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Summer SoUlstice 2018 – Height of the Light, Sacred Stand-Still and Turning Point

20 Jun

Happy SUMMER SOLSTICE on June 21, 2018 – Height of the Light!

Celtic Wheel of the Year, with Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha / SUMMER SOLSTICE, Lughnassadh / Lammas, Mabon, Samhain.

We’re celebrating the longest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere!
One of the four sacred turning points of the year:
Summer and Winter Solstice, and Spring and Fall Equinox.

Summer Solstice is in Pagan Tradition called LITHA.
In this beautifully compiled UK originated page The Goddess and the Green Man you can find a plethora of traditions, ceremonies, and recipes for ‘Midsummer’ (as it’s also called, even though Summer only begins!).

Sol-Stice means literally ‘Standstill of the Sun’.

Apparently, from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, the SUN has reached its maximum range of the Ecliptic, and is now overhead the Tropic of CANCER, ‘producing’ the longest day time hours, before ‘receding’.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the ‘arc’ of the SUN is the smallest and lowest now, reaching Winter Solstice. Your Summer Solstice is when, through the Earth tilt, the Sun is overhead the Tropic of Capricorn – longest days for you guys and gals, of course.
Happy WINTER SOLSTICE, dear Reader in Australia and South Africa, and the whole Southern Hemisphere of Mama Gaia!

Back to our Northern sphere:
As you can see in this daylight table we’re actually 2 full weeks in Solstice mode: 16 hrs and 06 – 07 min of day time, this whole WEEK in the Northern Hemisphere (with the example of Victoria BC), culminating on June 21, with 16 hrs and 06 min. and 43 sec., the absolute maximum of the year.
June 21 is 7 hours and 48 minutes longer than the Winter Solstice (Dec 21)!
And from next week on, the day time will recede very slowwwly – yet, it’s SUMMER!


* Happy CANCER Season:
Nurturing What We Care About.


Johfra Bosschart: The Moon Rules Cancer

As the SUN crosses the Summer Solstice Point we’re in the CANCER Season of the year (this year until July 22).
The first WATER sign of the Zodiac introduces the world of Feeling, Caring, Nurturing, and Belonging – ahhh!
This is the energy related to the Mother theme.
The MOON is ‘at home’
and most natural in CANCER which brings out our early, primal memories, our need to be safe and cared for, our instincts to protect life, and to nurture what and whom we care about – our ‘loved ones’ (2-legged or 4-legged), and extending to all beings and life forms.

With CANCER being so closely linked with the MOON you probably want to know when the first SUMMER Full Moon and New Moon will be:
The next Full Moon in CAP – CAN is on June 27/28, and the CANCER New Moon on July 12/13 will be actually a Partial Solar Eclipse, visible from Southern Australia and Antarctica.

Stay tuned for the  Astro~News blog, with cosmic offerings for attunement and celebration!




Chartres Labyrinth

This Summer Solstice is a Turnaround Time, in many ways.

Yes, the SUN moves into CANCER and follows MERCURY (already there since June 12). Sooo, the the conscious, vital (SUN) and mental (MERCURY) energy is turning inwards-backwards, towards themes of origin, home, belonging, how we nurture and what nurtures the soul – as families and tribes gather at this warming season…

Some of our Planetary SoUlar System ‘Family Members’ (getting used to CANCER language here… 🙂 ) reflect the ‘standstill’ / turnaround / inward-turning energy this month too. Here they are, in order of closeness to our Earthly Home:


  • MERCURY is technically direct / forward moving, yet travelling in CANCER (June 12 – 28) which turns the mental energy inward-backward by nature:
    Memories, dreams, reflections, and thinking / talking about themes we care about, and what offers safety and compassion. Also an ebb-and-flow / back-and-forth / sideways ‘crab walk’ energy for the mind – which can be very creative, and feeling infused.

    When in LEO (from June 28 on), MERCURY will start to slow down, for (you guessed it, indeed!) another MERCURY retro phase, from July 25 to Aug 18, all in LEO. Themes will be to find our way from the ego to the heart, to love and healthy self love, in communication.
    MERCURY will still be in LEO until Sept 5!

    So, July and Aug will be also ‘turnaround months for MERCURY. 
    More about it on this channel in July.


  • MARS now in early AQ is on the brink of going retro, on June 26 (until Aug 27). 
    Quite a turnaround energy to RE-calibrate the Inner Masculine, and RE-activate community and cooperation, post old-World / old ways of aggression, competition, and division.
    Yet also a good time to process old anger, and to re-ignite projects that have been on the back burner.
    Find more about MARS Retro 2018 in this blog post.


  • JUPITER in mid-SCO, and on retro course since March 8, will go direct again on July 10, and is still stationary (moving super slowly in the ‘U-turn’ from backwards to forward) end June to end of July, to help us expand and deepen our awareness of core themes that are often hidden incl. from ourselves, and to transform inner / old blockages into treasures.


  • URANUS freshly in TAU is slowing down too, to go retro on Aug 7 (until Jan 7, 2019), and will be in apparent stationary ‘stand-still’ between 2 – 3° TAU, mid-July to end of Aug. URANUS’s Experiment in TAU will go until Nov 6 for this year but come back ‘for good’ from next March on). Both Trauma and Liberation start with the Body. And Wake-up call for us Earthlings. 
    More about URANUS into TAU in this blog post.


  • CHIRON freshly in ARIES is slowing down too, to go retro on July 4 – until Dec 8, and is now (June / July) also in turnaround / stationary mode, offering us the Medicine of Being Authentic and Present in the Self and in the Now, and in its retro phase even more so: to find it from within.
    Here’s also a blog post for CHIRON in ARIES.


  • NEPTUNE in mid-PISCES went retro on June 18, and is still stationary until mid-July too, tuning us into Inner All-Connectedness (beyond co-dependency).
    Find out more about this oceanic infusion in the blog post for NEPTUNE in PI going retro.


In other words, all these Planets are in the process of changing direction, from direct to retro (MERCURY,  MARS, CHIRON, URANUS, and NEPTUNE), or from retro to direct (JUPITER).

All these stationary / retro Planets end of June / in July are focal points, and their archetypal energy naturally spirals inward / backward – soulward.

CHIRON, URANUS, and NEPTUNE help us find those archetypal experiences of healing / medicine journey, liberation, and transcendence rather inward, and also to ‘revisit’ places we’ve been before in those experiences, and release the past.

Plus, SATURN and PLUTO have been retro for a few months now, and support inward / backward processes:

SATURN, now retro, and in Sept stationary in early CAP (will go direct on Sept 6) calls us to complete old limiting conditioning, and commit to the Inner Assignment, do the Inner Work, and find Inner Authority and Inner Elder who will then naturally be established and recognized in the outer world.

And PLUTO in CAP, also retro until Sept 30, supports Inner Evolution and Transformation to find the ultimate resource – Soul / Higher Power – and be directed from within – which fuels the collective Evolution of the structures on Planet Earth.


As you see, lots of planetary energies are / will be soon retrograde – in fact 6 in the month of July, and even 7 in the month of August!

We’ll tune in and explore these themes so that the process can be naturally supported, in our 

RETRO Record Summer 2018 –
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RE-sourcing from Within

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In the present / upcoming turnaround course, we’re called go backwards / inwards, for REsolve and RElease, esp. when it comes to old low and unconscious perhaps karmically ‘inherited’ vibrations of…

MERCURY in LEO: Old mental patterns that revolve around oneself, perhaps in narcissistic ways.

MARS in AQ: Old ego patterns that divide and isolate us from friends, community, and humanity.

SATURN in CAP: Old REpetitive patterns, karma, and blocks and obstacles, through being stuck in judgment, limiting beliefs, old stories, pain – all ‘excess luggage’ that prevents us from moving forward with trust and from the heart.

CHIRON in AR: Old stressful survival mode wounds that turn into our ‘shamanic scars’.

URANUS in TAU: Old attachments that prevent our true freedom.

NEPTUNE in PI: Old overwhelm, confusion, delusions, addictions, ways of ‘checking out’ and giving up.

PLUTO in CAP: Old powers that oppress and abuse.


…and find through the release from the ‘inside’ more conscious vibrations of:

MERCURY in LEO: Expressing ourselves lovingly, passionately, creatively, and heart-fully.

MARS in CAP / LEO: Building in Community. Together we’re stronger.

SATURN in CAP: Standing in our Authority, and working with our Best.

CHIRON in AR / PI : The ‘wound’ carries the Medicine. We’re healing when the All is Healing.

URANUS in TAU / AR: Embodied Liberation into the vibrant NOW Presence.

NEPTUNE in PIDropping into Unity Consciousness, in the Unified Field.

PLUTO in CAP: Empowered by and for Evolution.



Here is the SUMMER SO(U)LSTICE ‘Birth Chart’:

The SUN enters CANCER on June 21 at 3:09 am PDT.
Wake up into SUMMER, on June 21!


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Wishing us all a Happy SUMMER – Count-Down’s ON!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger




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