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Mutable Grand Cross Alert!

25 May

May 25 / 26: Mutable GRAND CROSS Alert!
Big party’s on.

The MOON in VI squares SATURN retro in SAG, and the SUN and MARS in GEM, and opposes NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PISCES.
(Also in the picture for the week: Mercury retro conjuncts Mars in GEM (May 27) / Mercury retro square Neptune in PI (May 29) )

VIR - GEM QM & Mut GC 05-25-15

No boredom here. Watch for hyper-activity, nervousness, anxiousness, and being pulled into too many directions.
VENUS in CANCER contrasts URANUS in ARIES: Connecting with the Tribe and with the Past AND being Fresh and New and You?!

The shorter lived, seasonal influences of the VIRGO MOON and the GEMINI cluster can be harnessed to be practical, get the job done (last – maybe best – chance for Spring cleaning / cleanse / de-clutter?), and RE-connect with ideas and people for discussion of what’s been on the back burner (always a good Mercury retro application, this time super charged by Mars).
MARS in GEMINI exactly squares NEPTUNE in PISCES tomorrow Mon as well! Wanna TALK it out? Can you BE with it, can you release what’s in your head, ever so urging?
SATURN retro in SAG probably agrees, since it has us acknowledge ‘old stories’ and beliefs, and find our truth and guidance from within.
NEPTUNE and CHIRON in PISCES show us that all is ONE, and that we are all in THIS together, in the field that connects, beyond ‘right or wrong’, and what ‘mind’ is trying to tell us.