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VENUS Retro 2020 (May 12 – June 24) – all in GEM: Regeneration of the Inner Love Goddess

8 May

The VENUS Retro ‘Season’ is almost ON!

Birth of Venus, by S. Botticelli


And here’s a nice multi-faceted (a la GEM) piece for your reading pleasure – enJoy! 

As I’m welcoming the VENUSian Turning Point, I’m reflecting on the patterns and experiences of  previous VENUS Retro phases (every 18 months). There’s an inner thread between VENUS Retro phases.

Often, I re-connected with significant others, and found the deeper truth of the relationship which could lead to transformation and often release… 

If you’d like to tune in too, and find clues, here’s the line-up of the last 5 VENUS Retro phases, since the BIG one – the ‘VENUS Passage’ over the Sun disk in early June 2012 – remember?   

May 15 – June 27, 2012 – in GEMINI

Dec 21, 2013 – Jan 31, 2014 – in CAP

July 25 – Sept 6, 2015 – in LEO

March 4 – Apr 15, 2017 – in AR / PI

Oct 5 – Nov 16, 2018 – in LIBRA / SCO

May 12 – June 24, 2020 – in GEMINI

The one this year will move over approx the same segment of the Zodiac as in 2012 – a VENUS Retro ‘Return’.

Venus – Moon Evening Dance – April 2020

Magnetic VENUS has been our faithful ‘Evening Star’ companion for the last months – so beautiful to behold.

Here’s a pic of Her (faint light on the bottom right – due to my reg. little camera), not far from the waxing MOON.

VENUS is going ‘into the Underworld’ now (will be invisible as She approaches on retro course the SUN) to regenerate herself as the Morning Star!

Astrologically, VENUS is now stationary in late GEM, and will go retro (inward-backward) on May 12 (until June 24).

This cosmic process will help us shift from being so other-oriented (VENUS ‘Evening Star’ has a LIBRA undertone: pleasing, comparing, copying, judging) to find our Intrinsic Value, fall in Love with ourselves, and naturally attract from there (VENUS ‘Morning Star has a TAURUS undertone)!


Ever since She entered GEMINI in early April the Retro themes are already showing up:
In the pre- and first half of retro phase, it’s about noticing which old themes in relationships (LIBRA undertone of the ‘Evening Star’ VENUS) come up.
Maybe literally with partners on all levels – unresolved relationship issues that need to be spoken about and alchemized (GEMINI).

The VENUS Retro phase in GEMINI can help us with finding our own Alchemy & Self Love – always a better foundation for relationships anyway.
And the theme of Twin Flames is a big one for VENUS (plus retro phase) in GEMINI.


The VENUS retro phase happens only every 18 months.

The last one was Oct 5 – Nov 16, 2018 in LIBRA – SCO – perhaps you remember VENUS retro themes you were experiencing and learning then and which are rippling over again – esp. if they’re unresolved?

A very relevant event in public at that time was the Dr. Blasey Ford – Judge Kauvenaugh investigation / sexual assault allegations going back (VENUS retro) to their high school years in the 1980’s. Even though, Dr. Ford gave at a public hearing gave a testimony that couldn’t be refuted, and two other witnesses also came forward accusing J. K. of past sexual assaults, the Senate voted on Oct 6 (day after VENUS went retro in SCO) 50:48 to confirm Judge K.’s nomination to the Supreme Court – a very controversial ‘Tipping Point’ decision. The whole event in the VENUS (mostly pre)retro phase had clearly to do with LIBRA (law / judge) – SCORPIO (until then hidden / covered sexual assault).    

Wondering whether during this upcoming VENUS retro phase in GEMINI we’ll see another public scandal that has to do with relationships from the past, in this case prob. rather related to information / education / science / trade (GEMINI).   


VENUS goes retro at 22º GEMINI – super close to U.S. President Trump’s SUN / URANUS.
Plus, it’s exact to the degree on the U.S. MARS in the 7th House.
Obviously, the U.S. are very affected by this VENUS retro.

We already see around the world SO much debate (GEM) and controversy (MARS) re: the present virus policy. Freedom of speech (GEM) is critically important (SATURN in AQ). But also important to notice what we’re attracted to and give energy / thereby feed even what we don’t want to see (Laws of Attraction).

And – a la VENUS retro – there’s likely another historic / hidden (retro) background that the public doesn’t know about yet.
I’d be surprised if we were NOT surprised by what will be presented under VENUS retro – quite possibly through the Feminine.

A variety of scientists and journalists (GEM / MARS in AQ) are coming forward…
Which scientists and journalists and other public voices can we really trust (GEM – SAG – where the Nodal Axis will shift into early June)?!
I’d say, a prerequisite is that they’re genuinely curious, and invite / are themselves available for open discourse.  


With VENUS ‘cruising’ now in GEMINI, the inner and outer Feminine are VERY communicado – interested in / attracted to learning and discussing with people – maybe a bit scattered too, since SO much is interesting to find out about.

A lot of information is out on the internet, and people are attracted to, esp. re: the Covid Crisis.
Controversial Covid discussions happen.
Which is totally ok – if it’s about information / discussion / allowing for questioning (GEM), rather than judgment / attack / shutting down the other/s, from a place of being ‘on the right side’ / entitled to represent ‘the Truth’ (a la CAP / SAG where the Lunar South Node is now and which shows more and more how we loose energy over this).
Thank goodness JUPITER & PLUTO in CAP are also already or soon on retro course, to dismantle the shadow and support big REveal.


On a lighter note:
If YOU have GEMINI in your chart (SUN, MOON, AC, Planets), enjoy being a magnet this Spring and early to mid-Summer, like a flower to butterflies!
Even in ‘social distancing’ mode – since that’s certainly not a hindrance for VENUS’ turning soon retro.


Don’t close the door to Love says VENUS retro.
And how about learning new things you’re attracted to, together with / while meeting others (online or in ‘real life’)?

Raises the vibrations, is a welcome distraction from the virus distress, plus: Learning connects.
Return to lightness and openness to listen and learn, says VENUS soon retro in GEMINI.

With VENUS presently slowing down (‘she”s already in pre-retro stationary ‘storm’ since end of April) you might have noticed early VENUS retro symptoms and premonitions:

  • Have loved ones and lovers ‘from the past’ / from ‘past’ relationships (even from different time lines) RE-connected with you, or ‘just’ shown up in your life? 
    How about women from the past – esp. relating to the House where GEM is in your chart?
  • Have you been RE-minded of, and attracted to RE-connect with them?
  • Are you drawn to connect through starting a new conversation (GEM), but so many things are ‘in the way’ / old agenda needs to be cleared first???? VENUS retro can show you what that is.
  • Are you called to read and learn about something you love but those books have been left sitting on the shelf / courses in your folders? Time to pull them out – who knows what the read and learning re-kindles… Puzzle pieces might come together, dots might be connected in your understanding, old and almost forgotten questions might be answered.


Sabian Symbol for the VENUS Retro Point on May 12

VENUS reaches 21º50′ GEMINI before going retro.
Since that’s so close to 22º GEM let’s see what it tells us.

Mexican Concurso


KEYNOTE:The wholesome enjoyment of organic processes and emotional drives.

Again we have an image in strong contrast to the first of this series. From the mind-built city, where workmen claim a larger sphere of social abundance, we find ourselves in the village, where men and women live in far greater harmony with natural and seasonal processes, giving free rein to their emotional instincts.
The two poles of a wholesome society – the large industrial city and the agricultural village – should be included; likewise the two poles of a healthy personality – mind and natural emotions – should be active.

This is the contrasting second stage of the seventeenth sequence of five symbols. It stresses the value of rhythmic, healthful activity in a natural setup, for this leads to an often much needed process of BIOENERGETIC REBUILDING.”


Uhhh – wouldn’t that be wonderful if by mid-May when VENUS goes retro an overall bio-energetic rebuilding in human health was on the upswing?

Yet – rather than just building up our hopes for something to happen on outward levels, how can we integrate wholesome wellness, by living in harmony with Nature and the seasons?
Besides / despite all the information and instructions that are swirling around, GEMINI style – what do our instincts & Self Love say?
As mentioned – when VENUS goes retro we move from a strong relational orientation to ‘the other’ (for better to worse) to come to our own values and to Self Love.

Overall, with VENUS in GEMINI, we learn about Love & Values.
It also affects money (as an expression of values) – a redefinition.


Anahata – Heart Chakra Yantra

And VENUS Retro is about transforming Fear into Love – best Alchemy and prob. the most important!

The Heart Chakra also connects with the lungs and has the AIR Element attributed.
Love literally strengthens our immune system.
Let’s breathe this IN & offer it out – aaahhhh!

It’s a good time for writing, in loving, relational ways (VENUS), and ‘just’ as l’art pour l’art.
And for those Springy reads on your porch or under shady trees (no social distancing from them required)…


As in every VENUS retro phase, this will be also a checking in on, and evaluating of our patterns in relationships: How, whom, and what we desire and attract, and what’s really a good harmonious match for us.
Even more so, it’s a RE-newal of Self-Love, and Self-Value, and a RE-alignment of whom, what, and how we attract, with Consciousness & Spirit (the SUN) leading – vs giving in to what looks / sounds attractive from the outside / onset.


VENUS is pre-, during, and post-retro for a long time in GEMINI (started Apr 3, and goes until Aug 7).
There are so many ways of seeing things. GEMINI celebrates diversity, and learning from one another.


The Lunar North Node will also enter GEMINI (and the South Node SAG), on June 5 – day of the SAG – GEM Full Moon / Partial Lunar Eclipse, and just 2 days after the ‘New VENUS’ (as ‘she’ aligns with the SUN, on June 3, and a new cycle begins).
This Nodal dynamic will be on for 1 1/2 years, until Jan 2021.

Nodal themes on this karmic axis will be:
To question (GEM) the old story / agenda / narrative / ‘truth’ (SAG), to inquire and learn rather than assume and ‘know’, and not to believe everything you (or even: they) think.

More about the Nodal shift closer to the date.

U.S. President Trump will have his Nodal Return this year (every 18 – 19 years), AND he was even born under a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in SAG / SN – GEM / NN (which we’ll have on June 5).
I’d be surprised if he wasn’t up to something / the Universe hasn’t something in store for him.




The double effect of NN in GEM & New VENUS in GEM supports and welcomes attracting new Alchemy.

As the image of the Feminine – Masculine ‘Phoenix Twins’ below shows, the dualities are being alchemized in GEM.
Both Woman & Man hold the Caduceus, the winged staff of Hermes / Mercury (ruler of GEMINI) with the two yin & yang serpents – rather than the modern medical / pharmaceutical / WHO symbol of the staff with only one serpent… might be a bit one-sided – got an idea on which side? 
While the tendency of the Mind (MERCURY) is to go into dualities, starting with naming this and / vs that, the GEMINI path is to meet and transmute Dualities. The Phoenix behind / above their Union represents to me Rebirth in the ONE.


Mercury Rules Gemini. Interchange and alchemical union of ‘opposites’ – Painting by Johfra Bosschart


When VENUS has reached the half-way point of ‘her’ retro journey on June 3, ‘she’ meets the SUN – a ‘NEW VENUS’ is born!
A turning point where we have (hopefully!) come back to ourselves, let Spirit  (the SUN) lead, and attractions that are aligned with the Consciousness of Alchemy (GEM) can follow.


Esp. if you have SUN, MOON, PLANETS, or AC in GEMINI…
this VENUS retro phase will be a gift for you, to transform deep old patterns about attraction and relationship – in relation to those Planetary Archetypes.
Fall in Love with yourSelf, with Life, with Spirit / Consciousness, while naturally magnetizing from that place!

For all of us:
In the area of life related to GEMINI in our charts (esp. House wise – or via our Planetary Archetypes in GEM) we’re invited to go inwards-backwards, release & regenerate, and from there to attract in a new way.


Where in your chart is GEMINI?

That’s where you look for / find new inspiration, diversity, and are interested in learning & exploring.
VENUS helps you appreciate and attract in relation to these areas of your Life.


VENUS retro in GEMINI in your… House –
From other-orientation to Self Love in these areas of Life:

1st House
Your Presence and Sense of Self

2nd House
Your Values, your Body, what you own, literally & metaphorically, your Business

3rd House
You in Your Local Environment

4th House
You and Your Home, Origin, Ancestry

5th House:
Your Creative, Playful, Inner Child and Lover

6th House
Your Work, Wellness, Lifestyle

7th House
Your Partners & Significant Others

8th House
Your Involvement and Sharing with Others, Your Transformations

9th House
What gives you Meaning, Your Wisdom, Inspiration, Path and Travels

10th House
Your Purpose incl Career, Your Public Self

11th House
Your Social Side – Engagement with Society, Groups and Friends

12th House
Your Transcendent and Spiritual Self and Union with All-that-Is


If you’re interested in learning more about the gifts of VENUS now and for a looong time – until mid-Summer in GEMINI let’s set up an Astro Sample Session focused on VENUS!
We could also extend it to a full session that puts Her into context, and supports you in being in alignment with the cosmic Alchemy.
The Cosmic Relief Offer (11% off) which is on for the time being.


Come join us in a small group of up to 6 women and men – where we explore these themes while going directly into participants’ charts and life experiences, at the

Online ASTRO~PARLOUR for your Journey with VENUS RETRO
(May 12 – June 24)
REgeneration of the Inner Love Goddess

Tue MAY 12
4:12 – 6:12 pm PDT afternoon group
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We welcome what shows up and is ripe for transformation for everybody in the group.
Audio recording link will be sent to all participants.


And here they are:

Continued VENUS Dates with other ‘Planetary Players’ while She’s in GEMINI

…with some (SATURN, MARS, CHIRON, LILITH, and NEPTUNE) 2-3 times pre-, during, and post-retro


  • MAY 12
    VENUS goes retro at 21º50′ GEMINI (check out the Sabian Symbol below!)
    From outer-other orientation (making it about ‘them’) to RE-connecting with the Love within.
    And yes, of course also: Re-connecting with Loved Ones! Heart Communication is an act of Love.


  • MAY 20 (also July 27)
    VENUS retro in GEM in square with NEPTUNE in PISCES.

    Picking up gifts of Love Alchemy that might have been temporarily lost. 


  • MAY 22 – New MOON in early GEM
    MERCURY meets VENUS retro in GEM
    New ways of lovingly inquiring? Love Letters encouraged too 🙂
    Uhhh, and so many people from the past whom we can lovingly check in with these days.


  • MAY 26
    VENUS retro ‘Evening Star’ disappears from our view (as She approaches the SUN).
    Into the depth of the ‘Underworld Alchemy’ 


  • JUNE 2
    VENUS retro in GEM in square with MARS in PISCES
    Even if we don’t know where we’re going, let’s stay curious and connected, and be adaptable like surfers.


  • JUNE 3 – Day of the ‘New VENUS’
    VENUS retro meets the SUN in GEM – half-way point of the VENUS retro Journey.
    And VENUS retro is in sextile with LILITH in ARIES (again on July 27)
    The ‘New VENUS’ guides us to our intrinsic values, and LILITH reminds us: Our True Nature is unconditionally / unconditioned wild & free.


  • JUNE 11 (also July 10)
    VENUS retro in GEM in sextile with CHIRON in AR
    Did new-old vulnerabilities arise through the VENUS retro Journey? Hopefully they brought their own Medicine too. Part of the Alchemy. And adding to the Self Love bundle.


  • JUNE 12
    VENUS emerges as the ‘Morning Star’.
    We Rise again, and from Self Love we attract for the Alchemy.


  • JUNE 24
    VENUS goes direct again at 5º20′ GEMINI
    …and will soon rise as the ‘Morning Star’ again before Sunrise.
    Intrinsic Love Goddess lift us up!


  • JULY 10
    VENUS post-retro in GEM in sextile with CHIRON – then stationary (going retro on July 11) in AR (3rd and last time)
    How has what’s been shared and learned contributes to healing?
    Integration time to follow with CHIRON retro (July 11 – Dec 15)


  • JULY 27
    Lots of VENUS alignments, and a very astro active day otherwise!
    VENUS post-retro in GEM in sextile with LILITH in ARIES (3rd and last time), in square with NEPTUNE then retro in PISCES (also 3rd and last time), and in quincunx with JUPITER retro in CAP, plus VENUS goes out of the post-retro ‘shadow’ (passes 21º50′ GEMINI – the point in the Zodiac She went retro from).
    Full-on graduation / integration of the Alchemy, when it comes to being fiercely authentic yet loving, staying connected, and showing up with our Best.


  • AUG 4
    VENUS post-retro in GEM in quincunx with SATURN then retro and back in CAP
    Yes we can stay light & loving while lots of stuff needs to be done – or rather: completed.


  • AUG 7
    VENUS enters CANCER (until Sept 6).
    Home is where the Heart is.


Quick overview again re:
Multiple contacts of VENUS with…


  • SATURN in AQ / CAP
    April 4: Air Trine to SATURN in AQ while VENUS is pre-retro,
    Aug 4: Quincunx to SATURN retro in CAP while VENUS is post-retro


  • MARS in AQ / PI
    Apr 7 – May 7: Wide Air Trine to MARS in PI while VENUS is pre-retro
    June 2: Square to MARS in PI during VENUS retro


    Apr 10: Sextile while VENUS is pre-retro
    June  11: Sextile while VENUS is retro
    July 10: Sextile to stat. CHIRON while VENUS is post-retro


    Apr 12: Sextile while VENUS is pre-retro
    June 3: Sextile while VENUS is retro
    July 27: Sextile while VENUS is post-retro


    May 3: Square while VENUS is pre-retro
    May 20: Square while VENUS is retro
    July 27: Square to NEPTUNE retro while VENUS is post-retro



Transforming Co-Dependency

Voyager Tarot card VI Lovers – also relates to GEMINI


As mentioned, the purpose of VENUS retro is to transform from the recent Evening Star quality (LIBRA undertone) into the Morning Star (TAURUS undertone) / Goddess of the Dawn.

In the retro phase it’s time to release esp. co-dependency – and embrace ambiguity, as the Voyager Tarot card Lovers says. 

We tend to project denied parts of ourselves onto another, and re-attract them as a ‘polarity’ because of the charge and ‘contract’ we hold. 

Time to retreat from the projection game, to alchemize inner polarities, and direct the energy into so(u)lar conscious self radiating Being and Loving (SUN / VENUS), full of natural self love (‘Morning Star’ TAURUS undertone), like Nature in Spring.   


RE-posting this piece (from a previous VENUS Retro post) – still and timelessly relevant:
Discovering the RElationship ‘Story Line’ of Co-dependences, and REleasing it with Love!

I believe this is an excerpt from an interview that Gwyneth Paltrow did with Gay & Katie Hendricks.
It found me again, under VENUS pre-retro:     


What is a conscious relationship?

  • “In a co-dependent relationship, you have two halves trying to become whole: one person who doesn’t love him / herself trying to get the other person to love them anyway.” 
  • “A conscious relationship is one in which people are awake to themselves, their feelings and thoughts, and are open to the flow of love and attention with one another.
  • “In a conscious relationship, you can be completely yourself AND completely connected.


What are some examples of co-dependent vs. conscious relationship?


  •  Co-dependent:
    “You have difficulty allowing others to feel their feelings. If someone feels bad, you rush in to make it better because you think it’s your fault. You worry about other people’s feelings frequently.”
    “You are able to be present and attentive when people around you are feeling their emotions. You encourage them to feel their emotions deeply and to express those feelings openly.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “In spite of your ‘best efforts’ people around you do not change their bad habits.”
    “You commit to stop enabling the bad habits of people you care about. Instead, you take effective actions that give people the opportunity to take full responsibility for their own well-being.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “You have secrets. There are things you have done or not done that you are hiding from another person.”

    “You have no secrets. You reveal rather than conceal. You understand that hiding your feelings causes you to withdraw from intimacy, and you take every opportunity to speak honestly about your feelings.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “You do not let yourself feel the full range of your feelings. You are out of touch with one or more core emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness. Anger is a particular problem for you. You find it hard to admit that you’re angry, and you have trouble expressing it to other people.”
    “You recognize the body sensations that let you know you’re angry. You communicate about all your feelings in a straightforward, easy manner that others can understand.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “You criticize or get criticized frequently. You have a strong, nagging internal critic that keeps you feeling bad even in moments when you could be feeling good.”
    “You experience very little criticism, either from outside or within. Your internal critic is in full retirement, having been replaced by a strong inner appreciator.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “You try to control other people, to get them to feel and be a certain way, and you spend a lot of energy being controlled or avoiding being controlled by others.”
    “You are aware of those things you can control and the things you cannot control. You put your attention on things you can change, such as expressing what’s true and keeping your agreements, and you make choices that support those areas you can actually influence.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “In arguments, much energy is spent in trying to find out whose fault it is. Both people struggle to prove that they are right, or to prove the other wrong.
    “When difficulties or differences arise, you shift into wonder and healthy responsibility, asking, “Hmmm…, how am I creating this, and what could I do differently to create a better result?”


  • Co-dependent:
    “In arguments, you find yourself pleading victim or agreeing that you were at fault.”
    “You take full responsibility for the events that happen in your relationship. You invite the other person to take full responsibility, too. You understand that a relationship can only take place between two people who are equals, both taking full responsibility for events that occur; anything else is an entanglement, not a relationship.”


  • Co-dependent:
    “You frequently agree to do things you do not want to do, feel bad about it, but say nothing.”
    “You consider every agreement before making it, and listen closely to your body wisdom as well as your mind as to whether you should make it. You keep the agreements you make and know how to change an agreement that isn’t working.”


So much Love for YOUR Journey with VENUS Retro!




© 2020 by Melanie Lichtinger 










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GEMINI – SAG Full Moon (12/11-12) square Neptune: Heart Language Connects in the ONE

9 Dec

Dear Fellow Stargazers,


Movement is ON, and things are shaken up and released, after dwelling and processing in the depths of tons of SCO energy since early Oct.
Even ‘just’ via MERCURY shaking itself loose and rising like a Phoenix in SAG – today Dec 9.

And a breath of fresh Air to have the Air element emphasized again!
After another Air free period this Fall (the first extended one happened in the Summer), since Nov 18 when MARS moved from airy LIBRA to SCO.

No Planet in an Air sign since then, only balanced in days with airy MOONs. 
Perhaps it has felt suffocating, and somewhat claustrophobic. Not the best time for clear and stimulating communication…
Yet also a golden opportunity (perhaps in disguise?) to not let the mind (related to Air) run the show, and go to the bottom of things, compliments MERCURY retro in SCO throughout November.

Everything in moderation though…
Air is on its way via the GEM Full MOON – and more oxygen to come when VENUS enters AQ on Dec 19 (until Jan 13).


The last Full Moon of 2019, in airy GEMINI – fiery SAG is coming.


On the East Coast numerically perfectly aligned and all about ONE-s and TWO’s:
On 12/12 at 12:12 am EST- seriously!

Here on the West Coast it’ll be on Dec 11 @ 9:12 pm PST.

The super striking number game is a mirror of the energy it conveys, as in:
GEMINI Full MOON T-squaring NEPTUNE in PISCES – which you can see in the FM chart below.
Why is that about 1’s and 2’s?


GEMINI – SAG Full MOON and the TWO to ONE


Mercury Rules Gemini.
Interchange and alchemical union of ‘opposites’
Painting by Johfra Bosschart


GEMINI The Twins is a lot about duality, and its Ruler MERCURY rules the two hemispheres of the brain.
And beyond duality GEMINI is also about diversity. More about this below, in the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon.

GEMINI energy tends to be very swift and smart, brainy, intelligent, inquisitive, a life long learner.
Or endlessly thinking and talking. Sooo much information. Can be distracted and / or distracting.
Monkey energy…

The Journey of GEMINI is Alchemy of Duality, as in: Feminine-Masculine, this and that, you and me.
We live in a world of duality – esp. if we live in our head.
The Johfra Bosschart painting to the left shows the Two Cosmic Twins alchemizing into the One and arising as the Phoenix.

So yes – 2 to 1 and 2 in 1 are big themes for GEMINI.
12/12 @ 12:12….


And ‘even’ a FULL MOON represents – just as in the GEMINI painting -a polarity of SUN / Yang Masculine and MOON / Yin Feminine, with the Earth in-between the two celestial bodies, and it brings the notion to bridge the two sides of the equation.

In this case the GEMINI Lunar and the SAG Solar ‘sides’:

The GEM Lunar Yin Side is curious, questions, needs to ‘think & talk things over’, is fed by learning, reading, exchange of ideas, information, and dialogue. “I need more information.” / “We gotta talk!!!”
Noticing this tendency coming up?

Whereas the SAG Solar Yang Side seems to already know, have answers and a direction. Which can be great and clear, or too biased and one-sided / opinionated.
Where are you aiming to, and even more so: Where are you aiming from? are questions for SAG.
The archer needs to pull the arrow back towards the Heart before aiming and releasing.


With GEM – SAG lots of controversy, arguments and debates can come up – of course a lower vibration, esp. if it doesn’t lead to resolution,  rather to more entrenched beliefs and division.
As ‘usual’, Full Moon energy expresses itself in relationships – with whoever is our ‘partner’ in the situation.

So, how to resolve this potential 2-ness in togetherness?

One of the GEM – SAG bridging expressions is a journey from the (GEM) Head to the (SAG) Heart.
And to find and speak the Heart (SAG) Language (GEM). 

The Heart Chakra is related to SAG and also to the Air Element. A light & open Heart is a happy Heart.

How about voicing (GEM) our Gratitude, our Truth, and our Prayers and Invocations (SAG)?
It is the season of Song and Carols, Heart Wishes and Joy.
MERCURY – Ruler of GEMINI now in SAG can be the Agent and Alchemist.




NEPTUNE in PISCES (2012 – 2026) – at the 12/12 Full MOON exactly between SUN & MOON – is the Big Unifyer – Awe and mesmerizing wonder at the inconceivably miraculous – when we’re open to it. Pointing to the ONE.
Beyond this and that, polarization and controversy – the field beyond right and wrong-doing, as the much-loved Sufi poet Rumi would call it.
Two-ness to Oneness, All-in-One, All IS One.


NEPTUNE – on the apex of the Full Moon T-square, and also in Water Trine with MARS in SCO, offers quite the re-solution where everything hinges.
Plus, NEPTUNE has just turned from retro to direct right after the SAG New Moon on Nov 26. 
Hence NEPTUNE is an important Astro Medicine nowadays:
Openness, Surrender, Letting Go, Letting Be, Receiving, Connectedness in the Web of Life.
And hey, it’s the season of Music!!!
NEPTUNE in PISCES also shows where our illusions and delusions are (everything that keeps us from being in Unity with Life).
Once the veil is lifted the Unifying Truth is being revealed.

Maybe one of the ‘symptoms’ of NEPTUNE’s wave of Oneness is more and more of us seeing more and more the 11:11 showing up….

With the SUN and MERCURY now in fiery SAG, the Inner Light has been (re)ignited, after our deep scorpionic Journey, and it moves us forward / upward-onward, in trust and anticipated gratitude for the outer daylight returning after Winter Solstice.
Believing is Seeing – is a SAG theme.


May the GEMINI Super-Full MOON with the SAG SUN / MERCURY, and NEPTUNE in PISCES help us being single-Eye focused, and speak the Heart (SAG) Language (GEM) that transcends duality, and brings us back into the Truth of ONEness!



Here’s the Full Moon chart –

More to be revealed in and through it…



As you see, there’s the Full Moon axis pointing to NEPTUNE in PISCES, and LILITH next to it.
The GEM MOON will square LILITH on 12/12, and the SAG SUN will square LILITH on Dec 18 – from pointing to the Galactic Centre (which is from Earth perspective at 25 – 28º SAG).

LILITH now for 9 months in PISCES (May 3, 2019 – Jan 27, 2020) – having connected with NEPTUNE on Oct 1 shows:
Our True Nature is Wild & One.
Beyond all the discourse and the world of ‘Ten Thousand Things’.


On Friday Dec 13(!), MARS in SCO will go into Water Trine with NEPTUNE in PISCES.
Time to process and let go of self-sabotaging ego drives, and dive into Connectedness & Oneness in the All.


December is also a CHIRON month as CHIRON in early ARIES is changing direction from retro (since July 8) to direct / forward from Earth perspective – on 12/12!
ARIES is the 1st sign in the Zodiac, where the new cycle of Nature starts with the Spring Equinox. 
Out of the PISCEAN Oneness arises the ONE. 
The Medicine of Showing up, Starting freshly, and Being Authentic in the Self.


JUPITER freshly in CAP
 (since Dec 2 – until Dec 19. 2020) – the incentive to Work with Energy Optimally & for the Highest Good – just squared CHIRON in ARIES on Dec 8 – Start simple.
And simply get started
(with what matters & means most to you and is most authentic).


And then, there’s the big CAPPY concentration of SATURN, VENUS, and PLUTO.
From the West Coast perspective it even shows up as the apex of a Yod from the LEO AC and the GEM MOON. A Celestial Pointer.
Being sourced by the Divine Within with VENUS-PLUTO Power, how can we still buy into fears & ‘traditional’ limitations a la SATURN?!
And it’s a preparation for the SATURN – PLUTO conjunction on Jan 12, 2020 – commitment to living from Soul & Source Power.

The Full Moon – leading over the Friday the 13th – opens a portal for deep transformation of giving power and authority away, and being in sustained by our True Nature and the Divine Within.



Can’t help noticing:

The Full Moon activates a lot for the United States:

It’s on the U.S. AC – DC axis (representing the country in its own identity, and VIP’s for the States (its current president was born under a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in SAG – GEM!) and other countries it is in dialogue – or conflict – with).
Guess where the U.S. AC is? 
At 12º 12′ SAG!

The Full MOON in GEM sits on the U.S. MARS (not far from its URANUS – remember,  these two planets were just in opposition on Nov 24 – which happens only every 2 years!) – opp. the SAG SUN. Action has been taken to question authority that ‘knows better’, to put it mildly – the impeachment inquiry these days.

May NEPTUNE in PISCES help with turning polarities and ‘divided states’ in so many ways into unification, and dissolving of what had its time, incl. collective deception and delusion – esp. re: all sorts of agenda (SAG). 

Check this out:



And – as mentioned before, the U.S. will have their 1st PLUTO Return in history (a 248 year cycle) 2020 – 2022!

A big turnover and regeneration – hopefully based on the original core spirit of the Constitution, Natural Law, and to honour the Ancestors of the Land.

Hopefully, this MERCURY in SAG brings out the Truth, and many important truths, so that the country can start to find itself again.



Oh – and apropos GEMINI diversity and SAGITTARIAN insight let’s also bring the 

Sabian Symbol of the Full Moon 

to the table, and see what it wants to show us.
As you can see in the chart above, the Full MOON will be at 19º 51′ GEM.



Veggie Buffet – stock photo by Dreamstime

KEYNOTE: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

From the One, the Many arise in due time.
The Original Source gives birth to the mountain stream which, gathering to itself the down-flow of rain water, becomes the large river around which cities are built. These in turn pollute the river on its way to the vast ocean.

This modern symbol expresses the fact that humanity, now at the close of a cultural cycle, is able to gather foodstuffs – mental as well as physical – from many regions of the globe. Our diet has acquired a planet-wide foundation; history tells us that the search for salt and spices, then for commodities rare in local regions, provided the impetus for global trade and thus eventually for a planetary consciousness. The results may be satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by lack of discrimination.

This is the last symbol of the sixteenth five-fold sequence. As is most often the case such a fifth stage implies a certain kind of synthesis or at least a preparation which leads to a new level.
The keynote here is indeed ASSIMILATION; the negative potentiality of the symbol is WASTE.”


Well – doesn’t this feed right into the upcoming Christmas Solar Eclipse New Moon?! 


Pls note, this interpretation by Dane Rudhyar was published in 1973!
So much more extensive have all the options to ‘feed’ on all levels become since then – not necessarily with more contentment – let alone the lack of equal distribution and access to food & resources for all.

May all the CAP energy coming in now show us why and how less indeed IS more.
Quality over quantity, and voluntary simplicity…


Blessings to You and ALL, for an Illuminating, Heart Focused Full Moon, and Finale of 2019!




© 2019 by Melanie Lichtinger



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Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with yourself in the bigger evolution. Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘Hub of the Wheel’ where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.

The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life. I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified with them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.

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JUPITER opposes URANUS and PLUTO in CAP goes direct (Sept 27 / 28): Wise Choices in Authenticity. Wisdom of the Body. Authority of Natural Laws.

27 Sep

Hmmm, that’s a mouthful of a title…

Hopefully sums up what helps in dilemmas and choices we’re facing SO much these days, personally and collectively, choices of small and bigger impact, esp. since JUPITER is in LIBRA (SEPT 9, 2016 – OCT 10, 2017).

I say intentionally ‘Choices’ instead of ‘Decisions’ to balance out the masculine and also potentially disempowering language and experience of the word decision = “I have to”, which is also quite a narrow polarized dualistic  ‘this or that’ way of looking at things.

We do indeed have many choices – and are constantly exposed to lots of different avenues and approaches we can take. The gifts of our interconnected modern world. Which creates overwhelm too (TOOO much to choose from, is also what JUPITER in LIBRA can bring up).

  • What would be a wise choice now, given all the implications and people involved?
  • A choice / choices from a ‘higher vantage point’ (JUPITER expands our consciousness and sees things from an ‘Eagle Perspective’)?
  • A choice that supports balance in relationships, and synergy – everybody wins and grows (LIBRA / JUPITER)?
  • Choices that bring peace and harmony, yet not for its own sake / at anyone’s expense (JUPITER in SCORPIO would show where hidden agenda sits)?


JUPITER will be only 2 more weeks in LIBRA before it crosses over the ‘Tipping Point’ into SCORPIO on OCT 10!
Let’s choose wisely, since Choices lead to Change!
What’s the Change you wish to see / you’re born to be part of? Choose accordingly!

Maybe these days you have received help and perhaps unexpected divine intervention (JUPITER / URANUS) with choices?

URANUS in ARIES shakes things up to wake us up from a ‘too peaceful slumber’. 
Which helps you make new, fresh choices that change paradigms, and free up energy.

Life is NOW, says URANUS in ARIES. Why wait, why then – there – someday….
And YES, it’s YOUR Life. Don’t compromise, be fully and authentically YOU, in the choices you make! 
In the Freshness of the NOW, BE the One you’ve been waiting for!



Open to the Light, in Integrity and Beauty – Photo by Melanie, Sept 2017


Also in the Cosmic Equation:

PLUTO in mid-CAPRICORN goes from retro (since APR 20, a yearly pattern) again direct / forward from Earth perspective, tomorrow SEPT 28!
With the stationary PLUTO energy, SEPT and OCT 2017 are quite PLUTO months where a lot of purging and transformation takes place:

With PLUTO retro in CAP, we’ve been purging a lot of inner and old conditioning related to power and control, fear and (self) punishment, abuse, rejection, resentment, sense of failure (according to which standards?), and judgment.
SO much out there in the world – and in us…
THIS needs to move, and transmute into something else that’s a much better use of the CAP energy.


PLUTO sits almost between JUPITER and URANUS – a wide T-square, and is the catalyst for change, helping with wise choices in authenticity.

What does PLUTO in CAP point to and what can it change into?

  • The Power of TIME and Timeliness.
    How do we know when’s the ‘right & ripe time’? Astrology helps through showing us the cosmic cycles, and how to align with them. And natural inner knowing and alignment helps too. Don’t let yourself get pressured from external forces (“You should be already….”) in this ever so 24/7 production mode world (which isn’t really all that productive if natural cycles of rest and regenration aren’t honoured.
    So perhaps the Power of TIME means to slow down, smell the Roses, and let things ripen…?
  • Honouring the Elders, and Receiving Guidance.
    Elders may be biological Elders, Spirit Elders, the spirit of the ‘Old World’…
    Being guided by and to them can be very powerful if you hear the call (SATURN, the ruler of CAP is now in SAG, testing us to find where the most important YES is).
  • Working Well with Resources. Being Resourceful.
    Which ties into Time and Natural Laws…

    Working respectfully with the cycles of nature, incl. our own nature, the human life cycle and day-to-day cycles. CAP traditionally works with the Land and cooperates with Nature. When and where is a good time / place to seed / plant / harvest?
    There’s simplicity and beauty in this. Can we apply it again more into our lives?
    CAP says: I use (I use what’s here and make the best out of it, I’m resourceful).
    The shadow would be to abuse, over-use, and the lack would be to under-use what would be a helpful resource.
    So, bottom line: Time for an inventory / invent-ory.
  • Wisdom of the Body.
    The most obvious ‘earthly’ resource close to us is our body of course. Mid-CAP where PLUTO is now has also a TAURUS undertone – TAU rules bodily sensation.
    Don’t let yourself get de-stabilized from chaos and imbalance around (low grade experience of UR in AR). Find and stand your ground.

    So yeah, let’s definitely bring the wisdom of the body in for wise choices!


Goes well with the

Sabian Symbol for the degree where PLUTO goes direct / forward from tomorrow:


KEYNOTE: The escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.

Under the pressure of religions that have created a sharp and unwholesome division between soul and body, society has produced strict codes of values regarding the play of natural instincts, and has glorified them under the name of “decency” and “modesty.” The growing trend toward nudism — which of course has nothing to do with the “pornographic” display of one’s body — is a welcome protest against the depressing and neurosis-generating puritanism of the past. Men and women are demanding a psychologically as well as physically healthful freedom of the body as a means of overcoming the hypocrisy and constrictions of social behavior.

In this second stage symbol we see how our society has been able to repress and distort the natural activity of the human body and its sensitivity to the elements. Thus a contrast is established between healthy youth at play and the neurotic subservience to a socio-religious tradition. The symbol is a call for RELEASE FROM INHIBITIONS.

Indeed, the Body is wiser than all the concepts and expectations superimposed on life.
Let’s free ourselves up to BE more embodied, and true to our Nature!



Would you like to explore the FALL 2017 Astro Weather, in a circle, and as it shows up in YOUR life? 
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Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective, pointing you to YOUR INNER ‘COSMIC COMPASS’.

I’d love to inspire you to be in alignment with, and smoothly ‘ride’ those ‘auspicious’ or ‘challenging’ waves of cosmic energies that present themselves at a given time, and, similar to climate and weather, affect our human energy field.

Because it leads to eye opening awareness, growth, healing, release, transformation, and you can feel connected with the bigger evolution.
Ultimately, you can dwell in a witnessing place in the ‘HUB OF THE WHEEL’where you are less and less affected, more and more liberated, and self-realized.


The birth chart is an incarnational map to identify your ‘original imprint’and themes that are showing up as ‘issues’ in your life.
I help you see how you don’t need to be unconsciously identified WITH them, and they don’t have to run your life.

I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, or for perspective at a crossroad, dilemma, or empowered choices.


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GEMINI New Moon (May 25): Revolutionary Alchemy

25 May

VENUS and MARS are stirring it UP!

Johfra Bosschart Gemini Phoenix

Mercury Rules Gemini. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper part detail: The Phoenix


Before we meet the GEMINI New Moon directly, let’s honour ‘her entourage’ of planetary ‘players’, and the overall Astro sphere – GEMINI AIR is fanning a lot of FIRE…

The GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart shows on its top the double-headed Phoenix bird, arising from the Yin-Yang Alchemy of opposites. In this deeper sense, GEMINI is the Alchemist.

And we are called to be Alchemists of conflict, dualities and opposites, in so many ways, these days.

A very dynamic, fiery scene is going on these days, with a Grand Fire Trine (in effect all May), as well as MARS and VENUS, the two archetypal ‘lovers’ being both quite active in their own ways.

When it comes to FIRE, VENUS / URANUS ignite us in ARIES, the North Node in LEO, LILITH and SATURN (retro) in SAG. Let’s be authentic, express who we are, trust and follow the Heart & Spirit!
The ‘Grand Fire Trine’ of VENUS / URANUS, North Node, and SATURN – the trine between the ‘key players’ SATURN and URANUS was exact on May 18 (second one of 3 times: Dec 24, 2016, May 18 and Nov 2, 2017) – extends its effects throughout May – and is in the cosmic field throughout Spring. VENUS now comes into the trine picture too: June 1 – 3, ‘she’s in trine with SATURN, and then conjunct URANUS:

So rewarding to say NO (SATURN) to more, more, more / anything goes / excessive abundance for its own sake (even as addictive overwhelm – SATURN comes out of a square with CHIRON in PI) when the heart isn’t on board with a certain ‘deal’, or it’s not ones path / anymore (SATURN in SAG). 

This opens the door for abundant serendipitous gifts when / as we are free (URANUS in AR), and radically, authentically, lovingly, present in the moment (VENUS / URANUS in AR).
A Revolution and Alchemy of the Heart!

VENUS in AR goes technically first into square with PLUTO retro in CAP – exact today, the New Moon day – before entering the Grand Trine, even though the ‘whole picture’ happens simultaneously, of course.
Time to let the ‘old regime’ of inner ancestral disempowering stories and imprints, esp. about our self-worth (like: “you need to work hard to be worthy, loved, attractive” “everyone else is ‘further ahead’, no way catching up!”) and our disempowering responses to external, present-day controlling structures and situations burn up and die in the Bonfire of Love, and meet the inner and outer worlds from a naturally powerfully authentic, loving place!
No way going back into the historic rabbit hole…

Through unburdening ourselves from the shackles of the past that we might have been unconsciously loyal to, we naturally find our freedom. Just as removing junk from a river allows it to naturally run freely.

NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PI – in the mutable T-square too – help forgive, release, and surrender it all in the Unifying Field – call it Universal Love and Oneness.
Ultimate Medicine…


Ganesh, the Remover / Shower of Obstacles, and MARS, the Ego Executor – Meeting SATURN, the Sage


Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known to be the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacles is / was) to the Light.

GANESH, the elephant headed Hindu deity, known as ‘Remover of Obstacles’ would be a good one to invoke, to show us our personal obstacles, and the path to be free from them.
IF Ganesh resonates with you, that is – otherwise, I trust you have your personal inner gurus and guides…

Of course, the separate Ego is big time THE obstacle to freedom.
MARS is the ‘Ego planet’ that helps us assert ourselves, yet can also keep us separate.

MARS, presently in GEMINI, works via the ‘sword of the mind’ that questions and doubts.
Notice how this strategy keeps you separate.
Watch your inner aggressive voice, and inquire into it, from the inner SATURN in SAG ‘Sage’ / inner wise teacher, asking, probing:
“Is this true?” Why do you believe this thought?” “What would be a more expansive way of seeing this?”, and, ultimately: “Who is even the thinker of that thought? Can s/he be seen?”.

MARS in GEM approaches its opposition with SATURN retro in SAG now, exact on May 28.
An excellent time (rather than living out this charged dynamic with opinionated, judgmental aggressiveness) to approach the pairing with curious inquiry (GEM) and sincere spiritual maturity (SATURN in SAG).

MARS in GEM on the other hand exposes a too rigid, righteous SATURN in SAG: There’s not just ‘one way’. Many paths of truth. 

The New Moon in GEM initiates a new beginning for new learning, new avenues, new questions, new dialogue (incl. inner) – new Alchemy!


Sabian Symbol for the New Moon


KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini. What is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness. It may do so violently if socially oppressed — through revolution — or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.

This fifth stage is related to the first, for it is the experience of a world of being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process. In the same sense a psychedelic experience may momentarily make the mind transparent to a non-ego-structured realm of consciousness, and may lead to a sustained attempt at understanding what has been revealed of a transcendent Reality. Whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS.”

Quite fascinating that THE revolutionary of the 20th century, Che Guevara (* May 14, 1928), was born with MERCURY at 5° GEM, close to his North Node – a karmic purpose to communicate his Sagittarian revolutionary philosophies to the people. He also had MARS in late PI, conjunct URANUS in early AR, which is right on his AC!

Obviously, the Sabian Symbol can be interpreted as an outer, societal, and / or radical inner transformation.
What can bring THIS about?
Takes us back to VENUS / URANUS in late AR (building up, post VENUS square PLUTO retro in CAP, with the New Moon) – exact on June 3:
The Power of Love leads the Evolution, and the Revolution of the Heart. Freedom to BE!


Time to take a look at the GEMINI New Moon chart:

GEM NM 2017

As you see, the SUN / MOON pairing is almost unaspected (except for the square to the AC here from the West Coast perspective): The ‘Revolutionary Alchemy’ has ‘a life of its own’ – which can be quite powerful when consciously accessed.

As always with a New Moon, we’re in the ‘conception cauldron’ where solar rays of intention unite with lunar receptivity and openness. Both belong together, for creative newness to occur.

Wherever early GEMINI is in your chart – maybe even your SUN, MOON, AC, or planets are there, be the revolutionary Alchemist through that area of life / through those planetary Archetypes!
Example: VENUS in early GEM in your 11th house: Set intentions, and be open and curious to attract new friends and social networks. Go into dialogue with them, see what you can learn from one another.

The GEMINI MOON will approach MARS, and oppose SATURN retro in SAG, both on Fri May 26 – emotionally charging the opposition which will be exact on Sun May 28.
So, let’s not buy into the arguments of the separative, confrontational ego forces, but rather inquire more deeply into the truth of the matter (see above), and feed our genuine curiosity to learn (GEM) and grow (SAG). 

On Sat May 27, the MOON will enter CANCER, where our needs for nurturing (giving and receiving) come up. The MOON goes into a Cardinal Grand Cross with VENUS / URANUS in AR, JUPITER in LI, and PLUTO in CAP on Sun May 28.
This cardinal ‘powerhouse’, besides the already active mutable commotion, can be channeled into making new powerful choices that truly meet our essential needs and the needs of the whole (doesn’t have to be a conflict), and roll with them.
‘On the wings of the New Moon’, we can create a ‘prototype’ for a powerful Living from the Heart.

On June 1 – 2, the MOON in VIRGO will go into a Mutable Grand Cross with the SUN and MARS in GEM, LILITH and SATURN in SAG, and NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PI.
Rather than being stressed out over and overwhelmed by ‘the ten thousand things’ let’s find the ‘hub of the wheel’, in our inner centre, through meditation, yoga, or any personal wellness practice that brings us into alignment and wholeness from within.


So many Blessings for your GEMINI New Moon cycle!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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TAURUS Super-New Moon April 26: New Ground, New Seed, New Embodiment of Our Loving Nature!

25 Apr

Wildly Calming Camus – Photo by Melanie

Mother Nature on the Pacific West Coast is RE-greening, boldly showing her colours, and inviting us into a multi-sensual immersion – yummm!

Just in time for the TAURUS Super NEW MOON –
THE Moon to plant new seeds in the fertile soil!
Exact tomorrow Apr 26 at 5:16 am PDT!


Indeed! The TAURUS NEW MOON will be a SuperMoon!

You might wonder: Wait a minute, it’s not a Full Moon!
New Moons can be SuperMoons too – when they are very close to the Earth (called perigee) – and this is the first of 3 SuperNewMoons!

Astrologically, a SuperSeed energy…
Ahhh, that’s why such an abundance(!!!) of NEWness is showing up now, offering us to nourish ourselves with ‘SuperFood’ on all levels… incl. to establish new healthy, life affirming habits!
OUT with the old and stagnant, IN with the new and nourishing!


This NEW MOON almost feels like a FULL MOON, doesn’t it??
There’s a strong gravitational field with a closer SuperMoon, plus a lot of planetary action on the side of the SUN / MOON: Also NEPTUNE, CHIRON / VENUS, URANUS / MERCURY, and MARS are ALL  in the same direction from Earth perspective, and mighty JUPITER is opposite – see chart below!
BALANCE (the theme of the Apr 11 Full Moon) is clearly still a big deal!
Here is the chart for the TAURUS Super-New Moon:


TAU NM 2017

Among the planetary ‘players’ in the cosmic field TWO stand out – astrologically close to the NEW MOON in early TAURUS, super-charging the Astro~Sphere for bold Newness:

MERCURY retro is about to ‘click’ again with URANUS in late ARIES (encounter # 2) on Apr 28 (and once more on May 9, by then with MERCURY in forward mode):
Idea (MERCURY) explosion (URANUS)? So many fresh ideas are swirling around now (also with MARS now in GEMINI). And, even deeper: Radical liberation (URANUS in AR) FROM old sticky mental patterns (MERCURY retro started out in TAU), and freedom FOR a NEW YOU!

I bet you are tapping into this ‘weather system’, esp. if you have end of ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA, or CAPRICORN Astro features!

When MERCURY will be out of retro, on May 3, having passed URANUS again on May 9, and out of ‘storm’ on May 12 the Mind can be REnewed, after this REfreshing REtreat and REboot phase of April.

I love how in Eastern, mainly Buddhist views ‘MIND’ represents to the intellectual and emotional continuum – because it IS – they influence each other constantly.
In Astro Archetype language, there’s the thinking mind as in: MERCURY, and the feeling mind, as in: the MOON.
Both are close to each other with this New MOON (see chart).
A New Ground for the Mind can be found.


What does the SABIAN SYMBOL ‘oracle’ for the New Moon at 6°27 TAURUS say?
Ever SO related – the Revolution of LOVE renders the old ‘establishment’ obsolete:




The Samaritan Woman at the Well by Annibale Carracci


KEYNOTE: The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.

The symbol refers to a most important, but usually narrowly interpreted (or interpreted away!) episode of the Christ mythos.
Early in his ministry, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at an ancestral well. This woman belongs to a tribe despised by the Jews; moreover, she is unmarried and therefore on the fringe of even her own society. It is to just that kind of woman that Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah: “I am He,” a revelation that he apparently will not bestow even upon his disciples, at least not in words. (Words in occultism are the creative factor.)

What does this mean? Jesus, as the Avatar incorporating the Christ-Impulse, came to replace the old tribal order with a new order based on universal Love.
It is not to representatives of, or even to men still attached to, the old order that Jesus could reveal his spiritual, evolutionary and society-transforming status; they had instead to reach a point where they could discover his avatar-ship – as did Peter just before the Transfiguration scene. But to the woman of Samaria – who, in her openness to love’s urgings, had already repudiated any narrow subservience to the old order – Jesus could reveal his function. The highest meets the lowest when this lowest is free from traditional bonds and open to love. The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, i.e. Love.

In this second stage of the five-fold sequence, a contrasting element enters upon the scene. It is no longer a collective-cultural effort based on past knowledge — as in the preceding symbol — but a “meeting” that introduces into the collective situation a totally new factor which transcends it. A NEW QUALITY OF BEING is revealed, which renders the old patterns obsolete.


Outrageousness in Rootedness – Photo by Melanie, April 2017


Which brings us to VENUS (ruler of TAURUS) – the ‘Love Force’ – after ‘her’ retro tour back to PISCES where ‘she’ is exalted – LOVE IS:
VENUS has been travelling next to CHIRON in PISCES (the image of ‘Wounded Healer’ Jesus and the Samaritan woman in her spiritual openness come to mind and heart), initiating us into a healing, loving field – from which to act, attract, and start fresh – as VENUS is about to enter ARIES, also on Apr. 28 (when MERCURY retro meets URANUS).

Have you forgiven yourself and others, blessed the ‘chaos’, let go of past entanglements (VENUS in PISCES), and let ‘the field’ reveal to you the connection as-Love? Everything renews itself Nature-ally in this!


YinYang Infinite

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom: Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

Finally, let’s remember:
A NEW MOON is the union of the Divine Masculine (SUN) and the Divine Feminine (MOON), in ‘conception’.

That’s why I’d propose, to be in alignment with this union, let’s bring our Inner Masculine (the intention setting, active seed-planting side) and our Inner Feminine (the receptivity, openness) together for this, and perhaps every New Moon:
Intending and conceiving in balanced alchemical union.

Maybe one or the other has been a bit or a lot neglected in our life? 
Time to call them in, and invite balance.


YES, a big week, with the TAURUS Super-New MOON tomorrow Apr 26, VENUS into ARIES, and MERCURY retro / URANUS (both Apr 28)!

May we BE AS NATURE – ‘organic’, in abundance and flow, embracing our unique ways of being, allowing the outgrown and redundant to seize and new life to emerge, and being nourished and nourishing through LOVE – and photosynthesis!
May we be NATURE-ally grounded in the Beingness of all Life, and Embody our True Nature!
And hey, friends – let’s BE IN NATURE – it’s SPRING!

Serving with Love, and inviting even more Love in Action!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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MERCURY retro (Apr 9 – May 3) in TAU – AR, and SATURN retro (Apr 6 – Aug 25) in the Galactic Centre :: Embracing the Void

7 Apr

Welcome to the ‘Special Issue’ MERCURY RETRO AstroNews!

Have you been going a bit (or very much) mental, these days and weeks?
Welcome to the club!
Welcome to Humanity – under the influence of the present Astro~Sphere!

Have you noticed a shift in your mind since last week, towards slowing down, and a call for more groundedness?

Maybe your mind has been recently a little bit ‘all over the map’, fuzzy, funny, synchronistic, poked, provoked, non-sensical / nonsense-ical? Or in a trickster mode, mischievous perhaps, and / or seeing synchronicities and meaningful signs  pop up ‘out of nowhere’.

Mercury winged feet

All in perfect alignment with the cosmic dance, and the ‘cosmic smile’.
Seems like the universe smiles at us when we recognize a synchronicity! :-).

Don’t get annoyed when the ‘cosmic prankster’ plays tricks on your perhaps attached if not stubborn mind (TAU shadow). It wants you to be FREE from ‘the known’, and FREE for…???
MERCURY is about to go RETRO on Sunday Apr 9  at 4:14 pm PDT, at the beginning of TAURUS (4°50′)!

That’s what this ar-tickle is all about.

I bet you’ve been tickled and RE-mind-ed of all sorts of things lately. The early TAURUS zodiac zone has a CAP undertone…INTEGRITY and VALUES are important here.
This Spring MERCURY retro phase, close to the Liberator URANUS in ARIES, is in sharp contrast to the one with PLUTO in CAP, in Dec / Jan which was a lot about Power. What sets you FREE??!


The time from end of March until mid May is under the influence of MERCURY retro (you probably already noticed 🙂 ):

The pre-retro stationary ‘storm’ has been on since MERCURY significantly slowed down its speed = since Apr 4).
The technical retro phase starts on Apr 9, and goes to May 3. After Mercury will be direct again,  there will be another post-retro ‘storm’ until May 12.


Mercury, Sculpture by A. Pajou (Louvre, Paris) – uuuh, temporarily grounded / lost his ankle wings!

What you find in this ‘Special Issue’ (the full ‘menu’ that-is):

* MERCURY Retro in TAU / AR (with URANUS) and SATURN Retro in the Galactic Centre:
Freedom from the Known!

* Embodied Astrology – in TAURUS

* MERCURY Retro and the Mental Maze / Labyrinth

* ‘Le Chart’ of MERCURY Retro Turnaround

* Sabian Symbol of the M-r Degree: 5° TAU

* REsource, re: Mind, Consciousness, Spirit  

* Itinerary for the MERCURY Retro Phase


# 1 for Starters:

Here’s the super short gist of this Special MERCURY RETRO issue – in case you’re too busy to read it all right now:

The winged messenger MERCURY will technically / ‘officially’ turn retro – from Earth perspective…. in early TAU from Sunday Apr 9 on!

Time to sloooow the busy mind down, and enjoy the magical, synchronistic ways of how nature and life speak to us – when we really look and listen, take it in with all our senses, learn, and flexibly adapt and flow.

“RE-tour a la Nature” is a sweet and simple theme of M-r in EARTH signs. EARTH is the strongest Element at the onset of M-r, with all 3 EARTH signs ‘occupied’. So let’s…

  • RE-evaluate Value,  what gives Security and Groundedness (rather than chasing the money, even in over-compensation for not feeling valuable), go slow, smell the blossoms, and enjoy Life-in-Spring: TAURUS, with M-r and MARS.
  • RE-align and discern what’s in integrity, in our ‘Temple’ of Wellness and Sacred Work (rather than just being the busy bee, and finding fault in self and others) – North Node for the last month (until Apr 29) in VIRGO – ruled by MERCURY, and
  • RE-establish inner priorities (rather than blindly going after status and control, or feeling controlled by external forces) – PLUTO in CAP, also stationary in Apr, going retro on Apr 20.


# 2: If you’d like to savour the Full MERCURY Retro Astro~News Menu… (well, a TAU foodie thing), and hear more about SATURN Retro (the ‘Lord of the Ring’ also turned around this week).

– Voila! Dished up from here on:

  • Pretty ‘Stormy’ these days – even weather wise, here in Victoria, and the wind is already blowing down some of the ‘pink snow’ (of the Cherry blossoms – hurry up to get a last whiff?!)
  • Simultaneously, MERCURY – winged Messenger Archetype, and in Astrology representing the Mind and its workings, has been in its pre-retro stationary (slow turnaround) ‘storm’ over the last week!
  • MERCURY has been close to URANUS in AR end of March. This alignment will show up again end of Apr / early May. From unpredictability, surprises, shocks, trauma to a truly liberated Spirit.
  • The mind (MERCURY) has gotten wayyy ahead of SPIRIT and Consciousness (the SUN), and needs to be ‘lassoed in’, to follow as a tool, rather than taking the lead. This is the main function of M-r.

Three days ago, on 04 / 04 we entered the ‘hot zone’ of pre- M-r, as MERCURY went into ‘stationary storm’ which means, it’s moving now super slowly, shifting down gears, to go into reverse (from Earth perspective of course), from Sunday Apr 9 on, for 3 weeks (until May 3).
The Full Moon on Apr 10 gives the M-r onset a ‘super charge’ (since with a Full Moon all the other Astro themes are highlighted).
So: M-r on steroids? Actually NO, that’s not how I’d put it, since the job of M-r is actually to get us OFF the mental steroid mode.
Read on, to find out more about this perhaps unorthodox, less dramatic, more conscious and FUN way of RE-habilitating M-r (well, being conscious often also leads to breaking out in laughter – ZEN style).

So what’s the gig this time with M-r, you may wonder?


* MERCURY Retro in TAU / AR (with URANUS), and SATURN Retro in the Galactic Centre:
Freedom from the Known! 

Astrologically, MERCURY is making a loop from  ARIES – with URANUS (end of March) over to  TAURUS (March 31 – Apr 20), then back to ARIES, for playing again and longer with URANUS end of Apr to mid-May, to forward into TAURUS (May 15 – June 6).
In this season’s loop, MERCURY ‘dances’ around the AR – TAU ‘Settling Point’ of the Zodiac. Finding our ground – perhaps starting out being unsettled – being liberated – finding higher ground.
The AR – TAU connection also has to do with the human Desire Nature: “I’m going after what I want”.

  • We’re invited to check out the validity of desires, and in what ways they are a mental trip & trap.
  • How do we get attached to wanting things, wanting people to behave, or life to unfold in a certain way?
  • What has true value to us?
  • Is it possible to be attachment-FREE, and live less mentally, more magically?

A wild MERCURY – URANUS combo got the ball rolling recently (exact for the first time on March 26, activated by the ARIES New Moon on March 27 – the combo will be on again. for a longer phase, end of April  to mid May)!

Shake-up news, wake-up calls, new ideas popping up constantly, cameo appearance meetings new interesting people, and breakthrough conversations anybody?
All of these ‘symptoms’ are of the same MERCURY – URANUS Archetype combo! In that space, one never knows what comes next (definitely things don’t unfold according to plan or desire – which might be of a too dense vibration anyway). Does that make you anxious – or is it positively thrilling?! Nothing can be taken for granted, and things can change in the blink of an eye – which is also a hugely creative space.

Liberating ‘Golden Boy’ Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre NYC, surrounded by the Zodiac belt..

Did you know? URANUS is the ‘transpersonal version’ and ‘higher octave’ of MERCURY! The Awake and Universal Mind… And: The creative principle, the spark of life.

  • Where does ‘Life’ come from?
  • What makes Life show up spontaneously, manifesting blossoms in Spring, and our precious human, animal, and plant life?
  • How do all our organs and functions ‘know’ exactly what to do?
  • And other ‘out of the box’ questions…


Blue Spectral Storm Seal

Which reminds me also – we are in the Blue Spectral Storm year of the Mayan Calendar (July 26, 2016 – July 24, 2017) – which, according to an article by Stephanie South, on the Foundation of the Law of Time site “also begins a much larger cycle: a cycle of 2756-years or fifty-three, 52-year cycles also known as Sirian wheels. This first Sirian wheel is from 2016-2068, establishing the first galactic era of Timeship Earth. This year offers us the potential to make a quantum leap of our physical body consciousness into states of super and continuing consciousness. But to do so we are required to continue releasing the layers and lifetimes of old identities, habits and belief systems.”


The latter – releasing, and being done with old karmic ‘stories’ and beliefs (what we think we know) – is what SATURN in SAG ‘coaches’ us about. SATURN is also big this week and month, since it also just went retro – yesterday Apr 6, until Aug 25!
An excellent ‘karma wrap-up’ phase, and for being less ruled by limitations and fear.
Via intro-spection (literally: retro in SAG, which rules vision, and seeing), we can see more clearly what the inner obstacles are, which helps us complete our ‘contracts’ with the old conditioning that creates karmic ‘feedback loops’.

I hear you say: “This can be a looong process.” But hey, that’s another ‘story’ too which doesn’t have to be always and nowadays true – everything accelerates, and what used to take years can be a matter of months or weeks now. URANUS in ARIES…!

With the lighter, freer, faster vibration of MERCURY / URANUS, rather than ‘going crazy’,  we can tap into the genius and spontaneity of LIFE itself – and tap into our inner genius along the way. These are the times of miracles and wonder… showing up as synchronicities,  magical connections, or ‘deja vus’ out of the blue.
Had quite a few this week – when in ‘non-resistance’ super fluid high vibration – love and excitement.

Maybe you experience the whole spectrum of acceleration, unpredictability, shocks, surprises, and miracles, in the Journey?
Maybe depending on which story you are telling yourself and others, and which lens you are looking through? Cause and effect… says ‘Lord of Karma’ SATURN in SAG.

Voyager Tarot card VII – Chariot, Law of Movement.

This stationary SATURN time can make us acutely aware of our ‘fears of flying’, yet also keeps us grounded for a purpose.
What is ‘right action’, where and HOW to move in integrity, and come from the Heart (which is beyond right or wrong) seems acutely ‘in our face’ now. SATURN has been stationary in March, in the ‘Galactic Centre’ end of SAG – where we’re dealing with the Ultimate Unknown, and Unknowable. When we get out of our own way (not to say: we’re doing nothing, rather: we’re being in the flow of ‘The Tao’ / ‘The Way’), and realize our resistance IS the obstacle we allow the Universe to be the ‘Charioteer’, so-to-say, and show us ‘The Vehicle’.


What’s MERCURY retro got to do with this?
The early TAURUS energy where MERCURY ‘sits’ now ‘stationary’ may feel like stalling, super slow and stuck, literally ‘sitting on something’ / ‘with something’, or, in ZaZen mode: just sitting, while SATURN stationary in the ‘Galactic Centre’ also seems to tell us to ‘go nowhere’ – into the VOID.
Can we embrace the VOID?


After taking a little cat nap break, on this stormy day, I randomly opened a beautiful book a friend gave me a while back: In Love with the Mystery by Canadian ‘Renaissance artist’ Ann Mortifee – and found a vignette that’s so apropos SATURN stationary in the Galactic Centre:

“The mind clings to what it has learned. It insists that we must first understand something before we can trust enough to move forward. We must be willing to let go. We must be willing to take with us only what serves the next step. Understanding is only a momentary rung on a ladder. We step from one rung to the other until finally we leave the ladder behind. In this way, we arrive one day at the place of Wisdom.”

Maybe in a certain life situation you seem to be going nowhere (from the ego perspective), except in circles in your mind, or even spiraling into a ‘black hole’ – frustrating, depressing…
Can you be with the Unknown, and even relax in its dark spaciousness? No need to know now. See what arises. The direction and guidance will reveal itself, from within, and in unexpected ways.
And with MERCURY RETRO, the information we have now, at the onset of its journey, changes, and thing look differently over the course of M-r.
RE-lax, RE-ceive, and RE-treat the busy mind, in its desire to know.

I love M-r, as a time of Magic and Miracles (not to be expected,of course, that would be an oxymoron) – great to be open and available, and see the world with fresh eyes, rather than filtered through the old lens.
MERCURY – URANUS (this ‘wild card encounter’ is RE-visited end of Apr / early May) REminds us to Live NOW & Wake UP! What an actutely-creative space this is!

  • Are you a bit nervous and stressed-out, just to think about – another Mercury retro!?
  • Is your mind driving the bus, and driving you and others crazy?
  • Has your mind, and have your ‘plans’ been on zigzag course lately?
  • Do you just wanna be FREE from all that… BS?
  • Have you gone like: whoaaa! Paradigm shifts, surprise news, shockers, in your world recently?
  • Are you experiencing liberating, awakening breakthroughs?

Yep, all of the above (incl. going crazy over Mercury retro!) ARE MERCURY pre-retro / URANUS symptoms.

Let’s RE-lax, just for now. Don’t worry, we’re all in one boat – and hey? What boat? What’s ‘real’? It’s all ‘just’ phenomenal, and actually un-real. Might sound far-out but modern quantum science confirms nowadays what spirituality always ‘knew’.
MERCURY RETRO starts from early TAURUS which rules our sense experiences of physical phenomena. TAURUS has the notion to grasp and assimilate what’s tangible, and cultivate something permanent, valuable, and pleasing to the senses.

What IS RE-liable, solid, tangible, constant, MERCURY in TAU might ask? – before going retro (on Apr 9), inviting us to dig deeper, and bring forth de-lightful and enlightening insights from the journey (MERCURY / SUN / URANUS) that we’re about to embark on.

Lots of impulses and ‘moving parts’ – Things change a lot (mirrored by lots of cardinal and mutable energy),  in the astrological weather patterns.

Can you be ok with that, and embrace what appears in the mind, esp. “what you want”, as impermanent? Good ol’ Buddhist teaching… and the Sabian Symbol of M-r will tell us more about this theme too…


Some random tips for the M-r zone:

  • Sloooowing down, tuning into the Body and its messages.
  • Maybe we need to take ourselves to magical places on Mother-Earth in Spring.
  • MERCURY the magician-healer offers tools that transform, re-align, help, and heal. What are the messages?
  • Let’s be open to guidance and help, from ‘winged messengers’ incl. the angelic realm.
  • Let’s BE magical, and open for the unknown and unknowable.
  • Buying less, RE-purposing more.

Let’s follow the messages (MERCURY) of the Body (TAU). They might take us inward at first, esp. in the first half of the M-r phase (until Apr 19), to help us come to our senses.



Speaking of Messages of the Body, Alignment, and Embodiment:
Mark your calendar for the next Living Breathing Birth Chart – Embodied Astrology – in TAURUS (at and with TAUREANS!)
On Sunday Apr 30, from 1:30 pm on.

Our ‘Astro*Embodiment Grove’ in the Park – well, this time we’ll be in a private TAUREAN Home!

* Experience your chart directly through the TAUREAN Body (rather than via the MERCURIAL Mind).

* Let the Planetary Archetypes speak to and through you.

* Move with what you experience! It’s an embodiment, not a performance.

* Experience the Archetypes in Astrology and perhaps your own chart in a new, fresh, embodied way.

The Facebook event is on my AstroPage.

We have space for a few more Embodyers!
Newcomers most welcome!


* MERCURY Retro and the Mind Maze / Labyrinth 

Labyrinth (Seven Circle Classical L.) by Helen Rowlands

When I was searching for something else on the internet a while ago, I came across this Labyrinth image by Helen Rowlands, which immediately reminded me of the Brain.

Why haven’t I seen the connection before? A classical MERCURY retro example for suddenly seeing connections that were always there, in ‘plain sight’ but not paid attention to.
Uhh. and I was also RE-minded of the ‘Food Forest Labyrinth’ (SO M-r in TAU) that my friends from Edible Landscapes Design – offer awesome!

Check out this Labyrinth article, with TAUREAN Minotaur and all!

A MERCURY retro question could be: Can we use the ancient labyrinth structure / system, to intentionally connect, energize, and regenerate both brain hemispheres, and everything ‘mind’?

I’m sure more RE-storing, RE-generative qualities will come up with the M-r. And exciting new insights too.


Mercury Butchard Gardens

What are the symptoms of being in an unconscious / default MERCURY retro mode?

How do you recognize that you are in a mercurial ‘maze’ / ‘labyrinth’?

What’s the best approach to the energy of this time?

Well, to cut right through the story, unconsciousness IS the maze.

When we identify with and attach to the mind’s analyses, stories and assumptions, AND with our feelings, based on the thoughts that circulate in us (or vice versa, thoughts based on feelings) we are entangled in its own net, and far from free (the incentive of MERCURY – URANUS).

Thinking itself is not the problem, and we can’t and don’t need to make our mind ‘shut up’. The issue is rather getting wrapped up with and stuck in our thoughts a la TAURUS.

Each MERCURY retro phase serves as a REcalibration of the mind, and REconnection of the mind (represented by MERCURY) with Consciousness and Spirit (represented by the SUN. MERCURY has gone ahead of the SUN, and is during M-r being ‘lassoed back in’, to step behind the SUN).


* ‘Le Chart’ of MERCURY Retro Turnaround

I got mer-curious to set up the chart of MERCURY going retro, and also to look at the Sabian Symbol – both very RE-vealing….

Here’s the chart!


  • Check out the concentration of MERCURY retro – URANUS / SUN, on the AR – TAU ‘Settling Point’ (not so settled, with SUN / URANUS (they’ll be aligned on Apr 13! – wake-up calls? Awakening from the habitual mind?
  • SATURN is also freshly retro,
  • PLUTO will go retro on Apr 20,
  • VENUS is still retro until Apr 15, soo close to CHIRON – Healing old ‘Love Wounds’ through connectedness that’s unconditional and always available…

And the Lunar Nodes will soon (Apr 29) shift from VIR – PI in the last 1 1/2 years to LEO – AQ. The North Node is presently (Apr / May) on the ‘Sphinx Point’ Self Awareness Rules! And Mercury Retro loves that too!


Bottom line:  

  • Let’s BE aware and MIND-ful, recognize when we are rather mind – full, and what it takes to bring more ease and flow to our life.
  • Let’s REalize again that we are not the mind. It’s just a function that serves consciousness.
  • Let’s be open minded, and available to see things in a new, fresh light.

Let’s see what the * SABIAN SYMBOL of the Mercury Turnaround Degree reveals.

MERCURY will turn retro at 4°50′ TAURUS.


Keynote: The impermanence of all material and social bonds.

“All natural compounds decay,” said the Buddha. The most beautiful and most enjoyed substance loses its potential energy through continuous actualization and the principle of integration and form is withdrawn, leaving the Void — “the open grave” that ends all attachments. The Void is the great challenge: What next? One must begin anew, and if possible at a “higher,” i.e. more inclusive and universal, less egocentric, level.

This fifth conclusive stage of the sequence which deals with root elements and basic actions and responses may seem negative, yet it opens the door to self-renewal. Beyond the personal attachment rises the possibility of participating in a larger sphere of existence. This possibility rarely manifests itself except as one is ready to DISCARD THE PAST.


What a powerful, and definitely ‘retro’ message for the whole M-r phase – bringing the Mind back to SPIRIT / Consciousness. And it’s already a pre-cursor message for the Wesak Moon of the Buddha (this year May 10, when MERCURY will be still in post-retro ‘storm’).

Embracing the VOID…


On that note:

* RE-SOURCE, re: Mind, Consciousness, Spirit

Apparently randomly, I came across Adyashanti’s ‘old’ but gold video about his basic spiritual teachings. Excellent.


* Itinerary for the  MERCURY Retro Phase Apr / May 2017


Butterfly Baby, Photo by Anne Geddess

Apr 4:
MERCURY in early TAU entered the stationary ‘storm’.
Stormy, ingenuous, or wrapped up in mental attachments, and chased by the Inner Minotaur, while attempting to walk the BIG Maze? Or fun and funky premonitions?

Time to take a break, and be open for a fresh approach.

Apr 9:
MERCURY in early TAU will turn retro, from Earth perspective.
Stand-still for the inward – backward looking Mind. RE-connecting with Self Awareness. And: What does our Body tell us…?

Mid April – Mid May:
(exact Apr 28, and May 9!)

A liberated mind! Leading from the Heart, and from Innocence. RE-Birth Time!

Apr 19:
Inferior Conjunction of MERCURY retro with the 1° TAURUS SUN (just 8 hrs after the SUN enters TAU!)

Ahhh, the half-way point of the MERCURY retro journey, a.k.a. ‘Point of Enlightening Insight’! A ‘New MERCURY’ is born. The SUN (Spirit, Consciousness, the Heart) leads again, while mind is the instrument and assistant. The whole point of the MERCURY retro adjustment phase…

Apr 20:
MERCURY retro re-enters ARIES
(until May 15!), to re-connect with URANUS on Apr 28, and May 9!

What a liberating and RE-newing phase. Time to be RE-invented!

May 3:
MERCURY will go direct again, close to URANUS.
We learned a big deal about the ‘operations’ of the mind – to be RE-vealed until then. And can be so much freer.

May 12 (2 days after the Wesak Moon on May 10):
MERCURY will leave the post-retro ‘storm’.
Mercury slowly catching momentum, regenerated. ‘Mind’ has a different quality than before the M-r phase, maybe it’s deeply changed.

May 22:
MERCURY will leave the post-retro shadow.
Green light for moving forward in negotiations and interactions, led by the Heart and Consciousness.


Take time, this first MERCURY retro week, under the Full / waning MOON:

  • For creative and playful brain storms.
  • For a ‘pause button’ in the ‘automatic pilot’ of daily dealings and mental habits.
  • To check your ‘invent-ory’ (in other words, ‘RE-sources’ and inventive ideas that could come to new life…. – some of them are due for purging and RE-cycling too.
  • Spring Cleaning and retro-fitting time 🙂

Wishing you a blessed navigation in the retro- and interdimensional zone, with the Mercurial Mind currents, in the Heavens as on EARTH!

Hope to SEE you again soon, in real life, or online – it’s all about REconnecting (as directly as possible)!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* AQUARIUS New Moon on Jan 27: Freedom For The Light!

27 Jan

Let’s look right at the AQ New Moon chart – a picture says more… AQ is ‘systemic’ – and rules Astrology (no surprise :-))
Let’s see how a cool, distanced, detached look at things can help us sort out what that ‘drama’ is all about…

The AQUARIUS New Moon is exact today Jan 27 at 4:07 pm PST / 7:07 pm EST:


What strikes in the chart – Overview:

The practically unaspected New Moon.

Several ‘focal points’ (hot spots?), in CAP, AQ, and PI.

The chart is divided into 2 sides, one occupied with Planets (from LI to AR), one ‘empty’ (except for the North Node). The JUPITER – URANUS polarity is the division axis.

Two squares, between SATURN in SAG, and VENUS / CHIRON in PI, and between MERCURY / PLUTO in CAP, and URANUS in AR.


And now in detail:


  • The NEW MOON in early AQ isn’t aspected, except for a sextile (location dependent) – and has ‘a life of it’s own’ (very Aquarian also 🙂). Something’s cooking there. A seed is planted, for a new beginning in freedom, solidarity, in groups, as humanity, and a new beginning for the Feminine and the People (the MOON). To be revealed as time progresses.
    WE are the People. WE are Humanity.
    The New Moon close to the ‘Prometheus Point’ / ‘Community Builder Point’, from CAP to AQ shows us: It’s time to come together in groups of like spirit, in freedom, equality, and co-creation, and build together in circles of community beyond the CAP pyramid and hierarchy.


    Well, that’s a big, important deal, and a heavy one:

    With MERCURY still in CAP where it’s been ‘forever’ (in MERCURY terms), since early Dec, Humanity has ‘serious business’ to deal with and talk about.
    The recent MERCURY retro phase (Dec 19 – Jan 8) has happened mostly in CAP. Only now, with the AQ New Moon, the post-retro ‘shadow’ ends, mental digestion and integration can happen. MERCURY retro started on Dec 19, soo close to PLUTO, from where it went back to the SAG – CAP ‘Integrity Point’, close to SATURN, by Jan 8.
    Serious issues re: what does inner guidance say, what matters most, how to be in integrity and walk one’s talk, have come up for lots of us personally.
    This has been of course very relevant for the political arena (MERCURY traveled between close to the U.S. PLUTO, and Trump’s Eclipse MOON).
    What’s the truth? What is leadership? Who can be trusted? Where is this going?!
    “I’m the Messenger”, said GEMINI Trump in his populistic inauguration speech… Lots of messages and agenda has been thrown around in this turbulent month.‘Old school’ power / control agenda (PLUTO in CAP) became evident, also showing how the system is anachronistic, and due for changeNow, finally, MERCURY will actually cross PLUTO on Jan 29. What needs to change is being purged, and brought out of the ‘closet’ / shadow, into public discussion.


  • MERCURY / PLUTO practically square URANUS (MERCURY will square URANUS on Jan 31):
    Whoa – a serious wake-up call (also catalyzed by the Phoenix Rooster), lots of upset already – and perhaps more erratic and traumatic turmoil a la “one never knows what’s been thrown into the discussion next”?

    What would be best to feed into the collective ‘field’?
    How about: A liberated mind that sees the ‘spiel’, and through the illusion of it all?!


  • Presently, there is still so much PISCES energy going on (not just a ‘hot spot’, rather an overwhelming wave), with the South Node, NEPTUNE, CHIRON, VENUS – MARS just ‘made it’ today, Jan 27, out of PISCES, over the ‘Emergence / Survival Point’ into ARIES.
    Does that make you sea sick and nauseous? Well, yeah, no wonder – waves after waves of collective energy have been quite overwhelming and weakening for many of us, esp. psychically and for the immune system if you’re sensitive. Lots of people I know literally got sick, and I don’t think it was ‘just the flu’. The system can’t take all these invasive energies anymore.

    The PISCEAN Medicine (in combination with VIRGO): Let go of what’s vibrationally not working (anymore)!
    SATURN in SAG was squared by MARS in PI last week, and by VENUS in PI just today, Jan 27. The square between SATURN in SAG and CHIRON in PI continues this year (was exact Dec 24, 2016, again exact Apr 30, and Nov 2, 2017): In the midst of ‘chaos’ finding inner guidance and connection to our wisdom source! Staying Heart focused and grounded helps, walking in nature and gaining space from it all too.


  • We need to use our awareness and discernment muscles!
    The helpful North Node in VIRGO stands presently all by itself, without an aspect to a Planet (except for locally a quincunx to the MC), so it’s up to us to activate this support system. VIRGO helps with clear awareness, engaging with what works for us, establishing a daily wellness practice, healthy routines and rituals, building self sufficiency, bringing ‘order into chaos’, serving in a practical, grounded manner, and being with the plant kingdom is all good VIRGO medicine. And it is the energy of the Sacred Feminine. Letting HER inform us how we best take care of ‘our temple’ (the body-mind-spirit temple, and our physical environment)…!

    As for myself, and the inner VIRGO part, I introduced daily longer than usual Yoga practice since December into my morning routine – makes a big difference.
    Being with my work, and raising awareness through the Astrology of it all, rather than just being passively and helplessly exposed to ‘what happens’ is a big winner  too – for myself and whomever I serve and share with.


  • Lastly, the opposition of JUPITER in LIBRA and URANUS in ARIES that ‘seals off’ the 180° scene where it all happens (LI to AR) is quite a prominent ‘kicker’ all year (was exact on Dec 26, 2016, again on March 3, and Sept 27, 2017). Expect the unexpected! Issues of justice, lack consideration, balance, fairness, negotiation and equality are HUGE now, with JUPITER in LI, and the lack thereof is very upsetting, unsettling, and causing turmoil, in the societal (esp. U.S. – where URANUS also squares their PLUTO in 2017 / 18) arena, under URANUS in AR. More protests and marches, action and re-action very likely…
    Yet, how can we, beyond going into opposition, integrate this polarity?
    How about this: Finding the inner Balance Point and even Still-Point of Essence, from which to act, freshly, freely, spontaneously?!
    I’m sure the Yin Phoenix Bird would be quite happy with that too….



* Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 8°15’ AQ – and another, related one for the U.S. as well!

9° AQ says (yep, really):




KEYNOTE: The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.

This symbol nearly duplicates the one for Sagittarius 12°, but in this five-fold sequence it has a somewhat different meaning — especially since the last term of the mysterious transformation (i.e. the crowing of the eagle in chanticleer’s fashion) is omitted. All that is implied here is the vitalization of a powerful symbol, its embodiment in a living reality, i.e. in a person able to fly in consciousness to the highest spiritual realm. The archetype is given living substance and wings. The Image has become a Power.

This fourth stage symbol, as usual, gives us a technical suggestion. To “see” the new archetype, to perceive the new standard of value with one’s mind is not enough. The seer must become the doer. The impersonal is dynamized and brought into focus. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision.”


Whoa – what a timely / synchronous symbol!
Not in terms of: it’s all in place government wise. Rather than: as a standard and measuring stick. So who really IS acting out the vision, nowadays?!

The referred to Sabian Symbol for 12° SAG is actually the degree just above the U.S. AC (which is at 12°12’ SAG!). It seems to hold a hidden code to be looked at here as well – esp. given the recent and current affairs in the U.S., and, as we shall see, in relationship to the Chinese New Year:





KEYNOTE: The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.

In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution. The “flag” is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an “eagle” — another U.S. symbol — when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. The eagle symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it — and by so doing is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.

This second stage symbol contrasts with the first in that it is completely future-oriented. It speaks of “peak experiences” instead of the wisdom found in the organismic depth of the body- consciousness. It urges us to bring our noblest ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will. A Keyword might be ANNUNCIATION.”


Hmmm, I can think of a ‘Red Rooster’ and “crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.”…

May the incoming Fire Rooster turn into a Phoenix, burn off narcissistic and chauvinistic display, and may we all Rise in Consciousness!



© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger


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* Presidential Inauguration & The Emperor’s New Clothes – A Story of Sabian Symbols.

21 Jan

So, now it’s official: Since yesterday Jan 20, 12 pm, Donald J. Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th President of the U.S.A.


Here is the Inauguration chart:


Please note that there are presently NO Planets technically retrograde – full speed ahead?
Perhaps, in whatever the Planetary Archetypes represent, things can move quite fast now, esp. since URANUS in ARIES – THE acceleration force – just turned direct end of Dec.
MERCURY is now out of the post-retro ‘storm’, and almost out of the post-retro shadow as well (when it passes PLUTO, on Jan 29).

JUPITER in LIBRA is the only due-for-retro Planet (from Feb 5 on – at an interesting degree), so it’s clearly stationary: Questions of wise Choices, Fairness, Balance, Equality, Justice, Peace have been indeed BIG since JUPITER entered LIBRA on Sept 9, 2016, again highlighted now, and re-visited during the retro phase (Feb 5 – June 9).
Not ‘only’ for the U.S. – with their SATURN in LIBRA which JUPITER crossed round the elections but also for Trump himself, since he just had his 6th JUPITER return in LIBRA. In general, it’s very auspicious to start a new cycle that takes one to the next level of growth and brings exposure, under a JUPITER return. Yet, the LIBRA themes become bigger as well and more obvious for all to see.

URANUS and JUPITER continue to be almost exactly opposite throughout 2017, and presently (until March) even ‘divide’ the Zodiac into a ‘populated’ and an ‘empty’ half (check out the chart):
The balancing act to build bridges and support equality, fairness, right relationship, and peace, and on the other hand let something radically new emerge, and move boldly forward with it. In the meantime, radical and angry opposition to unfair, unjust ‘policies’ emerges. Very relevant for the U.S., with URANUS in ARIES squaring their PLUTO in CAP – political revolution? Unrest and upset is in the air 2017 / 18 with this transit. And it’s a great opportunity for innovative, liberating renewal too.

My intention is to explore the best potential of each transit and inspire to ‘go high’ (rather than getting stuck in the sensational, low vibrational mode).

When checking out some SABIAN SYMBOLS of the planetary, Sun, and Moon Zodiac degrees (didn’t include AC and MC, since the time could be a bit off) yesterday while watching ‘the show’, I was stunned at how much they describe the scenario of the inauguration, on an outer, obvious level, yet also, perhaps in idealized ways, what they say about the potential of what is being born here, through the new presidency, state of the country, and of humanity.

So how about this?

I’d like to let in this blog the SABIAN SYMBOLS pretty much stand for themselves, and encourage you to take it in, inspired by the ‘higher’ potential, for the new U.S. president and government, and, since All-is-One, also for the cosmic, energetic ‘matrix’ we’re in now here on Earth and in us. Hmmm, yes, the Trump Phenomena is archetypal, and brings out lots of shadow and projection… another, deeper theme to explore. 
So, how can we, rather than be frozen in projection compulsion, see beyond the obvious, be curious, aware, own our shadow around it, evolve and liberate ourselves, and indeed BE the CHANGE?!

And: In true blue Aquarian fashion, have a sense of humour at the drama, circus, and comedy unfolding, and activate the Inner Fool that sees through ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ (which was one of my favourite stories as a child already… 🙂 )?!


So here we go:
Here are the SABIAN SYMBOLS for the Planetary positions of the Inauguration chart, in order of the Zodiac (see chart) – since the SABIAN SYMBOLS work best in this cycle:


  • URANUS at 20°46’ ARIES – rounded up to 21° ARIES. Well, this one is straightforward. I can see a Sumo wrestler too.



KEYNOTE: The release and glorification of social aggressiveness.

Here we find potency glorified as muscular strength and will-to-power. Because it is potency operating at a harshly competitive level, it can and often does imply the possibility of defeat or disfiguration. In one sense the symbol translates into social terms the primordial struggle for survival of the fittest, adding to it an eagerness for social fame and social power (i.e. money). In another sense, the ring with two fighters in it can be referred to the Tai Chi symbol and the interplay between Yang and Yin. Each of the two types of energy wins in turn. Victory is always temporary in a dualistic world.

This is the first stage of the fifth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases. Potency and the two-fold possibilities inherent in any release of power are seen operating at the socio-cultural and emotional level. The symbol reveals man’s deeply rooted feeling of admiration and envy for whoever can generate OVERWHELMING POWER.



  • JUPITER at 22°42 ’LIBRA– rounded up to 23° LIBRA. An important degree, since JUPITER will station and go retrograde from 23°08’ LIBRA on Feb 5 – just into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster / Phoenix Bird! I saw a photo somebody posted, apparently showing the Washington Monument yesterday at sunrise, in red glow.



KEYNOTE: A creative and joyous response to life processes.

The cock that crows as the first coloring of dawn appears at the eastern horizon is a beautiful symbol of the ability, demonstrated by all pioneers and cosmically attuned individuals, to give voice to what is as yet unmanifested, but is on the way to manifestation. At the ego level, chanticleer may feel that he makes the sun rise; but someday he will learn through painful experiences that to create is only to reveal what essentially is. It is the vivid recognition of the as-yet-unknown in the known.

This third stage symbol should make us think afresh about issues we too often take for granted. At every “sunrise” there are a few isolated witnesses that herald the coming of a new day. What is at stake here is the individual’s capacity of RESPONSE TO LIFE’S RENEWALS — renewals which are cyclic, predictable, yet always new, always creative.



  • The MOON at 9°21’ SCORPIO – rounded up to 10° SCORPIO. Well, yeah, ‘comrades’ at Inauguration luncheon, at the parade, and the balls.



KEYNOTE: The overtones of human relationships based on a community of work or experiences.

This symbol pictures the essential nature of the bond that unites individuals who have participated in some common activity. The social feeling of communion, plus all that it engenders, arises after the act performed together. Activity is at the root of consciousness. Activity in common generates social consciousness and cultural patterns which become set in the form of institutions. A group-personality emerges, which displays characteristic features and gives birth to collective emotions and values.

This is the final stage of the forty-fourth five-fold sequence. Wherever the symbol appears, it suggests the importance of establishing or strengthening links with those with whom one has shared, or can share, living experiences. The value of COMRADESHIP is emphasized.



  • LILITH at 27°16’ SCORPIO – had to show you both 27° and 28° SCORPIO – both quite telling by themselves and in sequence.



KEYNOTE: The aggressive glorification of cultural values.

Every cultural-social collectivity sooner or later tries to impress the value of its achievements forcibly and noisily upon all those who belong to it, as well as upon foreign onlookers. At the individual-mental level the member of such a collectivity swells with pride and excitement when a display of the excellence of that in which his consciousness and personality are deeply rooted is publicly affirmed. Thus, the feeling of social unity binds the individuals of a culture through collective pride.

This second stage symbol contrasts sharply with the first one. Our aggressive, tense, domineering Western civilization is indeed in opposition to the natural spontaneity and instinctive adjustment to nature of tribal societies. The Keyword here is POMP.



KEYNOTE: The capacity in man to recognize and to pay homage to an integrating Principle at the core of all existence.

This rather peculiar picture tells us perhaps a good deal about the limitations of the mind of the clairvoyant who saw it, though it can be related to the symbolism of the various creatures of a spirit world mentioned in some alchemical and Rosicrucian books. What seems to be implied is that beyond both outer nature and the realm of the proud ego, a spiritual world exists to which the intuitive consciousness of man can pay allegiance. In that world, all manifested entities are seen as multiple aspects of a central Power and Consciousness. It is such a central principle of unity that human societies have sought to revere symbolically in human, all-too-human kings. In an individual sense, this principle is the Self.

This is the third stage in the forty-eighth five-fold pattern of symbols. It adds a new dimension to the two preceding ones. At this stage the presence of a spiritual unifying factor begins to be sensed by the individual perhaps weary of the outer shows of his culture. An INNER ALLEGIANCE begins to polarize the consciousness.



  • SATURN at 23°30’ SAGITTARIUS – rounded up to 24° SAGITTARIUS – hmmm, did we see a bluebird style new First Lady, perhaps? Random?



KEYNOTE: The reward which meets every effort at integrating into a social environment for those who remain true to their own selves.

The bluebird is a symbol of happiness, but also it refers to what one might call a spiritually oriented mind – to which the color blue relates, especially when a ‘bird’ is mentioned. A cottage is normally a part of a community, and the implication is that its inhabitant are well-adapted, either to the life of the community, or to their’ more or less isolated togetherness.

This is a fourth stage symbol, and it suggests that the essential technique for successful living is the development of a consciousness in which peace and happiness dwell. There is also a hint that GOOD FORTUNE is going to bless your life.



  • MERCURY at 6°45’ CAPRICORN – rounded up to 7° CAPRICORN – food for reflection, to consider how, maybe despite appearance, or paradoxically, the voice of God, and of the ‘Great Ancestor’ is speaking to us through this event.



KEYNOTE: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action.

Here we witness the deepest manifestation of that Power which operates within all relatively permanent social units, especially at the level of tribal organization. A tribe is a bio-psychic whole (or organism) integrated by a collective superphysical Power, the god of the tribe. In the Hebrew tradition, this god is YHWH (Yahweh-Jehovah); in earlier tribes, it may have been a deified more or less mythical “Great Ancestor.” All these tribal gods are local manifestations of the very power of “Life” within the earth’s biosphere. It is this deified Power which psychically “seized” especially sensitive or religiously trained men or women, who became Its mouthpiece — prophets, seers, oracles. That Power operates in our days as well, but in different ways because of the individualization and intellectualization of modern man’s consciousness. It binds together and helps to maintain the integration of organized social collectivities. It guides their development by releasing and focusing through especially open persons the visionary expectation of developments about to occur.

At this second stage of the fifty-sixth sub-cycle the future interacts with the present to release it from the inertial power of the past. Thus, this symbol stands in contrast to the preceding one. At the threshold of tomorrow man is allowed to have a vision or revelation of the essential elements of the as-yet-unknown next step in evolution. The key word is MEDIATORSHIP.



  • PLUTO at 17°36’ CAPRICORN – rounded up to 18° CAPRICORN – close enough: Stars and Stripes. And parades galore. How power (as in: political, natural energy, personal power and unused potential) is being USED is so crucial nowadays / years with PLUTO in CAP. This symbol in this context has an interesting connection to the British Empire that the U.S. broke away from. The U.S. will have their PLUTO return (every about 250 years) in 2020 – 2022 – a ‘total makeover’, with the original spirit renewed.



KEYNOTE: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.

This symbol reflects conditions prevailing in the past when Great Britain’s fleet was policing the seas under the international principle of the freedom of the seas. Times have changed, but the concept remains valid. Power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal as well as international relationships. Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving “law and order.” Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence — or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage.

This is the third symbol in the fifty-eighth five-fold sequence. It brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.



  • The SUN at 0°49’ AQUARIUS – rounded up to 1° AQUARIUS – uuhh, this one is clearly influenced by a colonial or even racial supremacy philosophy, yet, in fact: therefore, the symbol is very telling about why this government is so ‘old world’.



KEYNOTE: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.

The works and spirit of the Spanish priests who directed the building of the California missions have had a lasting influence on the development of this land; these remain as a monument to the men who were able to make their mark upon this alien environment. While the zodiacal sign Capricorn begins with a symbol of socio-political power, Aquarius at its start presents a more spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilization, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of a “civilizing” power into an institution offering to primitive men the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized and productive, level of activity.

This is the first stage in the sixty-first five-fold sequence. It speaks to us of THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL. This also implies the “immortalization” of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.



  • NEPTUNE at 10°16’ PISCES – I felt called to show you both 10° and 11° PISCES, since NEPTUNE moves so slowly, and to get some context where the theme comes from. NEPTUNE won’t go back to 10° PISCES where it ‘lingered’ last year. Walking on…



KEYNOTE: Man’s ability to develop powers and skills which by transcending natural limitations allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms.

This symbol in a sense synthesizes the implications of the four preceding ones: the dedication to the community of men (present and future), self-assertion and the ambition to reach a social goal. Man is seen mastering difficulties implied in a type of operation transcending his organic limitations and the narrow boundaries of a localized “living space.” He does so as an individual in command of powerful energies, but also as heir to the industry of countless innovators and managers.

This is the last symbol of the sixty-eighth five-fold sequence of evolving stages of consciousness and human activity. It evokes the achievement of MASTERY.



KEYNOTE: The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality.

This refers to the ancient and eternal symbol of the Path of Discipleship. The greatness of man is that he can always be greater; and the belief — deeply rooted in men’s inner nature — that if he fulfills the necessary conditions he can find “Elder Brothers” who have already attained a higher level of consciousness and will transfer their attainment and light to him. The Path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conqueror of emotions and the spiritually self-mobilized.

This symbol opens the sixty-ninth five-fold sequence and a new level of consciousness. Man is always in the making and remaking. He can always go further, reach beyond. But he has to take the first step. Someone can show him the Path, but he alone can do the walking. Thus, the Zen injunction: WALK ON.



  • VENUS at 17°43’ PISCES – rounded up to 18° PISCES. Self explanatory image. Reminds me somehow of Roman Empire style ‘panem et circenses’ – bread and gladiator games in the arena – or nowadays, rather the U.S. export culture of: fast food and mass media circus.



KEYNOTE: The collective appeal of a well-staged and exciting display of skill and/or oratory.

At first, Marc Jones interpreted the “gigantic tent” as the locale for a revivalist’s meeting; later he suggested a circus tent instead. In a sense, the basic meaning is the same whether it is the traditional performance of skilled clowns, acrobats or animal trainers, or that of a religious fundamentalist dramatizing an old religious imagery, what takes place is the use of personal achievement and conviction to bring a crowd to a state of enthusiasm sufficient to make it forget its boredom with everyday routine or its familiar sins of commission or omission.

At this third stage of the seventieth five-fold sequence, the individual person and the collectivity are brought together in a significant performance which subtly strengthens the communal spirit directly or indirectly.  The implication of the symbol, whenever it is found operating, is that the time has come for the individual to dare to present himself and his works to his community for applause, or for the purpose of attracting a following. What is suggested is PUBLIC SELF-DRAMATIZATION.



  • CHIRON at 21°48’ PISCES – rounded up to 22° PISCES – yep, so what happens after the big event? A hangover? An integration of the spirit into everyday life?



KEYNOTE: The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great ‘peak experience’.

The symbol obviously refers to Moses after he received from the God of his people the basic principles upon which a new religion, and even more a new ritual of living, should be founded. This basic “Law” has to be “brought down.” It represents a descent of formative and structuring power, a divine Revelation. This type of revealed knowledge contrasts with the kind of knowing born out of the experience of touch, of feeling, of warmth of contact. This second stage symbol pictures a process to which a religious God-given character has been attributed in the past, but which today is being investigated at the personal and psychological level. The important point here is: what do you do after you have a peak experience, an inner revelation? The Keyword MANDATE is appropriate; but the basic problem is how to fulfill it in the right spirit.



  • MARS at 24°21’ PISCES – rounded up to 25° PISCES – which closes the circle, since MARS is the Ruler of ARIES where URANUS sits. A movement is happening – not just the one Mr. President has in mind…



KEYNOTE: The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses.

The necessary centralization of the conscious attention and will symbolized by the preceding picture most often bring negative results — exclusivism, pride, jealousy, greed for power and wealth. Every man is a Church that has the Soul as its god, but most men forget the Soul and live according to dogmatic rules and habits which not only have become empty of inner meaning, but very often have been perverted by the demands of the senses and the emotional nature, and by the ego with its rationalizing intellect. A purging or catharsis is needed to restore not only fresh and creative spontaneity, but even more the contact with the Soul and the God-ordained dharma.

This is the last stage in the seventy-first subcycle. It leads significantly to the series of five symbols which concludes the vast cycle, because the final consummation of the process of actualization of the potency inherent in the original Creative Act requires moments of crisis and PURIFICATION.


Voila… a story unfolding.
Let’s see how it plays out, but not just be the spectators, also the change agents. Yet not so identified and attached that we get consumed by fixed ideas. Something bigger is already happening….


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger


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Obama’s Farewell Address / Spirit Legacy, and the Sabian Symbols

12 Jan

While listening to President Obama’s farewell / legacy address from Jan 10, I looked at his chart:

His SATURN retro is at 25°20 CAP in his 12th house – in service on behalf of the Nation, and its People – next to his JUPITER retro, on the ‘Prometheus / Community Builder Point’ (cusp of CAP to AQ) – which the SUN crosses (yearly) on Jan 19 / 20.

His SATURN / JUPITER conjunction ‘wraps around’ the U.S. PLUTO at 27°33 CAP – the Spirit of the Country and Nation, and its structural essences, like democracy, and continuous improvement and self organized work and empowered change, which Obama emphasizes in his moving farewell speech.

The U.S. will have their (first, since 1776) PLUTO Return in 2020 – 2022.
A historic time, to hopefully a REbirth and REgeneration the original American Spirit. 
So perhaps, ironically and somewhat paradoxically, in the best possible scenario, despite and through what Trump will evoke, ‘America will be great again’!
Depending on the strength of Spirit.

We’ll certainly see and hear more about what’s been processed down the border, over the next years.


Here is Obama’s chart:

Highly interesting and synchronistic for the farewell address are the Sabian Symbols for the degree of the CAP SUN of today’s (Jan 12) CANCER FULL MOON = 22°27′ CAP, between 22° and 23° CAP. 
Traditionally, in Astrology of countries, the SUN is their leader / king / president.
The MOON represents ‘the People’ – and the Full MOON is in CANCER, where the 4th of July  U.S. SUN is.
The speech was very moving and emotional – on this CANCER Full MOON. A sad farewell for so many.
By the way: The Sabian Symbol of 22° CAP was actually also the exact one for the New Moon at 21°45′ CAP exactly 4 years ago, on Jan 11, 2013!
Hmmm, that was the New Moon before Obama was sworn in for his second term, on Jan 20, 2013. Full circle?
22° CAP says:
Keynote: The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.
While the preceding symbol (A Relay Race) referred to the drive toward success in culturally organized collective endeavors, this one presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. We have seen how totally vanquished nations (like Germany and Japan) have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will  and the inner integrity of the person.
At this.. stage we find what seems to be a paradox, but the spiritual life is always paradoxical. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and the medieval Pope a criminal.
What matters most always is INNER STRENGTH.
… which President Obama certainly demonstrated in office, and inspired the nation to, as his spirit legacy (so SATURN in CAP in his 12th house), in his farewell address.
23° CAP:
Keynote: The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.
The fact that ‘two’ awards are emphasized makes us believe that this may refer subtly to the recognition by the community that, whether he succeeded or failed, an individual who discharged his duty nobly under unusual circumstances is entitled to the respect and appreciation of the collectivity he served so well. What is implied here is a constant give-and-take between society and the individual person. Each one should be able to trust the other.
This symbol… extracts, as it were, a common element from the two preceding scenes. The keyword here is RECOMPENSE, i.e. a compensation for a well-done performance – a balancing of accounts.”
Wow, sums it up.
Had to post once I saw it surprisingly.
The term ‘Performance’ in its two facets is so apropos Obama’s chart and what he presented:
  • The Performance of CAP: Obama’s SATURN retro – in rulership, in his 12th house of collectivity):
    Job well done. Kudos for his leadership and responsibility, and for improving the state of the economy and social justice and equality. Stepping into presidency at a time of ‘imbalanced accounts’ he got them them more balanced.
  • The CAN – CAP Full Moon squares JUPITER in LIBRA which enhances awareness of those things…
  • The Performance of LEO: Barack Obama’s got a strong concentration in the sunny, noble, radiant, naturally confident and charismatic sign: MERCURY, the SUN – like SATURN in rulership, LILITH, URANUS, and the North Node – which will return for him this Spring (every 18 1/2 years): Time to have fun and play with Michelle?:
    Yes, definitely an award for his Leonine performance across the board, and on all stages.
    Apropos LEO in Obama’s 7th house of marriage partner – he couldn’t have done it and wouldn’t have been as stylish and popular without her: Award for the fine and fun – and serious! – inspiration Michelle Obama has represented – what a shining CAP SUN spirit (“All girls and young women can do it!”) role model. Her 53rd birthday will be on Jan 17 – quite the Full Moon (fruition) Birthday time for her too!

Obama’s got both signs of performance and authority CAP and LEO with their natural rulers, SATURN and the SUN, and showed a big deal of what that can look like, over the last 8 years.


Obama has certainly been an inspiring leader and icon to Americans and world citizens.



Spirit Legacy of a President.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2017



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SAG New Moon 2016 (Nov 29): Focusing on the High Road & Gestation of the Heart Fire

29 Nov

On this beautiful clear day here in Victoria, I went to the Ocean before doing errands – and took in a great ‘wave therapy’ – ahhh! So fresh, air so balmy, and high tide splash ‘n spray…
While sitting on a log and watching the tides I received a ‘simple’ teaching for the SAG New Moon T-square. Wished I had brought my camera to record on the spot, but hey, it stuck and I could practice right away. Wanted to share with you here, at the beginning of the Astro~News blog:


Refreshingly ‘Simple’, Photo by Melanie, Nov. 2016

The tide is quite high today, and I had to climb on and around washed-up logs, and synch my rhythm with the waves rolling in to avoid getting wet feet.

Sooo beautiful to be out there, and energized by it all! At a spot where I sat down for a while on a log, wondering, “Shall I continue, or turn around here?”, I suddenly realized how symbolic this walk was for emotional and communicative scenarios (had one of those today, and even after the walk another one to practice on):
On the walk, the way how to move forward with ease was not to focus on and ‘highlight’ the ‘obstacles’ (logs, sticks, seaweed, uneven ground, waves coming in) which sure enough would give those a big attention and power. But to keep my focus on where the path ‘of least resistance’ does open, perhaps closer to the cliff, on the ‘high road’, which makes walking so much more enjoyable and healthier, and I could always jump out closer to the waves from there.

Similarly, as I focus on my ‘higher ground’, rather than on obstacles and judgment (all of which relates to New Moon in SAG, close to SATURN) I’m not carried away by or sucked into what might be inundating, overwhelming, co-dependent, addictive, toxic, and just produce more of the same, and I could loose myself in this (South Node in PI with NEPTUNE, in Nov stationary after going direct on Nov 19).
Instead, I’m self aware and conscious of what’s going on, and choose what’s healthy, functional, and smarter (North Node in VIR).

I so enjoyed my walk with the teaching applied, intentionally kept my relaxed zoom focus on the path that opened, walked the shoreline with ease and fun, and played with the waves. Nothing ‘NEW’, and quite ‘SIMPLE’, since we DO it when walking anyway. Yet a hologram for many situations:


Focusing on what works (SAG NM / SATURN – VIR NN), rather loosing our path in an energy that drowns us (NEP / SN in PI). And then relaxing (PI), aiming high, and having fun (SAG).

I could practice it right away afterwards in the pharmacy (a NEP place – NEP rules drugs). Wanted to pick up a prescription cream, and first it took forever – everything seems to go in slow motion which felt like a draining, dream like, hypnotizing energy (NEP / SN in PI). So I was going to the post office first, checked in again at the pharma – still a wait, and to the grocery store to be efficient with my time. When it was my turn the pharmacist again had to finish his admin before being available. More patience and release of judgment. When he finally rang the prescription through it turned out they charge $ 78 for a cream that I paid a fraction for a few years back. I was shocked, and immediately said: “I’m not willing to pay this price. I was about $ 20 last time.”. “You don’t want this prescription???” “No”. My intuition told me, the internet and Amazon are my friends when pharma is outrageous. And sure enough, found a same size generic cream with the same ingredient yet not the original brand for $ 11 and ordered it. Happy for alternative opportunities and solutions. Less pharma costs with the same focus is more, and works for me. SATURN in SAG (square CHIRON in PI) loves that too.

By the way, SATURN in SAG will be in exact square with CHIRON in PI on the day of the next New Moon, Dec 28 / 29:

What’s the Medicine and what are the Teachings of how to move forward, and which direction to say NO to?!
In my sense that’s already becoming quite clear when I look at what’s going on at Standing Rock…


Let’s see what the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon has to say, before we look at the chart.

The New Moon will be at 7°42’ SAG (see chart below).

8° SAG says:




Heart Lava, Kilauea. Photo by B. Lewis (from G+)


Keynote: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.

Forces are at work in the deepest layers of the psyche which in their own way respond to the outer stimulation produced by a strong involvement in group ambitions and emotions, and even more by the powerful tensions and releases of love. An alchemical process goes on, usually unnoticed by the conscious ego, until it becomes obvious that a kind of mutation has taken place and a new level of awareness of its responses to life has been reached. At this… stage, we deal with both the basic rhythm of growth of the human being and a reaction to more individualized experiences which aroused the emotions. The very substance of the person’s nature undergoes modifications, on the basis of which a new step may be taken. The symbol draws our attention to the inner changes. We have become aware of them. What is implied is a kind of PSYCHIC GESTATION.”


The Evolution of Love in a deeper, bigger, broader way than we were societally conditioned is taking place.

The Sabian Symbol also describes very beautifully the transit of VENUS / PLUTO in CAP that we just experienced. May the Power of Love be the evolutionary agent that overcomes the destructive love of power! A purification through the Heart Fire – that SAG also represents.



* The SAG New Moon Chart – A Bigger Picture.

The SAG NEW MOON will be exact today Nov 29 at 4:18 am PST.


  • As you see, SUN and MOON at 8° SAG are on the Apex of an exact Mutable T-Square to the Lunar North Node at 8° VIR, and stationary NEPTUNE, only one degree away from the Lunar South Node at 8° PI:

What a tension that seeks release and outlet at the New Moon point – the Heart Lava!

  • The North Node in VIR calls us to be (self) aware, sort things out, clean up our act, do what works, and what needs to be done to help a situation, be in alignment with integrity, and be grounded, and in practical intelligence.
  • The South Node in PI with NEPTUNE exposes us to the all-encompassing universal Sea of the Collective. We’re all in this together, and all is connected. Too much ‘flooding’ can lead to loosing ourselves, overwhelm, passivity, and a draining of energy on a personal level.
  • The Nodal Balance gives incentive to ‘start’ with the North Node, do what’s healthy and helpful, and stay in our integrity (the realm of ‘The Priestess’). From that place, exposure to and immersion in All that IS is easy and nature-All.


The SAG New Moon outlet can then be a spontaneous Heart Expression that speaks to… ‘whom it may concern’. The SAG Archer/ess pulls his / her arrow back to the Heart before releasing it, in-tension-ially, yet without expectations.


FIRE is also the strongest Element presently. What are you burning brightly for…? 


  • Next UP: Another T-square: VENUS / PLUTO in mid CAP are the Apex of a Cardinal T-square to JUPITER in LIBRA (the square was exact last week), and to URANUS in ARIES (VENUS square URANUS is exact tomorrow Nov 29!).
    JUPITER will exactly oppose URANUS on Dec 26.
    And MERCURY will go retro from very close to PLUTO, on Dec 19.

With cardinal energy, the crucial ‘pillars’ of life are affected. Radical new initiative and wise Leadership are called upon.
PLUTO / VENUS, exact last week (once yearly) in CAP sharply pinpoints the ‘love of’, attachment to, and investment in power over, abuse and exploitation, AND requires a change from the core, and on the soul level – personally and collectively, to access the depth and sustainability of the Power of Love – which matters most ‘at the end of the day’. And from that place, the love from and for what’s most essential (like: Water is Life!). This is the Apex / outlet of the T-square.

  • Since MERCURY will hover over this VENUS / PLUTO point from mid to late Dec (as it goes retro on Dec 19), a discussion has to be re-entered, and we need to re-think the situation, go deeper than into our mind, to communicate differently and with more soul integrity, rather than on a mental power trip (PLUTO / MERCURY).  To the left of the chart, you can see (can you read it?) my hand penciled M-r ‘itinerary’ (typed out below, also in the M-r segment).
  • JUPITER in LI shows us how important balance, justice, and right relationship are. And URANUS in AR represents the emergence of something radical and revolutionary. Can be unsettling and upsetting, unpredictable and raw. Revolutionary spirit, wake-up calls and spiritual awakening. The JUPITER – URANUS in opposition (# 1 on Dec 26, # 2 and 3 to follow on March 3 and Sept 27, 17) represents a dichotomy between right relationship, a peaceful, harmonious, synergistic and balanced giving and receiving, and radical uprising, turmoil, but also shake-up and wake-up with a call for a balance, fairness, and justice. More about it as we get closer to the exact opposition dates (and of course: always in my fb posts).
  • MARS in AQ, in trine with JUPITER in LI (exact on Dec 1) and in sextile with URANUS (exact on Dec 6) is presently a ‘valve’ through which the polarized energy can find outlets through group action, and an activation of humanity to act in cooperation (or am I idealistic here?).


How to live with and best express this Cardinal T-square pressure on a personal level, you may ask?

To keep it simple and essential (PLUTO in CAP):

  • How about spending our time and energy on what matters most?
  • How about we go by the Golden Rule (JUPITER in LI), and don’t do onto others what we wouldn’t wish to have done onto ourselves? (hmmm, what if this applies not just to treating and be treated by humans, but also to nature and animals, rivers and air?).
  • Being the Change we wish to see might be overwhelming, but can be taken step by step, in every moment we are aware and awake (URANUS in AR).
  • Honouring the Elders and Spirit Elders, and invoking our own Inner Elder is also very Capricornian, and can lead us to calm wisdom and grounded support in the priorities of life.

Back to Sagittarian Heart Wisdom and Action.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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