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* MARS into PISCES (Dec 19 – Jan 27) Surf’s UP! Chill Out! ReConnect!

19 Dec

Voyager Tarot card Man of Cups – Surfer. Crystal Activation and Photo by Melanie.


UH, today Dec 19 MARS entered PISCES (until Jan 27) – on the same day when MERCURY went retro (until Jan 8) in CAP. Does that sound like a confusing mix, where the energy is ‘all over the place’ rather than linear and nicely ‘organized’? Perhaps… or, how about this:

Had fun fun fun today @ baking cookies (Lebkuchen and Baerentatzen = Bear Paws with dates), with inherited recipes of the Old World (from my grandma and from my dear old (since we were 5) friend Elisabeth’s Ma) while listening to Bavarian comedians. My mom had sent me CD’s years ago – timelessly funny, cool to tune into the humour and having a ball.
Under MERCURY freshly retro in ‘Old World’ CAP (who refuses to buy cookies when she can make them, pricelessly infused with the right spirit), and MARS freshly in PISCES – yep, just rolled with it, and yes there was chocolate spilling, just on the right spots to be fun rather than a crazy mess.
Picked a Voyager card to complete the still life / cookie altar: Nine of Cups – Passion – YES!



Old World Baking with Passion – Freshly co-created with Old World Spirit, and photographed by Melanie Dec 19, 2016


As always with PISCES, we’re in for the paradox, and for the interface of the personal (MARS) and the collective (PI):

  • On a personal level, MARS in PI is very conducive, together with MERCURY retro, to be on a roll and in the flow with anything that connects us with the bigger whole.  And to let go and release what 2016 (a ‘9’ year of endings: 2+0+1+6 = 9) has ‘washed up’. In a pro-active, physical way, mind you, with MARS: Dance, music, shaking, breathing, swimming, surfing, sauna’ing, steam bathing, soaking in salt baths, or receiving body work that releases tension.  All great ways of leaving 2016, and entering 2017 ‘freshly washed’ and re-connected.
    Yes, I get it, lots of people might want to drown their 2016 frustrations in alcohol and other drugs. Not the best outlet for MARS in PI.
  • Your Piscean SUN, MOON, ASC, or Planets  get an energy boost from MARS – in a relaxed, chill way.  Maybe your desire to immerse yourself in the ‘field’ of… (dance, music, art, or literally: the water) gets turned on. The life areas represented by your Piscean House/s are these weeks also more energized than ‘usual’, and want you to act on their behalf or at least immerse yourself into their affairs. For more specifics I invite you to check in with me re: your personal birth chart. Take me up on my Holiday Offer if you like! Will be extended to Dec 31! ❤
  • On a collective (= Piscean) level, MARS in PI can stir up an emotional unified, possibly even fanatical, ideally healing wave, since MARS in PI will contact NEPTUNE (on New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day!) and CHIRON (on Jan 16).
    Which can turn into a powerful emergence of an innovative impulse, and / or a revolutionary activist movement when MARS enters its own Warrior energy of ARIES (Jan 27 – March 9) where it squares PLUTO (on Feb 22) and meets URANUS (Feb 26 – also the day of the PI New Moon Solar Eclipse!).

So, for now, let’s RElax into collective high vibrations of unity consciousness beyond Time and Space, kick back, RE-connect, and enjoy the true Spirit of Solstice and Christmas!

What an auspicious wintry time NOW for RE-lease and RE-generation, as we gather energy for the cosmic Spring energy from February on!


© Melanie Lichtinger 2016



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