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Total Lunar ‘Blood Moon’ ECLIPSE in AQ (with MARS) – LEO: EmBody Your HEART Light, and Share it with the World!

26 Jul

Bright SoUlar and Crystal Clear Lunar Greetings, dear Reader in the ASTRO~NEWS ComMOONity!

We’re in the Summer Eclipse Season – and I bet you feel it:  



  • Coming up:
    The Total Lunar ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse in AQ – LEO, next to red-golden MARS retro in AQ (also closest to Earth since 2003), on July 27 / 28. Sounds very dramatic…doesn’t it?


  • The Partial Solar ‘Seed’Eclipse Super New MOON in LEO on Aug 11.

I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The astonishing light of your own Being ~ Hafiz


The big theme is LOVE!
Isn’t it always?
True – yet / and: With so much LEO boost, our loving Heart is really the key, to balance and re-set the energy, esp. of too much shadow AQ energy of isolation and alienation in society / between people, and with technology overload.

Eclipses are like light switches of the Sunlight and Moonlight.
Turn on the Heart Light!

Here’s a little article I wrote before the July 12 / 13 PSE for the Summer 2018 Eclipse Portal – inviting the HEART Medicine.


On the horizon – in a few hours literally:
The central Eclipse in the New Moon – Full Moon – New Moon Triad:
The ‘BloodMoon Eclipse’ in AQ – LEO!

Its effects are here to balance and re-set our purrrsonal LEO journey, and the AQ group consciousness as well.

TAU is also involved, since the Full Moon axis is T-squared by URANUS (the ruling planet of AQ):
Embody Your Heart Light, and Share it with the World!


LOVE is the Medicine that helps us in the ecliptic, electric ‘storm’ – is both grounding, and raises the vibration from which we experience the ‘events’! 



The path of the super long TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE will stretch from South America to New Zealand, and last almost four hours!
Totality, which will occur over Africa, the Middle East and part of Asia, will last an hour and 43 minutes, making it the longest one in 100 years!

Twice a year, a pair of (usually, this time 3!) Eclipses occurs, and they ‘string together’, through the Lunar Nodes.
The Summer 2018 Eclipses happen in early LEO – AQ where the Lunar Nodes have been since end of April 2017, and will be until Nov 2018.

This time, the MOON is the SuperStar – as a RED (totally eclipsed) ‘BloodMoon’ – in the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century! – next to RED MARS – closest to Earth, and the Earth exactly between MARS and the SUN.


Eclipses 101


  • Eclipses occur when a NEW MOON or a FULL MOON are close to the Nodal Axis, which is presently (April 2017 – Nov 2018) in AQ – LEO.


  • Eclipses come twice a year, in pairs of New Moon / Solar and Full Moon / Lunar (sometimes even as a triad, as in: July 12, 2018 Partial Solar, July 27, 2017 Total Lunar, and Aug 11, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse), when it’s the Solar month of the North Node (this year LEO – and back into CAN), and the Solar month of the South Node (this year AQ).
    On that note, Eclipses, as the Nodes go backwards in the Zodiac (from Nov on CAN – CAP).


  • The closer to the Nodes the more likely a Total Eclipse:
    The Full Moon on July 27 / 28 will be at 4°44′ AQ / LEO, and the North Node at 5°53′ LEO – very very close, and a Total Lunar Eclipse!


  • Eclipses are either connected with the South Node (SN) = emphasis on release, or with the North Node (NN) of the Moon = emphasis on new beginnings / directions.
    This is esp. important for Solar Eclipses (exact New Moons)!
    And we’re invited to bring the gifts of the North Node (LEO LOVE, Follow Your Heart) to the South Node (releasing old draining group energy and embracing new comMOONity).


  • Eclipses are at the same position in the Zodiac every 18-19 years – a karmic ‘string’:
    On July 28, 1999 was the last SN Lunar Eclipse in AQ – LEO.
    You might want to review where you were at in Summer 1999, and what was the ending / release of  a community / system, while you were following your own heart, esp. if you have your SUN, MOON, Planets, or even Nodes in LEO – AQ.


  • The effect of the Eclipses extends beyond ‘just’ a lunar monthly phase, rather 2 – 3 months, and it’s a chain from Eclipse ‘season’ to Eclipse season (Jan / Feb,  July / Aug 2018, Jan, July 2019).


  • Eclipses are a light switch, and RE-set, like rebooting your computer, after a temporary turning off of the energy.
    In other words, a RE-generation of YIN-Feminine (LUNAR ECLIPSE), and of the YANG-Masculine (SOLAR ECLIPSE) energies, after a ‘darkening’.
    The Total Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon is clearly a RE-generation of the YIN-Feminine, in her AQ group / humanity / woman-ity consciousness, fueled by LEO Love & Strength!


Shakti Maa Mother Goddess Durga



Release of old mental / emotional and ego attachments, incl. old / inner ‘war zones’.
Regeneration of the Light of Creative Consciousness, Freedom, and Self-Radiance



It’s an ECLIPSE of the MOON by the Earth Shadow which causes the temporary lunar darkening – the umbra (= shadow), out of which the MOON re-emerges – see graphic to the left.
Plus: MARS retro is near the Eclipse MOON!



With the AQ Full MOON / South Node / MARS retro, all bundled up, our collective (and group / peer associated) mental / emotional patterns, attachments, and engagement in fixed ideas that lead to ‘us and them’, separation, and are a source of conflict and war, are due for a cosmic ‘re-set’ and upgrade.

The LEO SUN / North Node brings cosmic SoUlar Consciousness that re-engages the Heart and our Self Love which we can then bring to ‘the World’.

  • Come (back) into your creative strength and radiance!
  • How lovingly do you speak to yourself? MERCURY retro is also in LEO
  • Bring out / heal your Inner Child!
  • Be the Artist & the Heart-ist!
  • Live Life Lovingly!
  • Show up with this energy in the World, with ‘random people’, and towards / IN humanity.
  • Old group energies might need to be released, as they’re stuck in low vibrational, draining patterns.
  • Coming from LEO Love make new friends – and notice the difference in energy!

Yep, we’re processing a LOT of uncomfortable, painful, self-sabotaging, in-the-closet shadow these days, says also JUPITER in SCO, widely / wisely 🙂 squaring the Eclipse / Full Moon axis. Let’s honour that.
And, even more exactly, URANUS in TAU T-squares the Eclipse / Full Moon axis, catalyzing liberation from stuckness in habitual grooves, and notions for ‘security’, ‘convenience’, ‘comfort’, while we’ve already outgrown those matrices. It’s time to cut the ties and find better ground.
Ask your body and your senses (TAU) what freedom would look like and require.
Let’s be guided by SoUlar Consciousness in this process.


Time to look at the chart of the Full MOON / Total Lunar Eclipse:

The FULL MOON in AQ will be exact at 1:20 pm PDT / the maximum Totality at 1:43 pm PDT.


Check out this sharp polarity between SUN / North Node in LEO, and LILITH, MARS / MOON / South Node in AQ, both squaring URANUS in early AQ.
This suggests not just ‘bridging’ opposites but disrupting and liberating (square to URANUS) old patterns (Eclipse MOON with South Node and MARS retro).

Good thing, URANUS is also less stressfully aspected / buffered, otherwise this could be a real trouble maker alignment.
SATURN retro in CAP stabilizes URANUS in an Earth Trine.
Good practice for the Inner Guru to be grounded and ‘for real’, to bring Spirit into Matter, EmBodyment, and daily experiences. Beyond resistance and judgment, Freedom arises.
This earthy Trine alignment is active all July and August, supporting stability / grounding / boundaries in combination with freedom. Follow the wisdom of your body and senses.

square between SATURN in CAP with CHIRON in early ARIES, active all July / August (even though not exact), is challenging us Earthlings to learn and integrate the lessons from our Healing Journey, heal old karma, and to take the Medicine of Authenticity.
Don’t be too hard on yourself, and honour your Journey of being YOU!


Speaking of Spiritual / Karmic Healing:
What a SABIAN SYMBOL for the FULL MOON / MARS retro alliance!
I take 4° AQ, since the MOON is at 4° 44′ AQ and MARS retro at 3° 58′ AQ.

What’s the triple 4 telling us, actually?
Wow, just found this beautiful Angel Messages video ❤ 
We are Beings of Light and Love. 
Thank you Angels for being with us and reminding us, under the AQ – LEO Full Moon!

So, back to the 


Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’ embracing and healing.



KEYNOTE: The disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend nature through mind.

Civilization implies a process of transcending compulsive and rigid biological drives while making use, in a refined and mentalized way, of what it cannot control. The goal of a true civilization — Western civilization being to a large extent a caricature of it — is the development of a humanity composed of self-motivated and responsible individuals freely associating according to harmonic patterns in order to produce a vast spiritual chord of consciousness fully actualizing the potentialities inherent in the archetype, MAN. The process of individualization and civilization is full of dangers, and for a very long time it is obsessed by karmic shadows, the results of individual and collective deviations and perversions. Such results most often lead to disease. It is the spiritual duty of individuals who have been able to tap the vast reservoir of spiritual forces pervading our planet to use these energies for healing their less-fortunate comrades.

This fourth stage symbol refers to a technique which not only can be used for the healing of physical illnesses but for the “making whole” of whatever has lost its natural root integration and has not yet reached the holistic state of perfect harmony and identification with the “divine” whole. Self-discipline, purity of motive, compassion, faith in the divine order are required — and the FOCUSING OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY.”


PLUTO (New Horizons Mission 2015)

Healing into Wholeness also connects with:

VENUS in VIR in Earth Trine with PLUTO retro in CAP – exact tomorrow July 27:
It’s definitely beautiful, harmonizing, rewarding and self-loving / self-caring to do the work and practice that sustains us, keeps us sane and well, restores wholeness, and keeps things simple and grounded when stress arises.
In fact, doing ‘simple’ / ‘little’ things with love and care can help us with deep inner Soul Work in these intense times.

VIRGO is an helping / healing ‘Earth Angel’ and PLUTO reaches into the Soul – with Love.


Another Grace Intervention comes via the Water Trine from JUPITER in SCO to NEPTUNE in PI. 
It’s been active since May and until Aug, and will be again exact on Aug 19.
Beneficial transformation (JUPITER in SCO) comes from surrendering and letting go, and leads to Unity and Connectedness in Life (NEPTUNE in PI).
Once we SEE the benefits (JUPITER) it’s not really so scary (SCO) to dive in and process what’s been sticky.

Both SATURN / URANUS and JUPITER / NEPTUNE support the ‘Guru Purnima’ Full Moon of the outer and inner Spiritual Teacher. Here’s the blog post about the Guru Purnima Full Moon. 


And hey, can you see how many Planets are retro now?
6 presently, and even 7 from Aug 7 on…
MERCURY, MARS, (JUPITER just came out of retro on July 10, and helps now with SCO processing OF the old), SATURN, CHIRON, URANUS (going retro on Aug 7), and PLUTO!
Excellent for inward-turning movement….


MERCURY Retro in the Starters


MERCURY retro (July 25 – Aug 18), the whole phase in LEO:
SelfLove Talk IS cosmic and Soul RElief.
Here’s the full-on post for this M-r phase.



In the chart, you might have also noticed, LILITH is about to leave CAP and go into AQ on Aug 5 (PDT  and West of it) / 6 (East of PDT) which is quite a shift (LILITH is 9 months in a sign) – and lift, for the ‘Inner Wildness’:
To get off our Rock of Integrity, grow wings, and ‘fly’, in a flock of like- and light-spirited others. And ‘even beyond’ group consciousness, we can find freedom through and in your True Nature. 

Stay tuned for the
LILITH into AQ (Aug 5, 2018 – May 4, 2019)
Special Astro Parlour:
Your True Nature is FREE.
Tue Aug 7

7:07 – 9:39 pm

Pre-registration welcome!
Special LILITH into AQ post to come.

Sending you cosmic blessings for the AQ – LEO Total Lunar ECLIPSE – as the almost-Full Moon is looking over my left shoulder while I’m sending this blog post out into cyber space to you!


© 2018 by Melanie Lichtinger





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