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VENUS retro re-enters LEO :: Underneath the Drama, Find True Self Love. Recognize Old Patterns, Complete Old Contracts, and REnew from the Heart.

31 Jul

VENUS retro re-entered LEO TODAY JULY 31
where ‘she’ will meet up with JUPITER on AUG 4, square SATURN on AUG 5, meet MERCURY on AUG 6, and the SUN on AUG 15:
Underneath the Drama, Find True Self Love.
Recognize Old Patterns, Complete Old Contracts, and REnew from the Heart!


Birth of Venus, by Botticelli

How has your VENUS retro / JUPITER – SATURN ‘square dance’ journey been so far?
• Have you (RE?)connected with women from the ‘past’ (even from different time lines)?
• Have you been RE-minded of, and attracted to RE-connect with loved ones and lovers ‘from the past’?
• Are you drawn to standing in the full light of your loving Beingness (LEO), to Live Life Lovingly, and ‘operate’ / work from there, in pure alignment, as the Sacred Feminine in her temple (VIR)? Alignment is crucial for Virgo.

The VENUS RETROGRADE phase will be a checking in on our values, desires, connections, and attractions.
And, even more so, it’s a RE-newal and RE-alignment of the Inner Feminine with Spirit (the SUN). With the LEO / Sphinx Point vibe be aware of your attraction to show / performance / narcissism, as a compensation for the need to be seen and loved, vs. true intrinsic Self-love, and radiance through Spirit, in natural Self Awareness.
• What makes you unconditionally happy from within?
• What’s the Truth about the Love of the Self?

This SUMMER and FALL, old, limiting relationship patterns are ‘doomed to die’.
VENUS squares off with SATURN (cooling off, challenges in relationships – which test us: are we willing and able to work through this?) not only once (which happens twice a year) but 3 times! Plus, Venus is now retro which is also a turning away from being stuck in unsustainable relationship patterns with a focus on the other person, to finding intrinsic value and Self Love and heart connection, from which we can attract more authentically – without ‘needing a relationship’.

Overview of the 3 VENUS – SATURN squares:

(while Venus was direct in LEO, and Saturn retro in SCO): Attracting from old patterns – which trigger deep painful stuff.

(Venus retro, back in LEO, after having gone on the VIRGO cusp of Self Awareness, and Saturn direct in late SCO): ‘She’ retreats… . ‘Just say NO’ to what’s not a good fit from a deeper (Scorpio) place, even though it may ‘look good’ and pamper the ego – or bring out more drama (Leo). Let’s not get ‘sucked in’ (Saturn in Scorpio can help us with boundaries there) into others’ agenda that triggers our stuff. Knowing who we are, and coming into RE-alignment with ourselves, we have to stop these patterns. Out of healthy self-love.

OCT 10
(Venus in VIR – after the retro phase, as the ‘Morning Star’, and Saturn in SAG, both direct): Knowing what’s good, healthy, and functional for us and what our values are, we can now commit to a new focus and intentional journey.

The TRIPLE VENUS – SATURN SQUARE brings out our old contracts, to acknowledge and complete them. What’s an old contract? A soul connection, where both people on a soul level agreed to help each other heal something – even though it doesn’t ‘taste good’, can be very intense, and as challenging it is to interact with one another there can be a deeper purpose of why you got together in ‘real life’. This doesn’t mean, stick it out together. What matters is to address and acknowledge the ‘chosen challenge’. And give it time, or say clearly and consciously, NO MORE.

Here is an excellent talk by Matt Kahn, re: Soul Contracts, Twin Flames, and Soul Mates. A powerful ‘paradigm shifter’.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2da2CQEyy0

Plus, JUPITER in the ‘mix’ as well, enhances VENUS, and makes the theme bigger, which actually helps us to get a bigger understanding of what’s going on, and that we need to give relationships more SPACE, and our true self more room to grow.

Here’s the triple VENUS / JUPITER ‘itinerary’:

First conjunction of both in LEO – the DAY of the Full Moon: Big drama? Lots of Summer fun? What’s going on underneath? Well, the meetings of Venus with Saturn in Scorpio will show.

(Venus now retro, back in LEO, and together with Jupiter connected with LEO’s brightest star Regulus, near the ‘Sphinx Point’): Self-awareness shows. It might tell us that we engaged in an attraction pattern because we wanted to be seen and loved – and so did they.

OCT 25
(Venus direct again, post-retro, now both Venus and Jupiter in VIR): Healthy Self-love: We don’t ‘need’ a relationship, are self-sufficient, and aligned with what serves us and the whole. We enjoy the service we offer in the world. Attraction from there can follow. Maybe we (RE)connect with loved ones in a way that shows us why our Love matters….

I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own being ~ Hafiz

I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own being ~ Hafiz

In this cycle,
AUG 15
will be the half-way point ‘, Day of the SUN – VENUS alignment (both in radiant Leo!), and ‘BIRTH of the NEW VENUS’.
Which happens to be also quite the ‘Goddess Day’ in the Catholic calendar: The heavenly Assumption of Maryhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assumption_of_Mary.
And it will be the day after the LEO NEW MOON (Aug 14).
Mid-August promises to be a potent time for new beginnings.

Keep an eye on the area in YOUR CHART in late LEO / early VIR (VENUS / JUPITER ‘resi-dance’ these days / months), and late SCO / early SAG (SATURN’s domain over the Summer / early Fall) esp. if you have planets, Sun, Moon, AC, MC there.
These sides in you are called to LOVING SELF AWARENESS (LEO / VIR), and to GO DEEPER, and RISE FROM THERE (SCO / SAG).<3