time to watch SATURN 😉

The Full MOON brings the SATURN in CAP themes that have been up for us in the last 6 months to a first fruition and maturation.
The Full Moon brings a monthly / 29-day (fertility) cycle to fruition, and SATURN brings a longer, 29-year cycle to maturation – full adulthood.

MOON / SATURN are also associated with children, family, motherhood & adulthood.
In one of the Astrology schools I studied, the Swiss API Institute for Astrological Psychology, SATURN is in the family triad associated with the Mother (the SUN as Father, and the MOON as the Child).

In other words, the Full MOON with SATURN is a prime opportunity to take a good look at our Mother-Child themes, and how they might be contrasted and highlighted by the (inner / outer) Father (opposition with the SUN).

How about creating a felt-sense mini-constellation (with placeholders from and IN nature, like rocks, flowers, twigs…) as a Full Moon Ceremony, and seeing how it moves in you?


The Moon – Transformation Cards, by Diana Varisco


The Moon (message on the back) – Transformation Cards by Diana Varisco


The Full MOON with SATURN in CAP ushers Transformation via PLUTO in:

  • What is your purpose and role in Evolution?
  • What transforms the old hierarchical / patriarchal structures of domination, subordination, separation?
  • Forming a chain and circle (AQ) of sisters and brothers in equality and cooperation beyond old hierarchies and separations IS building the NEW.

MARS now in AQ and going back into CAP (close to PLUTO) in Aug / Sept has just gone retro yesterday June 26, and will also help in overcoming old conflict, animosity, adversity and war, and activating the Inner Warrior of Change for Cooperation in Integrity.
Leading with this, and noticing the contrast to the old separating world sets an example that we all need and are nurtured by (MOON in CAP).


A ‘serious MOON business’ indeed. 
An important Full MOON.
Soul-Full-Filling Completion.


Plus, ‘Wounded Healer’ / Medicine Bringer CHIRON in early ARIES squares the Full Moon axis!

With this, the Full Moon initiates a theme that we’ll see throughout July and Aug:
The square (not precise but almost, and lingering) between SATURN retro in CAP and stationary / going retro (on July 4) CHIRON in ARIES.

So, it’s time to acknowledge early (ARIES) / passed-on / wounding ‘conditions’ and conditioning that have also matured us (CAP), and made us compassionate with ourselves and others (CAN).
CHIRON in ARIES brings healing and teaches us through the Medicine of emerging from the old, and being authentic in the NEW and NOW.

CAP themes
are related to accomplishment, success, responsibly stepping into our purpose, and committing to what’s not easy but what we’re ‘built for’, and what matters in the long run (rather than going for short term comfort), and doing the work, consistently.

An old / conditioned / lower / often ‘hidden in plain sight’ CAP shadow vibration it can be semi-/ unconsciously expressed through taking a lot on / labouring, carrying a lot / feeling burdened by the ‘load’ of…, feeling heavy and depressed, judged and judgmental, resentful, running out of time.

What’s your main theme in this?
It isn’t comfortable, but important to acknowledge what’s there, and has perhaps been building up for a very long time (CAP)…
Yet it can lead to an inner sense of completion – otherwise it goes in circles, because it IS about completion (and our sense might be it’s never complete).


This time I felt called to bring in the SABIAN SYMBOL for the Zodiac degree of the FULL MOON (6°28 CAP) and SATURN (5°48′ CAP) as a divination oracle which confirms this:


Log SeaScape with Crow. Photo by Melanie, Oct 2017

KEYNOTE: The need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond.

Number 10 is a symbol of completion; it symbolizes even more the revelation of a new series of activities just ahead. Yet unless the concluded series is brought to some degree of fulfillment, nothing truly significant is likely to be accomplished by a restless reaching out toward the as-yet-unknown. Number 10 is a symbol of germination, but the seed (Number 9) must have matured well. No natural process can be accelerated safely beyond certain limits.

This represents the first stage in the fifty-sixth five-fold sequence.
It establishes a foundation for what will follow. Here we reach a THRESHOLD in which we may have to pause in order to safeguard our further advance.”

This Sabian Symbol is so apropos SATURN / FULL MOON in CAP – wrapping around that degree!

  • Where does this theme of completion ‘get you’ emotionally?
  • Where is a cycle coming to completion – and it’s ‘simply’ your job to acknowledge that? It might have taken quite some time, yet for some reason necessarily so.
  • Can you reconcile home, family, belonging, safety, emotional needs, and on the other hand (is it a dilemma?) long term building of sustaining structures, responsibly working with time and resources, and ‘s-aging well’?

Acknowledgement is a prerequisite for ‘completion’ (which CAP is about).


Yet, certain ‘conditions’ can’t be completed…. they have ‘a life of their own’ – and come to a natural evolutionary ‘repurposing’ transformation (nothing ever ‘dies’, it just changes form).

Acceptance of a natural impermanence and continuum takes us deeper into Living from Soul, and our in our True Nature
(as represented by PLUTO / LILITH in CAP – which the MOON will meet on June 29).


Let’s take a look at the FULL MOON Chart:

It illustrates the themes described above…

See the CAP Cluster on the Eastern horizon / AC?
Even MARS and the Lunar North Node will move into CAP
(MARS Aug 12 – Sept 10, the NN mid-Nov).

The MOON / SATURN in early CAP, and the SUN in early CAN squaring CHIRON in early ARIES:
What is the Medicine in the New and Now?


How do the Full MOON with SATURN, and their connection with PLUTO / LILITH in CAP show up for you? 

Do the themes above sound familiar?
What are you acknowledging (SATURN) and processing (PLUTO) about the ‘things of old’?

Esp. if your birthday is
end of June (early CAN),
end of December (early CAP),
end of March (early ARIES),
or end of Sept (early LIBRA)?

Or you might have your MOON, AC, or Planets in the early degrees of these cardinal signs (check out your chart, or let’s take a look together).

Then a lot of this is probably UP for you now / these days / months, and might culminate with the FULL MOON.


Important questions with the CAP Full Moon:

  • How can your basic-and-beyond needs be met, and your life be sustainable, in the context of the structures you’re living in?
  • Time for foundational changes (which may just ‘organically happen’), esp. in the areas of life relating to CAP / CAN in your chart, e.g.
    1st – 7th House: Self & Relationships,
    2nd – 8th House: Owning & Sharing,
    3rd – 9th House: Social / Local Environment & World at large,
    4th – 10th House: Home / Family & Public / Purpose,
    5th – 11th House: Creativity / Children & Community,
    6th – 12th House: Health / Wellness / Livelihood & Soul Service.
  • Do you need to downsize to keep life simpler, and have all that you need – plus more time?
  • Is the structure / the system you’ve been in changing? How is it sustainable? Where’s your part in the change.

CAP – CAN is the axis of Family / Tribe, and Elders / Leaders:

  • How can important themes round home, family, belonging, safety, emotional needs, and on the other hand (is it a dilemma?) long term building of sustaining structures, responsible working with time and resources, and ‘s-aging well’ be reconciled?
  • In a time where nuclear and extended families in the traditional sense seem to lose their cohesiveness (or will there be a renaissance?) – what’s your world of home and family transforming into?
    Where / who is your tribe?
  • Who are the Elders and leaders you turn to for guidance?
    Who are your Spirit Elders?

    Your inner Elder might be waiting to connect with you.

All important questions to explore and LIVE now, under the Full Moon dynamic and beyond.

They’ll be deepened and brought even more to our consciousness when the CANCER SUN exactly opposes PLUTO retro in CAP on the DAY of the Partial Solar Eclipse / ‘Seed’ New Moon in CANCER on July 12 / 13, heralding the North Node from LEO into CANCER this Fall.



Much Love and Cosmic Blessings for the CAP – CAN Full Moon!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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* Happy Winter SoUlstice 2017! Light RE-turning *

20 Dec

Today and tomorrow, Dec 20 /21 are the shortest days of the year, and tonight (Dec 20 / 21) is the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere:
Here in Victoria B.C. Dec 21 is 7 hours, 48 minutes shorter than on the Summer Solstice: 8 hrs, 18 min. and 33 sec. daylight.

The SUN appears to ‘stand still’ (Sol-stice) for a few days, on the lowest arc of the Ecliptic, before slowly, gradually ‘climbing’ again, and providing minute by minute longer days (Dec 18 – 24: 8 hrs 18 – 19 min., then gradually longer daylight)

Check out a little video I shot from my walk by the ocean on this pre-Solstice day.


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Ostara / Spring Equinox, Beltane, Litha / Summer Solstice, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain, YULE / Winter Solstice, and Imbolc.


WINTER SOLSTICE is one of the 8 sacred yearly celebrations of alignment with the SUN:

Winter Solstice Traditions celebrate the Return of the Light, and the ReBirth of the Inner En-Lightened Consciousness.

Happy Yule!

Happy Solstice!

Merry Christmas!



Solstice Sunset – Inner Fire. Photo by Melanie, Dec 20, 2017


WINTER SOLSTICE 2016 will be exactly (as the SUN enters CAP) this year just after sunrise (8:02 am), tomorrow Dec 21 at 8:30 am PST.


Voila – here is the Winter Solstice Chart:

What a potent cosmic Winter SoUlstice Sunrise energy!
With CAP Rising, and with CAP SUN / SATURN on the Solstice Point united (exact alignment  4 1/2 hrs later, at 1:08 pm PST!!!).
LILITH in CAP is exactly on the horizon, and PLUTO is in the 1st house, coming up on the horizon within an hour after Solstice sunrise.

  • How can visions and ideals (SAG) be brought into reality (CAP)?
  • What’s the Soul Force (PLUTO) that drives your ‘purpose’?
  • What does it always ‘come down to’, have us get up in the morning and ‘do the work’?
  • What’s intrinsically rewarding?


For the SoUlstice time, I look forward to nature walks, and engaging in what brings joy and is regenerative (PLUTO) – can be quite ‘simple’ says CAP.

Once CAPRICORN energy sets in, with the Winter Solstice, we are called to manifest what we deeply know (SAG). ‘Only’ resolutions, visions, and promises are not enough.

Let’s walk the talk, and show the evidence…, slowly, steadily, consistently, and without blaming ourselves for not being perfect yet. It’s work (AND play, miracles, joy!) in progress!




And hey, let’s not fall into the CAP trap of being buried under a mountain of…. (you name it: work, commitments, responsibilities, stuff….), and free up the most important resource: quality TIME / Time quality!

With the freed-up NO-time / clock-less time, let’s give each other the loving gift of time, not only this SOLSTICE!


By the way, if you still haven’t seen it yet, or as a reminder – esp. apropos materialistic Christmas:
Watch the 20-min video ‘Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard. She launched it 10 years ago(!), in Dec 2007 (just before PLUTO entered CAP, in Jan 2008), to illustrate how the ‘material’s economy’s’ linear system of extraction -> production -> distribution -> consumption -> disposal is unsustainable on a finite planet.
Which I’m sure is pretty obvious to you, dear reader, but perhaps you’d like to show / send it to some rare  ‘disbelievers’ out there. Apropos Mercury retro in SAG.
The project has evolved: In the meantime, there is also the ‘Story of Change’ and the ‘Story of Solutions’.
We sure need those nowadays. And work differently, more respectfully and sustainably with resources, says CAP, now mandatory and rewarding to do so, under SATURN very freshly in CAP.

CAP rules Time and Resources.

TIME as we know it, and our ways of working with it is indeed changing too.

Whether we are speaking metaphysically of transcending the conditioned experience of time, and tapping into 5th dimensional (beyond Time which is considered the 4th dimension) consciousness, or quite practically – it happens on all levels:

Astrologically, PLUTO (powerful evolutionary change agent) is presently in CAP (which rules time and maturity), 2008 – 2023.

Are we being swallowed by the ‘Time Monster’ or some other draconian super power or gruesome force? Or will the old Time Machine die a slow yet inevitable death? With PLUTO, my suggested formula goes like this: It gets intense as it changes…
And yep, the phenomenon of Time scarcity is really big these days.
Maybe because of being pulled into so many directions, via social media and otherwise offers and seductions, coupled with an exploitation of the human greed to get something, and to belong, creating omnipresent nervous FOMO (fear of missing out). 
SATURN in CAP is here to put the foot down, and help us set boundaries to what we really need, and what satisfies us – quite simply.


Historically, humanity has attempted to be the masters of time and productivity since PLUTO was the last time in CAP (late 1700’s, the times of the American, French, and Industrial Revolution, and major colonization, and ‘distribution’ of the world resources among imperialistic countries that subordinated and ‘ruled over’ indigenous cultures.
The ever faster running wheels and productivity devices have turned against us. With all the opportunities that ‘saving time’ has brought us we have become the slaves of time (as scarcity). Many people are caught in the machinery and ‘live for retirement’, or just want to maximize ‘life value’ while imposing our generation’s debt on the shoulders of the next generations, and ‘fall-out’ effects onto the Planet Earth. This is unsustainable.

Change is underway. Too slow? Effective and transformational enough?


Money-ure Log

Here is a random act of log wisdom that I found at a nearby beach (and left it there, for the next person): “Money, like manure, does no good until it’s spread around.”
Not just money, any resource and what we can extract from deep processes wants to be ‘spread around’ and used wisely now, with PLUTO and now also SATURN in CAP.

So how about right NOW (says ARIES where UR stirs up the pot), and from now on (with the Solstice SUN, SATURN, LILITH, and PLUTO in CAPRICORN):

~ Reclaiming alignment with time and natural laws (like the TAO),

~ Taking down-time in the midst of time acceleration craze,

~ Respecting ancient, timeless (and timely!) wisdom, and

~ Living more simply so that others can simply live?


Time is Consciousness.

“Not enough time for love, relationship, children” – postponing those to Day X, when “the work is done” could be a self trapping statement of purpose, attainment, and completion oriented CAPRICORN.

“The Work” is never done, we can’t personally be ever complete with what we set out to do.

And as Joanna Macy would say: “Help create a project that survives you!” A transpersonal practice a la PLUTO.



Did you know? CAPRICORN is actually a mythical fish-tailed Sea Goat.

What’s with that, you might ask?

The time of Winter Solstice when the SUN enters CAPRICORN has been traditionally (in the Pisces Age) celebrated as the birth of redeemers – masters who have climbed up the mountain of spiritual attainment, and offered their energy to the collective – the fish tail is an association with operating in the waters of Oneness. 


Which brings us to… CHRISTMAS!

A few years ago round this Advent time, I went to a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at the Victoria Christ Church Cathedral. One of the Carols (commissioned by the CCC in 2011) struck me as relating (for those who are aware) to the Astrology and symbolism of the Christ Birth after Winter Solstice:


Magi Star


Magi and A Poor Place

A poor place this, no place to welcome kings;
No place for myrrh or frankincense or gold.
A place for simple folk and simple things;
A place of shadows, comfortless and cold.
Yet kings are here, and now as daylight dies,
By their command an minstrel softly sings
To calm the child while Magi search the skies
For mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.

So poor a place, yet now it welcomes kings.
See how they pause outside the stable door.
See how they kneel as each one humbly brings
A gift and lays it on the earthen floor.
For if the stars are true, if planets speak,
And if their journey to this humble place
Has guided them aright, this child they seek
Is mighty ruler both of time and space.

A poor place this, the world of these our days,
So poor in justice, poor in joy and peace;
Where children starve, where evil pays,
And empires clash in wars that never cease.
Yet still the Holy Child is brought to birth;
The grace he gives far more than we can tell.
His loving hands enfold the wounded Earth,
And all is well, and all things shall  be well.

Music by Patrick Wedd.
Text by Herbert O’Driscoll


I was astounded to hear and read in this beautiful ‘modern’ and timeless carol about

  • “…while Magi search the skies for mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.”The (triple) JUPITER / SATURN conjunction in PISCES in the year 6 BC which was apparently considered the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ – the biggest planets in our Solar System aligned which happens (usually only once) every 20 year could have appeared as ‘A Star’.
    Apparently right overhead Israel (which is ruled by SATURN) at the time.
    JUPITER and SATURN united stands for the Archetype of a master / teacher / guru / king. And the fact that the Great Conjunction happened in PISCES at the onset of the PISCES Age promised a new religious / spiritual era.
  • “Is mighty ruler of time and space” reminds me of the Space / Time Point from SAG to CAP, at Winter Solstice. SAG rules Space and CAP rules TIME (see above).
    The JU / SAT alignment didn’t happen at the Winter Solstice 6 BC, but JU and SAT rule that point! And that’s when The Light of the SUN Returns / is REborn

Hmm, goes to show, maybe Christianity knew something about Astrology, and ‘placed’ the birth of the redeemer onto Day 3 after Winter Solstice, when the SUN starts to gradually ‘return and climb’ on the Ecliptic.


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* JUPITER in ‘Square Dance’ with VENUS / PLUTO (exact Nov 24 / 25): Balance and Integrity in Relationships on all Levels, and with All our Relations.

24 Nov

JUPITER entered LIBRA on Sept 9, for 1 year and 1 month, until Oct 10, 2017, and the issues of choices, relationships and agreements / contracts, balance, justice, fairness, harmony, peace become ‘bigger’, and we become aware how important they are.  

Today Nov 24 – U.S. Thanksgiving Day, JUPITER in LIBRA (conjunct SATURN in the U.S. chart) is for the first time (again March 30 and Aug 4, 2017) square PLUTO in CAP. VENUS will join and pass PLUTO tomorrow Nov 25. Sounds like a strange ‘square dance’ indeed.

And we see heightened tension and conflict over issues of integrity, sustainability, respect and wise use of natural resources (all CAP themes). PLUTO brings up the ugly face of how humans and human structures have abused, wasted, and disrespected the Earth, esp. since PLUTO was the last time in CAP in the late 18th century. PLUTO shows where what’s unsustainable and destructive must change and regenerate from the core (not just on the surface).


Earth YinYang


Makes me think of the North Dakota Water Protectors immediately. Water IS essential, WATER IS LIFE. Perhaps with JUPITER and VENUS entering the picture now, more supportive attention is drawn to the issue now – I read the United Nations considered intervening. There is a lot of public awareness – in the social media, yet strangely enough, Bernie Sanders seems to be the only prominent politician who takes a clear pronounced stand – against the pipeline (“Black snake” – very PLUTO), and for protection of Native land and natural resources of. Bernie was born with VENUS in LIBRA opp. his MOON / MARS in ARIES (which is transited by URANUS this year and next – very raw and revolutionary).
Looks like we’ll hear more about clashes of radical warriors (URANUS in ARIES, also on the U.S. CHIRON) and established power institutions that seem to become more militarized now even (PLUTO in CAP) as URANUS will square the U.S. PLUTO in the next 2 years.

In our personal lives, ‘being the change’ and bringing our soul-full potential to the table at these intense times of accelerating (URANUS) deep change (PLUTO in CAP) has to do with being alert and awake, and doing what needs to be done in the moment (URANUS), while honouring and enhancing peace, fairness, and balance (JUPITER in LI – which approaches opposition with URANUS, exact Dec 26).

Societally, there is urgency (UR in AR) to act NOW, in order to maintain and protect balance in nature, and so that ecosystems and species can not only survive (AR) but regenerate (PLU).




It’s also a heightened time for the ‘fine art’ of balance between being true to ourselves (AR) while bringing any kind of relationships (LIBRA) to a new level that serves the highest purpose (CAP). What doesn’t, and can’t sustain is being purged, transformed, and ‘repurposed’, in this Plutonic, cathartic clearing process.


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* MARS in CAP passes PLUTO (Oct 19) and squares URANUS in ARIES (Oct 28): Empowered Integrity in Action, and into Freedom.

19 Oct

Up next, and also catalyzed by the FULL MOON:

MARS, the ruling planet of ARIES which is activated by the Full Moon / URANUS, has a (bi-yearly) encounter with PLUTO TODAY.

The energy has been building already, at least since PLUTO in CAP turned from retro direct on Sept 26, and one day later, on Sept 27, MARS entered CAP where it is most powerful (considered ‘exalted’) – demanding and activating sustained energy in integrity (model of the marathon runner or mountaineer).



Standing Tall – Photo by Melanie, Oct 9, 2016


PLUTO as an astrological archetype is  MARS’s transpersonal dimension, where ‘personal will and strive’ – MARS – is overridden by ‘higher power’ / the Will of God / ‘Insh’Allah = God Willing / Forces of Evolution and Transformation on a collective, historical scale.


There’s been a lot of assertion and battle (MARS) over integrity, sustainability, and leadership (CAP), amplified over the last few weeks.

Thinking of Dakota protector tribes. And of course integrity issues re: U.S. elections.


PLUTO has been ‘ahead of’ MARS in the last year, and that’s also a predominance of societal power (for better or worse) over personal self assertion.

As MARS passes PLUTO, personal self assertion can lead the way, ideally charged by deep soul power that fuels action in integrity, for the highest purpose (PLUTO in CAP).


I trust we’ll see more brave and wise warriors stepping up to the occasion in the next while. Let’s be part of them, in our own way and world!

How can we act from a place of deep integrity, and connected with soul power?


MERCURY in LIBRA squares MARS / PLUTO in CAP this week – speaking up for fairness, equality, right relations, has been vigorous, blunt, and powerful.


Two examples recently:


As the dark and ugly stuff – built up over centuries (PLUTO in CAP) is coming out like an enema (MARS), may the purge be truly transformational!


On Oct 28, close to the New Moon in SCO (Oct 30), MARS in CAP will square URANUS in ARIES. Expect the unexpected. Could become quite a tumultuous energy, yet geared towards liberation in integrity. Freedom from the known and for the new.



© Melanie Lichtinger 2016




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