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End-of PISCES New Moon (March 17) with CHIRON: Being in Oneness Consciousness Heals

16 Mar

Cosmic and Terrestrial Greetings, dear Astro~News Friends!

Neptune Rules Pisces
Painting by Johfra Bosschart

End of PISCES it all comes together AS-ONE… and out of the Ocean of Oneness the One Arises, and a new cycle begins…

We live in multi-layered Transition Times.
Tomorrow’s (March 17) New Moon shows us something about the transition from Piscean Unity to Aries-fresh Beginnings, seasonally and Chiron-ically:

The New Moon in PISCES comes very close to Shamanic CHIRON, both at the very end of PI.
Spring Equinox is on the doorstep: March 20 at 9:15 am PDT Spring and ARIES arrive!

CHIRON will ‘try out’ ARIES too! From Apr 17 until Sept 25, and is scheduled to fully move into AR next Feb 2019 (with no way back into PI in almost 50 years).

My sense is this New Moon with CHIRON closes energetically the CHIRON-in-PI decade (2010/11 – 2018/19).

Time to allow the wounded, vulnerable, re-traumatize-able sides in us (often related to early wounds of abandonment and / or overwhelm / abuse / intrusion) to come up, and be re-connected in the Whole of our Being.
Healthy Connectedness Heals.

A golden opport-Unity to RE-view this decade:
What has it shown us about Woundedness, Healing, Teaching?
How have we embraced the Medicine from within, rather than escaping, drugging, numbing what wants to get our attention, teach and heal us?
We might want to look back to when CHIRON in PI began (2010/11), which of our vulnerable and weak spots got triggered already then, which are still trigger-able, and where those stem from originally?


MERCURY Retro in ARIES (went into ‘storm’ yesterday March 15, and will go retro from March 22 to Apr 15) helps us see what showed up at the Beginning – early in Life when this theme got first evoked, and where it comes from.

URANUS, still in AR, sets us FREE to be authentically ourselves, and to wake up into the Freedom that’s our birthright.
URANUS will also complete its journey through the present sign, ARIES (since March 2011), and enter TAURUS temporarily this Spring  / Summer (May 15 – another New Moon – until Nov 6), and fully from March 6, 2019 on.

The next New Moon at the very end of ARIES (Apr 15) comes with URANUS! Therefore, another RE-view worthy theme coming up with URANUS:
Seven years of being on alert (it literally started on the DAY of the Fukushima accident!), of traumatic events, startling news, wake-up calls, yet also global awakening.
What showed up for you surprisingly round 2011, and where has the energy taken you over the last 7 years?

CHIRON and also PISCES are all about ‘Like Heals Like’.
Which of course can be confusing…
Does that condone codependency and abuse? No way!


Voyager Tarot Major Arcana Card VI – Lovers.


For us Empaths…

Do Empaths attract / accommodate Narcissists?
Another interesting aspect of this story…

We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.
Do you experience the suffering (as a phenomenon that comes and goes) with compassion, or do you (as in: you personally) suffer the experience?

Some of us sentient and sensitive ones are very attuned to the ‘psychic weather’ / atmosphere around us.
Maybe we came with this gift (that can sometimes feel like a curse), maybe it has served as a survival training in early childhood – we learned to adapt – or escape when the situation got too intense.

And over time it became second nature…

Narcissistic behaviour is astrologically an overcompensation of the LEO energy who in a healthy expression is creative, loving, warm-hearted, well-loved and popular. A narcissist tries to force those qualities onto their environment through their ego – which of course doesn’t work, and is a power trip.
The North Node of the MOON is in LEO now (Apr 2017 – Nov 2018 – activated by the Eclipses), to the effect that healthy LEO expressions are supported by the Universe. Yet, as usual, the whole enchilada shows up to be healed and redirected into wholeness.
So, if we all, narcissists (hmmm, if you wonder whether you’re a narcissist you probably aren’t 🙂 ) and empaths, and all other human beings develop more whole-hearted healthy self love a la LEO the world will be a better place.
Ask yourself off and on: What would LOVE say or do? 

Being empathetic / and an empath literally means (the condition of) feeling other people’s pain and suffering.
Clearly, in Astrology PISCES associated.
PISCES, the last sign in the Zodiac connects with all the previous ones – the whole cycle of evolution, and know what it’s like in all these stages, consciously or subconsciously (it’s a mystery), in any case, ‘gets it’ what it feels like…
Which of course makes PISCEAN energy vuln
erable on a personal level, hence it needs to regenerate through connection into the ONE.
Wounded Healer themes in PISCES…

Here is a good Empath check list:
Highly sensitive and intuitive. Highly tunes senses. Absorbing other people’s emotions. Introverted. Needing alone time. Becoming overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Targets for energy vampires. Replenishing in Nature.

How do I, the empathetic person X, avoid being drawn into everyone’s emotional field, and experiencing it as my own?
And what of that IS actually a reflection of me?
How do I let go and allow things to be washed away?

The PISCEAN Fish either go under or jump out of the water in bliss. Out of Oneness comes the ONE. Let the Self arise and bring you back to Life!

Things flow so much easier (PI) and the Universe has our back when we’re authentic and true to ourselves (AR).
Magic and synchronicities are our companions, and life is joy.

The Enlightened Self Beingness, supported by URANUS in ARIES ‘saves’ PI from ‘going under’ and into PISCES Age Victim / Martyr mode.

Blessings for the PISCES NEW MOON with CHIRON – reaching over to fresh ARIES energy!


Let’s be in a loving, open, neutral place (PI), with the washing up and out of old vibrations.
Maybe even residues of the whole PISCES Age era, and our connection with it / conditioning by it?

Let’s allow things to be purged and transformed (The PI New Moon / CHIRON is in Water trine with JUPITER, now retro in SCO).

We can’t keep these collective-connective waves from coming.
But we can learn and practice surfing and navigating them skillfully
(that’s where VIRGO comes in) and BE with it all (PISCES) in a good vibration, and loving, heart-ful way (LEO).

And sometimes the most loving and SELF loving thing, esp. in co-dependent and abusive situations is to say NO, and let GO.


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn


What gets washed up and released, and what these themes are about for YOU can be seen in your chart – esp. where late PISCES is (houses, planets…).
CHIRON in PI says: the ‘Medicine’ is IN the theme itself.
Are you open to see how it’s all connected? And how connection heals?

The PISCES SUN, MOON, and CHIRON are squared by MARS 
(see chart below) which is presently (until tomorrow March 17) cruising in late SAG, the direction of the Galactic Center – the Big Unknown and Unknowable, the ‘Black Hole Transformation’ we are going through, with ultimate trust. It’s also the ‘Integrity Point’ (as I call it) of the Zodiac. That’s where the inner Spiritual Guidance comes in. Let yourself be moved by it. An inner sense of YES!

Beware the right-wrong ego trip (the ego likes to hijack MARS) though. There is no ONE / higher / better path says PISCES the ultimate unifyer.

Let’s move from the Spiritual Heart that knows and guides us.
We will be changed in the process, and can’t know what it ‘looks like on the other side’
(the Ego doesn’t like that).

The path through, or actually with it is the Path of Heart. 

Star Cluster in the Galactic Centre – Heart of our Milky Way, at the end of SAG where the SUN travels just before the WINTER SOLSTICE Point.

This reminds me of A Path With Heart – one of Jack Kornfield’s books of Buddhist teachings for the modern world.
Here is an audio excerpt about self forgiveness.
So healing – good CHIRON in PI ‘Medicine’.
We all hurt or harmed, abandoned, betrayed  others or ourselves, knowingly and unknowingly, out of fear, pain, or confusion.
And we all were hurt and harmed by others.
Asking for and offering forgiveness inwardly. Letting go of what we still carry in the body.
The Heart wants to be free and light and clear and open.
The blessings of a loving-kindness attuned Heart follow.

I invite you to tune in and see how it supports your Beingness.


The PISCES New Moon with CHIRON Chart: 

The PI New Moon will be exact at 6:12 am PDT tomorrow March 17, 2018.

  • Can you see the SUN, MOON, and CHIRON, in the chart, at the very end of PISCES, on the ‘Emergence Point’ (as I call it) / Spring Equinox Point / on the cusp to ARIES?
    In square with MARS at the very end of SAG, on the ‘Integrity Point’ / Winter Solstice Point / on the cusp to CAP?
    MARS will enter CAP 3 1/2 hrs after the New Moon.
    The square is active all week.
    This calls to follow our truth and be in integrity (SAG / CAP) – even when life feels very vulnerable and raw (PI / AR) and things are overwhelming and / or chaotic (end of PI energy with CHIRON), and find the Medicine of natural Connectedness.

    It’s not about (who’s) right or wrong.
    The inner path of the Em-path.
    Come to Life; let the Self arise, freshly, authentically.
    Every NOW is NEW. 
  • Rather than ‘cooling off’ and dissociating (AQ SN) be warm, loving and self loving (LEO NN – can you see it, on the apex of a Yod figure in the chart – a celestial pointer…) grounded in and helping with living from your Soul Purpose (PLUTO in CAP) and being open (NEPTUNE in PI). 
  • Hardly anything (except the AQ AC at the NM time on the West Coast and the SN) is in the AIR Element presently!
    Does that mean it’s not so easy to maintain a detached, objective perspective?
    And / or (also the case): The celestial offering doesn’t speak so much to the rational mind, rather to / about intuition and heart connection, translated into authenticity (AR) and manifestation in integrity (CAP).
  • Stationary MERCURY and VENUS are close together in AR (their exact union is on March 19):
    Come to Life! Be fresh and authentic, in awe of the moment, and in Love with Life! Live and communicate from Love! 
  • URANUS at the very end of ARIES in trine with MARS at the very end of SAG affirms:
    Everyone’s path is unique. Being authentically YOU sets you Free (shows you, you’ve always been free!).


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