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LEO ‘Celestial Pointer’ Super New Moon / Partial SoUlar Seed Eclipse – and 7(!) Retro Planets: Living Life Lovingly!

10 Aug

Dear Astro~News Reader,

Leo-nasadhHow’s your creative FIRE and Love for Life these days?

Do you Life the Life your Love?

Do you Love yourSELF fully?

Do you stand in the Light and Radiance of your Being?


…central questions for LEO – the Zodiac energy in central Summer!

This exact / partially ecliptic and central (18°41′) LEO New Moon is planting a powerful Seed into our cosmic / human beingness, for all of the above – if we choose to invoke, welcome, and nurture it (the nodal energy goes from LEO to CANCER this Nov).


What’s Special about the upcoming LEO NEW MOON on Aug 11?

A LOT! All these ELEVEN factors:

  • LEO IS special! 😉


  • It’s the 3rd of three SUPER strong New Moons (as the MOON is closest to Earth in her orbit):
    In GEMINI on June 13, in CANCER / PSE on July 12 / 13, and now in LEO / PSE on Aug 11.

    Again, a very strong lunar, emotional and somatic influence on us Earth Beings.
    Feeling and sensing it?

    Creative SOLar Fire is being channeled via the cool MOON – a conception of the NEW into creative, heartful, playful LEO expression – ruled by the SUN.
    As with every New Moon, a seed is planted ‘in the dark’, and we can’t see it sprout yet until… it does. Yet something stirs, within… The SEED of LOVE, nurtured when we live lovingly.

    LOVE is the force in the Universe that creates – and fuels our human creativity. 


  • Yes, it’s an Eclipse!
    The path
    goes over the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, North Atlantic, North East Europe, and North East Asia – its effects will be mostly noticeable there.

    If only our Hearts melted, instead of the precious ice…The partially ecliptic shadow of the MOON ‘wandering’ in front of the SUN disk symbolizes a temporary occultation of the light of consciousness (SUN) through mental / emotional processes and ego identifications (isn’t Mind a continuum of thoughts and emotions…?!) from which it re-emerges, renewed, clear and radiant.
    With the LEO energy, let’s not let the egoic drama of our mind and emotions get the better of us, and overshadow our Heart and pure consciousness.
    Let’s offer it up to a new beginning from LOVE.


  • This PSE closes the Summer 2018 Eclipse Portal.
    See Astro~News post Heart Medicine & Creativity Boost – 3 Summer ECLIPSES: Welcoming Our Loving Heart into the Change:

    Two Partial Solar Eclipses on July 12 / 13 and Aug 11 have been ‘wrapping around’ the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 / 28.
    The whole planetary ‘team’ invites us to come from the Heart, and show ourselves in a warm, loving, playful, and generous way that’s based on intrinsic Self Love, while releasing old aggression that may come from a place of isolation and separation.
    The central Eclipse, a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse was also the Guru Purnima – celebrating the Spiritual Teacher, and Inner Guru.


Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’ and Spiritual Teacher to many, embracing and healing, while embodying the Divine Mother energy.


  • It’s also a LEO SEED Eclipse (as I like to call it), since it comes with the North Node (see chart below) which is also in LEO these days (May 2017 – Nov 2018), while the South Node is in AQ:
    A ‘cosmic invitation’ is to ‘unplug’ from collective isolation, and from group / system dynamics that suck our energy (AQ shadow); to play more, create more, love more (LEO) which we bring to our AQ co-creations.
    Everybody is special, and we’re all Stars in the Constellation of L.O.V.E.Last year, we had TWO LEO New Moons!
    The second one on Aug 21, 2017 was a Total Solar Eclipse (its path went over the U.S.), on the Self Awareness / Sphinx Point cusp to VIRGO. I’m sure you remember.

    What has happened with our LEO creations and expressions since – from awareness of who we are, and how we can be of loving service with our gifts and skills (VIR)?
    Have they grown and flourished?
    It all starts from the Heart, and from loving ourselves fully.

    This last (in the next 18 years) LEO SEED Eclipse brings us into the Heart Centre from which Life and Love and Creativity emanate, and where Love of Self, of Life, of ‘other’ are united as-ONE.


  • This Eclipse creates a Full Circle / Cycle going back to the Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) in LEO on Aug 11, 1999 at the same(!) degree in LEO (that one was more dramatic, and still….).
    Remember where you were at in Summer 1999?
    Do some journaling / let me know if you like to show & tell.

    I was still in Europe and experienced the Eclipse in a field in Bavaria, together with a friend.
    Quite an intense experience, as there was a thunder storm and some lightning happening ‘on the other side’ (towards North) while the sky darkened and everything became so still.
    What a powerful experience to have the SUN come back as the MOON moved on! A Solar Renewal in LEO indeed – following the Heart and Love.
    At that time, the seed was planted for me to come to Canada. 

    This PSE is also a Seed Eclipse in LEO.
    What did your Heart call YOU then?
    Where is it / are YOU now?

    Whatever the Question.
    LOVE is the Answer. 


  • As you’ll see in the chart below, there’s also rare YOD (elongated green triangle) configuration, with two quincunxes pointing  from PLUTO retro in CAP and NEPTUNE retro in PI to the SUN / MOON in LEO.
    This YOD, a.k.a. ‘Finger of God’ is a Celestial Pointer that orients our attention and energy in the direction of the Eclipse New Moon, with the archetypal energies ‘on the bottom’, PLUTO / Transformation of Resources, and NEPTUNE / Transcendence-in-Oneness, as a foundation. 
    It’s like a ‘pilgrimage’ – not that we ever ‘arrive’ anywhere specific, yet we’re on an inner journey, and need to surrender our attachment to a desired outcome, aiming at Love.

    The archetypal energies on the bottom are:

    * PLUTO retro in CAP: 
    The transformation of engaging in what promises personal power / can have power over us (all from a place of hierarchy / duality / judgment), and can waste time and resources, into the power that IS, incorruptible, and always a renewable resource. The source of integrity, and for the work we’re here to do.
    So, practically speaking: What are you investing your time, energy, and resources into?
    With the retro dynamic: The old ways don’t work anymore, time to transform and renew.

    * NEPTUNE retro in PI:
    Letting go of overwhelm (of the separate, disconnected Self), and surrendering in Oneness. When we tap into the Field of Union / Love, there’s flow, and there’s ‘only one of us here’.

    NEPTUNE in PI has been this Spring and Summer in a ‘Saving Grace’ Water Trine with JUPITER in SCO (will be once more exact, on Aug 19):  As we dive into what might be uncomfortable at first we discover hidden treasures that transform us for the better.

    Of course, all this transpersonal, transformational, transcendent energy is a great foundation and ‘funnels’ (the YOD) into Living from LOVE.
    Rumi sums it up so beautifully: 



  • The PSE comes right after the 08 / 08 mid-LEO / mid-Summer ‘Gate of Power’ where energy concentrates and emanates:
    The LEO Power to LOVE. ❤


  • Plus, 08 / 08 was the day of SIRIUS the ‘Dog Star’ (brightest star in the Dog constellation Canis Major, and in the night sky!) rising again before the SUN – the ‘Heliacal Rising’ (Helios = SUN in Greek)!
    REbirth of the Spiritual SUN!



  • Synchronistically with SIRIUS Rising on 08 / 08 was also the half-way point of MERCURY retro, a.k.a. ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’, where MERCURY retro stepped behind the SUN – which you can also see in the chart below.
    Up to then, with MERCURY ahead of the SUN in the Zodiac, the mind (MERCURY) could have easily run the show.
    Purpose of each MERCURY retro phase is to ‘lasso’ the monkey mind a.k.a. MERCURY in, and let Spirit, Consciousness, and the Heart (represented by the SUN) direct again, and the mind be in its service.

    This half-way point with the MERCURY – SUN conjunction is also a ‘New MERCURY’ (like New Moon) – a new way of communicating with Love (LEO), starting from the inside-out.


  • Speaking of MERCURY retro:
    The PSE in LEO CAT-alyzes the Retro Record peak of SEVEN Planets now (until Aug 18 when MERCURY goes direct again)!

    RETRO Record Summer 2018 – Resourcing from Within
    This Summer (esp. July / Aug), we’re called to go backwards / inwards, to REsolve and RElease, esp. when it comes to old low and unconscious perhaps karmically ‘inherited’ vibrations of…

    MERCURY in LEO (retro July 25 – Aug 18):
    Old mental patterns that revolve around oneself, perhaps in narcissistic ways.

    MARS in AQ (retro June 26 – Aug 27 – back into late CAP):
    Old ego and societal patterns that divide and isolate us from friends, community, and humanity.

    SATURN in CAP (retro Apr 17 – Sept 6):
    Old REpetitive patterns, karma, blocks and obstacles, through being stuck in (self) judgment, taking too much on, carrying too much, being the scapegoat.

    CHIRON in AR (retro July 4 – Dec 8 – back into late PI):
    Old stressful survival mode wounds.

    URANUS in TAU (retro Aug 7 – Jan 7, 2019 – back into late AR):
    Old attachments and sticky habits that prevent our true freedom.

    NEPTUNE in PI (retro June 18 – Nov 24):
    Old overwhelm, confusion, delusions, addictions, feeling victimized, and ways of ‘checking out’ and giving up.

    PLUTO in CAP (retro Apr 22 – Sept 30):
    Old (outer and inner) powers that oppress and abuse, old control patterns.

    …and find through the release from the ‘inside’ more conscious vibrations of:

    Expressing and showing ourselves lovingly, passionately, creatively, and heart-fully.

    MARS in AQ / CAP:
    Building in Community. Together we’re stronger.

    SATURN in CAP:
    Standing in our Authority, prioritizing what matters most, and working with our Best.

    CHIRON in AR / PI:
    The ‘wound’ carries the Medicine. We’re suffering the wounds of the collective, and heal when we surrender and are authentic.

    URANUS in TAU / AR:
    Embodied Liberation into the vibrant NOW Presence.

    NEPTUNE in PI:
    Dropping into Unity Consciousness, in the Unified Field.

    PLUTO in CAP:
    Empowered by and for Evolution.


Voila, here is the cosmic map of the

LEO New Moon 2018 / Partial Solar Eclipse

The New Moon will be exact at 2:58 am PDT, and the height of the Eclipse at 3:02 am PDT.


Can you see the LEO concentration, and the YOD to the New Moon, plus all the 7 Retro Planets?

Lots of fixed energy, in TAU, LEO, SCO, and AQ. Don’t get pulled into personal power dynamics, and channel the energy into natural power-that-IS.

Also, there are two exact T-Squares now, channeled through the Eclipse New Moon:

To URANUS retro in TAU from the Nodal Axis (still on until the end of the year!), this month accentuated also through MARS retro and LILITH in early AQ:
Awakening from old collective, separative, competitive group consciousness, and into Heart Love.
Remove yourself from systems that fight other systems or carry inner battle-over-territory energy, and continue to feed the wheel of karma, and channel the energy into loving creativity.

To SATURN retro, from VENUS in LI (was exact Aug 9, now fading) and CHIRON retro in AR (on for the rest of Aug): 
Integrating the teachings of how the Medicine comes with the wound, and when ‘rejection’ / frustration happens in relationships it’s often just ‘not a good match’. Notice judgment. Finding our Balance in what might look like a Battle. What would Integrity, Wisdom, and the Ancient Ones say and do?


Johfra Bosschart Leo

The SUN Rules LEO – Painting by Johfra Bosschart


LEO rules the fiery Solar Plexus (just take a look at that glorious SUN Lion on the JB picture!), the Heart Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

En-coeur-aging us to radiate powerful strength, to express from your beautiful Heart, and to BE in our SoUlar Cosmic Consciousness!
All these Chakras get lit up now – and bright Summer sunlight clearly helps too 🙂

LEO’s all-time motto:
LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY guides us in this!

The LEO Super NEW MOON PSE catalyzes that energy – a Seed is planted.

First ‘sprouting’ can be seen at the PI – VIR FULL MOON close to NEPTUNE in PI, on Aug 26:
When we do Spiritual Practice (PI – VIR) and let Love flow (PI) it naturally channels into Service (VIR).

Blessings for a Heart-full LEO New Moon PSE Season and Seed Energy!


Would you like to join our Cosmic Circles?
Always with Love and Joy present!

Check out the upcoming ones, posted on my Astro FB Page.
The circles are intimate, so that everyone is being seen (LEO) and met.


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





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Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

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Eclipses 2018 Vol. 2: Partial Solar Eclipse in AQ on Feb 15: Re-Set for New Group and Humanity Consciousness

13 Feb

Dear ASTRO~NEWS Blog Reader,

We’re still in Eclipse Season (twice a year):  

As ‘usual’, two Eclipses are strung together, via Full Moon / New Moon and the Nodes (‘Karmic Pathways’)  – and their effects have been noticeable for a while:

We had recently the Imbolc Total Lunar Eclipse / SuperMoon in LEO – AQ on Wed Jan 31.
And, coming up:

The Partial Solar Eclipse in late AQ / cusp to PI on Feb 15.
It also ushers in the Chinese New Year 
of the Yang Earth Dog (check out the blog post if you haven’t seen it yet).
This year’s Chinese New Year (varies, as it goes by Lunar calendar: always on the day after the second New Moon after Winter Solstice) will be very late, on the cusp from AQ to PI, since there was a New Moon just before Winter Solstice, the first one after was Jan 16, and now the second one on Feb 15.
Interesting that the Earth DOG is known for its quality as a loyal companion / friend – very AQ in that sense too. What’s our pack? Who’s loyal? Whom are we naturally, authentically loyal to and with?

Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement, always a big emphasis before / round the CNY (clearing clutter, preparing home and environment for the New, inviting good energies) means literally Wind & Water – relating to natural flow of energy… also very much apropos to the Zodiac cusp from AQ (Air sign) to PI (water sign) where the New Moon will be.


How’s it been going, with the ‘Superstar’ Total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31?
In our purrrsonal LEO journey, and in the AQ / PI group / collective consciousness, we’re experiencing all these dynamics.

Loving awareness leads to Freedom, or rather: IS Freedom!
LOVE is the Medicine that helps us in the ‘storm’ – is both grounding, and raises the vibration from which we experience the ‘events’! 

Let’s see what’s UP now, what’s ready to be released and re-set, on the AQ side of things, with this South Node Eclipse!

Nothing eclipsed here, but beautiful polar New Moon ‘boat’ (photographer unknown)

Twice a year, a pair of Eclipses occurs, tied together through the Lunar Nodes.
Remember the last Eclipse pair in August 2017?
Of course! The famous ‘American’ Total Solar Eclipse of Aug 21 was epic. The Partial Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7 was less spectacular, yet both were united through their shared AQ – LEO theme.

And now we’re in-between another pair of Eclipses in LEO – AQ where the Lunar Nodes have been since end of April 2017, and will be until Nov 2018.

The Partial Solar Eclipse end of AQ on Feb 15 has a more ‘humble’ appearance, in comparison to the dramatic Total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31 – yet nevertheless important effects…

The Path of the Chinese New Year Partial Solar Eclipse on Feb 15 will go over South America and Antarctica.
Letting go of harmful impacts of humanity on the climate and polar ice – we’re all in this together, says the AQ – PI Synergy?
And a fresh start with innovative collaboration in coherence (also AQ – PI)?


Firstly, here’a some basic Eclipse info for starters – skip it if you’re well aware (or don’t care 🙂 about the ‘mechanics’ of it):

Painting by Johfra Bosschart

Eclipse ‘Mechanics’ 101

  • Eclipses occur when a NEW MOON or a FULL MOON are close to the Nodal Axis, which is presently (April 2017 – Nov 2018) in AQ – LEO.
  • Eclipses come twice a year, in pairs of New Moon / Solar and Full Moon / Lunar (sometimes even as a triad, as in: July 12, 2018 Partial Solar, July 27, 2017 Total Lunar, and Aug 11, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse), when it’s the month of the North Node (this year LEO – and back into CAN), and the month of the South Node (this year AQ).
    On that note, Eclipses, just like the Nodes, go backwards in the Zodiac (presently in LEO North Node / AQ South Node, from Nov 2018 on in  CAN North Node – CAP South Node).
  • The closer to the Nodes a New Moon or Full Moon is the more likely a TOTAL Eclipse:
    The Full Moon on Jan 31 was at 11°37′ LEO, and the North Node at 15°16′ LEO – very close, and a Total Lunar Eclipse!
  • The SUN of the NEW MOON on Feb 15 will be at 27°07′ AQ, and the South Node at 14°27′ AQ – not close enough for a Total Solar Eclipse, but for a PARTIAL SE.
  • Eclipses are either connected with the South Node (SN) = emphasis on release, or with the North Node (NN) of the MOON = emphasis on new beginnings.
    This is esp. important for Solar Eclipses (exact New Moons)!

    The Total Lunar Eclipse in LEO on Jan 31 catalyzed the North Node in LEO.
    The PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in AQ on Feb 15 catalyzes the South Node in AQ (release).


Eclipse Effects

  • The effect of the Eclipses extends beyond ‘just’ a lunar monthly phase, rather 2 – 3 months, and it’s a chain from Eclipse ‘season’ (last one in August 2017) to Eclipse ‘season’ (Jan / Feb 2018, and July / Aug 2018).
  • Eclipses are a RE-set, like rebooting your computer, after a temporary turning off of the energy.
    In other words, a RE-generation of YIN-Feminine (LUNAR ECLIPSE), and of the YANG-Masculine (SOLAR ECLIPSE) energies, after a ‘darkening’.
    The Total Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon in LEO had brought a RE-generation of the (inner / outer) YIN-Feminine in all of us, in her passionate LEO Strength – roarrrr!

    The PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on the AQ – PI cusp is a re-set of the (inner / outer) YANG-Masculine in all of us, in his cool and detached com-passion for / IN humanity: We’re all in this together – You are another Me: Ubuntu
     (check out this beautiful description Ubuntu!). 
  • What are the qualities that need to be released, to free up energy for this synergistic co-creation in Unity?
    Perhaps adherence to a certain group or collective consciousness that doesn’t serve us and the purpose (anymore)?  Time to ‘Feng Shui’ it…
    Too much media brain wash (also AQ – PI, yet low vibrational)?
    Perhaps being blasé, and checking out, rather than tuning in with your Love?
    Perhaps having given up on a future for humanity, and numbing oneself…?
    Can we let these understandable responses to ‘the state of the world’ let go of???
  • Eclipses are at the same position in the Zodiac every 18-19 years – a karmic ‘string’:
    On Feb 5, 2000 was a SN Solar Eclipse in AQ.
    For the Partial Solar Eclipse on Feb 15 you might want to review where you were at in early 2000, and what was the ending / release of an engagement in a community / system, while you were following your own heart, esp. if you have your SUN, MOON, Planets, or even Nodes in LEO – AQ.
    In any case, where late AQ is in your chart, house wise, an ending / release of a longer cycle that leads to a opening new doors is in the making.


Light of Consciousness to Deeper Issues Brings Freedom.


It’s a partial ECLIPSE of the SUN, by the MOON Shadow.

The Lunar emotional, habitual side provokes and evokes a ‘RE-SET’ of Conscious Solar AQ themes like:

  • Let go of indifference.
  • Look at the situation with detached compassion.
  • Come together in Groups of Like-Spirited Humans, and as Humanity!
  • Co-Create in Synergy – no one is an island (not even a perfectly self sufficient, media dependent one…).

The late AQ NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE comes with MERCURY (see chart below) – very well positioned in late AQ (the sign MERCURY is exalted in, plus late AQ has a GEM undertone, ruled by MERCURY). Systemic and innovative forward-thinking is strong here. 
The Solar Eclipse in AQ has also a sextile to (the AQ ruler) URANUS (exact Feb 13 / 15), confirming fresh new thinking and breakthroughs – after the ecliptic release of an old system – are very attractive and supported now.

And there’s a deeper dimension to this:
The SOLAR ECLIPSE with MERCURY squares JUPITER in SCO (exact Feb 10 / 13 / 15).

Time to reveal the NEW MOON / Solar ECLIPSE Chart – even though SCO likes to keep things hidden
(not so much anymore though, with JUPITER!) 🙂


JUPITER in SCORPIO since 10/10/17 has brought abundant hidden, covered agenda to our awareness – to transform deep ‘sediment’ from the bottom-up, esp. in Scorpionic affairs of behind-the-scenes agenda, sex, power, manipulation, abuse, shame… Deep transformation brings out true intrinsic power.
Change for the better gets a big boost this year. Yet, we must go into the dark for this.

The AQ Ecliptic NEW MOON / MERCURY in square to JUPITER is another catalyst for this.
What’s going on in group / systems (UN)consciousness / vibe / agenda?
In elites, government, and in any group situation, actually. What is it that doesn’t sit well, and needs to be talked about? An opportunity, even though it might appear like a conflict.

How can we bring more light and consciousness to the deeper issues?
Excellent times to talk with trusted friends, with a detached, investigative, almost scientific approach.
RE-sets can happen from there, either a change IN the group dynamics, or a a transformation out of them.
The Truth (JUPITER in SCO) shall set you free (AQ)!
Freedom beckons in either case, Freedom from…, Freedom for…, or ‘simply’ Freedom that has no opposite
(as J. Krishnamurti calls it – as long as there’s an opposite that’s not freedom!).


PLUTO in CAP, the ruling agent of SCORPIO, and in wide sextile with JUPITER is always checking in with us, like an evolution coach:
What’s the best way of using, applying, and positioning your time, energy, and the core of who YOU are, into Community and Humanity?


Freedom Blessings for this Ecliptic Time – and Always!

© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger



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