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Che Guevara 90: Born Revolutionary Hero

14 May

SO, on this day would be Che Guevara’s 90th birthday!
Yes, only – he was born on May 14, 1928 and died at age 39!

Feliz Cumpleanos, Che Ernesto!

On an epic journey in Cuba in Feb 2012 with a friend, Che’s charismatic revolutionary icon was omnipresent, and of course we also visited Santa Clara – the town of the decisive battle of the Cuban Revolution in 1958 where he’s most prominently immortalized.

We weren’t even aware at the time that it would have been the year of Che’s URANUS Return (for everyone at age 84) – full circle of the planet of Revolution and Liberation.

No surprise that URANUS features prominently in Che’s chart.
Goes to show how distinctly Astrology points to the Archetypes, in ‘bigger than life’ people’, and in all of us. 

Check out Che’s birth chart here.
Ironically, there’s also a controversy around his birth date being May 14 or June 14, 1928. In the museum, I found the date May 14 verified and took a note (I believe it was even the birth certificate), and that’s what the usually very reliable Swiss astro.com has too. Vamos!

Here it is again:


  • URANUS right on his AC in early ARIES and chart ruler MARS right ‘behind’, in universal PISCES in the 12th – born revolutionary and freedom fighter on behalf of ‘the whole’. Self sacrificing, charismatic, iconic, bigger than life. Expressing the ‘Zeitgeist’ and being a force for change.
  • His URANUS / AC is also in square with his MC in CAP which is ruled by SATURN retro in SAG with his South Node in the 9th House: On a mission to ‘disrupt’ (as we nowadays say), challenge, and overthrow a system / establishment that ‘didn’t work for him’ (SATURN retro) with a clear alternative vision and direction.
  • Something in him gave him intrinsic authority and leadership, independent of age (SATURN retro – his only retro planet – with his SN). Well, his youthful / forever young warrior spirit (ARIES / URANUS / MARS Rising, and SATURN in SAG) was so iconic throughout.
  • His job astrologically / life map wise was to communicate his revolutionary philosophy into understandable ways that people would resonate with – which would create a huge wave (SN / SATURN in his 9th House in SAG, NN / MERCURY in GEM in his 3rd, and the PISCES MOON in his 12th House squaring the Nodal Axis). And yes, giving the collective, the needs of the people (MOON in PI in the 12th House) a thrust for freedom (MARS in late PI to URANUS in AR) expressed directly through his presence, his life. 
  • And a big dynamic, assertive presence that-is: JUPITER in AR in the 1st House too.
  • Very dynamically charismatic and popular way beyond his life, via the square from his TAURUS SUN square NEPTUNE in LEO.


And guess what the Sabian Symbol for Che’s MERCURY in GEM (close to his karmic North Node) is?


KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini. What is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness. It may do so violently if socially oppressed — through revolution — or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.

This fifth stage is related to the first, for it is the experience of a world of being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process. In the same sense a psychedelic experience may momentarily make the mind transparent to a non-ego-structured realm of consciousness, and may lead to a sustained attempt at understanding what has been revealed of a transcendent Reality. Whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS.”


What a day to commemorate the revolutionary spirit, since tomorrow – just after the New Moon URANUS will enter TAURUS and be squared by MARS, freshly entered into Freedom for All oriented AQ on the day after!

Viva la Revolution!
Freedom from within – unconditionally!

And: The Power of Love leads the Evolution, and the Revolution of the Heart.
Freedom to BE!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger


Serving you with astrological guidance and perspective.
Pointing you to Your Inner Cosmic Compass.


ARIES – LIBRA Harvest Moon 2017: Wake Up, Be Fully YOU, and Bring Your Authentic Nature into Cooperation and Partnership!

4 Oct

The ARIES MOON is here-now, since 1:40 pm PDT today Oct 4 – opening the scene for her exact Fullness, opposite the LIBRA SUN, tomorrow, Oct 5 at 11:40 am PDT.

The warm and golden early October SUN and the crispy-fresh moonlit nights this week have been such a beautiful gift of contrast and balance.

DSC06026 - Copy

Balance and Freshness by the Water (and what a way of being a West-Coast child!) –               Photo by Melanie, Oct 2017


The first Full Moon in Fall is coming up!
It’s the Harvest Moon – the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox!


A good time to check in, what’s coming to Fruition, in this Harvest time – not just from the Summer, but from longer phases!

Soo much has been stirred up and in turmoil in the social and public world, and for many of us privately too in the last weeks, as URANUS the Shake-up / Wake-up Liberator yet also disruptive, shocking, and traumatizing force turned direct / forward at the very end of ARIES, in early August.

  • How have you set yourself FREE from being bombarded with news that could easily re-traumatize something latent in you?
  • What do you DO about moving courageously forward in your life and in this world?
  • What’s waking up in you?


MARS, the ruler of ARIES, has been travelling close to the SUN this Summer which heated up the atmosphere, and it’s been sadly literally a record year for out-of-control wildfires here in the West.
Hope you found positive passionate outlets for MARS / SUN this Summer! 
The SUN is gradually further ahead of MARS now, loosening the heated Yang type combo, plus, the present LIBRA SUN is ruled by VENUS, and more conducive to the dance and negotiation in partnership than than battling with fire and fury.
Additionally, up until tomorrow, Oct 5, MARS has been ahead of VENUS (since Spring 2016!), and we’ve seen the effects of a MARS driven world all too well.
This too is changing, as VENUS will pass MARS, just hours before the Full Moon.
Please find my VENUS / MARS blog post here, for more in-depth info (incl. the Sabian Symbol for their union).

  • What’s cooking for you, in the Conscious Cooperation Caravan?


Also JUPITER is coming to the end of its 11-month journey through LIBRA next week, on Oct 10, when it moves over the ‘Tipping Point’ into SCORPIO (until Nov 9, 2018).
Harvesting the LIBRAN gifts by JUPITER with questions like these can be quite fruitful:

  • What have you seen more clearly about relationships with significant others and yourself IN relatedness, over the last year? 
  • What did you attract in others as a reflection of yourself (missing parts, blind spots, shadow projection)?
  • Which important choices came up for you, and how did you go about choosing wisely?
  • How do you go about restoring inner and outer peace and balance, in a world of turmoil (JUPITER in LI has been opposed by URANUS in ARIES 3 times, in Dec 2016, March and Sept 2017)?

The area of life related to LIBRA in your chart is what has been ‘blown up’ so that there can be more space around it that allows for (mutual) growth.

‘Even’ good ole SATURN comes to the end of the SAG finish line soon – on Dec 19 – where it’s been since Sept 2015, challenging us to focus on the light and on what matters, in a world of distraction and disorientation.

Harvest review:

  • How do you stay on track on your intrinsic path?
  • When challenges and ‘obstacles’ show up, can you recognize them for what they are, adjust the course or our approach, and take the teaching and guidance?
  • How have you been able to not loose heart, with what you see in the world
  • What keeps you moving forward with your vision? Where’s your WHY?
  • Where does the journey go NOW, and what motivated you now, compared to 2 years ago?


We’re in the build-up time for this ARIES Full Moon that’s a ‘fierce midwife to URANUS’, the Awakener and Revolutionary Archetype.

When the BS hits the fan there’s no holding back – so much is bursting out now, as in ARIES – emergence / emergency. Quite the wake-up call, for The Feminine (MOON) and for The People.

In traditional Astrology, the MOON is the Archetype of the People vs. the SUN is the King / Queen / Ruler. I know, this societal model is outdated, and up for evolutionary change, but hey, it’s been symbolically still in effect, and currently again in full force, as seen in places like Catalunya striving for its independence from Spain (see yesterday’s Astro blog about it, with the charts of Barcelona and Spain).
It illustrates what’s going on and shaken up at so many places and in so many ways:
The People (MOON in ARIES) come out and stand up: “Hey, this is US, our Catalan identity can’t be repressed (PLUTO in CAP), our voice must be heard, we’re not in this anymore, and we might pro-actively declare our independence.” Suspense in Spain…

Speaking one’s Truth, and being on the Path is very ‘loaded’ now. The Full Moon will be in the central LEO part of ARIES, and URANUS is in the Sagittarian part of ARIES – linking over in a trine to SATURN in SAG – the end of ‘old stories and beliefs’.
What stories are wanna-be leaders trying to tell us?
We’re not living by ‘old stories and dogmatic laws and beliefs anymore.


Calling for a Revolution?

Angel_of_Revelation _W.Blake

Angel of Revelation, Painting by William Blake

The Inner Revolution and Liberation has begun for so many of us, in fact, is HERE when we wake up from the past, from the dream, from anything that keeps us from living in the NOW.

Since the ARIES FULL MOON is close to URANUS (and will meet URANUS on Oct 6, the door to spiritual awakening is open.

Upon waking up (“What a crazy nightmare was that???” or “Was I dull, not really alive, apathetic, and paralyzed?”), a freedom FOR a conscious new start, a new blossoming, and / or: An alert presence in the I AM can ‘take over’.


What’s LIBRA got to do with it?


It offers questions like:

  • What would be conscious (SUN) choices (LIBRA) that meet the need (MOON) to be authentically, fully YOU (ARIES)? Hint – it starts with: Choose Yourself!
  • What’s negotiable (LIBRA) and what’s a deal breaker (URANUS in ARIES)?
  • How could a partnership look like (LIBRA) that brings out the partners’ liberated beingness (URANUS in ARIES) where the light is reflected to one another?
  • Baby steps at a time (ARIES) are fine and normal.
  • Too much sitting on the fence, weighing and waiting (for the other to make a move, for ‘something’ to happen and tip the scale) doesn’t do it much longer. JUPITER ‘had it’ and crosses over the ‘Tipping Point’ into SCO on Oct 10. Choices create change!

Lots of questions to consider, says SUN / MERCURY, not far from JUPITER in LIBRA, on the other side of the ‘equation’.
Yet, i.m.o., being truly, spontaneously authentic in the Self naturally supports good choices, and things don’t ‘stick’ so much in relationships that need to be ‘ironed out’ again.
I know, it can be a balancing act to bring one’s true authentic Nature into relationship – but it’s actually more from the perspective of the conditioned Self an ‘issue’ than from the free, authentic Self.


And then, what a beautiful cosmic reflection showing up also tomorrow:

YinYang Infinite

The essence of timeless Tao Wisdom: Yin-Yang Balance is always dynamic and interwoven.

On the DAY of the ARIES (ruled by MARS) – LIBRA (ruled by VENUS) Full Moon will be also the union (every 2 years only) of VENUS and MARS (see today’s blog post for this theme)!

May cooperation (VENUS) rather than competition and confrontation (MARS) lead the way now!

May the world, humanity, and everyone of us be more / come back into integrity (VIR), and may right relationship/s in dynamic, ‘juicy’ synergy help us with conscious, creative cooperation!

VENUS goes into square with SATURN on Oct 8, and MARS on Oct 9:
Specifics and ‘details’ can make things complicated and create conflict and stagnation – or just need to be ‘ironed out’ to open the path for the YES.

VENUS will go into opposition with CHIRON in PISCES on Oct 10, and MARS on Oct 15:
Integrity in adaptive Fluidity can be the Medicine.


Voila – here is the chart for the exact ARIES – LIBRA Full Moon tomorrow Oct 5, at 11:40 am PDT, as viewed from Victoria BC:

AR - LI FM 2017

You see the Full Moon Axis of the MOON in mid-ARIES (with LEO undertone – Be Fully and authentically YOU!) not far from URANUS end of ARIES which is in mutually enhancing Fire trine with SATURN / LILITH in late SAG.
LILITH is now in the area pointing to the Galactic Centre where we deeply trust the ultimately Unknown – to reveal our True Nature in the ‘Journey’.

The SUN and MERCURY bring contrasting balance in mid-LIBRA (with an AQ undertone):

  • How can we consciously cooperate for Peace, Justice, Fairness, Equality? It takes a team / group / circle / humanity.
  • What’s a well-suited cooperation and partnership – esp. with others who show up in the area of life where LIBRA is in your chart?
    If they aren’t naturally compatible how can you bring yourself into balance and be at peace with what IS?

MERCURY will go into opposition with URANUS on Oct 15, and the SUN on Oct 19 (the day of the LIBRA New Moon) which can be quite a dilemma between ‘Us’ and ‘Me’ or convention and spontaneous action. It can also resolve the tension from JUPITER opp. URANUS since last Winter. May there be a consciously chosen win-win!

PLUTO, still stationary (went direct on Sept 29) in mid-CAP is the apex (= outlet) of a wide cardinal T-square with the Full Moon axis!

What does PLUTO in CAP point to, where can the change be sourced, and what can the state of things change into?

  • The Power of TIME and Timeliness.
    How do we know when’s the ‘right & ripe time’, esp. when making choices that involve / are dependent on others (LIBRA) while you might want to move forward or it’s not really your gig (ARIES)?
    Astrology helps through showing us the cosmic cycles, and how to align with them. Natural inner knowing and alignment helps too. Don’t let yourself get guilt-tripped (“You should do this for… them”) or pressured (“You should be already…. doing this”) in this ever so 24/7 production mode world (which isn’t really all that productive, if natural cycles of rest and regeneration aren’t honoured.
    So perhaps the Power of TIME means to slow down, smell the Roses, and let things naturally ripen until their Harvest time comes…?
  • Honouring the Elders, and Receiving Guidance.
    Elders may be biological Elders, Spirit Elders, the Spirit of the ‘Old World’…
    Being in (LIBRA) partnership with them, and guided (CAP) by and to them can be very powerful – IF you hear the call (SATURN, the ruler of CAP is now in SAG, testing us to find where the most important YES is).
  • Working Well with Resources. Being Resourceful.
    Which ties into Time and Natural Laws…

    Working respectfully with the cycles of nature, incl. our own nature, the human life cycle, and day-to-day cycles. CAP traditionally works with the Land, and cooperates with Nature. When and where is a good time / place to seed / plant / harvest?
    There’s simplicity and beauty in this. Can we apply it again more into our lives?
    CAP says: I use (I use what’s here and make the best out of it, I’m resourceful).
    The shadow would be to abuse, over-use, and the lack would be to under-use what’s sitting somewhere, and would be a helpful resource.
    Bottom line: Time for an inventory (LIBRA / CAP) / invent-ory (URANUS in ARIES).
  • Wisdom of the Body.
    The most obvious ‘earthly’ resource ‘close to us’ is our body, of course. Mid-CAP where PLUTO is now has also a TAURUS undertone – TAU rules bodily sensation.

    Don’t let yourself get de-stabilized from chaos and imbalance around (low grade experience of UR in AR). Find and stand your ground.
    So yeah, let’s definitely bring the wisdom of the body in, for wise choices, and empowering change, while being in our authentic Self!


JUPITER, on the brink of leaving LIBRA, will enter SCORPIO on Oct 10, to move through the Magical Zodiac zone until Nov 9, 2018.


Johfra Bosschart: VENUS rules LIBRA

The painting to the left by Johfra Bosschart contains a lot of esoteric symbolism.

I chose it to illustrate an important aspect of the transition from LIBRA to SCORPIO (upper part of the picture):

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ibis-headed Thoth to the left with the double-serpent and Cow-headed Hathor to the right weigh the heart of the deceased (in an urn) against the feather of Ma’at (Goddess of Justice).
May in any significant choice point and transition our heart be unburdened, and as light as a feather!

The transition from LIBRA to SCORPIO is not only the ‘Tipping Point’ (the scales tip, the choice is being made – or it’s a ‘choiceless choice’! – and inevitably leads to change), but also an ‘Alchemy Point’ where ‘ingredients’ are ‘married’, to co-create something bigger than the sum of them.
If the ‘match’ is magical powerful change is afoot!
JUPITER into SCORPIO shows us opportunities to go into magical change – if we trust the Unknown.
Yet it also shows what’s hidden and covered, and makes it worthwhile visiting and digging deeply into our taboo, repressed, or emotionally (apparently) controlled experiences. To bring forth treasures that we might have buried from the world and ourselves. Who knows what comes from that?!
More to come, in a special JUPITER into SCORPIO blog post next week.
I felt called to offer JUPITER in SCORPIO Deep Dive Sessions, for the first month of JUPITER in SCORPIO (10 / 10 – 11 / 11), where we intentionally, and with the astrological map & compass, plus the synchronistic support of Voyager Tarot & Animal Spirit cards, go into, and focus on:
  • What’s being cleared away now, from your ‘inner basement / closet’?
  • Where is deep transformation now possible in your Life, what does it take to go INTO it, and how do you meet the landscape you meet there?
  • What’s the Alchemy that presents itself?
  • What does that mean for your ‘outer’ world, above the surface?

You can find out more about the Deep Dive Sessions at my FB Page Event.
If you’re new to my services I welcome you to get in touch before booking, if you have preliminary questions, and to get to know each other a bit before we ‘dive in’.


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I’m always happy to welcome you as a client who is not seeking a ‘reading’ from me (“What’s going to happen TO me?”, “What am I supposed to do?”), but to be supported in accessing your own wisdom source, especially in times of a challenging transitions, stuckness, transformational crisis, for perspective at a crossroad or dilemma, and for empowered choices.

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GEMINI New Moon (May 25): Revolutionary Alchemy

25 May

VENUS and MARS are stirring it UP!

Johfra Bosschart Gemini Phoenix

Mercury Rules Gemini. Painting by Johfra Bosschart. Upper part detail: The Phoenix


Before we meet the GEMINI New Moon directly, let’s honour ‘her entourage’ of planetary ‘players’, and the overall Astro sphere – GEMINI AIR is fanning a lot of FIRE…

The GEMINI painting by Johfra Bosschart shows on its top the double-headed Phoenix bird, arising from the Yin-Yang Alchemy of opposites. In this deeper sense, GEMINI is the Alchemist.

And we are called to be Alchemists of conflict, dualities and opposites, in so many ways, these days.

A very dynamic, fiery scene is going on these days, with a Grand Fire Trine (in effect all May), as well as MARS and VENUS, the two archetypal ‘lovers’ being both quite active in their own ways.

When it comes to FIRE, VENUS / URANUS ignite us in ARIES, the North Node in LEO, LILITH and SATURN (retro) in SAG. Let’s be authentic, express who we are, trust and follow the Heart & Spirit!
The ‘Grand Fire Trine’ of VENUS / URANUS, North Node, and SATURN – the trine between the ‘key players’ SATURN and URANUS was exact on May 18 (second one of 3 times: Dec 24, 2016, May 18 and Nov 2, 2017) – extends its effects throughout May – and is in the cosmic field throughout Spring. VENUS now comes into the trine picture too: June 1 – 3, ‘she’s in trine with SATURN, and then conjunct URANUS:

So rewarding to say NO (SATURN) to more, more, more / anything goes / excessive abundance for its own sake (even as addictive overwhelm – SATURN comes out of a square with CHIRON in PI) when the heart isn’t on board with a certain ‘deal’, or it’s not ones path / anymore (SATURN in SAG). 

This opens the door for abundant serendipitous gifts when / as we are free (URANUS in AR), and radically, authentically, lovingly, present in the moment (VENUS / URANUS in AR).
A Revolution and Alchemy of the Heart!

VENUS in AR goes technically first into square with PLUTO retro in CAP – exact today, the New Moon day – before entering the Grand Trine, even though the ‘whole picture’ happens simultaneously, of course.
Time to let the ‘old regime’ of inner ancestral disempowering stories and imprints, esp. about our self-worth (like: “you need to work hard to be worthy, loved, attractive” “everyone else is ‘further ahead’, no way catching up!”) and our disempowering responses to external, present-day controlling structures and situations burn up and die in the Bonfire of Love, and meet the inner and outer worlds from a naturally powerfully authentic, loving place!
No way going back into the historic rabbit hole…

Through unburdening ourselves from the shackles of the past that we might have been unconsciously loyal to, we naturally find our freedom. Just as removing junk from a river allows it to naturally run freely.

NEPTUNE / CHIRON in PI – in the mutable T-square too – help forgive, release, and surrender it all in the Unifying Field – call it Universal Love and Oneness.
Ultimate Medicine…


Ganesh, the Remover / Shower of Obstacles, and MARS, the Ego Executor – Meeting SATURN, the Sage


Ganesha – Elephant headed Hindu god, known to be the ‘Remover of Obstacles’ on the path, and Guru that takes us from the darkness (of not seeing what the obstacles is / was) to the Light.

GANESH, the elephant headed Hindu deity, known as ‘Remover of Obstacles’ would be a good one to invoke, to show us our personal obstacles, and the path to be free from them.
IF Ganesh resonates with you, that is – otherwise, I trust you have your personal inner gurus and guides…

Of course, the separate Ego is big time THE obstacle to freedom.
MARS is the ‘Ego planet’ that helps us assert ourselves, yet can also keep us separate.

MARS, presently in GEMINI, works via the ‘sword of the mind’ that questions and doubts.
Notice how this strategy keeps you separate.
Watch your inner aggressive voice, and inquire into it, from the inner SATURN in SAG ‘Sage’ / inner wise teacher, asking, probing:
“Is this true?” Why do you believe this thought?” “What would be a more expansive way of seeing this?”, and, ultimately: “Who is even the thinker of that thought? Can s/he be seen?”.

MARS in GEM approaches its opposition with SATURN retro in SAG now, exact on May 28.
An excellent time (rather than living out this charged dynamic with opinionated, judgmental aggressiveness) to approach the pairing with curious inquiry (GEM) and sincere spiritual maturity (SATURN in SAG).

MARS in GEM on the other hand exposes a too rigid, righteous SATURN in SAG: There’s not just ‘one way’. Many paths of truth. 

The New Moon in GEM initiates a new beginning for new learning, new avenues, new questions, new dialogue (incl. inner) – new Alchemy!


Sabian Symbol for the New Moon


KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini. What is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness. It may do so violently if socially oppressed — through revolution — or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.

This fifth stage is related to the first, for it is the experience of a world of being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process. In the same sense a psychedelic experience may momentarily make the mind transparent to a non-ego-structured realm of consciousness, and may lead to a sustained attempt at understanding what has been revealed of a transcendent Reality. Whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS.”

Quite fascinating that THE revolutionary of the 20th century, Che Guevara (* May 14, 1928), was born with MERCURY at 5° GEM, close to his North Node – a karmic purpose to communicate his Sagittarian revolutionary philosophies to the people. He also had MARS in late PI, conjunct URANUS in early AR, which is right on his AC!

Obviously, the Sabian Symbol can be interpreted as an outer, societal, and / or radical inner transformation.
What can bring THIS about?
Takes us back to VENUS / URANUS in late AR (building up, post VENUS square PLUTO retro in CAP, with the New Moon) – exact on June 3:
The Power of Love leads the Evolution, and the Revolution of the Heart. Freedom to BE!


Time to take a look at the GEMINI New Moon chart:

GEM NM 2017

As you see, the SUN / MOON pairing is almost unaspected (except for the square to the AC here from the West Coast perspective): The ‘Revolutionary Alchemy’ has ‘a life of its own’ – which can be quite powerful when consciously accessed.

As always with a New Moon, we’re in the ‘conception cauldron’ where solar rays of intention unite with lunar receptivity and openness. Both belong together, for creative newness to occur.

Wherever early GEMINI is in your chart – maybe even your SUN, MOON, AC, or planets are there, be the revolutionary Alchemist through that area of life / through those planetary Archetypes!
Example: VENUS in early GEM in your 11th house: Set intentions, and be open and curious to attract new friends and social networks. Go into dialogue with them, see what you can learn from one another.

The GEMINI MOON will approach MARS, and oppose SATURN retro in SAG, both on Fri May 26 – emotionally charging the opposition which will be exact on Sun May 28.
So, let’s not buy into the arguments of the separative, confrontational ego forces, but rather inquire more deeply into the truth of the matter (see above), and feed our genuine curiosity to learn (GEM) and grow (SAG). 

On Sat May 27, the MOON will enter CANCER, where our needs for nurturing (giving and receiving) come up. The MOON goes into a Cardinal Grand Cross with VENUS / URANUS in AR, JUPITER in LI, and PLUTO in CAP on Sun May 28.
This cardinal ‘powerhouse’, besides the already active mutable commotion, can be channeled into making new powerful choices that truly meet our essential needs and the needs of the whole (doesn’t have to be a conflict), and roll with them.
‘On the wings of the New Moon’, we can create a ‘prototype’ for a powerful Living from the Heart.

On June 1 – 2, the MOON in VIRGO will go into a Mutable Grand Cross with the SUN and MARS in GEM, LILITH and SATURN in SAG, and NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PI.
Rather than being stressed out over and overwhelmed by ‘the ten thousand things’ let’s find the ‘hub of the wheel’, in our inner centre, through meditation, yoga, or any personal wellness practice that brings us into alignment and wholeness from within.


So many Blessings for your GEMINI New Moon cycle!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger




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And NOW for the NEW! MERCURY now in ARIES (March 13 – 31 + Apr 20 – May 15) with Triple URANUS Contact – Revolution of the Mind!

13 Mar

And now for a refreshing mental shift and lift:


Butterfly Baby, Photo by Anne Geddess

MERCURY entered ARIES today, March 13!
Inviting us to connect mentally with the Emergence of the NEW!

An enlivening, activating, quickening energy, post Piscean ‘floating’, dreaming, surfing, and navigating of the cosmic waves and currents of the collective mental sphere – an Odyssey for many of us… MERCURY was in PISCES since just before the Shivaratri PISCES Solar Eclipse on Feb 26, until today March 13.

Phewww, that wasn’t ‘easy’, since so much has been washed up, and come to our mental attention as well – only to show: we are, and it IS all connected, always in-becoming.
MERCURY is traditionally considered ‘in exile’ in PISCES, opposite its ruled sign VIRGO, the helper, and square its other ruled sign GEMINI, the learner. PISCES is rather the mystic.
How’s the mind of the mystic? Rather a no-mind.

Hope you could dance through, and BE with it, rather than straining your mind to find a way through the waters of overwhelm and confusion, and, like myself, took time to release and retreat, let go of your agenda, connect spiritually, and be open to see miracles and synchronicities.
Maybe in reflection on where this recent time took us mentally can help putting it into perspective, and we can see the gifts in disguise (PISCES likes to camouflage)…

MERCURY’s farewell to PISCES came with a square with SATURN in SAG, yesterday, March 12 – sounds like a mental bruise… maybe news and communication that showed what to let go of, and where the path actually leads – and comes from: The HEART. 

And NOW for the NEW!

First Flight

First Flight

MERCURY entering ARIES is a big shift, and big news.

  • ARIES is where everything starts – Spring Equinox energy.
    MERCURY as a function of the mind is very well placed in ARIES, since it lends itself to new ideas and inspiration (hopefully after a big release, surrender, and re-connection with what-IS in PISCES).
    Here-now, we can get the ball rolling, in communication and new endeavours that might require courage – or rather a fresh mental approach, and to simply give it a try, and put something forward. Be pro-active, make the first step, make a suggestion.
    Kick your mind into gears, let fresh ideas arise!
    Out of hibernation, into action, one baby step at a time!
    But hey, with ARIES, things can go fast!
    Any mental projects sitting on the back burner that you’d like to tackle? Get going!

  • MERCURY will go retro soon (Apr 9 – May 3), which – you know my approach by now – isn’t ‘bad news’, rather an opportunity for mental re-set with the Heart, Spirit, and Consciousness (MERCURY is being ‘lassoed in’ by the SUN).This will be such an interesting MERCURY retro phase!


    Prometheus – the Archetype of URANUS – Bringing the Fire of the Gods to Humanity

    MERCURY will meet its ‘higher octave’ and transpersonal ‘Avatar’ URANUS in late ARIES 3 times in this journey (March 26, Apr 28, and May 9!), and start its post-retro forward motion on May 3 right next to URANUS! 
    End of April to mid May will be very MERCURY – URANUS energized!
    Does that sound like revolution from within, and awakening from the mental game, or what?!
    Innovative approaches to everything. Liberating mind-shifts in so many ways.

    What a contrast to the last MERCURY retro phase that started next to PLUTO in CAP, on Dec 19 – sounds already heavy and oppressive… and it showed us a big deal about power structures, and how to not get oppressed by or depressed over the news they produce but instead shift our mind and BE the change!
    So here’s a brief mental pause, to honour and acknowledge our Winter journey with MERCURY (the Mind) and PLUTO (Power – to change, and be the Evolution!).

    I set up the charts for MERCURY going retro (Apr 9), meeting the SUN (Apr 19 / 20 – a ‘New Mercury’ – Mind guided by Spirit and the Heart, and for MERCURY going direct, next to URANUS, on May 3 (shortly before the Wesak Moon of the Buddha, which will be this year on May 10).
    Don’t want to overwhelm you with more info here.
    Yet I must say: I’m excited at the upcoming energies!
    Which are already HERE
    if our consciousness taps into them – since ‘time’ is only a linear construct which we have been entrained to go by…

So, let’s welcome MERCURY in ARIES with all that it brings us, to set ourselves FREE from the ‘known’ and for the NEW!

And see what happens when we get the ball rolling for something that Spirit calls us to move towards. Things can go much faster than you thought 🙂

© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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