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* PISCEAN Immersion (Lunar South Node, VENUS, NEPTUNE, MARS, CHIRON) in January: Connectivity without Co-Dependency

15 Jan

You can see it in the Full Moon chart (blog post from Jan 11), and I bet you sense it nowadays: We’re swimming in – or rather: AS a collective and universal field of energy – all connective and vibrational, atmospheric and boundary-less. 
Well, solid form is an illusion anyway.



Oceanic Evening Glow – Photo by Melanie, January 2017


The slow moving planets NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PISCES now, the Lunar South Node too (Oct 2015 – late Apr 2017 – it always goes retro, and will move into AQ thereafter), while the Lunar North Node (always opposite the SN) is in VIRGO, and met by the VIRGO MOON today and tomorrow – a good and healthy counter balance for so much PISCES. Also VENUS (Jan 3 – Feb 3) and MARS (Dec 19 – Jan 27) are presently in PISCES.
VENUS has just connected with NEPTUNE on the Full Moon day Jan 12, and tomorrow Jan 16, MARS meets and passes CHIRON, which can stir up wounds and vulnerability through co-dependency, but also activates healing via inter-dependency. With CHIRON and PISCES, the timeless mantra: Heal Like with Like (of a high vibration) is the key for release, let-go, and connect in the All-Love.

There’s a flood of influences and confluences, maybe overwhelming (NEPTUNE), and weakening / or we might feel vulnerable (CHIRON) in our individual (which is of course an illusion) identity that experiences him/herself separate, and yet has a need to feel connected.
What ‘to do with this mess’? asks VIRGO.

From the North Node’s perspective certainly a healthy practical approach would be for example to boost our immune system, rather than expose ourselves to unhealthy substances of all sorts (be it in the environment, addictive substance abuse, media overwhelm and delusion….).
And a good idea is also to release toxic energy on all levels, esp. as we approach the PISCES NEW MOON / South Node Solar Eclipse, on Feb 26 (with soo much PI energy).

Release energetically – re-connect with universe-ALL energy – let LOVE do its thing…


So, what’s with codependency?

PISCEAN energy is about connection. It’s a transpersonal, universal energy though. When ‘drawn into’ personal realms, there can be a need to connect into a no-bourndary, ‘endless’ way that’s quite unhealthy and doesn’t allow for breathing space or closure, often based on various early life experiences (often neglect, confusing bonding, or overwhelm / abuse) that the PISCEAN ‘person’ unconsciously tries to compensate for, to ‘get the loving connection’, yet s/he might re-attract similar situations as s/he looks for love at the wrong places with the same vibration.

Our Piscean Age that humanity is just about to outgrow has compounded such patterns and tendencies with, simplistically put, the classic co-dependent triad of victim – perpetrator – martyr / saviour.

With PISCES, the approach is paradoxical (“Let go, relax, and it comes to you, you can’t ‘get’… (LOVE?) what you already have or rather: are….”), and transpersonal (“Don’t take it personally!” Is that possible?)

A while ago, I saw a video based on the experiences and teachings of Gabor Mate that showed how addiction is a misdirected need for connection (both so Piscean!). “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”. In German, the words for seeking (Suche) and addiction (Sucht) have the same root.

I’m sure there’ll be more downloads and releases for the PISCES Solar Eclipse New Moon, end of Feb.
May the Universe-All Love (VENUS / NEPTUNE in PI this week) show us: All is connected. May we relax into this, breathe out and let go, and let the inbreath come naturally…


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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Friday the 13th with VENUS conj. NEPTUNE in PISCES and North Node in VIRGO: Divine Feminine Calling…

12 Jan

So how’s it going, with the North Node in VIRGO (since Oct 2015, until end of Apr 2017)?

Have you been clearing your Inner Temple? Have you been honouring the inner and outer Feminine? Have you become aware and clear about ‘issues’, and found remedies and recipes? Do you feel more self sufficient perhaps? Whole and complete, ‘perfect’ as you ARE…

VIRGO is the astrological vibration of the Sacred Feminine and Priestess Archetype. So let’s honour our work, our practice, our body, our alignment in ‘cosmic order’ and follow opportunities to align more fully with what’s healthy, what works, what serves us, how we can be in our ‘temple of service’. 

Speaking of Sacred Feminine:
How do you hold Friday the 13th?

What’s your sense about its reputation as a ‘bad luck’ or even scary day?

What’s considered ‘scary’ might actually be sacred!


Did you know that the Norse Goddess Freya gave Friday its name? She is the equivalent of VENUS / Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, attraction, erotic pleasures, art.

The Romans called the 6th day of the week ‘De Veneris’ (belonging to VENUS) which became Venerdi in Italian, Viernes in Spanish, and Vendredi in French.

So here’s the case for VENUS and Friday.



Birth of Venus, by Botticelli (Uffici, Firenze)


Just for fun, here are the 7 days of the week and their associations with planets, Sun, and Moon:



MARSday (Mardi, Martedi) – Tuesday relates to Tyr / Tew (Norse good of war and law – equivalent of Mars)

MERCURYday (Mercredi, Miercoles)
JUPITERday (Jeudi, Jueves) – Thursday relates to Thor (Norse good of thunder – similar to Jupiter / Zeus)

VENUSday (Vendredi, Viernes) – Fridey relates to Freya



And now, what’s with the 13?

Uhh, there is a lot of story around vilifying the number 13… do your research.
The number 13 may have been purposely vilified by the founders of patriarchal religions in the early days of Western civilization because it represented femininity. Thirteen is said to have been revered in prehistoric goddess-worshiping cultures because it corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year (13 x 28 = 364 days).


Moon Goddess


Zodiac years have 12 – 13 New Moons and / or Full Moons per Zodiac cycle.
As the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar with the rise of male-dominated civilization, so did the “perfect” number 12 over the “imperfect” number 13.

The association of 13 with the feminine and lunar cycle is the MOON side of Friday the 13th.

So in reality we have a strong VENUS / MOON themed day.

Those who sowed the seeds of superstition must have been very afraid of the power of the Feminine…


This time,  Friday the 13th is ushered in by two beautifully harmonizing astrological alignments:

  • The Full MOON on Jan 12, in ‘her’ abode of CANCER – so motherly and nurturing.
  • VENUS, freshly in her ‘exaltation’ in PISCES meets up with NEPTUNE on Jan 12 – ethereal beauty, and universe-ALL Love!

Let’s celebrate, and live the Divine and Sacred Feminine!


© 2017 by Melanie Lichtinger



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SAG New Moon 2016 (Nov 29): Focusing on the High Road & Gestation of the Heart Fire

29 Nov

On this beautiful clear day here in Victoria, I went to the Ocean before doing errands – and took in a great ‘wave therapy’ – ahhh! So fresh, air so balmy, and high tide splash ‘n spray…
While sitting on a log and watching the tides I received a ‘simple’ teaching for the SAG New Moon T-square. Wished I had brought my camera to record on the spot, but hey, it stuck and I could practice right away. Wanted to share with you here, at the beginning of the Astro~News blog:


Refreshingly ‘Simple’, Photo by Melanie, Nov. 2016

The tide is quite high today, and I had to climb on and around washed-up logs, and synch my rhythm with the waves rolling in to avoid getting wet feet.

Sooo beautiful to be out there, and energized by it all! At a spot where I sat down for a while on a log, wondering, “Shall I continue, or turn around here?”, I suddenly realized how symbolic this walk was for emotional and communicative scenarios (had one of those today, and even after the walk another one to practice on):
On the walk, the way how to move forward with ease was not to focus on and ‘highlight’ the ‘obstacles’ (logs, sticks, seaweed, uneven ground, waves coming in) which sure enough would give those a big attention and power. But to keep my focus on where the path ‘of least resistance’ does open, perhaps closer to the cliff, on the ‘high road’, which makes walking so much more enjoyable and healthier, and I could always jump out closer to the waves from there.

Similarly, as I focus on my ‘higher ground’, rather than on obstacles and judgment (all of which relates to New Moon in SAG, close to SATURN) I’m not carried away by or sucked into what might be inundating, overwhelming, co-dependent, addictive, toxic, and just produce more of the same, and I could loose myself in this (South Node in PI with NEPTUNE, in Nov stationary after going direct on Nov 19).
Instead, I’m self aware and conscious of what’s going on, and choose what’s healthy, functional, and smarter (North Node in VIR).

I so enjoyed my walk with the teaching applied, intentionally kept my relaxed zoom focus on the path that opened, walked the shoreline with ease and fun, and played with the waves. Nothing ‘NEW’, and quite ‘SIMPLE’, since we DO it when walking anyway. Yet a hologram for many situations:


Focusing on what works (SAG NM / SATURN – VIR NN), rather loosing our path in an energy that drowns us (NEP / SN in PI). And then relaxing (PI), aiming high, and having fun (SAG).

I could practice it right away afterwards in the pharmacy (a NEP place – NEP rules drugs). Wanted to pick up a prescription cream, and first it took forever – everything seems to go in slow motion which felt like a draining, dream like, hypnotizing energy (NEP / SN in PI). So I was going to the post office first, checked in again at the pharma – still a wait, and to the grocery store to be efficient with my time. When it was my turn the pharmacist again had to finish his admin before being available. More patience and release of judgment. When he finally rang the prescription through it turned out they charge $ 78 for a cream that I paid a fraction for a few years back. I was shocked, and immediately said: “I’m not willing to pay this price. I was about $ 20 last time.”. “You don’t want this prescription???” “No”. My intuition told me, the internet and Amazon are my friends when pharma is outrageous. And sure enough, found a same size generic cream with the same ingredient yet not the original brand for $ 11 and ordered it. Happy for alternative opportunities and solutions. Less pharma costs with the same focus is more, and works for me. SATURN in SAG (square CHIRON in PI) loves that too.

By the way, SATURN in SAG will be in exact square with CHIRON in PI on the day of the next New Moon, Dec 28 / 29:

What’s the Medicine and what are the Teachings of how to move forward, and which direction to say NO to?!
In my sense that’s already becoming quite clear when I look at what’s going on at Standing Rock…


Let’s see what the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon has to say, before we look at the chart.

The New Moon will be at 7°42’ SAG (see chart below).

8° SAG says:




Heart Lava, Kilauea. Photo by B. Lewis (from G+)


Keynote: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.

Forces are at work in the deepest layers of the psyche which in their own way respond to the outer stimulation produced by a strong involvement in group ambitions and emotions, and even more by the powerful tensions and releases of love. An alchemical process goes on, usually unnoticed by the conscious ego, until it becomes obvious that a kind of mutation has taken place and a new level of awareness of its responses to life has been reached. At this… stage, we deal with both the basic rhythm of growth of the human being and a reaction to more individualized experiences which aroused the emotions. The very substance of the person’s nature undergoes modifications, on the basis of which a new step may be taken. The symbol draws our attention to the inner changes. We have become aware of them. What is implied is a kind of PSYCHIC GESTATION.”


The Evolution of Love in a deeper, bigger, broader way than we were societally conditioned is taking place.

The Sabian Symbol also describes very beautifully the transit of VENUS / PLUTO in CAP that we just experienced. May the Power of Love be the evolutionary agent that overcomes the destructive love of power! A purification through the Heart Fire – that SAG also represents.



* The SAG New Moon Chart – A Bigger Picture.

The SAG NEW MOON will be exact today Nov 29 at 4:18 am PST.


  • As you see, SUN and MOON at 8° SAG are on the Apex of an exact Mutable T-Square to the Lunar North Node at 8° VIR, and stationary NEPTUNE, only one degree away from the Lunar South Node at 8° PI:

What a tension that seeks release and outlet at the New Moon point – the Heart Lava!

  • The North Node in VIR calls us to be (self) aware, sort things out, clean up our act, do what works, and what needs to be done to help a situation, be in alignment with integrity, and be grounded, and in practical intelligence.
  • The South Node in PI with NEPTUNE exposes us to the all-encompassing universal Sea of the Collective. We’re all in this together, and all is connected. Too much ‘flooding’ can lead to loosing ourselves, overwhelm, passivity, and a draining of energy on a personal level.
  • The Nodal Balance gives incentive to ‘start’ with the North Node, do what’s healthy and helpful, and stay in our integrity (the realm of ‘The Priestess’). From that place, exposure to and immersion in All that IS is easy and nature-All.


The SAG New Moon outlet can then be a spontaneous Heart Expression that speaks to… ‘whom it may concern’. The SAG Archer/ess pulls his / her arrow back to the Heart before releasing it, in-tension-ially, yet without expectations.


FIRE is also the strongest Element presently. What are you burning brightly for…? 


  • Next UP: Another T-square: VENUS / PLUTO in mid CAP are the Apex of a Cardinal T-square to JUPITER in LIBRA (the square was exact last week), and to URANUS in ARIES (VENUS square URANUS is exact tomorrow Nov 29!).
    JUPITER will exactly oppose URANUS on Dec 26.
    And MERCURY will go retro from very close to PLUTO, on Dec 19.

With cardinal energy, the crucial ‘pillars’ of life are affected. Radical new initiative and wise Leadership are called upon.
PLUTO / VENUS, exact last week (once yearly) in CAP sharply pinpoints the ‘love of’, attachment to, and investment in power over, abuse and exploitation, AND requires a change from the core, and on the soul level – personally and collectively, to access the depth and sustainability of the Power of Love – which matters most ‘at the end of the day’. And from that place, the love from and for what’s most essential (like: Water is Life!). This is the Apex / outlet of the T-square.

  • Since MERCURY will hover over this VENUS / PLUTO point from mid to late Dec (as it goes retro on Dec 19), a discussion has to be re-entered, and we need to re-think the situation, go deeper than into our mind, to communicate differently and with more soul integrity, rather than on a mental power trip (PLUTO / MERCURY).  To the left of the chart, you can see (can you read it?) my hand penciled M-r ‘itinerary’ (typed out below, also in the M-r segment).
  • JUPITER in LI shows us how important balance, justice, and right relationship are. And URANUS in AR represents the emergence of something radical and revolutionary. Can be unsettling and upsetting, unpredictable and raw. Revolutionary spirit, wake-up calls and spiritual awakening. The JUPITER – URANUS in opposition (# 1 on Dec 26, # 2 and 3 to follow on March 3 and Sept 27, 17) represents a dichotomy between right relationship, a peaceful, harmonious, synergistic and balanced giving and receiving, and radical uprising, turmoil, but also shake-up and wake-up with a call for a balance, fairness, and justice. More about it as we get closer to the exact opposition dates (and of course: always in my fb posts).
  • MARS in AQ, in trine with JUPITER in LI (exact on Dec 1) and in sextile with URANUS (exact on Dec 6) is presently a ‘valve’ through which the polarized energy can find outlets through group action, and an activation of humanity to act in cooperation (or am I idealistic here?).


How to live with and best express this Cardinal T-square pressure on a personal level, you may ask?

To keep it simple and essential (PLUTO in CAP):

  • How about spending our time and energy on what matters most?
  • How about we go by the Golden Rule (JUPITER in LI), and don’t do onto others what we wouldn’t wish to have done onto ourselves? (hmmm, what if this applies not just to treating and be treated by humans, but also to nature and animals, rivers and air?).
  • Being the Change we wish to see might be overwhelming, but can be taken step by step, in every moment we are aware and awake (URANUS in AR).
  • Honouring the Elders and Spirit Elders, and invoking our own Inner Elder is also very Capricornian, and can lead us to calm wisdom and grounded support in the priorities of life.

Back to Sagittarian Heart Wisdom and Action.


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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* Ecliptic, Cuspy AQUARIUS – LEO FULL MOON (Aug 18) * Let’s Co-create from the Heart, in Friendship and Freedom!

18 Aug
Golden Light Wave

Golden Light Wave – Photo by Melanie


YES, indeed:

Tonight’s FULL MOON is even a ‘wide’ LUNAR ECLIPSE that ‘grazes’ the penumbral shadow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_2016_lunar_eclipse.

The MOON will be about 18° away from the Lunar South Node (at 13°24 PI) – the closer SUN & MOON at a New Moon or Full Moon are to the Nodes the more exactly one of these heavenly bodies will be eclipsed.

The NEXT FULL MOON on Sept 16 (closer to the Nodes) will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.


But, hey, energetically it’s been a super charged, ‘electric’ build-up time for this FULL MOON too, due to the URANUS connection with the SUN this week, and the AQ FULL MOON will sextile URANUS too (see chart).


All about Liberation:
Freedom FROM… (low grade expressions of the energies involved) – perhaps:

  • LEO Drama & Dominance
  • AQ Isolation and Alienation

And Freedom FOR – perhaps:

  • Authentic Self Expression. Shining Our Light (LEO)
  • Living Life Lovingly and Creatively (LEO)
  • Connecting with Like-Spirited and Like-Hearted Friends and Community (AQ)
  • Co-Creating in Freedom, and with Synergistic Innovation (AQ)


Reminds me of the wise teacher J. Krishnamurti who was born with AQ Asc.

Wow, looking up his birth chart at http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Krishnamurti,_Jiddu, it’s late AQ where tonight’s FULL MOON will be!

We could use a bit of his ‘Freedom from the Known’ teaching – on so many levels.


Where late AQ is in your chart, that’s the area of life where LIBERATION and Co-Creation is ‘full & ripe’ now:
1st House: How you show up – BE Liberated!

2nd House: What you have and value – Own Your Freedom!

3rd House: Your environment – Co-Create in the City, and with ‘Relatives’ in Humanity!

4th House: Your home – A Place for Friends!

5th House: Your creativity – You’re a Free-spirited Innovator!

6th House: Your work and health – Cooperation is the Future!

7th House: Your significant others – Liberated Partnerships, and: Is Your Partner Your Friend?!

8th House: Your deep involvement and transformations – perhaps from Loneliness and Distance to Sharing in Humanity?

9th House: Your travels and worldviews – Meet Like-Spirited Friends in the World – maybe as you Travel or Study?!

10th House: Your calling and purpose – is FREEDOM.

11th House: Your community – True Friends and Co-Creators.

12th House: Your oneness with ALL – always FREE…



And AQ – LEO reminds me also of the all time favourite quote: “We are All Stars in the Constellation of Love!”


The FULL MOON, technically in AQ – LEO, is actually on two sign cusps:


The SUN is at the end of LEO, coming closer to the cusp to VIR (and will enter VIR on Aug 22 at 9:38 am PDT), the ‘Sphinx Point’ of Self (LEO) Awareness (VIR).



Sphinx on the Giza Plateau – Photo by Melanie, Egypt Journey with my AQ Friend Marina, Nov 2010…


Lots of VIR energies are on presently, with

  • VENUS / North Node (was exact yesterday Aug 17), and

MERCURY / JUPITER. The winged one, MERCURY, will travel very close to its ‘Mentor’ / the BIG one, JUPITER, esp. Aug 22 – Sept 16, basically during the whole VIR time, due to MERCURY retro very close to JUPITER end of VIR. See below also: Feature on MERCURY’s VIRGO JOURNEY

  • More about the SUPER VIRGO energy – Honouring the Sacred Feminine, Being in Alignment with our Work and Service, Health and Wellness… – for the VIR SOLAR ECLIPSE (a ‘Seed Eclipse’) on Sept 1.


What does this mean for now, the Cuspy FULL MOON presently?

  • Time to HARVEST the gifts of Self Awareness.
  • Gratitude for being able to consciously Live from Love, and Serve Others with what we Love, and be in the Love while we do the Work.
  • Everything goes better (VIR) with a Loving Heart (LEO) – and some dance too 🙂


The MOON is at the end of AQ, as I propose to call it, the ‘Coherence Point’ (“We’re all in this together”) – one might also call it ‘www Point’ :-).

Luna will glide over into PISCES even already tomorrow (Aug 18) morning, 7 ½ hrs after the Full Moon, at 9:34 am PDT, to meet in the oceanic realm its very own ruler of the cosmic seas, NEPTUNE, the South Node, and CHIRON, on Fri Aug 19 / Sat Aug 20.

So yeah, Connection (PI) as friends, in circles, groups, as humanity (AQ) is definitely ‘highlighted’ at this point.

Real human connection, I’d suggest… electronic, virtual connection is good too but can’t replace sharing in physicality (You can’t smell or hug or massage or share food with someone online… well, that all sounds like TAU all of a sudden :-)).


Since the PI energies are all wrapping around the Lunar South Node (which is very close to NEPTUNE, for the rest of 2016!), it’s also time to release overwhelm and addiction (PI), and, in balance with VIR, do spiritual practice (PI – VIR).

More about the VIR – PI themes in the next Astro~News (VIR NEW MOON / Annular Solar Eclipse on Sept 1 to PI-VIR FULL MOON / Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16).


The Buddha Surfer comes handy, to illustrate the theme of VIR (skills) PI (waves) 🙂 


Picture says: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn


More fun with some other surfer friends around (AQ – PI), and there we come full circle with the FULL MOON theme

Shine Your Light, Move Freely, and Be in Your True Nature!

Let’s Co-create from the Heart, in Friendship and Freedom!


* The FULL MOON ChartA Fuller Picture…


Voila – the chart for the exact Full Moon tomorrow Aug 18 at 2:27 am PDT, viewed from Victoria BC.

 AQ - LEO FM 2016


At the time, CANCER is even the Rising Sign, so the AQ MOON rules the chart, and is high up in the sky, in the 9th house of the chart – The Path of Freedom leads us HOME…


As you see, it’s pretty busy, ‘down’ in the VIR environment!
How about channelling that energy into dealing with practicalities that need to be ‘in place’ now, maybe literally Feng Shui’ing the home, or do ceremony and ritual for sacred alignment? Clearing clutter, and passing on unused items, bringing order into our household and health are smart practical moves in this.

Yet, all that ‘doing’ wants to be balanced with being in resonance with what-is, and letting things fall off as needed if we can’t / don’t need to ‘work on them’ / ‘fix them’.

A fine balance. Literally, fine-tuning (VIR-PI).

Actually, it’s not even a balance of this (VIR) and that (PI) but all interwoven and integral…

How about this:

Working in the Flow

Releasing Worry and OCD (obsessive-compulsive DOING), and turning it into OCD (original creative dance) 🙂


On that note of puns:

Looking forward (yes, no typo) to MERCURY retro (coming into ‘stormy’ stationary mode on Aug 22, and technical retro from Aug 30 on – see special feature below)… always a good chance to create new pun pathways, and seeing the thinker (and in this case also VIR doer) with new eyes…


And then:

Phewww, MARS has made it out of SCO into SAG – the Phoenix has Risen (technically on Aug 2, with the LEO New Moon! A seed for freedom, new trust, growth, and inspired movement (SAG), i.o.w. a new WHY, a new YES was planted then. Now, under the following FULL MOON, we can see ‘new life’ based on this initiation and seed time. How’s that for you? Esp. in the house of your chart where early SAG is.

As you see, there is still one ‘condition’ / test / ‘wait a minute’ effect: SATURN is still ahead of MARS. This (MARS) too shall pass (SATURN) – next Wed Aug 24.

So let’s use that SATURN energy to acknowledge how far we’ve come, and in fact the path unfolds in front of us as we walk – slow is beautiful… Maybe literally some (SATURN type) criteria have to be in place before we’re moving more swiftly and freely forward, upward, onward (MARS in SAG).


The MARS / SATURN team are quite crucial ‘players’ these days, since they are the apex / outlet of a mutable T-Square, from NEPTUNE / South Node in PI and VENUS / North Node in VIR.

Wow, lots of action, busy activity, and flow… good to be flexible with all the mutability, as things change, directions shift, quite like surfing energy waves. Skills, Surrender, Inspired Motion from the Heart would be a simple formula…


Our friend URANUS in ARIES, still in turnaround ‘station’ (went retro on July 29) made friends with the LEO SUN this week, and has also shown us that things can shift and open quickly, and what we ’loved’ and tried to hold on to yesterday is already passee today. What remains – best way anyway – is to Live in the NOW!



© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* JUPITER meets the Lunar North Node in VIRGO on June 25: Initiation into Wholeness

24 Jun

VIRGO themes have been magnified and ‘expanded’ over the last year, since JUPITER, in its 12-year cycle, entered last August the sign of health, wellness, wholeness, service, and alignment.

Big misunderstanding about the astrological effect of JUPITER: It doesn’t just automatically make things ‘good’ and ‘lucky’ – that’s the superficial stereotype, not the Archetype.
With ‘expansive’ JUPITER the themes around its transiting area get bigger, magnified, so that we can SEE (JUPITER literally rules sight, as in eye sight and insight, and outlook) better what’s going on, and what the opportunities for growth (which could mean: outgrowing an old conditioning) are.
So let’s look at it this way…:

Have you also experienced more ‘problems’, ‘technical issues’, misalignment, illness, dysfunctionality, practical things to figure out, fix, and work out, showed up, maybe much more than ‘usually’, in the last while, and over the last year?

“I thought JUPITER was a ‘good thing’!”
Well, with JUPITER things get bigger so that they can get better…

So it’s for example also an opportunity to learn how to become more savvy and self sufficient.
I had my own share of it, playing itself out on my computer… the technician in Delhi who worked via remote control for hours in my computer said in the end, after I had asked him educated questions round updates and drivers (from ‘boot camp experiences’ over the last months):”You’re becoming really tech savvy…”. Well, yeah, something I wouldn’t have chosen to go into, since it’s not my genre but hey, gotta know something about what’s ‘under the hood’.

JUPITER in VIRGO gives us incentive to bring ‘order into chaos’, in our daily life and ‘operations’, to be grounded in a practical, organized way, a
nd to align ourselves with what brings us back to health and wellness, where we operate best.

I know many people with VIRGO accentuation, clients, friends, and my extended family, who’ve had a lot of health issues to deal with over the last year.
The holistic body-mind-spirit ‘system’ showing where things are not aligned and ‘well’ / whole. Symptoms are signals that want to show us something we need to SEE in a BIGGER way…

I’d love to support you and your loved ones with holistic, archetypal astrological perspective if you / they are open to a process that leads to growth from within.
Please feel welcome to contact me any time. 

JUPITER in VIR might bring up (in our conditioned personality) hyper self-consciousness, ‘smallness’, inadequacy, non-perfection.
In ueber-VIR mode, we may tend towards perfectionism, often out of overcompensation for ‘not feeling (good) enough’, and that we have to prove ourselves through ‘doing’. A lot of these limiting patterns that keep us ‘small’ would have become more obvious and ‘bigger’ too, under JUPITER in VIR, so that we can outgrow them through self awareness, and (maybe self-)mentoring.
Practice IS perfect, has therefore been one of my favourite JUPITER in VIR mantras.
And it is good to know that actually, we are whole and complete, as Soul, as Self.


4 R

Virgo and Mercury, by Johfra Bosschart – As Above so Below… Bringing “Heaven to Earth”, and Working in Integrity and Alignment with the Higher Self.

What a beautiful, deeply symbolic depiction of VIRGO the Priestess of purity and integrity…

How have you brought yourself back into integrity this year, into Operating from soul and Higher Self?

Gratitude for the ‘little’ / not-so-little things, like health, being able to being of service, the gifts of nature on a daily basis that we often ignore…. Adopting little rituals and health routines could have been other gifts of JUPITER in VIR.

Still time to ‘harvest’ those, and put then into our ‘cosmic basket’ this Summer – JUPITER will be in VIR for 2 1/2 more months, until Sept 09.

JUPITER turned direct in mid-May, and will speed up in the next while – chance are we actually reap its benefits also externally more clearly, with things improving, and operating more smoothly (maybe because we’ve done lots of ‘homework’ in the last while). It’s becoming also much easier to ‘get organized’, ‘tackle a project’, figure out what’s the best way of being of service, and get back to health and wellness – generally speaking.


Additionally, the Lunar North Node has been in VIR too, since Oct 2015, until May 2017. A cosmic incentive to do what’s in alignment with our Higher Self (as mentioned, VIRGO loves that ‘vertical alignment’), and honour our inner ‘Priestess’ in her ‘Temple of Wellness and Sacred Service’.

A ‘highlight’ time for all our placements in VIR is on now end of June, exact tomorrow June 25, when JUPITER and the North Node align / trade places (JUP goes forward, while the Nodes, as always, go retro) in mid-VIR. You can see the alignment already in the Full Moon and Solstice charts in the last posts.
A double (JUP and NN) incentive, boost, and opportunity.

JUPITER and North Node in VIR are also counter-balanced by NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PISCES where the Universe ‘provides’, where we are all / IT is ALL connected.

Earth YinYang

The MOON in PISCES in unison with NEPTUNE tomorrow Sat June 25, and with CHIRON on Sun June 26 accentuates the need for BALANCE.

So maybe a ‘marriage’ of both the VIRGO and the PISCES qualities is to see how things that are meant to happen align sooo nicely – but some human Piscean flexibility and a little Virgoan ‘work on it’ is necessary too – and sooo rewarding!
And when they aren’t aligned (VIRGOan discernment helps) – can we let them go, with ease and grace? All good, all ONE.

© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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* PI New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse with Chiron (March 8), in magnified VIR – PI Bridge: Heart Medicine, Oneness Consciousness, and Living in Wholeness

8 Mar

We’re in the Dark-to-Ecliptic-to-NEW MOON NOW.

Have you been feeling dizzy, nauseous, confused, ‘sea sick’, overwhelmed (for obvious ‘reasons’, or none), at a loss, helpless, did you feel like giving up, escaping, indulging in addictions and self-sabotage, feeling abandoned or abandoning yourself, and at other times felt euphoric, losing yourself in pure bliss and joy, empty-yet-overflowing?


All these apparently opposite states are ‘symptoms’ of the PISCEAN wave that’s upon us now, asking us ‘simply’ to be empty, open up, to receive and pass on the gifts, and to surf with ‘what-IS’.

PISCES Zodiac energy points us to eternity, and is about fulfillment of the soul journey (not a destination…) – but hey, that can be a bit much at once!



PISCEAN Ocean Sky – Photo by Melanie, March 6, 2016


We are in the midst of the strongest PISCES effect now, since the recent Full Moon (Feb 22), with MERCURY, NEPTUNE (they unite on March 10), SUN, CHIRON (their union will be also on March 10!), and South Node, all in PISCES. And finally, the Dark-to-New MOON entered PISCES also, yesterday Mon March 7 at 11:08 am PST.


Just imagine that strong gravitational field, with so many planets in one sector of the heavens round the SUN! Well, JUPITER holds the balance from VIRGO.

You can see it in the chart below.


Were ever the SUN is presently in the sky during any time of day or night we can picture all those other planets and the MOON approaching it too. And we can expose ourselves to their unified and unifying energy field through exposing ourselves to the SUN.


The NEW MOON will be on March 8 at 5:54 pm PST, and the height of the Eclipse at 5:59 pm PST, with totality lasting 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

The Eclipse path goes over Indonesia where it will be March 9. http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2016-march-9 )

The MOON will cast its full shadow on the SUN – amazing that their disks can be exactly equal size, from Earth perspective!


Eclipse Saros Cycles

Did you know that Eclipses come in cycles (known as Saros Cycles), and repeat in the same sign combination every 18 – 19 years (which of course has to do with the 18 ½ year Nodal cycle)?

We had a Solar Eclipse in PI last time on March 9, 1997 (SUN / MOON at 19° PI, North Node at 29° VIR).

The PI Solar Eclipse prior was on Feb 26, 1979 (SUN / MOON at 7° PI, North Node at 19° VIR).

The PI TOTAL Solar Eclipse before that was on March 13, 1960 (SUN / MOON at 23° PI, North Node at 24° VIR).

If this TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE is significant for you, check out the cycles with the prior Eclipses and which patterns show up.

Hint: Where in your chart do / did they fall (houses, planets)? Which areas of your life were / are affected?


What does the chart of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE look like and tell us, you may ask?


First glance:

Soo much in PISCES, in polarity with JUPITER / North Node in VIRGO (which will be just about rising, from West Coast perspective at the exact New Moon time), both sides funnelling into SATURN in SAG via T-square! SO much mutability (VIR – SAG – PI)! All in flux…


The PISCES SUN, after having ‘hooked up’ with NEPTUNE (on Feb 28) will approach CHIRON (exact union on March 10) – a signature of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. The MOON will already pass CHIRON at 9:06 pm PST today March 8 – 3 hrs after the Eclipse.

The South Node is super close to CHIRON throughout March, exact on March 18.

So it really is a CHIRON SOLAR ECLIPSE.


The SUN / MOON / CHIRON / Lunar South Node Eclipse and MERCURY / NEPTUNE in PI (VENUS to enter PI also, on March 12) show us:

All is unified and ONE.

What makes us vulnerable also carries the Heart Medicine.


JUPITER retro / North Node in mid VIR on ‘the other side’, in trine with PLUTO in mid CAP balances and grounds the energy, and is an incentive (North Node) to receive ‘fresh energy’. Awareness and practice matter. Live in wholeness.


SATURN (stationary) in mid SAG exactly between JUPITER (their square will be on March 23) and the NEW MOON (the SUN squared SATURN on March 5!) receives pressure from both sides, and is a T-square ‘outlet’.

The big quest(ions):

Where is the path in all this? What guides us and makes sense?

What prevents and what supports us to aim from the Heart?


Let’s look into all this a bit closer (and ‘sort it out’ in VIRGO fashion 🙂 ) – dive in with me if you like:


As we immerse fully into the PISCEAN field there is just energy, a ‘quantum soup’ you may say. Can be overwhelming and chaotic, for the individualized, ‘separate’ human personal self. The invitation is to experience and furthermore merge in the field of Oneness.


ONEness and interconnectedness of ALL – which can, for our separate identity, be overwhelming, confusing, make us vulnerable – or make us want to escape, be ‘addicted’ to ‘the state of bliss and union’, etc.

I guess you get the picture, and examples are everywhere, incl. the constant influx of media (also ruled by PISCES).

The SUN now in PI brings yearly consciousness to the bigger, longer lasting, and more transpersonal influence of CHIRON (2010 – 2018 in PISCES):
Whoa, so much happening at once – all together now…!

  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed by all kinds of influences and energies that are ‘streaming in and through’?
  • Maybe you have a very vivid dream life, maybe you don’t want to face it all?
  • How about this: The way ‘out’ is the way ‘IN’ – to surrender and trust in being carried by What-IS?


So much is coming together now… Allow it, and allow yourself to BE. Maybe that means letting go of, forgiving, releasing something or some ‘disappointment’, ‘illusion’, etc. from the area of life related to PI in your chart.

But that ain’t always so easy…

CHIRON shows us that old wounds can come up in this process (esp. for those of us born in the 1960’s under CHIRON in PI, and anyone with PI placements).


As James Hillman summed it up in a Jungian seminar in Victoria a few years ago:

There are two basic early childhood wounds: Abandonment and overwhelm (invasion, abuse). We might have experienced one more than the other, or both in combination.

Often we have to feel what is now ripe to heal. There may be catalysts that bring out the old wounds.

Rather than spiritually bypassing the wounds, or indulging in them, or escaping into addictive behaviour (all these are shadow tendencies of South Node in PI), how can we do our part in the healing (North Node in VIR)?

JUPITER in VIR gives us lots of opportunities to see what the ‘issue’ is (maybe magnifying what’s otherwise brushed away as ‘small stuff’).


What does that require (asks VIRGO)?

Maybe dropping resistance and separation, and, rather than putting up boundaries against the ‘tsunami of energy’ swimming into a field of resonance, or, allowing the energy to leave us (since as sensitive souls we tend to take things in and they sit and stick there, and possibly contaminate our inner environment).

Are there concrete practices, maybe healthy rituals you can DO (VIRGO) that help you come back into Oneness with / in Life?



Solar Eclipse (Bangldesh July 22 2009)

Total Solar Eclipse over Bangladesh, July 22, 2009


The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in PI with CHIRON brings Lunar tendencies (of the mind and emotions), followed by new Solar consciousness to these themes.

The Solar Consciousness gets temporarily eclipsed by the MOON, out of which a new cycle arises – a re-set. And VIRGO in balance with the North Node helps.

The Lunar South Node need for Oneness with the Great Mother, the Universe, the All can lead to ‘looking for Love at the wrong places’, going on a compensation course via addictions of all sorts that promise to let the ‘me’ go away for a while, but hey, it does come back each time, which can turn into a painful vicious cycle.

These Lunar ‘depleting’ tendencies are met by our awareness of wholeness (JUPITER in VIRGO) from which healing (CHIRON) can come, and renewed Consciousness that-IS (PISCES SUN).




Wounded Centaur Chiron


The South Node SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON on March 8 catalyzes that theme:

The ‘Medicine Wo/Man CHIRON’ shows that the ‘wound’ carries the medicine.

CHIRON in PI can be the paradoxical and confusing ‘wound’ of feeling like an outsider because of one’s urge for deeper connectedness, and by being overwhelmed and exhausted by too many influences, and not being able to release energies we have taken in. Hence escapism, distraction, avoidance.


Nowa-years with CHIRON in PI, when we dive in, and experience our oneness with life we can relax, and let go of the idea of separation and even adversarial ‘you over there’, and we are re-connected with life. Where is the enemy, the victim, the perpetrator, the saviour? The ‘healing’ and ‘teaching’ can simply lay in letting go.

This oneness with what-IS allows us also to let things ‘go through us’ as energy, rather than having them stick to us, or sit in our field. Just as we have taken it IN (PI is ‘famous’ for taking a lot IN) we are invited to breathe or otherwise release it OUT. Maybe no need to ‘do anything with it’ (i.e. analyze and work on it…).

Music, dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, being with or IN water is natural therapy for this kind of release.


CHIRON in PISCES on the ‘opposite side’ of VIRGO (yet representing the ONE), shows that it’s all related. When we drop into resonance and love we open up and see: What we see on the outside / ‘over there’ in ‘them’ has to do with us too. And – maybe in a place of vulnerability – , we ask for help, drop resistance, let go, and let God.


Many people become more and more sensitive – perhaps a symptom of overwhelm of influences streaming at us through the media, through the atmosphere. I hear that from many clients, and experience it myself.

As an ‘energetic hygiene’ and clearing of what we have taken IN (JUPITER in VIRGO), I recommend a very effective Visualization Practice that I adopted from my friend and Satsang teacher Susan Broznitsky, and alternatively, or additionally a Forgiveness Writing Practice.

I posted both in the last Astro~News blog , and showed it to clients directly. Many people asked me about it, and gave feedback that it works – almost immediately. Visualizations are also perfect for SATURN in SAG (squaring the Eclipse and JUPITER in VIR).


Hubble Jupiter & Earth

Jupiter and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)


A few more words about the magnified (JUPITER) incentive (North Node), since this is the opportunity here.

You probably already noticed their beneficial grounding effect. JUPITER in mid VIR will even go into favourable Earth trine with PLUTO in mid CAP, on March 16.

Yes, we are Soul having a human experience. And that means the embodiment is auspicious, and not just to be transcended, ignored, neglected.

Therefore, let’s

  • Be in body-mind-spirit alignment, good health, well-being and conscious practice,
  • Be mindful, aware and self-aware,
  • Take care of business, organize, clear and clean,
  • Help ourselves (VIR is a big fan of DiY, and there is so much info online now too, re: How to…)
  • Help others – because you can. ‘Simple’, ‘small’ acts of service – can be a big deal for them, and so rewarding.

Under JUPITER / North Node in VIRGO these months and weeks, culminating now, on the ‘opposite side’ of the PISCES Solar Eclipse, it seems like problems and issues are under a magnifying glass. They get bigger, so that we can see them for what’s really going on, resolve what needs to be ‘fixed’ and realigned, but also gain perspective, and outgrow our sense of imperfection, inadequacy, the inner critic…

VIRGO thrives on alignment and self-containment, discernment, loves wellness practices, recipes, remedies, and rituals. And it’s important to heal low vibrational VIRGO (“never good enough, always problems”) with higher VIRGO vibes.

  • What is your Body Temple showing you?
  • What can you do (with joy and awareness) to help and serve others, and make the world a better place? Maybe in the service lays your own healing?
  • What needs physical cleaning / clearing / organizing in your life (how about starting with a small realm, like: the desk?). The present VIR – PI dynamic helps with clearing clutter and reorganizing things so that life energy can flow more smoothly (and you know where things are J ).
  • How about rituals like media / cell phone free walks? We don’t need to be constantly exposed to media and available (PI).
  • What are you grateful for? Even (and maybe esp.) those ‘small’ things (VIR).


VIRGO is the energy of the harvest goddess and priestess who is clear and aligned with her sacred Self which she keeps in integrity.

VIRGO practices self-awareness (the energy of the Leo-to-Virgo Sphinx Point), and tends to ‘her’ body-mind-spirit temple through clearing, discernment, sacred practice, such as ceremony and ritual.

Which in our practical daily life means: a body / health / wellness / nutrition practice and lifestyle. A healthy body in a healthy spirit.

  • Is there a practice you can adopt right now that would benefit your wellbeing (something simple and self-sufficient that’s not a big deal, like walks – cell phone free J, Yoga, exercise, getting more regularly fresh air)?
  • Which ‘recipes, remedies, and rituals’ would your inner mentor (JUPITER) prescribe? Like: adding / removing something from your diet, sleep, work style and hours, certain practices that make you overall happier and healthier, a morning ritual?
  • Is there something is ripe and ready now to be harvested, as in: let go of?
  • Would a ceremony help release something old and outlived, or help invite beneficial cosmic energies?

Intentionality is important, which brings us to…


Saturn Mercury NN

Anchor on the Rocks – at Saxe Point, Esquimalt. Photo by Melanie Fall 2013


SATURN stationary in SAG (going retro on March 25) in T-square to the Nodal / Ecliptic axis.

SATURN is the Planetary Archetype of Mastery, Maturity, Lessons, Karma. It also rules the Root Chakra and anchors us in what-IS.


SATURN has been in SAG since Sept 17, 2015 (with an episode until 5° SAG from Dec 2014 until mid-June 2015), and will leave SAG / enter CAP at Winter Solstice 2017.
Clearly, humanity has been dealing with socio-political and global issues that don’t just ‘go away’. We can’t pretend to be blind to them anymore (SAG literally rules eye sight, and perspective in a broader sense), and need to deal with them. I don’t want to expand on it here – we all are well aware.


Just a few key themes, and their relevance to the mutable axis, esp. SATURN in SAG:

  • The refugee crisis in Europe (very PISCES – VIRGO – SAG, a massive collective migration / escape from violence and war bringing up fear of the foreign / paranoia of the unknown, and issues of coordination vs. compassion).
  • Elections in Canada last Oct 2015 resulting in newly elected Liberal government, with PM Justin Trudeau (SAG Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in GEM, and VIR Rising). Real changes, or more of the same in new friendlier looking image?
  • Elections in the U.S. coming up in Nov 2016. The U.S. has Saturn on their SAG AC NOW. The Eclipse is super relevant for the country.


Let’s just take a quick look at the major players, and their placements in mutable signs (as activated by the Eclipse). What’s your sense?

Bernie Sanders (* Sept 8, 1941), with Sun, Neptune, North Node in VIR (he just had his Nodal Return!), and Jupiter in GEM.

Hilary Clinton (* Oct 26, 1947), with Moon in PI and Uranus in GEM.

Donald Trump (* June 14, 1946 – just 3 weeks before George W. Bush!), born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse(!) with Moon / South Node in SAG, and Sun / Uranus / North Node in GEM.


More to discuss about the candidates and the U.S. elections at another occasion.

Let me know if you’re interested in a special Parlour. Can be definitely set up.


Saturn & Earth

Saturn and Earth – Hubble Space Telescope picture (NASA)


So, what are the challenges SATURN in SAG asks us to deal and be done with?

Classical obstacles ‘on the path’ that present themselves are judgment, dogmatism, “my way or the highway” attitude, lack of trust, bad humour (at others’ expense), no real perspective on things, being blind sighted and biased, missing the obvious…
What can help us move forward ‘in the right direction’, without making anyone ‘wrong’ which perpetuates karma and separation?

Clearly, the answer is in the Heart.


SATURN in SAG is also the storyteller, both inspiring and grounded teacher, and visionary elder.

Let’s invoke those qualities IN us, as SATURN is about to go retro, on March 25 – just after the LUNAR ECLIPSE (on March 23)!


May the Heart lead the way into and through the Ecliptic phase!


© 2016 by Melanie Lichtinger




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