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* SAG New Moon (Dec 11) with ‘Entourage’ – OpportUnity in the Turbulence, and a New Way of Living *

11 Dec

Lots of transitions, movements, charged energy – can you feel it?

How have you been navigating in the currents, since the last Full Moon, and SATURN – NEPTUNE square (exact on Nov 26, one of the main influences at the end of 2015, and we’ll see more of it in Spring and Summer 2016)?

Let’s acknowledge that the old ways and beliefs (SATURN in SAG) aren’t a reliable compass or planning tool anymore, in a world that is so fluid and interconnected (NEPTUNE in PI). The SAG SUN has passed SATURN (a yearly event) on Nov 29, and since then a lot could have opened up and released into a wider perspective.
Breaking News:

MARS in LIBRA opposite URANUS in ARIES today Dec 10 links into the T-Square with PLUTO in CAP which we will see until end of Jan 2016 (with LILITH replacing MARS by then – Nature IS about balance).

Maybe you have experienced a dilemma between autonomy / responding to the call of the moment (AR), and honouring agreements (LI)?

Maybe  you were reminded of traumatic events from 2012 – Spring 2015 (when URANUS and PLUTO squared up 7 times)?

Maybe you literally had disruptive sleep recently?

In any case, this combo is a wake-up call to pursue balance and harmony, fairness and right relationship.

Maybe something in your life has gotten out of proportion, and very imbalanced? Maybe your body shows you which side (right – masculine, left – feminine) is ‘overstretched’.


Earth & Moon

Globally, this is a huge wake-up call (together with MARS square PLUTO on Dec 6), to do something urgent and important of long term impact together NOW.

Naturally, COP 21 in Paris which comes to a conclusion today is linked into this alignment.

While the negotiators in session discuss agreements (MARS in LI) people in the street stand up for more radical solutions – UR in AR (with police interventions… more PLU in CAP).

May MARS in LI (followed and backed-up by LILITH!) kick the negotiators at the COP negotiations into right action, to find not only agreement, but win-win synergies and partnership in implementing what will be decided – which isn’t an easy job yet should be a mandatory priority (CAP), in my opinion.

Powerful images from Space http://www.cop21.gouv.fr/en/message-de-la-station-spatiale-internationale-ne-laissez-pas-passer-cette-occasion/ – Astronauts send an urging message to the COP negotiators, not to let this opportunity (which could be our last) pass, to do everything to protect our fragile Earth atmosphere, and help Planet Earth to support life. One Earth, One Chance…


Quite a lot  going on in the AstroSphere, that the upcoming SAG New Moon catalyzes:

– Cardinal T-Square to PLUTO in CAP – will continue throughout January.

– Mutable T-Square from the Lunar Nodes to SAG NEW MOON as Apex!

– SAG SUN and MOON in Fire Trine with URANUS in AR.

– VENUS in SCO trine NEPTUNE in PI.




Photo: Wild Waters and Solar Blessings – Photo by Melanie (Dec 10, 2015) Such an invigorating wind – water walk, ‘just-in-time’ between rain storms… Yep, walks in nature definitely bring me balance and deep joy.


What a ‘turbulent’ New Moon energy (and literally storm after storm here on the West Coast) – what a World-in-Change!

If you follow my FB page posts, came to our groups, or looked up the alignments yourself, you would have noticed the Cardinal T-Square that has been in action over the last week, with MARS in LI, first squaring PLUTO in CAP on Dec 6, and then opposing URANUS retro / stationary in AR today Dec 10.
MARS in LI re-charges the epochal URANUS – PLUTO Square that we experienced from 2012 – 2015 (7 exact alignments). We all need to BE the warriors of Peace, Balance, Fairness. These themes get our mojo going, and shall motivate us to make responsible new choices and new alliances with others, for the greater good of All.

What could bring more balance and harmony into your life – that would likely benefit everyone around you too?

The destructive, unsustainable ways of how the colonial, industrial world and life style have been treating resources (intensely brought to light during the PLUTO in CAP years, 2008 – 2023) has to radically change. Innovative, revolutionary new beginnings (UR in AR, since 2011, until 2018) are pressing up against the outdated, oppressive, abusive old ‘operating systems’.




Single-Handed, Charles Marion Russell 1912. The painting shows a Northwest Mounted Police officer attempting to arrest a defiant warrior at a Blood camp, probably in Alberta or Saskatchewan. From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackfoot_Confederacy


A video gift came from my friend M. after our Pluto Biography meeting (a group of us has been meeting every 2 – 3 weeks, to explore the process with Pluto in our lives) on Monday. I feel compelled to share with you – well worth watching. I learned a lot about indigenous culture and the notion for decolonization.

M. says, “I am attaching a video of a presentation by Mohawk leader Taiake Alfred. Taiake is a professor at UVic. When Melanie spoke of decolonization, I recalled this powerful video and how, when I watched it, I realized that the collective decolonization process of an oppressed community or nation is the same as the internal process of an individual’s awakening and becoming whole (individuation).

Here is the link:  https://youtube.com/watch?v=8ZfGAqdIJmE  (From Noble Savage to Righteous Warrior)”. 


The cardinal T-square to PLUTO that brings now the URANUS – PLUTO square (from 2012 – Spring 2015) back will continue throughout January 2016!
Why? It will get activated by MERCURY which will meet PLUTO 3 times, plus LILITH in LI will also step in.

Here is the SAG New Moon chart, with this cardinal T-square to PLUTO, and all else that shows up with the New Moon.

The SAG New Moon will be exact on Fri Dec 11 at 2:29 am PST.

SAG NM 2015 

  • Mutable T-Square forming on Dec 9, 11, and 18, with SAG NEW MOON as Apex!

Yep, the SAG New Moon also serves as an outlet for the tension between JUPITER / North Node in VI, and CHIRON / South Node in PI.

The Nodal axis calls for an energetic ‘outbreath’ of used-up, low grade PI / CHIRON energy:
‘Going under’ in the ‘ocean of overwhelm’, feeling energetically too open and sensitive, picking a lot up (without being able to release it), weak and victimized, using addiction as escapism…

And an ‘in breath’ from VI with JUPITER: Clearing, discerning, organizing, cleaning up the mess, offering service where one could otherwise be overwhelmed through passive empathy.

The New Moon in SAG asks: Where can this go? What makes most sense here? Accessing the heart of wisdom.
More about it below, in the discussion of the Sabian Symbol…

The Mutable T-Square affects you strongly if your birthday is this or next week, or mid-March, June, or Sept., or if you have the Moon or planets in mid to late GEM, VI, SAG, or PI.


  • SAG SUN and MOON in Fire Trine with URANUS in AR (exact Dec 8 & 10).

Well, yeah, the SAG New Moon also receives support from UR in fiery ARIES. UR is presently a focal point also, since it’s getting ready for its ‘U-Turn’ from retro to direct, on Christmas Day(!). Let’s try out something new altogether, come from innocent courage, and shoot from the heart! Which might mean: change course to stay authentic. Be in the NOW.
I’ve been experiencing lots of those refreshing impulses yesterday already, since the MOON entered SAG.


  • VENUS in SCO trine NEPTUNE in PI – exact today, Dec 10.

A beautiful opportunity, to dive into deeper spaces that are usually hidden, covered, repressed, or maybe too painful and shameful to face, to find the love in those ‘ugly places’, and discover the unifying force that is… all that is.



* Sabian Symbol: A New Way of Living

The New Moon will fall on 19°02 SAG – so let’s look at the Sabian ‘oracle’ for 19° (rather than at the next degree, as usually done):



Pelican with Young (Spot Billed)

Spot-billed Pelican with Chicks (from Wiki)



The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings.

The evident reason for using ‘pelicans’ at this stage of the cyclic process is that tradition tells us that these birds are so concerned with their young that they give their own blood and flesh to feed their progeny. Whether this is fact or symbol, the meaning of this picture refers to a situation  that lately has acquired great urgency. Our technological society is polluting not only our global environment, but the mind and feeling-responses of new generations as well. The search for a new way of life is seen by many people to be imperative.

In this … symbol we are told that humanity’s survival has become a matter of extreme importance. Whole animal species may be destroyed by our civilization; mankind itself is in danger. Going to distant planets is hardly the answer. A generation may have to sacrifice itself for the sake of its descendants.”


Wow – this interpretation of the Sabian Symbols, written by Dane Rudhyar, was published in 1973 – 42 years ago!
Very prophetic and oh so relevant now, esp. with the refugee crisis, and the timeliness of the New Moon at the conclusion of the Climate Conference in Paris (COP). The symbol actually shows us how the refugees fleeing from a war zone, and the notion for the industrialized world to get out of a destructive obsession have things in common.

Indeed, we need to discover (SAG) and (since alternatives are already available) even more so, implement (CAP):
A New Way of Living.


* GEMINI – SAG Full Moon (Nov 25), in Mutable T-square to stationary NEPTUNE in PI: Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong, there is a Field…

25 Nov
Rumi Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do

“Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field. I will meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about
Language, ideas, even the phrase each other
Doesn’t make any sense.

By Rumi


When I saw the mutable T-Square from the GEMINI – SAG Full Moon to NEPTUNE in PI, this famous quote by Rumi came to my awareness.

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi (جلال‌الدین محمد رومی) (Sept 30, 1207 – Dec 17, 1273), was a Persian philosopher, poet, teacher, and founder of the Mevlevi (or Mawlawi) order of Sufism; also known as Mevlana (Our Guide), Jalaluddin Rumi, or simply Rumi.

https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Rumi features an overview and introduction to more mystical, timeless poetry by Rumi.



Under the Mutable FULL MOON T-Square (see chart below), we can feel pulled into different directions, maybe like a flag in the wind, maybe feeling aimless, maybe free and unbound.

The GEMINI Full MOON energy is curious, questions things, loves diversity, variety, likes to talk and learn, is hungry for information and communication, can jump around from topic to topic, and also be easily distracted / distracting. Sooo many ideas and questions. Very cerebral.

Have you found yourself pulled into the realm of information and ideas (“They say this, he says that, to which I said….”, and what about this article and interview?)?
Trapped in the tentacles of the seamless (and sometimes senseless) information stream? Hooked on the information high-way?

And then, Zen: “What is the sound of the one hand clapping?” The teaching story: http://deoxy.org/koan/21



GEMINI Full Moon, with SUN / SAT / MERC square NEP in PI.


4 R

Sagittarius, Ruled by Jupiter. Painting by Johfra Bosschart


The GEMINI – SAG Full Moon calls to balance head (GEM) and heart (SAG).

It matters not so much how far and where we are going (which is what lots of people are uncertain and confused about these days, with SAT in SAG square NEP in PI), but where we are coming from!

The Sagittarian Centaur (and redeemed shamanic CHIRON) archer pulls the arrow back to his heart, aims, and releases the arrow of inspiration, heart-wisdom, and vision. The ‘why’ is crucial for IN-tension, for ‘the path, and for any journey. Motivation matters. Well, it helps to have the heart arrow ignited by a lightning bolt of Zeus / JUPITER 🙂

Of the 3 Fire signs, SAG represents the inner fire, and also relates to the inner wandering Sage (see Hermit with lantern in the painting by J.B.).


 Saturn tilted

SATURN in SAG (Sept 17, 2015 – Winter Solstice 2017) is the bigger backdrop that the SAG SUN (on Nov 29) and MERCURY (today Nov 24) bring to conscious (SUN) understanding (MERCURY) this week, and for the FULL MOON:

  • How do people turn righteous, intolerant, judgmental, preachy, even fundamentalist (shadow of SAG, shown by SATURN)?
  • How do beliefs and fear get into the picture (or shall I say: blind spots, blinders, and shadow)?
  • What is the way through and out?

SATURN is about the experience of contrast (you / they are over there, I am here), separation, resistance, and the side in us that pretends to protect us from the apparent non-self. The ring around us. The ‘separate’ form, and what anchors us here-now.

In SAG, SAT shows us through insight and lessons about obstacles on the path – obstacles can be caution, a simple NO, lingering judgment, and a sense of separation. Obstacles ARE lessons – about ‘what’s in the way’ for us, and what that tells us about our ego.



In the Hindu tradition, the Elephant headed Lord Ganesh is invoked at the onset of a journey, to help ‘remove obstacles’. In a Yoga class a while ago, our teacher suggested to do a whole Ganesh sequence hour of Yoga. Ironically, after the class, there was a pain in the body that I didn’t have before. Hmmm, I was wondering jokingly, “How come? Isn’t Ganesh supposed to remove obstacles, and not bring new ones???”. Learned the lesson in the process of the pain leading me through something I would have avoided or ignored otherwise. This was the obstacle.

Here is a Ganesh chant for you that I just found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=287BnMx_mXQ  – lots of them online – find your medicine…


An example of SATURN in SAG, and pre-cursor of the Full Moon presented itself to me yesterday:
Someone I asked for practical support positioned himself as the know-it-all expert, judging everyone else as idiots who don’t know what they are doing. Since this judgment also related to two of my friends, I got sensitized and could have stood up on their behalf, advocated for them, and endeavoured to tried to convince this gentleman that there are many paths and approaches, not just his ‘one and only right one’. But hey, I didn’t want to play his game, and rather save my energy, since he seemed angry, very entrenched in his views, and lacking a positive and generous, spacious outlook.

Hearing from him that he was in severe physical pain I sensed that he probably felt powerless and fearful. This is when we often compensate, by holding on to something that we consider ‘certain’.

Being aware of the immanent Full Moon T-Square, I opted out of getting pulled into an argument, and diffused the situation (NEP in PI) through release and blessings, while acknowledging that this was more than a frustrating situation that could have brought out my resistance: A deeper teaching about compassion for how pain can contract us, and also a hologram of the Astro~Sphere these days.

After the meeting, I stepped out on my balcony for fresh air, and saw an eagle soaring – ahhhh!

Later, more medicine and gifts of re-connecting in the Field found me on a sunlit walk to / by the ocean (so SAG – PI).


SATURN in SAG shows us where we experience ourselves as separate through often old, parental or otherwise imprinted limiting beliefs.

We might have adopted a selective perception of ‘obstacles’ and lack of trust, which of course makes us rigid and righteous.

We lose spaciousness, the bigger picture, an eye for opportunities, a sense of humour, an attitude of gratitude. All based on separation and fear. Whoa!

So: definitely a good idea to check in on those qualities.

And to question / inquire (very GEMINI):

  • Is this… absolutely true?
  • How else can this be seen?
  • What is the gift in this?

And by the way, this all-time SATURN in SAG ‘Inquiry Mantra’ comes handy in such situations:
“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”


SATURN is now in the area in early SAG where PLU was in the late 1990’s, esp. 1998 / 99.


  • What are the effects and consequences of the changes your life went through in those years?
  • How have you matured, in the transformation through spirit that was initiated then?
  • What happened to the power of your path and to your happiness at the time? Any ‘obstacles’ now?
  • How can the SAG Fire be rekindled?


SATURN was in SAG the last time from Nov 1985 until Nov 1988, and before that from Oct 1956 until Jan 1959.

If you were born in those years you have your 1st or 2nd SATURN Return these years.
A look into your chart would tell us when exactly, however you probably sense it the whole time while SAT is in SAG.

Here are some themes to check in on, under SAT in SAG for all of us, esp. for those of you born with SAT in SAG:

  • Are you a good story teller, or do you bug and bore people with the same old stories?
  • Do you take your attitude super seriously? Can you laugh at yourself?
  • Have you become masterful at inspiring others (maybe through the school of hard knocks)?
  • Can you see how your need to be right is actually limiting, and how generosity, gratitude and openness makes your life richer?
  • Can you turn the ‘doubt of the benefit’ into the ‘benefit of the doubt’?
  • Check for blind spots, blinders, agenda, old limiting beliefs – well, ask trusted friends, and don’t hold it against them. J
  • What’s with a lack of humour or overcompensation of hopelessness through cynical humour? Yikes!
  • Do you trust that life always opens new avenues?
  • Have you found your path? Maybe the pathless path, the ultimate ‘path’?
  • What makes you really(!) happy?

Intrinsic happiness is connectedness. Which will bring us to NEPTUNE in PI, squared by SATURN in SAG….


Before we explore the SAT – NEP theme more deeply – post to follow -, I’d like to show you the FULL MOON chart.

Astro buffs who can ‘read the patterns’, check out these configurations in the FULL MOON ‘field’:


GEM - SAG FM 2015


  • Full MOON in GEM, and SUN / SAT / MERC in SAG in Mutable T-Square to stationary NEP in PI.
  • SAT in SAG square NEP in PI (exact Nov 26, again June 17 and Sept 10, 2016)
  • JUP in VIR opposite CHIRON retro in PI (was exact Nov 3, again Feb 23 and Aug 12, 2016)
  • MARS in LI conj. LILITH (exact Dec 1), square PLU in CAP (exact Dec 6), and opposite UR in AR (exact Dec 10).
  • UR – PLU Square gets re-activated as UR goes retro until Dec 25, and LILITH in LI enters the Cardinal T-Square in Jan 2016.