Let’s Cultivate Conscious Growth of JUPITER’s best qualities in SAG:

Tiled Staircase in San Francisco – wow!


* The Truth shall set us Free!
What’s True for YOU – perhaps esp. after the SCO year?
Stand in Your Truth and speak it freely!

* Give yourself room to grow, and outgrow the old and told!

* Gain Perspective – Understanding – Vision – and a new / clearer / more meaningful and inspiring Direction.
Journaling, Walks in the Woods, Fireplace Talks with good Friends, or with your Astrologer 🙂 – all good support / reflection support to bring out your Inner Wisdom.

* Where are you going? And where are you coming from?
Give yourself permission to be moved by your Heart, and trust the Journey!

* Upward-onward! What can you say truly YES to?
Aim from the Heart and Focus on the Best!

* What is Happiness?
As I’m grateful I’m happy (rather than thinking conditionally: once I’m happy I shall be grateful).
As I’m seeing the Journey and the Gifts I’m happy.
Being the Miracle of Being Alive makes me happy and grateful.

* Put your Prayers out – esp. Prayers of Gratitude and Blessings!
May we all be blessed on our Journey to and with the Light!

* Sharing our Gifts with the World.
Coming from a Place of Win-Win, Growth, Gratitude and Joy of Giving…
Generosity makes us rich.

* Come from an Abundance Consciousness.
The Universe is abundant – actually infinite. And it contains what appears as scarcity while there’s so much more out there. See and seize opportunities that present themselves as you invite them.

* Move forward-upward with an Attitude of Gratitude – Abundance follows!
And a good sense of Humour always helps too 🙂

Horse Hug – Photo by my (Scorpionic) Friend Otto Heitzer

JUPITER’s Gifts for SAG & SAG Archetype Mini Generations

…this one’s for YOU!
Its Opportunities and Gifts want to be activated wisely!

For ALL of US:
It’ll be a VERY Sagittarian year.
Let’s make the Best of it, and share its Gifts forward!

In the area of life related to where SAG is in our charts (esp. House wise) we’re invited to connect with our Heart, trust, expand, be generous – abundance follows…
And you might need (more?) Space and Freedom in those areas too (I’ve seen that a lot in clients re: relationships when JUPITER travels through their 7th House).
JUPITER will activate the U.S. 12°12′ SAG Rising (representing the country’s identity) in January 2019, and start a new 12-year cycle where the above qualities are crucial for growth into a good direction and ‘greatness’.

What are the ‘SAG Archetype Mini Generations’?
All of us born with slow moving societal (JUPITER, CHIRON, SATURN) and transpersonal, evolutionary Planets (URANUS, NEPTUNE, PLUTO) in SAG.

Uhhh, lots of us have slow moving Planets in SAG – Inner Archetypes that will be stimulated through JUPITER soon!

Here are the ‘SAG Archetype Mini Generations’ (maybe you were born in an overlapping year even – JUPITER will bring out out these qualities in you and your age group even more this year): 


PLUTO in SAG – The Knowers
Nov 1995 – Nov 2008
Even though you’re young in years what is it that you deeply know, and how can you / IT be a powerful transformational inspiration for our time?


NEPTUNE in SAG – The Dreamers
Nov 1970 – Nov 1984

JUPITER can show you where opportunities lay to fulfill your dreams and be on your Journey upward – for the greater and highest good.


URANUS in SAG – The Innovative Visionaries
Nov 1981 – Nov 1988
JUPITER’s visit amplifies your gifts and can make you even more inspired to experiment with unheard-of avenues.