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* Enlightening Insight and ‘New Mercury’

30 Sep

MERCURY Retro in LI meets the SUN today Sept 30:
Ahhh, yes, we’re also half-way through the Mercury retro phase now – the Eclipse took center stage, but hey, it’s been also trickster time since Sept 17, until Oct 9.
So, what’s going on today, on that retro half-way point?
MERCURY will pass the SUN – at 7:38 am PDT – and from then on travel again behind the SUN (as a Morning Star, rising before the SUN soon).
This shift is the most significant purpose of the Mercury retro phase: There has been a tendency for Mind (Mercury) with its ‘old stories’ to run the show as Mercury has been ahead of the Sun in the Zodiac in the last 2 months. As in every Mercury retro phase (3 times a year), MERCURY is ‘lassoed in’ by the SUN, and Spirit, Consciousness, the Heart go on the ‘driver’s seat’ again.
The MERCURY / SUN encounter today is the Day of Enlightening Insight, and the birth of a ‘NEW MERCURY’.

:: What are AHA effects, Insights, and spiritual breakthroughs (beyond mind) you are having these days? – Maybe they are even specifically coming in tomorrow.
:: How can the creative Spirit express itself through you now, and use the mind as a function?

Happy SUN / MERCURY Day, and birthing of a new consciousness (also catalyzed by the Total Lunar Eclipse)!

Peekaboo / Peacockaboo – behind the leafs and layers of what the mind sees and tells us sits Spirit… hiding in plain sight. ❤


* AR – LI Harvest Full Moon and SuperMoon(!) / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, with LILITH on the Equinox Point (Sept 27 / 28) :: Radical Renewal in Right Relationship. Entering New Dimensions.

26 Sep

Radical Renewal in Right Relationship.

Entering New Dimensions.

Awakening and Ascension?

Balance Leads to Authentic Action.


September has been building up to a main Celestial Event 2015:
The SuperMoonTotal Lunar Eclipse on Sept 27 / 28.

Total Lunar Eclipse 6Harvest Moon
It will be also the Harvest Moon (closest Full Moon to Fall Equinox). The Full Moon will be exact just after Moonrise on the West Coast – see Astro chart below.
Some call it ‘Blood Moon’ – ecliptic red, not just orangey Harvest Moon. Definitely a sight to behold!

Here is a first very brief nice illustration, with a few interesting facts about the SuperMoon Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad, and how rare it is.



What is a SuperMoon?

That’s the case when the Moon is closest to the Earth (also called: at its perigee), as it turns into a Full Moon.
Total eclipses of Super Full Moons are rare. According to NASA, they have only occurred 5 times in the 1900s – in 1910192819461964 and 1982. After the Sept 27 / 28 Total Lunar Eclipse, a SuperMoon eclipse will not happen again for another 18 years, until Oct 8, 2033. http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/facts-lunar-eclipse.html

The Full Eclipse starts from Victoria perspective at 7:11 pm PDT, and ends at 8:23 pm PDT. Good visualization here: http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/canada/victoria

The areas on the Earth where the Eclipse is visible, and where its path will be overhead tend to be more affected by the energy of the Eclipse, for the next months to come, and beyond. The path is quite wide, spanning the Americas, the Atlantic, Greenland, Arctic, Antarctic, Africa, and Europe. Can’t help thinking again of the UN Climate Conference in Paris end of Nov / early Dec http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en.

The rising SuperMoon looks larger and brighter, and the Total Lunar Eclipse adds to the picture! Lucky us, here on the West Coast, to be able to see the SuperMoon rise – A little pay-off though (ahh, with the Libran energy there’s gotta be give and take J ): From our perspective, the Eclipse will already have started when the Moon rises. Most importantly though: Let’s hope for clear skies – weather looks promising.

This is also the last Total Lunar Eclipse of FOUR in a row – a Tetrad.  Another rarity!

Remember? The first three eclipses of the Tetrad took place on Apr 15, 2014Oct 8, 2014 and on Apr 4, 2015.

In other words, all of these Total Lunar Eclipses happened in LI – AR, with the Totally Eclipsed Moon either in LI (Apr 15, 2014, and Apr 4, 2015) or in AR (Oct 8, 2014, and Sept 27 / 28, 2015).

Eclipses connect with the Lunar Nodes (they occur when the SUN and the MOON are lined up with the Lunar Nodes – you can see that in the Astro chart below), and it is striking that the Tetrad was completely contained in the 1 ½ year period of the South Node in AR, and the North Node in LI – from March 2014 until Oct 2015!

What’s the message re: the soon ending phase of the South Node in AR and the North Node in LI – since we’ve gotten it presented 4 times in a row, with TOTAL Lunar Eclipses!?
By the way, the Nodes travel backwards in the Zodiac – you might have wondered how come we are at the end of the AR – LI phase now as the Nodes are at the beginning of these signs.

Let’s see what the upcoming one – in completion mode – another ‘HARVEST MOON’ sense -, is showing us:

A strong early LIBRA incentive, via SUN, North Node, Lilith, and Mercury retro, approaching the SUN.
Any opposition, esp. a Full Moon (in all the 4 Tetrad Eclipses, including the upcoming one) has also a LIBRA undertone. Balance, consideration, reconciliation of ‘opposites’, best of both worlds are the themes.
The eclipsed South Node ARIES Full MOON, not far from URANUS shows what to ‘breathe out’ and release, and the LIBRAN ‘players’ show what to ‘breathe in’ while balancing the complementary sides:

:: Well considered choices, based on what’s a genuinely good match and synergy for who we naturally are (LILITH in LI) receive a boost.
:: Primal and stressful adrenaline rush inducing fight / flight reactions get a thumbs down, and are on the ‘outflow’ and being released now. Check out how much you have been in this place, often based on fear or scarcity or survival mode.
:: Time to embrace the invitation into partnership, synergy, win-win, balance (incl. balancing the inner Masculine and Feminine).
:: A balance, and best of AR / LI can look like: Authentic choices, being fully yourself while partnering up with who or what is a good match for you.

:: Showing up (AR) as a Warrior of Peace, Fairness, Justice (LI).
This Eclipse is very RELEVANT for everyone with SUN, MOON, AC, PLANETS in (esp. early) ARIES and / or LIBRA, but also in (esp. early) CANCER / CAP.



LI / AR Renaissance seasonal Art contribution:
Vertumnus / Autumn (portrait of Emperor Rudolf II as the Roman god of metamorphoses…)
Most famous painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527 – 1593)

PLUTO’s (the big transformer!) turnaround that just happened last night, Sept 24 / 25 is a huge catalyst for this Ecliptic liberating and re-balancing effect.

This month’s culmination of cathartic, catalytic energies through the Eclipse connects with a parallel time in Spring, as we had a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4 – while PLUTO was about to go retro (on April 16). Now it’s also Harvest Time of this process.

An inner, preparatory process it’s been, with PLUTO retro since April (every year, by the way, over the last years, PLUTO goes retro in April and direct in Sept.).

In mid CAP where PLUTO presently sits – loosely squaring the Eclipse axis in AR – LI, we’ve been faced with what sustains and what doesn’t sustain our own life / survival (AR), and the survival of life forms incl. human life, on Planet Earth, and what is required to keep the Balance (LI).

Which of course means in personal, practical terms: Work / Lifestyle / Relationship / Wellness choices that bring or bring us out of balance. In collective terms, communities and countries, humanity as a whole is faced with choices – NOW (AR – LI).

Spiritually – influencing everything: Balance in the Equinoctial Still-Point, and in the inner Hub of the Wheel is what allows for radical liberation (URANUS in ARIES, approached by the MOON) and awake presence in the NOW.

In the meantime, low vibrational ARIES qualities that sap precious life energy (fight-flight, rushing, competitive and stress mode, me-first, egotism, survival mode, the war-zone of life, war itself) are being released with this Eclipse. Note: released, reads as: they do come out of the system.

The Emergence of and Awakening into a new Consciousness, some call it Ascension, is being birthed: AR SuperMOON / PLUTO / URANUS.

The ARIES MOON will square stationary PLUTO about 13 hrs after the Eclipse, on Sept 28 at 8:56 am PDT, and will connect with URANUS about 23 hrs after the Eclipse, on Sept 28 at 6:30 pm PDT.

The SABIAN SYMBOL for the Full Moon degree (4°40’ AR) says, very aptly:


Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT

Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT


Keynote: The Capacity for Self-Transcending.

This is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti. What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings. The principle of ‘levitation’ is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage, nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization.

At this point the last and synthesizing stage of the first five-fold unit in the cyclic process is reached. A NEW DIMENSION of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavours.”

What a signature to activate our raw, childlike qualities (AR) of up reaching, innovate and create from a new dimensionality!

As we step into relationship (LI) with that born-NOW quality and become it (AR), we show up as we are, ‘naked’ and genuine.

SATURN in SAG in trine to the AR MOON supports the Self to inspire and ‘shoot from the heart’. SATURN’s sextile to the early LI stellium shows how this can be very synergistic and create authentic partnership.

The Full Moon will be exact on Sunday Sept 27 at 7:51 pm PDT – just after the maximum Total Lunar Eclipse, at 7:47 pm PDT.

Totality starts at 7:11 pm PDT  and ends at 8:23 pm PDT, from Victoria perspective, see: http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/canada/victoria

Here is the AR – LI FULL MOON chart (set up for Victoria BC, our ‘usual’ reference point), with the MOON / South Node in the 12th house (just risen), not far from URANUS, the SUN, LILITH, North Node, and MERCURY retro in LIBRA in the 6th house, and PLUTO sitting stationary (just out of retro, as of Sept 24) right overhead (from West Coast perspective) at Full Moon / height of Eclipse time, squared by MERCURY retro in LI.


AR - LI FM TLE 2015

What does deep, timeless, soulful (PLUTO) inner authority say to all this? Where is integrity as we meet the challenges of our time?

Beyond mind games (which MERCURY retro shows so well)… the mind can make a case for anything – watch and catch inner debates (MERCURY retro in LI).

The time is also near when MERCURY meets the SUN – Sept 30: The ‘Day of Enlightening Insight’, and ‘New Mercury’.
Mind meets Consciousness. An important RE-balancing effect: Spirit can be rather in the ‘driver’s seat’ again, rather than Mind running the show (Mercury retro is all about that).

The Eclipse also catalyzes the Enlightening Insight and ‘New Mercury’:
MERCURY Retro in LI meets the SUN on Sept 30

MERCURY goes direct again, on the Ecliptic North Node Point(!) on Oct 9

And isn’t it interesting that Mercury goes the furthest retro to and direct again from 0°55’ LI – that’s right at the first degree of LI where the North Node will be on the Eclipse! The ‘Perfect Balance’ Point again.

Honest to God/dess, I did not read the SABIAN SYMBOL for 1° LI (well, I had read it long time ago…. – the power of the unconscious mind?) before I chose an image for 5° AR – A Triangle with Wings, see above…

So here we go – takes it to another level yet:


Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT

Morpho rhetenor rhetenor MHNT


Keynote: The immortal archetypal reality that a perfect and dedicated life reveals.”

Here comes a very long, deep description – too much to transcribe at this point –

… The perfect butterfly thus represents the outcome of the process of discipleship symbolized by the sign of Virgo. From then on, a new process begins, that of collectivization; at the very core of that process the perfect form of Man must remain a standard of value if this process is to be valid and meaningful…”

May our journey with Mercury retro (and the North Node!) reveal more insights about this theme!


On a practical note: Could you use a MERCURY RETRO Surviving & Thriving Kit, now as we’re right IN it?

Voila! From my ASTRO~NEWS Blog https://lichtsite.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/mercury-retro-sept-17-oct-9-getting-stormy-on-sept-9-surviving-thriving-kit/

* MARS crosses the SPHINX POINT, and enters VIRGO (Sept 24), to immediately square SATURN in SAG (Sept 25) :: What’s True Strength and Self Control?

24 Sep

PLUTO is the ‘transpersonal MARS’ – Higher Power vs. Personal Power, Will, Assertion, Life Force.

Today, on the SAME day when PLUTO turns from retro to direct (see previous post), MARS goes over the ‘Sphinx Point’ from LEO to VIRGO, and squares SATURN in SAG right away, tomorrow.

How about this simple quote (a client of mine said it at the beginning of a forward): “You might see this differently…”  ?
SO the high road for Saturn in SAG squared by Mars in VIR. Rather than preaching (watch for Saturn in Sag shadow of dogmatic rigidity and “ONLY I / we know what’s right and true here…”) and criticizing (one of the Virgo Mars ‘specialties’). If only more people could truly, honestly say that. If only the leaders (politically, religiously, and wherever a lot is invested in beliefs, opinions, and ‘paths’) could say that to each other and mean it….


Crystal activated Voyager Tarot XI Strength

Photo by Melanie


So, with MARS on the Sphinx Point, square SATURN on the Phoenix Point:

What is real Strength, and Self-Control?

Here is an excerpt of the Voyager Tarot book for XI Strength says it all::

“As Leo the Lion, symbolic of rulership, Strength represents the law of self-dominion. Strength is the free and controlled total expression of your being. As symbolized by the headrest Shu – Egyptian god of the air who brought order out of chaos – maintain dominion over your mind. The pool of fiery water symbolizes your emotional control. The hand on the lion’s face represents dominion over your physical and animal lusts and appetites. The Parthenon is a symbol of your mastery over your worldly life.

Your supportive, non-possessive hands represent the freedom of expression you give to your attributes. Like the singing bird and blossoming flower, don’t be afraid to declare yourself and show your colours. Have the courage of the lion to be yourself.

Like the half-human, half-animal face, you can put on many masks, Be versatile, a player of many roles. As the fragile but strong egg and butterfly, express yourself in the yin and yang. Strength is living in full accord with the undiluted multiplicity of your spirit.”


* PLUTO StillPoint & Turnaround, squared by MERCURY retro (Sept 24) :: Soul-ar Power, Grounded Changes and Choices from the Core

22 Sep


Pluto Heartjpg

Remember the first NASA New Horizons pictures of PLUTO?


PLUTO goes direct again today Sept 24, between the FALL EQUINOX (Sept 23) and the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE (Sept 27 / 28)  – what can resist this change?

PLUTO is clearly a stationary focal point catalyst in September and October.

Have you felt the intensification, and Power themes lately?

Are you changing from resisting external powers to finding power from within?

Are you experiencing the connection with Spirit, Source, Power that just IS, and are you BEING the change and the sole / soul-ar power?!

PLUTO has been retrograde since April 16, just 12 days after the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4! Clearly, PLUTO activates the ECLIPSES this year!

PLUTO has been slowing down its retro motion in August and early Sept, to turn direct on Sept 24.

It is time now for us to let the inner change show externally. BE the Change, firmly rooted in the Ground of all BEING!


Grand Fir

Grand Fir, photo by Melanie



–  What is it for you that is ‘simply’ empowering, and powerfully basic?

–  Where / how do you renew your spirit?

–  How can you show up with what YOU can do best?

–  What can you attain, the natural way?

–  What are you modelling?

–  How can your life be sustainable?

–  How can you be satisfied with your accomplishments, without abusing yourself, or others, or natural resources?

–  What is the legacy you are leaving?

–  How can you acknowledge an important completion? Whether it’s perfect (will it ever be?) or not.

–  How can you find empowerment by recognizing and ‘outliving’ dis-empowering expectations and judgements (of self and others)?

–  What is changing now in your life, for the better?


Many of us have gone through intense inner changes in the last months – and years, esp. since 2012, with PLUTO in CAP (ruled by SATURN), and SATURN in SCO (ruled by PLUTO).

Its effects can show outwardly now in our lives, esp. in the areas (relationships, work, creativity, home and family, resources, etc.) related to cap in our charts.

The PLUTO Turnaround is also a Farewell to SATURN out of SCO.

MERCURY retro in LIBRA squares PLUTO on the DAY of the Turnaround.

Mind gets big time RE-calibrated, and we have access to much deeper qualities of mind. And excellent time for retreat, meditation, deep soul searching.


And, on the note of Mercury retro in LI square PLUTO stationary in CAP I was reminded of a quote by HH the XIV. Dalai Lama that a friend gave me, framed. Thank you, dear Heather!

Never Give Up!

No matter what is going on

Never give up

Develop the heart

Too much energy in your country

Is developing the mind

Instead of the heart

Develop the heart

Be compassionate

Work for peace

In your heart and in the world

Work for peace

And I say again

Never give up

No matter what is happening

No matter what is going on

Around you

Never give up.


PLUTO’s turnaround on Sept 24 happens at 13° CAP. Pluto has been stationary at 13 – 14° Capricorn since mid-July already, and will continue to ‘sit there’ until end of November!

The Sabian Symbol for this critical degree shows us what this transformation is all about.

13° CAP:




Keynote: The Subjective Quest for Ultimates Beyond the Interplay of Life and Death Processes.

Beyond cultural enjoyment and the passion for accumulation of often unusable data of sense knowledge stands the willful and determined ‘adventure in consciousness’ of the occultist, the yogi, the mystic. The mystery of fire has always captured our imagination because it is the mystery of all transformations wrapped in the enigma of death. In times when collective, perhaps total, death could be in store for humankind, the process of subjective meditation is fascinating an ever-greater number of people.

This… symbol brings us to a stage beyond life itself. Are we ready to take this step which the masters of yoga claim to have taken: to experience death and return to the same body? Are we ready to demonstrate our WILL TO TRANSCENDENCE?”


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger


My Invitation

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Use the Super Charge for Change – or Let it Liberate and Transform YOU!

7 Sep

Weekly Cardinal Square Days:

Sept 7 / 8; Sept 14 / 15; Sept 21 / 22; Sept 27 / 28 (the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Culmination)

Weekly in September, on Mondays & Tuesdays, later in the month on Sundays & Mondays, the MOON in Cardinal (dynamic impulse, leadership) signs will go into squares with URANUS retro in AR, MERCURY stationary / retro in LI, and PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP, giving us a kick to make changes:


Use the Super Charge for Change!

Weekly Cardinal Square Days are coming in again tomorrow MON and TUE – can you FEEL it?


Sept 7 / 8; Sept 14 / 15; Sept 21 / 22; Sept 27 / 28 (the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Culmination)


Sept 7 / 8:
MOON in CANCER squares MERCURY / LILITH / NN in LI, opposes PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP, and squares URANUS retro in AR.
Be gentle and caring when stress comes up in the mind, and because it’s hard to make decisions.
Be in integrity AND speak from an authentic place. Rewarding.
Have you thought of Invoking your Spirit Counsel / Higher Self and or the spirit of your Ancestors?


Sept 14 / 15:

MOON in LIBRA (after the New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse on Sept 12 / 13) conjuncts LILITH / NN in LI, squares PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP, conjunct MERCURY stationary in LI, sextiles VENUS & MARS in LEO, and opposes URANUS retro in AR.

In the midst of tension and (too many?) choices, and rather than sitting on the fence, communicate authentically, find win-win solutions that sustain and are a breath of fresh air.


Sept 21 / 22:

MOON in CAPRICORN squares LILITH / NN in LI, trines JUPITER in VIR, conjunct PLUTO retro / stationary in CAP, squares MERCURY retro in LI, and squares URANUS retro in AR.

Also: VENUS in LEO trine URANUS retro in AR.

Foundational Change is in the making. The Feminine, ancient and liberated, is the Eve-olution.


Sept 27 / 28:

MOON in ARIES opposes LILITH / NN in LI, trines SATURN in SAG, goes into FULL MOON / TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, opposes MERCURY in LI, squares PLUTO stationary in CAP, and conjunct URANUS retro in AR.

Cardinal Culmination. Time for Radical Renewal, in Right Relationship. Entering New Dimensions.

VENUS is out of retro: REview & REnew Time!

6 Sep

Guess what just happened?
VENUS, in the middle of the night (1:29 am PDT) made her turnaround move from retro to DIRECT (moving forward from Earth perspective again)!
It’s been a VENUS RETRO MID SUMMER, since July 25!
Time to REview now:
:: Have some of your old RElationship patterns been REcognized and REleased?
:: Have you seen how waiting for others to make the first move (and them not doing it) is painful?
:: What happened to the passion, and what brings it back?
:: What are you attracted to and attracting now, from the inside out, based on your values, and on healthy self love?

VENUS on her RETRO course in LEO REconnected us with our heart, and showed us what it’s like to offer LOVE freely and generously, and to LIVE LIFE LOVINGLY!

Fresh Vibrancy after the Summer Rain