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GEMINI Season – Springy Alchemy

21 May


Mercury Rules Gemini.
Alchemical union through interchange of polar opposites.
Painting by Johfra Bosschart


A Season of Lightness & Brightness.
Breaths of fresh AIR.

The airy Alchemist energy of GEMINI (May 20 / 21 – until June 21 – Summer Solstice) welcomes us to sail through Spring on a light breeze like a gorgeous butterfly, while alchemizing what we encounter, through communicating between, connecting and combining what appears polar opposite.

So many interesting things to learn and talk about, and to relate to one another!
GEMINI inspires us to chat, flirt, learn languages, do day trips, and the alike.
Life Long Learning.


GEMINI is the Alchemist of the Zodiac – bridging polarities and dualities. The shortest bridge between people can me just a smile and a kind word. 
And it can (and wants to) go much deeper than this too, with JUPITER (presently retro, supporting inner journeys and processes) this year (until Nov 8) in alchemical SCORPIO.
Yet, the springy lighter, ‘pollinating’ version of GEM comes into the foreground now, via the SUN and soon also MERCURY (May 29 – June 12) – bringing a breeze of fresh AIR into the picture of an otherwise not much airy year in the Astro~Weather


The GEMINI month this year is quite a relief from recent intensity and stress in ARIES and TAURUS – which also brought and will continue to bring wake-up shifts and healing through authenticity (via the moves of URANUS into TAU and CHIRON into AR).
For now, things can move swiftly forward – just keep the communication going. 
In Summer the picture changes yet again:
Eclipse season in July / Aug, and 6 / 7 (yess!) Planets will be retro in July / Aug.
Soul searching and unraveling times…


Back to the current and upcoming:
(Not only but esp.) if YOU have GEMINI in your chart (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets), enjoy your matching month, like a flower welcoming butterflies!

So much to learn from nature and people… and they can learn from you.
A nice time for writing, journaling, and for those Springy reads…


Let’s welcome new inspiration, and aha-effects!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


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