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From the Galactic Centre to the WINTER SOLSTICE 2017: Light Returning…

18 Dec

Solsticey Greetings, Cosmic Friend!


These days, Dec 17 – 19, is the yearly time when (in the Northern Hemisphere) the SUN in late SAG points to the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy – the Galactic Centre, a dark rift, ‘black hole’, AND a birthing place out of stillness, energetically honoured by indigenous cultures as the Womb of Creation.

All of us with our birthday these days, or other planets in our birth chart at 26 – 28° SAG, are strongly called to align from our loving Heart, with the Heart of Hearts, to follow ultimate Truth, inner Guidance, and trust the inner Soul Light on our Path.


Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre (NASA) – Heart of our Milky Way, at the end of SAG where from Earth perspective the SUN travels just before the WINTER SOLSTICE Point – this year also SATURN!

On the Winter Solstice intersection of SAG / CAP, we are also at the Space-Time cross(roads). (SAG rules Space, and CAP rules Time).

Showing up at the right place at the right time matters, and meets the mark…

What does it take, to show up simply and ‘magically’ at the right Time at the right Place? To ‘attract synchronicities’?

We increase the odds, as it seems, when we are in resonance with the Universe, in other words: when we follow inner Guidance, the inner teacher that is connected to the bigger sphere, or even ‘simpler’: when we are in egoless alignment with Integrity as-Nature, and move with LOVE.

 Winter SoUlstice Point is also the Space-Time Point, Integrity Point, or Inner Guru Point – where we can find the Teacher and Guiding Light within. 

SATURN, the ‘obstacle bringer’ that teaches us via ‘what’s in the way’ (hint: old patterns and conditionings, fears and limitations, ego contraction, sense of separateness, and need for control) to drop that excess ‘baggage’ of these heavy duty engagements, is this Solstice also crossing over the Space-Time / SAG-CAP Point – on Dec 19 / 20.
See fresh Astro~News blog post for SATURN in CAPRICORN.

  • Where is the Inner Sage that shows the way, and whom we can trust? 
  • What is the Ground of all Being?
  • When all is still and dark, what is undying?
  • Living by ancient, timeless teachings can be very beneficial – always, esp. in times like these.


Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacles is / was) to the Light.




Blessings for the Galactic RE-Birthday to all of us NOW!

The energy to align with essential deep Truth (the ultimate Gift that comes ‘down the chimney’) so that we can actually WALK the Vision, and BE the Truth, the Light, the Love!


‘After’ the Galactic Centre New Moon (Dec 17 / 18), see blog post,  the SUN will reach the sacred SAG-to-CAP transition, at WINTER SOLSTICE 2017 – this year on Dec 21 at 8:30 am PST.


Voila – here is the Winter Solstice Chart:

What a potent cosmic Winter SoUlstice Sunrise energy!
Here on the West Coast, it’ll happen just after sunrise, with CAP Rising, and with CAP SUN / SATURN on the Solstice Point united (exact alignment  4 1/2 hrs later, at 1:08 pm PST!!!).
LILITH in CAP is exactly on the horizon, and PLUTO is in the 1st house, coming up on the horizon within an hour after Solstice sunrise.

  • How can visions and ideals (SAG) be brought into reality (CAP)?
  • What’s the Soul Force (PLUTO) that drives your ‘purpose’?
  • What does it always ‘come down to’, have us get up in the morning and ‘do the work’?
  • What’s intrinsically rewarding?


Celtic Wheel of the Year, with the cardinal Turning Points of the Equinoxes and Solstices, incl. YULE – Winter Solstice, and the fixed ‘Gates of Power’.

Let’s link up with that potent energy that’s available, at this time of year.

And honour ancient traditions – in our Time and Place.

Speaking of Space-Time:
Space as we knew it changed massively and  irreversibly (Internet, globalization, worldwide travel boom etc.), during the period when PLUTO was in SAG (1995 – 2008). 

Time as we know it is changing now, with PLUTO in CAP (2008 – 2023).
Time is VERY relative, in fact it’s just a dimension that can be also molded, and transcended:
We energetically ‘run out of it’ when we race around in scarcity mode, and, with consumer mentality (ha, esp. before Christmas…), want more of what we don’t seem to ‘have’. Like a ‘hungry ghost’. The shadow of CAP (never satisfied materialist). 

In contrast, we ‘have all the time in the world’ when we slow down, and tune into ‘Kairos’ (time-as-quality) rather than ‘Chronos’ (time-as-quantity).

When we tap into ‘Deep Time’, and tune into Heart Time… One of the best gifts we can give others, to ourselves, and to the World.
A theme that’s up now big time 🙂 and to REflect upon, under MERCURY retro (Dec 2 – 22, now into retro-to-direct ‘storm’)!



December Sun (round 2 pm) – Photo by Melanie Dec 16. 2016 (retro because of rainy conditions – would be on the same height now too if we saw it…)


Heart Blessings for this Sacred and Deep Time of Year!




© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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* Happy Winter SoUlstice! * Fish-Tailed Capricorn… and the Story of TIME

21 Dec

Today, Dec 21 is the shortest day of the year, and tonight (Dec 21 / 22) will be the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere: Here in Victoria B.C. Dec 21 is 7 hours, 48 minutes shorter than on the Summer Solstice: 8 hrs, 18 min. and 33 sec. daylight.

The SUN appears to ‘stand still’ (Sol-stice) for a few days, on the lowest arc of the Ecliptic, before slowly, gradually ‘climbing’ again, and providing minute by minute longer days (Dec 18 – 24: 8 hrs 18 – 19 min., then gradually longer daylight, see the table at http://www.timeanddate.com/sun/canada/victoria). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_solstice


WINTER SOLSTICE is one of the 8 sacred yearly celebrations of alignment with the SUN:



Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain.


Winter Solstice Traditions celebrate the Return of the Light, and the ReBirth of the Inner En-Lightened Consciousness.

Happy Yule!

Happy Solstice!

Merry Christmas!


Two weeks ago, our Chart Constellation ‘core group’ set up one participant’s chart, and also the Winter Solstice chart!

So much solace and sustenance from the MOON in TAU (see chart below), and very earthy energy altogether.
When I stood on the position of the Winter Solstice SUN it was so powerful to actually experience the warmth from the Earth through my soles, how the lowest position of the SUN meets the Earth, and they feed each other.


Grand Fir

Grand Fir, Photo by Melanie 2013


WINTER SOLSTICE 2015 will be exactly (as the SUN enters CAP) this year this evening, Dec 21 at 8:50 pm PST.

Here is the Winter Solstice chart that we tuned into in our constellation this week:


Winter Solstice 2015

So earthy, with super nourishing TAU MOON right overhead, here from West Coast perspective, at the Solstice hour, in sustaining trine with MER – PLU in CAP, and tomorrow Dec 22 also in trine with JUP in VI. Bodes well for common sense grounding, after a rather turbulent and challenging double T-square influence earlier this month.

LEO is rising here on the West Coast, and the Solstice SUN in the 5th house rules the chart:
So let’s follow the Heart, create with Love, and be a wise and knowing Child, at any age. 🙂

The SUN is aligned with MERCURY (exact Dec 19, 2 more to follow, Jan 22 and 29, due to MERCURY RETRO coming up, Jan 5 – 25) – a pre-cursor of re-aligning Mind (MERCURY) with Consciousness (the SUN). See my previous blog post.

I look forward to nature walks, and engaging in what brings joy and is regenerative – can be quite ‘simple’ says CAP.

Once CAPRICORN energy sets in, with the Winter Solstice, we are called to manifest what we deeply know (SAG). ‘Only’ resolutions, visions, and promises are not enough.

Let’s walk the talk, and show the evidence…, slowly, steadily, consistently, and without blaming ourselves for not being perfect yet. It’s work (AND play, miracles, joy!) in progress!

And hey, let’s not fall into the CAP trap of being buried under a mountain of…. (you name it: work, commitments, responsibilities, stuff….), and free up the most important resource: quality TIME / Time quality!



Spiraling Time OUT!


By the way, if you still haven’t seen it yet, or as a reminder – esp. apropos materialistic Christmas: Watch the 20-min video ‘Story of Stuff’ by Annie Leonard. She launched it 8 years ago(!), in Dec 2007 (just before PLUTO entered CAP, in Jan 2008), to illustrate how the ‘material’s economy’s’ linear system of extraction -> production -> distribution -> consumption -> disposal is unsustainable on a finite planet, which I’m sure is pretty obvious to you, dear reader, but perhaps you’d like to show / send it to some rare ‘disbelievers’ out there. The project has evolved: In the meantime, there is also the ‘Story of Change’ and the Story of Solutions’: http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-stuff/


TIME as we know it, and our ways of working with it is indeed changing.

Whether we are speaking metaphysically of transcending the conditioned experience of time, and tapping into 5th dimension consciousness, or quite practically – it happens on all levels:

Astrologically, PLUTO (powerful evolutionary change agent) is presently in CAP (which rules time and maturity), 2008 – 2023.

Are we being swallowed by the ‘Time Monster’ or some other draconian super power or gruesome force? Or will the old Time Machine die a slow yet inevitable death? With PLUTO, my suggested formula goes like this: It gets intense as it changes…


Historically, humanity has attempted to be the masters of time and productivity since PLUTO was the last time in CAP (late 1700’s, the times of the American, French, and Industrial Revolution, and major colonization, and ‘distribution’ of the world resources among imperialistic countries that subordinated and ‘ruled over’ indigenous cultures. The ever faster running wheels and productivity devices have turned against us. With all the opportunities the goal to ‘save time’ has brought us, we have become the slaves of time. Many people are caught in the machinery and ‘live for retirement’, or impose our generation’s debt on the shoulders of the next generations. This is unsustainable.

But hey, change is underway. Too slow? Effective and transformational enough? Thinking of the COP 21 with its 1.5 degrees non legally binding target result… it needs to be implemented!

Here is a random act of log wisdom that I found at a nearby beach (and left it there, for the next person). Not just money, any resource and what we can extract from deep processes over the last years wants to be ‘spread around’ now, with PLUTO in CAP, and SATURN in SAG.


Money-ure Log

“Money is like manure. Does no good until it’s spread around.”


So how about right NOW (says ARIES where UR stirs up the pot), and from now on (with the SUN, MERCURY and PLUTO in CAPRICORN):

~ Reclaiming alignment with time and natural laws (like the TAO),

~ Taking down-time in the midst of time acceleration craze,

~ Respecting ancient and timeless (and timely!) wisdom (not necessarily the ‘letters’), and

~ Living more simply so that others can simply live?


Time is Consciousness.

Love and Time don’t need to be contrary forces either.

The Power of Time and the Power of Love want to come together, with VENUS in (PLUTO ruled) SCO in sextile with PLUTO in CAP (was exact on Dec 17, and affects December).

“Not enough time for love, relationship, children” – postponing those to Day X, when “the work is done” could be a self trapping statement of purpose, attainment, and completion oriented CAPRICORN.

“The Work” is never done, we can’t personally be ever complete with what we set out to do. And as Joanna Macy http://www.joannamacy.net would say: “Help create a project that survives you!” A transpersonal practice a la PLU.

With the freed-up NO-time / clock-less time, let’s give each other the loving gift of time, not only this SOLSTICE!


CAPRICORN is actually a mythical fish-tailed Sea Goat.


Capricorn Sea Goat

What’s with that, you might ask?


The time of Winter Solstice when the SUN enters CAPRICORN has been traditionally (in the Pisces Age) celebrated as the birth of redeemers – masters who have climbed up the mountain of spiritual attainment, and offered their energy to the collective – the fish tail association with the waters of Oneness. Whether that was historically correct is another question.


Yesterday, I went to a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at the Victoria Christ Church Cathedral. One of the Carols (commissioned by the CCC in 2011) struck me as relating (for those who are aware) to the Astrology and symbology of the Christ Birth after Winter Solstice:


Magi Star


Magi and A Poor Place


A poor place this, no place to welcome kings;

No place for myrrh or frankincense or gold.

A place for simple folk and simple things;

A place of shadows, comfortless and cold.

Yet kings are here, and now as daylight dies,

By their command an minstrel softly sings

To calm the child while Magi search the skies

For mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.


So poor a place, yet now it welcomes kings.

See how they pause outside the stable door.

See how they kneel as each one humbly brings

A gift and lays it on the earthen floor.

Fir if the stars are true, if planets speak,

And if their journey to this humble place

Has guided them aright, this child they seek

Is mighty ruler both of time and space.


A poor place this, the world of these our days,

So poor in justice, poor in joy and peace;

Where children starve, where evil pays,

And empires clash in wars that never cease.

Yet still the Holy Child is brought to birth;

The grace he gives far more than we can tell.

His loving hands enfold the wounded Earth,

And all is well, and all things shall  be well.


Music by Patrick Wedd

Text by Herbert O’Driscoll



I was astounded to hear and read in this beautiful ‘modern’ and timeless carol about

  • “…while Magi search the skies for mighty Jupiter and Saturn’s rings.”The (triple) JUPITER / SATURN conjunction in PISCES in the year 6 BC which was apparently considered the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ – the biggest planets in our Solar System aligned (which happens usually once only though) every 20 year could have appeared as ‘A Star’. Apparently right overhead Israel at the time. JUPITER and SATURN united stands for the Archetype of a master / teacher / guru / king. And the fact that the Great Conjunction happened in PISCES at the onset of the PISCES Age promised a new religious / spiritual / collective beginning, perhaps someone’s birth?
  • “Is mighty ruler of time and space” reminds me of the Space / Time Point from SAG to CAP, at Winter Solstice. SAG rules Space and CAP rules TIME (see above). The JU / SAT alignment didn’t happen at the Winter Solstice 6 BC, but JU and SAT rule that point, and that’s when The Light of the SUN Returns / is REborn



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Let’s Celebrate the Returning Light!
Let’s honour and align with major astrological Winter transits into 2016!

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Solstice SUN by the Ocean, Photo by Melanie Dec 2015